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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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some families. good afternoon, . live from the bay studios, this is kpix news. >> an opportunity just opened up for some families. good afternoon, everyone. >> welcome to the hotel california. that's what some in need of affordable housing is saying.
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the affordable complex is now ready for residents. >> i'm just looking for an apartment where two people can live in. >> reporter: but in pricey palo alto, affording a home can seem impossible. >> it's difficult, though. that's for sure. i've been waiting for about three years. >> reporter: he thought about living somewhere else, but -- >> grew up here. [ chuckle ] >> reporter: and this old hotel may allow him to grow old here. a faith-based charity which has chosen to remain anonymous is converting hotel california into affordable housing. it's converting 20 rooms into apartments. >> 20 rooms doesn't sound like a lot, but it'll make a difference to those losing their homes or traveling hours and hours to work here. >> reporter: to qualify in one of the homes, you must live or work in palo alto and make less
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than $20,000 a year. 880 on the high end, something he thinks he can afford. >> might. >> reporter: they'll be processed on a first come, first serve basis. people will start moving in here later this month. >> and for more information on these affordable units, you can visit the palo alto housing website at two silicon valley giants are on the verge of becoming one. palo alto based tesla plans to buy solarcity in an all stock deal worth $2.6 billion. solarcity is headquartered san mateo. elon musk says it'll be a one stop shop for clean energy. they're connecting to solarcity's panels. the merger is expected later this year, pending approval of shareholders and regulators.
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tesla and solarcity stocks are falling. a live look at overall big board shows the dow is down about 37 points. you should learn later today about a possible janitor strike in san francisco. their current contract expired at midnight. this is the scene this past thursday when union members and their supporters staged a protest and blocked rush hour traffic at 1st and market street. they're fighting for better salaries and benefits. the men brutally beaten by sheriff deputies are filing a civil lawsuit. the attack happened back in november. it targets alameda county, sheriff gregory enhearn. the deputies in the video were each charged with multiple felonies. the victim is seeking unspecified damages. police in austin, texas, say the bay area woman shot and killed in a popular downtown
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district was likely not the intended target. jackie ward is live in the news room and tells us she was visiting her family. >> reporter: she was known as the life of the party. her brother ricky says the last she told him were, brother, i love you. tameika was out in downtown austin celebrating a happy time in her life. she was engaged to sabrina rudd and they were visiting sabrina's family. they were scheduled to get married next month. >> she went to have fun, spend time with her fiance's family and just enjoy being young and vibrant. >> reporter: tameika's brother, ricky, lives in las vegas and spoke to us via google hangout. she says his sister was standing on sixth street, when -- >> shots rang out. it was three or four shots. >> reporter: killing tameika and injuring others. >> this is something we're dealing with every single day. you turn on the news, another
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killing, another killing, another killing. it has to stop. your heart goes out to the family but you never think it'll come so close to home. >> reporter: they believe the intended target of the shooting was another man whose whereabouts are unknown. this is the latest in a string of several shootings in that area lately. austin police have issued a murder warrant for 24-year-old endaha mccraig, whose bond is set at $2 million. we know the names of three people killed in a crash in a medical transport plane bound for oakland. they identify them as pilot larry mills, flight nurse deborah cruz and michelle carwater. they died when the plane went down friday. a patient also died in the crash. but that person's name has not been released. the pilot's last communication was to report smoke in the cockpit. but ntsb investigators are on site to determine the exact
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cause of the crash. ntsb investigators are also at the scene of a deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. 16 people were killed in saturday's accident. the investigation is focused on whether the basket struck high voltage power lines. several cellphones at the scene may also provide evidence of what happened. this is the deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. following campaign 2016, donald trump facing a lot of criticism this week. right now, protestors are gathered outside trump tower holding signs that say, vets versus hate. this follows controversial remarks trump made about the family of a fallen army muslim captain. craig boswell on the claims that by some that trump has gone too far. >> we will continue to speak up until this candidate behaves in a dignified manner deserving of the candidacy of this office. >> reporter: khan first came
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into the consciousness last week when he spoke out against trump during the the democratic national convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing! >> who wrote that? did hillary clinton's scriptwriters write it? >> reporter: he implied khan silenced his wife for religious reasons. >> she wasn't allowed to say. probably didn't have anything to say. you tell me. >> reporter: she says she remains quiet because she didn't believe she would be able to hold back her comments. >> my religion and conscious never stop me saying whatever i want to say. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has said this attack on the khans further proves that donald trump is unfit as president. >> he has something missing. >> we need to focus on protection of our homeland security. that's the issue, not the tragedy of the khan family. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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now has a 7-point lead in a cbs news poll taken after last week's convention. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> and a popular version of the u.s. constitution, like the one khan displayed during his speech last week, is number two on amazon's best seller list. the new harry potter book is number one. and ahead, the candidates you've never seen before. the first images of the mold, exact replicas of donald trump and hillary clinton. they usually wait until after the election, but this year they wanted to get a head start. bay area headlines, police in stockton valley are releasing this picture of a jewelry store burglary yesterday morning. two men smashed the door to get into scotts valley jewelers, then begin smashing cases. the value of what was taken has not been released. the trial of the man
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accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar is underway. another delay was denied. the 15-year-old morgan hill teenager's body has never been found. she disappeared at her school bus stop in 2012. and san jose fire investigators are looking for the source of a flower shop fire. flames were spotted overnight near willow and vine streets. firefighters believe the blaze may have started in a bathroom used as storage space or a living unit. one person was rescued or treated for minor injuries. another bizarre chapter for golden state warriors for draymond green. this time he posted a photo of his genitalya on snapchat. he initially -- genitalia on snapchat. he later tweeted he was hacked. can't win right now. but then he says it was a mistake by his part. it was intended as a private message but hit the wrong button. earlier this month, he was accused of striking a man in
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the face. why the new miss teen usa is issuing an apology today. >> and devastation in a maryland city. what happened when flash flood waters tore through downtown. >> coming from the kpix weather center, good afternoon, everybody. we have clouds off the coast. we do have the clear skies around the bay. but it's hazy inland. again, another day with smoke in the forecast. we'll talk about which areas adversely effected when the news continues. we'll be right back. for 100 bucks, global entry lets you zip through customs for five years. but we found frustrated applicants who missed their tsa interview. >> this specifically says 1:30. >> 2:45 was our appointment. >> the system is based on military time. >> reporter: because the program is so popular, they're now working around the clock. >> who makes an appointment at 2:00 what in the middle of the night? >> expect -- 2:45 in the middle of the night? >> expect original reporting
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from kpix5 news. expect more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hours after karlie hay's win on saturday.. twitter users pointed out tweets containing the n-word linked to what appeared to be the newly crowned miss teen usa is facing outrage over some of her tweets. she was criticized for using
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the n-word connected to her private instagram account. she said, quote, i admit i have used language publicly in the past i'm not proud of and there's no excuse for. it appears right now hayes will keep her crown. firefighters are in the east san jose foothills making sure a grassfire doesn't flare up again. it burned more than 120 acres yesterday. investigators say it began from a spark from a lawnmower. firefighters recommending people should mow their lawns in the mornings when humidity is higher and winds are calmer. fresno county is also dealing with a wildlife. the so-called goose fire. authorities say at least some homes are damaged. 300 extra firefighters are helping battle the soberanes fire. that's forced more than 40,000 acres.
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it's 18% contained but still threatens 2,000 structures. several communities have been evacuated. firefighters don't expect it to be fully contained until the end of august. a warning to pet owners. a deadly virus effecting cats was recently discovered in hayward. since the feline panleukomenia virus has been found, the shelter is not accepting cats. and in florida,ic is spreading. -- and in florida, zika is spreading. the cluster of new cases is in the st. clair neighborhood in miami. so far, more than 1600 people in the united states are infected. maryland's governor has declared a state of emergency after a flash flood swept through a small town. at least two people were killed in ellicott city when rain came down in downpours over the weekend.
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this video shows cars carried away. damages are in the hundreds of millions and it'll take months for the city to recover. a north carolina man is recovering from bruises and a broken ankle after his car plunged into this massive sinkhole. he says it was rainy and dark last night, causing his suv to overturn. they blame the rain and a rushing creek nearby. now with a check on our weather with roberta. >> in high sierra, the potential for some thunderstorms by mid-week. this is our live weather camera looking out towards ocean beach where we do have overcast conditions. we had pockets of drizzle earlier today. no sunshine there. temperature-wise, 64 degrees in san francisco. 68 in santa rosa. 77 degrees now around the bay area. all right, robert from redwood city. he's reporting 87 degrees.
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and he says clear, blue skies. thanks for checking in, robert! you're right. the skies moving about 8 miles per hour. we're back on schedule at sfo after we saw over an hour delay on some arriving flights due to the overcast conditions. southwest winds, 20. notice how the winds are variable. they'll continue to shift around 10 to 20. that really helps the hazy conditions here. just a beautiful satellite radar imagery. it does paint the picture of the coast. and start to penetrate our inland areas overnight tonight. so the bottom line is, great at the coast. a little hazy around the bay. but you do have the sunshine. dry and hazy skies in our inland areas. and low to the north of us, swinging down a southerly direction. continuing to enhance our marine layer. wait until you see how that works out your seven-day forecast. overall, perfect in the bay area. as far as our averages are concerned. those average temperatures, 95, sacramento.
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there's that chance of monsoonal moisture into the high sierra. 102 in fresno today. 95 in yosemite. we have numbers pretty much where they should be this first day of august. 65, san francisco. 88 degrees in livermore. that's spot on for this time of year. by the time the sun sets at 8:18, michelle will already be shelling s's. [ laughter ] >> we'll still be outside -- z's. [ laughter ] >> we'll still be outside playing! by thursday, temperatures will be cooler. >> 8:18! i'll be done washing dishes by then! >> 8 hours later, shell go to bed. [ laughter ] >> there you go. and a couple trades by the oakland a escobar. >> and one, josh reddick! sorry! he's being sent to l.a. along with rich hill. reddick and hill are free agents after the season.
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the a's were only offering 3. first homes, now businesses giving up their phone landlines. just how fast the trend is now spreading. >> and we want to invite all you pet owners. send us questions about their health and well being. we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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taste of the day, casaba melons. they're a mixed melon. there's plenty of them in the market. but they're not always the most popular melons. probably how they look.
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they almost like like a gourd. they have rough edges all the way around. you see this? let me tell you, they're wonderful. when you cut these open, the sugar ask out of this world. and even though they look like they'll stay around for a while, they don't. the shelf life for these because the sugar content is so high is not as long as other melons. so make sure the color is nice all the way around. small cavity in there and a wonderful aroma. store them on the counter two or three days at the most! or put them on your refrigerator! well, leave them on the counter. leave unused in the fridge. sometimes that can hurt the flavor and silkiness of the texture of this melon. when you cut them inside, that's what they look like, the casaba melon. yum! delicious! always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy.
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casaba, i love them! landlines may soon be the thing of the fast. cellphone canes are louing more and more people to -- companies are now allowing more and more people to ditch their phones. >> what are you doing? >> reporter: she needed a lot of things when she moved in two years ago, she needed a lot of things. but a landline was not one of them. >> when i moved out on my own, i realized there's so many other bills i need to put my money towards. >> reporter: 70% of american households surveyed say they didn't have a landline in 2015, up from just 11% in 2006. and young people are leading the way. about 2/3 of 35 to 45-year-olds don't have a home phone. >> even if it was free, i don't think i have a use for it. >> reporter: it's not just at home people are switching away from landlines. now some businesses are doing the same. joseph morazo is the owner of
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this wine store. by design, customers can reach out by e-mail. >> i feel they have a better experience because of it. >> reporter: basically don't want one, don't need one. >> i don't meaned a landline. i don't want a landline. >> reporter: the shift away from landlines to mobile phones is here to stay, we're told. >> there's about half a million new businesses created every year. and those new businesses are much more likely to be mobile centered. >> reporter: smartphones are taking over the world. >> reporter: and more people are expected to cut the cord. >> ibc found more than ape% of companies surveyed -- than 75% of companies surveyed say they plan on using employee cellphones as part of their service.
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kpix5 weather is sponsored by: you're making this up! no, no, no she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15? 130. no, contenders.
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previously thought... who in the bay area is being told to wear mo this afternoon, we're learning the zika virus could be much worse than previously thought. who in the bay area is being told to wear mosquito repellent to stay safe. coming up tonight at 5:00. one last check on weather. did you get outside today? >> i'm far too busy right now. >> i know! >> a's -- >> yeah!
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i can't imagine josh reddick in dodger blue. i just really can't. >> it especially burns because it's the dodgers. >> salt in an already open wound! >> ouch. >> we kind of knew that was coming. he's been having a heck of a season. well, reddick. i heard rumbles yesterday. but i ignored it. la, la, la, la, la. >> and now it's true! we have to tell you! [ laughter ] >> you won't be sounding off on the weather, though. look how beautiful that is. >> gorgeous! >> have a great day, everyone. ♪ [ music ] ,,
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♪ >> steffy: hey! how was the summit this morning? >> wyatt: oh, it was amazing. everybody's still talking about eric's speech. >> steffy: welt's great you asked him to come along. >> wyatt: i know, right? [ doorbell rings ] [ clears throat ] hey, bro! you're a little overdressed for the beach, aren't you? >> liam: hmm. cute. >> wyatt: you're welcome. >> steffy: how was your interview with prince albert? >> liam: ah, it was great. it was -- it was great. he's gracious, he's informative, and, uh, the guy's got his hands in everything, from global warming, deforestation, marine issues, so he taught me a few things about how i can kind of incorporate that into my foundation. >> steffy: that was really admirable. >> liam: yeah. >> steffy: i heard eva set up a meeting with ed begley jr. >> liam: yeah, and his wife, rachelle, 'cause they're really big environmentali


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