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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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griego. kenny is off. good morning everyone. it is monday, august 15th. i'm michelle griego. kenny is off. crews from around northern california are working tirelessly to contain the clayton fire in lake county. it's torched thousands of acres and has been spreading fast since it broke out saturday afternoon. and residents in the lake county area are no stranger to wildfires. this region saw significant damage from the valley, rocky and jerusalem blazes, we want to take you out live to lower lake, kpix 5's anne makovec explains why the clayton fire has been so difficult to fight. anne? >> reporter: yeah, take a look at the devastation that has been left behind. this is in downtown lower lake. and you're looking at what used to be an office for habitat for humanity. this is a small downtown strip and the fire just thickened and -- picked and chose a few
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building that it ended up taking down. we don't even know how many buildings have burned in this fire now that light is hitting -- this area. where it is going to be able to get a little bit better picture of what we're dealing with. you can see many destroyed cars as well -- [ no audio ] the fire burning on the eastern portion of lower lake east of highway 29. it has burned more than 3,000 acres. now the official word is ten homes burned but as i said we already know that the number is much larger than that. and the fire started saturday and we've been hearing stories of how quickly it got out of control. flaring up with yesterday's winds and hot dry conditions. >> i couldn't even drive. i had to stop at the bottom of the bridge because it's my everything.
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>> reporter: yeah, that is one of the thousands of people who has been evacuated. she believes her home is gone. there are three evacuation centers set up including one at twin pines casinos. the thousands of people who had to leave their homes really don't know what is next. there are about 1,000 firefighters here from all over the area and pg&e also had to cut off electrical service to almost 2,000 buildings to make sure the firefighters have safe access to fight this fire from all angles. all right back out here live now in downtown lower lake where you can see is just going to be quite a process to clean up once the fire is even stopped. at this point, the conditions have been favorable overnight. cooler temperatures. but firefighters have a long way to go. live in lower lake, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> it's just heart break dog see the images from lower lake and do the danger appear to be over for the downtown lower lake area? >> reporter: there are a lot of
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firefighters here on scene to make sure that none of these hot spots flare up because there are a lot of hot shot we can see little firing burns all over the place -- fires burning all over the place, this roadway is blocked right now to the public. so as far as it reigniting downtown, it seems unlikely just because this area is under protection at this point. but firefighters certainly have their work cut out for them with the parameter of the fire. >> all right, anne makovec in lake county. thank you. bay area fire departments are doing everything they can to help crush the clayton blaze. san francisco's department is sending six fire protection crew brigs plus 262 staff members and contra costa county is bringing two engines to the fire lines and crews in lake county are also getting help from san mateo and oakland. each city is sending four firefighters. stay with kpix 5 for the latest on the clayton fire and also for updates anytime just head
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to our website. no help from the weather thereupon as well? no it's going to be very hot and of course the winds generating those fire winds generate their own kind of weather pattern as well. but it's so difficult so see when you talk about the difference in the fires and the wind patterns at this particular time. let's take a look at the air quality forecast for today around the bay area. we have more of the upper level trough that's breezing through the bay area, we have some cleaner air around the region. good air quality due to a west wind 10 to 20 along the seashore in the bay but in the inland areas still the south and southwest flow that's ushering in some of the smoke and haze if is soberanes fire. into the santa clara valley and lipping around to the eastern portion -- whipping around to the eastern portion of the bay area, but nonetheless just a little bit of a haze in the atmosphere. this our live weather camera this morning, we're taking a look out towards the bay bridge where we have a lowering ceiling again the tiptop of the bay bridge roughly about 525 feet tall when you cannot see it that means the ceiling is
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lowering and right now, we're going to be checking in with those possibility of airport delays at sfo. because whenever that ceiling is about 600 feet, you see those delays on some arriving flights. 50s 60s this morning and numbers wise here's where you can expect. here talking about 6 60s at the beaches no clearing there. 70s 80s around the peninsula in the santa clara valley up to 94 in brentwood. down from 100 yesterday. and north bay numbers, take your pick. 60s beaches and 770s mill valley and 80s in novato. the full forecast is still coming up but right now, what's up roqui? what's up ro? okay a will the going on right now altamont pass, pleasanton, the time now is 6:05 #. to pleasanton first. northbound 680 at bernal avenue. two car crash moved to the center divide and now but this northbound crash is causing some delays on the southbound side. cars are moving about 23, 20 miles per hour. maybe some looky-loo action going on. and then let's head to the altamont pass. where of course your usual problem area coming out of tracy. but we also have a crash there westbound at grantline road and
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cars are driving about 12 miles per hour. so that commute there will take you about 30 minutes to get to the dublin interchange. about 20 minutes. looking good on both directions and just keep in mind your bay bridge toll plaza is pretty backed up to the maze. michelle? all right, roqui thank you. in monterey county, crews have made enough progress fighting the soberanes fire that they've been able to reopen part of highway 1. the stretch from point sur light station opened last night at 8:00 and power was also restored to nearby lines which had been deenergized to keep firefighters safe. the soberanes has burned more than 72,000 acres and it is now 6 # 0% contained -- 60% contained. san francisco will conduct a review of the trees at one of its parks after a woman was injured by a falling branch. the woman was struck friday when the 100-pound branch fell 50 feet from a pine tree at washington square park. she remains hospitalized in critical condition. the tree in question was fully
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examined in 2008 with another brief check in 2010. but that was all before the drought. activates across the country are coming together today to fight against police brutality. it's happening on the same day the embattled san francisco police department plans to talk about a new police chief. kpix 5 reporter lisa chan is live in the newsroom with the details. >> reporter: community advocates are calling for a 90 day moratoriumon the use of firearms or weapons by the use of all police forces in the united states. there will be a press conference this afternoon at the mission police station in san francisco. many protestors say officers are too quick to shoot people of color. and are considered about the department's -- concerned about the department's ongoing use of police force. meanwhile the sfpd is asking the community for their input. surveys have been sent out. also five meetings have been set up in the next few weeks throughout the city so the community can talk about what they are looking for in the next chief. >> there's a lot of officers
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out there that are wanting to do the good work, we're talking about the small minor i out there that's going to doings they dot no business -- doing things they got no business doing. with the recommendation they be separated from the police department. >> reporter: the san francisco police commission is organizing the community meetings to discuss the recruitment process for the next police chief. the community is welcome to show up and the first meeting is tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. if you can't make the meeting tonight there are two more later this week and two more next week. live in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. summer is coming to a close and that means some kids are getting ready for their first day of school. today school starts for the fremont union high school district. the cupertino union school district and mountain view los altos high school district. it's a good reminder watch out for students and also be careful on the roads. traffic could be a little heavier this week as well. well, the first dunkin' donuts in the south bay is officially open for business. it opened its doors at 6:00
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this morning. here's a live picture outside the shop on san mateo road in half-moon bay. i like that iced coffee dancing there. people were lining up very early this morning and they are still out there. the first 100 guests got a $100 gift card. time now is 6:09. violent clashes on the streets of milwaukee overnight after police shot and killed a man in a community already wary of police. >> the international olympic committee finally admits that in fact a star u.s. swimmer was robbed at gunpoint. >> from the from the kpix weather center, good morning everyone. what you need to know about the smoke and the haze. >> for those of you headed into the dubling interchange, some major delays on the altamont pass and plus the usual morning commute. i will give you an update coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! lake tahoe. thank you so much for watching kpix 5 morning news, good morning everybody the time check now is 13 minutes after the hour of 6:00 on this 15th day of the month of august. live weather camera got to tell you that bank of low clouds and fog getting lower and lower. can barely see the tiptop of the bay bridge where we're experiencing drizzle all the way back to the dublin grade. how the drizzle and the clouds will affect your forecast and they will, that's all coming up in less than four minutes. new information about the man who died in a jet ski crash in south lake tahoe. police say he's 22-year-old ration williams and williams was riding the jet see with a -- ski with a friend saturday night when they hit a wave and fell into the water, police say note of the men were wearing life jackets. five people are dead and thousands are staying in
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shelters as southern louisiana deals with massive flooding. >> everybody is saying this is the worst they've ever seen. my heart is broken because there's so many elderly people in here. and people who really can't afford to replace their things. and it's like -- the water is like literally up to your waist. that means their houses, everything in there is destroyed. >> more than 20,000 people have been reese cued from -- rescued from their homes and vehicles after rain swollen rivers flooded their banks and there could be more trouble ahead as forecasters predict up to a half inch of rain today in the baton rouge area. protests in milwaukee spiraled out of control overnight with at least one shooting, a car set on fire and an officer sent to the hospital. the demonstrations come after police shot and killed a suspect one day earlier as reid binion reports the governor of wisconsin issued an emergency declaration. >> i hereby declare this asemily to be unlawful.
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>> reporter: protests in milwaukee intensifying subpoenaed night into monday morning. the shots fired in multiple locations. police say they used an armored vehicle to rescue one shooting victim who was rushed to the hospital. and an officer was also hospitalized after rocks were hurled at a squad car. the violence coming after 17 people who were arrested the previous evening. protestors torching several businesses including a gas station. the fury that erupted saturday came just hours after the police shooting death of 23- year-old sylville smith. police say smith and another person took off on foot after being pulled over at a traffic stop. one officer opened fire when police say smith ignored orders to put down his gun. a gun that police say was loaded. milwaukee mayor tom barrett says police body camera footage of the incident showed smith holding the gun. as for when the public will see the footage that's not yet clear. >> i don't think there's anybody in the country that's released a body worn camera of an officer-involved shooting in 24 or 36 hours, i think chicago set the modern record with a
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week. >> reporter: i'm reid binion reporting. u.s. olympic star ryan lochte and three foliole american shippers -- swimmers are shaken up. they were in a taxi pulled over by robbers posing as police officers. lochte initially refused to cooperate but someone of the robbers -- one of the robbers put a gun to his forehead. his teammate michael phelps says you can't always rely on local police for security. >> we are wearing the stars and stripes and red white and blue and as a team we stay together and always watch out for one another. and that's just something that we have to do. >> the attackers took the athletes' wallets and cell phones but no one was injured. as for the competition, u.s. gymnast simone biles continued her domination making history in the vault. >> she will become america's first olympic gold medalist on this event.
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>> and there it is. >> she is amazing, becames easily won the gold last night adding to her wins in the individual and team competitions. she's now the first female gymnast from the u.s. to win three golds in one olympics and the first american woman ever to win the vault. ♪ well, these ladies they were stepping to the beat this weekend to make it on the golden state warriors' dance team. hey look at that. our very own roberta gonzales even served as a judge you look like you could be one of the dancers. >> oh, yeah right. >> she does. the finalists from this saturday's showdown will participate in a week long audition process. no surprise, it was all the warriors' success, there were more dancers at the audition than ever before. you started with so much fun judging. but hard right? because there are really good dancers. >> and also when you talk around and talk with them -- walk around and talk with them because you want to be sure they're great representatives of the warriors. great community spirit. and you realize this is their
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lifetime dream and goal. and just to say no. i don't think so. no. -- that's hard. >> it's not just people from the bay area who came in to audition, people from other states? >> good point there. there was -- >> three countries. >> three women from japan and one was exceptional. exceptional. so what we did is we cut it down and final final is on thursday. >> roqui is doing traffic you tell me who you're voting for. >> okay. >> i've never ben much of dancer and rather be playing basketball. they look like they have so much fun out there. >> they get the crowd hyped up. >> they do and that's fun judging them from a fan point of view too. >> yeah because you're looking at them the whole game. >> want to watch that diversity out there. >> there you go. >> i like it. all right let's take a look at traffic. we have some problem areas right now. pleasanton first. let's say northbound 680 at bernal avenue. slowing down southbound traffic actually when the accident is northbound which is interesting looky-loos probably. that traffic is backed up to 5080. let's head to altamont pass,
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westbound at grantline road. that accident is being cleared now but cars are moving 9 miles per hour. so very, very slow on altamont pass, that commute there to the dublin interchange will take you about 30 minutes and then mass transit, san francisco bay -- uh-oh. they cut me off ro. they're ready for weather. okay. thanks roqui. good morning everyone. the damage is done. we have low clouds and we have fog. we have drizzle and we have up to one hour delays on some arriving flights at sfo. all other international airports mineta and oakland all on time at this particular time. but it a very foggy gray start to your day. temperature-wise 50s to 60 degrees in san jose. we're socked from the coast through the to theway to the inland areas. this morning and this afternoon, so the winds are blowing out of the south lifting up in a northerly direction. clipping the santa clara valley and well into the eastern portion of our bay area. so more smoke and haze and the
6:20 am
atmosphere. not quite as ominous as last friday when we left you but nonetheless, we still have moderate air quality throughout most of the bay area. so bottom line is, the coast will not be clear. it will be socked in today. sunny and seasonal bayside and more into the end ran areas -- end land areas and futurecast here's the lunch hour. again clouds all the way into the golden gate bridge and bayside around the rim of the bay clearing out. we have some clearing into santa cruz with a high temperature there today of 75. otherwise we will have the clouds filtering on shore again. all because of the enhanced marine layer due to an upper level trough breezing through the bay area, start the tuesday morning very much like we began today. this is the area of low pressure next on-deck. that will continue to enhance our marine layer for our tuesday so we will be cool at 58 in daly city. otherwise, nice in our inland areas down now to the triple digits in brentwood to 94 degrees, 96 in sacramento and 105 fresno and merced and modesto. all the way back into manteca.
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840 in the high sierra. and 62 with problems with the matter in the form of the smoke in the monterey bay area. here's the sunrise at 6:26. by the time it sets tonight we will shave off 2:03 of daylight hours. 60s, 70s and 80s and 90s today in the bay area. the winds out of the south and southwest 10, 20 miles per hour. for your tuesday, warmer on wednesday and seasonal by the end of the week. we are talking about a baseball game tonight. the pick match-up. matt moore for the giants taking on sun for the pirates now. cool and 60. go giants. good morning everybody. from levi's stadium, where there was mixed results for the 49ers' preseason opener and what happened to the san francisco giants' bullpen? sports from levi's coming up.
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good morning everybody. from levi's stadium, where the 49ers' preseason was supposed to be about that quarterback controversy. blaine gabbert versus colin kaepernick, but kaepernick didn't play tonight. he was in street clothes because of what chip kelly called arm fatigue. so the kelly era got underway versus the texans and a rough start for the 49ers' first string offense. carlos hyde fumbles and picked up by houston's john simon and he ran it back 41 yards for a touchdown to make it 7-0 houston. but on the very next drive, gabbert finds vance mcdonald who goes 43 yards for the tying touchdown. the 49ers had over 300 yards of offense in the first half. but houston came back in the second half and beat san francisco 24-13. giants taking on the orioles on hunter pence's bobble body day. bottom of the 4th starting pitcher johnny cueto comes through with an rbi single. giving the giants a 3-0 lead. they led 7-1 after five. but baltimore rallies, down 7-
6:26 am
5. two outs later in the 9th inning, the orioles' jonathan scope connects for a go ahead three run shot off casilla. baltimore stuns san francisco 8- 7. the mariners' kyle seager drove in four runs including a double in the 6th inning as seattle beat the oakland athletics 8-4. so i have bad news all around. the giants lose, the a's lose and of course the 49ers lose. san francisco and denver at denver next saturday right here on the big 5. i'm dennis o'donnell, i'll see you tonight. and it is 6:26. after a week of disruptions santa clara county workers are back on the job this morning but everything won't be back to normal. >> and now that the sun is coming up we're getting a better look at the devastation from the fire burning right now in lake county. and it is bad. we'll give you an update on that fire and the thousands of evacuations next.
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the community during the recruitment process for the san francisco chief of police. this is happening o during their recruitment process for the san francisco chief of police. this is happening on the same day community advocates are asking for amoratorium on the use of firearms and weapons by all police forces in the u.s. we'll have the details coming up. it's 6:30. rise and shine and good morning from the kpix weather center. where we have a subtle change in your forecast. and some mass transit delays -- updates for you. if you're in the vallejo area, we have a update coming up. good morning everyone, it's monday august 15th. i'm michelle griego. kenny is off. right now crews from across northern california are battling the clayton fire in lake county.
6:31 am
it's burned thousands of acres and has been spreading fast since it broke out saturday afternoon. and locals in lake county area are no stranger to wildfires. this region saw significant damage from the valley rocky and jerusalem blazes. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in lower lake on why the clayton fire has been so difficult to get a handle on. anne? >> reporter: yeah, we have a couple of priorities this morning when it comes the fighting the their -- to fighting this fire, one is reinforcing the line and number two assessing the damage and you can see some of it here behind me, this is in downtown lower lake. you're looking at what used to be an office for habitat for humanity. and my camera man was just panning around you can see the vehicles, out back that were destroyed and over a dozen vehicles. so assessing the damage is going to be huge today. because they don't know how many buildings were destroyed and how many homes were destroyed over the past 24 hours because of this fire. it really blew up yesterday
6:32 am
afternoon. and right now more than 4,000 people are evacuated throughout lake county. the fire burning on the eastern portion of lower lake just east of highway 29. it has been burning toward the city of clear lake and it's burned more than 3,000 acres so far. the official word is ten homes have burned but again we know that number is much bigger than that already. the fire started saturday and we're hearing stories about quickly it got out of control. flaring up with yesterday's winds and hot dry conditions. so firefighters are praying that the weather works in their favor today. >> weather is a nemesis for us. so we don't know what that is going to bring to the table today. so our focus right now is reinforcing our containment lines and working on making sure this community and the those around here that have been impacted by this fire that all the little issues, power, gas, safety issues, have been neutralized. >> reporter: and there are three evacuation centers set up including one at twin pine
6:33 am
casino. the thousands of people who had to leave their homes don't know what's next. >> this is where we all grew up. you know. >> all we've known our wheel life. >> and all of the neighbors look at what they have to come home to. it's -- cruel. >> reporter: now pg&e cut off service to almost 2,000 buildings to make sure firefighters had safe access to fight the fires from all angles. and you can see some of them standing by on scene here today. because they're really trying to be sure that none of these small fires that are still burning within this ugly scene don't flare up. and threaten some of the buildings around here. this is a very small downtown area. and there are other buildings very close by. so they're really trying to make sure that some part of lower lake downtown is able to be preserved. live in lower lake, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> and as anne said evacuation centers are open right now. they are at -- ghlands senior r in
6:34 am
clearlake. we talked to some of the evacuees yesterday.. who say they are facing a lot of uncertainty. " evart/evacuee; the we talked to some of the evacuees yesterday who say they are facing a lot of uncertainty. >> first thing in my mind is how many looters are we going get before the firefighters get here and stuff? so -- we try to secure everything. and hose everything down. >> the red cross says the evacuation centers will be up as long as they are needed. and that fire is affecting the air quality in that area right? >> it is but you look attila and what devastation. it's just so very reminiscent of last year with the valley fire and here we go again and you know with the particular fires, there's so massive that they create their own kind of weather pattern and the wind just whip up out of all the different directions. last week we were the recipient of the soberanes fire as far as the smoke and haze is concerned. that's still the situation in the santa clara valley and also the east bay but in the north bay where last week you said what plume of smoke in well now
6:35 am
you have some moderate air quality that's all associated with the clayton fire that is now burning in that area. throughout lake county. good air quality along the coast and the central bay. also south central bay the peninsula, that's because you are the recipient of more of a west wind 10 to 20. coast is not clear low clouds and fog has filtered on shore at least a good 50, 60 miles and result is we have up to one hour delays on some arriving flights at sfo. mineta and oakland doing okay at this point. 50s and 60s will great you and here's what you can expected to along the seashore, 60s and i would not bank on any clearing there. 70s with ample sunshine around the peninsula and jumping up to low 80s around campbell and 87 degrees in los gatos and back in through san jose including willow glen into the low 80s. 77 degrees fremont and union city today. 86 walnut creek the temperatures in the 80s and low 90s very seasonal for the tri- valley. then out of the triple digits
6:36 am
to 94 in brentwood and discovery bay. the winds out of the south and southwest east into the south of the bay. that's why you have some of the smoke and haze from the soberanes fire. and take your pick, 60s along the north bay beaches anden # os mill valley and 80s novato into the napa valleys. right now here's roqui. let's take a look at the altamont pass obviously trouble area for every morning commute. but it is worth it when there's an accident. that westbound traffic will take you about 45 minutes to get through that accident is at grantline road westbound 580 and cars are driving about 10 miles per hour. out of the tracy area. then let's head to pleasanton for another accident. northbound 68 # at bernal avenue. slowing southbound traffic actually probably some looky- loo action there and at bernal avenue again. cars are moving about 15, 22 miles per hour and here's a look at the mass transit. we have a ferry update. if you take that ferry at 8:00 in the morning, it has been
6:37 am
canceled and the substitute is the shuttle bus so keep that in mind. michelle? all right, roqui thank you. santa clara county court employees will find piles of unfinished paperwork when they return today. a disrupted strike is now over after the county agreed to give workers gradual raises over the next two years. most court operations are basically on hold after the walkout began august 3rd. and it will likely take a few days to clear the backlog of cases that have piled up since then. later today, the san francisco police commission is talking about its ideal future police chief. the san francisco police department says it's making changes since it has been stat center of controversies. kpix 5's reporter lisa chan is live in the newsroom with details of today's meeting, lisa? >> reporter: well, the search is on for the next san francisco chief of police. and the police commission wants input from the community on the recruitment process. internet receiver saws have been sent out to get opinions from both community members and police department staff. a special e-mail account has been established to receive this information.
6:38 am
and any additional feedback. also five community meetings have been set up the next few weeks throughout the city. the public is invited to attend to ensure transparency in filling the position. the first meeting is tonight from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. the interim police chief says his focus is reform and getting officers to wear body cameras is a priority. >> so that we have another set of eyes on the officer-involved shootings we've been discussing. i think it's going to be a huge thing to help us out. it's no fantasy it's not going to solve everything but it will give us another look at what's lapping. >> reporter: protestors have been upset with the use of police force and say they are fostering a climate where officers are too quick to shoot people of color. michelle? >> lisa some are calling for a moratorium of all police use of force. >> reporter: that's right. a group of community advocates and members are demanding change. they are calling for a 90 day moratorium on the use of any
6:39 am
firearms or weapons by police forces in the u.s. the group will hold anoas conference this afternoon at the -- a news conference this afternoon at the mission police station. lisa chan, kpix 5. time now is 6:39. california voters will decide in some contentious issues this move including the depth and -- death penalty and marijuana legalization. melissa caen will join us to explain how the presidential race could determine the outcome of ballot measures. ,,
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time check 66:42 on this monday, august 15th. welcome to a brand new workweek and which today's temperatures coming down in comparison to sunday. good morning of moon bay -- half-moon bay. then we jump into the 80s across the santa clara valley. cupertino at 84 degrees and morgan hill at 8able 6 and good morning san jose in the low 80s. east of the bay area the
6:43 am
recipient of a south and southwest wind a little haze. cooler out of the triple digits to 94 in brentwood and seasonal across the tri-valley. north bay numbers, you want 60s you head to bodega bay. 80s in novato and we hit the 90s in lake port, clear lake and cloverdale. a police chase in san jose could be linked to recent gunfire in the city's blossom valley area, the car was a black dodge charger similar to some car descriptions connected to the seemingly random shoots on the road. so far police are not officially tying the chase suspect to the shootings but police in the value -- people in the valley are hopeful. >> you know i don't know if he doing it for fun, this is not fun. this is scary for us as a family, as a people that own a business in this area. this is not a joke. you know. shooting at random cars. >> at this point the sjpd is not saying anything about what evidence they may have uncovered linking the suspect
6:44 am
to the shooting. it is 6:4 if right now. a -- 43 right now. a check on the roads right now. >> thank you michelle. we have the altamont pass issue but i figged let's start -- figured let's start at the golden gate bridge, there's a fog advisory, be aware of that. 8580 to the toll plaza southbound will take you about 10, 15 minutes. now let's head to san mateo. 880 to 101 into the peninsula westbound will take you about 20, 30 minutes. traffic moving slowly and for the altamont pass, the hot spots this morning are westbound will take you about 45 minutes so very slow due to the earlier crash at grantline road and cars are driving about 12 miles per hour coming out of tracy. very, very slow into the dublin interchange. if you're in valet toe taking the 8:00 a.m. ferry it's been also ld but they provide a shuttle bus in case you want a different route. ro? hi roqui, thank you so much. good morning everyone. of:44 on this monday -- 6:44 on this monday it's back to work and the damage is done. we have low clouds and the
6:45 am
areas of log and localized drizzle causing delays on some arriving flights at sfo. look at the gray slate there. but noticing the planes you can see a little bit. movement there taking off but the rivals -- arrivals up to one four hour of delays. 50s -- full hour of delays, 60 now in san jose and everyone pretty much overcast and experiencing some areas of localized drizzle. air quality a little bit better today than when we left you on friday but nonetheless we have moderate levels of the smoke and haze in the atmosphere to the north because of the clayton fire. to the east and the south because of the soberanes fire and that south and southwest flow but along the seashore into the bay today, good air quality due to a westerly 10 to 20 miles per hour. all right here's the temperatures you can anticipate today. i would not hold off for any sunshine in pacifica at 63- degrees. maybe a sliver of hope and that's about it. it will be short-lived. en 0s very monoaround the -- 70s very common around the lip
6:46 am
of bay here. to the northen 0s and 80s as well and then we're talking about 80s and low 90s into the interior sections of our bay area. we still have the full seven day forecast and air quality report that will be featured and updated version that's coming up at 48 after the hour. all right, roberta thank you. today donald trump will lay out his strategy for defeating isis and other extremist groups, the republican nominee will speak at an event in ohio. he's expected to paint the situation as a conflict between incompatible ideasologies similar to the cold war. the presidential election isn't the only thing on the ballot this november. but the presidential candidates can effect all the other races. kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen joins us now to explain what to look out. >> reporter: you know so think about this right? donald trump could contribute to ending the death penalty in california. let me explain. according to a field poll taken in may, 37% of california
6:47 am
republican voters are unsatisfied with donald trump as party nominee. 25% of california democrats are unsatisfied with hillary clinton as a nominee. so for some voters in california, they are just not fired up to get out and vote for the president. now the other big race, that is happening in november, is the u.s. senate race between loretta sanchez and harris, but both of the candidates are democrats, sowf trump and -- so you have trump and clinton and no republican in the senate race and we could have a number of voters staying home on election day. and if that happens it would have a big effect on california's future. that's because aside from the president and the senate, we're going to be voting on really important things. ending the death penalty, legalizing marijuana, gun control, and billions of dollars in bonds. the list just goes on and on. we have a total of 17 statewide ballot measures if the presidential candidates turn people off and democrats don't show up. maybe they think it's a
6:48 am
foregone conclusion, they may wake up the day after the election really wishing they had showed up. things are going to look very different. >> we have the presidential ration like you -- like you said and -- race like you said and what about other issues? >> in a word, taxes. i know a lot of people think that state government is boring but taxes are the one thing that should get your attention. now state legislature needs two- thirds majority to raise taxes. and right now democrats do not have that two-thirds majority. republicans have refused to vote for tax increases. but democrats are three seats away from that two-thirds majority. they just need to pick up one seat in the senate and two in the assembly and they will have enough to raise taxes without even talking to the republicans in sacramento. now whether you want more taxes or not, this is still a very big deal. now locally we have assemblywoman kathy baker in dublin a republican. the only republican who represents the bay area and sacramento. she is in a big fight to keep
6:49 am
her seat this november and that's just one of the races that can get democrats closer to that supermajority. so if folks in and out contra costa stay home, because they don't like hillary clinton, or trump, they're going to miss out on this potential huge shift in california politics. >> so melissa if the democrats have a supermajority, can the governor stop the tax increase? >> no. no. seeing a lot of people think governor brown is the brownup, he will protect us -- grown-up. he will protect us, here's the thing, he can't really stop the tax increase passed by the legislature, now technically he could veto it but remember the legislature can override a veto with that same two-thirds majority. so if they have the two-thirds of the votes for a tax increase, they have the two- thirds votes to make it stick. that's why it's important this year's election is about a lot more than just the presidency. >> in your expert opinion what do you think is going to happen withthat? >> with is assembly and senate? i think the democrats are throwing tons of resources and
6:50 am
they know this is a big chance to pick up the seats and republicans are going to be hanging on especially some of the swing districts like the ones we see out in contra costa. >> all right. give us a lot to think about melissa. always. thanks so much. it is 6:50 right now. crews in louisiana are forced to rescue more than 20,000 people in the midst of historic flooding and their job isn't over yet. >> and firefighters are trying to determine exactly how much damage has been done so far by the huge fire burning in lake county. we'll get you up to speed on the latest and the evacuations next.
6:51 am
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] set to offer a 10- thousand dollar reward.. for any developing now in new york city, a muslim advocacy group is set to offer a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of a gunman. he's accused of killing a
6:54 am
mosque leader and his associate. here's a sketch of the suspect. he's described as a dark haired man with a beard and glasses. surveillance video captured sat's attack and as you can see someone approached the two from behind and showed them a gun and then shot them. police aren't sure if this was a hate crime or not. also in new york, new dell tails about a -- details about a possible threat at jfk airport. police have given the all clear after reports of gunshots inside the airport. it all started when two people told police they heard gunshots inside one of the terminals. the terminal was shut down and flights were canceled and passengers had to be evacuated from their planes. police went floor to floor looking for any evidence and did not find anything. five things to know at the :55. the federal government has declared a major disaster for parts of louisiana following mission torque flooding over the -- historic flooding over the weekend. more than 20,000 people were rescued. vice president joe biden
6:55 am
will campaign with hillary clinton in the battlegrounds state of pennsylvania today. meanwhile donald trump is scheduled to give a speech on terrorism at youngstown state university in ohio. he's expected to lay out his plan to defeat isis and other extremist groups. wisconsin's governor has issued an emergency declaration after protests in milwaukee spiraled out of control overnight. demonstrations began after police shot and killed an armed suspect who may have been running away at the time. at least one person was shot and an officer was sent to the hospital during last night's chaos. later today, the san mateo city council is expected to approve a plan to raise the money mum wage faster than required by the state. workers in california will make at least $15 an hour by 2022. san mateo's plan would i want accomplishment the $15 minimum by 2019. bay area drivers look out for students heading back to school this morning. classes started to at a number of -- today at a number of
6:56 am
schools in the bay area that include those in fremont and mountain view los altos. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec lye in lower lake and you can see the tv station sheer behind me from the -- devastation here behind me from the clayton fire and cal fire has been waiting for first light right now to survey the damage. to give you an idea, this is in lake county. it's very close to middleton which lad a devastating fire one year ago. this fire is burning just east of highway 292. right now more than -- @. right now -- 29. right now more than 4,000 people are evacuated in lake county and it's burned more than 3,000 acres. the official word is ten homes burning but we know that the number is much bigger than that. the fire started saturday and quickly got out of control flaring up with yesterday's winds and hot dry conditions. today their goal is to try to prevent flare-ups and reinforce the lines. >> now we're getting the upper hand right now on this fire, there's no question.
6:57 am
problem is the possibility of the winds kicking up like they did yesterday which as you can look around you, you can see there's still many firing burning and many -- fines burning and still many embers. it only takes one of those to get out of hand and we have a problem again. >> reporter: three centers set up right now for evacuations and almost 1,000 firefighters from around the state trying to fight this fire from all angles. we're expecting to get some updated numbers on the devastation from this fire sometime within the next hour. we'll keep you posted. live in lower lake, anne makovec, kpix 5. good morning. this is the traffic center and let's take a look at the east shore freeway. slow traffic all up and down the west -- the westbound part here frompy knoll into san francisco and also have a motorcycle stall on the bay bridge earlier this morning causing traffic into the maze as well. and then westbound 580 at grantline road on the altamont pass the trouble spot this morning. a four car crash we've been
6:58 am
updated on now in the center divide and causing traffic to drive about 11 miles per hour. very slow there. the san mateo bridge heading into the peninsula from hayward, 880 to 101 westbound will take you about let's say 30 minutes. good morning everyone. your time check 6:58. this is our live weather camera looking out to the golden gate bridge and keep in mind the span is 220 feet above the bay waters. the tower stands 747 feet tall. so kind of guesstimate that the ceiling is roughly down to about 250 feet. which means we have delays at sfo on some arriving flights. up to one full hour. 50s and 60s out the door and you can see the clouds even invade the inland areas, we have some spots with possibilities of drizzle -- possibilities of -- pockets of drizzle and air quality today will be moderate for the most part due to a couple of different fires with the west winds and good air all the way into the bay. 60s 70s and 80s and 90s in your forecast today. my outside number 94. that will be to the east in brentwood. down from triple digits
6:59 am
yesterday. but if you get towards the middleton area and lake county where the fire is burning out of control, temperatures, well they're pretty much in the mid and high 90s. for people performance tuesday we begin to cool by the end of the workweek. >> all right, we like cool. now look at this before we go we want to give you another live look at the new dunkin' donuts in half-moon bay. this iced coffee has been dassing all morning. >> getting the -- dancing all morning. >> getting the cardio in. >> i have never had that. >> you have to. it's awesome. >> we even had one in barstow. >> really? >> we did yeah. it was big. >> this one is pretty awesome in half-moon bay and it says where everybody wants doughnuts but actually the coffee there is -- pretty good. >> it's what you get. order double/double it's good to go. >> i think a girls' trip. >> all for it. remember that is open at 6:00 this morning and people were lined up for hours and hours. >> it's crazy. >> just to get in. but it's pretty cool because the first 100 guests got a 1 is hundred dollars gift card. so to down -- $100 gift card.
7:00 am
to dunkin' donuts? >> that will take you far. have a great morning. >> have a great day. >> that's why dan has so much sugar. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] in the west. it is monday, august 15, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a raging wildfire in northern california forcing evacuations, flames destroying homes, with nowhere to go. >> more than 20,000 people are rescued from rising floodwaters in louisiana. whole neighborhoods are destroyed. plus, a new report links donald trump's campaign chairman with millions of dollars in off the books payments by a pro russian political party in ukraine. but we begin this morning's with today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds.


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