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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> don't you know? >> wednesday, august 3. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we are already giving you a heart time. it's not even 4:30 yet. >> don't you love the bay bridge? >> of course. it's beautiful. >> i just love his enthusiasm for the bay bridge. >> he has a love affair with the bridge. >> i have noticed in my few days that i have been here that is the thing. >> and we all thought the golden gate bridge got all the love. oh, no. no, no, no, no. the bay bridge gets it. if you are heading towards the bay bridge this morning, rise and shine! these are the temperatures that will greet you as you start wednesday. 54 degrees pacifica. it is cool in santa rosa at 50 degrees but it's 60 degrees in san jose. numbers today very similar to tuesday. looks like a broken record. mid-60s at the beaches. 70 around the lip of the bay. mid- and high 70s across the peninsula to the 80s and low 90s inland. we have a big change to talk
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about. that's coming up. but let's bring in roqui. southbound 880 at 98th avenue a big rig blocking the right lane. northbound 880 from 29th to 23rd avenue there's some roadwork there but all lanes are closed until 4:30. it's now 4:31. so they are clearing that out now. back to you. >> thank you. crews are battling a wildfire in napa and yolo counties. the fire began late yesterday afternoon near lake berryessa. it has grown to 1700 acres. evacuations are in effect for canyon creek resort, a campground near winters, as well as a residential area called golden bear estates. the fire is burning near monticello dam, which is on the east southeastern edge of lake berryessa reporter: wild flames raging across the his on the north side of highway 128 just a half mile away, people scrambling to get out of area. >> it's volatile. i saw the fire coming over the
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hill so i'm leaving. >> reporter: it started as a brush fire around 5 a.m., quickly consuming acres of brush and grass. the changing winds pushing the flames east. i'm here on highway 128. this fire is burning very aggressively, very rapidly. the firefighters are creating a fireline right now to try to contain it. >> there's fires all over the state now. we are trying to get resources. the drought doesn't help. everything is dry. >> reporter: on the other side of the hill, a family enjoying their time at a resort. >> a lot of green grass and clearing. if it gets close, we'll leave. >> reporter: this livermore residents rushed to winters when she heard about the fire. >> our friends called us on the honeymoon and said there's a fire at their ranch. so six of us ran up there to get all their trucks and trailers and horses and cows moved somewhere safe. >> reporter: at canyon creek, will moss hopes the flames stay
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on the ridge and don't come down the mountain. >> i'm a little worried they will come down here. hopefully it doesn't. >> reporter: still, ron and his family aren't sticking around to see. >> what are you going to do? >> reporter: parts of highway 128 are still blocked off for eight miles but evacuees have a place to go. there's a public safety center here in winters. back to you. >> thank you. meanwhile, the fire has forced the closure of state highway 128 in that area. there's no word yet on when it might re-open. we now know the cause of a deadly wildfire in monterey county, from an illegal campfire that was abandoned. it's burning more than 44,000 acres. hundreds of people are evacuated and several dozen homes have been destroyed. one worker died when his bulldozer rolled over on the fireline last week. authorities now want answers. >> so i would encourage anybody until the area, you know, at the time of the fire to do the
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right thing and come forward with any information that they might have. >> the fire is 25% contained. firefighters say it could take a month to get it under control. in a few hours, nearly 400 court workers have plans to stand just outside the hall of justice. the union strike means court services will be limited throughout the day. starting at 7 a.m., the picket follows nearly three years of negotiations between the court and the union. the court says that gave its last and best final offer with two pay raises. union offers want three. the union had 00 work -- 600 workers when they got their last raise three years ago and many quit to find higher paying jobs. a little better conditions yesterday in the late afternoon hours when we had a bit of a northwest and westerly wind kick in, blew out some of the smoke and haze. this morning we have calm winds so the smoke is stagnant but we
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should see some improvement as the day wears on. good morning. this is our live weather camera looking out towards sfo area where we have overcast skies. and the possibility of airport delays after 6 a.m. so we'll keep you posted on that but look at the wide range of temperatures. right now from 50 to the north in santa ro 60 to the south in san jose. year in livermore. oakland 57 degrees. temperatures seasonal at the seashore and around the bay from 66 in pacifica where you will have a sliver of some afternoon clearing. 70 degrees in oakland. mid- to high 70s common around the peninsula. we jump up to the 80s across the santa clara valley. low 90s to the east. your full forecast still straight ahead but let's send it to roqui. >> thank you. i love that dress, by the way. let's check oakland and shame. a little roadwork closing southbound and northbound, um, 880 from 29th and 23rd avenues
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two lanes closed in each direction so keep that in mind and then in the san mateo area, eastbound 92 from the west end to the high-rise on the san mateo bridge the right lane is closed. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a crash- landing at the dubai international airport. in this video you can smoke in the distance to the left. the crash happened just a few hours ago. 275 people were on board. the flight was coming from southern india. the dubai government says all the passenger and crew were evacuated, no injuries. investigators are looking into what caused a deadly crash on state highway 99 in merced county. five people were killed and 20 injured when a charter bus hit a pole about 3:30 yesterday morning in the northbound lanes between atwater and livingston. mark sayre has more on the chaotic that followed. >> reporter: it took more than 15 hours for the chp to complete its investigation and
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re-open 99, one of the key routes through the central valley. it was about 3:30 a.m. when the first 911 calls came in, a bus going from mexico by way of los angeles to washington state hit a sign post killing several passengers and injuring nearly almost all on board. the bus was split in half when it hit the sign. jennifer rivera was a passenger. >> i woke up and i was lying on the floor. [ speaking spanish ] >> and i think it crashed into a post. the bus is split open and that's how i got out. >> the loss of life is significant here. >> reporter: rescue workers frantically pulled people to safety from the mangled bus. some were airlifted including the driver, others taken by ambulance to area hospitals. >> we're going to look at every factor. we are going to look at the driver, where he is coming, how long he has been driving, log books, driver status. >> reporter: a man from los
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angeles was behind the wheel. he survived. the magnitude of what happened here was even more apparent later in the day when a tow truck finally pulled the bus from the sign post. the bus was running late for a driver change which was to occur in livingston just a few miles from the crash site. >> this bus, i guess, made several stops. it stopped in different locations. >> reporter: the company that operated the bus is registered with the federal motor carrier safety administration. and as of mid-may, the company has a satisfactory rating. in livingston, in merced county, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> the bus involved in the crash had problems in its most recent insection, april -- inspection, april 28, with no properly working brake warning device. the report says the bus -- the report says it had more than 50 federal violations in two years. >> we are not talking about one
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or two isolated things that had been remedied and practices improved. you have a long history of multiple violations. >> despite the violations, the government rates the bus company's records as satisfactory because there's no evidence of substantial noncompliance with safety requirements. in los gatos, a standoff between the city and an app. a plan involves shutting down the south santa cruz on-ramp to highway 17 for several weekend this is summer so every saturday and sunday in august, plus the entire labor day weekend. some locals say things have definitely reached a breaking point with this app rerouting traffic. [ inaudible ]
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>> we have never, ever seen traffic this bad. >> council members are eager to gather data from the closure because they may consider permanent closures on south santa cruz avenue. scammers are targeting pg&e customers. deputies say someone in half moon bay recently lost more than $4,000. the scammers sent a letter to the victims saying the bill was past due and they must send back money cards back. it's a scam. if you have questions about the bill, call pg&e before paying. republican presidential nominee donald trump is re- opening old wounds within his own party. as cbs reporter hena daniels reports, trump is not readien to doors two prominent republicans who are facing re- election this month reporter: the latest dustup came after donald trump gave an interview to the "washington post" withholding endorsements for house speaker paul ryan and
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arizona senator john mccain. referring to speaker ryan, the republican presidential nominee told the post we need very strong leadership and i'm just not quite there yet. appearing on fox news, trump expressed similar reservations about senator mccain. >> you know, i have never been a big fan of john mccain and i just hate the way our veterans have been treated bay john and other people. i hate it. >> reporter: speaking at the white house yesterday, president obama challenged republican leaders to take a stand. >> if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? >> reporter: in a snub to trump, hewlett-packard's ceo meg whitman and new york congressman richard hannah added their names to a growing list of republicans now intending to vote for hillary clinton. campaigning in florida, clinton's running mate tim
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kaine stuck to message. >> hillary clinton, she is going to be your hiring president. >> reporter: the democratic party still faces its own internal struggles. three more top officials at the democratic national committee resigned tuesday in the wake of the committee's email hack. hena daniels, cbs news. >> hillary clinton is set to campaign today in colorado while donald trump will stump for votes in florida. time now 4:42. a 9-year-old boy is held against his will for more than 90 minutes by teachers. how this local family is finally moving on from the trauma. ,,,,
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officers across the bay area are trying to get closer to those in their communities. last night they came together for some block parties. it was all part of the annual nas night out. kpix 5's christin ayers was at one of those events in oakland. >> reporter: it kicked off with food, community bonding meant to foster discourse between neighbors and police. >> this national night is going
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to be particularly important. >> reporter: this has been a tough year for oakland's embattled police department. a number of officers embroiled in a sex scandal involving a teenaged girl, the department lost three police chiefs in a matter of days. protests have raged throughout oakland. the tensions seemed to come to a head when a man opened fire on a sergeant a week and a half ago. >> everybody is looking so negatively at the police. i think that it will be a great time for to us come together as a community and as police and show we support each other. >> reporter: but not everyone thinks "national night out" is helping oakland. >> it has been happening decades and nothing has changed. >> reporter: half a mile away in west oakland an alternative party. >> the solidarity. >> reporter: no city officials and police. the center for human rights calls it night out for safety and liberation. more than two other parties like it cropped up around the country. >> it's empowering people. >> reporter: police are not the focus here. instead -- >> we're trying to go several
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stems farther and really addressing the systemic change that also caused communities to heavily rely on cops. >> reporter: a sharp departure from police-centric celebrations in oakland and city leaders say that's okay. >> i think there are some people who really need to take the focus off police. >> i'm glad people are thinking about other resources, other assets from within the community that can be brought to bear. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. an autistic child in concord was pinned down by a group of adults for 93 minutes. now his family is getting justice. 9-year-old stewart was a student of anova center, a private school contacted through the oakland -- cd through the oakland unified school district. his parents discovered how far the staff used restraint techniques. for hours he feels held face down unable to move.
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his parents sued and won. >> i was just shocked at how often this was happening, the duration of time he was being restrained for. >> in the settlement, the district must sever all contracts with schools that use prone restraints. they must monitor progress and teach its staff positive behavior. governor jerry brown no longer owns a home in oakland. the house just sold for below asking price. the governor bought the house on skyline boulevard 10 years ago for $2.4 million. he was hoping to make a profit when he put it on the market. the asking price was 2.6. it sold over the weekend for $2,375,000. >> that's a lot of money right there. looks like a nice house. >> beautiful. >> the governor getting set up for after his term? >> maybe. yeah. >> i don't know. >> from the coast to our inland areas we'll have some sunshine. sure, we'll stay socked in the usual areas like the daly city area and colma.
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otherwise, pacifica will have some sunshine today topping off in the mid-60s. right now, our live weather camera does indicate that we have thin overcast over the bay. right there, we can see the top of the bay bridge which was not so visible yesterday so it was a more extensive and deeper marine layer 24 hours ago. 50s and 60s this morning. the winds have been generally under 10 miles per hour. now at 6 in san francisco. three in redwood city. and notice the winds are fluctuating from the north to the north-northwest and the west so we have variable winds this morning up to 10 miles per hour except right there in the fairfield area. it's usually a breezy start to your day. right now the winds are at 17. these winds will rotate to the northwest and westerly this afternoon increasing 10 to 20. so slivers of sunshine in pacifica, moss and montara
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beaches. hazy sunshine inland, still smoke and haze in the upper atmosphere. we do have the clouds stacking up next to the coast but again not quite as extensive as yesterday morning at this time. we have a low right there. what it's doing is enhancing our marine layer but as it continues to progress east and take the precipitation with it we have a slider onshore push. the monsoonal in arizona, storms lifting into the high sierra by the weekend. sunrise at 6:15. by the time it sets at 8:17, mid-60s at the beaches today, 64 to about 70 around the rim of the bay. then we top off in the mid- and high 70s around the peninsula, low 80s around santa clara into san jose, warmer in morgan hill and gilroy. 86 in santa rosa. 90s in our inland areas. cooler conditions with a more extensive marine layer on
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thursday all the way through sunday. that is your wednesday forecast. here's roqui. >> thank you, ro. a fatal crash in the south bay. let's check saratoga. chp alert highway 9 near redwood gulch road all lanes closed so use 17 as an alternate for that one. and then let's move on to san mateo. eastbound 92 from the west end to the high-rise of the san mateo bridge, right lane is closed due to roadwork. then southbound one at highway 92 there is a crash on the shoulder causing some delays. let's take a look at the carquinez bridge to the maze, westbound is going to take about 24 minutes and then of course the bay bridge toll plaza looking good for your early-morning right now. back to you guys. >> thank you. at lake tahoe, while everybody else texted friends in the sand, these bears went right for water. they played in the waves. then they decided a walk on the shore sounded sweet for the bears. they poked around for a bit and
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finally left the beach for their home in the woods. cute video. >> i love how everyone is just standing there watching. >> incredible. in one small south florida town, a tiny gray kitten gets adopted and then within minutes makes a run for it. >> the trouble was monte chose a poor hiding place, stuck inside his owner's car crying. >> i started posting on facebook, does anybody have any suggestions? and it went crazy. >> the owner was glad for the help because the kitten got trapped between the car's electronics and radio. there was no way to reach him. so for 20 hours with the hot sun on the car, neighbors and local mechanics tried to help monte escape. denise says it required a lot of tinkering. >> disassembled my dash piece by piece cutting it out and still looking and taking pieces
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apart. >> well, finally the mechanics proposed sawing through the dash so the animal could be freed and they did it and now she is in the yard hopefully being careful. but that little guy got into some trouble there. time now 4:52. tesla earnings come out today as the stock drops. the problems currently plaguing the company.
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many in the auto industry are holding their breath... in a few hours tesla will release its 2nd quarter earnings. many in the auto industry are holding their breaths. tesla's recent announcement to merge with solarcity has been controversial. stock in the company continues to fall after announcing that merger. shares are down almost 7% year-
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to-date and could fall even more after today's 2nd quarter earnings. elon musk's decision to put tesla and solarcity under one roof was a $2 billion move. it came at the at the end of a pretty rough summer for tesla. autopilot technology has fought an uphill battle after the death of a tesla enthusiast to crash his car in autopilot mode. employees wonder whether the technology is ready for widespread use. some say elon musk is unfazed. >> he is not backing down even they people are saying it's danger are you, you're moving too fast. people at consumer reports say, okay, can you at least tell the drives to keep their hands on the wheel? to elon musk and tesla, they would rather keep pushing and make the technology better. >> tesla meantime appears to be burning through cash at a rapid rate. after raising more than $1.5 billion this spring, musk says he may have to raise even more.
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google is getting ready to deliver by drone. google's project wing will start testing its delivery drones. the announcement is part of the white house's office of science and technology policy. the faa is on board saying it hopes drones will be able to fly problem-free before the end of the year. white house officials also say that the drone industry could eventually create nearly $83 billion into the u.s. economy. a new jersey man has filed a class action lawsuit to keep "pokemon go" players away from his house. he is suing san francisco-based company because he says for the past month, strangers have been lingering outside his home and even knocking on his door asking him to get into his backyard for pokemons placed in his backyard. they blame the company for populating the real world with pokemon without facing the consequences. so far the company that makes the game hasn't responded. stanford has a new smartphone one you can unlock
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with your own eyes. this is the galaxy note 7. among the features an iris scanner that allows users to unlock the phone with their eyeballs. it has a waterproof stylus and feature that makes the device extra security. the note 7 comes in four colors, black, gold, silver and blue coral. it will be available for preorders starting on wednesday. >> looks cool. and this is cool. mtv is going old school. 35 years after its launch, the network is bringing back some favorites. mtv classic will feature past programs like "beavis and butthead," add weekly live music performances and bring back mtv unplugged. so videos back on mtv again, back to the basics. a vallejo woman was kidnapped but police don't believe her. now the cops are finally talking about why thought it was a fake. >> reporter: hundreds of santa clara court workers plan to
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strike today so what does that mean for court services including suspects expected to face a judge today? ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi. let's get a look at weather and traffic. 's roberta gonzal good morning. it's wednesday, august 3. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check the conditions this morning on a wednesday morning. >> it's "hump day"! >> wednesday morning. live look at the golden gate bridge. things looking very nice as people commute into the city. >> yes. let's not say tuesday. we don't want to go backwards! >> we want to give equal love from the golden gate bridge to the bay bridge this morning where we have some thin overcast skies. temperatures into the 50s and 60s as you get ready to kick- start your wednesday. >> wednesday! >> wednesday. [ laughter ] >> san jose


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