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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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blew out stucco on a fence and sheet metal flashing around the house. >> i saw like a flash on a camera. it was like a big loud boom and so i just ran back inside. >> reporter: just a few blocks away, firefighters believe lightning struck o'hara park middle school triggering the fire alarms and causing the clocks and p.a. system tmalfction. >> it was really scary because like look the clock was moving. i thought it was an earthquake but it was then. >> reporter: no one was hurt -- but it was thunder. >> reporter: no one was hurt at the school but some students asked their parents to take them home. >> i thought it was a bomb. i was scared. everybody was screaming. i was in physical education at the time. and everybody started to freak out. >> reporter: a couple of transformers on this block are blown out as well so no power on the block. you can see some homeowners and some families are using generators to power their home at this point. pg&e doesn't know when they can restore power out here. as for the woman who lived here who is in the hospital, well, she will have to stay over at the hospital for overnight observation. but she is expected to be okay. she has a mark on her leg according to the family.
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i guess you can call it lucky marker not so lucky mark. live here in oakley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> wow, okay. thunder, lightning bolts, puddles in petaluma this afternoon. parts of sonoma county got a decent soaking. [ thunder ] >> in the east bay clouds covered the top of mount diablo looking like a thunderstorm could break out at any time. >> in the midwest, this is no big deal. but in san jose, dark clouds hanging over the high-rises casting a shadow over the shark tank. >> kpix 5's chief meteorologist paul deanno on where those storms are right now. paul. >> they are east of us, they are south of us, they are north of us. but the immediate bay area as of this minute has no thunderstorm activity. but things to the south are beginning to bubble up, and that's where the storms are coming. they are moving from south to north. so let's zoom in and show you a couple of light showers. this is all that's left in sonoma county also solano county and lake county, a few
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light to moderate showers. new showers bubbling up over the diablo range, heads up livermore, pleasanton, dublin, even san jose. the activity over monterey county and to our south and east will eventually move through the bay area this evening. and i want to show you what happened earlier today with more than 25 different lightning strikes in marin county, solano county, and also out toward the delta including oakley, rio vista, brentwood and just to the north of concord. that was the most active part of the day. but that has lifted to the north. let's look at what we're having going forward. isolated thunderstorms this evening. a thunderstorm chance once again tomorrow and a better chance for widespread light rain. very few areas actually got rain today. there's a better opportunity that it will rain at your house coming up tomorrow. if you have any weather photos or videos you can always upload them to or use the hashtag, kpix 5 on facebook, twitter and instagram. any of this rain impacting mother's day this weekend? we'll have that coming up. santa clara's vta light
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rail system is now running full service after a lock and bizarre standoff today. it shut down half of the train this morning. at about 1:30 this afternoon a young man flagged down a train climbed on top of it and then dangled from the cables. kpix 5's devin fehely shows us how negotiators finally got him to come down. >> reporter: 25-year-old kyle lewis said his goal was to disrupt the morning commute. and for 12 long hours, he did just that. >> he is doing somersaults! >> reporter: using the high voltage lines that power the train like a trapeze trying to topple the ladders deputies might use to reach him and wrapping himself in a yellow tarp to the frustration of northerners. >> we are going to wait him out. we'll come up with strategies. >> reporter: traffic on this normally busy stretch of first street was at a standstill as commuters were bused around the intersection. >> everybody is trying to get
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to work and go about their business so there's probably some employers aren't too happy this morning. >> reporter: when it seemed like it might drag on for hours more, the sheriff's department came up with a strategy bringing in a deputy with some history with the suspect. >> one of our transit deputies actually arrested kyle about a month ago, recognized him, had a great rapport. >> reporter: and that rapport paid off. not after this handshake coaxed him off the train bringing the standoff to a peaceful if not speedy resolution. >> if we used force his safety and our safety would have been jeopardized. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. developing news in the race for the white house. the top republican in congress says he is not ready to support donald trump as the party's presidential nominee. allen martin is here with house speaker paul ryan adding a new twist to this strange campaign 2016. allen. >> reporter: every day something new.
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donald trump set to win the republican presidential nomination. but has yet to win over some in the republican party. speaker of the house paul ryan joined some republicans who will not "yet" endorse trump. >> what republicans want to see is that we have a standard- bearer that bears our standards and that unifies all the wings of the republican party. >> reporter: the last two republican presidents, george w. and george h.w. bush refuse to endorse trump and the last two republican nominees, john mccain and mitt romney announced they will be skipping this year's gop convention. kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen says it's unlikely that trump will use his own money to fund his presidential campaign. so he needs the support of the republican party. >> he needs money from republican donors and he does need the support of the party to some degree. so paul ryan saying we would like to, maybe we will, but we are going to need you to get in line a little better with the party first. >> reporter: trump says he
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won't change his attack style as he squares off against hillary clinton. it's a style that helped him take down 16 opponents in the primaries. >> you know, i am who i am. i don't like to change. i don't like to really change. >> reporter: trump's tactics have hurt him in some polls. >> i think he needs to do more to unify the party to bring all wings of the republican party together and then to go forward and to appeal to all americans in every walk of life every background, a majority of independents and discerning democrats. >> reporter: now, trump's response to all this? it was a play on ryan's words. he said that he was not ready to support the house speaker's agenda in congress. liz? >> allen, thank you. meantime, trump is also under fire for questionable tweet he sent out this cinco de mayo. it reads, happy cinco de mayo. the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics. end quote. we looked into it turns out there is no taco bowl on the restaurant's menu. new at 5:00 a burglar in
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the east bay caught in the act. surveillance video shows the suspect in a red hoodie walking over to the side of east bay auto services in oakland. he first showed up just after 2:30 this morning but couldn't get in. then he returned at 5 a.m. with what looks like some kind of tool and just like that, he was in. it's unclear just how much auto repair equipment was stolen. owner of the building handed over this footage to the oakland police. emeryville-based jamba juice is saying good-bye to california. the smoothie company plans to relocate its headquarters to texas! taking with it more than 100 jobs. jamba juice has signed a release for a sprawling office space north of dallas. texas governor greg abbott is welcoming jamba with open arms with about $800,000 government grants. jamba is expected to move at the beginning of next year. a soda tax could be coming to oakland. city council this unanimously voted to put a penny per ounce
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tax initiative on the november ballot. $12million a year could be raised from that measure and would go toward fighting obesity. exclusions would apply to alcohol. 100% fruit juice, baby formula and meal replacement drinks are also excluded. city of berkeley passed a similar measure in 2014. ♪[ music ] how low can you go? >> couple of guys accused of carjacking a charity truck. the wild ending and the plan to make sure those in need don't go without. >> plus, disconnecting from your smartphone. this smart bag might just do the trick. the famous comedian who says this is no joke. >> you want to [ indiscernible ] i was like absolutely. >> a celebrity sighting in san francisco. gwyneth meets her fans. just don't ask about her own cooking. ,, ,,
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thieves swiped a charity's .
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then crashed it after a cha with police. around 10-15 th talk about a heartless crime. in the east bay today thieves swiped a charity van then crashed it after a chase with police. it all started at around 10:15 this morning. police say a man and woman carjacked this meals on wheels truck from downtown fremont and ended up flipping it in castro valley. chopper 5 overhead as crews worked to right the truck along 580 on the ramp near -- the on- ramp near redwood road. both suspects are in custody. no one missed a meal. the truck was empty. the charity will use an older truck to make deliveries tomorrow. an east bay police officer shot after a chase and crash is recovering. the whole thing may be related to another shooting at a mcdonald's. chase ended at east leland and loveridge roads in pittsburg last night. officers say an armed man had stolen a bmw. that suspect opened fire hitting a pittsburg officer. he was struck in the head.
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the suspect was not hit. but later he surrendered. police believe the same mass wan behind a shooting at a -- the same man was behind a shooting at a mcdonald's injuring an employee inside. the man known as the grim sleeper convicted of murdering nine women and a girl in los angeles. lonny franklin was convicted on 10 counts of murder. the killing spanned the mid- 1980s and the early 2000s which is why investigators dubbed him the grim sleeper. prosecutors say franklin targeted poor black women. penalty phase of the trial begins next week. franklin could get a death sentence. new video from the front lines of iraq appears to show the dramatic firefight that killed a u.s. navy seal earlier this week. [ yelling and gunfire ] >> cell phone video shows u.s. troops ducking behind a pickup truck as they are bombarded with bullets. the battle unfolded near the
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isis-controlled city of mosul on tuesday. the mission of the u.s. troops to rescue a team of american military advisers who were traveling with kurdish allies. what appears to be a u.s. blackhawk medical chopper arrived to help the wounded. among them, navy seal charles keating, who was hit by direct fire. keating is the third u.s. serviceman to be killed in combat in iraq since american forces returned there about 2 years ago. for the first time ever, the fda is regulating ecigarettes. people under 18 won't be able to buy ecigs. health warns will be put on all product packages and in advertisements. and hundreds of ecigarette brands will have to undergo a review to stay on the market. the rules begin nationwide in 990 days. -- in 90 days. governor brown is raising the age to buy tobacco products to 21 and restricting the use
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of ecigarettes in public. those changes start june 9 in a recent blog post, walgreens outlined the definition of clinical cannabis how it works and common uses. some people thought that might mean that the drugstore would be selling it. but a spokesman said it's strictly informative. and the company is not taking a stance on medical pot. well, smart glasses, smart contact lenses, now google wants to go to the next level. it just patented new technology to inject computerized lenses directly into your eyeballs! sound crazy! but they could correct or cure common eye problems and even connect to wireless devices. don't get too excited just yet. not clear if google will ever turn the patent into an actual product. meanwhile, a burlingame startup is helping you hang up
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by creating cell phone free zones. john blackstone shows us how it's taking away the temptation to text and call and the popular comedian helping. >> reporter: in the attachment to smartphones students in burlingame are physical teenagers. but when they enter the english class the phones get locked into little bags which can't be opened until class is over. >> by separating something that's primarily for their social life, i'm hoping that it brings them more into the moment. >> reporter: these bags are made by a startup called yonder. its founder is attempting nothing less than breaking cell phone addiction. you thought we needed a new etiquette for the digital age? >> yes, just something to help people engage with each other in a real way. i think what it symbolizes is a movement. and the bag is just the tool. >> reporter: the yonder pouch locks much like a security tag in a clothing store. if someone needs to access their phone, they can choose to leave the phone free zone. the yonder bags are now
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mandatory for everyone attending a performance by comedian dave chappell. >> we have had a strict no cell phone rule for years. obviously, if you look on youtube, you will see very few people adhere to it. >> reporter: before the bags, chappell often found himself telling jokes to people distracted by their devices. >> it would be very hard for you to talk to anybody if he was doing this the whole time you're talking. >> reporter: back at mercy high, this junior had to bag her phone for three days on a school retreat. >> and i could hear it vibrating but i couldn't get it and use it. >> reporter: and you hated it? >> hated it so much. [ laughter ] >> reporter: did you see any benefit in it when it was all over? it was like a break from reality. like i completely forgot about everything, even school and it was nice. >> reporter: an old-fashioned solution to a 21st century problem. john blackstone, burlingame, california. a survivor story to tell you about. new video of the u.s. coast guard rescuing a sailor who spent two months adrift in the
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pacific. the 29-year-old colombian was finally spotted by a cargo ship last week. three other men on the 23-foot skiff didn't make it. the sailor says he survived the two months by eating fish and seagulls. wow. >> amazing. we have some amazing weather here. we have been talking about this all week. lightning strikes popping up and down and today we got a pretty good hit in the east bay. >> they were isolated but where they hit they hit. we had a couple dozen lightning strikes in the bay area started this morning out toward the delta on the northeastern side of mount diablo. worked its way north and west into the north bay. new showers popping up on the radar right now. since everything is moving south to north it's good to look and see what's south. what's next? see that red over the diablo range about an hour and a half east of san jose? that could work its way north and west toward you in livermore and dublin. that may be the rain that you get at 7:00 tonight. couple hours farther south along interstate 5 we have new thunderstorms popping up and one shower just left the mount hamilton region and is working its way north and west and is
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now impacting 680 right as you drive through milpitas. so watch out for a few showers fremont. that could impact you between now and 6:00. the wide view shows a lot of activity in far northern california numerous thunderstorms there. more rain and snow for the sierra. lightning strikes there. and tomorrow, there is still yet another chance of showers and an isolated thunderstorm. chilly day today. skies have looked angry all day. san jose currently 66. oakland 67. san francisco a breezy 61 degrees. we're not going to fall that much tonight with the cloud cover. we have cool afternoons and mild nights. vallejo only dropping to 55. san jose 54. and san rafael tonight 53 degrees. it is the storm motion or storm direction that will dictate our rain chances over the next couple of days. today, low pressure is sitting to our south and west. counterclockwise flow around it. everything has been moving southeast to northwest. that's why san francisco you don't get thunderstorms today. but vallejo, you did. san jose, you did not. but antioch you did because things are moving from southeast to northwest.
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watch the change tomorrow with just a minor change in location. now the low pressure center is over the central valley down toward bakersfield. because of that, the storm motion is east to west. so all the thunderstorms that develop over the sierra and there will be some tomorrow morning, will be pushed in our direction. normally things move west to east. with the low down here, things will be moving from east to west. that's why i do see another chance of thunderstorms tomorrow albeit isolated and a better chance of some widespread light rain from the leftovers of those sierra thunderstorms. futurecast 10 a.m., look at the rain in the northeast not in the bay area yet but by 2:00 there will be showers and storms. tomorrow night things calm down. the weekend looks mainly dry. tonight and tomorrow showers and isolated thunderstorms. showers are done by mother's day. mother's day should be a nice day. but rather unsettled for the next 36 hours. and cool once again. vallejo 65 for you tomorrow.
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fremont 66. redwood city and san rafael, 65 degrees. so we're done saturday morning. a little bit of sunshine saturday afternoon. mother's day looking good. next week, forget about thunderstorms. just find out where the sunscreen is. you will have highs in the 70s and 80s so a big change next week. could get thunderstorms tomorrow. that's rare for us. >> felt tropical. >> humid, cloudy. welcome to houston, texas! right? >> now we know we don't have to move there. [ laughter ] finger licking good! nail polish? >> ew! >> yes. it's true. >> the nail polish that apparentlytations just like chicken. next -- the nail polish that apparently tastes just like chicken. next. >> and the risks that come with a celebrity brand. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your favorite style of cake. endless possibilities. mother's day cakes from baskin-robbins.
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firefighters are battling a house we have breaking news tonight. this video just coming into the newsroom. alameda county firefighters battling a house fire near san leandro. this is video that was just
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posted on the department's twitter page. you can see a lot of smoke coming up from the home on liberty street in san leandro. no word on what started it. meanwhile, celebrity brands bigger than ever right now. >> now one of the biggest has taken over a san francisco landmark. here's a live look at gwyneth paltrow's pop-up store. earlier today, the historic building designed by frank lloyd wright was mobbed with fans to meet the actress and buy products she says she uses herself. julie watts reports on opening day. >> reporter: gwyneth paltrow look-alikes abound in her pop- up store in san francisco featuring cookbooks and face cream from her lifestyle brand goop. >> everything is highly curated. we are focused on bringing the best of the best. >> reporter: goop is one of a growing number of celebrity lines cashing in on, well, celebrity. jessica alba's honest company is valued at $1.7 billion.
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kate hudson's brand reportedly raised $85 million in its pre- ipo alone. but not everybody makes it. blake lively's brand failed. the secret to success? >> let the celebrity secret involved we usually see failure. >> reporter: this agency partners brands with celebrities. he says in this age of social media consumers can tell the difference between a celebrity endorsement and those who are their brand. >> we have seen many deals happen that didn't do so well because the celebrity wasn't supporting it. >> reporter: while gwyneth was signing books, she wasn't doing interviews. her team said they wanted to focus on the brand, not her. >> market questions versus gwyneth questions? >> all right. >> as a marketing guy i say that's poor judgment. if she is not willing to speak, then i think it's going to be a poor execution. >> reporter: although in paltrow's defense, well, she didn't speak to the media, she did spend time with fans who
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seemed to be hearing her brand message loud and clear. >> i love that she is all about organics. >> i think she has an amazing eye and aesthetic. >> my wife likes her. >> reporter: in san francisco, julie watts, kpix 5. >> paltrow's pop-up is in town through may 22. new at 5:00, a fast-food company is bringing its slogan finger licking good to life kfc is producing nail polish that tastes like chicken made from natural ingredients and comes in two colors and flavors. you don't want a bottle paul? >> no. i'm trying to quit. >> the original flavor which is beige and red which is hot and spicy. customers can paint their nails and lick away. for now, the nail polish is only available in china. >> can we have some nail polish questions, please? [ laughter ] >> would you like to take some nail polish questions? >> put your fingers in your mouth? that's a good thing? >> ew. i don't know. >> i want my chicken to just
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take like chicken. >> we're back right after this quick break. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a silicon valley mayor callg out the world's most val i'm allen martin. new at 6:00 tonight a sillicon valley mayor calling out the world's most valuable company. his challenge to apple before it becomes in his words a burden to its own city. >> a sugar high to help save lives? the bay area 911 operators who fought back against a junk food ban. those stories and more at 6:00. >> thank you. "cbs evening news with
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scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: embers rain on canada. wildfires rage and 90,000 people run for their lives. >> all you see is red flames. it's pretty scary. >> pelley: also tonight, the nation's top republicans turn their backs on donald trump. inside the isis surprise attack raat killed a navy seal. and the federal government cracks down on e-cigarettes. >> we're finally leaving the world of the unregulated wild, wild west when it comes to the sale of e-cigarettes and cigars. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. tonight, wildfire is driving the


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