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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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has been meaningful. but it hasn't been fast enough. not for me, not for greg. that's why i have asked chief suhr for his resignation. in the best interests of the city, that he loves so much, he tendered his resignation early today despite the political rhetoric of the past two weeks, i have nothing but profound admiration for greg. he's true public servant and he will always have respect from me. >> reporter: the new acting chief is tony chaplin 26 year veteran of the department. he started off as an officer, rose through the ranks to inspector sergeant, lieutenant, commander and is now the deputy chief of the standard and principled policing bureau so again, police chief greg suhr
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is out and deputy chief toney chaplin is in and answering the question the mayor said a nationwide search will begin immediately. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> mike, this is a big turnaround for the mayor. he has been steadfast backing the chief saying he was responding to the reforms that he wanted to see in the city and all of a sudden, i guess the incident today really was something they couldn't overlook. >> absolutely, kenny. that was the incident that pushed it over the top. phil matier our hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. -- our phil matier had a one-on- one with him said he backed the chief this morning. although questions haven't been answered, the mayor says it's enough. he says the city -- what am i trying to say. the city is not behind you anymore. this shooting was the last straw and that was it for the
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chief. >> we did a poll and over 50% of the people backed chief suhr. but the mayor is the boss and he does what he has to do. mike sugerman live in the mayor's office in san francisco. now we have more on the deadly police shooting. this all started when police spotted the stolen car this morning on elmira street in the bayview neighborhood. >> kpix 5's emily turner continues our live team coverage. >> reporter: liz, with all the information we have is from a witness because when we got information from police, they had yet to even talk to the officers. it happened here over my left show where you see the debris leftover from the morning wreck. >> reporter: those shots for the third time in five months killed a suspect. they were fired by a san francisco police sergeant on a stolen car detail.
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the victim is a 27-year-old woman behind the wheel of this stolen car. >> one witness says there was a back and forth with the vehicles with the officers moving about. >> reporter: police say that woman wouldn't cooperate with the investigation and was driving forward and backwards after crashing the car in an attempt to get away. she died at the hospital from a single gunshot wound. >> you would never know the policeman start shoot what happened there it's a stressful job and nobody -- we need 'em and yeah, it's unfortunate it happened but they are in a tough position sometimes. >> reporter: otherwise disagree and accuse sfpd of having a trigger happy culture. this shooting scene is in the same neighborhood of another fatal police shooting that of mario woods in december of last year. it ignited a firestorm of discontent something the chief briefly addressed in today's press briefing. >> this is exactly the thing that we're trying to -- with all our reforms and everything
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else, to avoid. we want no -- no contact ever to result if ever possible in an officer-involved shooting let alone a fatal officer- involved shooting. >> reporter: there have been a lot of people speaking out about today's officer-involved shooting not just people who are upset with the police but also people talking about it from a legal standpoint. one primary person there is the san francisco public defender. he tweeted this today. i'll read it to you verbatim. it says, minutes ago, san francisco california decision excuse me -- sfpd [ indiscernible ] into moving vehicles unless hashtag and a highlighted copy of the law. right there. whether or not this was illegal or an illegal [ indiscernible ] we don't know. [ loud background noise ] >> the last time we talked to former police chief suhr, he told us they didn't even talk to the officers yet. so a lot of information yet to come on this the latest police-
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involved shooting in the bayview. emily turner, kpix 5. as we have mentioned several times today, this is the latest in a string of these types of shootings here in san francisco. allen martin with a look at the recent cases. allen. >> reporter: ken, this is the third such incident rocking san francisco police department since december. put there's certainly others. on march 21, 2014, four officers opened fire on 27-year- old alex nieto in bernal heights park after he allegedly pointed a stun gun at them. the officers say they thought it was pay pistol. his death sparked protests. february 26 of 2015, 21-year- old lopez was gunned down in the mission district. officers say they shot him in self-defense. the coroner found that he was shot several times in the back. then on december 2, 2015, cell phone video shows a moment when police fired as many as 15 rounds at 26-year-old mario woods on a bayview district
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sidewalk. he had refused to drop a knife and had just stabbed a man. then most recently april 7, surveillance video shows police arriving on scene in the mission district after receiving a complaint about a homeless man. second later just out of view of the camera, they shoot and killed 45-year-old luis gongora. and now former police chief greg suhr said officers had initially tried to fire beanbag pounds at him but it didn't work. -- rounds at him but it didn't work. the police during his tenure asked for stun guns, but it was not approved. we're hearing about plans for a vigil to remember the woman killed in the shooting. another story today, we are getting some new details about the disappearance of egyptair flight 804. terrorism not technical problems is suspected. the airbus 320 cruising after 37,000 feet when it made 90- degree left turns and then a
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full circle to the right. it disappeared off radar screens at 10,000 feet. it left paris last night headed for cairo. 66 people on board. the pilot's last contact was with greek air traffic controllers. more than three hours into the flight, 10 minutes after that it vanished. cbs reporter jonathan vigliotti joins us live now from crete. jonathan, what is the latest on the search? there was some debris but it turned out not connected to that. >> reporter: that's correct. the search remains ongoing. the massive search began, ken, just 15 minutes after flight 804 disappeared. at this hour, it's concentrated around karpathos. they are searching the mediterranean for 804. the flight was going from paris to cairo with 56 passengers and 10 crew on board. this person says her niece was an egyptair flight attendant.
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we still have hope, she says. egypt aviation minister suspects terrorism but experts say it is too soon to reach that conclusion. >> could it have been pilot issues or mechanical failure? could it have been a bomb? all of these things will be revealed when we finally are able to find the aircraft itself. >> reporter: the crew did not make a distress call although the egyptians say an emergency beacon may have been activated. greece's defense minister says the plane was flying at 37,000 feet when it suddenly dropped and turned sharply before disappearing from radar. >> what happened to this airplane, the way it came down, tells me something catastrophic happened with it. >> reporter: a u.s. navy plane joined the search effort. >> relevant authorities are doing everything they can to try to find out what the facts are. >> reporter: the fbi and french authorities are assisting in the investigation. [ pause ] >> reporter: the search effort
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will continue tomorrow morning. but the weather is expected to be windy which is expected to may a role in just how difficult it will be to locate any debris. live in crete, jonathan vigliotti, kpix 5. new at 5:00 airport security lines in this country already a mess. thousands of travelers missing flights. not enough tsa agents to get people checked. but in the bay area, oakland airport has a plan to keep passengers moving through security. kpix 5's da lin has the details. >> reporter: a short security line at the oakland international airport this afternoon. workers say we missed the morning rush when the line was a few hundred deep and stretched to where this musician is playing. ♪[ music ] >> i especially like it because, you know, they are here and they can hear -- and they see the tip jar, you know. >> reporter: workers say the tsa line is rough between 4 to 8 a.m. but still, nothing compared to what we see at the other busy airports. >> they come here and they look
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at it and they -- they say, oh, my god, you know, they are astounded. >> reporter: oakland is trying to keep passengers happy. the airport will hire 30 security guards to help speed up the lines. the airport says the guards won't be screening passengers, instead they will do nonessential tasks things like reminding passengers to remove their shoes, take the laptops out, and have the boarding passes and ids ready. the tsa welcomes the help. they say it will free up tsa agents to focus on screening passengers. >> anything that can help speed up the process is great. >> i think it's a good idea. i know there's been a lot of complaints about the length of time to get through the security. >> reporter: the tsa says the strong competent means more people are flying. long security lines at some of the nation's busiest airports are causing people to miss flights. oakland is the only bay area airport to hire security guards to assist the tsa. it's going to cost the airport about $42,000 a month. those guards will start in mid-
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june. at the oakland airport, i'm da lin, kpix 5. an east bay city offers cash to keep neighborhoods from getting trashed. >> coming up, a city program that's had a lot of success. now accused of failing to pay. >> plus, survival story. a northern california hiker and his dog missing for four days. how a raincoat was key to his rescue. >> some parts of the bay area that spent yesterday in the low 90s are currently in the upper 60s. up to 25 degrees cooler today and we are not done with the cooling yet. talk about how chilly we'll get and which one day now looks kind of showery. that's coming up. >> and a car painted with glue? the sticky project google is working on. ,,
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dog ended on a happy note t. the rescue was caught on car a search for a missing man
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and his dog ended on a happy note today. it was caught on camera as crews in the air spotted cody michael and his dog in the placer county wilderness. they were missing since monday when michael got lost. he spotted the blackhawk helicopter and that's when he took off his rain gear and twirled it in the air. >> big military helicopter. came down over the canyon and i jumped up on like the highest point i could and started swinging some stuff around that i had set up and it worked. they saw me and they came down. >> michael is recovering at the hospital. he and his dog are expected to be okay. this november california voters could decide whether to speed up executions or do away with them. death penalty supporters across the state submitted 593,000 signatures today before a ballot measure that would speed up the appeals process. opponents already turned in
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signatures for a separate initiative to abolish executions. complaints about one city's reward program. oakland offers cash rewards for people to document illegal dumping in the city but as julie watts tells us, while the program is considered a success, people who participate say they aren't getting paid. >> reporter: illegal dumping is a problem in oakland. it's under overpasses. the city says its new pilot program offering rewards for tips has been a wild success! just that's not exactly what folks who are still waiting for their reward think. [ snapping pictures ] >> reporter: the pictures show people illegally dumping trash in east oakland. >> a pit bull was the worst. >> reporter: the photographer has made this a part-time job. he began documenting illegal dumping after seeing this poster offering a reward. >> you got go through calling
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into the city. they want all the pictures. they want a declaration. >> reporter: he has also been asked to testify. the reward for his hard work? half of whatever the city collects in fines from the illegal dumpers he helps catch. >> we have more than doubled the number of cases or witnesses that have come forward to report illegal dumping which has been tremendous. >> reporter: so tremendous, the oakland city administrator says she has asked the city council to approve the pilot program permanently. last year alone, the city received more than 500 tips resulting in 81 citations and $25,000 collected in fines. but sue is still waiting for his fair share a year eight cases four investigations and two citations later. >> a deal is a deal. >> reporter: money he needs more than most. >> extra money when you live on the streets is real helpful. >> reporter: after losing his business, his home and battling a series of medical issues, he ended up here. >> i receive less than $1,000 a month to live on.
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so i can't even rent an apartment. >> reporter: the city collected more than $25,000 last area with the promise of paying 50% in rewards. but it admits it's paid out far less. is it fair to say that with more than $25,000 collected, but $6,000 paid out that there's a lot more mr. sues out there? >> it's possible. it's possible. >> reporter: she points out not everyone wants to collect their reward but couldn't explain why sue never received his. >> i can only say moving forward we need to streamline our communications and frankly our payouts. >> reporter: meanwhile. >> it's a battle out here. >> reporter: he will keep working to keep his home clean. >> i hate seeing people dump in my neighborhood. >> reporter: and he has received his first payment in the city. >> things again doubt with kpix 5! >> reporter: $100 -- >> things get done with kpix 5. >> reporter: $100 which he will use for a new tent although he is expected to get 16 times that if the city can collect. >> reporter: not everybody who offers a tip will get paid because they have to collect from the people that they issue citations to and it's very
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difficult to collect those citations. the 81 citations issued, the city says only about 26 violators have paid some portion of the citation. they say if you are waiting for your reward you should contact the city and they will get you your money. back to you guys. >> julie watts in oakland, thank you. new at 5:00 google just patented a bizarre new glue safety feature for their self- driving cars. now, picture this. here's how it works. front of car would be coated with glue if a pedestrian is hit instead of flying off on impact, they would stick to the car. these sticky cars are not hitting the roads yet. google says there's a lot more testing to be done. apple is also testing out a new idea to keep people inside their stores. the new flagship location opens tomorrow in union square. it's part retail, meeting space and lounge. instead of a genius bar it's now a tree-lined genius grove. apple hopes the relaxed
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atmosphere will make you want to stay a little while. windy conditions and a chose call for a couple of painters working on a house in san francisco. the sfpd photo shows a scaffolding partially collapsed in front of a home on golden gate avenue. the metal supports came crashing down. the two workers were not hurt. always makes me nervous when you see those. they don't look that stable sometimes. >> in a 30-mile-per-hour wind they become less stable. >> i'm sure they will trying to finish before the potential rain. >> everyone got cooler weather today. strong ocean breeze 90s and 80s are gone for most of us the 70s are gone. they will be tomorrow. here's a look at your current temperatures. gone it shah heat wave. it's all about the 60s and 70s. concord and santa rosa 73. sunny in dublin. san francisco 61. it's windy at sfo gusting to 41 miles per hour right now.
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oakland livermore san jose in the 60s. stanford 2:00 yesterday 3 degrees shy of 90 degrees. 2:00 today, 67 degrees. so a 20 to 25-degree temperature drop in the south bay east bay and in parts of the peninsula. tonight a cooler night. >> the ocean flow tomorrow gets even stronger -- the onshore flow tomorrow gets even stronger. breezy and cooler today. the flow from the ocean stronger tomorrow. nobody hits 70. so you may have cooled down 20 degrees today. you have about five more to go and that will be tomorrow and saturday. so a stronger onshore flow and a chance of rainfall. we have a strong area of low pressure to our north. look at the showers to our north as this low works its way south. it will take the rain with it. even a few showers possible in the north bay mountains. as they move north to south
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they may get new vacaville, fairfield, martinez tomorrow. slight chance of showers inland tomorrow afternoon. it will be cooler and cloudier. saturday morning a few scattered showers. yesterday it looked like a widespread rain event early afternoon on saturday. that is not likely. but what is likely is some scattered showers throughout the late morning and early afternoon hours. so watch out for a chance of some showers part of your weekend late saturday morning early saturday afternoon. partly cloudy and breezy tonight. mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. slight chance of a shower. better chance of showers coming up saturday. only in the 60s tomorrow. nobody hitting 70. livermore, vallejo, 66. 67 degrees. san rafael 66. mountain view only 67. slight chance of thunderstorms in the north bay mountains saturday. watch out for scattered early weekend showers. dry out sunday and no heat coming. the warmest we'll see is the mid-70s. and that will not be until the next wednesday and thursday. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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helped u-s forces in iraq h new owner. a bay area soldier who
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tonight a veteran dog who helped u.s. forces in iraq has a new owner. a bay area soldier who worked with the dog was at sfo today to take him home. kpix 5's john ramos shows us the heartwarming reunion. >> reporter: about a month ago ken was in iraq fighting alongside a kurdish military outfit when word came that the camp was shutting down and the unit disbanding. he realized one of the his best buddies was going to be left behind. >> you know, he is a friend of my opinion. i can't do it. >> reporter: this was his friend. a dog named ollie that had been raise the as a puppy and became the catch's beloved mascot. >> he was like a morale booster. he was there when we left on missions and when we got back. >> reporter: but he says ollie was a lover not a fighter and never would have survived the cruel treatment that animals face in that country. >> i don't know. some iraqi use it as target
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practice or something. that's just my guess. >> reporter: so he contacted spca international and they took the handoff sending ollie on a trip halfway across the world. and that's why he was at the cargo depot at sfo today, to reunite with his old friend. >> had you are you doing? good to see you. >> reporter: and if it's possible for a dog to say thank you, this was it. it's hard to tell who was happier or more excited about ollie's improbable twist of fate. >> this right here was thousands and thousands of dollars. [ barking ] >> that went into this dog. he's a good boy. worth it. >> reporter: today ollie begins a new life in a very different place all because a good friend answered his call to duty. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight: san francisco's police chies out-- what we're learning about the man taking over as i'm alal of. new at 6:00 tonight, i'm allen martin, san francisco police chief is out. what we're learning about the man taking over as interim chief and our phil matier weighs in. will a leadership change be enough to satisfy critics? a bay area man transforms an island into a playground for the elite. now he could be on the hook for millions. the showdown over kite surfing that's heating up in court. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. up next, charlie rose fills in
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on the "cbs evening news." >> allen and i will see you tonight at 6:00 and remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, >> ros tery of flight 804-- an egyptian jetliner takes inwild turn and drops out of the sky. the u.s. joins a search for the plane and for answers. also tonight, the t.s.a. tries to maximize security while minimizing wait time. the presidential race gets tighter. >> she politically attacked sexual harassment victims. >> rose: and nastier. and... >> i've lead a charmed life. >> rose: we'll remember morley safer, who died today. >> reporter: his reports over the years touched many millions of viewers, who saw through his eyes and felt through his words the beauty, the complexities, and the absurdities of the modern world. captioning sponsored by cbs


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