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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. the warriors can clinch a st in the second round with a n in oakland tonight... the team has had a good morning. it's wednesday, april 27. the warriors can clinch a spot in the second round with a win in oakland tonight. the team has had a couple of days to rest but there's been plenty of action off the court. kpix 5's anne makovec reports from oracle arena where the "dubs" hope to wrap up the season against the rockets tonight. >> reporter: tonight's game starts at 7:30 p.m. every who comes to oracle will get one of these. it shirts strength in numbers and they are going to hope that that's going to bring some good luck to the team playing without their mvp. but tonight, they could clinch the first round of the play- offs. the team practiced yesterday. tonight game 5 of their best of 7 series with houston. they are leading 3-1 and steph curry is going to be sitting this one out after spraining his knee in houston last week. he is expected to be out for two weeks missing the initial
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four games of the second round if and when the warriors advance. >> we're still very confident. i mean, [ indiscernible ] [ unintelligible sound by the ] i think our confidence level with steph is through the roof. you know? it's beyond high. without steph we still have the roof. >> coach steve kerr is nba coach of the year. so we have some power players here in the house at oracle tonight. now, i guess one upside of curry not playing is tickets are cheaper, a little over $100. ticket prices ticket prices dropped without steph curry playing.
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live in oracle arena, anne makovec, kpix 5. a clean sweep for donald trump in the latest set of primaries. now he is starting to turn his attention to november and he is making some controversial comments about his likely opponent. >> well, i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she has nothing else going. and frankly, if hillary clinton were a man i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. >> some say trump's words were not unusual for the republican base but others say he crossed the line. >> the shocked look on the face of chris christie's wife, the first lady of new jersey, that tells everything. >> his expression made headlines. clinton is ready for a fight. she is gaining delegates winning four out of the five states yesterday. in the next half-hour kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen will join us again that
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talk about the results and what to expect when the republicans come to the bay area this week. let's check traffic with gianna. >> we go right to 880 good news and bad news. that accident is cleared out of lanes at hey street on the southbound side. damage is done you're slow-and- go south 880 on the may see. delays start at 23rd down to high street where that accident was earlier. northbound 880 looking pretty good not seeing any delays out of oakland as you head towards downtown oakland towards the bay bridge. you are going to see some brake lights southbound as you work your way near hayward. westbound four hillcrest to 242, 19 minutes for your drive time. we have this earlier accident port chicago highway that's cleared everything out of lanes and off the freeway but it did cause a backup there. so expect delays just out of antioch through pittsburg eases up on the eastshore freeway. 680 at crow canyon accident on the right shoulder no delays either direction. high wind advisory for the bay
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bridge. metering lights are on. approaches backing up including the eastshore freeway as well as westbound 580 starting to see a few brake lights, as well. and as you head across the san mateo bridge, 14 minutes between 880 and 101. but a wind advisory in effect for san mateo bridge and the benicia bridge, roberta. juan sanchez, juan is one of our viewers here at kpix 5. i find it interesting. i wanted to share this with you at home. when you look at that picture, you see high in the sky there that's a lenticular cloud. we don't see them that often in the bay area. it's a stationary lens shaped cloud that's usually formed in higher altitudes and it formed over the japantown area yesterday. quite a sight to see. thanks, juan, for thinking of us and sending it in. that cloud was in advance of an area of low pressure that's making tracks through the bay area. look at the rain. it's falling. even picking up snow around the
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alps and the siskiyous. we in addition to the increasing cloud cover and the impending rain have some wind speeds that have been picking up. 14 in oakland. 9 towards antioch. 0 in fairfield. winds increase 20 to 30 miles per hour. mostly cloudy skies there now. temperatures around 51 degrees. it's in the 50s for the most part. 45 in santa rosa. later today numbers in the 50s and 60s under 70. spotty scattered showers. we'll tell you how much rain to expect that's coming up 18 minutes after the hour. the death of a woman whose body was found in a clothing bin in alameda has been ruled an accident. the alameda county coroner's office confirmed the woman climbed into a clothing bin on blanding avenue monday morning and died of asphyxiation. the search for a killer has taken on even more urgency after a disturbing message turned up in the victim's home.
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kiet, what can you tell us? >> good morning. these messages are just downright disturbing and they give you a window into the mind of the killer. now, our cameras were rolling just after sunset last night and captured these images of san jose police technicians carrying out large chunks of drywall cut out. you can see the message in black markers. take care of your brother or he's next. a tourist at the crime scene but didn't want to be identified said that was not all. written on the floor was another message addressed to the son saying, quote, their mother begged for her life. and there was yet another one hind at and i will list sit relationship saying, quote, you can't love someone without telling him. relatives will be trying to contact golam and shamima rabbi for days with no luck. the couple had been shot inside the home, police discovered the bodies sunday. it was not random. police say the family knew the killer. we are live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> kiet, what about the sons? what are they saying about
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them? >> so police have questioned the underaged they want to question him because they believe he has information about this case. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning a move it help part-time workers in san jose under the opportunity to work initiative they would have to offer other workers more hours before getting new workers. it would help more than 64,000 workers. it will be on the november ballot. a new look at the employment data in california shows job distress affects more people than previously thought. 1.1million californians are unemployed. but a new analysis shows actually 2.9 million are unemployed under employed or wanting a job but not currently looking for one. that's nearly three times the official rate. san jose cracking down on illegal fireworks. the city council has approved a measure to allow many city official including firefighters and code enforcement officers
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to write tickets and issue fines. fines for illegal fireworks would be up to $500 for a first offense. >> there's a greater possibility for a fire this time around and i'm hoping people will not take any risks either with fines or blowing their fingers off. >> the new law will focus specifically on the independence day holiday between july 1 and july 5 and that could expand to year round if the initial program is successful. victims of a fire in sunnyvale are getting thousands of dollars in help from the county. cellar county supervisors voted unanimously to help 166 victims of the april 15 fire at twin pines manor apartment. they will get 150,000 dollars from the general fund. the county is also helping with shelter, transportation and other needs. the fire sent two people to the hospital. a san francisco tower was once described by the mayor as the greenest building in north america but it's apparently not
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as green as we were told. 525 golden gate avenue is the public utility commission's headquarters. it fell short of expectations with clean technology. the solar panels work well but getting parts for the inverter because the manufacturer is bankrupt and the biggest failure may be the wind turbines. >> then generated electricity. they worked. but the design and the installation the amount that they generated didn't meet our expectations and so we are still looking at ways we can upgrade them. >> getting parts for the it your buys is also inpossible because that manufacturer also filed for bankruptcy. the building is saving more water than first thought. >> happening today, the san francisco symphony is going high-tech. they will be live streaming the premiere of auditorium by mason bates or facebook live. the event will make them the first major orchestra to ever live stream through facebook. the show will begin at about
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8:15 tonight. to get a notification about the live stream you have to follow the fss facebook page. -- sfs facebook page. decades after a child was kidnapped, a break in the case. >> and a popular sculpture is back in the berkeley hills but it took quite a journey to get there. >> hi, everybody, from the kpix 5 weather center. it's fired up. it's ready to go. it's live hi-def doppler radar. we'll share with you where it's raining. >> traffic alert has just been issued for 580 through dublin. we have a live look at the accident. more details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ :12 "this just moved in... d it came in strong" severe storms are making a april 27, time check now is 6:13. live weather camera looking out towards the coast where it is
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not clear. there is ocean beach this morning where currently, it's in the 50s with mostly cloudy skies. rain on the approach. we'll tell you when it expect it. that's coming up in less than four minutes. this just moved in. probably five minutes ago. it came in strong! >> severe storms are making a mess in parts of oklahoma, kansas, texas and missouri. at least five tornadoes damaged homes and businesses in the region. texas rangers fans ran out before rain came down. severe thunderstorm effects in st. louis through houston former house speaker dennis hastert will be sentenced for violating federal banking laws. he pleaded guilty to structuring money transactions to evade reporting where the money was going. prosecutors say he abused at least four boys while he was a high school wrestling coach in illinois and paid them off. he will will not charged with the sexual abuse because the statute of limitations has
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expired. we may finally have answers in a 32-year-old cold case in solano county. on august 22, 1984, 3-year-old toshiro handa was abducted from his bed in fairfield. a ransom note was left but the kidnapper never returned him. on monday a break in the case as a solano county district attorney filed first-degree murder charges against this man, michael fejarang. the handa family friend was already in custody in valley state prison in chowchilla for unrelated cases. the handa case was reopened in 2011 in conjunction with the fbi. >> technological advances will allow us to evaluate evidence in new ways to give us new evidence of investigation. that's what happened in this case. >> fejarang is facing first- degree murder charges. toshiro's body was never found. later today the town of moraga will present the results of an investigation into why a massive sinkhole opened up in
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the middle of the town. it happened at the intersection of ream and center during a storm last month. governor brown has already declared a state of emergency to help the $3.5 million repair bill. 6:15 right now. let's check weather and traffic and gianna how's it looking out there, busy? >> it's very busy. it took a turn for the worse. we'll show you a live look at this traffic alert that was issued at chp. 580 westbound as you head toward the dublin interchange near hopyard. it's a big rig accident with five other vehicles involved in this accident so it's causing major delays. major injuries reported, as well. one vehicle may have caught fire. at one point it was engulfed in flames so we are getting word that they have the three right lanes completely shut down and you can see traffic is getting by on the two left lanes. but it is causing a very big backup there and it's going to take some time to clear this accident out of lanes. right now the backup is to tassajara and building so in the meantime use dublin as an alternate. that will get you around and get you back on the freeway
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after that. major delays in the area. bart is an option. use that as an alternate. three right lanes shut down westbound 580 at hopyard. south 680 busy from 580. it's business as usual a lot of brake lights westbound 580 out of tracy. slow to greenville and then brakes at tassajara. north 101 at story road an accident block the left lane adding to an already busy ride through the south bay from capitol expressway as you work your way northbound through there. your drive time is about 18 minutes to go from 280/680 to 237. try 280 as an alternate. that's traffic. here's roberta. it's live, it's hi-def doppler radar. not picking up any rain showers around our immediate metropolitan area. but look upstream. there's where we have the rainfall right there from crescent city back through eureka also some rain and snow around the happy camp area as well as the trinity alps, a little bit of activity now
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moving towards cloverdale so you could hear some raindrops on your rooftops. our rooftop onlooking east, partly cloudy conditions. cloudy, cool, breezy today, spotty scattered showers. and a chance of a thunderstorm continues with small hail this afternoon. temperature-wise 45 degrees in santa rosa, early hour, san jose to the south to napa to the north and east bay numbers also stacking up in the 50s. we do have some winds that have been increasing around oakland at 14 backing through alameda. otherwise winds now at the delta into the fairfield area up to 20. these winds are going to be a problem late day northwest 20 to 30 miles per hour around the coast, also the higher elevations. pretty much ten to 10 miles per hour around the metropolitan area. this is right now an area of low pressure that's sagging to the south and trying to move to the east and as it does so it's falling apart very rapidly but nonetheless you see the line, the cluster of rain. so our satellite and radar indicates that this area of low
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pressure does not contain a lot of precipitation. but it does have a lot of cooler air mass associated with it so as it overrides our mild air mass there's that possibility of a thunderstorm popping right there around the morgan hill area this afternoon. same story around concord through fairfield. we'll keep a watchful eye to the sky. as fast that is system moved in it will quickly move out and that's going fossett the stage for high pressure to build -- going to set the stage for high pressure to come in. today numbers 50s and 60s. under 70 degrees. warming by somebody. somebody will be at 90 degrees. enjoy your day. thank you. kids and kids at heart are welcoming back a familiar sight in berkeley. after 40 years of wear and tear, the giant fiber glass whale structure at the lawrence hall of science got a makeover
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off site. it was brought back using a flatbed truck and forklift. the driver was the first person to climb on it. >> been coming here with this whale in my life since i was 3 or 4 years old and as you climbing on it. >> workers repaired cracks and reinforced the steel structure and did research on fin whales to give her a more realistic paint job. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, rarity this morning, folks. everybody is a winner in this morning's sportscast including a santa rosa baseball team that did something that's never been done before. you'll see what it is coming up. p?p?o?gv
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because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. good morning, everyone. it is quite an accomplishment for a team to throw a no- hitter. but what a local team did last night is believed to be unprecedent in high school history.
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in santa rosa sonoma academy's oscar mccauley finished off the coyotes sixth straight no- hitter in a 9-1 win over tomales high. the academy hasn't allowed a base hit in over a month and this is just their fifth season playing baseball. >> it's uncredible, right? >> i would say so. that's an original spalding glove. giants and padres scoreless, scoreless no more. span off the brick, 1-0 giants. johnny cueto struck out 11 including a strike 'em out throw 'em out double play to end the 8th inning. he pitched a complete game shutout and the giants 1-0 win. >> rich hale, eight strikeouts, no walks. top of the 7th a's up 3-0 and there goes marcus semien sixth homer of the year two-run shot. the a's snapped a three-game losing streak 5-1.
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as you already know steve kerr is the nba's coach of the year. the warriors will try to wrap up their series against the rockets tonight. our sportscast will emanate from oracle. see you tonight. play of the day, red sox at the braves. boston has a man on first in the 4th inning, pop fly to right, runner goes, check out atlanta's second baseman daniel castle makes an over the shoulder catch and throws to first for the double play. the replay shows the ball pops out of castro's glove and he grabbed it with his bare hand. red sox win though, 11-4. that is your play of the day. 6:25. more fuel for protestors who want san francisco's police chief fired. why the results of hundreds of cases could be thrown out. >> the warriors will be holding court here at oracle tonight trying to clinch round one of
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the play-offs. what fans can expect next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. for the first time ever staff members -- staff members at a major bay area college will strike today. >> we are live with a look at some of the messages written by a killer at the scene of a double homicide in east san jose. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning. we are tracking rain. we'll tell you when to expect it. >> a fatal accident shut down lanes on 580 in dublin. oo i will have alternates and drive times coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, april 27. time now is 6:29. the warriors are poised to take the next step to bring another title back to the bay area. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at oracle arena where the golden state warriors will have to clinch the league without the reigning mvp. >> reporter: it's so quiet here now at oracle arena this
6:30 am
morning. but now this place is going to be certain raising the disi believe so come tonight -- dis decibels tonight. strength in numbers more important without steph curry tonight. game five of the best-of-seven series tonight. they are leading 3-1. steph curry will be sitting this one out though like we talked about. he sprained his knee in houston last week. he is expected to be out for two weeks total missing the initial four games of the second round if the warriors advance. . >> we always talk about the depth. everybody stepped up. so it's really showed us that
6:31 am
what we believe in is true. >> another highlight of the play-offs so far this season, coach kerr has been named nba coach of the year. so another something for the warriors to be proud of. if you are looking for tickets, the loss of steph curry means cheaper ticket prices. you can get a set for about $100. more ammunition for protestors trying to force san francisco's police chief to step down. this is day 7 of a hunger strike outside the mission police station. they held a demonstration outside mission station late yesterday. the strikers initially focused on a string of police shootings. now they are also protesting racist text messages between officers. they are adding fuel to the fire. the public defender says that the text messages were sent by former officer jay so lai to friends. one refers to blacks as wild animals. another calls basketball player lebron james the "n" word.
6:32 am
lai was involved in more than 200 cases that could be thrown out and that includes three murder cases. canceled classes today for city college of san francisco as workers prepare for a historic strike today. for the first time 1500 employers from ccsf will strike. they are demanding administrators increase their pay by nearly 20%. they are also upset over a plan to reduce the number of courses offered by over 25%. time 6:32. another check of weather with roberta. >> we have a break as far as the precipitation is concerned for the morning commute but nonetheless we'll have rain today. not a lot of rain associated with this area of low pressure. it is minimal. but we do have a good risk of thunderstorms popping at any point of the afternoon hours and some of these storms could contain small hail. it's live. it's our hi-def doppler radar. you can see a little bit of green on your screen just outside of cloverdale to the north. can you see it there? looks what's up across the northwestern section of the
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state. outside of rio dell we have plenty of rainfall and i just noticed something. let's see if you can see it, too. cloud-to-cloud lightning. an area of low pressure and wind in advance of the system as it works its way through the bay area. west winds at 14 right now at oakland. we don't have any reports of local airport delays. 20-mile-per-hour winds in fairfield. these winds will rotate northwest and increase 20 to 30 along the coast and higher elevations like the mount vaca area where we are officially welcoming sunrise. seeing a little glimpse of it before we cloud over and welcome the rain. temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s and later today, in the 50s to the 60s under 70 degrees. we are going to talk about just how much rain to expect, that's still coming up about 48 minutes after the hour. >> good morning. you can expect big delays as you travel through dublin- pleasanton this morning. a fatal accident shut down three right lanes of westbound
6:34 am
580 near hacienda. five vehicles and a big rig involved in this accident. two vehicles on fire. three right lanes completely shut down. vehicles are getting by in the two left lanes. they opened the left lanes to ease traffic congestion. big backup there. slow out of pleasanton. backed up to tassajara and building at this point. in fact here's a live look at just how bad the delays are through there. delays from the altamont pass with drives time 32 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. you will get a break past greenville but again you will see stop-and-go conditions once you get close to tassajara. use dublin boulevard as an alternate or bart. might be a good choice, as well. bart has 51 trains on time right now. a threatening message found at the scene of a double homicide has police in san jose scrambling to find how is
6:35 am
behind the find. the community is in shock. kpix 5's keit do is live in san jose with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: those who saw the messages written on the floors and walls describe them as pure evil. our cameras were rolling at sunset last night when san jose police technicians were carrying out large chunks of drywall. look closely and you can see written with the black marker the words, quote, take care of your brother or he's next. family had not heard from golam and shamima for days and went on to check on them at the home on lucas court when they found the crime scene with the bodies of golam and shamima rabbi. there was another message on the floor addressed to the son saying, the mother begged for her life. and still another mock apology saying, quote, sorry my first kill was clumsy. lastly there was a message that hind at some kind of secret relationship saying, you can't love someone without telling them, hinting at some kind of secret relationship. they questioned the underaged son. the adult son is missing, not a suspect but they want to
6:36 am
question him about information tied to the case. kiet do, kpix 5. >> what are police saying about this? was it random? >> no. the family knew the killer. >> thank you. happening today, a chance to get your opinions heard when it comes to self-driving cars. the national highway traffic safety administration is holding a meeting at stanford as they work toward developing guidelines for automated cars. the meeting starts at 9 a.m. at stanford center for automotive research. you need to register online to make the comments. dreamworks animation could soon be sold to comcast. the "wall street journal" says a deal under discussion would be worth more than $3 billion. comcast the largest cable company and the studio are not confirming anything. dreamworks also held talks with two other companies in the past few years. 6:36. the state republican convention comes to the bay area in just a
6:37 am
few days. things are already getting ugly between supporters and critics of donald trump in parts of the golden state. >> hundreds of bay area students won't have to pay tuition next semester. who qualifies for the program. ,,
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welcome to your wednesday. good morning. time check 6:40. no rain for your morning commute. buying a break there. but here we have beneficial rains across the northwestern quadrant of the state of california. trinity alps with scattered snow showers at this hour. a little cluster of rain showers now moving into the cloverdale area as well as in healdsburg and guerneville. we'll track the incoming system together as the news continues. your weather report in four minutes. college costs adding up. now one bay area campus is
6:41 am
offering to cover an entire semester for students. the college of marin says it will cover tuition and fees for the fall semester. the offer is open to 500 high school seniors in the county who apply for the 90th anniversary scholarship. the deadline is on june 1. yahoo will now give some seats on its board to an activist investor and apple is reporting a drop in earnings for the first time in morning a decade. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. >> reporter: good morning. apple feeling the pain on wall street. the company experiencing its first revenue decline in 13 years. mainly on falling iphone sales. sales of phones down 16% from a year ago. people not refreshing their iphones at the same pace and demand is certainly fallen off on china after big debut last year for the 6 and 6 plus larger phone. the apple watch had a good
6:42 am
first year. also the app store is very strong driving services up but the iphone makes up 65% of anle's revenue -- of anle's revenue. apple shares are down 7% as a result. yahoo may be inching closer to a deal. it agreed to give four board ceases to activist investors starboard value. the company was threatening a proxy flight to replace all of the board. this deal avoids that. starboard's ceo jeff smith is part of that group that will join the board and also the strategic review committee that came in for yahoo, starboard is calling for yahoo to sell its core web business. it calls for marissa mayer's ouster. stock market is down off apple's weak earnings. that's pressuring the dow and the nasdaq today. let's check the big board. see how we're doing so far. the dow is down 22.
6:43 am
nasdaq is down 26. s&p is down 1. twitter also reported its earnings big disappointment. subscriber growth user growth still not strong. its shares are down by 16% right now. kenny and michelle, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio thank you. in just a few days the state republican convention will be held in burlingame but just yesterday, two little girls were pepper sprayed while their grandparents were at a protest against trump in anaheim. [ inaudible ] >> the pepper spraying incident was one of several tense moments outside the anaheim town hall. the city council was meeting to discuss a proposed ban of donald trump in the city. the candidates are coming to california. >> kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen joins us to discuss yesterday's primaries results and what to expect moving forward. we saw all that chaos in anaheim. what can we expect here in burlingame? >> reporter: i'm going to go
6:44 am
out on the a limb and say that the hyatt in burlingame has never seen an event like the one they are about to get. [ laughter ] >> reporter: bay area residents may remember a few years ago when china was hosting the olympics and the torch came through san francisco. thousands of people showed up to line the waterfront and protest chinese human rights abuses and other issues. and that's the level of -- a reflection of the level of activism in the bay area so i think we'll see a big turnout at this burlingame event already "black lives matter" and other affiliated organizations have said they are going to be there. facebook pages are sprung up with thousands of people committing to show up to protest. so you know, we can hope that the burlingame police force has a plan and is ready to deal with protestors. there will be protestors and supporters. >> what about yesterday's result? is it a sure thing we are going to be hillary clinton and donald trump in the general election? >> that's what the gamblers believe. i'll tell you that. [ laughter ]
6:45 am
>> if you look at the better markets -- [ laughter ] >> -- they are confident it's clinton-trump. on the democratic side the sanders campaign has already, you know, all but admitted that they really don't have a chance. so that's a lock for clinton. on the republican side donald trump is winning and if he continues to do so he will get the nomination. in fact, at this point he could lose a few races and he might between now and the end of the primaries and still get the nomination. of course, any path goes through california. and that's of course why he is going to be here braving the bay area activists to talk to the california republican party. >> earlier this morning we heard donald trump speaking about hillary clinton saying she wouldn't get 5% of the vote if she were a man. um, is he risking alienating women supporters? >> right now, it's not clear that he can say anything to alienate any supporter. in terms of the nomination,
6:46 am
those kinds of comments won't hurt him. when it comes to the general ee also, you have to be concerned that he doesn't have very favorable ratings. polls show that among women. if he is telegraphing how he is going to go running against hillary clinton, it's going to be interesting. in fact, even on the stage last night, chris christie's wife was right there behind him when he made the comments. she had a definite reaction. we are not sure what was going through her mind but she certainly was moved by what he said. [ laughter ] >> to sort of give her husband a glance there. so that's of course a republican and a supporter of trump. so we'll see whether this sort of makes things more difficult for trump as he looks forward to a general election. >> now we are paying attention to the facial expressions of chris christie and his wife? >> they are both expressive people. they don't have poker faces which makes it that much more interesting for us. >> i'm sure she would prefer
6:47 am
chris christie for president than donald trump. >> for sure. >> thank you. [ laughter ] 6:46. let's check traffic. gianna. >> traffic alert continues along 580 westbound. it is a fatal accident near hacienda big rig involved with five other vehicles. two vehicles on fire. they are reporting one fatality. big delays as a result with at least four lanes completely shut down. traffic is getting by in the left lane. they have also opened the express lane to all vehicles traveling through there to ease the congestion. live shot the flashing lights there with the big backup behind it. so give yourself a few extra minutes. use alternates. the backup is building. stop-and-go through the area. delays out of the altamont pass, drive time 49 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. they are recommending to use dublin boulevard as an alternate. you can also use stoneridge. kcbs mobile units traveled on
6:48 am
stoneridge that's a good alternate paralleling 580. bart is an option, all trains on time. big delays westbound 580 near hacienda lanes blocked. delays out of the south bay northbound 101 an accident story with the left lane blocked is now cleared. separate accident at 880 also out of lanes but you're backed up well beyond capitol expressway. at this point possibly hellyer no so slow-and-go on the northbound side. drive times from 280/680 to 237, that's about 14 minutes this morning. with 280 not seeing any trouble so far, in fact you're moving okay through downtown san jose along 280. high wind advisory still in effect for some of our bay area bridges. the bay bridge, the benicia bridge, the san mateo bridge, here's a live look at the bay bridge with the metering lights on and traffic is backed up into the maze. it is pretty windy out there. >> it is breezy depending on the location especially along the coast and around the rim of the bay this morning.
6:49 am
good morning, everyone. it's our live hi-def doppler radar. no rain showers within the immediate metropolitan area but look upstream we have a batch of energy around cloverdale. also sliding out of the northwestern quadrant of the state from eureka through garberville we had some no around mount shasta and the trinity alps and the siskiyous. i have detected a lightning bolt near happy camp. healdsburg light to moderate rainfall. a spotty scattered shower throughout the day, thunderstorms and hail this afternoon. increasing clouds. this is our live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid. we are looking due east this morning. temperatures from 45 in santa rosa to 53 degrees in oakland. hey, our westchester dave says he started off with starry skies this morning. he is looking for some rain. we do anticipate up about .10" of rain today with the
6:50 am
increasing winds. west 14 in oakland. winds calm, 20-mile-per-hour winds to be noted around fairfield backing through the delta. these winds will increase and rotate to the northwest 20 to 30 miles per hour. here it comes. an area of low pressure. it's energetic but it doesn't have a lot of precipitation associated with it. it does have a lot of instability and that's why with that colder air mass associated with this cold front, when it overrides our mild air in place, that's when we have the potential of a thunderstorm like right there outside the morgan hill area after the lunch hour. over there outside the delta, as well. we were hoping for more rainfall as far as precipitation totals are concerned only looking for a quarter inch in the highest elevations of the mountain ranges but it moves in quickly. exits rapidly. our temperatures today 50s, 60s . under 70 everywhere. this is what i wanted to get to because once we get rid of this -- i don't want to call it a storm but this area of low pressure, we have high pressure
6:51 am
quickly filtering in a warmup by 10 degrees on thursday. bested by summery weather through your sunday and monday with highs nearly 90 degrees. it's giants baseball action today playing host to the padres. we have the sharks on the mound for the good guys. game time temperature in the mid 50s. climbing to right around 60 at best of a chance of a spotty shower. make it a great day. >> thank you. new video showing the smoke and flames from a chicken coop fire. the flames broke out tuesday evening at the kofkoff egg farm in connecticut. the smoke was so thick they closed roads for hours. it took crews eight hours to control it. no injuries. an update to a story we brought you on monday. first lady officials are still trying to what killed a whale that washed ashore in southern california. now attracting huge crowds at the beach in san clemente where it was found. officials have taken samples, hoping to find out the cause of the death. so far there are no signs that it was hit by a vessel or got
6:52 am
tangled in fish nets. many beach-goers are asking why is the carcass still there? >> i think can't they tie it up to a boat and drag it out somehow get rid of it? it's bad. i mean, it's a lot of bacteria and stuff like that around. a lot of people swim, fish, surf. so that's the only part that i see that's not that great, having it sit there. >> park rangers are currently trying to figure out how to remove it to a nearby landfill. state lawmakers are considering new restrictions on medical marijuana use. a bill would allow landlords to ban tenants from smoking medical marijuana in rental units. it's similar to the current law for cigarettes. dangerous pills that look like a popular painkill remember turning up in the bay area. the pills are disguised as norco but they are laced with fentanyl. similar counterfeit pills already caused 14 deaths in the sacramento area. now the centers for disease control says bay area hospitals have treated 7 patients in just the past month.
6:53 am
it is 6:52. videogame fans can get a glimpse of the future starting today in the south bay. what you'll find at the vr expo >> and oracle arena is ready to roar as the warriors try to take round one of the play-offs. a preview next. ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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candidates turn their atten to indiana's primary next week...following primaries five things to know at the :55. the 2016 presidential candidates turn their attention to indiana's primary next week following primaries in 5 north east states. donald trump declared himself the presumptive gop nominee after beating arrives ted cruz and john kasich. hillary clinton defeated bernie sanders in four of the five states. belgian authorities say terror suspect salah abdeslam has been extradited to france to be prosecuted for the paris
6:57 am
attacks. ten men were suspected of involvement in the plot. abdeslam is the only one still alive. parts of the great plains are bracing for another round of severe weather. yesterday torrential hail and rain hit kansas and oklahoma. today there could be tornadoes. classes at city college of san franciscan selled because of a one-day -- canceled because of one-day strike. the union says current salaries are 3% lower than they were in 2007. the faculty is also objecting to a plan to significantly reduce the number of courses offered. the sillicon valley virtual reality expo kicks off today at the san jose convention center. this is video of what you will see inside one of those vr headsets. videogame fans will want to check out the headsets and accessories you can use with your smartphone. the expo runs through friday. i'm anne makovec live at oracle arena. you can see the sea of yellow t
6:58 am
shirts here behind me strength in numbers. that's what they need without steph curry as they try to clinch round one of the play- offs. here's video of the teams practicing yesterday. game five of the best-of-seven series with houston tonight. san francisco leads 3-1. steph curry will sit it out after a knee sprain. he will be out for two weeks missing the initial four games of the next round if they advance. >> this is an amazing group of players to care about each and and care about winning. they have let us coach them. that's awesome. >> that is coach steve kerr of the warriors with just named nba coach of the year. if you want to see the game in person, tickets are a bargain a little over $100 for an actual seat. live at oracle, anne makovec, kpix 5. traffic alert continues westbound 580. four lanes completely shut down for a fatal accident.
6:59 am
this is westbound near hacienda. five vehicles and a big rig. left lanes open through there but you have four lanes shut down so big delays in the area. traffic is backed up well beyond tassajara at a standstill in some spots. it's going to take you at least 45 minutes now to get to the altamont pass to 680. cloudy, hit-and-miss scattered showers in the forecast. don't leave home without the umbrella. a little light rain west of san francisco also to the north right there around the santa rosa area and far north. all this activity will be swinging into the bay area at one point or another throughout the day today with a chance of a thunderstorm containing small hail. mostly cloudy skies currently our air temperatures in the 40s and 50s and later today, under 70 degrees everywhere. mostly cloudy, cool and breezy. northwest winds increasing to 20 and 30 miles per hour. and then here's a look ahead. we do have this system rapidly leaving the bay area leaving us with nothing but a warming
7:00 am
trend, 90 sunday. >> go to the beach! >> see you at noon. captions by: caption colorado trump calls himself the presumptive nominee. violent storms and possible tornadoes. more severe weather is expected today. and louis c.k. talks to charlie in a rare interview. why the famous funny man is betting on a new drama. >> we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> let's go forward, let's win the nomination, and


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