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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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daughter and my dogs? >> reporter: the reason? her landlord says the illegal in-law unit michelle lived in since 2007 isn't safe because it lacks the proper permits. >> what the landlord is saying is that this tenant of nine years is creating a nuisance by using appliances. >> reporter: it's a strategy in a city with an estimated 30 to 50,000 apartments that are unsafe. >> this house isn't made for multiple units and the electrical and plumbing and other issues are involved. >> reporter: this man represents the couple who bought the home in march for $1.3 million and inherited the teacher as a tenant. >> the former owner left her behind and essentially that's where the real bad person is as well as mayor lee's office for not providing affordable housing. >> it's not fair. >> reporter: and in an unusual
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twist, the san francisco apartment association is siding with michelle. the group that represents landlords told us it doesn't support or condone the way the eviction i being handled but it puts people in a difficult situation. >> they don't want to be landlords. >> reporter: for now, michelle is in limbo getting ready to leave but hoping to stay. her case will probably go to trial next month and she says she can't aforked to lose. >> i don't know where i'm going to go. i have no idea. >> reporter: two years ago, san francisco created a special program to help landlords legalize illegal units. first, apartments have to be brought up to code. so far, only 40 units have been converted. in the newsroom, michelle griego, kpix 5. >> this jus in, one of the brothers accused of killing his parents is cleared. the 17-year-old admitted he was at the family home in san jose when his older brother allegedly shot and killed their
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parents in april. but today, the santa clara d.a. dismissed the case against him. during the investigation, detectives removed wall materials with written messages including, sorry, my first kill was clumsy. and the older brother, 22-year- old hasid still faces charges. he told police he shot his father because a stranger ordered him to. now to the "brexit" bombshell. the united kingdom's historic vote to leave the european union is sending shock waves around the world! the decision has plunged britain into uncharted territory. shortly after the vote, prime minister david cameron announced he will step down by october. global stocks took a nosedive. oil prices tumbled. the british pound dropped to a 30-year low. the vote could lead to a breakup of the uk with scotland and northern island calling for a referendum to seek independence. millions of 401(k)s here in the u.s. took a big hit. just yesterday, the markets rally betting that britain
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would vote to stay. but the sell-off started after the opening bell. the dow down more than 500 points within minutes closed down about 611. nasdaq was down 202. s&p fell 76. here in the bay area the "brexit" could change how sillicon valley companies do business around the globe. cate caugiran at the british consulate in san francisco. . >> reporter: diplomats will be working out what their new case is in the bay area. leaving the eu will mean big changes to tech and travel businesses here. >> we're slightly in shock. nobody quite really thought this was going to happen. >> reporter: alex webb a brit in the bay area woke up to a new reality. >> britain has woken up and said, what wait what did we do
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yesterday? this actually happened. >> reporter: alex a tech reportedder for bloomberg says the "brexit" could mean changes for sillicon valley companies. >> this possibility of britain and a huge market diminished enormously. therefore, it might make sillicon valley a more attractive place to build your startup. >> reporter: so it will take two years before the uk officially leaves the eu. what does it mean for bay area companies like google to recently opened london headquarters. >> what does it mean for the employees that they have in the uk? and if they are trying to move peoplebritain, what are the implications. >> reporter: a global business professor says we could see more bay area tech companies looking outside of london. >> [ indiscernible the main effect will be how they manage the european operations, where they establish their headquarters. >> reporter: aside from tech, the "brexit" extends to bay area tourism. >> the uk is our number 2 market in the world and we get
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a half million visitors a year so it's important. >> reporter: the president and ceo of the san francisco travel association says he expects the number of uk visitors to drop immediately. >> short term is where the concern is. right now, with the instability, we just don't know what's going to happen but all of a sudden we have become a lot more expensive. >> reporter: now, on the flip side, joe says it will be a lot cheaper for americans to travel to the uk. but going back to the "brexit" effect on tech, well, experts say that many companies will be in a holding pattern that will be less investment and movement to see how it works out. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. it looks like many brits may not even be sure what they voted for. at least if you go by their google searches. check out the most searched questions in the uk since the "brexit" was announced. number one, what does it mean to leave the eu? and number 2, what is the eu?
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president obama in the bay area as financial markets hit the freefall. mr. obama left for seattle on board air force one this afternoon after moderating a summit at stanford for global entrepreneurs. the events half a world away could not be ignored. >> i do think that yesterday's vote speaks to the ongoing changes and challenges that are raised by globalization. but while the uk's relationship with the eu will change, one thing that will not change is the special relationship that exists between our two nations. that will endure. . >> mr. obama spoke to david cameron and expects an orderly transition out of the eu and they are relationship is networking and sharing ideas. >> you're the bridge, you're the glue. particularly the young people who are here who can help lead towards a more peaceful and
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more prosperous future that provides opportunities for everybody. >> on the panel with the president, facebook founder mark zuckerberg and one young woman who had a hard time believing she was being introduced by the president. >> so let's start with you and tell us, i was hearing some of the great work you're doing. tell us more about it. >> um, thank you. so great to be here. ha ha. um -- [ laughter ] >> whoo! >> that's so great. the president told the crowd during his 2008 campaign he had to depend on young people to craft his social media strategy. mr. obama's mention of myspace brought a groan from mark zuckerberg. one other note. the president's plans sidetracked by the fog this morning. he was supposed to take his helicopter to stanford. but heavy fog near crissy field and the bay forced him to travel by motorcade. big news for the bay area about the george lucas museum. ♪[ music ]
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>> the force is coming to you. >> oh, that's right! it's calling california! not the midwest. ken bastida here to explain what's going on. >> reporter: yeah. in a galaxy not so far away, of the "star wars" creator announcing today the much sought-after attraction will not be built on the chicago lakefront. too much fighting with opponents, that was the final straw. lucas' wife is from chicago and the windy city seemed like a shoo-in when it was announced nearly two years ago. the futuristic 300,000-square- foot museum on 17 acres near soldier field would be built with $750 million funded by george lucas. then came a slew of lawsuits and today, lucas says he had enough. the people trying to, quote, protect a parking lot. >> so that means a site at treasure island is now one of two sites left in the running.
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we asked chicago reporter dana kozlov how the news is playing in her city. >> reporter: hello from chicago where there are a lot of mixed emotions this afternoon about the loss of the lucas museum here actually right here in this parking lot where that museum would have been built on chicago's protected lakefront but i say there's more disappointment than there is happiness about this loss. everyone who wanted it from the mayor on down saying it is a huge cultural loss and a huge economic loss to the city of chicago. however, a group called friends of the park, which exists to protect the lakefront from building, had filed a lawsuit and after trying to deal, we understand, with, um, lucas museum board members, the deal ultimately fell apart but even the executive director of that group said she is disappointed it won't be coming to chicago. she just wishes it would have come to two other locations that had been proposed but again, really i think overall here in chicago there is much more disappointment about the
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fact that the lucas museum will not be coming here. instead, this parking lot along chicago's lakefront will remain. back to you, ken. >> thank you. [ chuckling ] >> thanks very much. this wasn't its first go- around. lucas first wanted to build across from crissy field in the presidio and that got shot down by the presidio trust. they didn't want it there. so the last two sites remaining are treasure island and the university of southern california, where george lucas is an alum. >> i vote for treasure island. >> hollywood in southern california. >> exactly. >> well, you know, it will be interesting. we'll keep ahead of the story and let you know. >> thank you. new at 6:00, low-income housing is scarce in oakland but one church is taking on the challenge and is working from the ground up. kpix 5's da lin with the story. >> wow, this is really going to happen. >> reporter: the pastor is used to this kind of tune. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: lately construction
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noise is becoming music to his ears. >> had no idea this was the furthest thing from my mind as pertains to the operation and what a church actually does. >> reporter: it's the biggest oakland church but like many other churches they are losing members. housing prices have been pushing black families to antioch and stockton. >> our church must be part of the city more than just on sunday. we have to help people get the needs that they have. they have spiritual needs, we're there. before you they have physical needs too. >> reporter: so they are building 59 units of low-income housing on international boulevard. >> we are naming it africatown. >> reporter: the first floor will be retail stores and community center offering job training. >> now we have a chance to really impact our city in a way that's going to be profound. >> reporter: it's the first time an oakland church bought land to build a large low
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income complex. 12 years ago, a different church belt a smaller complex on its existing land. the city put in $7.7 million. the state and the feds paid for the rest. construction will cost roughly $34 million. >> we are trying to revitalize this section. this is the forgotten part of oakland if you will and if you travel up and down the streets like you do you see that nothing really is happening down here. >> reporter: so working on the foundation now, if everything goes according to plan this project should be done by early 2018. in east oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> now, the church isn't done. they are trying to convince the city to allow them to build low income senior house across the street from the current projects. massive crowds are pouring into the bay area for one. world's biggest "pride" celebrations. >> and security measures are in place to make sure everyone has a happy and safe "pride" weekend. >> the grapes of wrath apologizing for bulldozing
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hundreds of old oak trees in the heart of california wine country. >> start your engines! nascar comes to the north bay this weekend. the hometown favorite hoping for a win in one of the biggest races of the season. >> sunny and seasonal today but a warmup is on the way. details on your weekend forecast just ahead. ,, you, youcy plan ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,
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biggest pride celebrations.. hundreds. thousands of people pouring -- hundreds of thousands of people pouring into san francisco this weekend for one of the world's biggest "pride" celebrations of the here's a live picture from dolores park where the weekend kicks off with the 13th annual "trans march." hundreds of people making the walk down dolores to market street. participants were invited to, quote, dress up, show up and speak out. this years' "pride" celebration comes with extra security, too.
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kpix 5's jackie ward in the castro with that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: as we were walking around the castro today everybody was wishing each other a happy "pride" and it will be as long as everyone stays safe. "pride" is a time to celebrate the lgbt community and how far it's come. but the battle for universal acceptance is still there especially after the orlando shooting nearby two weeks ago. for some that will change the vibe of this year's "pride" festivities. >> i might have to be extra cautious going in and might be, you know, not around big crowds. i'm still going to be out with my people. but, um, it's tough. >> reporter: the city promises a 20 to 25% increase in police officers on the streets. some in uniform and some undercover. kpix 5 security analyst jeff harp says a physical police presence is a deterrent. >> you want to have that visible presence and knowing sfpd and the way things work
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around here in san francisco, it's going to be a fun parade, not intrusive and they will be there, they will be obvious but they will still allow everybody to have a good time. >> reporter: while everyone wants to stay say some people hope more police officers doesn't mean less fun. >> i definitely want to have a blast. >> yeah. >> great. >> just want it to be fun. >> another year to have fun and be free. >> reporter: if you are heading to the festival at civic center plaza tomorrow give yourself extra time. metal detectors will be at every entry point and bags will be searched. bags larger than 18x18 are not allowed inside. >> we must remain strong and vigilant. we must speak up for one another and most importantly we must look out for one another. >> reporter: to sign up for emergency notifications from the city of san francisco, all you have to do is text alertsf at 888777. live in the castro, jackie ward, kpix 5. the "pride" parade takes to
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the streets on sunday. market street from 8th street all the way to beale will be closed and you can forget getting this by car. you can also expect streets around the parade to be closed to traffic. bart will be opening at 7 a.m. on sunday to accommodate people celebrating "pride" this weekend. trains will be running on a 20- minute service schedule. and additional trains will be running throughout the day. our coverage of san francisco "pride" continues all weekend long and also online at you can check out the cbs guide to san francisco "pride" 2016 as well as the guide for taking public transportation to san francisco's "pride" events. this weekend health official in san francisco are warning "pride" revelers about a menke cockell outbreak meningococcal infection coming from southern california. one person has died. officials encourage people to get vaccinated. the drive of a party bus
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allegedly caught with carrying teenagers and alcohol drugs in marin county pled not guilty to all the charges. the driver james greene of san francisco faces nine criminal counts including contributing to the delinquency of minors. he is back in court on july 29. police stopped a bus near the larkspur ferry terminal last monday on a tip. he had drug paraphernalia and narcotics. dozens of teenagers were on the bus with drugs and alcohol. a pet store employee pled not guilty to animal cruelty and abuse after allegedly killing a dog last month. the san mateo county d.a. accused 38-year-old juan zarate of strangling the dachshund at petsmart. they say he got angry while trying to clip the dog's nails in a back room. the vet tried to revive the dog. it died. zarate has no known history of animal abuse. the owners of justin
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vineyards are ashamed and sorry about cutting hundreds of oak trees to put in a pond. they plan to restore the land. residents were furious over the oaks and called for a boycott of the wine. the county board of supervisors is considering an ordinance of protection next month. keep an eye out for sharks this weekend. pacifica police have reports of a great while near linda mar beach in pacifica this morning about 10:00. officials say beach-goers should be careful in the water. time now to take a look at the weather. julie watts is in for paul deanno. >> it will be cool on the coast with breezy conditions along the shore but sunny. in fact, tomorrow i don't think we'll see a lot of marine layer. really sunshine for most of the day. hot inland so if you want to cool off take a trip to the beach. outside this evening, blue
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skies over the bay bridge. temperatures ranging from just under 90 degrees in santa rosa to 79 in fremont for your highs today. 77 oakland, 68 in san francisco. so you can see the spread between, say, concord, santa rosa and san francisco. significant temperature difference there. satellite shows what's going on. we have area of high pressure that's going to be building over the next few days and as it does, it will increase our temperatures. so this is really going to be the dominant forecast. for right now still an onshore flow on the coast but it's that northerly flow that's going to keep us warmer inland. just a light offshore flow for some and folks inland will see warmer temperatures than by the bay. sunshine tomorrow at the coast. weekend forecast mostly sunny temperatures near 70 degrees in san francisco. and then of course the sonoma
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raceway this weekend 88 degrees, sunny and hot inland, plenty of sunshine for you there. high temperatures around the bay tomorrow, upper 60s along the coast. mid- to upper 70s by the bay. and then mid-80s to mid-90s depending where you are inland. east bay temperatures topping out near 95 for fairfield, livermore and 91 in santa rosa. extended forecast shows we do see that warming trend continue as we move on in through the workweek. we are in the mid-90s. 60s at the coast. 70s by the bay. upper 90s into early next week and then take a look at that, guys. we are flirting with triple digits by midweek inland. still going to keep some of that coastal cloud cover. so a little cooler along the coast but, you know, really, i think if you are trying to escape the heat, the beach may be a great way to go this weekend. >> seriously. all right. thank you. bay area thieves make off with serious bling but didn't get away from the cameras. the search for the suspects in a $2 million jewelry heist.
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>> and he grew up racing go- karts. now a bay area nascar favorite is hoping to win big on his home turf. his secret weapon in sonoma. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in jewerly. security camera images show a ford sedan drg up to the store in union before dawn. a san francisco store opener says thieves stole $2 million in jewelry. surveillance video shows a ford sedan driving up to the store in union square yesterday before dawn. police say two suspects broke in and emptied jewelry cases into a duffel bag. one has long hair wearing a dark jacket. the other was wearing a dark colored hoodie. so race fans will be going to sonoma for one of the biggest events of the nascar season. [ chuckling ] >> one of the biggest sporting events in the bay area each year. kpix 5's emily turner with folks waiting to welcome a familiar face and car number. emily. >> reporter: this man wants to
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be here on sunday. he is a local from san jose. i hope you're going to root for him. keep an eye on car number 47. that's a.j. allmendinger, he grew up racing everything from bikes to go- karts in the bay area. he grew up in san jose. >> just amazing to, you know, be able to watch him anywhere, you know, but really neat being here at home, you know, and i think hopefully this weekend we can bring home the trophy. >> reporter: aj sits in the top 15 after today's practice round. he is hungry for a winning spot this year after a mechanical issue last year knocked him from second to 37th. >> i feel like our chances are really good. we just got to have a solid weekend. this race is pretty crazy how it plays out with pit strategy and, um, you know, just accidents and this that and the other. >> reporter: and he has a secret weapon that goes beyond the hometown advantage. he spent a lot of time on this very track. >> he grew up racing go-karts
6:27 pm
out here and all that stuff. it's pretty neat for him. it's definitely a hometown race for him. >> reporter: a win would also be just what he need to make it to the post-season and his family and friends have made sure they're all here to watch it happen. >> go easy. >> thank you. i appreciate it. we need him to win because the warriors didn't win, the sharks didn't win. >> aj is going to do it. >> reporter: aj is going to have to do it! so you know what we need that win. so hopefully, that's what will happen. if you want to come out and watch him tomorrow the first qualifying races start at 9:45 but arrive early because traffic is surely going to be a snarl. live in sonoma, emily turner, kpix 5. coming up in our next half- hour, a monster california wildfire turns deadly. dozens of homes burn. now a state of emergency declared near bakersfield. the live report on the struggle to contain the fast-moving flames. >> and they have faces only a
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mother could love but in this contest, it's an asset. we take you to the world's ugliest dog competition in the north bay.
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markets plunge as the u-k v to leave the european union. our top stories at 6:00, the u.s. and world financial markets plunge as the uk votes to leave the european union. the decision prompting prime minister david cameron to resign. wall street hit hard by the news. the dow is down more than 600 points. the presidential candidates taking the opportunity to weigh in on the global financial crisis. donald trump from the ribbon- cutting at his new golf course in scotland. >> people want to take their country back. they want to have independence. >> hillary clinton called the "brexit" a time of uncertainty sent underscoring the need for experienced leadership in the white house. two people killed in a wildfire in kern county. the victims were found in the community of lake isabella. more than 80 homes are destroyed. 1500 more are threatened. the flames have now scorched
6:32 pm
30,000 acres. the fire is only 5% contained. cbs reporter danielle nottingham is joining us live from lake isabella with the latest. >> reporter: allen, the main concern here are the winds. they pick up all day long and that's what firefighters are looking out for. you can see how strong and powerful this fire is. piles of twisted tangled metal and firefighters say that people didn't have much time to escape and one of the big things that accelerated this fire here is many of the homes had propane tanks. police tape surrounds the lake isabella home where two people died in a fast-moving wildfire. >> like driving into the apocalypse, driving into hell. >> reporter: thousands evacuated as the fire wore through. they are unsure what they will find when they return home. >> i haven't seen the damage yet since i came back. but a lot of houses looking
6:33 pm
like they're on fire. >> reporter: richard hopes his home is still standing. >> some people said it was still there when they left. >> reporter: the explosive fire that started thursday afternoon is threatening about 1500 homes. more than 100 buildings have already burned and that number could grow. >> until we get daylight and get damage assessment teams in there, we're not sure of an accurate count. >> reporter: this home didn't stand a chance with a fire fueled by 90-degree temperatures and high winds. the weekend forecast calls for warmer weather. from the air, six tankers and seven helicopters are aiding the assault on the ground. and more desperately needed help is on the way. >> our firefighters haven't stopped. >> reporter: 800 firefighters are already here dealing with steep and rugged terrain. three of them had smoke inhalation injuries. and county officials just gave a briefing here in kern county. they said that they are hoping that some firefighters will be
6:34 pm
able to come in so they can send some firefighters home for rest. and they say the two people that died in the fire, they believe that they were trying to escape the flames and they were overcome by smoke. live in lake isabella, danielle nottingham. back to you. >> seeing the devastation behind you and 1500 hopes still threatened, i can only imagine the residents are -- they're on edge tonight. >> reporter: definitely on edge. you know, many of them didn't have a lot of time to leave. and the other thing that complicates things here, many people don't have power. they don't have cell phone. so some people chose to stay and they are in this community but the people who left aren't allowed back in yet. so they don't know if their homes are still standing. they don't know if their loved ones are okay. also power outages affected a nearby hospital. they had to evacuate because there was no power there. so people were still feeling the effects of this fire here, they are not allowed back in yet so everyone is not quite settled yet, allen.
6:35 pm
>> it's going to be a rough weekend. thank you, cbs reporter danielle nottingham. a recent berkeley high school grad is remembered after he ground on the wednesday. 17-year-old [ non-english name ] was swimming in long lake in placer county when he died. he played rugby for the berkeley rhinos youth rugby where he inspired his teammates. he was headed to cal-poly san luis obispo in the fall. interests no word yet on what caused the drowning. at least 20 people are dead after hours of torrential rain ravaged west virginia. at one point the a home in flames drifted down a river. the governor declared a state of emergency. some locals evacuated their homes. others were trapped and had to wait for rescue. >> all i can see were the homes burning, and then the electrical poles burning. i think i could say that i was scared. >> residents were allowed to return home today. for many of them there was not
6:36 pm
much left. an inspirational seminar by tony robbins wound up backfiring. dozens of people were hurt after being challenged to walk over hot coals set up at a dallas convention center for robbins' turn fear into power event. at least five people were seriously injured. more than 30 others required treatment. a statement issued by robbins research international said only five people asked for treatment beyond what was provided on site there. and that the fire walk was successful for 7,000 other people. the pentagon announced plans to repeal its ban on transgender service members next friday. "usa today" says the defense department is finalizing the details now. the official announcement slated for monday. the president designate the nation's first monument to lgbt rights today. the new stonewall national monument will be in the area around the stone wall inn in new york city. white house officials say the monument will be added to the
6:37 pm
u.s. national park system. a police raid on the stonewall inn in 1969 made history when patrons rioted for a week and the modern lgbt movement. it's been a bay area tradition for decades. they face off for the title of world's ugliest dog. we meet contenders next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:39 pm
met with some odd-looking ds who don't mind being called ugly. it is a contest where the goal is to find the least beautiful. >> kpix 5's don ford met with some odd looking dogs who don't mind being called ugly. [ bark ] >> reporter: theing you will youest dogs are gathering in petaluma -- the ugliest dogs in the world are gathering in petaluma to get the title of ugly he is dog in the world. >> some ugly dogs. >> thank you. >> it's all in the eye of the beholder. >> reporter: soon there will be the eye of the judges. 17 ugly dogs are in the
6:40 pm
contest. and the winner receives a beautiful trophy that's larger than the dog. >> the dogs get a lot of attention. everybody is petting and ooing and aaing and saying things like you're so ugly you're cute. >> reporter: it's happening at the sonoma-marin fair. the dog contest has been happening for 28 years. some dogs don't look ugly. >> her breath is horrible. >> reporter: does your dog bite. >> no. only has one tooth even if it does so it won't hurt that bad. >> reporter: not all are officially ugly. >> very, very sweet. >> reporter: a couple of shelters have displays and letting folks pet these dogs, too. it's just one big dog fest. >> she has a lovely home now. and she is a star! >> reporter: all these dogs are stars. camera crews from around the world including germany and france are here! icky is the warmest. you feel warm to the touch!
6:41 pm
>> yeah. his natural body temperature is 104. they say that on the whaling ships they use them as hot water bottles. >> reporter: the ugliest dog champ will be crowned this evening. in petaluma, don ford, kpix 5. >> in case you were wondering last year's winner quasimodo barred from this year. officials didn't want him dominating the competition. the historic vote to leave the eu sending shock waves around the world. "brexit" could lead to a breakup of the uk with ireland and scotland. tonight we're asking you, did britain make the right decision? you can weigh in on "brexit" right now by tweeting me at #veronicadlcruz. we'll air your comments on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. many are enjoying clear skies and light sea breeze this evening. but some changes warmer changes especially inches are on the way. details in your weekend
6:42 pm
forecast coming up. coming up in sports, we'll introduce you to the warriors two draft picks. and the president has an unusual request for the cavaliers. >> thank you, mr. president. >> plus, meet the livermore swimmer hoping to fulfill his olympic dreams. >> i couldn't be more excited. >> all coming up in sports. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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offer a way for people to vw movies even when they are n connected to an internet ro. netflix may soon offer a way for people to see movies when they're not connected to an internet router. the los gatos-based streaming service reportedly is considering something called download to go. people could put movies on mobile devise and then watch them when they choose. the ceo talked before about a possible offline video feature. so have an arm rest to yourself is enough to make a flight. imagine how excited one man must have been when he got an entire delta flight to himself. he was going from new orleans to atlanta. apparently all the other passengers were rebooked because of delays. the plane had to fly to atlanta
6:46 pm
for a morning departure anyway so he went. a mom mama bear caught on camera stealing garbage and running away on two legs. you can see her in the video here. walking away with the trash on her back legs also mistake her for a human. that's a bear. she puts the bag down in washington. wild wife officials there using the video to remind people to keep their garbage containers covered and indoors. she is not the only bear who walks like a human. the bear in new jersey called pedals has been spotted a few times. experts think she has a injured paw or leg forcing it to walk on its hind legs. >> that's cute but sad. i don't know how i feel about that. [ laughter ] take a look outside right now. blue skies over the south bay and really over everywhere. throughout the bay today
6:47 pm
temperatures this evening are still warm inland. 88 in concord. 84 livermore. 65 san francisco. that's quite a temperature spread between san francisco and concord at this hour. 83 in santa rosa. we'll see more of the temperature spread in the workweek. overnight tonight, low 50s along the coast. mid-50s around the bay. and then upper 50s near 60 degrees for your overnight low for some of the warmer spots inland. what's going on? well, high pressure particular to build over the area over the next couple of days. as this ridge builds, so will our temperatures especially for folks inland. we are not going to see much in the way of a marine layer overnight tonight. going to stay pretty clear. but, watch what happens as we approach sunday. notice we start to see the coastal clouds stack up again. they will move out relatively quickly on sunday. i don't think they will intrude very far into the bay. cooler at the coast and the
6:48 pm
bay, hot inland. weekend warming primarily inland. mild along the coast because of the coastal clouds and again, more clouds for sunday. hot inland next week, triple digits by midweek. we are above average pretty much areawide. significantly above average up to 10 degrees in concord. but only a few degrees above average in san francisco topping out at 71 your forecast high tomorrow 86 in san jose. high temperatures around the bay tomorrow going to top out in the low 90s plays like los gatos and campbell, mid-80s mountain view and palo alto. pacifica 67. half moon bay 67. mid-90s inland. 94 concord. 88 benicia. 89 in vallejo. around the bay, temperatures warming up into the low to mid- 70s. low 80s for mill valley. kentfield 89. 84 petaluma. 91 in santa rosa so we'll see some temperatures inland in the
6:49 pm
90s primarily north and east bay, the rest of us comfortable. temperatures 60s at the coast, 70s at the bay. marine layer returns on sunday.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
cent who needs a victory parade when you have a great graft? >> the warriors used the 30th pick. damian jones could end up replacing fellow free agent-to- be festus ezeli. >> when i asked our scouts and people that do that type of homework said both of them are great kids. great kids. there's what excites me about both of them. >> jones in the plum suit got a taste of the area, stuck in traffic causing the press conference to be delayed for over an hour. he will sit out of summer league play following surgery
6:53 pm
for a torn pec muscle. patrick can drive, jump and defend and likes to dive into a good book now and then. definitely like to read when i can. somebody told me i need to read -- last book was of mic and men. >> the sacramento kings also added some size last night. they took 7'2" papayanitz with their pick. he may not be ready to contribute right away. demarcus cousins didn't hide his feeling about adding another young big guide. he treated, lord, give me strength. earlier this week, cleveland held its first championship parade since 1964. but president obama had one critique of the celebration when he phoned the cavs head coach tyronn lue. >> everybody put on a shirt
6:54 pm
though. >> i will. >> can't be just walking around without a shirt. >> i'll tell them. >> for a week. [ laughter ] >> shumpert taking off his shirt. come on, man. i guess if you are built like that. >> i guess if you are in decent shape, you can do it. >> put on a shirt. some of the biggest stars in the nba are skipping out on the olympics. there is one east bay swimmer who would love a chance to go to brazil. vern glenn has the story. >> reporter: rooney surging on top of the water. >> maxine rooney! >> reporter: the fastest northern california-born 18 and under is just days away interest trying to make his first olympic team. >> it's definitely been a goal since 2012 actually before that and i couldn't be more excited just because how over the years our plan has worked and we are very excited to actually get it there. >> reporter: the olympic trials are in omaha next week. swimming for the pleasanton
6:55 pm
seahawks since he was 8, rooney out of livermore grabbed the spotlight last year in singapore winning the 100 and 200-meter freestyle. in french the name maxine means the greatest. >> you're just that, huh? >> very blessed. >> reporter: subsequent trials vaulted him to the junior nationals and then the national team at just 17. he has been clocking times rivalling and besting michael phelps and ryan lochte. look at some of his best times. both in yardage and meters. times that would make any swim coach salivate. fortunately for the university of florida, rooney heads to gainesville in the fall. the sprinter credits his faith and coaching for his success. except for a goggle incidents before a race. >> i fixed my goggles like this and they snapped. and i was like, i looked around like, what am i going to do? for me and my team nothing that
6:56 pm
like i wear prescription goggles that was kind of -- it was a huge big deal because i couldn't see. >> reporter: monday he competes in the 200-meter free. wednesday the 100. and rio olympics, well, that's something he can visualize. vern glenn, kpix 5. >> we wish him the best. it's coming up next week. >> yeah. >> he is allowed to take off his shirt. [ laughter ] >> but as for the cavs, put something on! >> yeah, right? >> put something on. it's a family event. why do we need all that tattoo and artwork all displayed? i don't know. >> that's coming from you. okay. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather, always on >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. >> you back here at 11. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:57 pm
(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? thank y'all very much. appreciate you now. i appreciate it now. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. hey, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from suwanee, georgia-- that's right up the road-- it's the cox family. and from birmingham, alabama, they're better known as hot ham, alabama, it's the larry family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility to driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge right there.
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give me horace. give me beth. top 8 answers on the board. name something a divorced man hopes his ex-wife will do. beth. beth: make love. steve: make love. horace. pass or play? beth: we're gonna play. steve: they gonna play. bryan, name something a divorced man hope his ex-wife will do. bryan: takes care of the kids. steve: take care of the kids. crystal, name something a divorced man hopes his ex-wife will do. crystal: um, give him money.


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