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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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what silenced grammy and oscar winning artist prince. the man born prince rogers nelson died yesterday at the age of 57. his body was turned over to his family. >> there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body. >> reporter: as dynamic as he was on stage, prince was fiercely private about his personal life but in rare interviews, he spoke about having epilepsy as a child. friends said years of jumping off risers wearing high heels damaged his hips and he was sometimes seen with a cane. he was hospitalized last week in minneapolis. he was battling the flu. the fence is a shrine to the artist who called this place home and recorded hits here. >> i have loved by everybody. >> he connected rock and roll to jazz to soul to -- -- i
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mean, to every genre. >> reporter: celebrations of his life are expected to continue through the weekend. investigators are still driving in and out of the complex because it is still an ongoing investigation. fans we talked to said they are still in shock. >> omar, there are reports that prince actually overdosed a week before he died. did they address that at all today? >> reporter: they didn't want to touch anything. as a matter of fact, they said that there's some questions that they are not going to ask. they are waiting for the results of the toxicology reports. the autopsy is complete. the processing the toxicology reports is going to take time and they said they will wait until that comes out before they say anything. >> also, prince had no living children, no current spouse. is there any word on what's going to happen to his $300 million estate? >> reporter: that's one of the big questions. he has this property behind me from what ind. he has some other properties around here, as well. also, of course, the catalog of
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music that he owns that is still generating, you know, money for him. we are going to find out if he had a will, if it was an active will and up to date. that's something that i'm sure is going to play out in the courts. but as of right now, too, early. >> omar villafranca, thank you. one of prince's longest musical partnerships was with oakland-born sheila e. ♪[ music ]♪ >> their collaboration dates back to the site of ce wrote her 1984 hit the glamorous life. their collaboration dates back to the '70s. >> when we were on the road we would stop somewhere and go to the movies or hang out and do something and then go to sound check, um, we would sometimes go, um, and stop at a recording studio just to record before we get to the next show. >> sheila e. says she knows what happened to her friend and former fiance.
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but she refuses to say out. a big mess in pacific heights in san francisco. a sinkhole opened yesterday on sacramento street between lion and baker. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at pacific heights to show us the damage and explain how long it's going to take to fix this thing, too,. >> reporter: well, allen, it's going to take longer than puc originally thought. they are going to be working into the night. if you can take a look right over here, the good news is that puc just told me that the sinkhole is not growing but it is still deep. it's about 11 feet deep, 18 feet wide and work here is not expected to be done until tomorrow. repair work on this busted sewer line is putting a drain on michelle's business. >> no business. nobody come. >> reporter: michelle's customers typically drive up to her dry-cleaning shop but today, you can't park here. >> i just had no idea. then i looked and it's like, there's a giant hole in the middle of the street! >> reporter: crews here still
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don't know what caused the break, the giant hole. >> we know this particular pipe is old, 100 years old. >> reporter: as for the rest of the pipe along this section of sacramento street -- >> the sewer, um, was actually inspected with a video camera earlier today and it looked very healthy and fine. >> reporter: san francisco public utilities commission says the ruptured pipe didn't affect power, gas or water to nearby homes, just parking. >> i had couple of times before i could find a spot. >> i thought it was just the rain but this makes more sense. >> reporter: now, back out live, this is old infrastructure coming back to haunt san francisco. the city is trying to dig up and replace old sewer lines but until all that work is done, expect to see more holes like this. life in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. -- live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. intense rain showers unusual for late april swept across the bay area today. it started in the morning and
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was still coming down steadily around midday including el cerrito. showers began tapering off in the afternoon. rain on highway 1 between pacifica and daly city made driving a challenge. it was slippery and visibility was low. drivers all over the region why being advised to slow down, especially on freeways. rain also fell steadily in san jose during the morning hours. umbrellas were out and windshield wipers running. all this rain made matters difficult for crews trying to work outside. let get to brian hackney. >> yeah. boy, when it rains, it pours today. it cam down pretty good. we got pretty good amounts. at the moment it's mostly dry. there are a few lingering showers here and there. not much in the bay area. we still stand a chance as we head into the evening hours tonight but you can see that up in the north bay shoreline just off 37 as you head from sears point toward vallejo still a few showers out there and some of it on 116 heading toward
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petaluma. but that's pretty much it. rain so far amounts fairly robust. saint helena 1.5". san jose .42." here in the city half inch. do we pick up more? yeah. we'll have to wait for it. we'll have all the details in a few minutes. san francisco health officials confirmed a second case of zika virus. a pregnant woman who recently went to central america has tested positive. however, they say there's no risk to public health locally. all bay area cases so far are travel-related. >> the species of mosquito that transmits zika is a specific kind of mosquito. that mosquito hasn't been found in san francisco. >> the woman does not have zika symptoms and is getting care. the first san francisco woman diagnosed with zika has since fully recovered. cell phone video captured another apartment building on fire in san francisco's mission district. this happened about 9:30 this morning and displaced a dozen
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people. the building is on san jose avenue near 24th street. that's less than a mile from another apartment fire yesterday. the view from chopper 5 shows crews working to finish off the flames. you can see the spray of fire hoses on the top floor. took about an hour to extinguish and there's heavy damage to the interior. two firefighters had minor injuries. just yesterday, another fire in that neighborhood this one at 17th street near guerrero. investigators believe it started in between buildings. no one was hurt. uber is shelling out up to $100 million to keep its drivers classified as independent contractors. the drivers get some money and new rights out of the settlement. consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us why many in the startup world call this a very big deal. >> reporter: that's right. to be clear it doesn't necessarily set a legal precedent. but in exchange for a number of concessions and a big payout, uber does not have to classify drivers as employees, which has many alley
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breathing a sigh of relief. it's one of the great debates in the sharing economy. are uber and other app-based workers employees or independent contractors? usaama says he is the latter. >> today i don't have a class so i'm working 12 hours. when i have a class i work three or four hours whenever i wanted to. >> reporter: two class actions brought by uber drivers argued they are employees and deserve things like benefits and expenses. something that could have been detrimental to uber's model so the rideshare giant agreed to settle. >> it's certainly sets a cultural precedent in sillicon valley. >> reporter: this hastings law professor is not a fan of that precedent which she believes will lead to a future of sharing economy employees working long hours for little pay. but current uber drivers could get a big payout from this settlement. in addition to paying up to $100 million to be divided among current drivers, uber agreed to let drivers post signs in their cars stating tips are not included. and uber agreed to provide warnings and a chance to appeal
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or correct issues before the company deactivates drivers. in exchange, uber can continue to classify drivers as independent contractors and uber didn't have to go to court, which could have set a legal precedent. but many believe the settlement speaks loud and clear. >> uber is a noun in this tech economy. uber has set a standard for how new companies set themselves up. and this is a landmark settlement in the sense that it's sending the message that uber can do it, you can do it. >> reporter: now, seemingly in response to that message, the teamsters announced plans today to help workers organize similar to an app-based drivers association in seattle. in a statement, uber says it is pleased this settlement. recognizes drivers should remain independent contractors not employees but acknowledges it hasn't always done a good job working with drivers and says it is time to change. >> so as far as each driver how much do they get? any way to know? >> it's going to depend -- my understanding is, on how many
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miles they have driven but some depending on how many miles they drove could get up to $8,000 and now they will say we don't get tips so pay up. >> thank you. coming up, president obama heads across the pond and wades into the debate over whether britain should stay in the european union. >> first take a look at this. it's prince george who is stealing the spotlight. >> plus, a solar-powered plane traveling around the world right now. we are going to track its progress as it heads towards the bay area. >> at the ballpark, you're going to want to hear from this guy who wears orange and black but he is not a giant. not anymore. back after this.
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pond ... which included a royal dinner. this is video of the first couple greeting prince william, his wife kate, and prince harry lace. this president obama and the first lady went to england.
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there is video of them greeting prince william and harry and kate at kensington palace. prince william visited the president in washington, dc back in 2014. and one of the youngest members of the royal family stayed up past his bedtime to meet the obamas. check out these photos of two- year-old prince george wearing a white robe as he mingled with his parents and the first couple. the royal dinner capped off a very busy day for president obama. hours earlier he met with david cameron. some of his comments didn't sit well with critics. the presidential motorcade arrived at 10 downing street. the prime minister's residence where mr. obama met with david cameron. >> when the u.s. and the uk stand together, we make our countries more secure. we make our people more prosperous. and we make the world safer. >> reporter: the president also commented about a british
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government warning for lgbt citizens traveling to north carolina and mississippi. >> the laws that have been passed there are wrong and should be overturned. >> reporter: the president then stepped into the debate over whether britain should stay in the european union. >> the united kingdom is at its best when it's helping to lead a strong europe. >> reporter: several british politicians including london's mayor called the president's position hypocritical. >> there's something rum about asking us to subordinate our democracy in this way when america would not dream in a million years of doing likewise! >> reporter: a referendum will be held on june 23 to decide whether britain should remain in the eu. governor brown is marking earth day in new york where world leaders came together to push for climate change. leaders from 155 countries signed a landmark agreement at u.n. headquarters to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
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secretary of state john kerry there signing for the u.s. with his granddaughter in arm and actor leonardo dicaprio spoke to push for this agreement. >> it is time to declare no more talk, no more excuse, no morten year studies. no more allowing the fossil fuel companies to manipulate and dictate the science and policies that affect our future. >> the agreement puts pressure on rich nations to help poor countries support the plan to start reducing emissions by the year 2020. special guest at the u.n. climate meeting today one of the pilots flying a solar- powered plane around the world. he spoke live with u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon earlier while midflight over the pacific. that plane is headed here to the bay area. our kiet do is tracking it ahead of it landing at moffett field tomorrow night. [ radio chatter ] >> reporter: the flight is being streamed live on the
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internet. the pilot bertrand piccard is going from hawaii to mountain view. they are going 35 miles per hour at about 5,000 feet. the plane is a marvel. it's covered with 17,000 solar cells that recharge four 38- kilowatt hour batteries. it charges before flight then flies around the clock recharges during the day all while in flight. the team claims the plane can fly "forever" and is limited only by the strength of the pilot. the point of all this? solar impulse wanted to prove to the world clean technology is of age and they want to inspire kids, governments and entrepreneurs to do more to save the planet. >> time to change with this fantastic opportunity for new solutions. new clean technology solutions. exactly the same type of technologies than the one [ indiscernible ] that can keep an airplane airborne day and night with no fuel. >> reporter: during landings, get this, two crew members on bikes chase the plane and grab handles on the wings so it
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doesn't tip over. they are halfway through their trip around the world. next stop is new york city. final destination, abu dhabi. solar impulse set to arrive in mountain view at 9 p.m. on saturday. kiet do, kpix 5. late season storm bringing snow to the sierra. here's the "sierra at tahoe" resolve the. four ski resorts are still open helped by snow this past winter into the spring. here's the "sierra at tahoe" resort. several inches will accumulate tonight. the mountain was -- the mountain passes could get up to 8". >> fantastic. it was nice to get a break with the rain. >> it's more seasonal. it will be cooler this weekend but cooler just means back to normal. so that's not bad. we get sunshine too and more rain coming up. first we'll talk about this, the fact that it's -- the cold front is spread south of the bay area mostly drying out tonight and we are going to be
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looking for temperatures in the 60s this weekend. widely scattered showers. here at the sierra foothills there are thunderstorms by grass valley. stayed at the holbrook hotel out there when we did "eye on the bay" a fun place to be and up in the sierra the rain turns to snow and there are winter weather advisories posted tonight for 8 to 18" at the highest passes. about 7,000 feet. at lake level just two to six inches overnight tonight. so if you are heading there, just plan some extra time. snow will be down to about 6500 feet so fairly cool system as we now look live at the san jose airport and the stadium in the distance. numbers near 60 degrees. santa rosa cooler at 57. we have mostly dried out but there's still a chance of a lingering shower or two. it's a weird earthquake at 3:50 p.m., magnitude 3.4, not on the san andreas fault just offshore from the point reyes lighthouse but look at the
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depth, what was it on the sea floor? usgs hasn't clarified that. so interesting but a magnitude 3.2 off the lighthouse up in marin county. overnight lows tonight sunrise at 6:23 tomorrow morning. temperatures range from the upper 40s to low 50s partly cloudy skies and that will set the tone for saturday, as well. as that low pressure moves onshore, that's going to kick up some breezes this weekend. especially near the shoreline and up top at the higher elevations, so an evening shower we go breezy and cool. weekend dry and the next chance of rain moving into the bay area may be wednesday and thursday. between now and then, not much. so forecast highs for tomorrow look good. temperatures will be in the mid- 60s. so a nice fresh brisk weekend. visibility will be great with the rain rinsing us out. partly cloudy skies tomorrow, sunday will live up to its name. monday and tuesday a few clouds. wednesday, thursday maybe a little rain. it came down pretty good today.
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the amounts reflected that. >> good showers. >> happy to provide some good news. >> on earth day. >> yes. that's true. >> happy to have you here. >> thank you. well, new at 5:00 the return of a giant. barry bonds is back at at&t park right now but this is strange. this time he is in a marlins jersey. kpix 5's vern glenn just caught up with bond and, um, well, how did he say it felt to be back. >> reporter: you know what, allen? this was the good jovial barry bonds. not the grumpy chip on your shoulder barry bonds that we came to know in his 14 seasons here. usually we don't make a big deal out of an opposing team's hit coach but when the name is barry bonds we do make great exception. he is the miami marlins' hit coach. again, back for the first time in a baseball uniform since he last played for the giants in 2007. and the home run king spoke glowingly of his return after
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14 controversial seasons in san francisco. >> been in the visiting clubhouse before? >> once to say hello to matt williams and that was it. i haven't -- i said jim leyland too one time but i didn't really look at the locker room. i was lost in there a little bit. >> reporter: and he went on and on and on. the great thing about having barry bonds in a jovial press conference, he has lots to say. so next hour as we go back to you in studio more bonds, more offense, you won't believe what else he had to say. [ laughter ] >> looking forward to it. >> yeah. kind of weird to see him in a different uniform but -- >> all right, vern. thank you. well, no baseball game would be complete without peanuts and crackerjacks. coming up, the new way to score that coveted hidden prize inside a crackerjack box. >> but first, stocks were up today.
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the prize at the bottom of a bottom of a box of cracker jacks is going away.. it's going... digital. another sign of the times. don't like this. the prize at the bottom of a box of crackerjacks is going away. it's going, ah, digital. after more than 100 years of that prize under the candy coated popcorn and peanuts, frito-lay is replacing the toy with a digital code for a baseball inspired game for your smartphone. you're going to have to download an app to play it. >> all right. >> that's not right. >> you need sticky fingers. you have to go in and dig or eat the whole box. >> i know the prized got cheesier and cheesier. >> of course! of course! >> i'd rather have the prize. the plastic ring. >> yes. the plastic ring or we got like a whistle sometimes, too. >> oh, well. >> done. let it go. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> reporter: here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. he died alone at home.
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officials are revealing new details about the mysterious death of prince and the autopsy is now complete. >> plus, a look at the massive gatherings all across the country as mourners dance in royal tribute. >> and a twist on an age-old fable when steve hartman goes on the road. those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news."
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forced to wait in line.. at the post office. the spike in mail thefts.. that's brought halt. and and coming up at 6:00 tonight, hundreds forced to
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wait in line at the post office. the spike in mail theft that's brought deliveries to a halt and the bold way thieves are breaking in. >> and a live report on our breaking news earlier. bart's car of the future crashes on its first test run. the scramble to figure out what went wrong on the tracks. so those stories and more for you tonight at 6:00. rain most of the day so where is the showers now? >> pretty much south of us. we'll show you the doppler quickly to recap. scattered showers tonight and dry on the weekend mid-60s low 70s. another chance of rain coming in but we'll have to wait until wednesday and thursday for that. in the meantime, have a great weekend. >> no excuses. >> why not? >> there you go. >> sounds good. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> we'll see you back here at 6:00. all three of us. and remember the latest news and weather, always on captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: the mysterious death of prince. the autopsy is >> there was nothing at all that indicated an obvious trauma. >> pelley: also tonight, the superstar is mourned and celebrated. ♪ >> this morning, we played "purple rain" and "delirious" just to get warmed up. ♪ >> pelley: eight members of an ohio family have been murdered execution-style. the trump persona: his campaign calls it an act. cruz calls it a lie. and a special kind of love. >> "i find anything that can't regulate its own body't temperature endearing." >> pelley: steve hartman "on the road." >> should be riveting. captioning sponsored by cbs


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