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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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the protests involving fires, tear gas and grenades, next.
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area freeway. right now: some parts of i- 80 are shut down. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news, gunfire again on a bay area freeway. right now some parts ovist 80 are shut down. -- i-80 are shut down. andria borba is near the scene. >> the scene has been working for two hours. you can look at the traffic back up over there on the eastbound lanes of interstate 80. the chp got the call at 9:16 p.m. one person was taken to the hospital with a gun shot wound. there are two road closures. eastbound 80, lanes 1-4 as well as eastbound 80 at westbound highway 4, the 4th and 5th
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lanes closed there. this is the latest in the string of 20 shootings on this road in the area of contra costa county since november. the chp will be out here for hours tonight clecking evidence -- collecting evidence, of course, the suspect in the case is outstanding. we don't know what kind of car they were driving at this point. as soon as we have that information we will bring it to you. andria borba, kpix 5. tonight trapped on the tracks. amtrak trains slam schlamme into an suv killing the mother and the child. christin ayers is near the scene. >> reporter: heavily congested with traffic. the mother came to a stand still on the tracks and couldn't get out of the path of the train. >> the suv is nothing more
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than mess of twisted metal. >> it was trapped underthe -- under the train. the car itself was not recognizable as a vehicle. >> reporter: the 30-year-old and her 3-year-old daughter were in the suv, stuck in traffic on the railroad tracks this afternoon. when a train came roaring through. smashing into the suv and dragging it half a mile. authorities say it is possible they were killed incidentally. the family is grieving. she was rushing to pick up her son who has autism from school but never made it. she is a good person, dedicated to her religion, her work and her home. this is the second train accident in two days in the area. yesterday a man was killed by a train. >> there is a loss of life of three people in two days in
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train collisions. >> reporter: this happened at an intersection that is notorious for heavy traffic. the traffic may have forced herren to the track. it is unclear whether she saw the train coming or whether she was distracted before the crash. >> we probably will never have that answer. >> reporter: no one on the train was hurt. police are reviewing surveillance video to get a clearer picture of what happened. christin ayers, kpix 5. breaking news out of new mexico tonight. chaos outside donald trump's rally in albuquerque. the protesters tugged on barricades with police as smoke filled the air. you can see in the video one protester jumping on top of an suv as others cheer him on and then she jumps on a police car and runs off down the street.
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inside the rally supporters were met with protesters. one man wearing a i love new mexico t-shirt was escorted out and other protesters tried to outshot trump supporters. he won the primary in washington state tonight. now he is 44 delegates shy of securing the nomination. hillary clinton is coming back to the bay area tomorrow, she will join bill clinton for a fundraiser. he is already he. he was in san francisco today for a private fundraiser on behalf of his wife and he paid a visit to this bakery. police shootings and use of force a hot topic across the country right now. tonight joe vazquez has new video that shows us just how quickly a situation could spiral out of control. >> the district attorney
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released this video of the christmas day police shooting along with the finding they believe it was justified. we asked to take us inside the mild of a police officer. >> the video is too graphic to show on tv. the man on the left is a mentally ill man with a knife. watch what happens as he charges at police officer. he was killed incidentally. police cameras captured it. the video is an example of how difficult it is for officers responding to a suspect with a knife. especially one who is mentally ill. >> a knife is a deadly weapon. you are giving commands, the person is non-compliant. automatically everything escalated up to a new level. >> reporter: police shootings
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in san francisco brought down a police chief. the mayor and the new chief are touting de-escalating training but he says this shows you how quickly a situation could turn. >> could we do more training? i am sure we could. we get better by doing training. you show up with somebody who going to try to kill you, it could turn ugly. >> reporter: turns out there was one more twist to this story. witnesses were yelling to the cop don't shoot, it is a butter knife. it turns out, it was but the report says police didn't have the time to verify the information before firing. joe vazquez, kpix 5. tonight a father and baby are missing. they were last seen in antioch.
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he dropped his stepdaughter off on sunday but never made it back home to san francisco. the coast card has been searching the river along the highway. >> put them in the car. i kissed all my kids good-bye and said i love you to him and that was it. >> the mother has been trying to see if anyone has seen them. they have been calling his cell phone but it has gone to voicemail. tonight the golden state warriors are on the brink of elimination after falling to the thunder in oklahoma city. more later on in sports. living in the bay area is not cheap. whether renting or buying. that the why a new ad campaign struck a nerve. cate cauguiran is here with
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more. >> reporter: this ad has several people in san francisco all fired up. >> reporter: living in the city with this view comes with a price. rent $3,100. home price over a million dollars. one company says 10% down because you are too smart to rent. do you think it is realist took say that here in san francisco? >> no. i think it is dumb. >> reporter: they put the ads on bus stops around the city but the message fell on deaf ears. >> san francisco is really expensive. i don't know. >> reporter: renting is the only option? >> yeah. >> the ad is targeted towards potential homeowners but according to the california association of realsters only 11% of san francisco households could afford to buy in the
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city. they estimate the minimum qualifying income, $245,000. >> prices are too high. >> reporter: people sounding off on twitter . he tweeted i am stupid because i don't have $100,000 to put a down payment on a home. >> reporter: in portland where the company is running the same campaign, we reached out to them but they did not return our request for comment. cate cauguiran, kpix 5. the silicon valley billionaire turned into an ally for hulk hogan. in march he was awarded $115 million. he sued for posting his sex
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tape. now according to forbes, paypal co-founder covered his legal bills. in the past they have run scathing pieces. we know the bees that went crazy in concord were angry honeybees. the bees went on the attack earlier this month, stinging people, killing two dogs. experts thought they might be killer bees but dna testing revealed they are just regular old honeybees. they may have gotten aggressive when their hives were moved. when da lin covered it the bees were so vicious he couldn't even get out of his car. new label on your meat. betty yu shows us what it is
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all about. >> reporter: you may have never heard of meat that is mechanically tenderized but new labels will warn shoppers to be careful with tender steak. >> more chance in the meat -- bacteria and salmonella and all that from laying on the butcher blocks and stuff. >> reporter: he doesn't sell tenderized beef. he says it is done on cheaper cuts of meat when the blades cut into the meat to make it easier to chew it could transfer bacteria to the inside and make people sick. why the usda is requiring sellers to post labels. it will also come with safe cooking instructions. >> i think it is great. >> if there is something that is done to increase the chances
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of having e.coli then consumers should be made aware of that. >> reporter: how big is the risk? the cdc tracked six outbreaks linked to mechanically tenderized beef since 2000. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. >> meat producers tenderize 3 billion pounds of beef every year. turns out you won't be able toify reserve a spot at -- to pay to reserve a spot at delores park after all. price tag, a couple hundred dollars. not kidding. but that plan faced so much back lash they put it on hold. kpix 5 learned a new san francisco park that has been finished for months still hasn't opened because of all the red tape. allen martin shows us one
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person took out bolt cutters and told kids come on in. >> reporter: it is paradise for kids with plenty of places to play and explore. the only problem you can't get in. >> my daughter asks me every day to open it. >> reporter: parents in mission bay say this park was supposed to open last year. >> first opening date was november. in january. >> moved here and it was great to see there was a park that was about to open. >> reporter: back in february people got tired of waiting. someone used bolt cutters to cut off the lock and let people in. >> got a weekend to play. >> it was amazing. >> we are working to construct a new neighborhood. >> reporter: eve no the park -- even though the park is ready the area is not. >> we can't open up the area until everything is completed.
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>> reporter: the property's developer has to get the streets ready for traffic. that the not all, the board of supervisors still has to formally approve the park and there has to be a review period. >> things need happen. it should have happened before they completed the park. >> reporter: the park should be open late july or early august. residents say they can't wait. in san francisco, allen martin, kpix 5. >> the developer says the city is to blame for the delay. this afternoon san francisco supervisor introduced legislation that will get the approval process rolling. california is cracking down on drivers who cheat with the disabled plaquers. tomorrow lawmakers will announce an audit of the
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program. to give you an idea how bad it is, in san francisco there are twice as many placards as parking meters. >> this is an audit where we will make the dmv uncomfortable to make sure they are doing things right. >> last year they started a crack down on those who illegally applied for the placard. how would you like to make tens of thousands of dollars on top of your regular salaries? tonight phil matier found out all you have to do is get a job at b.a.r.t. >> reporter: look familiar? a broken b.a.r.t. escalator. motionless for months. it is on a long repair list that has been keeping the agency's escalator repair team busy and they get lots of over time to do it. we obtained data for 2015 and
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found one repair man alone with a salaryf $77,000 made an extra $139,000 in over time. and that is just the tip. a system service worker made 3 times his salary over 162,000 in over time. a b.a.r.t. police officer tops the list at $96,000 in salary but $170,000 in over time. we found that b.a.r.t. spent 13% of compensation on workers last year was over time. compared to 3% in the private sector. >> our system is aging. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. spokesperson says repairs are underway and that takes man power. >> when we shut down the tracks last year, all the workers are getting paid over time so we could rebuild the system and
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have the least amount of impact to riders. >> reporter: as for b.a.r.t. police officers -- >> first day off is time and a half. second day off double time. >> reporter: the escalators, broken escalators in b.a.r.t. is not new, why wasn't we staffed up and paid regular wages? >> we are having a hard time recruiting for techs. working 24 hours a day on our escalators, we don't have people chomping at the bits for those jobs. >> reporter: station operators, one made $105,000 in over time last year. >> they categorize everything. as safety or maintenance. abuses in the system and poor adjustment. >> received 40,000 in over time, what does that have to do
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with maintenance and safety? >> reporter: he questions whether they can be trusted to handle a $3.5 billion influx of cash. >> the list is so broad. a system that has broken down. >> critics will say questionable management. >> it is not questionable management. it is us trying to provide better service. >> reporter: phil matier, kpix 5. >> b.a.r.t. set up a task force to look at the over time issue. we posted the data on our website, a fisherman spotted this in the waters off pacifica. could be a white shark pup. now white sharks are common here but pups are not. they stay further south. and a very important thing happened yesterday. the ending of something we have been talking about for a long time. >> the build up to el nino and
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then el nino came, hoping for a ton of rain. we got normal rainfall. we can now wave good-bye to el nino. it is officially gone. temperatures are back within normal. el nino finished. -- el nino is finished. it is gone and in the wake we will see less rainfall and warmer temperatures for the next several days. great shot from mill valley this evening. it is comfortable outside. cloudy. mid-50s. livermore tomorrow morning 51 degrees. 52 san jose. oakland 53 and san francisco 52. this area of low pressure has been hanging around for six days. keeping temperatures below normal. cloudy. with rain. over the bay area or close. for almost a week. begins to move out tomorrow. boy, is it going to exit slowly. tomorrow morning it will look
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like this morning. cloudy, breezy, chilly. sun will come out earlier. watch out for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. now all that will be gone by thursday. this ridge will build in but stays off to the west, giving us a light onshore flow. that is perfect. we are not going to be hot over the weekend. beautiful weather to get outside starting friday. lasting through the holiday weekend. cloudy tonight. drizzle. we will stay cool to mind tomorrow. the warm -- mild tomorrow. the warmer trend gets going thursday. afternoon sunshine. napa valley low 70s. 5 degrees warmer with sunshine thursday. there it is. low 70s near the bay through the holiday weekend.
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low 80s away from the water. beach, sunshine and 60. we have tornadoes other parts of the countries. for us calm and perfect. >> can't be it. [ talking at the same time ] i am telling you, i don't think that is a healthy basketball team. they have injuries. they are not admitting it. they are not playing like your golden state warriors. they met their match, that is for sure. how would they respond after the game 3 loss? the answer and reaction next. ,,
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folks....better close your . pended for ga the warriors had not lost back to back games all season. close your eyes. draymond green not suspended but the only six points tonight. 21 turnovers for the warriors. a russell westbrook dunk. that was a 16-0 run. thunder up 19 at the half. klay thompson scoring 19 in the 3rd quarter. they got within six at that point but russell westbrook
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refused to let the team lose. he gets possession for the three. this was steph curry's night. misses the layup. 6-20 from the field. 23 point lead. oklahoma city wins 118-94. >> lives on the line on thursday. >> first time in my life i didn't respond to critics. >> i think we are a special team that this isn't how we are going to go out. we will figure out how to take care of this on thursday. we will talk again.
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>> the giants pitching staff, that story next. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more offense t giants scored two runs in their last two games yet still
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won both. tonight they had more offense than the warriors. he gave up just a run. struck out 7. and he got help from his friends. check out the throw. kemp out at second base. parker called up, he put on a show. two run job. giants win 8-2. 12 wins in the last 13 games. >> tonight another one in seattle. a two run blast with two outs in the 9th inning. you kidding me? a's only win when rich hill pitches. 6-5 is the final there. >> i have good news. the sharks and the blue. they go tomorrow night. if the sharks win that game they are off to their first ever stanley cup final. who would have thought -- [ talking at the same time ] >> the sharks might get to the
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finals and the warriors might not. who would have thought that? >> not over yet. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomor morning late show with stephen colbert next. >> next newscast tomorrow morning 4:30 a.m. talking about the shark's game. >> absolutely. huge one. if they win they will be in the stanley cup final. >> i didn't know that. [ talking at the same time ] [
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laughter ] >> we will see you tomorrow. >> hey, stephen, you got a minute. >> stephen: i'm eating a donut right now. >> perfect, at waffle house do you want to cook waffles, or listen to your song? not this time. stephen? ( laughter ) stephen? >> tonight, stephen welcomes sean hayes brooklyn decker and lewis black featuring jon batiste and stay human.


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