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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 4, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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in the west. it is thursday, august 4, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump says his campaign is running smoothly, despite his riff with top republicans and shrinking poll numbers. an american woman is killed and several wounded in a knife attack in central london. we're on the scene in a popular tourist area. alleged sexual abuse scandal rocks u.s. gymnastics days before the game. the usa star network accused coaches of inappropriate behavior. we begin with a look at today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> i just want to tell you the
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campaign is doing really well. it has never been so well united. >> donald trump claims party unity. >> what is he doing? >> donald trump's worst enemy is donald trump. he is just a terrible candidate. >> no more talking about paul ryan, ted cruz, or even john mccain. donald trump should focus on the democratic nominee. >> hillary clinton, she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. that's what it was. >> i frankly think it is better for us to have an economy where you hear you're hired instead of you're fired. >> zika continuing to spread, 33 u.s. military members, including one pregnant women, infected while serving overseas. >> new video showing the chaos inside a passenger jet after it crash landed in dubai. >> really intense. >> a woman killed and up to five people injured in a knife attack in central london. >> i can say the woman who was murdered was an american national. >> hurricane earl, storming
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central america. made landfall in belize. >> united states off to a winning start in their quest for the gold. >> all that -- >> ♪ happy birthday to you >> celebrating his birthday. >> i'm disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm. >> and all that matters. >> you know, i am a good golfer, believe it or not. people are shocked. people are shocked. let me -- i should play obama for the presidency. >> on "cbs this morning.." >> i'll do it. >> i'muessing really, this is wishful thinking, but senior gop officials are exploring options if trump drops out. in fact, top republicans have been seen standing outside mitt romney's householding bo holdin
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boxes. brought to you by tow you b toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump is falling further behind hillary clinton in the presidential race. the latest national polls shows clinton has opened up a ten point lead during a rough week for trump. clinton has 49%, trump 39%. >> the republican standard bearer finds himself facing more criticism within his own party. many republican leaders think his controversial comments could cause lasting damage to his campaign and the party. major garrett is in jacksonville florida. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump's campaign woes have been well chronicled all week. his quick temper and lack of discipline the prospect for beating hillary clinton in jeopardy. zika is understandably a big topic in florida, trump has
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no- -- trump insists everything, he means everything, is just fine. >> i have to say, our campaign is doing so nicely. >> reporter: during a swieng through florida, he insists all is well, even though his fall in the polls could be irreversible. >> it is self-destructive. >> reporter: daytona beach, he tried to preemt attacks from hillary clinton and her allies. >> blood coming out of her where ever. you gotta see this guy, i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> i meant her nose. or her ears. or her mouth. but these people are perverted. >> reporter: rehashing months old comments about megyn kelly and a disabled reporter, trump only drew more attention to hillary clinton talking points. >> he was groveling. i won't make the motions. >> reporter: in an interview,
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trump admitted they have a point about picking unnecessary fights. >> well, i think that's probably right. more focus on hillary clinton. she is a disaster. >> reporter: nearly two thirds of voters don't believe clinton or trump are trustworthy, but believe clinton is more qualified to be president. trump is the most competitive on the handling of terrorism and national security, where the two an dates are tied. >> it was hillary clinton that she should get an award from them as the founder of isis. >> reporter: trump tried to capitalize on that strength, with a lengthy criticism of the obama administration's cash transfer to iran at the time four u.s. hostages were released. >> being shipped overnight to iran, $400 million. >> reporter: then veered way off track, describing a so-called secret videotape. >> the tape is of the people taking the money off the plane, right. that means that in order to
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embarrass us further, iran sent us the tapes. >> reporter: trump mentioned what he called the top secret video twice yesterday, but trump's facts simply don't lineup. this is the video that the campaign said the candidate was referencing. it is footage of u.s. hostages landing in geneva, not of a cash exchange with iran. no government officials we've reached out to this footage exists, even though trump repeatedly refers to it. >> thanks, major. welcome, good to be with you. tell me what series of events could put donald trump in a point of no return? are we headed for that moment? >> well, look, if he continues week after week, attacking people who are not conventional political adversaries, mike bloomberg delivers a treespeech trump punches back. when he is punching at people like the kahn family, like judge
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curiel, you'll see that week after week, where the clinton campai campaign baits him with these figures, and he is punching down. that will be -- continue to create inflection points. the effect will be trump's polling will come down, which we're already starting to see, and you'll see, he had a good fundraising month, but i don't think it is sustainable. you'll see fundraising take a hit. if by labor day, his poll numbers are down and funds for the rnc doctare drying up, you d see real panic set in. >> he said yesterday that the campaign is more united. people want do hato have an intervention for him. people are deflecting. how do you describe this that they can say everything is fine? >> they've also said the nfl sent them a letter, that paul ryan asked for his endorsement.
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i think he has a tendency to assert things that aren't true and he hopes there a flurry of them that the media can't keep up with them. i mean, anyone who argues this is a functional campaign that is well organized by any metric, republicans, democrats, nobody has seen anything like this. it is a one man band. >> we know the hillary clinton campaign is courting gop defections. what are you hearing in terms of republicans jumping ship. >> there will be more of them. we just had meg whitman, we learned this morning, seth cl a claman, he is going to help hillary clinton assertively. i'm hearing of others who are contemplating it. i think they'll be coming out over the next few weeks. >> what is amazing to me is the most powerful republican in the country, the speaker of the house, he doesn't endorse him.
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>> yeah, no, it's -- by the way, paul ryan said two things to donald trump. one, i will endorse you, but i will speak out when you say things that are offensive. but i will try to unite the party. if you look at the speech paul ryan gave at the republican convention, he mentioned trump's name more than once. his message was party unity. in return, trump basically punches him. which is just, this is the opposite of party unity. this isn't march or april. this is august, less than 100 days. >> that split is on the front page of major newspapers this morning, about trump and pence supporting ryan. thank you. >> thank you, dan. ahead, paul manafort will be here in studio 57, and we will get his take on the rift between trump and top republicans, and whether the campaign get back on track. >> hillary clinton's campaign is playing offense on the economy today. the democratic nominee tacked donald trump yesterday, for
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using overseas manufactures, saying the trump presidency would hurt the economy. she was the a tie maker in denver, and she'll in nevada today. nancy has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, clinton will be making the case here today forapprenticeships, giving businesses a tax credit. the campaign says plans like this, or the facts that she has plans at all, separates her from donald trump. >> this is a tie right here. >> in denver, clinton visited a company called naughty tie. she wasn't shopping for bill. she was there to make a point about trump, outsourcing. >> he paid chinese workers to make trump ties. this is one of them. it has his name on it, of course. and instead of deciding to make those ties right here in colorado, with a company like
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notty. >> reporter: it is part of a week long -- this new ad. >> these ties are made in china. >> made in colorado, not china. >> reporter: clinton argued, she unlike trump, would launch a jobs plan as president. >> we are not going to let him do to america what he has done to so many other people. >> reporter: she got some backup from an unnic loulikely source. meg whitman, who encouraged fellow republicans to reject donald trump this november. whitman joins a growing list of high profile republicans who aren't just backing away from trump. they're embracing his opponent. >> the clinton campaign almost certainly has quite a number of others in their pocket. zmpl . >> reporter: political analyst, larry sabato said it will have an effect and send a message to
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gop voters that it is okay to switch sides. >> turn it around and ask yourself a basic question. how many prominent democrats have endorsed donald trump. >> we're seeing battleground states, a new poll in new hampshire has clinton leading trump by 15 points. that's really remarkable, norah, given trump was leading in a similar poll back in may by two points. >> nancy, thank you so much. i'll be meeting up with vice-presidential nominee, tim kaine. you'll get a first interview tonight on "cbc evening news" and more on our show "cbs this morning." a woman killed in central lond london. five other hurt in the knife attack in an area popular with tourists. a 19-year-old suspect is in custody. police have stepped up security. at the scene of the stabbings in london's russell square with the latest details. elizabeth, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. witnesses have told us a man began attacking people with a knife, pa apparently at random after 10:30 here last night. police showed up almost immediately and tasered him but by then, the american woman, the victim, was lying dying on the pavement. five others were wounded, one of those also a u.s. citizen. we don't know the name of the attacker, but he was a norwegian with somalia. there have been six attacks in europe since the beginning of june and the police have been candid, telling britain, it is probably a case of when, not if. by and large, police officers don't carry firearms in this country. but just yesterday, the police announced they were adding thousands of armed officers to
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the forces across the country. over the next couple of years in response to the heightened terrorist threats. >> thank you, elizabeth palmer, reporting from london. now former u.s. transit police officer faces a charge of trying to help isis. the arrest of nicholas young marks the very first time that a law enforcement officer has been charged in connection with a terror case here in the united states. jeff is in washington, and shows us why the fbi was watching him. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. nicholas young was an armed transit cop who according to court papers, seemed paranoid by being watched by federal agents. his suspicions turned out to be right. they were monitoring what he was saying and doing. when he appeared in a virginia courtroom, nicholas young was shackled, wearing a t-shirt and his uniform trousers. the transit officer is facing a charge that he attempted to
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provide material support to isis. a fairfax county native, because of his association with known terrorism suspects, including am amin khlalifi, and he was arrested. >> the biggest reason this is a concern, it was a person in law enforcement, in a position of trust. >> the national security analyst for cbs news -- >> if he had used his a access to help plan an attack in the united states, all those things are possibilities for someone in his position who wanted to actively support isis. >> investigators say that young, who had been a transit officer for 13 years, but they allege that over the last several years, he had expressed support
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for terrorist organizations. court documents state that young admitted he traveled to libya twice in 2011 to join rebels attempts to overlow the gadhafi regime. he recommended the use of a burner phone from wireless hot spots. he didn't know it, but the person he told was an fbi source. it wasn't words, but actions that led to his arrest. investigators say he ultimately purchased gift cards to gift to isis operatives who he thought would use them for untraceable mobile messaging accounts. he was giving them to the fbi. norah. >> good work by the fbi. jeff, thank you. an aerial attack began early this morning in south florida, but the department of health and human services is saying money could run out this months. 15 cases have been confirmed in miami-dade and broward counties.
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david bis in miami. david, goods morning. >> reporter: good morning, the pilot took off about five hours ago, and we've watched him go back and forth, from the rooftop, we've been watching. you can see the chemicals behind the plane. it is known not to be effective in controlling the zika virus. but ground spraying isn't working as well as officials were hoping. as one mosquito expert told me, why not try any way. they're all but begging the federal government for more money in the zika fight. it is challenging, and expensive. the first zika vaccine is being tested by the nih. it uses a d in. a approach, similar to how the west nile virus vaccine was developed. 80 volunteers are the focus of the first phase of testing. if successful, up to 5,000
7:18 am
people could be tested in a second phase starting in january. >> the president asked for $1.9 billion in february. >> national institute of al allergy, dr. anthony falcci. >> if we don't get the money soon, that will interfere with the smooth transition into the phase two trial. >> florida is the only state to report locally transmitted cases of zika. miami-dade county is using an insecticide to spray the bugs from the air. in puerto rico, where 5,000 cases have been reported, officials rejected using the chemicals over health concerns, but the epa insists the pesticide is safe. last year, an estimated 15 million people visited miami and spent about $24 billion. so for the city, zika's threat is more than just a health crisis. >> how concerned are you about what this may do to florida's
7:19 am
tourism industry? >> people are concerned. >> marco rubio. >> do you think there is a reluctance to act more aggressively because they are afraid of what they do to tourism. >> i haven't seen that. the state has put up to $20 million to deal with this issue. i don't think the state would put public health behind tourism. >> reporter: if you are a pregnant woman in florida and you want to get a zika test, you can get it done for free. go to a county health department any where in the state and they'll do it. it is not just the public, but the u.s. military. 44 have contracted the virus, and one is a pregnant woman. >> thank you, sir. you saw the incredible video right here after a passenger jet went up
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chinatown crime boss in san francisco comes to a close. raymond "shrimp boy" chow will be good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. today the long legal saga of a chinatown crime boss in san francisco comes to a close. raymond "shrimp boy" chow will be sentenced to life in prison on a laundry list of charges including conspiracy to commit murder and racketeering. tonight more fogging is scheduled in atherton to prevent the spread of the west nile virus after infected mosquitos were found last week. it starts at 9 p.m. a man goes on a deadly stabbing rampage in london. details on "cbs this morning." stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,
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time now 7:26.
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let's look at our morning traffic. westbound 80, west of pomona, there's a car versus a big rig accident and actually the car is stuck under the big rig so that a big visual distraction there. cars moving at 58 miles per hour. now moving on northbound 101 at mathilda avenue an accident moved to the shoulder. cars at 21 miles per hour so very slow there with a lot of red arrows. and let's take a look at your bay bridge. toll plaza looking stacked. the maze to downtown about 12 minutes westbound. >> hi, roqui. good morning, everybody. our live weather camera looking out from our kpix 5 studios east. and we have a gray slate and pockets of drizzle. temperatures into the 50s and 60s. it's even overcast inland by just 45 miles. but the sun will shine in livermore but the temperature comes down to 83 degrees out of the 90s. 78 degrees to the south in san jose. north in santa rosa 60s will be common around the lip of the bay. no sunshine at the beaches. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ in the last 24 hours, donald trump has refused to endorse republican leaders up for re-election, accused john mccain of failing veterans and suggested americans pull their 401(k)s out of the stock market and threw out a crying baby at a rally, fought with the father of a dead soldier and suggested president obama was responsible for the death of troops during george w. bush's time in office. said voters, yeah, but i'm not sure i trust hillary clinton! >> sound like quite a week. we will discuss all of that. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, donald trump's campaign manager paul manafort has just arrived in studio 57. he will -- hello.
7:31 am
he will reports of chaos in the campaign and what the gop nominee must do to earn stronger support from top republicans. >> while investigators look at what went wrong with this burning jetliner in dubai, we will look at what went right. see how the crew knew exactly what to do, even when one of the escape chutes failed. ahead, we will talk to a long time flight attendant who survived a similar accident. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" says justice department officials objected to sending cash to iran at the same time as tehran released four imprisoned americans. the americans were freed in january. those officials raised alarm that $400 million delivered to iran to solve a legal dispute would look like a ransom. the objections were overruled. a white house spokesman denies a ransom was paid. the arizona republic reports on a ninth incident linked to a serial street shooter in the phoenix area and he is suspected of killing seven people. the latest incident on july
7:32 am
11th. a man and child in a vehicle he shot at but no one was hurt. >> business insider says that walmart reportedly is in talks to take over the retail start-up was launched a year ago to compete with amazon online. could be worth $3 billion. like amazon, jet offers discounts and shipping deals to its users. donald trump's campaign is on the defensive this morning after a week full of controversy and comments broadcast. trump stirred up a feud with a family of a muslim soldier killed in iraq. in a stadium interview, he seemed to deny russia's military involvement in ukraine. his comments monday about sexual harassment sparked a backlash. >> on tuesday, trump refused to endorse house speaker paul ryan or senator john mccain in their primaries and by wednesday trump lost the support of two republican congressman and a prominent donor. trump denied any trouble yesterday in florida. >> so i just want to tell you, the campaign is doing really
7:33 am
well. it's never been so well united. we started on june 16th. i would say right now, it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. we are doing incredibly well. we are leading in the state of florida. >> paul manafort is chairman of the trump campaign. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is interesting. newt gingrich has said if he has more weeks like this, it's going to be too far gone in order to catch up. ben weber said he would vote for clinton and karl rove said if he had more weeks like this, as i said. there is range of friendly fire taking place at this time. that suggests that it may be slipping, time is of the essence and more weeks like this may make it impossible to catch up. >> well, that's not true. i mean, there is plenty of time. we are in the first week of august. usually, campaigns start in terms of -- don't start until september and august is a very aggressive month, however. mr. trump, yesterday, was in
7:34 am
florida and crowd of 15,000 people. those are october crowds in many campaigns. we have announced all of our 50 state directors this week. everybody is employed and working. we raised a record amount of money last month, $80 million and no bills and this is all cash on hand. so, no, we are feeling comfortable. what -- >> comfortable? >> comfortable where we are as an organization. what we are not comfortable is the narrative that the media seems to be taking which is -- which is building a story line that -- that the democrats are controlling the race. we feel comfortable. if you look at our messages, this is going to be an election about change and all of the polls -- >> you're talking about change. you're talking about, you know, the khan family and a whole range of things that are not about tang and about issues. >> we were talking about change yesterday and we will be the rest of this week and next week, talking about our plan. the khan family situation, mr. trump was trying to talk about the fact that they were caught up in something bigger than
7:35 am
that. yes, he was sorry about about the loss of their son as we all are. what he was trying to talk about the issue was the war. and the rise of isis. >> wouldn't you agree, paul, this has been a very bad week for the trump campaign? and how are you guys able to ignore the drop in poll numbers and the defections that are happening? >> well, the drop in poll numbers were expected. >> this big of a drop was expected? >> well, the -- not this big of a drop but depends on which poll you look at. we feel like in another week or so, the polls are going to each up. we always thought we had a bounce and knew the democrats would have a bounce. now you see a situation in what looks like an and even field but two weeks we think that will even out. we are out there on our message, which we be. the fo we don't plan on winning in august. we plan on winning in november. that will become evident as the
7:36 am
campaign deploys. there is a lot going owe local level you don't see. >> he doesn't appear to stay on message. isn't that an issue for you? >> well, the thing is he's -- he nit-picks what he said. like the other day he was talking about a strong message on what is going on with this $400 million in iran which is an o outrageous amount of money that was paid for the four hostages that probably went straight to the terrorists. it was cash. we gave $400 million cash to the iranians the harbor of terrorism. you can only on imagine where that money went. >> in that same rally where he got on message, hitting the obama administration on that point, he also went off message and sort of rehashed some old controversies, including the split with fox news host megyn kelly. i mean, he went back to talking about the blood coming out of her -- whatever. was it helpful, do you think, for mr. trump yesterday to clarify which part of her body he meant when ed that?
7:37 am
>> look. there is a responsibility on both parts, the cuba and the campaigns. everybody knew what the message was in that speech and he was talking about the iran situation and talking about the cash and the decisions -- >> do you watch that speech and said, oh, no! the haebeadline was on the 400 million and why did he have to go there and rehash these old controversies? >> we feel comfortable that the issues are being heard at the local levels and they not necessarily are going reported at the national level but there is local media too. >> let me ask you specifically about mr. trump not endorsing paul ryan. it's the front page of many of the papers today. and then his vice presidential running mate disagreeing with him and saying i strongly support paul ryan. let me ask you -- you're a lifelong republican and a loyal one. do you support speaker ryan's re-election? >> look, i'm chairman of the campaign. as chairman of the campaign, we have campaign position of not getting involved in primaries.
7:38 am
paul ryan is a close personal friend of mike pence. paul ryan nominated governor pence at the republican convention for vice president. donald trump understood that relationship and, of course, -- >> you're a lifelong republican. you've served for presidents in the past for years. do you support speaker paul ryan? >> look. i support the speaker and i know after next week, i'm supporting him as a candidate for president -- i mean as -- >> really? >> oh, there is talk about that! >> please talk into the microphone! >> donald trump was getting out of the election and paul ryan jumping in? >> there is that rumor, paul manafort that he is getting out. what will it take for him to endorse paul ryan? >> he is going to support paul ryan. he does support paul ryan. he said he is going to work with paul ryan. there is no issue about that. he didn't take a position in the primary. he said he's not taking a position in many primaries. that's not the news. the news is the two of them
7:39 am
working together to elect republican congress and a republican president and i think you're going to see that. >> can i just ask you this question in terms of your previous role? i spent a fair amount of time as a reporter with vladimir putin in terms of an interview, maybe five hours we were together. he constantly said to me the cia and others were responsible for the overthrow of the president in ukraine. do you believe he is right on that? do you know him as a client? >> this was a long conversation. i think the issues of ukraine deal with a lot of american politics. >> do you think american politics were involved in the overthrow of their country? i don't think he was he is the person he was reputed to be. >> he ended up in moscow. >> well, yeah. but not in a good place. the situation in ukraine is the geo politics are interesting if
7:40 am
you look at it. ukraine is in europe today and in europe today because of the agreement that was negotiate by him. >> you're right. a conversation for another time. >> i think we should get back to your saying that donald trump is going to endorse paul ryan for president. i think that was very interesting. >> he said he is not yet prepared to do it and hasn't ruled it out, correct? endorsing paul ryan? not for president, for speaker. >> i'm going to get in trouble. >> you're right, paul manafort. we like having you at the table. thank you for coming in today. >> how did an airline crew save everybody on board from something like this in less than two minutes? amazing. everybody survived here. it's coming up on "cbs this morning."
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,,,, morning, are helping probe the fiery crash landing after an emirates jet in dubai. we showed you yesterday, the boeing 777 burst in flames after skidding across the runway.
7:45 am
all 300 people on board got out alive. kris van cleave is at reagan national airport that is outside of washington with the lessons that helped everybody escape. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are still questions about flight 521. we know it was cleared to land and then, moments later, air traffic control recordings seemed to indicate the pilots were told to climb to 4,000 feet and essentially abort that landing and moments later, the plane came down any way. cell phone video showed the chaotic evacuation moments after the plane crash landed in dubai what appears to be smoke starts to fill the cabin. the captain is heard telling the crew to evacuate. but watch as passengers first stop to get their bags from the overhead bins. >> leave the bags! get outside! >> reporter: flight attendant tells flyers to hurry out of the plane. >> jump! jump! jump! >> reporter: this passenger exits through a slide, another slide closer to the wing is seen
7:46 am
improperly deployed. the nearby engine is already on fire. >> coming in safely and then hit the runway. >> reporter: all 300 people on board, including six americans, got out before this fireball quickly engulfed the plane. a firefighter on the ground died trying to put out those flames. the plane was seen skidding on its belly before coming to a halt, leaving a big question -- what happened to the landing gear? >> the aircraft is under inspection, checks and all of that. >> separate evacuate tests. >> reporter: this is video of an a-380 super jumbo jet being evacuated. to be seshed for service, airbus had to show it could be cleared in 90 second with the exits blocked. christine witten experienced a similar incident. >> once you learn the
7:47 am
procedures, you don't forget them, and so you just go in to that mode and it's a very unusual kind of experience, but it basically saves lives. >> reporter: only a handful of minor injuries amongst the passengers and crew of this flight. now, a team of five from the ntsb is joining the investigation. the first goal will be to recover the flight data and voice recorders to start that investigation. the airline has ruled out terrorism in this incident. norah? >> really interesting. thank you so much. a camera perched high in a forest course in maine captures nature in action. ahead, the stunning swoop showing a bald eagle's feed and strength. first, it's time to check your local weather. ,,
7:48 am
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♪ rare video captures a bald eagle swooping in to grab a young osprey while its parents were away. another flew for the first time to avoid the predator but the third chick did not react fast enough to escape. >> wow. >> i don't like to see that one. ahead, we are in rio why u.s. women soccer star hope solo was booed by brazilians. you're watching "cbs this morning." it's gluten. there's gold in them thar shells. liquid gold.
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workers are on strike, picketing outside the hall of justice. their union has been pushing for three raises, but the court has offered two. many hearings have been pushed to lat it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. hundreds of san jose court workers are picketing on strike outside the hall of justice. the union wants three raises but the court offered 2. many hearings are postponed. today as jury deliberations continue in pg&e's federal trial, some in san bruno with pushing for answers about why the maximum potential fine is slashed significantly now $6 million down from $562 million. and coming up this morning, ahead of the olympic games, allegations of sexual misconduct scandal at usa gymnastics. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
7:58 am
hello. this is roqui theus from the kpix 5 studios. time now 7:58. let's check northbound 880 at whipple proceed. a three-car crash is blocking the number 2 lane. so cars are moving about 19 miles per hour definitely some red delays there. and moving on to another crash westbound 24 at camino pablo, accident is now into the center divide. traffic moving about 47 miles per hour. and that's a look at your traffic. "ro," what's going on at 5? >> good morning, 7:58. looking out at sfo, we have delays one hour 21 minutes. some arriving flights due to the deck of low clouds and fog even some localized drizzle. we are in the 50s and low 60s. later today no sunshine at the coast where our highs will be in the 50s. and half moon bay to 65 degrees in pacifica. 60s bayside, 70s peninsula, into the 80s inland. yes, out of the 90s. a repeat performance for your friday. g& job to protect public safety,
7:59 am
keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
8:00 am
>> good morning. to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, august 4th, 2016. an investigation into coaches' sexual misconduct to child athletes that went unreported. but first, today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> donald trump's campaign woes have been well-chronicled. even so, trump insists everything, and he means everything, is just fine. >> how do you describe it, that they can say everything is just fine. >> they want to argue that it's a functional campaign, that is well-organized by any metric. nobody has ever seen anything like this. it's a one-man band.
8:01 am
it is not a real campaign. >> the president is going to be making a case for apprentices p apprenticeship. the campaign says the fact that she has plans at all separate her from donald trump. >> a man began attacking people with a knife here last night. police showed up almost immediately and tasered him. aerial spraying is not very effective, but ground spraying isn't hoping as well as officials hoped either. >> i'm going to be supportive of the candidate for president -- i mean. >> there you go. >> so getting out of the election and paul ryan jumping in? >> there is that rumor, paul manafort, that he's getting out. >> hewlett-packard executive meg whitman released a statement saying she will break with her party and support hillary clinton. she wanted to release the statement three days ago, but but herter kept jamming. [ laughter ]
8:02 am
kingi'm charlie rose with gayle nald trump iah o'donnell. donald trump is rejecting claims his campaign is in turmoil. th republidespite a growing list they iublican defections. they include former advisers to both g both george h. w. bush and saige w. bush. partyall said they will cross party lines and support hillary clinton. >> even ardent trump supporter newt gingrich is concerned. >> until he can discipline himself to be very directed, very controlled, which frankly is what you want in a president. the presidency has so much power. he has enormous potential. i would say in the last couple weeks, he has been remarkably and canrperforming, and we'll see whether or not he can take a deep breath and learn these essons. >> running mate mike pence broke with don eaker pnald trump and endorsed speaker paul ryan. pence said that trump encouraged
8:03 am
ump said eso. trump himself said earlier this week, he's "not quite there lates >> the latest national poll shows hillary clinton leads donald trump by ten points, but ppearsge disappears on a key issue. keters say trump will do a better job at handling the economy. on foreign policy, trump trails ump stoody 16%. ght onstood by controversial comments on nato. >> they said, donald trump wants to get r n't want toof nato. budon't want to get rid of nato. but, but, you always have to be topared to walk. --s possible. okay? then they said, what happens if russiathese countries, take one that nobody in this courtroom has ever heard of, gets attacked by russia. are you saying you're not going o protect it? ve they well, let me ask you, have they paid?
8:04 am
have they paid? >> trump told the crowd if he's ele elected, "you're going to be so proud of your country." major garrett is in acksonville, florida, where aump made those comments. good morning again. >> reporter: good morning. >> let me ask you, you heard nafort wasort was right here on our show and he said the smpaign is comfortable with where they are right now. ter: well,ou hearing? manaforter: well, that's all ity is whaort can say. worksality is what it is. he works for a candidate who ru runs the campaign entirely on seeswn instincts, entirely as he sees fit. and he doesn't check with manaf, at least of all paul manafort about what he's going to say, where he's going to say it, and what the aftereffects fter paul manafort is trapped within coordingn run entirely by the t the statewith very little coordination by him or anyone the re else at the state level, so the paul reality is what it is. ad paul manafort is doing his best to structure a campaign around the reality of donald trump, and those who wish trump well believe he has, as newt gingrich said, tremendous upside
8:05 am
but als potential. whereso, a very big floor beneath him. and where trump has been heading since the democratic national n, nention is down, not up. nd that's what has those within cercampaign concerned and otrtainly republicans who worry about not just trump's campaign, rt his effect on senate and house race is more concerned than they ever have been. , the ca, the campaign seems to believe they have plenty of time to turn this thing around. what at do the political pros at the state level tell you? >> reporter: well, look. neveris an experiment in something we've never seen be afore in american presidential politics. someone who essentially asserts that the power of his voice, the power of his persona and cele celebrity make traditional tempaigns and all the application of organization of the state level less relevant than ever before. hoat trump can supersede all of leathings that those of us who o findpresidential campaigns have learned about the fundamentals. we're going to find out in november. but again, manafort has no
8:06 am
choice but to say we have enough time, because there is no other re youity for him but the fact d thatou hope august gets etter, and that the focus in september and october leans more towards trump's direction. there are those close to trump who say look, if you just focus n three issues, change, border ecurity, and international lly fourm, and then bring jobs yck, essentially four issues, and say nothing else, you can th remain competitive. thinproblem for trump is he can't say those four things. he says 100 other things that ca distract him, his campaign, and those republicans around him. eemses, the nothing else part that seems to be difficult. thank you very much, major. jor. ank you, major. i'll be talking today with d you'atic presidential nominee tim kaine in virginia. on tl get a first look at the "cbs thw tonight on the "cbs evening news" and much more tomorrow right here on "cbs this morning." as the summer olympics gets under way in rio, there's a new report that unveils a possible sexual abuse scandal at usa gymnastics. tion hestigation alleges the organization has a policy that
8:07 am
may have harmed child athletes because warnings of suspected misconduct by member coaches ere ignored. ana jacobson is here with a report. dana, good morning. >> good morning. the paper is reporting that on multiple occasions, usa usaastics compiled complaints es coaches accused of sexual misconduct. but refused to share the th information with police. s st often dismussi indismissin earsay because the complaints were not made by the victims, those young athletes or their parents. s e question this morning is ehy. >> this coach we thought was our friend. this coach had thanksgiving inner with us. >> reporter: lisa's dancer first stepped into gymnastics at a georgia gym in 2002. yearsears later, and while ccumulating awards, someone began sending the girl opriatepriate e-mails. >> my mind was just reeling. i had no idea what we were up against, you know. felt like somebody was daunitely closer to my daughter themi wanted them to be. >> dancers shared the e-mails ors whoderal investigators, who identified the sender as
8:08 am
gymnastics coach william mccabe. pris now serving 30 years in a federal prison and gancer is >> he usa gymnastics. >> he knew where we lived. knew k knew our habits. he knew a lot of things about us that scared us and scared her. >> gancer also learned that usa gymnastics had a file of sexual misconduct complaints on william mccabe dating back four years before her daughter met him. >> they didn't report all clegations because they nless thed certain allegations ctly fro unless they came directly from a victim or a victim's parents. >> the indie star "usa today" network investigation reports usa gymnastics compiled ow howled complaint files on more than 50 coach. the investigators are unsure how many are shared with authorities. >> we don't know how prevalent nasticsue of child sexual abuse essin gymnastics because we don't have access to those anyual misconduct complaint mles, and also because many situations like this may not
8:09 am
have been reported to sayorities or usa gymnastics. busingorter: kaitlin says her coach james bell started abusing her at a usa gymnastics ym in ated jim in rhode island when she was 7 years old. >> my mom asked me, did jim ever touch you in your private parts? y. know, i remember it like it was yesterday. >> reporter: more than a decade earlier, police and usag fielded misclaints of the coaches' alleged sexual misconduct. >> any corporation that puts a reputation above safety, repu ly,estly isn't something i would want to be a part of, at all. and i was part of usa gymnastics gyma very long time. >> reporter: initially arrested in 2003, bell ran from police until his capture and sentencing 03 belear. usa gymnastics president steve penney released a statement to indie star "usa today" network investigators saying usa ymnastics will remain diligent leased tating new and best
8:10 am
practices, which should be addi mmitted tod, adding the group remains committed to working oith the entire gymnastics ommunity to promote a safe and fun environment for children. but for ex-gymnasts, those efforts so far have fallen short. >> it doesn't matter who you're protecting. it doesn't matter that they're a anizatf your organization and you want to save face. asedabout saving me? >> reporter: usa gymnastics just released a statement to "cbs this morning." it says it provided "the indianapolis star" with with ofstantial information to demonstrate its commitment to andsafety of its athletes within the scope of its lefsdiction and governance structure. ed a ml the "star" left out significant facts that would have left out more accurate bicts. >> her words are very saving me?
8:11 am
hank you, dana. the top cyber defenses are opening up in vegas. >> more than 10,000 hackers are ing the their secrets. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll show you how they're ing fro into everything from atms to
8:12 am
rio's true test of olympic medals froth rio's true test, medals from athletes living out of a cruise ship, to racy protests. and tracy is in brazil with last-minute channels, including why crews needed a bolt cutter to open the olympic stadium. that's all ahead here on "cbs this morning." at is all ahead on "cbs this morning." i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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8:16 am
an international is helping companies and organizations tighten cybersecurity. the democratic national committee was the latest target of cyberthieves and past victims including sony, ashley madison and blue cross/blue shield. mireya villarreal on the las vega connected
8:17 am
through the internet making it easier for the bad hackers to break in. heavy metal and hackers, only sin city could bring the pair together. at the 19th annual black hat conference, an expected 11,000 hackers from 108 countries are trying to sell the cybersecurity problems of the future. >> hackers come here to show off some of their crazest hacks but showing how vulnerable the systems could be. hackers charlie miller and chris balancentech are rock stars. >> we are like the guys. the bad guys don't tell you what they are doing. >> reporter: the pair stole the show last year when they explained how they remotely hacked a jeep's incar computer system through the internet.
8:18 am
>> it's killing the engine right now. >> reporter: they stunned fiat chrysler to recall 4 million vehicles and this year, they are raising the stakes. in these videos, they connected their laptop directly to the jeep's computer system. how were you able to turn the steering wheel? >> we tricked the car into thinking that we were the computer telling it to steer. >> reporter: they were able to quickly turn the steering wheel from their laptop in the back seat. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: causing the suv to serve across the road and crash into a ditch. >> without us doing what we do, no one knows about these issues. >> reporter: another potential target for hackers is that chip on your new credit or debit card. >> this whole thing takes less than a minute. >> reporter: it's supposed to be more secure than swiping but todd beardsly showed us how small devices like these could steal your account information and send it over the internet to
8:19 am
an atm waiting to withdraw your money and happens in the endless second what you're waiting for your chip card to be read. >> it's that window that allows attackers to beam it over the internet to a device such as this. >> reporter: conference goers say we live in a world where the so-called hack work has become increasingly important and more personal information is finding its way online and possibly into the wrong hands. >> there are huge steps being s your car's computer. gayle? >> all right. thank you. what do we do? just stay home? >> no. >> it's interesting about hackers and thousand had he how
8:20 am
>> stealing campaign signs ahead. people living in a luxury high-rise are seeing their investment sink into the ground literally. what is causing these condos to sink more than a foot. you're watching "cbs this morning." we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit.
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8:24 am
8:25 am
it's burned about 46-hundred acres near lake berryessa..d is 15 percent contained. it's:25. i'm kenny choi. a wildfire is growing in napa and yolo counties burning 4600 acres near lake berryessa and is 15% contained. mandatory evacuations were issued although some people have refused to go. a strike by superior court employees is now in its second day in santa clara county. the strike has been a disruption at all county courthouses. all hearings are being postponed except for those considered essential. and in the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," hear what tourists have to say as they arrive in brazil for the summer olympics. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,
8:26 am
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good morning. time now 8:27. let's check your morning traffic. we have a couple of crashes going on first in san jose northbound 880 at bascom avenue. an accident was blocking two lanes and now it is moved to the right-hand shoulder you have still delays cars moving about 19 miles per hour. and moving to hayward, northbound 880 -- [ pause ] >> there you go, at whipple road a three-car crash is moved to the right-hand shoulder causing delays at 46 miles per hour. [ pause ] >> and then [ pause ] >> let's head to nimitz. if you are headed from hayward to oakland, 238 to 80 northbound takes about 34
8:28 am
minutes so very slow traffic there. "ro." >> thanks, roqui. and good morning, everybody. this is our live weather camera looking order towards the golden gate bridge. you see drops on the camera lens from the drizzle we have been picking up due to the deepening marine layer. take a look at the tower of the golden gate bridge. it stands 746 feet tall above the bay waters. and we can't see the tip-top of it, so that leads you to believe that the ceiling has lowered to at least 700 feet and that is why we have delays at sfo on some arriving flights one hour 21 minutes. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s and later today let's play out your numbers like this. no sunshine 50s at the beaches. 70s around the peninsula. you will have ample sun. up to 81 in morgan hill. 77 degrees in san jose. out of the 90 tumbling into the 80s. san rafael 71. heat is on in cloverdale at 88. extended forecast:
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ don't wake him up. ♪ >> hi, jimmy! >> what happened to my wife? >> wow! well, his wife clearly has a sense of humor to be in on that
8:31 am
joke. >> a lot of men wouldn't mind waking up that way. how about you, charlie? would you kick her out of bed? >> no. even if she ate crackers! >> that would be okay? >> that will get you going in the morning. >> and the five guys too. could be quite a party. welcome back to "cbs this morning." go ahead, mr. rose. >> i think five guys would have to leave. >> excuse me. excuse me. could you just leave and give us a moment here? >> coming up, we like you, britney spears. this half hour, the first summer olympic competition is under way but usa soccer star hope solo is already facing heat from brazilians. bn tracy is in rio and shows us how a picture of solo in mosquito gear helped spark the outrage there. >> president obama's message to his daughters about rovide
8:32 am
8:33 am
edgy humor. >> once again, you wonder who was in the room when a year saying partners did not let them down or get on their nerves or criticize them. >> i think that is probably true. >> you're the only married person at the table. do you think? >> it's nice to enjoy a glass of wine together and have a good laugh at times. >> you don't know what you're missing, dear. >> i know.
8:34 am
i sit here and i'm divorced. i should have drank more. >> and more and more and more. forbes highest paid athletes in the olympics. nba star kevin durant of the usa basketball team earned more than $56 million the last year. . djokovic made nearly that much as the male's top ranked tennis player and neymar of brazil took in more than 37.5 million. pros were allowed into the olympics in 1986. >> the summer olympics tomorrow kickoff. rio plans an elaborate opening ceremony but the city is still working to fix last-minute snags. crews yesterday reportedly used bolt cutters to unlock the olympic stadium because the official lost the keys! ben tracy is on copacabana beach and he looks at how athletes, fans and critics are getting
8:35 am
and this picture, she recently posted, in full mosquito gear. >> we are in rio at the olympics! can't believe it! >> reporter: but tourists don't seem concerned.
8:36 am
they are too busy buying and capturing olympic memories. and trying to snag tickets. >> we just will see beach volleyball! >> how excited are you? why did you decide to come to these olympics? >> i'm super excited and i grew up watching michael phelps. >> reporter: the most decorated olympian ever as in 22 medals was chosen to carry the flag for the u.s. team at friday's opening ceremony. >> emotion came over me. i probably shed a little bit of tears just of joy. just the honor and the opportunity to do that, it's incredible. >> reporter: hopefully, it won't be as hard as carrying the olympic torch is turning out to be. police used rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the crowds as brazilians protest the money spent on the game. >> i don't involve myself in politics. >> reporter: but then serena williams did serve up a subtle dig when asked about donald trump at an olympic press
8:37 am
conference. >> but i think it's is important that we should pass the message of love as opposed to hate. >> reporter: nothing to hate for the u.s. men's basketball team. when they arrived, they didn't board a bus to the athletes village. instead, multimillionaire nba stars, including kevin durant, will live on this luxury cruise ship in reos port called "the silver cloud." that despite the well-documented problems in rio, it doesn't seem to have damaged feeling the experience. >> coming to the olympics just means a lot. it's a trip that not many people can say, oh, i've been there. it's really fun tokyo
8:38 am
in 2022. >> the beach looks good. very good point. thank you, ben tracy. homeowners in luxury san francisco high-rise are furious this morning over their sinking investment, you could call it. the 58-story mill lmillenium tower has shrunk 16 the buildst and that is giving residents a sinking feeling. the millennium tower is home to the rich and famous of san francisco. joe montana once lived here and hunter pence is among residents
8:39 am
saying they are building is sinking. >> we paid $2.1 million for the apartment. >> reporter: you get a great view for it? >> yes. >> reporter: by you're getting closer to the ground every day. >> at this point, the building has sunk 16 inches. >> reporter: but that is not all. the building is tipping. >> it's leaning 15 inches out towards the west from here. >> reporter: unlike some other new san francisco high-rises, the millennium tower is not anchored in bedrock. >> you can see that this building is being settled. >> reporter: rae sullivan, a geologist with san francisco state university, leads tours of the city's sinking and leaning buildings. he says the area where the millennium tower is built used to be in the water after the gold rush, parts of the bay were filled in to create more land. >> bedrock is 200 or 300 feet below us and it's lots of mud and sand on top and i would be concerned if we have a major earthquake.
8:40 am
>> reporter: not a problem according to millennium partners who said in a statement the building was designed to construct it to the extraordinarily high standards established by the city and county of san francisco for this type of structure. instead, the developer blames a new transit center across the street for destabilizing its luxury tower. >> there is a lot of finger pointing going on right now. but the one fact remains, if they had drilled pilings down to bedrock, would we be here? >> no. that is the heart of the problem. >> reporter: and until there is a solution to stop the sinking, many who live here may be stuck here, unable to sell. >> this is a major part of their assets and that is for a lot of people is very terrifying thought wh six inches over its lifetime.
8:41 am
not 16. >> that is a big difference. thank you so much, carter. polls show more than 3 out of 10 men consider themselves feminists. ahead, and first on "cbs this morning," see how president barack obama views the battle over stereotypes in a new
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ this girl is on fire >> president obama still has more than five months left in office but he is already looking ahead to the future, especially for his daughters malia and sasha. the president would an essay for the september issue of "glamour" magazine titled "this is what a feminist looks like." first on "cbs this morning," we are getting a preview. he writes, quote, it's important for them to see role models out in the world and, yes, it's important that their dad is a feminist because now that is what they expect of all men. cindy, good morning. >> good morning. >> is this first time we have heard the president identify himself as a feminist? >> the first time i heard it was at a speech he gave in june at the united states of women summit at the white house that was held there. it did strike me as this very modern moment, something we wouldn't have heard probably from any other president, but, honestly, we would not have heard before this year. because i do think of the
8:46 am
embrace of the term feminism by men, as well as women, is really on the rise. >> i would like to know who edits the president when he says this is good but i think you need to change this. >> we have to sit down and talk about paragraph three. >> did you reach out and say would you do something? >> we started a conversation and said, you know, would you explore this in a bigger way? and really talk about why you think it's important for men, as well as women, to embrace the term and also the idea, the principles. >> i love this part he said we need to keep changing the attitude that value is being competent and competitive and ambitious in the workplace. unless you're a woman you're being too bossy and suddenly the qualities you think were necessary for success ends up holding you back. >> yeah. you know what is interesting? he really brought to this piece a lot of the very nuance to observations that women have about how we live our lives and the issues we face in the workplace like the bit that you just read. this goes beyond the kind of boilerplate i believe in strong women. at this point, anybody can mouth
8:47 am
pretty effectively. >> i was interested in "the washington post" and kaiser family foundation, 43% still think the word angry describes feminism. >> it's true. i will note in that same study, 70% believe they thought feminism was empowering. the angry view is in the minority but i do think, you know, that was a very long-held belief about feminism if you called yourself that you were anti-men and you were anti-family, you were, quote/unquote, fenminancy. if you you believe a quality between the sexes you were somehow against men. >> is feminism more in the empowerment and quality of women? >> i think it's really about equality and it's not a complicated philosophy but it's probably different for everybody but how i would define it. >> it is striking too. i think like our last four presidents all have daughters, if not more. i'm going off the top of my head and it's shaped their thinking and obama speaks about this in this essay.
8:48 am
>> he said it's important he is open about these issues because that is what they are going to expect of all men. he talks about how he has seen his daughters run into obstacles, you know, people judging them for how they look for how they behave and he has clearly paid attention to what the young women in his office go through and that idea it's harder for a woman to negotiate for hearst on the job -- herself on the job sometimes and she will be seen at calculating where a man doesn't run into the double standards and he is paying attention. >> he talks about the most important people in his life have been women. his mom and his grandmother. in "glamour" magazine you're talking a lot about politics and i want to talk to hillary clinton and about like ability. don't you feel that is still an issue about her today? >> this is maybe the one week she doesn't have to run against that because she is running against somebody telling a crying baby to leave the room so maybe her like ability is not the issue right now. it is interesting, gayle, if you look at studies, they show that people demand more like ability of their female candidates than their male. that they don't necessarily --
8:49 am
>> it doesn't matter if you like them? >> despite all of that stuff we used to hear how george bush was the guy everybody wanted to have a beer with and not to say it's not important at all but it's not as important as people see male candidates. they can accept voting for somebody they think is competent but not necessarily like abdominal and they are tougher on women. >> yvonivanka trump said her fa would fight for equal pay and equal work and making child care accessible. you spoke with chelsea clinton. at the democratic convention she said i haven't seen that anywhere on her dad's website. >> she said she would ask the candidate how are you going to do that? i haven't heard you talk about specific policies and those are i think what voters want to hear from any candidate right now. n >> thank you. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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that does it for us for news any time nowhere, watch our ,,,,
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strike, picketing outside t san jose hall of jus good morning, it's 8:55. i'm kenny choi. in santa clara counties hundreds of superior court workers are on strike picketing outside the san jose hall of justice. their union has been pushing for three raises but the court has offered two. many court hearings have been postponed. napa valley is still being rattled by aftershocks two years after a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. among the latest aftershocks was a magnitude 3 tremor on tuesday. it's just one of more than 4,000 that have shaken napa valley in the past couple of years. tonight more fogging scheduled in atherton to prevent the spread of the west nile virus after infected mosquitos were found last week. it starts at 9 p.m. for a look at weather, here's roberta. >> good morning, everybody. one hour 21-minute delays at
8:56 am
sfo on some arriving flights due to this, right here, it's the bank of low clouds and fog. even some drizzle being noted around the bay area and through the coastside. we currently have our temperatures into the 50s to about 3 degrees cooler in many locations than 24 hours ago in the low 60s mountain view and in san jose. wind speeds have been clocked up to 11 in oakland. 28 in fairfield. 13 antioch. temperatures will be pretty consistent around the area today along the coastside into the 50s. 70s peninsula. 80s santa clara valley through the east bay. temperatures climbing to 71 degrees in petaluma and upstream we go to 95 ukiah. it will be cooler today and a bit breezy. a look at traffic with roqui that's up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. i'm roqui theus in the kpix 5 traffic center. time at 8:58. in pacifica, southbound highway 1 at manor drive an overturned car blocking the slow lane. cars moving about 45 miles per hour. and to, um, san jose area, we have northbound 280 at winchester, accident blocking the fast lane. cars moving 10 miles per hour so very slow there. and the northbound 880 at bascom avenue there was an accident there moved to the right-hand shoulder. still causing major delays.
8:59 am
be sure to check out news and information, be sure to tune in right now to "good day" on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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