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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 22, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday june 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump will hit back at hillary clinton today after her blistering attack on his economic policy. >> we talked to trump about why he claims to be the king of debt and what he calls clinton's blood money. >> police stop three vigilantes who try to bring a truck with ammunition into the city. we begin with a look at today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> he said he's qualified to be president because of his business record. he's written a lot of books about business.
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they all seem to end in chapter 11. >> hillary clinton unloads on donald trump. >> she said in her speeches i'm the king of debt. >> she called you king of debt. >> i called me that. nobody is better than me i made a forth tune with debt. >> fires in l.a. raging out of control. >> this is too close for comfort. >> hundreds have been forced to evacuate. >> they said we had to go and we did. new details emerging about orlando gunman. >> the man that attended same mosque notified fbi in 2014 about his suspicions. >> i did my job in 2014. i was hopeful fbi did their job as well. >> three people tried to get into new york with a van full of weapons. >> there is absolutely no nexus to terrorism. >> working to evacuate a sick researcher from the south pole. >> a rescue plane landed successfully after a nine-hour
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trip. >> major flooding. >> riders had to navigate through several inches of water. >> all that -- >> absolutely sensational. >> while trying to prank her friend, 15-year-old darby risner found her self trapped inside a giant head. >> all that matters. >> i'm at the white house today, and i'm going to take a spin in a car and sing some songs with -- >> me. >> ahhh. >> on "cbs this morning." >> donald trump is now saying, this is his latest quote, he says he's ready to run, quote, a different kind of campaign. >> meanwhile hillary clinton's campaign is growing. she's gaining new supporters just as fast as chelsea can crank them out. >> this morning's eye-opener is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." as you wake up in the west, donald trump is about 30 minutes away from delivering a long awaited attack speech against hillary clinton. yesterday clinton mocked trump's track record as a businessman and said his economic policy would put the united states back into a recession. >> we spoke with donald trump yesterday at his headquarters in trump tower. he defended his business credentials and addressed the fact he's millions behind clinton in fundraising. >> you saw the numbers. hillary clinton and her campaign allies have spent $23 million in eight battleground states on television advertising. the trump campaign has spent zero. >> isn't that impressive? >> do you need to fight back? >> let me ask you, isn't it impressive? we're even and she's spending $23 million and i'm spending -- i get no credit for that. when i spent less money than anybody else and won the primaries. in new hampshire i spent a million dollars and a certain opponent spent $8 million and i won in a landslide. nobody said, gee, he did it
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without spending the money. that's called good business practices. i don't know how you can spend -- by the way, we're raising quite a bit of money. i'm raising for the party. i'd rather spend my own money. to me it's simpler. you don't need to spend a billion two. she's going to spend $300 million a month. you're talking about like four months. and i just -- i talked to my people all the time and say why do you have to spend a billion dollars. it doesn't make sense. >> she's got $42 million in the bank, you've got a million dollars in the bank, how do you run -- >> the race. >> the campaign. >> that's from a filing in all fairness that only took into account one day. i don't want to devote the rest of my life to raising money from people. when she raises money every time she raises money she's making deals. can i be ambassador to that, can i do that, make sure my business is taken care of. give me a break. all the money she's raising, that was blood money. i was one of the biggest donors.
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i gave a lot of money to the party. i gave a lot of money to everybody. i was a very big donner. i understand the system better than anybody. look, she's getting tremendous amount of money from wall street, couldn't take care of wall street. getting money from lots of people. she's going to take care of those people. part of my campaign is that this money is being spent and she's making deals with this money. >> she said your economic policies would create a trump recession. >> no, we're going to create an absolute unbelievable country. we're going to put people back to work again. we're not going to allow countries to steal our businesses. >> the current plan you put forward independent economic analysts have looked at it and said it would add $30 trillion to the deficit because you're going to reduce taxes. you're not going to cut entitlements. there's some questions about -- >> bring back jobs, bring back businesses. we're going to have a lot of people coming to the country. >> how? how do you do that?
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>> companies now are leaving the united states, corporate inversion, they are leaving the united states. we have $5 trillion sitting out there because they can't bring the money back. can't get it in because there's no mechanism to bring it in and tack is so high. i'm going to bring tremendous amounts of money, tremendous amounts of jobs, tremendous amounts of companies. yes, the tax is going to be cut from the highest taxed nation anywhere in the world to a fairly low tax. not the lowest in the world but to a fairly low tax. >> hillary clinton called you the king of debt. >> she didn't call me, i called myself king of debt. i'm great with debt. nobody knows debt better than me. i made a fortune using debt. if things don't work out i renegotiate debt. that's a smart thing not a stupid thing. >> how do you renegotiate the debt. >> you go back and say, guess what, the economy crashed, i'll give you back half. i like debt for me. i don't like debt for the country. i like debt for my company but i don't like debt for the country. for the country we have $19 trillion in debt. it's going to be very soon $21
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trillion -- not billion, $21 trillion in debt. i will tell you, we are sitting on a time bomb. hillary clinton doesn't have a clue. president obama has pretty much doubled the debt since he's been in office. somebody is going to pay a big price. we have to start chopping that debt down. >> janet yellin you know, chairman of the federal reserve blasted you for saying the u.s. could load up on debt and make a deal with creditors if the economy soured. she said there would be very severe consequences if an elected president tried to renegotiate the nation's debt. >> i wouldn't renegotiate the debt. i'd negotiate -- if i do a deal in a corporation as an example and the economy goes bad, i'll oftentimes renegotiate that debt. that's a different thing. that's a corporate thing. other people like me, very big people in the world of business, they do that. no, i wouldn't do that but i think it could be a good time to borrow and pay off debt, borrow debt, make longer-term debt. >> there's no doubt you have broken all the rules in this race.
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i think what people are looking back and seeing, this time in the campaign, barack obama heavily outspent mitt romney. in the campaign. george w. bush heavily outspent john kerry. you said history doesn't matter. >> it's nice to be funded. when i get funded, i have to go ask people for money. when i ask them for money, they want face. everybody wants favors. that's the way it is. clearly clinton is giving a lot of favors. she's going to be owned by wall street, the bank, a lot of different groups or she wouldn't be raising the money. i don't like doing that. i would rather say it like it is. like it is, i don't want to spend a lot of money. >> despite that the trump campaign is trying to ramp up its fundraising. for the first time the candidate sent an e-mail on behalf of his campaign asking for donations. he says he will personally match every dollar donated within 48 hours up to $2 million. >> like trump making an argument
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for public financing. >> why was the campaign chairman there saying you're going to match $2 million. he said, i am. he's already london his campaign $43 million. >> given his campaign staff and property and company a lot of money. >> he's got a plan. on capitol hill hillary clinton is sitting down this morning with house democrats. nancy cordes is at the capital outside the room where the meeting is happening. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. we're expecting her here any moment now. she's meeting with house democrats who are delighted about her new focus on donald trump's business record. they believe this highlighting all the questions about his lawsuits and taxes and charitable giving will help to neutralize his biggest selling point, his financial savvy. >> the united states of america doesn't do business trump's way. he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> clinton argued trump's success has come at the expense of average workers and that his
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financial proposals are half baked. >> he calls himself the king of debt. his tax plan sure lives up to that name. >> while she was speaking, trump was holding a closed-door meeting with evangelical leaders where he and to raise question about his opponents faith. >> she's been in the public eye for years and years, and yet there's no -- there's nothing out there. there's like nothing out there. it's going to be an extension of obama but it's going to be worse. with obama you had your guard up. >> several of the organizers held a press conference afterwards defending trump but declining to offer an endorsement. >> i'm interested to see what he's going to do with one of the most conservative platforms the gop has had. >> reporter: after her meeting on capitol hill clinton will head to raleigh, north carolina, where she is going to be delivering a speech outlining her alternatives to donald trump's economic proposals. he wants to slash corporate
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taxes while she wants to impose an exit tax on companies that move overseas. >> thanks, nancy. with us is mark leibovich, chief correspondent for new york managazine up coming story gop "face the nation." republican leaders contend with donald trump and the greatest identity crisis in their party's modern history. welcome. >> thanks, charlie. >> before that you just saw the interview norah did with donald trump. your reaction to what trump said? >> i think the piece on the fundraising is very, very effective for him because it's a bad story for him. a bad story this week, the fact he's so completely outraised. he turns that around and says campaign financing, campaign fundraising, asking for money is unseemly. i'm not engaging it. i'm a lean thinking sort of business person. this is why i'm not doing it. >> at the same time alarming gop over trump's war chest of the people who provide support in a national general election are saying, we're concerned he
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doesn't show any regard for how little money, as norah pointed out, is in his campaign chest. >> i can confirm that alarm is real. i can also say he will say, look, these are political people. i'm not a political person. these are people who played the same game many, many years. i'm playing different game -- >> explain why it does matter in terms of the ground game. does it matter? >> traditionally it does. he can say i'm going it sit up in my office and generator tv and it's going to do the same thing as in the primary. in the real world in swing states like ohio you need a presence where you can actually get voters out, do the day to day campaign. he has not been called upon to do that. >> he does seem to think he doesn't need the gop machine and up until now he hasn't. can he continue with that? >> as a receipt or calamari, yes, he can. as a practical matter, he can't. he's essentially outsourcing maybe 80, 90% of his campaign
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fundraising, day to day, apparatus to the rnc. he needs them desperately. he can only do it to a point. >> you spent time with rnc, tell us what you saw that's relevant. >> look, rnc is an apparatus, the party. they have to sort of make this thing work. in a way they can't make any pryn principled stand and say we don't support our nominee. they have to stand with him. it's a young tumultuous marriage. they are ticking each other off every day. i have no idea how it's going to work. >> contributed to lewandowski's resignation. >> i think a lot of things contributed to that. that's been going on a long time. the rnc was the least of his problem. >> rnc, you spent a lot of time with reince priebus. >> eyes, belly of a toad. mark, that seems unusually happen. >> at penn station the first
7:14 am
person i saw was reince priebus. the first thing i want to mention, confirm, i want to reiterate, he actually looked great, clear, he had a bad night. >> i was going to say we've all had those. >> are you taking back those remarks? >> i think i might. in a future version. >> all right. that's what you do. >> i've got to be stand up here. >> now it's in print forevermore. >> just been on national television. >> taking it back. >> thanks, everyone. >> all right. california firefighters worked through the night trying to stop a pair of dangerous wildfires burning about a mile apart. the fires forced hundreds outside los angeles to leave their homes. they are now threatening to merge. at least 21 wildfires have burned more than 130,000 acres in the hot, dry west. mariah villarreal. >> the good news here, temperatures jumped back a bit.
7:15 am
we're under red flag warning and excessive heat warning. in the last two days these two fires have burned and ballooned to nearly 5400 acres. the threat is still real here and authorities tell us 700 homes are under evacuation. los angeles county fire kept up its relentless assault, dousing the flames from two fires that started monday, now known as one. the san gabriel complex fire is raging, about 20 miles northeast of los angeles. >> extremely hot and the fuels are ready and ripe for combustion. >> crews scaled this steep, rugged terrain in the foothills surrounding the angeles national forest in a mission to beat back hot spots. but the county's deputy fire chief said tuesday helicopters have the advantage. >> there's a lot of fire that we are not able to extinguish just because the topography and how rud the terrain is.
7:16 am
we're going to be relying on aircraft. >> more than 130 miles to the southeast a wildfire burning near california's border with mexico has exploded to more than 6,000 acres. back in duarte firefighters are concerned about shift in wind because of brush that hasn't burned. people are grateful to the crews defending their homes. >> this is our paradise, used to be. it hasn't burned since 1980. >> reporter: these two fires haven't combined yet. the entire complex fire is about 10% containment. authorities are telling residents to pack a bag and be ready. if the winds pick up, this could be more dangerous. >> thank you. new revelations about the orlando gunman's life may shed motive on the worst shooting in u.s. history. omar mateen killed 49 people in
7:17 am
pulse nightclub in orlando last week. investigators might be closer to understanding why he targeted a gay club. david begnaud with the latest on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this the closest we've been able to get to pulse nightclub. there is a tarp meant to give privacy to the club but a canvas. i saw one that said, no fear. every day a nugget of information. today a gay man who said he had an affair with mateen. we're going to start with how the shooter got into the club. on the night of the massacre, cbs learned omar arrived at the nightclub receiving what he described as a wrist band. he left and returned about two hours later. questions about why he chose to target pulse nightclub remain. a law enforcement official said mateen was a users of online dating sites looking for relationships with men and women. cbs news learned both men and women have contacted fbi claiming to have had a relationship with mateen.
7:18 am
on tuesday attorney general loretta lynch visited orlando. >> i cannot tell you definitively we will ever narrow it down to one motivation. people act out of more than one motivation. this is an act of terror and hate prf. >> reporter: univision, a man claimed he had a sexual relationship with mateen. cbs news was unable to independently confirm that account. still, members of the muslim community are shocked over mateen's pledge to isis. >> i came forward and tried to do the right thing. >> mohammed malek met mateen and they worshipped together at the same mosque in florida. their families often socialized. when mateen expressed radicalization for anwar al awlaki, malek said he reported him to the fbi. that was 2014. but investigators did not turn up anything. >> i look at my children's future in this country, we came here for a better opportunity,
7:19 am
not to harm anybody. we contribute to society. >> reporter: cbs news has confirmed the shooter omar mateen prior to the massacre bought plane tickets for himself, his wife and child to fly to the west coast after the shooting. norah, that's prompted people to ask if he intended the massacre to be as horrific as it was. why buy a ticket for yourself. >> an interesting question, david, thank you so much. also different from so many of these guys that go in committing suicide. looks like he was thinking about getting out. police prevent an arsenal of weapons from coming into new york city. ahead why accused of guns
7:20 am
did baylor university create a hunting ground for sexual predators? >> a new lawsuit accuses the christian campus of ignoring alleged rape victims. >> the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning."
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new mylanta® tonight. faster than heartburn. daredevils go for a heart stopping slide in los angeles days before it opens to the public. the glass slide is attached to the city's u.s. bank tower. tomorrow, carter evans will take you inside.
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i'm jealous. >> very cool looking. coming up, a big development in the rescue mission at the south your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. a san francisco resident is suing starbucks saying it leaves too much of the cup unfilled. a federal judge is letting most of the lawsuit move forward. swimmers in santa cruz were in for a surprise over the weekend when they were met with shark warning signs. they were up to 4 different great whites sighted off the coast. coming up on "cbs this morning," baylor university under fire. why some are calling the school a hunting ground for sexual predators. reporter mark strassmann has details. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:27 am
good morning. let's head straight to the eastshore freeway right now. we have reports of a trouble spot blocking lanes westbound 80 at appian. the left lane blocked.
7:28 am
we have a slow-and-go ride anyway coming out of hercules on that westbound side. stays busy all the way towards the bay bridge. 46-minute drive time now from the carquinez bridge to the maze. elsewhere, richmond/san rafael bridge if you want to use that as an alternate, it's a little bit better but keep in mind you are going to see brake lights closer to the toll plaza heading towards 101. and north 101 at cesar chavez stalled out of lanes. this is a beautiful view this morning from sutro tower looking due north and we just have a layer of -- a blanket of low clouds and fog streaming from the coast across the marin headlands there. that's going to affect our temperatures today. they are going to come down. right now 49 degrees in santa rosa to 61 degrees in san jose. later today 60s with clear skies at the beaches, 70s bayside, 90s inland. out of the triple digits. 95 towards brentwood, tracy, oakley and discovery bay. otherwise, tomorrow and friday additional cooling. ,,,,
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♪ light piano ,,,, today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (hawk call) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing".
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messier! goal for argentina! >> he's cute and good. bend it like messy. argentina's soccer superstar wowed the crowd in houston yesterday on. a free kick against the u.s., messy scored his 55th international goal. that is a record. argentina beat the u.s. 4-0 in the copa american semifinal. later in the match, one fan couldn't help himself. he ran on the field and bowed to messy. i love this. he was later arrested but not before getting an autograph and hug. this was time for american fans around here, said it was tough to watch. >> i have to say, that kick,
7:31 am
that is a textbook kick. above them and in the corner of the goal. >> they know it's coming and can't stop it. >> pretty good to be cute and good. >> my take, charlie. don't you -- don't you play shy and modest. you know what it's like to be cute and good -- >> and smart. throw that in there, too. >> no. >> no? >> and loved. and loved and adored. >> keep talking. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, a routine traffic stop reveals a cache of weapons at the admission of a tunnel to new york city. three people face charges. ahead, the surprising rescue mission. suspects said they were carrying out. and explosive allegations about how baylor handled sexual assault claims. a lawsuit says the largest baptist ground created a hunting ground for predators. how they respond to rape claims.
7:32 am
time for headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports that north korea tested two medium-range missiles today. they were launched from a coastal city and fell to the sea of japan. south korea's military says the first launch was apparently unsuccessful. the second rocket traveled nearly 250 miles. the missiles are believed to have the range to reach american bases in japan and guam. "the indianapolis star" reports on an indiana teenager accused of trying to join isis. the 18-year-old was arrested yesterday as he tried to board a bus to new york to allegedly join the terror group overseas. he reportedly made five attempt last year to try to iraq or turkey. he's accused of talking on line with at least one suspected isis member. he now faces up to 20 years in prison. rory mcilroy saying he will not go to the olympics because of the zika virus. the former number-one wanted to
7:33 am
play in the olympic golf tournament since 1984. he says the risk of the infection is considered low, but it is a risk nonetheless, and a risk i am unwilling to take. "the new york post" reports on a so-called redneck rescue mission -- their words -- by three people who tried to enter new york city with an arsenal of weapons. handguns and a rifle were found during a routine traffic stop outside the holland tunnel. officers also found ammunition and tactical gear inside the distinctive truck. the suspects posted these pictures shortly before their arrest. they reportedly claimed they were on a mission to save a life. don dahler is on the new jersey side of the holland tunnel with a bizarre investigation. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the investigation is still underway. authorities have ruled out terrorism in this particular case. one of the suspect taken into custody, john kramsey, has a background that reveals a
7:34 am
personal story of loss that may have been what preceded this ill-advised rescue attempt. the port authority police stopped this hard-to-miss vehicle early tuesday on the new jersey side of the holland tunnel. >> here's the situation where you have a cracked wind shield on a car. the police officer pulls the car over and sees a loaded magazine on the floor of the car. that's probable cause. that starts the whole investigation. >> reporter: a search inside the colorful truck revealed an arsenal including multiple handguns, body armor, assault rifles, night vision goggles, and multiple rounds of ammunition. >> a large majority of weapons were loaded. >> reporter: the group claimed they were going from pennsylvania to new york to rescue a teenager being held against her will. one of the people arrested includes 50-year-old john kramsey, the owner of higher ground tactical, a gun range in pennsylvania. >> higher ground tactical, shooting, training, instruction. >> reporter: he's been something of an anti-drug advocate after
7:35 am
his 20-year-old daughter, alexandria, reportedly died from an overdose of heroin and fentanyl. >> i heard it was my little girl. >> reporter: he helped start this facebook page, "enough is enough," and posted this message to facebook shortly before he was arrested. "going to a hotel to extract a 16-year-old girl." adding, "her friend died of another heroin overdose. i'm bringing her out of new york today and anybody else in that hotel who wants to go home, too." a friend of his believes the death of his daughter prompted this vigilante act. >> ever since his daughter died, i think it was one of those things where he wishes he could have done something to save her. and new she's gone, he -- it fills this guilt in his heart that he needs to help other people. >> reporter: our cbs station in new york says the 16-year-old girl said that she was not being held against her will, but that she was in need of assistance.
7:36 am
last night the nypd took her into custody. norah? >> there is a silver lining there. >> touching and frightening at the same time. >> scary when i first heard about it. thank you very much. baylor university and its former football coach are accused this morning of turning their back on sexual assault victims. he reportedly broke a promise to apologize to a woman sexually assaulted by one of his players. this as a new federal lawsuit accuses the christian college of being a "hunting grounds for rapists." mark strassman is on the baylor campus in waco with the growing scandal. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're standing in front of patton f. hall, the heart of the campus rocked by lawsuits by women saying they were raped by students and pushed aside by the university after reporting the attacks. baylor, america's largest baptist university, is a hunting ground for sexual predators, according to this latest lawsuit. lawyers representing a former
7:37 am
baylor university student identified only as jane doe say she was drugged, abducted, and raped at a party in february, 2015. it happened here at this off-campus housing known as the the alleged assail antd was not a member of the rugby team but was a baylor student. paula elliott is the woman's lawyer. >> a young man came out and grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. one of the rugby players said, "are you taking that home?" and he said, "yes." she woke up the next morning with condom wrappers in her bed and no recollection of what had occurred. >> reporter: court papers say the university initially attempted to help identify the attacker and told the woman there were two additional reported victims with similar experiences at the rugby house. after more than five weeks, the lawsuit claims, school investigators stopped all correspondence. >> they seemed to have gone into
7:38 am
radio silence mode. i find it unfathomable that they knew that this activity was occurring, and they -- at the rugby house, and they didn't take action. >> reporter: the lawsuit comes a month after a scathing independent review. it examined the school's response to sexual assault cases involving the football team and found it wholly inadequate. as a result, baylor fired head football coach art briles and demoted star as university president. he's since resigned as chancellor. jasmine hernandez, raped by a baylor football player, later convicted of sexual assault, also sued the school in march. >> i think even more tragic that the university has been aware of these instances and had the opportunity to do the right thing. yet, they choose time and time and time again to do the wrong
7:39 am
thing. >> reporter: baylor says its goal is to do the right thing, to make its campus community feel safe. in a statement to cbs news, a spokesperson said, "we acknowledge our failures in the past, and we have already taken steps to ensure that we are in compliance with title 9, the gene clearly act, the violence against women reauthorization act and other state and federal obligations." gayle? >> thank you very much, mark. a rescue mission at 76 degrees below zero, and no hope for sunlight. ahead, new developments overnight in the rare wintertime medical evacuation from the i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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a risky emergency medical flight from the south pole we've been telling you about is
7:44 am
underway now. the twin otter plane took off overnight from the station and american research facility. the destination is a british outpost on the edge of antarctica. at least one person aboard needs urgent medical care dana jacobson with the latest on the daring evacuation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. weather conditions during the south pole winter from march to october make routine flights there simply too dangerous. even rescue missions are rare with the one that is currently underway, just the third ever in the history of the 60-year-old south pole station. winter officially arrived on antarctica, plunging the south pole into perpetual darkness. tuesday the temperature reached minus 76 degrees finer height. 48 people -- fahrenheit. 48 people suspended to stay the winter at the station including a doctor and physician's assistant. with at least one person requiring outside treatment, a rescue mission was deemed necessary. a similar mission took place in
7:45 am
2003 when scientist barry mchue was airlifted so he could get emergency gall bladder surgery. >> they came up and said, you could die any day now. >> reporter: in 2001, another evacuation plane flew through billowing winds and temperatures so cold they can freeze jet fuel and high drawl could. conditions most aircraft -- hydraulic. conditions most aircraft can't handle. this pilot office both rescues -- >> you don't know what to expect until you hit it face on. >> reporter: the current mission started last tuesday when two twin otter planes took off from canada. both aircraft finally reached antarctica monday, but only one was sent tuesday morning to make the most dangerous leg of the trip -- the near ten-hour flight to the south pole. around 5:20 p.m. eastern, the rescue crew, a pilot, co-pilot, engineer, and medic arrived at the station. >> i wasn't afraid. i mean, looking the dragon in the eye. so i let them do their job, and it worked out for the best.
7:46 am
>> reporter: the mission is obviously going on now. we just got a picture of the plane before it took off to head back to safer zone, if you want to put it that way. again, it's about a ten-hour flight for them. the weather conditions are so crucial, so they had to wait until the right time. they will bring one or two people, we don't know which it is yet, sick workers back to the continent for medical attention. they'll get them to a safer zone. again, they needed further treatment. they also have doctors on site. >> this is a big success. >> big success now, but they need to get back. safe when landed. >> so far, so good. >> yes. >> thank you. >> quite a story. ahead, more of our conversation with donald trump. we'll ask him about how and why he questioned hillary clinton's faith. plus, an unexpected hazard for commuters in washington. look at this -- >>
7:47 am
after 51 days of the pursuit of four bandits who chose a prius as their getaway car, a new development: prius owners from all over america have descended on the chase - hi! to play what appears to be an automotive shell game with authorities. ♪ it's total confusion down here. the prius 4 have literally vanished. they're just gone. [laughing] i don't think anyone could have predicted this. toyota. let's go places.
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are we ready? >> you know charlie's line -- >> all that -- >> and all that matter. >> do you want an impression of? >> i'm charlie rose. >> all that matters -- >> that was good. >> can i do all that? >> and all that matters. >> on cbs -- >> cbs -- >> "cbs this morning." >> how was that, charlie? >> it's as good as it's been
7:56 am
done. all that and that you will matters -- >> all that matters. define "rape" in californiae new legislation stems from a on the stanford good morning. i'm kenny choi. today santa clara county's district attorney is trying to redefine rape in california. the new legislation stems from a sexual assault on the stanford university campus. this november, san franciscans make up their minds about homeless encampments. the ballot initiative would allow authorities to remove an encampment after giving a resident 24 hours written notice plus the offer of a shelter bed or other housing. and coming up on "cbs this morning," anthony mason has details on the legal battle brewing against youtube. traffic and weather in just a moment. ever wonder what your pets do when you leave home? [ laughing ] aw you cutie pie. aw. aw. aw. aw. [ barking ]
7:57 am
[ washing machine running ] party's on! know what your pets are up to with xfinity home. y. the future of awesome. see the secret life of pets, in theaters july 8th. ,,
7:58 am
good morning. welcome back. we have bart delays this morning 10 minutes from the pittsburg-bay point line. looks like police activity orange naturing out of orinda -- originating out of orinda. 10 minutes delays there. the rest of the system on time. northbound 280 at mariposa accident in lanes busy anyway northbound 280. stop-and-go conditions out of daly city sluggish on 280 extension. northbound 101 at cesar chavez earlier activity from an earlier problem. 680/237 traffic backed up. roberta. >> our live weather camera this time around features transasia airways and the return of the low clouds and fog. that's a signal that cooler temperatures are in the forecast today. right now 63 degrees in san jose with clear skies. 62 and clear in livermore. later today numbers coming down out of the triple digits to 90 in livermore, 69 san francisco, 85 san jose. 80s to the north, as well. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday june 22nd, 2016. there is more new business ahead. why trump is now questioning clinton's religion. >> she has $42 in the bank, you have $5 million in the bank. >> all of the money she is raising is blood money. >> they believe highlighting all of the questions will help to neutralize his biggest selling point. >> he showed no regard for how little money is in his campaign. >> i can confirm the alarm is
8:01 am
real. >> these two fires have ballooned to nearly 5400 acres. >> today a gay man said he had an affair with mateen. >> authorities have ruled out terrorism in this ill advised rescue attempt. >> a campus that is rocked by three lawsuits that claimed being raped by other students. >> even rescue missions are rare, only three in history. >> messi wowed everyone yesterday. >> it's really good to be cute and good. >> don't play, you know what it's like to be cute and good. >> and smart, let's throw that in there. >> don't check up. i'm telling you it's a great
8:02 am
place to be, boys and girls, you would love to be here. >> it is a good place to be. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. >> the political conventions are about a month away, and the candidates are warming up with speeches. donald trump is in new york blasting hillary clinton as a failed secretary of state. yesterday clinton said trump's economic policies would start a new recession. >> and trump head a private meeting with evangelical leaders that questioned her religion. >> there is nothing out there. it is an extension of obama but it will be worse. with obama you had your guard up, with hillary you don't and it will be worse. >> we asked donald trump about those remarks. this week's campaign shake up, his children and more in an interview at trump tower. >> you met with evangelical
8:03 am
leaders here in new york, and you questioned hillary clinton's commitment to her faith, her christianity. you said we don't know anything about hillary in terms of religion. >> no, it was asked what do you think? i'm not saying that in a negative way, i have watched hillary for a long time, i just don't know anything about her faith. i would not question her faith, but someone said what do you think? and i said i don't know anything about it. the fact is i just don't know anything about her faith. >> after the meeting with the evangelical leaders, eight of them held a press con for instance including tony perkins. none of them said they are endorsing you, is that a concern? >> no, but tony perkins is a 100% ted cruz guy. it was the largest gathering they have ever had. i had tremendous support,
8:04 am
franklin graham and many others were there. >> do you want evangelical support? >> yes, i do. i beat cruz in the evangelical support. i didn't know about anybody. we had over 1,000 people. they expected 100 and it ended up being over 1,000. i think most of them you could have a few grand standers like tony perkins, but i think most of the room, i don't think, i know, 95% of that room is in favor of donald trump. if you look at the numbers i get with evangelicals, we have tremendous, tremendous response from the evangelical community and i won the primaries largely based on the support of evangelicals. >> you made changes in your campaign staff. how influential were your children in seeiaying dad, let'
8:05 am
make some changes. >> they are very smart, they are very intelligent. corey has done a great job. i like him a lot, he likes me a lot, but we're going into a different phase, and i have a very good team of people and i think we will do well and i think the early polls are showing we will do well. >> was part of that your children saying look, we need to gear up. this is a national election, we need battleground states, we need to raise more money. >> there is nothing wrong if they did say that. i read where they didn't like corey, but they like him very much. they felt bad, two of them really felt badly about that, they didn't want that they liked co corey. >> i watched a rally and you said i van ka and milania said
8:06 am
please ask more presidential. >> i assume they were just giving you advice, but what sort of advice were they giving you? >> they love the country. they think i'm doing very well and they proud and all of that, but i only consider myself doing well if i win. what he has done has never been done before, and i say it doesn't matter, if i don't win, i don't consider it to be such a great achievement. this country has tremendous potential. we're being ripped off by everybody. this country has tremendous potential. if we use this potential, we'll be stronger, bigger, better than ever before. you watch. >> you didn't answer my question. >> they would like know be more presidential. i think people would probably leave the stadiums. i fill up the massive stadiums -- it's easier to be presidential, it's harder to do what i do. in houston the other day we had thousands and thousands of
8:07 am
people lined up forever trying to get into a packed convention center. no one has ever seen anything like it. if i stand up there and do a teleprompter speech, there would only be three people. that's is what hillary does. i have to energize the people in the party so they get out and vote in november. we have energized a lot of people. but with all of the false stories that i get that i'm essentially tied, i don't know, i think we're going to do very well. i'll be very presidential when it's the right time. >> he said something interesting once. if you're playing baseball and you win the pennant, why do you change for the world series. so far what he has done has seemed to work very well for him. >> he has real problems with cash and rebellion in the party. and there is a difference
8:08 am
between being presidential and being red meat. ad there is a question of does being presidential have a time and place and is it now. >> but you are who you are, it is interesting to see if there will be changes. >> his children are very smart and intelligent, and they see it is a numbers game. you have to get people to the polls. >> you have to get more people than just what supported you in the primaries. >> and they acknowledge there has to be more substance in the campaign. he will talk more about details of his economic plan. i think we will hear some of that today and the campaign continues. >> they are very tight. >> the convention just a month away. here we go. >> just getting started. >> firefighters in california this morning are keeping up their attack on several wildfires. two are burning about a mile apart. they ballooned to 5400 acres in
8:09 am
the last few days. at least 21 wildfires are burns in the west. in all they burned more than 130,000 acres. firefighters are now worried about shifting winds that could dive divert flames. judith hill said that prince lost consciousness during a flight. he did not respond when she shook him. the plane landed in illinois and was met by paramedics. he was revived on the tarmac with a shot typically used for opioid overdoses. hill says the day she learned of his death was the worth day of her life. a man has died from an alligator attack not far from where a child was attacked at
8:10 am
disney world. he suffered injuries to his leg. a 2-year-old was killed last week when a alligator grabbed him at a disney lagoon. a mother's picture of her daughter standing on a toilet seat has gotten a lot of attention on the internet. the mom said she was practicing what she should do in a lock down drill at school and what happens if you're trapped in a bathroom. they asked if the politicians
8:11 am
actions on gun control is making a difference, the post has been shared more than 2800 times. >> it went from being cute and fun funny to sad for me. >> it is good their practicing something. some sense of what do we do if something terrible happens at our school. >> i think it is good they are practicing, but it makes me sad that they have to practice. >> taylor swift is among the artists looking to stir up trouble in silicon valley. why a coalition of musicians and song writers says that
8:12 am
the airline that carries the the airline that carries the most u.s. domestic passengers will soon fly direct between the united states and cuba. we will talk about that and the battle to speed up airport
8:13 am
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8:17 am
anthony mason show it's is a growing battle between the music and the tech industry. good morning. >> swift and her fellow artists submitted an open letter to congress saying it is outdated and they fail to protect artist interests, but youtube is firing back saying it pays billions to record companies over the year and secured safeguards in place to protect their copyrighted material. >> the reason for the bad blood is artist approved uplosed like this official music video.
8:18 am
it is others that use copyright materi material. >> more than 180 artists from taylor swift to paul mccartney to lady gaga signed an open letter to congress asking for change saying it threatens the viability of songwriters and artists to survive from the creation of music. enacted in 1988, services like youtube have a safe harbor for co copyright infringement. but artists say services like youtube are now overprotected allowing major tech companies to grow and generate huge profits while artists earnings continue to diminish.
8:19 am
trent rezner said youtube is built on the backs of stolen content. >> this is about the future of the business and about the next generations and the next waves of people that will try to make a living off of music. >> they notify record companies when copyrighted music is uploaded. but it says companies chose to leave more than 95% of the unauthorized content online and pocket the licenses fees. in a statement to cbs news, fan uploaded content accounts for roughly 50% of the music industry's you tube revenue. the company says they paid out over $3 billion to the music industry. ♪ >> insiders say it is in the
8:20 am
interest of the web and the music industry to find a compromise. >> i believe youtube absolutely wants this to work. the artists and you tube alike want it to work. >> he tels us that payments in the last were less that's year than what they got from vinyl record sales. >> some big names. it raises an interesting question. >> a big question. >> they have copy right material of any kind on youtube, you can ask them to take it off? >> yes, you can. one of tv's most famous dinosaurs. a rescue after barney goes bad. to prove that viva vantage towels can take on any mess,
8:21 am
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8:24 am
an alabama teenager learned the hard way that barney heads not one size fits all. 15-year-old darby riser in got stuck in her own purple haze for an hour sunday. she was trying to prank her friends. her friends tried vaseline to get her out. when that didn't work, they took her to the fire station. once the firefighters got past the laughing, they helped her
8:25 am
get out. ♪ i love you you eat me we're announced... a wildfire in n diego county is now 15 perct contained, but the number of acres burned is up to 65- good morning. it's 8:5. time for some news headlines. cal fire just announced a wildfire in san diego it county is now 15 contained but the number of acres burned is up to 6500. the so-called border fire has destroyed two homes and 11 outbuildings since it began over the weekend near potrero. about 1000 buildings are threatened. a state assembly committee has advanced a bill in response to last year's deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. under the bill, state agencies will look into how to improve balcony standards and whether to publish information about
8:26 am
constructio malpractice. southwest airline's ceo on the plan to fly direct flights to cuba, coming up on "cbs this morning." stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,, getting louder and louder
8:27 am
you hear that? that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as $69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding good morning. this time around we start in marin. couple of things to look out for westbound 37 near skaggs we have an accident there looks like it may be blocking lanes.
8:28 am
busy anyway westbound near 121. wreck on 101 near 37 southbound slow as you work your way out of novato. better conditions on 580 near the richmond/san rafael bridge. if you are going between 880 and 101 busy near the toll plaza. speaking of 880, let's get a live look at it, 238 to the maze busy ride. an accident near broadway is cleared but the damage is done. here's roberta. this is interesting. our live weather camera suggests that we have the return of the marine layer. yes. low clouds and patchy fog are stacked up at the coast now. we are clear inland where temperatures are responding to the sunshine, 62 in livermore. 63 san jose. later today, cooling down. hot in the east bay. cooler thursday and friday. warming up beginning with the weekend and start to flirt with 100 by tuesday. captions by: caption colorado
8:29 am ,,,,,,
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ that is a brilliant red. look at it streaking across the sky here in new york before a spectacular sunrise this morning. that is pretty. this is a time lapse video, by the way, from manhattan and we invite you to share your sunrises with us on instagram. post your photos with t the #sunrisethismorning. >> i like that. >> i like that, too. it's a nice way to start the day. >> instagram has passed 500 million people who use instagram. >> i love instagram. >> we like it when you wake up
8:31 am
with us, too. >> coming up in this half hour. southwest airline ceo, there he is, gary kelly is in our toyota green room with the mayor. that's peter greenberg and mr. kelly say hello. you're on tv. hi, you two. learn why he wants to overhaul the nation's air traffic control system and how his airline is winning by ignoring wall street. plus her planes protect america only on "cbs this morning," deborah lee james. she tells jonathan duthier how they're fighting back with injuries. "the new york times" reports on new rules for commercial drones. the faa says businesses can use drones under 55 pounds. pilots must be certified and be at least 16 years old. drones can only be flown during the day and under 400 feet. they must also be more than five miles away from airports. the faa stopped short of
8:32 am
approving drone package delivery hat's being pushed by a and google. "the los angeles times" reports on closing arguments today in the copyright trial of "stairway to heaven." led zeppelin is accused of stealing it from a song called "spirit." robert plante testified that he and jimmy paige came up with the notes more than 45 years ago. plante also said he could not recall hanging out with spirit in 1970. >> you like jimmy paige, too. >> i do. >> it would be interesting to see how this turns out. >> you did the interview with them when they won -- >> the kennedy honors. >> i remember that. >> "usa today" reports on how michelle obama is branching out on social media. the first lady joined snapchat and she made news right away with cbs "late late show james cor ben". >> hi. i'm at the white house and i'm going to take a spin in the car and sing some songs with --
8:33 am
>> me. >> ahh! >> the snap chat clip shows the first lady zooming off with corben. >> we know the first lady likes to sing and dance so that will be fun. >> they'll do carpool karaoke around the white house. >> supposedly, they're scouting streets in washington for that to be done so that's going to be interesting. >> that will take a long time. >> i like it. >> "the new york post" reports another breed will be in the dog show. it is a hungarian breed called the pumi. will be eligible for the prestigious westminster show next february. >> what do we think of the pumi? >> i don't know. >> it has high energy. the idea of any kind of herding dog, i love. >> yeah. >> aussies and border collies. >> they're nice. >> we like dogs. we like dogs.
8:34 am
when it comes to airline travel, southwest is soaring. the carrier just celebrated 45 years of service. it flies more domestic passengers than any other airline, more domestic passengers than any other airline. southwest saw a record passenger load in may, more than 85%, but it has not been an entirely smooth ride for travelers. we have shown you the airport security lines lasting hours. now there are warnings about a critical warnings of air traffic controllers. gary kelly is southwest airlines chairman, president and ceo. he has all of the top jobs. we are pleased to welcome him back to studio 57. >> yeah. >> good morning. >> good to have you back. >> good to be back. >> what are you going to do about the challenges that you have and the problems that you have and the concerns of all of us who travel a lot? >> take care of it. our number one priority is to take care of our customers and it's an integrated experience and we work with the government in the form of the faa and the
8:35 am
tsa. everybody wants to do a good job for our customers, but we've got some challenges, and we need to do better. >> i have one small pet peeve. just personal. a number of times recently i have been at the airport ready to get on my plane and they say we have to wait for the crew. that happens a lot. part of that is they're coming off a plane that's getting delayed and they have trouble getting to the airport. they slept late. [ laughter ] >> you must be flying somebody other than southwest airline. >> can you please give your personal cell phone to charlie rose? >> you go into mack arthur. >> you know, southwest has been famous for being a great operator for 45 years in addition to being the largest in the country and offering low fares. through the month of may our on-time performance is above 80%. our folks did a great job there. >> your customer service is off
8:36 am
the charts. when people talk about southwest. number one, you don't charge for two checked bags and you get that for free. you don't charge for changing your seat. i was charged $200 for changing a seat, but people say you're leaving a lot of money on the table, mr. kelly. why do you think that's important to do? >> well, you know, that may be true. i don't believe that that's the case. i think we've reearned a lot of fans and a lot of loyalty over a long period of time because we treat people right. we're proud of the fact that we're america's low fare leader and have been for a long time. we work very hard to keep our costs low so we can keep our fares low and we don't want to surprise our customers with a gotcha. there's no nickel and diming and we're very proud of that. i think that earns us more customers. i think if we started charging the extra fees we would lose more customers than we would add in fees. >> jetblue just added mint condition.
8:37 am
would you consider something like that? >> no. that's really not part of what we do. we focus taking care of every single customer. we have an all-coach cabin and no second-class customers on southwest airlines. everybody is important, and we also focus on short to medium-haul flights. we don't have any ultra-long haul flights. it works very well for us and we're the largest airline. >> i never think of it as second class when you're riding in first class and the seats are bigger and when you have a bigger bottom it's greatly appreciated. >> or if you're 6'3". >> bigger bottom, 6'3". >> we make every one of our seats comfortable. everybody's bottoms. >> let's talk about cuba. when will it start? what's the idea there? >> we're ready to go. we're waiting on the usdot to make the final awards for havana. the other cities that we've been for the slots are all awarded at this point, but havana is key
8:38 am
and hopefully we'll hear something in july, and we can get flights launched this year. i think it's very exciting. >> daily flights? >> it will be daily flights. what we propose side flights from fort lauderdale, orlando and tampa to varadero, santa clara and havana. >> you have raised questions about the air traffic control system and it's outdated and needs reemploy vaing. what are the concerns about passenger safety and plane safety. what needs to be done? >> it's the greatest system money can buy during world war irk i so it is vastly outdated. no one disagrees with that. i think where there is disagreement is how to move forward and we've been working -- our country has been working for decades to try to modernize the system. it's not going to happen at the current pace so we need to reform the faa and set it up as a not for profit corporation and have a board of directors --
8:39 am
>> but is that system making travel more difficult for me? it's less safe? what's the concern? >> it is not less safe, but in order to keep it safe it becomes less and less and less efficient. so if you look at your flight times today compared to even 20 years ago it will take you longer to get from new york to washington. >> the faa does say this, gary, i don't mean to interrupt you, but the clock is ticking. it is significant progress modernizing the world's busiest and most complete aviation industry despite budget cuts. do you agree? >> no. i think our colleagues in the faa are clearly to be applauded for the efforts that they put forth. they are clearly making some progress, but we have a very, very long way to go, and as they admit in that statement it's against very significant obstacles and odds towards
8:40 am
making progress, so we need to take down those barriers. it is a multibillion-dollar e noort is confronting us and we need it now, not 25 years from now if then. the only way to make progress is to reform the faa. >> do you have wi-fi on all your flights? >> we have wi-fi on all of the aircraft that are the next generation boeing 747. >> it depends on which plane? >> we have about 115 classic 737s that do not have the wi-fi, and all of those will be retired in september of next year. ? all right. >> gary kelly. thank you. >> i had stopped flying southwest because they don't let me choose my seats with my kids and i flew and damian thomas is one of your flight attendants and i am now a southwest fan because of damian. >> i hung onto it. >> i'm telling you, this guy was so good. >> team damian right here. she is highlighting -- she's
8:41 am
piloting the u.s. air force toward the future. her name is secretary deborah lee james and she shows us how ,
8:42 am
♪ light piano today i saw a giant. it had no arms, but it welcomed me. (hawk call) it had no heart, but it was alive.
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(train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing".
8:44 am
the woman who leads the u.s. air force just wrapped up one of
8:45 am
her most inspiring personal missions, cheering on some of the troops who risked everything for their country and now work to overcome their challenges through athletic competition. vladimir duthiers at cbsn flew with deborah lee james for a story you will see only on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> good morning. james is the 23rd secretary of the air force and only the second woman to hold the position. she oversees a budget of nearly $140 billion and an active force of 300,000 men and women and it's looking after the welfare of those who serve under her and their families that she considers the most important part of her job. we hopped a flight with the secretary of the air force. deborah lee james. our destination, west point, the u.s. military academy to watch the final day of the warrior game. [ cheering ] >> an annual olympic-style competition for wounded service men and women put on by the department of defense. >> these are survivors, but more
8:46 am
importantly they are thrivers and they are demonstrating resiliency and demonstrating team work. the power of camaraderie. >> reporter: some of the athletes have obvious injuries, but many are broken in ways you can't see, suffering brain injuries and post traumatic stress, what the secretary calls invisible wounds. >> invisible wounds may be invisible, but they are real and they are serious and our job, my job in the air force is to give visibility to the invisible wounds of war. >> chris farrow who competed in track and field events and is a member of the air force sitting volleyball teams suffers from post traumatic stress. >> this is my first warrior games as well, and it's been about recovery. not only for just the adaptive sports side of it, but also with the mental and personal side. >> he's changed so much. >> mallory dinkel was injured in kuwait when the vehicle she was driving was run off the road.
8:47 am
>> what does it mean for you to participate in the warrior games? >> it means the world to me and it feels good to be around people that i don't have to pretend that i'm okay around. no one's judging. it's -- it gives me goosebumps. it's such a good feeling. >> while the air force have had a good showing at the warrior games, these are tough times for the men and women who patrol the sky. >> we have been downsizing our air force for the better part of 25 years. today we are the smallest air force that we have ever been since we became an air force in the year 1947, and when you couple that with nonstop operations in a globally engaged way for the last 25 years it's also hurt our readiness, our ability to keep going and to do our job. >> reporter: yet despite the depleted ranks, a reluctance has left a lion share of the battle
8:48 am
for isis to the white house. >> what has been going on in the middle east both against isil and iraq and syria and of course, there is also ongoing operations in afghanistan. it has been a strain on operations for deploying people much more frequently. >> is it troubling to you that in talking to some of thes men and women today that they've deployed so often? >> well, it's the world that we live in. the world is very complex, and we are a globally engaged air force. so we don't get to take a day off. >> secretary james told me her number one priority is taking care of the men and women of the air force and that includes increasing diversity and improving pay in compensation. it includes looking after her people when they're no longer able to serve which is why the warrior games are so special to her. >> i was watching you during the volleyball tournament and you were sort of like almost like you were back in high school or
8:49 am
something cheering for the team. you were ump jing around and waving and screaming. what was that like? >> it was fantastic. you were there. it was a great game. >> it was. it was a great game. it was a nail biter. it was very exciting being able to compete like that means the world to them and it means the world to them, as well. >> air force! air force! >> she was called the sledgehammer when she was a lobbyist on the hill. i have no doubt that she's going to be able to get done some of the things that she wants to do. you know her from the invictus games because that came from the warrior games. when you talk to some of these soldiers and one guy, robert harper lost his friend in an ied explosion and he said now he is at the warrior games. >> she is in it. >> thank you. you're watching "cbs this hey pal? you ready?
8:50 am
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francisco resident is suing starbucks... after fill drinks good morning. it's 8:55. time for some news headlines of a san francisco resident is suing starbucks after noticing it doesn't fill drinks up all the way. a federal judge is letting the lawsuit move forward. cal fire says the wildfire in san diego county is now 15% contained. but the number of acres burned is up to 6500. the border fire has destroyed two homes and 11 outbuildings since it began over the weekend near potrero. today santa clara county's district attorney is trying to redefine rape in california. the new legislation stems from a sexual assault on the stanford campus. here's roberta. we have a change in the forecast today. take a peek at this. it's our weather camera featuring the return of low clouds and fog.
8:56 am
you see a lot of blue sky on top of that. we'll clear out from the coast today but as a direct result of the return of the marine layer and northwest wind 10 to 20, 60s at the beaches today, high 60s and mid-70s across the bay. peninsula highs notice about 81 to 84 degrees. we jump into the mid- to high 80s across the santa clara rally. 80s to the north as well and out of the triple digits to the 90s east of the bay. additional cooling will take place with a thickening marine layer on thursday and friday. then high pressure muscles back in today and we have a warming trend from saturday through tuesday. a look at your morning commute with gianna. is
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. more bart delays to report this time out of downtown oakland with major delays in both directions. if you are hitting the roads this morning still stop-and-go conditions. we have this accident at the dumbarton bridge near the toll plaza. motorcycle involved. looks like there may be lanes blocked. we have delays off 880 and slow across the span. you can use the san mateo bridge as an alternate but heavy conditions here as well as you work your way from 880 to 101. a slow ride there. and better at the bay bridge.
8:59 am
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