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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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taking off from. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. time now is 4:29. what a beautiful weekend it was. >> we have the return of a robust onshore push coastal cloudiness. good morning, everybody. but we will have the sunshine in our inland areas where our high temperatures will be cooler than what we experienced yesterday. right now here's the view from the transamerica pyramid looking due east, skies are clear in an easterly direction, clouds are stacked up next to the coast. temperaturewise 49 degrees in santa rosa into the 50s. later today bringing down the temperatures in comparison to the 80s experienced on sunday. numbers, 60s beaches, 70s bay side and into your areas. the full forecast coming up, but here's george. this accident in milpitas on interstate 880, the nimitz freeway, on the northbound side of dixon landing road. it's in the best direction it
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could be. heaviest traffic on that freeway at this hour would be on the southbound side. here's a look at your ride to the bay bridge where the westbound trip time is just 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge down to the toll plaza, no delays or real back up for the westbound side. those cash lanes should clear out as soon as they get more toll takers in the booths. guys. >> thank you. two pilots are saying farewell to the bay area. >> their soldier power plane will soon take flight for another leg of the around the world journey. and kiet do is live at moffett field where the 5100-pound plane is ready to shatter more records. >> reporter: good morning, an exciting moment at moffett field at mountain view and we are on the tarmac. there she is, solar impulse 2 ready to take off at 5:00 a.m. this morning, practically every single takeoff happens before sunrise because that is when the winds are calmest. the crews began prepping the plane and wheeled it out of the
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hangar at 5:00 this morning. all day flight to phoenix today. they have been in the bay area for more than a week. they have been treated like royalty since. they say they feel at home because of the intrepid innovative spirit and very hard for them to leave. goes at about 30 to 40 miles an hour depending on the winds. solar impulse 2 is on a round the world flight powered entirely by solar energy to show the world what is possible with clean technology. >> it's a big jump into the future and you see this airplane and think it's science fiction but in a few year's time hopefully the entire society and world will work with these technologies. >> reporter: they are arriving in phoenix at 9:00 p.m. this morning so that is roughly about a 15 to 16 hour flight or so and they are pulling out of phoenix no earlier than wednesday and the final destination in the united
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states is of course new york city where they are going to try to stay in the southern part of the united states to stay away from the turbulent winds over the rockies and the tornado alley in the midwest. abu dhabi is the final destination this spring or early summer. live in moffett field, kiet do, kpix5 news. san francisco police are looking for the gunman in a shooting outside the federal courthouse. police say two men got into an argument and one shot the other in the backside. they say the gunman then made a getaway on a motorcycle. the victim in stable condition and expected to be okay. in lake berryessa, the sheriff confirmed a boy drowned on the lake. investigators haven't released the boy's name or the circumstances surrounding the drowning. hundreds of people took to the streets of oakland calling for better wages, racial equality and an end to what they call unjust deportation. there were no reports of major
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problems at yesterday's may day rally but police kept a close eye on the protests in the wake of last year's looting on auto row. >> never been anything but people and actually the excessive amount of policing, that can do more to take things in the opposite direction than just the people in the streets together. >> in san jose a big may day march went from king and story roads on the east side to downtown where a rally was held at city hall. protesters called for more affordable housing as well as better wages and immigration laws. while may day protests in san jose and oakland peaceful, an anticapitalism protest got out of hand. >> reporter: police set the tone, officers in riot gear blocked the marchers after only a block. >> didn't give them any choice but to stop right now so we are pinned. >> reporter: eventually the protesters turned around and
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made their way to downtown launching fireworks and smashing windows. >> authority is the only rule there is and they are crushing us under their boot. >> reporter: soon the police lost patience after several officers were attacked. they used blast balls along with bikes to chase the crowd down fourth avenue past the stadiums into the costco parking lot. >> move, move, move back. >> reporter: there the protesters were told to disband and when they refused, several arrests were made. >> come on, man. >> we have said all along, we will march around town with people all day long as long as they are peaceful and, unfortunately, once this all started and once property damage started, we took action. >> reporter: because of how we strick tiff seattle -- restrictive seattle police were this year we could see the protesters lashing out at
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everything and everyone and they even managed to go after people including spray painting me while we were doing live news coverage on sunday. in seattle, henry rossoff, cbs news. the csu's board of trustees recommended charging higher tuition and students aren't happy about that. on top of tuition increases they are also protesting cuts at the school's college of ethnic studies. at san francisco state students will meet at malcolm x plaza this afternoon. it's monday, right? >> it's monday. >> what happened to the weekend? >> of course every weekend. >> we have a beautiful view this morning looking out from our kpix5 studios out towards the embarcadero where we have the buildings all lit up and blue and -- in blue and gold to salute our golden state warriors. my husband from a former life,
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klay thompson, 47 points yesterday. >> what about your future life? >> thank you. i love your optimism. there's hope. currently 49 degrees in santa rosa, 56 degrees in oakland. the winds are relatively on the slight side, bank clouds. a difference today in these temperatures, they will be coming down but they are a little bit more seasonal. 60s at the beaches today, 70s with the sunshine around the peninsula to 76 degrees morgan hill. far inland towards brentwood, tracy, discovery bay, 60s in north bay coast, 71 novato. full forecast still ahead but right now george is in the house. >> he'd be lucky to get you, by the way. look at the right on interstate 580 in the westbound direction. i'm going to ask if we can get those maps taken full screen here, if claudia will give you a little assist and instead of seeing all the perimeter stuff around the side there, here we
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are, let's switch that over, i wanted to show you this ride, also the san mateo bridge where traffic has been moving smoothly with no delays. sorry about this disruption, folks. there you go, there's the san mateo bridge and the 92 ride as you can see it's a pretty smooth trip with no delays in either direction. same is true for the ride on highway 880 here, the nimitz freeway where traffic is moving smoothly. this is our camera near the oakland coliseum, a 16 minute drive time and we continue to track this accident on 880 in milpitas, northbound on the dixon landon road exit. they have gone without food for more than a week to express their anger towards the san francisco police department. kpix5's joe vazquez has more on the hunger strikers' demands. >> reporter: outside the mission police station the vigil continues. 11 days in. >> hunger strikers, frisco 5 in san francisco demanding justice
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and the chief be fired. >> reporter: upset about a set of police shootings, a core group of five men and women are only drinking liquids, a hunger strike to draw attention to their cause. they say they are going to march from here to city hall on tuesday. they are demanding a face-to- face meeting with mayor ed lee. >> not just saying that like something we are going to push the meeting. we are meeting with him. the city demands it. >> we don't have a planned meeting. we told him we are coming so we expect him to be there. it is going to be super tuesday. >> reporter: the strikers say they have been surprised by the community support, even from some who didn't think they would last a week. >> people thought five days, four days. six days. it's 11. and now we have had people come up to us crying, this is real. people are saying you guys aren't going to kill yourself out here, we are not going to let you. >> reporter: in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix5. airbnb wants to make friends in politics so home sharing stays afloat in the bay area. the city's ethics commission
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claimed that airbnb donated $250,000 late last week to moderate democratic candidates. the political push came days after a handful of supervisor tried to crack down on airbnb users who violated city laws. they propose fines and even misdemeanor charges. meanwhile, some politicians want airbnb to step aside. >> they are intensely swaying the election. they have just dropped a quarter of a million dollars and 25,000 additional dollars for the progress slate that is friendly to their interest. it is unheard of. >> last year airbnb helped crush a local proposition that would have tightened regulations on home sharing sites. the warriors are off on a good start in their second round of the nba playoff series against portland. they beat the trail blazers in oakland yesterday 118-106. the game one victory came despite the absence of star player steph curry who is temporarily sidelined by a knee
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injury. the team's success without curry does not seem to surprise fans. >> it's not going to be easy, but if they stick to the game plan, they will be just fine. >> we got this, curry is out but we are averaging 30 points over. it's good no matter what. >> yeah, they got this. game 2 is tomorrow evening in oakland. and the sharks are looking just as strong in round two of the stanley cup playoffs. joe pa very well -- pavelski scored one of the points. san jose now has a two game to no one lead in the series. game three is tomorrow night in nashville and we will have sharks and warrior highlights in the next half hour. 4:41. the primary season isn't over yet but hillary clinton and donald trump are ready for what looks to be an epic political fight. a wrap of the weekend's campaign events next. ,,
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indiana primary... reporter hena daniels shows us candis aren't talking specifics...o sway voters. they're framine race very simply. it ahead of tomorrow's primary, hena daniels shows us candidates are not talking
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specifics to sway voters. they are framing the race very simply, it's good versus evil. >> reporter: donald trump continues to paint himself as the eventual g.o.p. nominee, mocking his rivals' chances at a campaign event in indiana sunday night. >> looking at these guys i'm running against, they are hanging by their fingernails, barely hanging on. >> reporter: a trump win here would put him even closer to clenching the republican nomination ahead of the summer convention. trailing trump by 15 points in the state, rival ted cruz is counting on indiana voters to stop that from happening. >> i believe in the men and women gathered here we will not give into evil. >> reporter: eyeing the general election, hillary clinton courted african-americans at an ncaa dinner in detroit yesterday. >> it's about unity versus division, compassion versus selfishness and love versus
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hate. >> reporter: clinton is 90% on the way to clenching her party's nomination, but has a bitter fight in indiana against rival bernie sanders. >> looks to me like we are going to win here on tuesday. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: polls indicate the vermont senator is within striking distance of winning the democratic primary in indiana tomorrow. hena daniels, cbs news. >> soon hillary clinton will head west for a campaign stop in san francisco this friday. some very well known women cheering her on at the fundraiser, senator barbara boxer, actress elizabeth banks and author cheryl stray are a few of the names. tickets for the events range from $125 to 700. >> and ticket prices like that won't be a problem for one san jose resident who just won $1 million playing powerball. a valero gas station -- no one
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hit the full powerball jackpot making wednesday's jackpot nearly 350 million. 145-year tradition is now over. elephants have performed for the last time at the ringling bros. and barnum bailey circus. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: the greatest show on earth is letting go of its biggest performers, 11 asian elephants performing their last head stands and taking their final bows. >> here we go. >> reporter: ending a 200-year spectacle that has enthralled fans and enraged animal activists for years. kenneth feld is chairman of the parent company that owns ringling bros. >> it's a bittersweet decision, no question about that, but it is the best thing and we felt this was the right time to do it. >> reporter: the right time to retire these enormous animals with their star studded tiaras who have been the subject of thousands of youtube videos
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from activists citing animal abuse. >> it's the end of an era that should have ended a long time ago. >> reporter: it's part of a huge shift in u.s. attitudes towards animal entertainment, with sea world entertainment phasing out its killer whale shows at its parks last month. these elephants will retire to this 200-acre conservation center in florida run by the owner of ringling bros. the controversy will not likely end here. they say they will continue to use other animals, including lions, tigers and horses in their animal acts. demarco morgan, cbs news, new york. >> more than a dozen other circuses tour with elephants but none like ringling bros. >> you love the elephants, don't you? >> i was once the guest master for the ringling brother circus back in the '80s in san diego, and she wrote, don't never get
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near an elephant and don't ride the elephant. i read the book after the fact. >> how did it go? >> the female elephants don't like female scents, their perfumes so it reared back its trunk and blew its nose on me and i had a white tuxedo on. they can be a little mean spirited there. >> i'm glad you're here. >> yeah, i still love my elephants. the elephants are a symbol of good luck. good morning, everybody. taking a look out the door this morning, we have coastal clouds return, it's a thick bank of low clouds and fog shrouding the seashore this morning. otherwise we have clear skies in our inland areas. temperatures are all now in the 50s across the board. the winds are slight. kiet do was mentioning a little bit earlier this morning this is vitally important for the launch of that solar aircraft this morning and right now the winds over the moffett field airplane are nonexistence. vallejo, breezy afternoon, not quite as windy as it was last
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week. here is that shield of low clouds and fog lining up very close to the coast this morning. it will spill clouds in here. we are going to call it partly cloudy with that afternoon breeze kicking up. as far as your sun up this morning is concerned at 6:12, by the time it sets tonight at 8:02, we have have realized our temperatures cooler than yesterday when we were into the 80s in our inland areas basking in sunshine. 77 degrees in livermore, little bit more seasonable. 70s are common around the santa clara valley. 60s, 70s north of the golden gate bridge. here is your extended forecast. we have antioch at 80 degrees today, that's pretty much our outside number, otherwise a degree or two cooler by your tuesday, then temperatures come down on wednesday with more clouds, a daily chance, just a chance at showers at this point from wednesday through friday. that's an early look at your weather forecast. here's george. >> thanks, roberta. it's a quiet ride around the bay this morning, no
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tracking major incidents. start with a look at your ride to the bay bridge since most of the people driving in the bay area, this is the busiest corridor. a lot of you heading here. still have a bit of a backup cash lanes westbound, toll takers. no problems across the span. your east bay drive from the carquinez bridge at just 18 minutes. 238 on the nimitz freeway northbound, 16 minutes, and altamont pass right at 15 minutes. golden gate bridge, there you see the crews working with the zipper truck to get the bridge set up for the morning commute with four lanes southbound and two lanes in the northbound direction. south bay freeways here look good as we are not tracking any delays or problems. lots of green showing up on the roadway sensors. we continue, however, to monitor this accident on interstate 880 in the northbound direction. there you can see the ride still green, though showing on the road sensors indicating it hasn't had too big an impact on
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traffic. and the mariners play tonight in oakland so they will -- there will be a little extra crowding for you on the nimitz freeway if that's your normal commute. some people are all talk and no walk when it comes to wearing workout clothes. >> but a 100-year-old named ida deserves to sport a track suit. she just ran the 100-meter dash. ida knew to touch her toes and do a couple of pushups before the 10 relays event yesterday. she clocked in at one minute, 17 seconds and was the oldest record to finish the event's 100-meter dash and ida still had the energy to share her fitness secret. >> do what you need to do, not what you want to do and make sure you exercise at least once every day. >> no surprise i'd as had -- ida had the guts to finish. she raised four children on her own after her husband passed away from a heart attack and in two weeks she will turn 101.
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time now 4:51. hulu is hoping you will cut the cable cord and subscribe to a new service. what they hope to soon be offering. ,,
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happening today: a judge will begin examining how prince's . these are the temperatures you can expect today. look at concord, 6 degrees above average, same in san jose and a little bit above normal in the oakland area. along the coast, got to get rid of the stubborn low clouds and fog, then 60s, 70s coming across the peninsula today into the santa clara valley. a southwest breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour late day and throughout the eastern portion of our bay area. good morning antioch at 80 degrees, north bay numbers struggling to get to 65 with a
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breezy stiff wind late day, low 70s in novato and hello to you in ukiah at 80 degrees. we are enjoying a pretty good ride around the bay. so far no major incidents for your commute this morning with a live look here at the ride on 101, the bayshore freeway, the headlights are northbound at woodside road and you can see it's an easy bayshore ride. guys, good morning. >> good morning, george. take a look out at mofette field in mountain view, this is the solar impulse 2 on the tarmac there and of course it is getting ready to take off. we are told maybe in just a few minutes and this is pretty exciting for everyone, actually, a lot of people have been keeping an eye on this for a very long time. right now you can see a lot of crews on the tarmac right there, possibly indicating that they are getting ready to maybe direct the plane out onto the runway so that can prepare for takeoff and, of course, this has been going on for quite some time. it had just come from hawaii just a few days ago and it had
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been grounded there in hawaii for a few months because of technical problems, but now it's getting ready to make its trek nonstop solo flight without fuel, which is pretty cool. >> all on the sun. >> yes, i know. >> solar power. happening today, a judge will begin examining how prince's estate should be divided up. prince's full sister tyka nelson filed papers last week stating prince had no known will. under minnesota law that means his fortune should be distributed equally among his surviving siblings. prince's estimated worth is $300 million, not including his vast music catalog. bay area gas prices continue to climb back towards the $3 mark. here are the average prices for regular unleaded in our metro areas, this is according to gad, $2.81 per gallon in san jose, $2.80 in oakland and $2.94 in san francisco. sports authority is closing
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all of its stores. it filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in march. at the time the plan was to close 140 stores and reorganize but that didn't fix its billion dollar problem. now it has to close all of its 450 stores across the country including those here in the bay area. hulu is answering to its netflix and amazon competition with a new streaming subscription service. until now, hulu has offered on demand programming from major networks just like netflix. beginning in 2017 the company says they are launching a new cable tv style online service and that means they will offer customers cablelike channel packages. no word on how much it will cost. 4:57 right now. a cat in the shark tank. this little guy ended up being good luck for the hockey team. how you could end up taking him home. that's next. and that solar powered airplane that's making its way around the world and has been in the bay area for the past couple of days is getting ready to take off in just a few minutes. we will have it live for you
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after the break. ,,,, ringling bros. and barnum ,,,,,,,,,,
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second. i'm kenny choi. this is a live shot of mission control of the solar powered plane called solar impulse 2 as it gets ready to take off from moffett field continuing its journey around the world. >> right now in mountain view the two swiss pilots are taking off from the bay area, getting ready to in one very high tech aircraft. >> and their solar powered plane is on an around the world journey. kiet do is live at moffett field where the record breaking plane is heading next. >> reporter: ground crews are going through a preflight check right now and it looks like takeoff is scheduled for 5:00 a.m. weather is perfect, calm winds


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