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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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harmless friendships within the police department. but. say that officer o'brien's suicide note named three fellow officers including a sergeant that o'brien said did have sex with her. as we reported yesterday a federal court monitor is investigating multiple officers and their relationship with celeste who sources say has admitted to lying during an initial intern investigation and one of the officers admitted to knowing she was under age at the time. we also broadcast this photo that celeste posted on her facebook page last month that shows an opd car and the caption, took me back to richmond in style. today, sources tell us police brass are trying to figure out who was in that car. i know, it's important to note that no charges have been filed. we did reach out to celeste. see has not gotten back to us and there is a news conference going on. we'll have the latest for you coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> juliette, celeste the woman at the center of all this, has a family member that works for
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the police department, right? >> reporter: she does. she has a mother who works in dispatch for the oakland pd. we have reached out to her. she didn't have any comment. again we'll hopefully get more information at this news conference and we'll have that for you tonight live at 6:00. >> thank you, juliette goodrich. new at 5:00, dashcam video shows a car pulling into the bike lane and hitting a bicyclist. but it wasn't just any driver. it was a san francisco police officer. only on "5," kpix 5's cate caugiran talked to the man who was hit. cate. >> reporter: ken, the man's name is tim. he lives in the north beach area. the crash though happened in soma. and as we mentioned it happened on "bike to work" day. but despite everything that's happened, tim says he has no ill will towards san francisco police. >> all things considered i'm lucky to be alive, you know? >> reporter: lucky to be alive after getting hit by a san francisco police car.
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and it was all caught on dashcam video. >> they come up to a car that's stopped at the yellow. so instead of going right behind the car that stopped for the yellow they swung out into me and we just collided right there. >> reporter: tim doyle told me he was on his way to a book signing. he was trying to beat a yellow light at second and mission but never got past the intersection. >> it was bang, bang and i -- according to them i flew through the air and landed up in the intersection there. >> reporter: tim was released from san francisco general hospital early this morning. he says his bike ended up a lot better than he did. tim has a hairline fracture in his back, bruised ribs and a hematoma on his calf. >> san franciscans deserve better and we need the city to show some leadership on delivering the streets that san franciscans deserve. >> reporter: chris cassidy with the san francisco bike coles called 2nd street a high injury corridor. >> at the end of the day really the one way to prevent this is people are going to act like people and make mistakes.
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however, if we provide people protected bike lanes it's going to prevent any thing like this from happening. >> reporter: even the so-called protect bike lane didn't protect tim but he says he is just happy to be alive. >> if you have an accident like that, it's best to have it with a cop car because they, um, they got me an ambulance, they were really cool and, um, nothing against them. it was just an accident. >> reporter: we did reach out to the san francisco police department but they are not commenting. tim told me sfpd have not contacted him since the accident but a few lawyers have. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. meantime, a woman involved in a bike crash yesterday on market street has been arrested. police booked 18-year-old taj thomas of oakland for assault with a deadly weapon. they say that she intentionally ran over the bicyclist on market and 4th street after a case of road rage. chopper 5 shows video of the bike in the roadway and thomas'
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red car stopped nearby. police say several witnesses stood in front of the car to keep her from leaving the scene. the victim is in the hospital now with life-threatening injuries. new at 5:00, carpool cheaters beware. a new study says violators are crowding the carpool lanes and now, we are getting a better idea of just how many drivers are actually breaking the law. kpix 5 reporter maria medina is live in san jose on this carpool crisis. maria. >> reporter: it's definitely a crisis, liz. let's go ahead and take a look at chopper 5 over oakland right now where traffic is backing up. you know, we have all been there before where traffic is a nightmare. you think if you just get into the carpool lane no one will catch me. that's probably why it's not a surprise that one in five drivers is a cheater. admit it. you've done it or know someone who has. >> i have been late for something and there's a whole line of traffic for miles and i have done it b i'll admit. >> reporter: breaking the law
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before driving in the carpool lane when you're not supposed to. >> i have known somebody who has. >> people all the time cheat in there and dart out. >> the findings were surprising. >> reporter: the mtc is behind a new study that found during the morning rush 24% of drivers in carpool lanes are violators. and the evening rush it's 19%. >> it agitates other drivers when they see those people. >> reporter: the california highway patrol says they have seen it all when it comes to excuses. >> we have seen people using dummies, a child car seat with a doll or even something else that's in the car seat. solo expectant mothers driving saying because there are pregnant there are two people in the vehicle. >> reporter: this is not cheap. if you're caught the ticket is $375. that's not including county and court fees. now, coming up at of: 00, this is no joke -- coming up coming up at 6:00, this is no joke,
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there is a potential for a carpool system collapse. why you could pay for carpool cheaters, law-abiding drivers. maria medina, kpix 5. the obama administration issuing new suggestions for public schools suggesting they should allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identities. the guidelines state transgender students are not to be discriminated against and should be treated consider extent with their gender identity even if it's different than school records. one san jose high school didn't wait for the white house to make changes. lincoln high converted two bathrooms in its main building to all gender restrooms two weeks ago. it was the result of a request from transgender and nonbinary genderless students. >> it has helped. it's given people not just me but a lot of my friends and other people that i know or don't know a chance to feel a lot more welcome at the school. >> the school has also set up a system for the students themselves to police the
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bathrooms. that part of the story on kpix 5 news at 6:00. san jose elementary school on day 3 of a deep cleaning after a flu outbreak infected nearly 100 children. teachers at the horace mann elementary school say the first person became sick back in april and since then, there are an average 6 new cases a day. kids stayed indoors for recess today in the hopes of preventing the spread. other bay area headlines, a deadly accident at a construction site in downtown san francisco. it happened at the moscone center at 8 a.m. police say a construction worker was operating a cherry picker inside a ramp that goes underground. when he hit the concrete ceiling. he died at the scene. police are investigating investigators looking into another shooting las night along i-80, this one near pinole valley road. the victim was in an nissan when a driver in a white sedan
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pulled up and opened fire. the driver swerved crashing into the median. he had two gunshot wounds to the leg but will be okay. police are looking for the suspect or suspects behind a deadly stabbing in san jose. police responded to reports of a possible stabbing at around midnight in the 1600 block of story road. when they arrived, they found the victim. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no arrests have been made. the man accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year- old sierra lamar is asking for new lawyers now. antolin garcia-torres back in court this morning. he says he hasn't been granted a speedy trial because his court-appointed lawyers are busy with other cases. 15-year-old sierra lamar disappeared on the way to a bus stop in 2012. he was linked to other kidnappings. sierra's body has never been found. san francisco police chief greg suhr is speaking out for
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the first time since four supervisors joined a group of protestors pressuring him to quit. mayor lee is steadfastly standing by him. >> we got oversight by the professionals at the department of justice. i don't need four supervisors who are not professionals doing the political thing. i need them to pay attention to the reforms that we're putting out there and invest in that because that's what the public wants. >> as long as i'm chief of police i have a lot to do and i'm going to be about doing it. i don't have any intention to step down. i have a lot of work before me keeping the city safe, supporting the officers and doing the real hard task nationally for cops right now with the scrutiny we're under. >> at least two other supervisors are standing by chief suhr. a bay area neighborhood dealing with a predator. ♪[ music ] >> and new cell phone video is the proof the toll coyotes are taking. >> reporter: and it's one of the rarest kinds of recalls. why subaru is telling folks not
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to drive their cars. >> an act of defiance. why actress julia roberts took off her shoes at the famous cannes film festival. >> outside on a friday afternoon, hey, we're sunny at the beach but it's not warm. that onshore flow is cranking so it's going to stay chilly. we'll have a warmup for the weekend. i'll have that next. ,,
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"subaru" is telling owners some of its cars and s-u-v' well, there's an unusually serious car recall to tell you about. >> subaru is telling owners of some of its cars and suvs not to drive them. >> consumerwatch reporter julie watts live at a subaru dealership in san francisco with the recall alert. we don't hear about this very often. >> reporter: yeah. no, we do hear about recalls a lot but rarely do we hear a dealer tell folks not to drive
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their cars and that is the case here. subaru is telling some folks don't drive until you get it checked out. >> reporter: the problem is the steering. subaru says it can fail in 2016 and 2017 legacy and outbacks. the carmaker says the steering columns may have been manufactured improperly by a part supplier. the result? the driver could lose the ability to steer. >> most recalls you can keep driving the car. >> reporter: this consumer aattorney says this is the most serious and rare type of recall. >> only about 1% of all recalls are this type in which the manufacturer says, don't drive the car. >> reporter: subaru discovered the problem last week when a customer complained of looseness in the steering wheel. the carmaker says so far, the issue has not caused any crashes or injuries. but that's no consolation for claudia. she came in to get her subaru fixed as soon as she heard about the recall. but she was told to drive it back home. >> because they cannot [
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indiscernible ] all the cars here so i had to go back home. i'm not sure of my car is safe to drive. >> reporter: so what should do you if you own one? subaru says it is contacting affected customers and will arrange to come to you to do the inspections so that you don't have to drive it to the dealer. the company also says it will provide loaner cars when available but anderson said car owners shouldn't wait. now, you can check your v.i.n. number at the subaru website or of course at where you can check for any recalled cars. subaru says half of the cars are still on the lot. they haven't been sold yet. although the bay area is one of subaru's largest markets. consumerwatch reporter julie watts kpix 5. the tsa says it feels your pay and announced it is overhauling its screening process to speed things up in
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the airport security lines. the plan includes increased overtime, expedited hiring, k- 9s to sniff bags and ramping up research to find ways to keep the lining moving. >> our job is to keep the american public safe. we're dealing this spring and summer with increased travel volume which obviously puts an added burden on our tsos and increased demand on the system. but we're not going to compromise aviation security in the face of this. >> facing the summer rush the agency says the best way to avoid long lines is to sign up for tsa precheck. meanwhile, the agency is still reeling after a computer glitch at the phoenix airport meant luggage had to be screened by hand. that led to thousands of checked bags piled up in a parking lot while passengers took off without them. the tsa called it an isolated incident. the baggage screening systems are back to normal although tests continue. only on "5," pet owners on notice in one east bay
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neighborhood. they are dealing with a brand- new problem. coyotes stalking their pets. it's happening in the oakmore neighborhood in the oakland hills between highway 13 and lincoln avenue. kpix 5's da lin has been talking to some people who saw the predators up close. da. >> reporter: yeah, ken. a surveillance camera actually caught those coyotes on the street yesterday morning. so they are in a populated area. you have some folks who lived here for 40, 50 years. they say they have never seen any coyotes issues or coyotes in the neighborhood up until about maybe two, three weeks ago. now they say these coyotes are feeding on their cats and chickens. >> reporter: a man recorded these two coyotes in his backyard 7:00 yesterday morning. perhaps looking for food. just down the street -- >> we have had nine chickens now we have 8. >> reporter: she says the coyote ate one of her chickens last week. >> we heard a lot of ruckus and then we just saw a trail of
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feathers and, um, the chicken was gone. >> reporter: a few days later, the coyote came back for more. >> he was just right here. and my very brave little dog george, um, chased him out of the yard. i was surprised at how bold it was. it wasn't going to move unless george chased it out. >> reporter: now she keeps her chickens in the coop. neighbors believe the coyotes killed at least two cats this week including this white and black cat named alex. the owner doesn't want her face on camera. she found the carcass. >> i'm very, very sad he had to have this unfortunate end. he was very much a mess, now. they had eaten most of him. >> reporter: a neighbor's surveillance camera picked up these two coyotes walking on the sidewalk yesterday morning. it is forcing people to keep their cats in the house. this man now walks his dog with a bear spray. >> i carry it now, um, as a deterrent for the coyotes because it's a concentrated form of pepper spray that
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shoots about 30 feet. >> reporter: neighbors say they have called animal control and left multiple messages. so far, they say they haven't heard back. coming up at 6:30, we'll talk to a vet about what's perhaps bringing these coyotes into the urban populated area. >> in another example of how bold some coyotes can be, look at this. video shows a coyote jumping and threatening dogs in bernal heights. it backs off in the middle of a road. we have more of this video on switching gears, the state is set for the next round of the nba play-offs. the warriors getting set to take on the oklahoma city thunder monday in the western conference finals. fans will be decked out in their best blue and yellow
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gear. the team's success a big part of why steph curry and golden state warriors top the nba's most popular merchandise list. sales are up 400% since last season. right now at pier pa "bay to breakers" weekend festivities are kicking off at pier 35. the race is sunday. as always, expect to see some colorful costumes or no clothes at all. for a more low key celebration, check out the expo with the latest in fitness technology and nutrition now through tomorrow at pier 35. we have street closures and more information about sunday's "bay to breakers" at a cool sight on this friday afternoon. remember these from yesterday? for the third time this week, chopper 5 spotted a couple of what else, this time near lands end west of the golden gate bridge, we don't know if these are the same whales we saw yesterday. they are drawn to the area to
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feed on anchovies. yum. >> just trying to get over the shot of that guy with no shirt on walking down the street. >> ahem. >> we went past that right to the whales. >> interesting people here this week. >> if you are bringing your children to the city, be selective about where you go. we have a comfortable weekend outside. it's going to be chilly for some of you but it should be very pleasant. our version of chilly than other parts of the country. we'll be in the 60s for most of the afternoon, tomorrow afternoon sunday afternoon. livermore 66. concord 68. san francisco 61. but it is sunny just about everywhere. tonight an increase in cloud cover. widespread low cloud cover similar to this morning. san jose 51. vallejo 53. redwood city, san francisco, pacifica, all in the mid-50s. speaking of "bay to breakers," sunday morning, you will get some low cloud cover but sunday will be the sunnier and somewhat milder choice over the weekend. temperatures in the low 60s.
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should be wonderful running weather for all the folks running with or without clothes coming up on sunday. i love these maps to show you to depict what the wind profile will look like. it's racing good from west to east. it's a stronger onshore flow which began today and really gets going coming up tomorrow. what that stronger onshore flow will do not just going to be chilly at the coast. the breeze comes in through the golden gate. works its way down san francisco bay. and into your backyard in los gatos and santa clara and san jose and milpitas. it will be breezy and cool especially in the afternoon with temperatures only making it to the mid- to upper 60s for the majority of the south bay. we'll have rain in southern oregon and far northern california. widespread rain not coming here but that low has already cranked up the onshore flow and as it gets closer, it will give us an even stronger flow from the ocean coming up tomorrow. no wide spread rain but there
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could be drizzle at the coast. we could see some of that tomorrow. 11 a.m., widespread cloud cover likely not burning off until the afternoon. you will get some late-day sunshine but the first half of the first day of your weekend will be rather cloudy. so watch out for some drizzle tonight. we'll be mainly cloudy. a lot of cloud cover tomorrow until early to midafternoon even a few sprinkles possible in the north bay. sunday milder and the sun cops out earlier and that means warmer. fremont 70 tomorrow. vallejo 69 degrees. like i said it's not cold. it's just cooler. santa rosa 68. morning clouds in redwood city 71 degrees with some afternoon sunshine. about one or two degrees warmer sunday then the onshore flow gets wimpy. next week we are in the 80s inland, 70s at the bay, 60s at the coast. more news in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but thats not where camerase pointed as she walked down e et at the cannes fil actress julia roberts known for that great smile. >> there's not where cameras
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are pointed as she walked down the red carpet at the cannes film festival. while entering the premiere for a new movie money monster she walked up the stairs barefoot. her barefoot fashion statement comes one year after several women were famously turned away for not wearing high heels. french magazine [ non-english name ] called the move an act of militant feminism. >> probably more comfortable. >> she can pull off anything. so kind of works. it's going to be the new trend. everybody will go barefoot. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight: federal agents-- bugging bus hiding i'm allen martin in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00, federal agents bugging bus stops and hiding microphones outside bay area courthouses. no warrant needed. we asked just how often it's happening and how far the feds can go. it's a choice is to make before you book a trip, should you buy travel insurance? we break down when it does and doesn't pay off and the one word to watch out for. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> allen and i will see you at 6:00 and remember the latest news and weather, always on captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: airport lines get longer and longer. >> this is still just the beginning. >> pelley: the t.s.a. promises to hire and hire. >> we are expediting the hiring s. additional t.s.o.s. >> pelley: also, tonight, listen closely. >> he's living with marla and has three other girlfriends. >> pelley: is that donald trump pretending to be someone else? mark zuckerberg responds to charges that facebook is politically biased. and steve hartman with the braiding bunch. >> it's like wrapping a rubber band around an extension cable. >> pelley: dads on the front lines of styles. >> my dad has a motto-- it's not about the bun. it's about the bond. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.


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