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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i good morning, everyone. it is monday, may 2nd. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. right now a plane powered only by the sun is continuing its historic journey around the world. >> kpix5 reporter kiet do is live at moffett field where the aircraft took off just about an hour ago. and, kiet, is everything going smoothly so far? >> reporter: yeah, so far, so good. they have been in the air now for about an hour or so. the entities team telling -- swiss team telling us that being in america is fantastic, that we understand their mission, especially when we are here in the bay area, in the silicon valley, they don't need to explain what they are doing, their mission, that we just get it. solar impulse 2 took off exactly at 5:03 this morning. they fired up immediately and with that giant wing span it took right off. and off she went to phoenix. their staff meteorologist very sensitive about cross winds so they chose this date for the calm weather. the plane goes at about 30 to 50 miles per hour so it will take roughly about 16 hours to get to phoenix. they will swing by the mohave
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desert and san diego, both places that hold significance in aviation history. the crews worked throughout the night to prep the airplane, wheeled it out of the hangar at around 3:00 this morning. the plane is amazing, carbon fiber, 5100 pounds, wing span is 231 feet. flies on batteries that charge at night. they tell us they can fly indefinitely powered by the sun. this round the world flight is meant to show the world that clean technology works and makes good business sense and is a win-win for humanity and the environment. these are very long flights. the longest one took five days to five nights. the pilot for this journey is andre borschberg. the other pilot is joining us now is bertrand piccard. you use hypnosis. tell us how that works. >> i'm a doctor, i use hypnosis to treat my patients but also use it to be able to disassociate myself from the concentration of the stress of flying the airplane so if i have just 20 minutes free, i go
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into hypnosis, i relax completely, i can regenerate my body and my mind very, very quickly and then go back to the controls. >> reporter: i hope you can teach us how to do that because it sounds like you're getting more sleep than just the 20 minutes that you're getting right there, right? >> yes, you know, with 20 minutes of hypnosis, you recover maybe two or three hours, so it's very, very powerful technique. >> reporter: excellent. you've been on this mission now for more than a year or so, right? what are -- what sense are you getting from world leaders, elected officials, policy makers? do you think like they get it when it comes to climate change around the world? >> i believe that the world leaders understand the necessity to solve climate change very fast now. but there is a lot of resistance with other people who don't have the trust and the confidence to make this step and this is where solar impulse is important. we show that the future starts now, we are already now with clean technologies available to
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not only reduce c02 emissions but also to make profit and create jobs and make economic development. i think the highlight for me about spreading this message is when i was flying from hawaii to san francisco and i was live from the cockpit of solar impulse by satellite to the united nations in new york when they were signing the paris climate agreement and what i said is you are not only protecting the environment, you are launching the clean tech revolution and this is so important because now today you don't need to be on -- to be only ecological, you have to be logical. it means you replace the old polluting devices by new modern technologies that are efficient so you can go into electric mobility, insulation of houses, l.e.d. lamps, smog rid, this is the future, not only for the environment but just for the industry. it's the new market that makes better quality of life so it
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really makes sense. >> reporter: i can imagine a lot of climate deniers seeing this and saying you're just a bunch of dreamers, crazy guys flying in a solar powered airplane around the world, that that's great. once you land we are going to move on and keep doing our thing. what's your message to the deniers? >> they are 100 years late. they should have said that to the wright brothers. when the wright brothers were flying, single seater, slow speed, only in good weather, 66 years later there were two men on the moon. so we are now opening a new era. it's not today that we are going to make 200 people flying on the solar airplane, but i bet formally in less than 10 years' time there will be electric airplanes flying with 50 people in short flights. people can land at airports at night in the city, no noise, no pollution. it increases the market for
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airlines, for airport authorities, you know. and all these technologies can go now for cars, insulation of houses so they are more energy efficient, smog grids, distribution of energy. all this is a tremendous market. look what happened to kodak. they were fighting digital picture and they disappeared. the one who are fighting clean tech will disappear so now they have to embrace this change and diversify, go into that business. it's a question of business. and by the way, it's also protecting the environment so it's fantastic. >> reporter: excellent. solar impulse 2 landing in phoenix around 9:00 p.m. tonight and the last leg of the journey takes them in new york city and they will be in abu dhabi sometime this spring, possibly early in the summer. we are live at moffett field, kiet do, kpix5. kpix5's jackie ward is live in san francisco to explain why protesters are taking a stand.
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jackie. >> reporter: michelle, it's the start of day 12 here now and as you can see, a couple of dozen hunger strikers still here in front of the mission police station on valencia and 17th. the group of strikers here are getting increasingly frustrated and ready to make moves surviving off just liquids for a week and a half now. a core group of five people continue to demand police chief greg suhr be removed from his position. this after alleged misconduct by the members of the sfpd. tomorrow the strikers will march to city hall where they intend to meet with mayor ed lee. >> not just saying something we are -- i mean, we are meeting with him. the city demands it. >> reporter: throughout this strike and proceeding the officer shootings, mayor lee has continued to support chief sur so the march -- chief suhr so the march will take place tomorrow at 12:30, start here and end at city hall. from the mission, jackie ward, kpix5. >> jackie, thanks. happening today, spare the air season launches.
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the program focuses on reducing air pollution during the summer months. the bay area air quality management district is encouraging drivers to carpool, bike or take public transit. the district says that 40% of greenhouse gases in the bay area come from cars. let's check the car situation in the bay area with george. how is it looking out there? >> cars, cars and more cars on interstate 580 in the westbound direction. as we continue to track big delays here, this is our big traffic story this morning as the 580 ride. we have had a pair of accidents and remarkably neither of these crashes blocked any lanes but there was debris kicked up in the lanes on our first crash at grant line. the second one at north flynn taking an awfully long time to clear. pretty clear here, though on the nimitz freeway as you can see. look at that drive time, just 16 minutes from 238 san leandro into downtown oakland. here at the bay bridge inching toward the maze but not into it yet, 18 to 19 minutes your trip time for the westbound ride. and let's give the south bay some love here, green showing
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on most of the roadway sensors but a little slow on 101 from 280 north to 880. roberta, how is the weather? >> we are going to cool down significantly today. going to feel the difference at the coast and around the bay. good morning, everyone. we had 78 degrees in san francisco on sunday. today falling to the low and mid-60s. now we are also in search of rain. this is our live high def doppler radar. no rain today but we have a chance of rain returning by wednesday through friday. right now the stratus in the form of low clouds and fog that has returned to the bay area. trying to listen for the fog horns in san francisco earlier. looks like our temperatures are pretty mild, into the 50s across the board, 51 degrees in livermore after tumbling to 48 degrees in the overnight hours. here's the deal. here's the shield of the marine layer off the coast and trickling onshore. we have this area of low pressure to the north of us that will spill a few clouds into our forecast today, we will call it partly cloudy. otherwise 61 degrees in pacifica, down from 78 to 65
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san francisco, down from 84 to 78 degrees in hosni, and out -- in san jose and out of the mid- 80s east bay. we've got the full forecast. we will talk about chances of rain and thundershowers coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. thanks to a wet winter, the chance of potential fires aren't higher than normal. however, because we've gotten so much rain, more vegetation now blankets the region meaning come august when the rain stops, the grass could catch fire. this will mainly affect low lying regions according to the forest service, no matter what happens this summer, firefighters say they are ready for it. governor brown has until wednesday to decide whether to sign off on tough new tobacco restrictions. state lawmakers sent six bills to the governor's desk related to tobacco use. one of the proposals would raise the legal age in the state from 18 to 21? >> it's probably going to be better that we do raise it so maybe a lot of the younger kids will be less inclined to smoke because it becomes a hassle for
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them and we are giving less money to the cigarette companies. >> governor brown hasn't indicated whether he will sign the bill. big tobacco promised to launch an effort to put the proposals on the november ballot if they are signed into law. it's hard not to look at flashy billboards and it turns out those billboards could be looking back. they are dubbed spying billboards and they are part of clear channel's radar program. the huge scrawling signs are equipped with tracking technology and they can tap into your cell phone. one u.s. senator is calling for a federal investigation to see if it's a privacy violation. >> i'm not against technological advances in general but this tracking becomes a problem when people have no option to opt out. >> chuck schumer says he will ask regulators to determine if it's a privacy violation. big brother is watching. 6:10. researchers have discovered a spike in brain injuries on the playground. why they say it's not necessarily cause for concern.
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and a vacation cruise marks another historic step forward in the effort to improve their relationship between cuba and the united states. ,,,,,,,,,,
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ according to a government study:: playground concussis are on the rise. new this morning, according to a government study, playground concussions are on the rise. the cdc found that almost one in 10 playground-related emergency room visits resulted in a concussion. the rides may mean increasing awareness of the potential seriousness concussions. more children using playground equipment may also be a factor. monkey bars and swings are where most of the concussions happen. to campaign 2016, ahead of tomorrow's indiana primary, reporter hena daniels shows us candidates are not making things complicated for voters. they are framing the contests very simply, it's good versus evil. >> reporter: donald trump
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continues to paint himself as the eventual g.o.p. nominee, mocking has rivals' chances at a campaign event in indiana sunday night. >> you look at these guys i'm running again, they are hanging by their fingernails, they are just like barely hanging on. >> reporter: a trump win here would put him even closer to clenching the republican nomination ahead of the summer convention. trailing trump by 15 points in the state, rival ted cruz is counting on indiana voters to stop that from happening. >> i believe in the men and women gathered here that we will not give in to evil. >> reporter: eyeing the general election, hillary clinton courted african-americans at an naacp dinner in detroit yesterday. >> it's about unity versus division, compassion versus selfishness, and love versus hate. >> reporter: clinton is 90% on the way to clenching her party's nomination, but faces a bitter fight in indiana against
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rival bernie sanders. >> looks to me like we are going to win here on tuesday. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: polls indicate the vermont center is within striking distance of winning the democratic primary in indiana tomorrow. hena danielscbs news. soon hillary clinton will head to the bay area for a fundraising push in san francisco this friday. some very well known women will be standing by her side, senator barbara boxer and actress elizabeth banks are on the guest list. tickets from the event -- for the event range from $125 to 2700. another historic moment in cuba is just minutes away. a u.s. cruise ship is about to arrive in havana. the 704 passenger adonia began its 17 hour journey from miami, florida yesterday. it's about to become the first u.s. cruise ship to dock in cuba since the late '70s. >> my grandmother went way back in the day before it was ever closed and so just being able to go there and meet the people
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and see the people, it will be meaningful for us. >> meanwhile, the cuban government says it will soon ease restrictions on private boats. it's being called one of the most disliked trailers in youtube history. >> the upcoming ghost busters movie has received more than half a million dislikes from youtube viewers since being released last month. the hollywood reporter ranks the ghost busters preview as the 23rd most disliked video overall on youtube. ghost busters hits theaters on july 16th. considering all the videos on youtube, 23rd is pretty bad. >> it is hard to follow the original act. >> it was a great one. >> you saw a great movie this weekend that i have been dying to see. >> the jungle book. >> the graphics in, the special effects, amazing. >> can't wait. >> and mogley, he was amazing, wasn't he? >> good review there. >> good review, yes. you can trust me. >> we will see your review about ghost busters in a couple of months. >> good for the kids, right?
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>> good for the kids and adults. great, yeah. should we check on traffic? >> why don't we. better news for the ride on interstate 80 westbound. i'll show you the residual backup in a moment. track your drive at the bay bridge, westbound inching towards 20 minutes for your drive out of the macarthur maze for the westbound ride as you head over towards san francisco. here we are still just looking at a 15 minute trip but in about 15 minutes at the san mateo bridge we are likely to see some heavy traffic here. that's about when it starts to back up. and tracking the ride for you at the golden gate, an easy ride through marin county but there are problems for the ride to the bridge coming down from petaluma, i will show you that in a second. here's the 580 ride, westbound our accidents are gone from grant line and from north flynn road, so that's the good news, but look at the backup here. it still reaches all the way over from tracy as you try to come in toward the altamont pass and then get out to the dublin interchange. still about a 54 minute drive
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time and here it is at petaluma boulevard south and you can see the ride starts to slow in the southbound direction for highway 101 through petaluma as you head down toward the novato narrows. head over to the weather center and get an update from roberta. good morning. >> good morning, george. what happened? down from the sunny and warm conditions over the weekend to now our live weather camera suggesting it is overcast. we could hear the foghorn this morning. the coast is not clear and it's cool. temperaturewise right now we are in the 50s but we are going to cool off by a good 14 degrees in many of our coastal areas and bay side, the winds right now are slight to under 5 miles per hour for the most part except for san francisco at 6 and also the fairfield area now at 11 miles per hour. we will have a breeze later today, not as gusty as last week. here's a shield. the marine layer, the low clouds and fog stacking up next to the coast, trickling onshore as well. clouds will retreat and partly cloudy skies today, an afternoon breeze southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour and rain
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chances on wednesday through friday. minimal chance right now. here's an area of low pressure. another trough right on its heals -- heels. the computer models -- also a chance of a thunderstorm is in the forecast. here's our futurecast, see if we have any clearing in san francisco today. slight clearing by the lunch hour, not much all the way through the avenues, looks like the san mateo coast stays socked in all day long. we will call it partly cloudy today and tomorrow and then additional cloud cover by midweek. 79 degrees state capital today, mid-50s in the high sierra, 61 in monterey, down from 83 degrees on sunday. here's your sun up and your sun down, smack in between today, we will have two minutes and three seconds of additional daylight as our days are getting longer with summer right around the corner. 60s beaches, 60s bay side, 70s around the peninsula, good morning, san jose, your high temperature dropping from 84 on sunday to 78 degrees today, not bad, three to 6 degrees cooler in our inland areas but substantial cooling along the
6:21 am
coast. there's the daily chance of a shower or thunderstorm wednesday through friday. that's your monday forecast. make it a great day, everyone. but before you go, we will be right back after this. ,,
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streets of seattle... we'lle you out hello, everybody, from s.a.p. where the sharks and the nashville predators went at it and also the golden state warriors looking to take a 1-0 series lead in their series against the blazer. steph curry still out with a sprained knee says he hopes to be back by game 3 but golden state didn't seem to miss him at all. klay thompson had seven -- 3- pointers -- seven 3-pointers on route -- greene finishes with his second career postseason, triple double. the warriors win game one 118-
6:25 am
106. sharks, under three minutes to play in san jose, nashville tied at one but dan joe pa pavelski scores the game winner. they lead two games to none. how about the giants in new york. top of the fourth, hunter pence goes deep. noah syndergaard and the giants avoid a sweep, they win that game 6-1. and at the coliseum, the astros leadoff man, jose altuve hit the third pitch of the game out for the home run for the astros and despite getting only two hits in the game, houston bet the as 2-1. there's plenty of room on the bandwagon for both the sharks and the warriors, climb aboard, they are both off to great starts in the second round. i'm dennis o'donnell. it is 6:25 right now. mayhem on the streets of seattle. we will take you out to the anticapitalist demonstrations that left police and protesters injured. ca and that solar powered
6:26 am
airplane that is flying around the world just took off from the bay area about an hour and a half ago. we will have a live report straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. ficiet to rape... weather ad l comments from donald trump causing a stir once again, this time comparing the nation's trade deficit to rape. hunger strikers in san francisco are on day 12 now, but they are getting ready to make some moves. good morning from the kpix5 weather center, from sunny and warm on sunday to cloudy and cool today. we got the changes you need to know about. and here's a look at a new incident slowing your ride in the north bay. 101 in the southbound
6:30 am
direction, an accident at petaluma boulevard. south is blocking the fast lane. i'll have a complete traffic check coming right up. good morning, it is monday, may 2nd. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. a plane is on the way to phoenix after taking off from mountain view this morning. >> kiet do is life from moffett field with more on this historic flight. >> reporter: good morning, it is a solar powered airplane, wrap your mind around that for just a second here. but, yes, their bay area trip was a whirlwind trip and ended 90 minutes ago. at exactly 5:03 this morning they fired up the high tech state-of-the-art silent brushless motors and, poof, just like that, solar impulse 2 was off in the air, very quick takeoff. they say being in the bay area was exhausting but in a good way, lots of meetings trying to set up the partnerships for the next phase of this mission around the world. google is a big sponsor and sergey brin is a long time
6:31 am
friend and was actually on the tarmac to greet them when they landed in mountain view a week ago. the team felt comfortable surrounded by silicon's innovative spirit. the next leg of the journey takes them to phoenix. they will stay in the southern states avoiding the turbulent air over the rockies and avoiding tornado alley in the midwest. when they arrive in the bay area, the plane through over the golden gate bridge and when they end up in new york city in a couple of weeks they will make sure to fly by the statue of liberty. meant to show the world clean technology can work and create jobs and save the environment at the same time. remembers meeting an astronaut at cape kennedy as a child and knew from that moment on he wanted to be an explorer. he hopes to inspire young kids with this flight. >> and when i see children who are 12 years old who come to visit solar impulse, i think, wow, this is something that maybe can inspire them. this is something that can give them the courage and perseverance to full full their dreams because -- fulfill their
6:32 am
dreams because dreams can be fulfilled. >> reporter: and they arrive in phoenix at 9:00 p.m. tonight. the final destination when they finish this trip will put them in abu dhabi. that will happen sometime in late spring or early summer. we are live in mountain view, kiet do, kpix5 news. >> the entire flight is streamed on the internet. tell us more about this. >> reporter: yeah, it is quite impressive what they have done here. you can see a pilot view live, reverse view, a view from the tail of the plane and also from the side and also mission control as well. when the pilot has to use the bathroom, and he does, they just switch the camera off and you will be spared from that view, but, yes, solar is the website. >> historic day. kiet do live in mountain view. kiet, thank you. >> moffett field. very cool. it was a battle in seattle as anticapitalism protesters clash with police. >> five officers were injured
6:33 am
yesterday as mayday demonstrations got out of hand. one officer was hit in the head with a rock and another was hit by a molotov cocktail, although none of the injuries was serious. nine people were arrested and face charges ranging from obstruction to assault and property destruction. may day events in the bay area were much more controlled. markers hit the streets of oakland yesterday calling for better wages, an end to what they call unjust deportations. no reports of major problems but police kept a close eye on the protests in the wake of last year's looting on auto row. in san jose also no major problems connected with may day. a march went from king and story roads on the east side to downtown where a rally was held at city hall. protesters called for more affordable housing as well as better wages and immigration laws. 6:33 right now. let's check in with roberta once again for a look at weather. >> sunny and warm yesterday to cloudy and cool today. we were 78 degrees in san
6:34 am
francisco on sunday, up from the average high of 64. it was 86 degrees in the concord area. three to 6 degrees cooler inland today but you're going to feel the significant change along the coast and the bay. our live high def doppler radar right now looking for rain, not seeing any in sight but we could have rain by wednesday into friday. looks like we are picking up a little bit of condensation on our camera lens there, that's from the deep low clouds and fog hanging tight to the coast this morning, temperatures are into the 50s, the winds are slight, under 5 miles per hour, but there you have the deck of low clouds and fog trickling onshore. once the clouds retreat, we will call it partly cloudy today, a few mid and high level clouds all associated with a trough way up there to the north. that's where we have the rain. temperatures today 60s beaches, 60s, 70s, bay side, low 70s across the peninsula, southwest winds 10 to 20 east of the bay as our temperature tops off outside number will be 80 degrees, that will be in the brentwood area, 72 today in santa rosa and down from 84 to 78 in san jose, your full forecast, it's still coming up
6:35 am
at 48 minutes after the hour. hey, george. >> roberta, we are getting a little busier here in the traffic center as we are picking up new accidents. let's go right to the traffic maps with a new crash on 880 southbound, this in oakland. right at the san leandro border at marina boulevard. center divider and left-hand lane, this is going to slow the ride leading to your san mateo bridge ride. and tracking the commute for you here on 680 southbound just getting word of a new accident at treat boulevard on your ride coming into walnut creek from both 242 and 680 southbound, slow going now as you come down from pleasant hill road and we continue to track delays in the north bay with our accident southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard. take a look at 101 on the peninsula. this time a look at the ride on the bayshore freeway as you look northbound on highway 101, do we have that shot? there it is, woodside road is where our camera is located, the headlights are northbound and the bayshore ride is an easy one in both directions.
6:36 am
michelle. >> george, thank you. a man is recovering this morning after he was shot in the buttocks outside the federal courthouse. it happened around 9:30 last night in san francisco. police say two men got into an argument when one man pulled out a gun and fired. they say the gunman then made a getaway on a motorcycle. the victim is in stable condition and is expected to be okay. some local hunger strikers say that they are determined to keep protests until their demands are met. kpix5's jackie ward joins us live from san francisco where the police department is the focus of the protesters' complaints. >> reporter: apparently it's trash day here in the mission but i can assure you that the hunger strikers are behind that garbage truck. they are not budging in their stance against police chief greg suhr and now they are taking this to city hall. this has gone on longer than a lot of people thought and strikers tell us they are feeling the love from the community. tomorrow afternoon they will march from the police station here in the mission to the mayor's office where they will demand a meeting.
6:37 am
>> we don't have a planned meeting. we told him we are coming and so we expect him to be there. it is going to be super tuesday. >> reporter: the core group out here call themselves the frisco five and say they have only had liquids over the past week and a half. this is all in response to the recent police shootings and alleged misconduct so the group has been continuously calling for the removal of chief suhr and tomorrow at 12:30 is when they will march to city hall. in the mission, jackie ward, kpix5. following campaign 2016, g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump used some questionable rhetoric while addressing the u.s. trade deficit. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they are doing. >> while trump has always lamented our trade relationship with china, this is the first time that he's used the term rape. in the meantime, hillary clinton blamed trump's language for violence at his rallies. >> when you divide people against one another, you don't know what's going to happen.
6:38 am
we are seeing violence, violence at political rallies. >> this weekend saw violence at trump rallies here in california protesters even forced his motorcade to detour. time now is 6:38. trump's comments come as republican rivals prepare for one last stand tomorrow. melissa caen will let us know what to expect. and someone in the bay area is holding a million dollar lottery ticket. where the lucky winner was sold. ,,,,
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
more now... from k-c-b-s rao financial reporter jason br. we are in search of rain drops in and around the bay area. not picking up any as of yet. a little condensation along the coast associated with the return of the marine layer. the details on how that fog is going to affect your monday forecast, that's coming up in about four minutes.
6:42 am
time now 6:41. the video streaming company hulu may be about to expand its services. >> more now from kcbs radio producer -- >> we keep getting new options into how to watch tv. the "wall street journal" says hulu is working on a service which would offer major broadcast and cable channels. right now just like netflix, hulu offers on demand viewing of major networks. this would be a big switch for the company. the journal says the service should debut in about a year from now. there are multiple owners for hulu, including disney and comcast and also 21st century fox and right now disney owned abc, espn and the disney channel along with fox's various networks would be included in that lineup. comcast's nbc universal has not yet licensed its programming for hulu's eventual offering. stock market coming up, a down week and a lot was due to the major tech companies
6:43 am
providing weaker than expected earnings. apple one of those companies, microsoft and google as well but apple's stock fell over 10% last week wiping out its gains for the year. that really weighed on the blue chips and the tech sector. today off to a slightly positive start, stocks are moving in the right direction, going to take a quick look, you got the dow up about 50 points, nasdaq gaining eight and the s&p up by four points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio, thank you. one san jose resident got a lot more money to manage thanks to a million dollar powerball win. powerball ticket matched five of six numbers meaning someone is getting $1.3 million. no one hit the full powerball jackpot making wednesday's jackpot nearly 350 million. george is still here so we know he's not the winner, right? >> that's right, because i would be gone like that in a shot. wish i could say the same about
6:44 am
traffic. it's actually getting a little busy here in the traffic center, claudia and i have been clocking a few new accidents like the ride here on 880 southbound at marina boulevard. this crash slowing the ride in both directions of the nimitz freeway. it's at marina boulevard and even on the southbound side affecting the northbound commute, a little farther away, here as you head through oakland past the coliseum, no delays, we have added four minutes to the drive time on 880 northbound. for your 680 drive, walnut creek at treat boulevard, this accident slowing the ride as well and now not only backing up 242 southbound, but also starting to back up interstate 680. and we continue to monitor delays here for the ride on 101, this in the southbound direction, our accident right here at petaluma boulevard south as you can see has the fast lane blocked and it's creating some slow traffic as you head down toward the novato narrows, and here's a quick look at your ride to the bay bridge, backed up all the way
6:45 am
to the foot of the macarthur maze, now tracking a 20 minute drive time and since we are past 630, we should start to see slowing here at the san mateo bridge and we do. you can see that the ride starts to back up from before the toll plaza out to about mid- span. get a check of the weather next. here's roberta. >> i have a beautiful view of the city, george, do you ever follow on twitter carl the fog? >> no. should i? >> yes, you is this. >> carl the fog, he's hilarious. that fog right there is named carl on twitter and carl the fog has made a return here to the bay area after sunny and warm conditions all weekend, that is going to cool us down today, especially along the coast and into the bay. good morning, everyone. right now we are at 51 in livermore after bottoming out at 48 degrees early this morning, san jose at 53 after topping off yesterday at 84 degrees. linda, she is in napa, she is reporting 50 degrees and she says she too has patchy fog this morning. hi there, linda.
6:46 am
the winds are under 10 miles per hour for the most part, san francisco at 6, nine in san jose, three in livermore but they are blowing up to 11 in the fairfield area. winds will increase later today out of the southwest 10 to 20, certainly not as gusty as when we left you on friday and, boy, on saturday it sure was blustery. there's the field of low clouds and fog hanging very tight to the coast this morning, extending well out over the open waters. it will take a while to see the clearing at the beaches. and then partly cloudy conditions all due to a trough north of the bay area that will spill a few clouds into our forecast. otherwise more clouds on wednesday through friday. satellite and radar indicates couple different areas of low pressure stacking up, one to the north of us, one way out here. this is the one that's going to produce a chance of rain showers on wednesday with the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm with small hail. we have to say chance, computer models are arguing with its advancement but we will keep you posted. here's your futurecast, we will see a little bit of clearing along the san mateo coast today, not much. partly cloudy skies at the beaches and you're going to
6:47 am
have significant cooling there. otherwise our futurecast does illustrate we will see the fog return later on tonight, overnight we will kick start your tuesday on a cloudy note. 79 state capital, down from 83 to 61 in monterey bay today, here's your sun up and sun down and smack in between today, 60s beaches, 60s, 70s, bay side, 70s will be common around the peninsula. up to 78 degrees in concord, down from 86 degrees yesterday. here's your extended forecast, unsettled, let's call it unsettled on wednesday through friday. have a terrific day. >> roberta, thank you. turning to politics now, one of the big topics at this weekend's california republican convention was actually tomorrow's indiana primary and what could be the last stand for ted cruz. >> melissa caen was at the convention so tell us, how was it? >> it was really fun. it was great. i love this stuff. i was looking forward to it forever. it was definitely the most exciting california convention in a very long time. republicans are only about 28% of registered voters in california and no republican has won a statewide election
6:48 am
here since 2006. so in recent years the g.o.p. state conventions have been a little more relaxed. in 2012, for example, the only presidential candidate who showed up was my fellow georgeian newt gingrich. he had to come through the back and the concrete structure that he walked on and had to sort of jump off to get to the hotel has become a bit of a destination. there are actually people taking pictures from the site. as one person explained to me at the convention, that piece of concrete is now a little bit of history. john kasich, ted cruz and carly fiorina also spoke but there were no protesters for those events. all of the speeches by the candidates were pretty short because each of them flew in from indiana and then immediately flew back to indiana to keep campaigning.
6:49 am
>> yeah, an unconventional way to get to the convention, right? >> exactly. >> we know that tomorrow is the primary in indiana. what's at stake there? how important is this one? >> important enough to zoom in and out of california, that's for sure, even though we've got way more delegates. indiana is very important for the g.o.p. they have 57 delegates and that is a lot now that we are down to the wire. now, indiana, new jersey and california are the three biggest states left to vote. so for indiana tomorrow allow me to use a football analogy. right now trump is on the 20- yard line, he's got 80% of the votes he needs. if he wins indiana, he will be on the 15-yard line and that is a pretty easy path to the end zone because after indiana there are a number of states, including new jersey, that trump is projected to win. if you add them together with indiana, trump would have the votes he needs to be the nominee. so for john kasich and ted cruz tomorrow is do or die. if ted cruz doesn't win
6:50 am
tomorrow, there are going to be calls for him to jump out of the race, it's that important. >> i think i know the answer to this question already but who is expected to win tomorrow? >> so far the polls show donald trump is ahead. there's one poll that shows ted cruz ahead by 15 points but that seems to be an outliar, all the other polls show trump ahead by an average of eight points, but indiana is very hard to predict because it is an open primary. so in indiana no matter what your party affiliation, everybody goes to the polling station and says i want the democrat ballot or i want the republican ballot and then you vote. so independents can vote for a republican candidate, even democrats who say this clinton- sanders race thing seems to be pretty much over, i'm going to jump in on this republican race. so there are all kinds of possibilities in this open system in indiana. so tomorrow could be a total surprise. then again, this year in politics has really been nothing but surprises so -- >> that's so true. melissa, thank you. >> thank you. this morning students at
6:51 am
half a dozen csu campuses will be marching to protest proposed tuition hikes after a four-year freeze with board of trustees recommending higher tuition. on top of tuition increases they are also protesting cuts to the school's college of ethnic studies at san francisco state students are meeting at malcolm x plaza at noon. time now is 6:51. the battle over prince's estate heads to court today and not just the late singer's money at stake. and that solar powered airplane that was in the bay area all week long just took off from moffett field. we will have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
(group chatter) dude, dude, dude. this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. how's that for not getting stuck?
6:54 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. is getting underway in minna today. the late singer's sister and five things to know at the 55, the battle over prince's estate is getting underway in
6:55 am
minnesota today. the late singer's sister and five half siblings are expected at the hearing designed to sort out his fortune and that includes thousands of unreleased songs reportedly kept in a vault at his home. prince's sister believes he did not leave a will. another round of intense storms is threaten parts of alabama and the deep south. over the weekend the system brought hail and flash flooding to louisiana. the weather turned deadly in east texas where people were swept away by rising floodwaters. at least six people confirmed dead. the 2016 presidential contenders make a final campaign push in indiana ahead of tomorrow's critical primary. the latest polls show republican frontrunner donald trump heading a double digit lead over ted cruz in the hoosier state. hillary clinton is locked in a tight contest with rival bernie sanders in indiana and polls indicate he's within striking distance. today the san mateo city council will hear from local business owners and other members of the public about whether to raise the minimum
6:56 am
wage. the statewide minimum will rise to $15 an hour by the year 2022 but san mateo could decide to do it faster or go higher than 15. the council meets tonight at 7:00. today officially marks the start of the 2016 spare the air season. the bay area air quality management district is encouraging drivers to carpool, bike or take public transit. the district will issue spare the air health alerts when pollution reaches unhealthy levels. cars generate an estimated 40% of greenhouse gases in the bay area. >> and we are live at moffett field where that solar powered airplane making its way around the world took off from mountain view about two hours ago. take a look, we thought it would be quite a scene but actually it was actually quiet and peaceful. that's what a battery powered electric airplane sounds like. the plane is as heavy as a family car but sure didn't look like it. 236 wing span gives it a lot of lift and it was off the ground in a split second. next stop is phoenix.
6:57 am
solar impulse 2 is on an around the world trip to prove to government and policy makers that clean technology is viable, proven technology that is profitable, can create jobs and save the environment. the plane itself is a technological wonder. batteries powered at night and charges during the day, in theory that means it can fly forever. right now the longest flight they have taken has been five days and five nights from japan to hawaii. the plane itself is limited only by the endurance of its human pilots, they say but the team tells us the next phase is to go unmanned to see how long that plane can stay in the air. >> it's to make -- capable to fly, it's clear, we are not maybe a week but longer, alone is difficult. >> reporter: and getting to phoenix at that space will take them 16 hours. will put them in arizona
6:58 am
sometime around 9:00 p.m. wednesday night. and then their final destination to end this around the world trip will be in abu dhabi sometime in late spring or early summer. we are live in mountain view, kiet do, kpix5. >> why does the team want to thank the faa? >> reporter: they say the faa has been tremendously helpful and also airports around the country along with the faa have been very open and inviting to new technology. they say it's been touching and wanted to give a shoutout to the faa and all the aviation community out there that has been a wonderful time for them here in america. use for weather! >> and here's a live update from the kcbs kpix5 traffic center with an accident 680 southbound at treat boulevard, that means slow going on 242 coming down from concord. so expect delays now even from 680 as you head out of pleasant hill there. and we continue to monitor a delay at the bay bridge toll plaza with the heaviest traffic down the center lanes for fastrak users, drive time currently 20 minutes for your
6:59 am
westbound ride and the north bay still slowed with an earlier occurring accident, southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard. the weekend is over and the sunny and warm conditions over. this is our live weather camera looking out towards the return of the low clouds, the fog hanging tight into the coast and into the bay this morning, temperaturewise into the 50s, picking up a little bit of condensation in the form of a drizzle at the beaches. right now partly cloudy today and, yes, you're going to feel the significant cooling along the coast and bay side down from 78 degrees in san francisco to 65 and that's pretty much where we should be for the second day of the month of may. down from 86 to 78 degrees in concord. we've got temperatures in the 70s across the santa clara valley, down from 84 degrees yesterday. so from the coast the upper 50s, bay side 70s, inland 80 degrees towards discovery bay and brentwood, otherwise pretty similar conditions tuesday. whether computers are arguing, let's just call it unsettled wednesday through saturday. >> they are arguing. >> settle down.
7:00 am
go to your corner. thanks for watching, everyone. remember your next local update is 7:26. >> see you at noon. captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, may 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump looks to knock out ted cruz with a win in indiana. bernie sanders pleads for support from democratic super delegates. may day rioters target police in seattle. several officers are injured as they take on the demonstrators. and rescuing lions from abusive circus handlers. we are in south africa with the ented airlift. today's "eye opener" -- your world in 90 seconds. the two last ones are like hanging by their fingertips. don't let me fall! don't let me fall!


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