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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 24, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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morning" from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm don dahler. it is tuesday, may 24th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." hillary clinton has set her sights on donald trump, but she's still taking heat from bernie sanders this morning. why the senator says he's disturbed but not surprised by the democratic front runner. while the search for egyptair flight 804's black boxes continue, new reports from egyptian officials claim the flight's final moments might be different than first thought. severe weather whips through the u.s. with people in the plains waking up to severe
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damage and flooding. and the chewbacca mom is making the most of her 15 minutes, joining james corden behind the wheel with a special surprise in the backseat. good morning, everyone. from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york, good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking ahead. sanders, to next month's california primary, and clinton, to facing donald trump. clinton turned down an offer to debate sanders in california before the primary, which sanders says he has a shot at winning. he also predicts a democratic convention could be messy. clinton says trump would bankrupt america. and today trump runs unopposed in the washington state primary. mark albert has our report. >> reporter: bernie sanders is on a major campaign blitz in california, where 475 delegates
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are at stake on june 7th. hillary clinton is only 90 delegates away from clinching the nomination. monday, the clinton campaign rejected an invitation to debate sanders in california so she can focus on facing off against donald trump in november. >> i was disturbed but not surprised to hear a few hours ago that secretary clinton has backed out of the debate. [ booing ] >> mr. trump likes to say i'm playing the woman card. you know what i say, if fighting for equal pay and paid family leave and raising the minimum wage and affordable childcare is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> reporter: clinton's once commanding lead over trump in a hypothetical matchup has all but evaporated. trump now leads in one national poll and is neck and neck with clinton in another. trump hosted senate foreign relations chairman bob corker at
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his home monday. >> my sense is that he will evolve. >> reporter: trump will get closer to locking up his party's nomination tuesday when washington state votes. mark albert, cbs news, the white house. >> coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll talk with donald trump's campaign manager. this morning, president obama called for human rights improvements in vietnam, something he said was a requirement for that country's success. the president spoke at the national convention center in hanoi. he also talked about the post-war partnership between the u.s. and vietnam, which he said is thriving. today mr. obama travels from hanoi to ho chi minh city, formerly known as saigon. and today the threat of severe weather, including strong thunderstorms and possible tornadoes, remains across the plains. severe thunderstorm watches and warnings and flash flood watches are posted in kansas, texas, and oklahoma. last night a tornado touched
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down in rural northwest oklahoma. no injuries or damage reported though. in texas, just east of midland odessa, two confirmed tornadoes hit a farming community hard. several homes and cars were destroyed. farmers say there was significant crop damage. no injuries reported. and near wichita, kansas, severe flooding is the problem after monday's heavy rain. more rain is forecast for this week. personnel changes at the transportation security administration where the head of security operations has been replaced. kelly hogan is out ahead a growing backlash over wait times at airport security lines and management problems. in recent weeks, thousands of passengers have missed flights due to hours' long security lines. hogan received more than $90,000 in bonuses, even though agency employees failed to find explosives and weapons in 95% of tests at u.s. airports. well, the second trial of a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray
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ended in an acquittal. gray was the black man who suffered a fatal spinal cord injury while in police custody. edward nero is the second of six officers charged in the case. the third trial is scheduled to begin in two weeks. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: baltimore police officer edward nero is a free man, acquitted of assault and other charges for the arrest of freddie gray. >> officer nero at this point is the most relieved person on the face of this earth. >> reporter: in a bench trial with no jury, judge barry williams ruled the 30-year-old acted as any reasonable officer would and only touched gray after he was in handcuffs. prosecutors had argued that nero arrested gray without probable cause and was negligent for not making sure the suspect was seat belted inside the police van. billy murphy represents the gray family, who says they respect the decision. >> to the black citizens in baltimore, you ought to be proud that such an accomplished jurist with a background in prosecuting
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corrupt cops had the courage to go against public opinion. >> reporter: officer nero teared up after the verdict was read, while outside the courthouse emotions were also running high. >> no justice! >> people want justice, but i think we still have to let the process work. i think that some things were said to make me feel that some next cases might be done differently. >> reporter: six baltimore police officers have been charged in the arrest and death of gray. the officer who was driving the van faces the most serious charges, second-degree murder. craig boswell, cbs news, baltimore. the supreme court threw out the death sentence imposed on a georgia inmate because prosecutors improperly kept african-americans off the jury. timothy foster, a black man, was convicted in 1987 of murdering a white woman. he was convicted by an all-white jury. in a 7-1 decision, the court ruled that prosecutors were
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motivated in substantial part by race when they kept african-americans from the jury pool. the ruling means foster will probably be able to get a new trial. and this morning an unexplained discrepancy concerning the final moments of egyptair flight 804. a senior egyptian aviation official says the egyptair flight did not swerve and change direction before it disappeared. the head of the state-run provider of navigation services says the jet was flying at 37,000 feet, and there was no unusual move. now, that contradicts an earlier report from greece's defense minister, who said the jet swerved and dropped 10,000 feet before it vanished. egyptian aviation records show the same a-320 made an emergency landing in 2013 with an overheated engine. and a french ship capable of hearing the underwater signal from flight data recorders has joined the search. toyota is recalling 1.6 million vehicles because of
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potentially defective takata air bags. the air bags can deploy with too much force, throwing shrapnel into the vehicle. at least 11 deaths are blamed on the problem. some 40 million cars, trucks, and suvs from 17 automakers have been recalled. for the latest models, just head to our website. that's and bill cosby faces a crucial court appearance today. the hearing could determine whether prosecutors have enough evidence to put him on trial. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple university worker 12 years ago at his suburban philadelphia mansion. coming up on the morning news, concussion study controversy. the nfl is accused of trying to sway an independent study on brain injuries. and the head of the v.a. faces criticism for comparing long delays to waiting at disney. this is the "cbs morning news." disney. this is the "cbs morning news."
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a drone captured an amazing and actually pretty eerie sight in australian waters in the aptly named shark bay. 70 tiger sharks were seen in a feeding frenzy on a dead humpback whale last week. the drone was hovering overhead as two boats of tourists made their way over the murky waters. the nfl is accused of improperly intervening in a concussion study, and the v.a. secretary is under fire. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the washington post" reports an outcry against the head of veterans affairs. he compared how long vets wait for medical care to disney land. >> you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line or the -- you know, what's important? what's important is what's your satisfaction with with the
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experience? >> leading republicans quickly condemned bob mcdonald's remark. he was appointed in 2014 to fix the waiting time problem. a report in march found continued delays in treatment for newly enrolled veterans. "the honolulu star advertiser" reports the death of five people in the crash of a sky diving plane. it happened during takeoff yesterday from the hawaiian island of kauai. the cause is unknown. a pilot, two jumpers, and two instructors were aboard. reports backing from doctors and nurses for a tax on sugary sodas. they say the plan would lower diabetes rates and improve patients' health. philadelphia's mayor wants a tax that would add $1.92 to the cost of a 64-ounce bottle of sugary drinks. "sports illustrated" reports that the nfl allegedly tried to influence a government study on brain trauma in football players. congressional investigators say the league withheld funds because it didn't approve of a researcher on the project.
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espn says that broke rules designed to safeguard the independence of research. "variety" reports that netflix will start screening disney movies this fall. the agreement dates back more than three years, but the timing wasn't finalized. the deal also includes marvel, pixar, and lucas film movies. and "the new york times" reports another record-breaking season on broadway. tourists and smash musicals like "hamilton" and "the lion king" are big factors. shows brought in more than $1.3 billion from over 13 million theater goers. well, coming up on "cbs this morning," steve martin and carmen cusack from the musical "bright star." they join us in the studio. still ahead now, owning a piece of "mad men" history. from don draper's 1964 chrysler imperial to his bed sheets, we'll show you how to snag some memorabilia from that hit show. we'll show you how to snag some
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sfx:message sent rock on. that's excellent. we got wifi. the cruze offers up to an epa estimated 42 mpg highway. sfx:message sent this car is like a unicorn. it's magical! (group laughing) here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. well, the show "mad men" may have ended a year ago, but super fans can pay good money for a little piece of the show to call their own. the show is auctioning off hand-picked props from roger
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sterling's ray-bans and peggy olson's typewriter to don draper's 1964 chrysler imperial. you can start bidding on june 1st. bank of america gets a fine thrown out, and lego toys are growing more violent. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning. it was a quiet day on wall street with no major economic news. investors are still waiting to see if the fed will raise interest rates next month. the dow fell eight points. the s&p lost four. the nasdaq finished three points lower. a u.s. court of appeals overturned a mortgage fraud case against bank of america, which means the bank won't have to pay a $1.2 billion penalty. the case involves allegedly shoddy mortgages sold by bank of america's country wide unit during the financial crisis. the court ruled the government didn't prove its case. this decision could impact cases against other banks. sports authority is launching a going out of
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business sale this week. the sporting goods retailer is shutting down all 463 of its stores. it filed for bankruptcy less than three months ago. like other retailers, sports authority has been hurt by online sales. final sales are expected to start friday. lego products are becoming more violent, that is according to a study reported on by the bbc, which found that lego is trying to catch children's attention. common they're now included in 30% of lego kits. lego says the weapons are used for a wider purpose, like saving the world. and the music streaming service spotify is dropping the price on its family plan. the $15 price will now offer six people premium accounts. that matches plans that are offered by apple music and google play. current family plan subscribers should be able to access that new plan immediately. anne-marie? >> i want to go back to that lego story. when you said they were getting
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more violent, i thought you meant what they feel like when you step on them at night. those suckers pack a punch. >> yeah, that can be painful. >> definitely. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot, jill. don't want to step on a lego with bare feet. still to come, sports cars put to the test. we'll show you how some popular american muscle cars lost some punch in new crash tests. crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. murdering his own 5 year old son. what his neighbors are saying about his violent pa. san francisco's acting poli chief sits down with more oe community. and this time, the conversation was civili we'll talk about what was discussed. plus, as hillary clinton and bernie sanders look ahead te california primary, clintons saying no way to a debate. and sanders isn't happy abo it. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's tuesday, may 24th. ,,,,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. what are you doing here? >> i've been here the whole time. can i give you directions now? it's less like this and more like this.
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>> well, if you can't get enough of the chewbacca mom, you're not alone. viral sensation candace payne joined james corden last night on "the late late show" along with j.j. abrams, director of "the force awakens." the trio tried their best chewies for what's sure to become another viral smash. i don't get it. i do not get it. i must be the only one. muscle cars are icons on american highways, but insurers really never fully tested their strengths in crash tests. hena daniels has new ratings on the 2016 models. >> reporter: tiffany is a die-hard fan of the chevy camaro. she's purchased three different models of the vehicle, mostly because of the look. >> i think the back of it looks great. i like how it looks so angry in the front. when i pass by buildings that have a mirror reflection, i'm like, oh, that's me. >> reporter: it wasn't until she had her son jack that she began to think about the car's safety. >> everyone obviously since i had the baby was like, when are you getting a new car?
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>> reporter: and she's not alone. for the first time, the insurance institute for highway safety ran the camaro, ford mustang, and dodge challenger through a series of crash tests. when it came to side impact and moderate overlap frontal crashes, all three earned a good rating. only the mustang came closest to clinching the coveted top safety pick award. tiffany's camaro earned a low rating for roof strength, while the challenger performed the worst. the tests come at a time when had the three muscle cars are becoming more popular with consumers. statistics from the highway loss data institute shows the powerful cars have high crash rates. the iihs president says because of that, it's, quote, especially important they offer the best occupant protection. for now, tiffany says she's keeping her car. hena daniels, cbs news. well, coming up on "cbs this morning," more on that possible
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here's at look at this morning's top stories. hillary clinton turned down an offer to debate bernie sanders in california prior to that state's primary next month. 475 delegates are at stake. sanders says the democratic convention could be messy. donald trump runs unopposed today in the washington state primary. that should put him very close to locking up his party's nomination. and baltimore police officer edward nero is free after being acquitted in the arrest and death of freddie gray. gray suffered a fatal spinal cord injury while in police custody. nero is the second officer tried in the case. in the first case, a mistrial was declared.
4:26 am
six officers have been charged. well, the death of freddie gray last year put a spotlight on a city plagued by violent. one woman's campaign to keep the children safe. >> reporter: every day after school in one of baltimore's toughest neighborhoods, about a hundred kids pack into this small room simply to have fun. >> are you eating or are you playing? you can't do both. >> reporter: erica olston is the founder of the kids safe zone. she opened this center one week after the rioting that followed the death of freddie gray. while fire engulfed parts of the city, she was already thinking about a response to the violence. >> the whole world has to see our children standing face to face with officers and throwing rocks. they didn't have another outlet. we've created an outlet. >> reporter: baltimore's streets are among the most dangerous in america. last year there were more than 300 murders. here giant footprints are spray painted on sidewalks, showing
4:27 am
the safest route to school. 7-year-old eric harrison comes to the kids safe zone every day. >> when i go home, stuff start to happen. >> when they go out that door, what do they face? >> an obstacle course of not buying or selling drugs. drugs are being sold on every corner. it's open season on children here. >> reporter: her pleas for help are being answered. the program has moved into a bigger building thanks to public and private donations. we see the kids playing games in there. they're having fun, but what are they learning? >> they're learning that they matter. they're learning that someone cares. we care. >> reporter: it is a lesson that may seem elementary to most but not here. cbs news, baltimore. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a look at why police officers accused of murder rarely get
4:28 am
sent to prison. plus, an update on two climbers on mt. everest, sharing their journey on snapchat. and more on a boston, massachusetts, janitor who put all five of his kids through college. that's the "cbs morning news." thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ,,,,
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c1 good morning, everyone. a live look out at the bay bridge down on the embarcadero.
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what a beautiful view, tuesday, may 24. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. how's the weather shaping up out there? looking good with a little bit of drizzle and showers and a whole lot of a little. that's what is happening. we fired up the kpix 5 doppler to prove no rain yet. but there could be this afternoon. how about traffic? over at the bay bridge toll plaza, wide open to kickstart your tuesday morning. no traffic delays getting into the city and bart was on time. it was a rough commute yesterday and we'll continue to keep the latest on kpix traffic. >> all right. thank you. a vallejo neighborhood is mourning a little boy who died in a fire and it's believed what his own father set it.


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