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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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hall--- as protesters demane removal of now at noon, metal barricades up in front of san francisco's city hall as protestors demand the removal of the city's police chief. good afternoon and it's monday, may 9th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we are following breaking news. a southwest flight just made an
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emergency landing at mineta san jose international airport. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is there live right now and what are you learning kiet? >> reporter: yeah, just a few minutes ago we saw an unusual sight here, walking around with pistols in their thigh holsters and whether or not that has anything to do with the incident that happened here a few minutes ago we will have to wait and see. but the jet we're talking about here landed at 11:15 this morning. this is a view from chopper 5 take a look. everything is okay from the outside but the crew reported mechanical problems and possibly smoke in the cabin and they emergency landed in san jose. the origin destination was sfo from phoenix. the boeing 737 800 was able to taxi to the gatened its own -- gate under its own power. it doesn't look like any of the passengers left the secure area just yet but yeah looks like the plan landed okay and what caused this mechanical problem?
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that's the latest here at mineta san jose international airport. i'm kiet do, live, kpix 5. a stay wide strike coming as the group of hunger strikers spent the weekend in the hospital and kpix 5's reporter jackie ward is live outside city hall where dozens are gathering right now. jackie? >> reporter: my shrill, as you can see behind me the barricades are up in front of city hall at @ post street -- the post street entrance right through and there's an extra police presence here today. the marchers and protestors are actually in the middle of taking a lap around city hall right now. but family, students and people who live in san francisco showed up this morning and are still here for what's being called a peaceful picket and the crowd is expected to grow throughout the day. [ chanting ] the hope of these protestors is that enough people show up to circle the entire block around city hall by the end of the daytime they say the move -- day. they say the move started by fresco 5 is an movement to stand up to city leaders and
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tell them what they want. justice and an accountable police department. >> justice is not one path. this is part of it. the work the supervisors do is part of it. it takes work inside the system and outside the system. and this is one of the ways of working outside the system. >> protestors are here to honor those who have been killed by police. people like alex knee toe and mario woods and are calling on police chief greg surr so resign. they fear for their own life when they see police officers they say. >> i've already made my will out. i've made my will out. i have -- whenever i see a police officer, i normally reach for my camera. >> reporter: this protest will take place until 8:00 tonight and we're hearing reports this could be day one of what may be 17 days of protests. 17 days is the number that the hunger strikers didn't go -- went without food i should say. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> well, jackie a general strike implies the labor union supports the movement.
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so do they? >> reporter: well, we did just get an e-mail from sciu 1021 and i'll read an excerpt from it. the fresco 5 are highlighting a critical community concern although we are not directly involve. bottom line is the unions are not striking michelle. back to you. >> all right jackie thank you. today a strike comes after friday's protests left city hall with destroyed metal detectors and smashed front window. repairs got underway this morning as crews removed the broken grass and win -- glass and window. the full cost won't be known until after the repairs are done. but it could cost thousands of dollars according to the city administrators a office. today, four san francisco state students are in their eighth grade of a -- day of a hunger strike on the campus callings attention to alleged attacks b administrators. in less than 30 minutes the department will address the alleged lack of o negotiations from sf state's president and a press conference. if four striking students have been seen by doctors and are
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okay. they are consuming only liquids. now to campaign 2016. early voting underway in california ahead of the june 7th primary election. county election offices are open for walk-in voters and ballots are being mailed out. analysts expect the good voter turnout in the golden state. that's despite the democratic and republican presidential nominations appearing to be sewn up. there's also a race for the u.s. senate seat being vacated by the retiring barbara boxer. despite his dwindling chance of defeating hillary clinton in the democratic primary, bernie sanders will continue on in the golden state and heading straight to the capitol of the state. sanders will hold rallies in sacramento today and stockton tomorrow. and just before that rally at 5:30 this afternoon, clinton's campaign will open its third in-state office. it will be on van ness avenue in san francisco. clinton has already opened campaign offices in oakland and l. a. on the republican side, donald trump says he won't rule out replacing house speaker
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paul ryan as chairman of the republican national convention. that's the ryan does not endorse his campaign and now ryan's firing back, saying he'd step down the trump asks him. this comes just three days before trump meets with ryan and other key gop leaders. former vice presidential nominee and top trump supporter sarah palin is going further. pledging to help defeat ryan in the race for his wisconsin seat. >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantorred as an errant cantor. his political career is over but for a miracle because he is so disrespected the will of the people. >> as trump's fights were gop -- for gop support. we've learned new jersey governor chris christie will start organizing a future trump administration. you can look for more campaign 2016 coverage tonight including bernie sanders' campaign stops in sacramento. on kpix 5 news at 5:00 and also on our website. right now police want to
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alert you of a tell marketing scam in fremont. police say scammers are calling asking for money and claiming to be from the paramedic and firefighter association but the group says they don't collect through dell marketing or door to door campaigns. today covered california will submit a budget proposal to the board. three years ago, covered california helped two and a half million people get health insurance but it still has some growing pains. now its budget proposal would include $2 million for an office to handle customer complaints. the agency says that its customer service department has handled nearly two million calls in the past six months. today, oakland city council will consider the potential consequences of allowing trains to transport crude oil across town. the city hired a consultant to review any possible health risks. today's meeting starts at 5:00 at city hall. a measure to designate an internet safe fail and exchange zone in the parking lot of daly city city hall is up for final
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adoption today. pittsburg already has a similar program set up near its police department. the goal is to deter crime and so-called craigslist robberies. in 2013 a daly city man was killed in san francisco while doing an online sales transaction for his sony playstation. another week, another nonstop international route has been added to san jose. >> and this time it's twice lady service to -- daily service to vancouver. the nog rash air canada -- inaugural canada flight arrived an hour ago. a san jose route made sense because it has the right mix of business and leisure travelers. today the mayor welcomed the first passengers after a ribbon cutting ceremony. >> that doesn't count all the economic benefit we have that crews the -- hotels and taxis andest rants. these -- restaurants, these are a huge boon to san jose and we want to encourage more snack flights like this. >> how much easier does this make your life right now in? not having to go the san francisco? >> it's going to save time and money. a lot less time and frustration
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on road and the traffic. and we do have a little of that in the bay area. so it will be -- it will be quite a convenience for me. >> san jose just added nonstop service to london last week via british airways. still ahead wildfires burning out of control in canada. the view from space and the damage left behind. >> plus, where do all the billionaires live? the bay area cities ranked on "forbes" list of top cities. >> hey good afternoon. from the kpix 5 weather center, boy, what a difference a week makes. after yesterday's gradual clearing of the skies, now we have the return of the marine layer streaming all the way inland. i'll tell you how that will impact your daytime high temperatures as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to defend the state's
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controversial new transgend north carolina's governor the sighting back against the -- is fighting back against the feds to defend the state's new controversial bathroom transgender law. it requires them to use the bathrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate. the justice department warned the governor mccrory it's a violation of the civil rights act. today mccrory filed a lawsuit. happening today ferguson's first black police chief will be sworn in. moss is leaving his job at the miami police department to take the job. moss will be tasked with healing a community fractured in the wake of the 2014 deadly shooting of unarmed ten michael brown. he will be expected to reform the police department under the watchful eye of the u.s. justice department. notorious drug lord el chapo guzman can be extradited to the u.s. a mexican federal judge ruled today. he was moved saturday from a maximum security lockup outside mexico city to a prison in
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ciudad juarez. the foreign ministry of the city sill must approve the extradition ruling within 20 days and the defense are appeal. -- can appeal. right now canadian authorities are starting to plan for the return of thousands of people to the fire ravaged town of fort mcmurray. they will begin examining the damage and checking on infrastructure and the power grid. tens of thousands of people have had to evacuate since the fire started last week. fills say that 16 -- officials say that 1600 homes were destroyed. there's in timeline yet for allowing people to return to their homes. this is what the devastation looked like from space. check out the smoke. so far the wildfire burned more than 600 square miles and experts say that unless the region sees significant rainfall the fire will likely burn for months. this just in, we're learning that california will consider lifting its mandatory statewide conservation order as the drought eases. meanwhile, governor brown is rebuffing claims the drought is over. he has issued an order calling for long-term conservation. and turning now to our
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forecast. let's check in with roberta. >> boy, we left all the damp conditions from last week to more damp conditions early this morning. but it was all associated with a deep marine layer. good afternoon everyone. that marine layer has caused delays at sfo up to one hour and four minutes. overcast at the golden gate bridge. temperature-wise, we're in the 50s and 60s. you can tell where we're seeing the penetration of the sun now. 65 degrees in san jose with the clearing of skies. hey charlie in vallejo reporting temperatures in the low 60s and still waiting for spring. that's right charlie almost feels like summertime with the return of that marine layer. the pollen report today, if you're sneezing and weeding -- wheezing i know i have been. it's higher than yesterday. you can blame it on the oak, the mulberry can grass cantala continues to rise. -- count that continues the rise. temperatures are rising today. the breeze will kick up to oh out of the west 5 to 15 and otherwise any chance of rain? oh. not a rain drop in sight this week but possibly one week from today. this is the futurecast and
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clearly ill states we have the return of the low clouds and fog after midnight again tonight. and then we'll start off tomorrow with the deep marine layer but not as expansive as it was this morning. when it produced some continuen station in the form of drizzle into the tri-valley. in fact it marched inland at least a good 40, 50 miles. areas of low pressure to the east of the bay area and high pressure behind it trying to nestle in. but 9 i should say all the way through sunday. 70s in sacramento jumping to the 80s in fresno, merced and modesto. 56 degrees the high sierra. kick started this morning at 30 degrees and awfully chilly start. 62 at the beaches and monterey through caramel. our beaches if you see any clearing it will be very minimal from pacifica back through montero beaches. near 70 in oakland today and low 70s and mountain view at 70s in the inland areas. this is your extended forecast. your season u sunset tonight at 8:08. tomorrow morning again overcast
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skies. which then we have a string of sunshiny days with temperatures pretty much where they should be for this time of the jeer, the giants are playing host to the toronto blue jays tonight and cloudy skies dress in layers and the upper 50s. six degrees of separation for the blue jays. my brother's son justin is married to janeese and her first cousin is eric sanchez pitching tonight for the blue jays. >> six or eight degrees? >> yeah got it. >> i can get a free ticket out of that? >> you could. i think you should try. new at noon, the bay area is the tech capital of the world. so it's no surprise that our region ranked in "forbes" list of cities with the most billionaires. palo alto is 5 on the list -- 25 on the list with 13 billion flairs and facebook's mark zuckerberg -- $13 billion and facebook's mark zuckerberg is -- san francisco is number ten with 28 billionaires temperature city with the most in the world kenny, who do you think it is? >> there it is, new york city. >> with 79. no surprise there.
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a look at the big board right now. see ow how the market is doing. the dow is down about 11 points. in the health watch e- cigarette poisonings in kin are chi -- children are skyrocketing. the number of children under 6 rose nearly 1500% between 2013 and 2015. and one child died from ingesting liquid nicotine. that's according to an analysis of calls to the national poison data system. experts say that the increase is likely because of the explosive popularity of e- cigarettes. if you think you have no time to get fit, think again. 60 seconds of high intensity activity does as much good as 45 minutes of a moderate workout. that's according to a study in canada. researchers found that people who did three 20 second bursts on a bike over a ten minute period saw similar results as people that did 45 minutes of continuous cycling at a moderate pace. pretty good right? i can do 60 seconds. >> anyone can. all right, the big award golden state warriors' star
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stef curvy getting this week. >> plus, where you can go tonight to catch the playoff match-up. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers out there send us your questions about their health and well-being. just e-mail and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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well, today is the day with cauliflower. know what's cool right now? all the hair loom call flowers
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coming around. the green, the pulp. the yellow. the white. they're beautiful. but selection and storage is very important especially cooking methods because you can ruin the color of this cauliflower. no matter what color, color is going to be beautiful all the warped. that's very important. -- way around. that's very important. where it's been cut cheer from any browning and look how beautiful they are. paper bag you buy them in and then put them in the fridge. storage not too long. they look like they can stick around for a while but they don't. three to four days at the most. now what i like to do is i make little floor its and i take them out and then i just blanch them. and give them a cold bath. that's it. then i'll saute and maybe a little bit but don't overcook them. you lose that beautiful color they have. just want to soften them up a little bit and that's all. and i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer, a purple floor it isn't that beautiful. tonight the golden state look to make a -- warriors look
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to make a comeback against the trail blazers, they lead 2-1 after the warriors lost 120-108 this weekend. no doubt the dubs could use steph curry in game four tonight no word yet if he'll play. tip-off set for 7:30 at the mota center in portland. all right you can catch the game at a local watch party here's where you can go. alameda's theater on central avenue. pete's tavern on king street in san francisco. or the tribune tavern on 13th street in oakland. a portion of the sales from each venue will be donated to the warriors' community fund. steph curry is earning a back-to-back honor. >> the reigning mvp will again be named the nba's most valuable player sometime this week. that's according to espn. curry is also a contender to become the first unanimously chosen mvp. this season he shattered his three point record hitting 402 threes and led the league in points and steals per game. he's amazing. well from the court to the ice, tonight is game six for the sharks and predators.
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san jose has a 3-2 lead in the playoff series. that's after beating the predators this weekend winning 5-1. the puck drops at 6:00 tonight inside the bridgestone arena in nashville. all right, it's one of hollywood's biggest rock star couples splitting up? what's true and what isn't when it comes to sharon and ozzy osbourne's marriage. >> e-mail the hotline. or you can call the hotline at 888-5-helps-u. we'll be right back. >> but first, don't forget bike to workday is this thursday. we want to share your bike to work story. post your pictures and videos on our kpix 5 facebook, twitter or instagram. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and his wife apo new at noon, johnny depp is making fun of a video showing him and his wife apologizing for sneaking their two dogs into australia. >> last month his wife was cleared of charges after she pleaded guilty to falsifying travel documents. the couple later released this apology video which was mocked online for its dead pan tone. and this weekend while promoting the latest film in london, dep jokingly apologized for not smuggling his dogs into england. all right making fun of it.
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sharon and ozzy osbourne might be slighting up. the couple -- splitting up. the couple mutually agreed that ozzy would move out that's after more than 33 years of marriage. she met ozzy in the 1970s and later became his manager. they wed in 1982 with three children together. that's sad. 33 years, but they've gone through lot of ups and downs. who knows? >> all of us have right? >> not a hollywood ending right? >> well maybe it is. >> yeah. not a hollywood happy ending. >> there you go. have a great afternoon everyone. >> pretty. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,
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♪ [ bird calling ] >> thomas: no, no. no, no, no, no, no. that can't be. i-i... douglas... he -- he's my son? >> katie: i can see what this is doing to you. carrying a secret like this isn't easy. >> caroline: of course it's not. but this decision was ridge's and mine. and -- and you just interfering this way, you may have just mp


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