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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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continue campaigning in the swing states today. brian webb reports. donald trump pitched his revamped tax plan monday in detroit. many of his proposals have been embraced by republicans for decades including across-the- board tax cuts. >> my plan will reduce the current number of brackets from 7 to 3 and dramatically streamline the process. >> reporter: during the hour long address, the republican candidate also took aim at hillary clinton. >> every policy she has tilts the playing field towards other countries. >> reporter: speaking in florida, the democratic nominee panned trump's plan as more of the same. >> trickle down economics does not help our economy grow. >> reporter: a monmouth university poll out monday has trump trailing clinton by double digits nationally while facing growing opposition from
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republicans. susan collins of maine won't vote for trump in november. 50 gop senior national security officials warned the republican candidate would be dangerous to the nation's security. clinton herself faces more fallout from her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son! >> reporter: the parents of two americans killed in the 2012 benghazi attack filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the democratic nominee monday. they say her extreme carelessness led to their son's death. brian webb, cbs news. >> clinton's campaign responded to the lawsuit saying that she has already been cleared of wrongdoing by several investigations. thursday, clinton will present her own plans for the economy during a speech in detroit. the high-speed rail authority is meeting in sacramento later this morning. and they are planning to ask
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for more money. kpix 5 reporter lisa chan live in the newsroom. lisa, this is not going to please the project's many critics. >> true. but a huge part of the bullet train project is over budget and six months late. the california high-speed rail authority is asking for a 35 million-dollar increase in state funding today. a 2.5-mile stretch of highway 99 in fresno needs to be relocated. this is the main commercial artery of the central valley. work on this has been delayed by litigation over obtaining rights to private property. there is a separate request for an additional $200 million to improve the bay area commuter rail system which would carry passengers from los angeles to san francisco. the original agreement asked the rail authority to invest $600 million to help caltrain electrify its tracks. now the cost is $713 million with an additional $84 million for other work. a few months ago the director of the high-speed rail said, it's going to be worth it. >> you look at what's going on and what's happening and what will happen over the next two or three years, you're going to
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stand back and go, wow. >> the increase in cost could slow down the plan to have an initial rail system from san jose to shasta by 2025. >> we have been hearing from donald trump now about updating public transit. making it part of his campaign. >> that's true. he hasn't specifically said he supports the plan to build a 500-mile- high speed rail line from l.a. to san francisco. but he has mentioned several times china and other countries have high-speed rail trains while this country does not. live in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. time now 6:03. let's check our traffic this morning with roqui. >> thank you, kenny. well, in san jose a motorcycle accident southbound 280 at stevens creek boulevard. now chp is actually looking for the crash but there are reports that the motorcycle is down in the slow lane. and then let's move to the south bay travel times. your 280/680 split to 237 northbound will take 15 minutes
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and then everything is pretty clear. and then altamont pass, excuse me, our bay area mass transit, you have ace train delay from 30 to 45 minutes. and altamont pass, usual delays -- altamont pass to 680 will take but 30 minutes. a lot of red coming out of the tracy area. back to you. good morning. our time check 6:04. got to take a look. this is our live weather camera featuring the bay bridge but if you look very carefully there, my ship has come in! ah! hi, good morning, everybody! take a look at the overcast skies. it's a gray slate over the bay bridge. i was reading something earlier this week that our lights are so beautiful on the bay bridge that there's a donor who wants the create the same image on the coronado bridge in san diego. we'll see if that has. 50 degrees in santa rosa. 56 livermore right now. kind of a breezy start to your day. 8 miles per hour in oakland.
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14 miles per hour in san ramon and fairfield. winds are fluctuating, variable today 10 to 20 miles per hour during the afternoon hours. meanwhile, during the afternoon, we are going to be a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday pretty spot on along the coast and the bay. 60s with some clearing of the skies. half moon bay, pacifica, moss and montara beaches, the sunset district, even as you venture into san francisco, the mission district, sutro tower all seeing sunny skies today. 70s around the peninsula. 80s santa clara valley. then we venture into the eastern portion of our bay area. high 80s and low 90s spot on for this time of the year in the valley. low 80s in the carquinez straits. 60s in the north bay at stinson beach. 70s at sausalito and tiburon. 80s in petaluma, novato, all the way up into guerneville, occidental and in santa rosa. meanwhile, far reaches of the north bay into the low 90s.
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we have still your full forecast featuring the seven- day outlook coming up at 18 after the hour. a decade ago voters decided to spend $400 million on parks in some of the poorest neighborhoods in california. more than half of those still haven't been built and prop 84 was approved back in 2006. it was supposed to pay to build or improve 126 parts around the state. work -- parks around the state. work hasn't started on 68 projects including a dozen in the bay area. state officials say the delays are due to strong oversight. in san jose, hundreds of court workers will keep up their picket lines just outside of the hall of justice. critical services like search warrants and hearings remain in limbo today as employees and their union push for a raise. workers haven't seen a boost in their pay for 8 years and they are also upset that the court system invested in a pricy new building instead of relenting on a raise issue. negotiations have been ongoing
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for two years. across the bay area more and more homeowners are fed up over the noise from loud airplanes. kpix 5's sharon osbourne -- sandra, osborne, sorry, is live at if on the fight over new flight plans. sandra. reporter: it's a bit of a tough situation because as the faa tries to implemented this new technology, which is supposed to help flight times and also reduce emissions, we are hearing more and more from the people who say they are being impacted by all of this. now, here's what we know. the bay area news group is reporting some of these numbers now. in june of 2014, sfo received 449 complaints about noise by just over 70 residents. this year, that number has jumped to 320,000 complaints by more than 2100 residents. so keep in mind, people are forming community groups like save our skies east bay, encouraging each other to speak up about the noise complaints. the concern started earlier this year when the faa started using a new satellite system instead of radar, routing
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planes more efficiently but also brings aircraft lower and over neighborhoods it wouldn't previously be over. the faa says it saves fuel, keeps flights on time and curbs emissions. there are some local officials that have been meeting with these community groups. they have also heard from the faa, all working together, hoping to come up with a solution or compromise to all of this. they are having a roundtable discussion in october. live from sfo, sandra osborne kpix 5. it could be flour couple of days before -- another couple of days before delta flights are on track. more delays and cancellations today because of a computer glitch. a power outage messed up the computer yesterday morning. the airline has already canceled nearly 250 flights today. they are handing out refunds and vouchers. bay area swimmers continue to dominate the pool at the summer olympics. >> couple of cal bears took home olympic hardware last
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night. ryan murphy won the gold in the 1200-meter back stroke setting a new process and kathleen baker won silver in the women's 100-meter back stroke. lilly king got the last laugh in her feud with an opponent. she called out the russian swimmer as a cheater after his polymerase and was banned for doping and then reinstated. last night they squared off in the finals of the 100-meter breaststroke, king setting a new record on the way to winning the gold. crowds in some of the olympic venues have been pretty sparse so far. organizers say about 80% of tickets to the games have been sold but women's rugby, cycling and the kayaking competition only drew a few thousand spectators. ticket prices are slashed to a few dollars but no help. compare that to tickets for the swimming and gym finals which are around $300 each. just about 10 minutes after 6 a.m. relatives of the victims in one
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of the deadliest fires in u.s. history are outraged over "pokemon go." what's got them so upset. >> a south bay homeowner walked outside and it looked like a bomb went off in his garage. >> good morning from the kpix weather center where it will be warmer today than yesterday, but we have a change in the forecast coming up. those details right after this. ,,,, california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution.
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we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! the man who crashed a stolen pick-up truck into a garage in san jose is still on the run. welcome back to kpix 5 morning news." we are taking a live look towards cupid's span. it's a 60-foot-tall piece of art. it's at the foot of the bay bridge along the embarcadero. i remember when people are
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thinking, is this a passing fancy or a long-time love? i love. it i hope the love the forecast. coming up in 4 minutes. a man who crashed a stolen pickup truck into a garage in san jose is spill on the run this morning. a homeowner on rowley drive heard a bomb what sounded like in his garage yesterday and he found a public truck landed in his garage. the homeowner says the driver then fled. pg&e crews had to be called in to cap a ruptured gas line. a college student was shot and killed while he was reportedly playing "pokemon go" over the weekend and now the search is on for his killer. riley was attending community college in stockton playing a game on inside in san francisco when they walked through aquatic park. riley's friend saw a man run away and possibly get into a car. >> there was nothing said, no words exchanged. it was a shot from 15 feet away
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or so. that was it. no robbery, just senseless random act of violence. >> a vigil will be held on thursday. the 20-year-old will be laid to rest on friday. in rhode island, some families are upset about one of the game's poke stops at the site of a nightclub fire that killed about 100 people in 2013. it's a place featured in the game where players can go and stock up on items. the game shows the old nightclub and even says hundreds of people died here. family members want it removed from the app but some of the victims' family members have mixed feels. >> it may be bad in the sense that they are not coming out of respect for those who died. but i think maybe by being here and establishing that sense of community around this place, they can learn. >> no word yet from "pokemon go" if it will remove it. an east palo alto woman is accused of robbing banks in the area. she is charged with robbing at
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least nine banks. police say a search of her home turned up wigs, handgun and cash from robberies. mary mapa is in jail. free transportation to homeless people reroute will give homeless people rides to places to help them become self- sufficient like medical facilities and food services. the program is organized by jesus reigns ministries and a group vallejo together. the '80s rock band guns & roses brings its reunion towards the bay area this evening. ♪[ music ] >> the show is set for at&t park in san francisco tonight as part of the not in this lifetime tour. so-called because the bickering band members had not played together in years. i'm assuming that most of us will be sleeping by the time the band starts rocking this evening. >> i made a mistake by not buying tickets to that and, you know, being with you all here on wednesday morning instead but if i end up calling
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in sick tomorrow you know what happened. >> she will end up in a mosh pit. >> i'm looking forward to that but it is going to be a long night. >> i have some friends going too. >> oh, well. >> we'll like to hear about it. >> great acoustics. we'll hear about it. traffic getting there will probably be pretty bad so let's talk about that now. there's a hit-and-run in oakland in the maze westbound 580 at grand avenue blocking the fast lane now. no injuries have been reported but cars are moving about 21 miles per hour. so pretty slow there and then a look at your mass transit throughout the bay area, we have ace train delays, the number one train is 40 minutes late due to mechanical issues. they are switching out that train. then the number 3 train is on time. let's take a look westbound 880 to 101. it will take but 15 minutes. it's looking like it's slowing up a little bit on the san mateo bridge. "ro"? >> well, good morning, everybody. this time around, our live weather camera is going to take us to sfo where we do not have
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any delays right now on any arriving flights at any of our local airports even though we have this right here, a deck of low clouds and fog. it's not quite as extensive or expansive as 24 hours ago but nonetheless, we do have a gray start to your tuesday morning. temperature-wise we are into the 50s. it is 50 in santa rosa. it is 59 in oakland. winds have been a little bit breezy but i have been noting in the past 15 minutes they have been dialing back just somewhat. six west-southwest in san francisco. 7 in san jose down from 13. 14-mile-per-hour winds in the san ramon area also concord, clayton and walnut creek back through antioch. about 14 in the fairfield area. east an southwest, west- southwest, that's what we refer to as variable winds and fluctuating and that will be the scenario during the afternoon hours 10 to 20 miles per hour. satellite-radar suggests that we have a deck of clouds along the coast extending inland at least a good 70 miles this morning but it's thin less than
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1,000 feet deep. we'll have earlier burnoff today and we'll have some sunshine all the way back to the coast. how about that? sunny and seasonal around the bay today, inland areas summery temperatures pretty much where they should be for this time of the year. here's your futurecast. play along at home. look at 1:00. just a finger of fog playing tag to the san mateo coastline. that's about it. otherwise, the coast will clear out. we'll have the sunshine all the way into the bay before the clouds gather again in the overnight hours. we kick-start our wednesday morning with some gray skies. this is the area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area spinning its wheels bringing some precipitation well into the pacific northwest encouraging us with more of a westerly flow enhancing that marine layer and leaving us in this benign weather pattern at least all the way through the end of the week. 60s monterey bay. we have some poor air quality unhealthy for the most part due to the fire that continues to burn out of control in throughout monterey county. 889 in ukiah. mountain ours areas some good
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area quality there. 89 in ukiah. 93 yosemite. offshore small craft advisory in effect 20 to 60 miles then we get into a gale warning situation. today's temperatures, we will have 66 in pacifica today. 73 oakland back through alameda. 70s peninsula. 80s inland. jumping into the 90s. here's your extended forecast in which we call for that stagnant weather pattern through monday. hey, enjoy your tuesday! and i'm dennis o'donnell .coming up, history for san francisco giant last night. guess how many hits brandon crawford had in one game. and buster posey's slide went viral, we'll show it to you [ chuckling ] coming up. e your what's cool about your summer camp? email your nomination to, and we may come and feature your camp on the show. he
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good morning. bruce bochy was not with the lions because he got sick and went to the hospital. he will be back today after a long night of watching his team on tv. buster posey look at the slide into third nailed his face. initially thought he broke his finger. but he just tweaked it. he is going to be okay. 8th inning crawford base hit tying the game at 7. -- decide the game at 7. that was his fourth hit of the game! he would get three more hits in extra innings. in the 14th,ly to home the events -- throw home the eventsual game winner and brandon belt. the giants win 8-7. crawford is the first player with 7 hits in a game since the ford administration. the a's and os started three hours after the giants but ended before coco crisp -- look at that jet! a's win 3-2. 2-1 in the 7th,
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steven vogt with some insurance. he homered earlier in the gay and the a's win 3-2. the president driving steph curry around the links in martha's vineyard. for the second straight summer he was invited to play with potus. obama claims it was his 301st round. do you the massachusetts that's about 40 times a year. the republicans are going to eat that up. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. play of the day, terrific catch by coco crisp. impressive grab. reaching -- look at that stretching out for the ninth play of the day. robbing baltimore of a home run. a's helped to a 3-2 win at the coliseum . it is 625 hackers have hit hundreds of thousands of cash registers and a bay area tech ninths is at the center of the breach. >> the high-speed rail authority is meeting in
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sacramento today. that's because the bullet train project is overbudget. we'll tell you how much more money is needed and what's delaying the project. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of slowing dow a fast-moving wildfire that has already forced thousands of evacuations is showing no sign of slowing down. >> i'm sandra osborne live at san francisco international airport with a number of noise complaints over new flight patterns have been skyrocketing. we'll have the numbers straight ahead. >> so far today no reports of any local airport delays. good morning from our kpix weather center where we'll talk about your tuesday forecast. >> good morning, it is tuesday, august 9. i'm kenny choi.
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>> i'm anne makovec in for michelle. it is just about 6:30. in just a few hours we could learn more about the future of the high-speed rail way. officials are meeting in sacramento at 10:00 this morning. kpix 5 reporter lisa chan is live in the newsroom with what is expected today. lisa. >> reporter: a big part of the project is 50% over budget and is already fallen six months behind schedule. the california high-speed rail authority is asking for a 35 million-dollar increase in state funding today. a 2.5-mile stretch of highway 99 in fresno needs to be relocated. this is the main commercial artery of the central valley. work on this has been delayed by litigation over obtaining rights to private property. there is a separate request for an additional $200 million to improve the bay area commuter rail system which would carry passengers from los angeles to san francisco. the original agreement asked the rail authority to invest $600 million to help caltrain electrify its tracks. some want to stop the high speed project altogether. >> it's going to fail and when it does everybody in california is going to be turned off to
6:31 am
the idea of high-speed rail. oh, no, we tried that. that's a disaster. we're not going to do that. >> others still believe the project will be worth it in the long run. even donald trump said at the gop convention, he promises to build a railway of tomorrow. but trump hasn't specifically said he supports the high-speed rail line from l.a. to san francisco. the increase in cost could mean the state won't have an initial rail system from san jose to shasta by 2025. lisa chan, kpix 5 will combination. hundreds of firefighters are battling the pilot fire in san bernardino county this morning. thousands of people have been forced from their homes and now they have to wait. >> it's scary and emotional. we have been through this quite a few times. this is the third time since living up here going through this. >> that fire burned 6300 acres in the mountains east of los angeles. it started on sunday tripling in size in less than 24 hours. the fire is now more than 10 square miles with smoke causing
6:32 am
air advisories -- air quality advisories in southern california and in nevada. more than 200 miles away. >> dust and ash and flame everywhere. you're tired. it's 3 a.m. and you got to keep going. >> it is a different story with the "cold fire." that's burning near the border napa and yolo counties. it's 80% contained burning since last tuesday near highway 128. it destroyed two buildings and burned 5700 acres. modern technology can't do everything so researchers aring ask the public for old photos of lake tahoe. it's to help them study the effects of algae growth in the water. the uc-davis tahoe environmental research center says the lake's once clean water is less clear and getting warmer. the reasons include a decline in snowfall in recent years. >> that algae can get really stinky. >> we have had a lot of problems. at this particular time around the bay area we have five different lakes with the algae bloom happening and a lot of it
6:33 am
was from the unseasonably warm conditions and the warmer water, as well. so basically that's near the shoreline, so i'm still going swimming. i am. i'm so happy my lake del valle is back open again. hi, everybody! rise and shine! here's a look out the door this morning where you can anticipate as far as your air quality is tender, it's pretty moderate which means a bit of a change a little bit of a haze in the atmosphere due to a southwest wind, and encouraging some of the haze from the monterey county fire to that blaze, the smoke from it, blowing into our bay area. so meanwhile we're taking a look at sfo. we see a plane taking off. so far no reports of any airport delays on arrivals or departures. that compressed deck of low clouds and fog not quite as deep as it was just 24 hours ago with our air temperature anywhere from 50 in santa rosa to the high 50s around the bay area. here's how i'm playing your numbers for today. seasonal in san francisco. also, spot on in san jose, oakland your temperatures about
6:34 am
3 degrees above average. number-wise, with the sunshine at the beaches into the 60s, around the peninsula today into the 70s, we top off in the low to mid-80s across the santa clara valley, east bay numbers high 80s and low 90s. 94 well inland towards brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay. 80s and 90s common across the tri-valley today. carrcarquinez straits 60s and 70s. 60s to 80s north of the bay bridge. 90s in the far reaches, 93 in cloverdale and in ukiah. full forecast including the baseball game outlook for tonight, as the a's host the orioles, still coming up at 48 after the hour. here's roqui. thank you, "ro." expect some delays traffic-wise with that baseball game of course. time now 6:34. let's check the bay bridge toll plaza. backed up about to west grand avenue and out there as well oakland hit-and-run from earlier this morning moved to the shoulder now but still
6:35 am
causing -- oh, and we have a little spider there. westbound 580 at grand that hit- and-run still causing delays, 20 miles per hour. and then mass transit, there are some major delays with your ace train number one it's going to be 40 minutes delayed and number 3 is on time. across the bay area homeowners are complaining about planes disturbing their peace. sandra osborne is live at sfo with more. >> reporter: we're not just talking about people that live next door to the airport. these new flight patterns have been impacting at least four counties across the bay area and the number of complaints has been skyrocketing. according to the bay area news group, they are saying that these numbers went from 449 complaints about noise to sfo in june of 2014 by over 70 residents to 320,000 complaints this year by more than 2100 residents.
6:36 am
the faa has been implementing new technology. airlines and airports are now using satellite gps systems instead of former radar systems. it's supposed to keep flights on time, reduce fuel and emissions but the more precise flight patterns are bringing aircraft and noise over previously quiet neighborhoods. some of these residents have been forming groups and discussing potential solutions and hoping that the faa will come up with a compromise. live from sfo, sandra osborne kpix 5. >> sandra, as the lawmakers who represent these areas, are they doing anything about this? >> absolutely. there's a small group of local officials that have been working with those community groups that i just mentioned and they are also in discussions with the faa again hoping they can eventually come up with some sort of a solution. back to you. >> thank you. some of oracle's computer systems may have been hacked. according to noted security expert brian krebs, russian hackers may have gained access
6:37 am
to hundreds of thousands of payment systems used by retailers. oracle is asking 300,000 stores using the company's point of sale system to reset passwords. it's unclear if hackers accessed consumer financial data. in san francisco tainted gummi candy sent 19 party-goers to the hospital this weekend. staff working the celebration says that the kids sadly fell into the trap. >> these are innocent kids. they don't know -- they see candy, they eat it. >> police are confident that they at least know what tainted the sweets even if they can't see who brought them to the party. public health officials say that the gummy rings tested positive for thc just like every patient evaluated for the substance. 19 people were sick saturday from gummy rings served at a quinceanera party. black students and pushed on the cal campus and now have a space of their own. black students make up 3% of
6:38 am
the population at uc-berkeley. it's why over a year ago, the campus' black student union started rally to get a building to congregate. the fanny lou hamer resource center for black students. a lot of them say it may keep peers on track to graduate. a dwindling turtle population is getting help from the san francisco zoo. the zoo is going to import some western pond turtle eggs and hatch them. zookeepers say other animals like bullfrogs are eating them causing them to disappear from marin county. they are about the size of a quarter right now. and they will then be rel released when they are bigger. >> they will have a better chance of survival. >> the eggs are coming from a small group of turtles in point reyes. it could take 10 years to
6:39 am
increase the population. time 6:38. a six-year-old is on a mission to hook up the hippo at the san francisco zoo. we'll tell you how you can help. >> and three children in tennessee rushed to the hospital after a frightening accident on a ferris wheel. >> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. taking a quick check on the big board, looking up this morning. let's keep her going. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at welcome to your tuesday. these are the temperatures you can expect heading out four for your afternoon. look at san francisco. we are actually where we should be for this ninth day of the month. same in san jose. beaches you will have clearing in the low to mid-60s. peninsula ample sunshine 70s to the low 80s. santa clara valley jumping up to 85 in morgan hill.
6:43 am
but 90 in gilroy then east of the bay. 94 degrees in brentwood. hey, good morning, pleasanton, at 91 degrees. 70s around the strait. 89 degrees concord, clayton, north of the golden gate bridge, mill valley. you want 80s? petaluma, novato, napa valley into the 80s. it will be 87 in santa rosa and clearlake 92 degrees. your full forecast coming up in two minutes. parts of mexico getting hit by tropical storm javier. the storm is expected to hit the baja with wind and rain through tomorrow morning. storm shelters are set up in the resort city of cabo san lucas. and families have been moving out of low-lying areas. three kids in tennessee are recovering this morning after they fell off a ferris wheel. it happened last night at the greenville counties fairgrounds. one of the cars got stuck and then spilled forward. they fell 45 feet to the
6:44 am
ground. no details but we are hearing the oldest is 16. all three were conscious when taken to the hospital last night. a bad month for a san francisco-based retail chain. more from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. the turnaround for gap remains elusive. san francisco company reported its same-store sales in july were down 4% from a year earlier. really weighed down by banana republic. its sales were down by 14%, flagship chain down a bit and old navy was the bright spot with flat sales. gap did see a solid june so there was some promise there. the company hoping to get fashions to stores quicker also improve clothing quality. stock is up this year based off that but off today's news it's taking a tumble. twitter is opening up some office space at its midmarket headquarters in san francisco. it's going to lease up to
6:45 am
180,000 square feet. that's about a quarter of twitter's headquarters. the company says it's looking to use its office space efficiently. of course, twitter has been struggling over the past year losing about a third of its market value. it did lay off workers at the end of 2015. also, the overall tech market has cooled off a little bit as hiring isn't as strong over the past few years. stock market looking to reverse yesterday's slight losses off to a decent start today. so far, dow right now up by more than 30 points. nasdaq up 10. s&p is up by 2 points in the early going. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. it is quarter to serve clock and we have some crashes mucking up the morning commute. >> in hayward, southbound 880 right now, 92 connector two-car
6:46 am
crash in the carpool lane. speeds at 34 miles per hour. in hayward a crash at winton. let's head to the bay bridge toll plaza. made to downtown westbound 15 to 20 minutes so slow from the maze and san mateo bridge 880 to 101 westbound starting to move slow, as well. good morning, everybody. our live weather camera this time around features the bay bridge in what we have been noticing is that marine layer, low clouds and fog, the ceiling is lowering. minutes ago we could see the tip-top of the bay bridge standing 525 feet off the bay waters and now it's covered in clouds. yesterday 24 hours ago it deck was roughly about 1300 feet deep. this morning about 1,000 feet deep which means we'll see some burnoff today even at the beaches. currently 50 degrees in santa rosa and sticking with the north bay, it's linda, she is our weather watcher in napa,
6:47 am
she says it's overcast, it's gray, slightly windy, and mild temperatures. linda currently reports 58 degrees. thank you for playing along with us here at "kpix 5 morning news." it is a little bit breezy. it's an onshore push, a westerly wind at 7 for the most part around the half moon bay, 10 oakland, 14 san ramon, 14 concord, clayton and walnut creek. southwest winds breezing up to with 14 in the fairfield-yard. these winds will be variable in the afternoon 10 to 20 miles per hour. this right here is that marine layer lining the seashore intruding right now making its presence known around the bay and then about marching inland 60 to 70 miles. so basically what you need to know today the clouds will clear from the coast. we'll have sunny and seasonal conditions around the bay and summery temperatures and even a couple of degrees warmer than what we experienced on monday. futurecast, in the afternoon hours, a sliver of some
6:48 am
sunshine around the san mateo coast before the clouds filter back in overnight and clouds tomorrow morning. satellite-radar shows low pressure still anchored off the pacific northwest coast. you see the precipitation rotating in a counterclockwise fashion around that low. this area of low pressure not going anywhere very quickly so that's what's been encouraging our marine layer and keeping us in this stagnant weather pattern. mid 70s high sierra, air quality is compromised unhealthy levels of smoke in the upper air. 89 degrees ukiah, 98 shy of 100 in fresno. sunrise 6:21. anne says she is loving these days in which the sun is taking a little bit longer each morning to rise. what you can expect around the bay area by the time the sun sets tonight, 60s beaches, 70s around the lip of the bay, right around there. then we jump up to 77 in
6:49 am
mountain view, 80 santa clara valley, that's spot on for this time of the year. 87 degrees to the north in santa rosa. 90s away from the bay well inland. tri-valley you will top off in the high 80s and lo 90s. extended forecast, what do you see? absolutely nothing going on! [ laughter ] >> if you are heading to the ballgame tonight, a's and orioles. they won last night. let's make it two in a row. 65 degrees. dress in layers. and go a's. in san francisco, a little boy turns six into something kids wouldn't dream of. he gave all his birthday money to a hippo. but it was tradition for this elementary schooler. ever since he was a toddler bud has been giving his birthday cash to the san francisco zoo's only hippo. he says it's important to him that his friend gets plenty of food. bud did some math realizing maybe a group effort was the key to success so he started a
6:50 am
"crowdfunding" page and total strangers responded. >> $800 for a 6-year-old to raise? that's incredible. and every year he keeps coming back with more and more money. i mean, kids like bud, that's incredible. >> bud's goal is to raise enough money to build a new exhibit for the zoo that can house multiple hippos. there's a link to his "crowdfunding" page on our website, another wild animal is recently spotted wandering around san francisco. a coyote seemingly enjoying itself playing ball. someone put this on instagram over the weekend from bernal heights. that's one of the spots in the city where more coyotes have been seen recently. today a ribbon-cutting on i- 80 to show off major improvements to the roadway. congressman john garamendi will oversee it giving the keynote speech this morning to describe some major adjustments. the project would include a realignment and improved connector route is set to improve safety and travel times for drivers on i-80 as well as
6:51 am
i-680 and highway 12. today's ribbon-cutting starts at 10 a.m. on the i-80 west ramp offspring valley road. >> the state of california cracking down on dirty trucks, an effort by the chp and the california air resources board. today they will be doing spot collection along a silicon valley highway to make sure that trucks are complying with state air quality regulations. the inspection locations are not being made public. nine minutes before 7:00. disruptions continue with delta airlines. when things should get back to normal, coming up. >> reporter: a $64 billion bullet train project needs more money. the california high-speed rail authority will meet in a few hours to ask for more state funds. we'll tell you how much they want coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
california's clean air laws are working.
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we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] giants. she says she was hit by an
6:55 am
electric cart.. a-t-and-t park. a beyonce fan is suing the san francisco giants. she was hit by an electric cart during that concert at at&t park. the woman says the driver of that cart was a live nation staffer at the beyonce and jz concert. giants have no comments. five things to know at the :55. the 2016 presidential candidates campaign in key swing states today. hillary clinton in florida, donald trump in north carolina. the day after unveiling his economic plan, the republican nominee faces a growing list of republicans who won't be voting for him including senator susan collins from maine. today marks two years since the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the unarmed 18-year-old was shot by officer darren wilson in 2014. brown's death sparked days of protests around the country. activists are encouraging people to participate in a nationwide moment of silence at 11:55 a.m. delays on delta airlines
6:56 am
expected to last through at least today following a major computer glitch. at least half of all delta flights were delayed or canceled yesterday after a power outage knocked out the airline computer system in atlanta. delta says its systems are back up and running. arco is informing hundreds of thousands of businesses that their payments systems may have been hacked. allegedly russian hackers got into oracle's system. a fire is burning east of los angeles. it started on fund. it's burned 6300 acres. the smoke has prompted air quality advisories in southern california and nevada. i'm lisa chan live in the newsroom. the high speed rail authority is meeting in sacramento this morning. they plan to ask for more money for the bullet train project. a 2.5-mile stretch of highway 99 in fresno needs to be relocated. this is the main commercial artery of the central valley. work on this has been delayed by litigation over obtaining rights to private property.
6:57 am
there is a separate request for an additional $200 million to improve the bay area commuter rail system which would carry passengers from los angeles to san francisco. the original agreement asked the rail authority to invest $600 million to help caltrain electrify its tracks. now the cost is $713 million with an additional $84 million for other work. a few months ago the director of the high-speed rail said, it's going to be worth it. >> you look at what's going on and what's happening and what will happen over the next two or three years, you're going to stand back and go, wow. >> reporter: even donald trump is talking about high-speed rail. he promised to build the railways of tomorrow at the gop convention. he hasn't specifically said he supports the high-speed rail line from l.a. to san francisco. but he has mentioned several times china and other countries have high-speed trains while this country does not. the increase in costs to california's bullet train project could slow down the state's plan to have an initial
6:58 am
rail system from san jose to shasta by 2025. lisa chan, kpix 5. time now is -- i don't know the time. of [ laughter ] >> but we are going to look at hayward right now. southbound 880 at 92,two-car crash blocking the lane. cars are moving about 48 miles per hour. and also westbound 37 at lakeville highway. two-car crash in the center divide causing some delays, cars at 42 miles per hour. also, southbound 237 in sunnyvale at mathilda the car has veered off the road and cars are at 49 miles per hour. so i asked roqui if i could borrow her traffic camera so i could take a good look at this because this picture tells the store this morning. you have to imagine the span of the golden gate bridge, it's about 220 feet above the bay waters. and then the tower stands 746 feet above the waters. and you can tell that that ceiling has lowered all the way
6:59 am
down to the span this morning which gives you a good indication it's foggy outside. [ laughter ] >> temperatures 50 at santa rosa to 59 degrees in san jose. it's also 59 in oakland. later today clouds will peel back all the way to the beaches with some sunshine in pacifica. 66 degrees there. 60s, 70s around the bay today. 70s common across the peninsula to the 80s and 90s away from the bay. now, as you look at our extended forecast, not a hiccup in sight. >> thank you. time now 6:59. [ laughter ] >> by the way. >> that's right. you're right. thank you. well, you may have noticed what appears to be circular rashes on some of the olympic athletes. the purple spots are not contagious just the effects of a type of therapy known as cupping. the uc-san francisco person developed the technique used biathletes. the cups known as decompressors loosen up scar tissue. the blemishes go away in five to 10 days. captions by: caption colorado
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