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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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calvin riley here at aquatic park. a family member wrote that police told them he was playing pokimon go on his phone at the time of the random shooting. rylie graduated from san mateo and went on to san joaquin delta college where he was a baseball pitcher. is coach tells us he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was loved by everyone who knew them and this is a devastating loss. the u.s. park police is leading the investigation and needs the public's help to catch the killer. >> anyone who saw it might have been filming can call be tip line at 415-561-5150. let them know if you have any information. >> reporter: authorities have very little to go off of and
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there are no surveillance cameras in this popular tourist area that hardly sees crimes of this nature. if you know anything, call police. betty yu. >> we have also reach down to calvin's family for comment. we will bring you the latest at 11:00. a 15-year-old's birthday party ends in a mass poisoning. jessica florez tells us it may all come back to some bad can be. >> reporter: about 80 people filled this room in the mission for last night's quinceañera. investigators are still trying to uncover what made nearly 20 partygoers violently ill. three children were taken to the icu and a nine-year-old is in critical condition. >> i saw this lady who was having like a panic thing, sweating and crying. >> reporter: an attendant was working security. >> kids were crying and to her
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theory kids couldn't -- two or three kids couldn't for youth. the ambulance and police were coming in. >>reporter: did you hear from them what could have caused this? >> i have an idea. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department says they had swollen tongues, rashes and shortness of breath. they believe the candy they ate may have been tainted. >> we can't come to a conclusion as to the actual substance. we do have a commonality among all 14 patients that they ate a gummy rain style can be and -- ring style candy. >> reporter: a total of 19 people are left wondering what made them sick. the san francisco police department and department of public health are investigating what caused the poisoning. >> investigators are now trying to figure out what was in the
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candy, whether it was drugs or another toxic substance. a tearful goodbye to a teenager killed in a terrible car crash late last month. moran medina is that the accident site where a memorial is growing. >> reporter: and symphony bonilla's older brother says the driver had a medical episode and she had somehow, for some reason switched seats with her cousin right before the accident and she was the only one who didn't survive. >> it was horrifying. it was something you can't believe. >> reporter: in an in certain -- instant, jonathan rodriguez's life changed in an instant. >> i got the call and i couldn't believe it. i didn't want to believe it. >> reporter: he lost his younger sister in a crash off montague expressway. she was just 15. >> i believe debt when i went
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to where she was, where the accident happened. i broke down. >> reporter: she was in the truck with her coworkers on their way back from a catering job. less than a mile from the restaurant, the manager behind the wheel blacked out, veered off the road and hit a pole. cynthia was the only one who didn't make it. >> she saw everybody come out but my sister and she rest to see my sister but my sister wasn't breathing. she tried her best to do cpr. but she couldn't. >> reporter: today, her family, friends and even middle school teachers came together to save their final goodbyes. a teenager described as "kind, determined, and always happy." >> why? why her? it's hard to know she is really gone. >> what i will miss most is when she thing to me when we were home alone.
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>> reporter: jonathan says the driver was released from the hospital yesterday. police do not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor. it's been a busy weekend for police in hayward. you have opened three homicide cases in less than 36 hours. just last night, a 17-year-old boy was killed and two other teenagers were hurt in a shooting. on friday, separate shootings killed two people including an 18-year-old man. that victim has been identified as regilio tourist -- rajilllio tores. four of seven homicides have happened this month. how much force should it take to keep the peace was the discussion at a legal convention in san francisco. one prominent public defender says the city is turning into a war zone.
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>> reporter: at the american bar association conference in san francisco this morning, those who practice law met to discuss the tactics of those who enforce it. >> sometimes peace infringes on violence. >>reporter: the documentary peace officer features the story of sheriff william lawrence, whose son-in-law was shot and killed by a police s.w.a.t. team called to a domestic violence disk. >> his body was completely mutilated unnecessarily. there is no excuse for that kind of law enforcement ever. >> reporter: he believes the so- called war on drugs of the 1980s was used to justify a militaristic approach to law enforcement. now, it's common for police departments to outfit officers with military grade automatic weapons and armored vehicles. >> when you have that kind of firepower, you are going to use it. >> reporter: a frequent critic, the san francisco public defender jeff adachi says
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peaceful protests are met with hundreds of officers in riot gear's and the fatal police shooting of mario woods is evidence of a war zone mentality. becomes the response when your first response becomes we are going to use the maximum amount of force necessary, then we have got a problem. that's not the role of police in our society. >> we are of using the power and authority that is given to us when we act that way. >> reporter: everyone agrees that police officers need to be able to protect themselves but today's panelists say they have taken it too far and that gearing up for war can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. >> the public defenders says the federal government has
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spent $34 billion supplying military style equipment to local police departments. san jose police will give the public a look at their use of force training simulator to boost transparency about departmental procedure. 20 san jose officers are already wearing body cameras and most of the department should be outfitted by the end of year. a boston concorde with a stolen truck and $100,000 worth of construction equipment. the truck and everything was found stuffed in a warehouse. the truck was found stolen from the willow shopping center but it had a gps tracker that led officers to it. still to come, a big food fight brewing in san jose. the legal challenge that could put this popular mom and pop falafel shop out of business. a simple spray that could make all the difference when every second counts. a new tool being carried by campus police. loved to death. the popular dog breed that could soon be extinct. mbl important to work
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suddenly being accused of discriminating against the disabled. new at 6... devin fehely reports... the owners are questioning the motives behind the lawsuit. [nats] "falafel na grayeb: a drive-in restaurant is being accused of discriminating against the disabled. the owners are questioning the motives behind the lawsuit. >> we got this summons out of the blue. >> reporter: after 50 years of business, diana graham's family discovered a first when they were slapped with a lawsuit accusing them of being out of compliance with the americans of disabilities act. >> we will do anything with our business but we don't want to be pressured into something by someone that goes around doing this for a living. >>reporter: she is referring to attorney scott johnson who has filed thousands of lawsuits over the years, often targeting small businesses.
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johnson's lawsuit claims he visited the business a half dozen times over the past two years and found the front counter was too high and the bathrooms too small to be accessible to someone in a wheelchair, barriers he says caused him great difficulty and frustration but johnson filed the suit last week, leaving some customers even those in wheelchairs wondering if his true motive is increasing access for the disabled or making money. >> we don't need these businesses to be abused, targeted unjustly. >> reporter: fighting the lawsuits can be expensive with a $5000 fine per violation and losing businesses have to pay all attorney fees but falafel owners aren't giving up without a fight, saying they can't understand how a business has been serving customers for a half century without problem is now in trouble. >> nobody likes to be in the limelight of a lawsuit that it's not going to change who we
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are.>> reporter: kpix 5. opioid addiction is running rampant on some college campuses. but now police in the south bay are fighting back to try to save lives. officers of the district police department has started carrying an antidote that reduces the effects of overdose. it's called narc on and it's -- marcon -- narcon and it's carried on emergency vehicles. hundreds of workers walked off their job on wednesday. operations have been severely curtailed including delays in getting police search warrants processed. the union president says workers want a pay raise after eight years without one. >> a lot of the employees are hurting.
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they are upset that this is happening in silicon valley. we understand that during the recession, we needed to help out the corporation but they have since turned their backs. >> reporter: they are also criticizing what they call an excessive amount of money on imported stone siding from italy. the court responded in a response saying "we are send by these efforts to portray the family justice center as a choice between building materials and wages. one of the world's most popular dog breeds is on the brink of being loved to death. english bulldogs as we know them could soon be extinct. >> can you believe how cute this is? we have three english fueled -- english bulldog purebreds. they are eight weeks old. the cuteness factor is on overload. but after this uc davis study,
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cute at what cost? this is mabel, a proud new mom. with her babies and her sacramento breeder, who knows these high demand pets are in peril. >> we brought them the way we bread them, with these big old cute wrinkly heads and tiny waists. >> they are almost all delivered by cesarean section. >> the english bulldog is more or less considered the poster child for what can go wrong if a breed is pushed too far. >> reporter: a groundbreaking english bulldog in a study conducted in this lab by professor neil peterson shows just how damn the future is for this breed. >> what we found was they have a badly lacking genetic diversity. >> reporter: almost every purebred english bulldog in the
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world comes from the same paternal line and now the breed as we know it may be facing collapse. >> the question is will the english bulldog be in the same form as today? >> you say no? >> i think it has to change. >> reporter: striving for best in show may have put this breed at the breaking point. one more look at these bulldog brothers. the studies ask tough questions about the future of this breed but the future is now for these three guys. they will be looking for a new home in one week. uc davis now offers dna testing to help english bulldog breeders match purebreds but professor peterson says it may be time to regulate crossbreeding. let's go from bulldogs to weather. there's nothing extremely pugnacious about the forecast. it's beautiful out in the east
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bay where temperatures achieved mid-80s today. looking good. concord has 850. oakland 670. cooler by the shoreline. and beautiful san jose, 750. mark twain described san jose, he was a reporter in san francisco, a beautiful little garden community of about 5000 inhabitants. if only you could see it now. ocean temperature 550. that cruel sea breeze keeping things moderate. afternoon highs remain high inland. tomorrow, we manage mid-60s under mostly cloudy skies and partly sunny around the bay. inland, sunny and warm. things will warm up a little bit and we do have that low- pressure trough sagging over the west coast keeping temperatures down. but that doesn't mean it will be cold. it's going to be warmer
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tomorrow because the low clouds under the influence of a northwesterly flow scour from the coastline early tonight. even back to the shoreline, we have better clearing. more sun and slightly warmer temperatures and then we cooldown tuesday and wednesday but none of these fluctuations are extreme by any means. low clouds persisting at the coastline, warming up tomorrow. the usual summertime pattern all week. clouds and then son. oakland takes on the sons tomorrow under partly sunny skies and even as the sun sinks in the west, 650, not bad at all. overnight lows tonight, mid- 50s. 6:18 am for the sunrise. nice day to travel. plenty of sunshine. some clouds along the shoreline. close to average. 670 in the city, 900 concord, 720 oakland.
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numbers will be in the upper 70s, mid-80s and all looking pretty good. in the east bay, numbers warmer if you go to brentwood, antioch, pittsburgh and concord. in the north bay, should wake up to sunshine. more sun tomorrow then we had this morning. eddie 10 in petaluma -- 810 in petaluma. beautiful windsor, near 900. extended forecast, looking for mostly sunny skies and a few high clouds. numbers cool wednesday through friday but if you are looking for a big temperature swing, way up into the 1000 range or into the 70s, it has been fairly stagnant so we may as well call it quits in terms of a big change in the weather. and on the subject of calling it quits: >> this caused some people by surprise. a baseball legend steps down while another gets 3000 hits and
6:20 pm
this golfer didn't win today.
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♪ (music plays from radio alarm clock) ♪ ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna find ya ♪ ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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city of yokohama... kicked off a ek- long "pokemo an ocean of yellow in japan with a pikachu parade. a weeklong pokemon festival begins as people gathered to watch an army of pokemon. the festival comes as the pokimon go app grows in popularity but city officials say the festival is not connected to the smart phone game. the giants, it sure looks like a win on paper but not in reality. >> reporter: you would think that when bumgardner takes the heel for san francisco but the opposite is true. it seemed almost impossible for medicine bumgardner, alone two hits but that's the reality.
6:23 pm
the giant have not won a game in his five starts since the break. picture jonathan papelbon has lost his closer role in dc. anthony rendon over the shoulder, to retire joe panic. bumgardner had his worst start of the season last week in philly and made up for it today. danny espinosa, one of the seven straight -- one of the seven strikeout victims. and a midnight ride grabs him of two short rbis. the maps centerfielder kept it going. next inning, wilson ramos takes bumgardner the opposite way. 1-0 nationals. hunter pence, sporting that black eye after a foul ball. the giants tried to get at that
6:24 pm
trade died line but he struck out pence. they have not won a series since the all-star break. the a's set a record by placing a player on the disabled list for the 25th time. this time, it's sunny gray who strained his left forearm. the a's have had plenty of pretty young players taking over for those who are on the disabled list. a shutout going into the sixth but then kris bryant crushes the 27th home run and 1-0. anthony rizzo drops one down the left line. dexter fowler scores, comes up 3 to 0. kyle hendricks has a shutout going into the 8th. the a's on the board. 23rd home run. oakland down 3-1. aroldis chapman, 104 miles per hour.
6:25 pm
past chris davis and chicago wins 3-1. oakland's 15 games under 500 for the first time this year. alex rodriguez announcing today he will retire on friday. a-rod has hit 696 home runs in a career clouded. he became a little used bench player, hitting barely over 200. a-rod played 22 seasons in the majors after his debut in seattle in 1994 at 18. >> i never thought i could play for 22 years. at 18, i just wanted to make the team. >> reporter: pretty emotional
6:26 pm
and here in colorado looking for number 3000. off the right-field wall at coors field, ends up with a triple for his 3000th base hit. amazing accomplishment when you consider he didn't get his first major league hit until he was 27 years old. lowest round in the history of the pga tour a record held by six golfers at 59 until jim's. -- gym's. had 10 birdies -- jim speirk had 10 birdies. there he is. a historic round of 58 tied for fifth after starting the day at 70. as for the finish, russell knox needed this par bud. does he get it?
6:27 pm
that is his second career pga tour win but he had to split the post-tournament spotlight with jos. >> i had a giant smile. >> mr. 58. how does that sound? >> that sounds darn good. >> reporter: you will be called that the rest of your life. >> that won't bother me much. reporter: nascar making left and right turns. lap 53, ricky stenhouse jr. makes contact with the wall, hit hard again by jimmie johnson. he was okay. how about the final lap? denny hamlin trying to hold off martin truex jr. but brad keselowski spun out. hamlin cruises to the finish line for his second win of the year and first ever road victory. sean smith of the readers on the show tonight.
6:28 pm
we spent today with the raiders. i think they are going to and back the playoff drought dating back to 2002. >> that's a pretty good football team. coming up, a california man with only weeks to live by choice. >> it's giving people options and choices. >> the california cancer patient who is about to take advantage of a new state law to take his life. a major break in the case of the high-tech car thieves. wait until you see this. incredible video off the california coast where fishermen's video gets the catch of the day.
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i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help.
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for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at
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trying to figure out who killed 20- year-old calvin riley. he was shot near aquatic park 10 last night riley our top stories tonight. investigators in san francisco are trying to figure out who killed calvin riley. he was shot near aquatic park last night about 10 pm. family members say he was playing pokimon go when the gunfire broke out. riley was a resident of san mateo and played baseball for san mateo college. at least 19 people hospitalized after eating candy that may have been tainted at a quinceañera party. three children were transported to the icu. a nine-year-old is in critical condition. witnesses say those who ate the candy became shorter breath, their tongues swelled up and investigators are trying to determine what was in the candy. a long time eatery just got
6:32 pm
hit with a lawsuit saying it violates the americans with disabilities act. the owners of falafel drive-in have been in business for 50 years and say they have never had a problem until this summons and they wonder if the lawyer, known for filing such lawsuits is out to make money. new details about a deadly skydiving accident. one of the victims was a teenager making his first jump and his family saw the whole thing. the 18-year-old and his instructor were doing a tandem jump near the lodi airport but their parachute never opened. investigators are still trying to figure out why. we are told the teenager's family gathered on the ground to watch his jump. the victims ended up landing in a vineyard not far from their target. a los angeles man suffering terminal cancer has only weeks to live. by his choice.
6:33 pm
the patient will be one of the first californians to take his own life under the state's new death with dignity law. >> reporter: bob stone wants to explore his entire music library but he is running out of time. the 69-year-old plans to take his own life in six weeks. >> it's death with dignity. it's a peaceful death. it's about choice. that's all it is. it's giving people options and choices and what's wrong with that? >> reporter: stone is dying of bone marrow cancer. he was diagnosed and given a year or two to live. but instead of worrying about a painful end, he is given the right to end his life legally. >> it's an exes -- existential question about how i live my life and how i die.
6:34 pm
and how i have the right to make those decisions. >> reporter: stone is at peace with his decision and his family is on board but groups like the california pro-life council oppose the law, calling it a violation of medical ethics. a spokesman said this: i hope stone has had a psychological intervention as there is none required by california law and suicidal depression is not uncommon with terminal diagnoses. >> i know what i'm doing. >> reporter: stone is focused on the important things. >> getting a dire diagnosis may seem like a terrible thing but it has given me some time to reflect on my life and focus on the things that are important to me. >> reporter: tom wait. we switch gears to campaign 2016. hillary clinton now leads donald trump in a number of national polls and in several
6:35 pm
key states. the democratic nominee is ahead of her arrival by 12 points in the latest abc news washington post poll. a cbs battle ground tracker poll shows clinton in front by the same margin in virginia and by two points in nevada. trump will try to boost his numbers tomorrow when he makes his pitch on the economy including a plan to slash corporate taxes. >> his numbers don't add up. >> question him. historically, no candidate's numbers add up. >> clinton will offer up her own ideas on thursday in michigan. hillary clinton is also pulling ahead of donald trump in georgia. that's according to a new poll by the atlanta journal- constitution which gives the democratic nominee a four-point lead. georgia has only gone blue three times since 1964 and twice, it was to vote for jimmy carter. but donald trump appears to be
6:36 pm
winning on the tour is him front so many visitors are flocking to trump tower in new york city to try to catch a glimpse. police are having to do crowd control. >> just to see him whether he is or isn't president, people can go home and say they saw him. >> it's so congested. it's a mob scene. you can't walk down the sidewalk. you have to walk in the street. >> the atrium of the building is open to the public. there are also several restaurants inside. tragedy after what has been called the world's tallest waterslide. 812-year-old boy died on the slide -- a 12-year-old boy died on the slide in a three-person raft. it's unclear want went wrong and the ride is closed. the entire park will be closed through tomorrow for investigation. a new storm is brewing off
6:37 pm
the mexican coast. tropical storm javier is on track to pass near the mexico coast and the southern portion of baja peninsula by tomorrow. 4 to 8 inches of rain are expected. javier arrives in the wake of role, a brief hurricane. the storm dumped huge amounts of rain, triggered deadly landslides across eastern mexico and at least 38 people have been killed. meanwhile, people are being warned to brace for torrential rain as a system expected to part itself along the coast could get more than a foot of rain in northern florida. a big shark put on a big show for fishermen who hooked it off san diego with their camera rolling. >> [ laughter ] >> hold on. >> the boat's captain believes
6:38 pm
it was a shark well over 500 pounds and it was also able to free itself from their fishing line after about 20 minutes. still to come the many ways you may soon have to pay to fix the state's crumbling roads. plus, how donald trump could save the bullet train. someone actually crunched the numbers and you won't believe how many people are taking selfies. when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready.
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you'll soon be seeing even less of the old bay bridge. the last of the five biggest steel trusses will come down others, itat big stories around the bay area this week. >> you will soon be seeing less of the bay bridge, the last of the five biggest steel trusses will come down. like the others, it will be lowered onto barges offshore. caltrans says taking apart the
6:41 pm
eastern span is just as difficult as it was building the new one. the work will continue for another two years. you may soon have to fix -- pay more to fix california's 'will roads. transportation officials will meet to discuss a number of sales tax options for the november ballot. in addition to roadwork projects, the money will fund transit systems enhancements aimed at keeping cars off the roads. the rail authority will meet tuesday to discuss funding for the peninsula corridor that may end up coming from an unlikely source, donald trump. the republican nominee has been pushing for updated public transit during his campaign and he could help get the underfunded transit running. a pair of marine conservation groups will rally outside the coastal commissions monthly meeting in san -- san francisco. they want to shut down the scenic mine that has been
6:42 pm
operating since 1906. opponents say mining sand spits up eruption along the entire coast. >> closing the plant will reduce the environmental impact we have, erosion rates, and also the amount of economic impact we see hear from that erosion. >> a spokesperson says the mine operates in an environmentally was on civil manner and follows regulations. victims of a fire in monterey county will get help rebuilding their lives. a benefit concert will be held at 7:00 friday at the golden state theatre. all preset -- all proceeds will go to the fire relief fund. the fire destroyed dallas 60 homes and is now 45% contained. the founder of craigslist is bring free wi-fi to the tenderloin neighborhood. he is launching the program with help from the saint anthony's foundation to get low
6:43 pm
income residents access to the web. a blast from the past. guns n' roses will rock the stadium on tuesday night as part of their not in this lifetime tour. there are still plenty of tickets available starting at $40. lionel richie will take the stage to close out san francisco's outside lands music festival. for the past three days, thousands have gathered in golden gate park to eat, drink, and snap selfies. otherwise, how would people know you were there? at&t estimates customers have taken at least 19 million of them so far this weekend and that's based on data usage. >> what did we do before cell phones. they are breaking in without breaking anything. how car thieves are hijacking your vehicle's on technology to take you for a ride. and an update on a
6:44 pm
remarkable lesson encourage from a boy and his pet pig. om n
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
showing a rainstorm... on the sun. nasa explains: a solar flare can cause material
6:47 pm
to incredible new images from nasa showing a rainstorm on the son. i would call it more of a firestorm. solar flare caused material to cascade down in big loops. it's made up of plasma, and gas in which positively and negatively charged particles have separated. it's about the same thing as a mass ejection when the sun inhales and then puts part of its atmosphere out toward earth. that can wreak havoc with electrical simmons -- service. struck with have a lot of rain on the way to florida. up to a foot on the panhandle. you can see it already developing with that low pressure over jacksonville. when it rains, it's going to poor. you will hear about that tuesday and wednesday. here is not diablo, oakland 740, livermore, 800, fairly
6:48 pm
typical august afternoon. low pressure means low temps. they got a little rain in seattle. cooler temperatures with readings in the 80s inland and 60s along the shoreline. these temperatures are close to average. clouds offshore back tomorrow but not as extensive. tomorrow warms up just a couple 0. low clouds persist at the shoreline. warms up a little tomorrow. usual summertime pattern all week. temperatures overnight in the mid-50s and the sun is up tomorrow morning. temperatures in the great valley tomorrow in the 90s but 60s along the shoreline. here, 670 in the city, 720 oakland, south a in the upper 70s to though 80s. pretty nice weather. east bay, mid to upper 80s. northbay tomorrow, more sunshine and we had today with readings in the mid-70s.
6:49 pm
for clearlake, numbers near 90. we are warmer tomorrow and a little cooler toward midweek with the usual low clouds along the shoreline. not a hot august night to quote neil diamond but still typical this time of year. we have an update on a story we brought you last week about a 12-year-old bay area boy who rallied his community to help a sick child he had never met. all it took was courage and a big heart. >> reporter: keegan has been battling leukemia most of his life. his family has been faced with mounting medical bills. keegan's future is uncertain but one thing is for sure: >> this is the pig farm? >> reporter: 12-year-old cooper wanted to do anything he could to help keegan. >> it's kind of like pay it forward. >>reporter: to a little boy he has never met.
6:50 pm
>> i just wanted to help keegan out because nobody should go through that. >> reporter: so he turned a hobby of raising pigs into something bigger than he ever imagined. >> i thought what do i have that pays the most? i thought action. >>reporter: so he donated his 270 pound. courage to the alameda county auction. >> in a dire situation, you need courage. i said here is the courage right here. >> reporter: with a sign reading "this one is for keegan." the bidding began. what happened at the alameda county fair, caught everyone by surprise. the bidding started and it didn't stop. >> i was thinking $50 or so, maybe $100. it skyrocketed. >> reporter: it ended up going to the highest bidder at
6:51 pm
$108,000. the average price per pound is less than $10. courage went for $400 per pound. >> i was just amazed. i couldn't believe what was happening. >> reporter: more donations kept pouring in, all for keegan. the crowd bringing the final total to $150,000. this is courage's mom. she is two years old, her name is rose and courage was her first litter. she had 14 baby pigs and cooper says she is always going to be a family pet. cooper's says farm life is busy and raising pigs isn't easy but he knows keegan has it tougher and cooper says he will continue to try to think of ways to help a little boy whose future is day by day. we wanted to air this story again in honor of keegan. five-year-old keegan passed away this morning with his family by his side.
6:52 pm
just a few days after our story aired. but cooper says he wants to continue raising money in his memory to help other sick kids and their families.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
sign of forced entry. now -- a break- through. how crooks are we have been reporting on an increase in car thieves -- car thefts but we finally have a breakthrough. >> how crooks are using technology to take your car. >> houston police finally caught two suspects in the act of a high-tech break-in and they believe they now know how crooks are using technology to hack and drive off with your car. remember this surveillance video? houston police say a man armed
6:55 pm
with a laptop stole the jeep out of a man's driveway. and car owners like mary have been reporting similar break- ins. >> it's an increasing. >> reporter: the national crime insurance bureau says they have been investigating these cyber break-ins since 2013 but until now they didn't know how crooks were stealing cars. car manufacturers like fiat chrysler have continued to deny it's a problem. carmakers can't really do anything to stop it. but now, a breakthrough. houston police say they arrested two suspects and maybe more importantly, confiscated the tools used to do it. >> the suspects went out and did their routine and we hope they would. they went to a target rich environment where they had stolen before. >> reporter: the suspect had blank jeep keys and a laptop of software usually available only
6:56 pm
to locksmiths. by entering the car's vin number into a database, they can access the code and reprogram the car's computer to accept a generic key. investigators believe they stole more than 30 dodges and jeeps but say any car with push start technology could be at risk. >> if somebody has the knowledge and ability, they can turn around and manipulate the system. >>reporter: last month, fiat chrysler says it was unaware of any such incidents. the carmaker now says it has been cooperating with houston police since they started the investigation but as the investigation is ongoing, the company has no fewer comment. police recommend parking inside your garage if you have one. but they acknowledge there is really only so much you can do. a local company is now
6:57 pm
selling a new security program for keyless ignition's. it cares with an app on your smart phone so unless the quark also has your phone, they won't be able to start your car. thanks for watching 60 minutes is next. for the latest visit us online.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> whitaker: what is this? you might think of heroin as primarily an inner city problem, but dealers are making huge profits by expanding to new, lucrative markets-- suburbs all across the country. i'm sitting here looking at you, and you look young and fresh. you're the... you're the girl next door. and you were addicted to heroin. >> i mean, obviously, it's very flattering that you say, like, i don't look like a junkie. but even miss america could be a junkie. i mean, anybody can be a junkie. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stahl: "an american in paris" is a love story. it's also a valentine to dance. all kinds.


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