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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪ and i'm kenny choi. an inferno bigger than the size of san francisco has more than sand firefighter good morning. it's thursday, august 18. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. an inferno bigger than san francisco has more than 1,000 firefighters working around the clock. the "bluecut wildfire" has now burned through so many homes, fire officials have stopped counting. thousands are in the paths of
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the flames. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: it's a challenge. this fire has burned nearly 40 square miles and at this point, firefighters have no idea how many homes and businesses have been destroyed. that fire is 4% contained this morning. it is burning in mixed terrain, mountains and deserts, east of los angeles in san bernardino county. a lot of the damage so far is in the town of phelan and now firefighters are paying special attention to the scene town of wrightwood. that's where flames are inching closer to homes. some 82,000 people have been forced to evacuate but some are refusing to leave. >> it's my home. hopefully these guys will take care of it and then we can be safe because we have no place to go. >> 1300 firefighters are working to control the "bluecut fire." the conditions are brutal with brush and terrain and temperatures up to 100 degrees. the northbound lanes of a heavily traveled highway interstate 15 were closed yesterday but reopened through the cajon pass at 10:30 last night.
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anne makevoc, kpix 5 anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> what about injuries? >> none yet. cadaver dogs were sent in to search some of the burned-out homes and ranches yesterday. they have turned up nothing. >> thank you. closer to san francisco, the clayton fire burning in lake county is now 50% contained. it's burned nearly 4,000 acres since it erupted on sunday. authorities say that at least 175 homes have been destroyed. evacuations are still in effect for parts of lower lake. a pregnant woman from san jose has died in a car crash but her baby survived. the 18-year-old mother was a passenger in a vehicle that swerved off the road hitting another car parked on highway 101 yesterday morning. she originally only complained of leg injuries following the accident. this morning, an investigation into the crash is under way after it was discovered that the driver in the parked car was under the influence.
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the baby delivered was in critical condition at last check. time now 6:02. let's check our morning commute with roqui. >> reporter: good morning. we have updates in pittsburgburg. major delays going on right now. time now 603. let's check highway 4 westbound at railroad avenue crash blocking lanes and behind it at loveridge two-car crash in the center divide backing up towards somersville. cars about 8 miles per hour. mckee road metal debris in the roads cars with flat tires slow drive there. a crash blocking the left lane here in oakland. so definitely want to keep that in mind and then here's a look at your toll plaza. maze to downtown will take 15 minutes. "ro." >> thanks, roqui.
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good morning, everyone. i'm all over it. i have been calling sfo trying to see if there's any delays at the local airport due to the saturation of the low clouds and fog and drizzle. so far they have not checked back in with us but we have delays at o'hare if you are heading that way due to thunderstorms. dallas also due to construction on the runways. otherwise, we are shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. slow to cool in livermore after seeing a high of 96 yesterday. it's currently 59 degrees there. san jose, good morning to you at 62. today's a "spare the air" day. we a couple of different things going on. we have fire in santa clara county, soberanes fire in the monterey county. and all that smoke is drifting up into the santa clara area south-central bay and clipping the east bay. then we have the clayton fire to the north of the golden gate bridge over in lower lake area. and that's causing a haze in the atmosphere around the north bay, as well. temperatures close to where they should be coming down a couple notches. we have the full forecast
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coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. that's straight ahead. three suspects accused in the murder of a millbrae father have pleaded not guilty. tiffany li her boyfriend and their friend all appeared in a redwood city court yesterday afternoon. they were arrested in may suspected of killing 27-year- old keith green. green disappeared a day after meeting with li who is green's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two children. li and the two other suspects are due in court in october. san jose police chief eddie garcia is turning away a chance to get temporary help as he tries to fill 200 openings in his department. maria medina is live at san jose pd headquarters to explains who is pitching the idea. reporter: a city council member proposed this idea last year saying why not use cops from the santa clara sheriff's office and the chp to patrol areas here in san jose and give out tickets? but the city's top cop is simply saying no and the chief has several reasons why including labor contract issues.
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he also says it would bring down the department's morale and potentially scare off recruits. now, sjpd went from 1400 cops nearly 10 years ago down to 900. it is in the process of hiring a couple of hundred more officers but that will take a while so the city council members say until then, why not get help from other agencies? >> we have 2300 miles of streets in san jose and there's no traffic enforcement so it's unsafe speeding near the hundreds of schools we have, churches, et cetera. >> reporter: all right. so the city council member says the money to pay for it would come from the nearly 200 openings that sjpd already has until those recruits are ready to deploy. so later today the chief is expected to bring his ideas why this is not a good idea to the city council member during a regular meeting at 1:30. maria medina, kpix 5. live at
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sjpd. campaign news now. the latest poll out this morning shows latino voters trust hillary clinton more than donald trump with 78% of latino voters saying that he is not trustworthy. during an exchange with a reporter, a trump adviser denied any issues in the campaign. take a listen to what one of his advisedders said during an interview with cnn. >> so you say --you say it's not a shake-up. but you guys are down. and it makes -- >> says who? says who? >> most of the polls. all of them? [ pause ] >> so --so -- >> polls. i just told you, i answered your question. >> okay. which poll? >> all of them. [ pause ] >> well, the latest orc national poll shows clinton leading trump 45-37%. however, one poll from monmouth university says trump is leading clinton 47 to 36% in indiana and that's where trump's running mate mike pence is governor. two team usa swimmers are
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the an undisclosed location in brazil after being removed from a plane in rio stuck in the country until they are questioned by police about team made ryan lochte's account of being robbed at gunpoint. hena daniels reports. >> reporter: u.s. swimmers jack congar and gunnar pence were taken off their flight home and instead detained at the airport in rio by local authorities. their defense attorneys spoke with reporters saying the athletes were confused and shaken with the judge's decision not to let them leave the country. a brazilian judge has ordered the swimmers' passports seized because of discrepancies in their stories and now more questions over lochte's first account of the robbery overnight. >> they pulled us over, they pulled out their guns, they told the other to get down on the ground and then the guy pulled out his gun, he put it
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to my forehead and said get down. >> reporter: apparently four of the swimmers were seen returning to the olympic village sunday morning after a night of partying. they appeared to still have their things on them and investigators say the men don't seem distraught and are seen joking with each other on surveillance video. lochte is back in the u.s. he told nbc there were two gunmen and that the gun was pointed in his direction. he said his taxi was not pulled over but was at a gas station. his attorney say brazil is just trying to deflect criticism of problems at the rio games. hena daniels, cbs news. >> the swimmers being held in rio will be questioned by police today and are not allowed to leave brazil until providing testimony to investigators. the u.s. dominated a track and field competition yesterday bringing home 7 medals. in the 100-meter hurdles, the u.s. swept the podium for the
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first time ever. brianausain bolt finished first this is semifinal heat in the 200-meter. canadian finished second as they lapped their way across the finish line. both will battle for the top spot today in the final event. in beach volleyball kerri walsh jennings and april won the bronze medal match in beach volleyball so the u.s. now has 93 medals, 30 gold, 32 silver and 31 bronze. they are doing well. what's your vision for the future of san francisco's subway? starting today the city wants to share your thoughts on where the next subway line should be built. a citywide effort dubbed connect sf is inviting the public to go to a website and draw on a map where future lines and stops should be located. the website will collect input
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from the public until september 2. then planners will analyze the data and create a list of popular suggestions and present them to city leaders later this year. time check 6:11. for the first time in years, lava flowing right into the pacific ocean off hawaii's big island. it's attracting big crowds. >> plus, do your friends and family sometime call you lazy? there's a great comeback when the cops up and it has to do with your smarts. >> never! never has that happened before. [ laughter ] >> hi, everybody, from the kpix weather center. as you kick-start your thursday, we have a revised pollen report. >> if you are heading out into the pittsburg area on highway 4, you might want to consider bart. we have some updates on some crashes coming up. stay tuned. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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is entering the pacific ocean, and visitors are flocking to see for the first time in three years lava from kileaua volcano on big island of hawaii is flowing into the ocean. the flow didn't reach the water until now. tour operators have seen a sharp rise in the number of customers and local businesses are experiencing a boom. >> it's awesome. amazing. the lava fields are really neat. and just, you know, being able to experience the lava flow down into the water. >> the civil defense authority says there are hazards with the flow. an explosion on the volcano's summit this past week triggered a small landslide and destroyed computer systems used to monitor the volcano. today stockton's mayor will make his first appearance in court since being charged with crimes against children. we now have the audio recordings allegedly from his phone that landed him in jail.
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recordings from ma ony silva's phone... of a strip poker game at a summer camp he hosted. they a >> authorities say they seized recordings from mayor silva's phone at a strip poker game at a summer camp he hosted. they allege a 16-year-old was in the room and also claimed he was trying to record the group without their knowledge. silva's legal team says the recordings are accidental and claim the evidence is being distorted in an attempt to remove him from office. new lease on life for a restaurant in richmond that had been given a 30-day eviction notice. salute et vita ristorante is known for holding etiquette classes for kids and holiday meals for the homeless so mayor tom butt and the people in the community rallied around the eatery. the building owner says that salute et vita ristorante can stay as long as the restaurant owners make repairs to the building. >> i'm impressed. you pronounced that restaurant pretty well. >> haven't even been to italy. [ laughter ] the next time somebody
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calls you a couch potato, you can take it as a compliment. >> right. that's because a professor in florida has just found people who tend to be lazier also turn out to be smarter. hm. the science -- [chuckling] -- the study is no joke. for three years the professor tested people with devices that measured their physical activity. the equipment tracked participants every 30 seconds which gathered some 20,000 data points for everyone who contributed. somehow all the numbers suggested the more sluggish among us are also the brightest. the findings -- [ laughter ] >> -- are bringing smiles and smirks. >> it has a way of, you know, bracing oneself esteem if you happening to consider yourself lazy all of a sudden i may also be intelligent and that may justify your laziness. >> it prizes me. i would like to know who -- it surprises me. i would like to know who you researched. >> i would, too. >> i know a few of those people. the study may encourage people
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with physical disabilities. well, all right. >> okay. so i'm not lazy but i'm stupid. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> but i'm thinking about it because my -- my -- my older son he is not very active. [ laughter ] >> he likes to sit around the house a bit. but he is brilliant. >> see, then maybe there's something to be said for that. >> maybe he is just sit there is reading books -- not! >> also in school you have those guys and girls in class who are they don't do anything and you're like, how are you getting straight "a"s? >> that's true. >> i remember that. >> and they don't have to work as hard. >> they are just hanging out. >> watching south park all day long is good. >> you don't tell your kids you're smart. you say work hard you have to try hard. you're a hard worker. >> according to the study, why? [ laughter ] let's check traffic now. we have some incidents to report in pittsburg. westbound highway 4 at railroad avenue, there's a two-car crash still blocking lanes and then there's a second crash behind it on loveridge road this two- car crash is in the center divide and this backup is past
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somersville so very backed up. you see cars are driving at 7 miles per hour. altamont pass cars coming in at 20 miles per hour through tracy, 205 to altamont pass will take you westbound about 30 minutes and then on to the bay bridge, the maze to downtown westbound will take but 15. here's your san mateo bridge. a lot of cars there but still moving. so not too bad. it's looking hazy but not too bad. >> it is hazy. we have layers of low clouds and fog and because of that pilots on approach of sfo on the two runways there are saying they have visibility issues so 49-minute delays on some arriving flights. temperatures 50s and 60s out the door. san francisco 56 with pockets of drizzle from the very deep marine layer. redwood city at 62. it's very slow to cool in the livermore area after 96 degrees on wednesday. low clouds and fog along the coast all day long. along the bay today, sunny and
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seasonal, hazy sunshine inland. marine layer at the coast. it's now marching into the bay and into the tri-valley at this very early hour. the lower lake fire area the humidity has recovered this morning due to the clouds but later today 94 degrees winds up to 20. it will be cooler by friday just a tad. extremely dry conditions with humidity down to 22%. low right there. picking up some wraparound moisture from monsoonal conditions in arizona. so we have the threat of a thunderstorm today in the high sierra. that's dire. we'll have to keep a watchful eye on that because of fire danger from lightning. pollution in the air in the atmosphere today around monterey county back through pebble beach into the carmel area. sun-up at 6:28. by the time it sets we'll have a "spare the air" in effect for this thursday because of the smoke in the vicinity. today's high temperatures 60s through 90s. down from 96 to 92 in livermore. if you are sneezing and
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wheezing it's because of the grass count. all right. there you go. repeat performance on friday. cooler over the weekend due to a deepening marine layer. that's a look at your thursday forecast. we have more ahead still so don't go a. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. the giants offense scored four or more runs in four of their last five games. now, those numbers usually translate into victories. so why did they get swept by pittsburgh? they needed a win to prevent the dodgers from stretching their west lead. matt cain 4-0 lead in the fifth lost it. walked three straight and then this is the difference maker. mccutcheon six runs in the inning big daddy to the showers. bottom of the 9th, bases loaded for buster posey. nobody out. that is a rally killer. giants lose 6-5. they fall a game and a half back of the dodgers in the west.
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colin kaepernick was held out of throwing drills at the 49ers joint practice with the broncos yesterday allowing the new quarterback christian ponder to get some reps after he was signed. ponder's signing not only got him into training camp, it got him out of doing other chores. >> you know, i have been sitting in my house doing yardwork and painting the house, started working out in my garage every now and again. not as much as i should have. had a quarterback net in the front yard. real old school. >> were you able to finish your painting? >> no. i wasn't. my wife's not happy about it. [ laughter ] >> i bet he was watching the olympics. right now exclusive coverage of the pix olympics! [ music ] >> and this is exclusive video of team usa training for the 2020 frisbee games in tokyo. if these americans don't figure it out fast, it's sayonara for any chance at a gold medal.
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[ laughter ] >> exclusive coverage pix olympics. got to like it. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. san jose could guess extra officers to bring down crime. why the city's top cop is saying no way. >> and an unprecedented firestorm in southern california. it is burning 40 square miles. 80,000 people forced to leave their homes. we have the latest on the "bluecut fire" next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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neighborhood with shell casings. the search continues this morning after a gun battle at emeryville litters a neighborhood with shell
6:30 am
casings. >> plus, are we headed for a tech bubble? 2.0. new numbers out this morning show just how much the tech industry has grown in recent years. good morning. we have a "spare the air" pair in effect and i'll tell you which areas will be "aversely" affected. >> and good morning from the traffic center. we have some major delays in pittsburg on highway 4 just avoid it, you guys. we'll keep an eye on that coming up. good morning, it's thursday, august 18. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. right now in southern california, more than 1,000 firefighters are battling the "bluecut fire." the flames are moving quickly. the flames have burned so many homes crews are having trouble keeping a tally. anne makovec is live in our newsroom on why it's been so challenging to crush the bluecut for good. >> reporter: we heard from a commander on scene who says that in his 40 years of fighting fire, he has never seen fire behavior so extreme. the good news is that the fire
6:31 am
lines were holding overnight. it is 4% contained. it's burned nearly 40 square miles east of los angeles. this is in san bernardino county. firefighters have no idea yet how many homes and businesses have been destroyed. they are not able to get into the hardest-hit areas. fire crews now paying particular attention to the ski town of wrightwood where flames are coming close to homes. some 82,000 people have been forced to evacuate wondering if they will have a home when they return. >> it's my home. would you leave your home? >> cars are lived up and ready to go if we have to go. >> reporter: about 1300 firefighters working to control the "bluecut fire" and the conditions are brutal. temperatures up to 103. the air quality is awful even in las vegas. some 200 miles away. good news, no serious injuries or deaths have been reported. cadaver dogs were sent into some of the area where there's burned-out hopes and ranches and they turned up nothing.
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live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. closer to home, crews battling the creighton fire in lake county -- clayton fire in lake county are securing more of the perimeter. unspecks teams will arrive at sunrise -- inspection teams will arrive at sunrise to assess the damage. hundreds of homes is have been burned. nearly 4,000 acres have burned and the blaze is 55% contained. the man accused of starting the fire is in jail on five million dollars bail this morning. damin pashilk was charged with 14 arson charges. according to the six-page criminal complaint against pashilk, he has been on the radar of fire investigators for more than a year. back to san bernardino and the "bluecut fire," you know, all morning long anne has mentioned hot temperatures and the winds are just really fueling these flames. >> it will continue again today. when you want to put this into
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perspective you have to think about the people affected by the "bluecut fire" over 82,000 people have been evacuated so far. and if you put that into proximity here in the bay area, that's roughly about the entire size of pleasanton. you tell every, single person there, get up and leave. that's a dire situation. and as far as the weather is concerned there, off the cajon pass today, near wrightwood, it will be hot and dry with humidity down to 5% during the heat of the day at 98 degrees. slight cooling for your friday in comparison we'll go ahead and forecast today temperatures decreasing today for the lower lake fire down to 94 from 98 degrees yesterday. it will be cooler on friday and humidity near 22% for the firefighters. 49-minute delays at sfo on some arriving flights due to the return of the marine layer low clouds and fog and drizzle. embrace it!
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and would you if you know what livermore experience -- you would if you know what livermore experienced yesterday, 96 degrees. 98 in brentwood and pleasanton. currently in the upper 50s there. air quality report today suggests it is yet another "spare the air" day due to the smoke from the clayton fire to the north, from the bailey fire in the santa clara county area, from the soberanes fire in the monterey county area and everybody is going to experience pollution in the atmosphere today as our highs go from the 60s to the 90s. your full forecast is at 48 minutes after the hour. roqui, how busy are you today? >> very busy especially for you guys leaving to go to the pittsburg area. it is not good on highway 4. let's take a look now. highway 4 at westbound railroad avenue at last a two-car crash still blocking lanes and then right behind it at loveridge road, two cars in the center divide. this is backed up all the way to "a" street. you see cars are moving at 8 miles per hour. but on a good note, there are no bart delays or mass transit
6:35 am
delays so if you are in that area, you probably want to consider that. and now let's head to the bay bridge toll plaza looking like it should look at this time of the morning. the maze to downtown westbound will be about 15 minutes and traffic is backed up at the tolls into the maze and then on a good note, let's end on a good note, golden gate bridge is looking good, 580 to golden gate bridge toll plaza will take you 15 minutes. a smooth drive. san jose could get outside officers to temporarily help the city's shorthanded police department. but the top cop is turning them away. maria medina is live in san jose to explain why the police chief is saying no. >> reporter: well, get this. 200 other california police and sheriff's departments are already doing it. so a city council member says why can't we? he wants sjpd to use cops from the santa clara sheriff's department and the chp to hand out tickets here and patrol problem areas. also do prostitution enforcement. the chief says no. and the chief has several
6:36 am
reasons why including labor contract issues. he also believes that this would bring down the morale of the department and scare off potential recruits. now, sjpd has gone from about 1400 officers nearly a decade ago down to about 900. they are in the process of hiring 200 other officers but that could take a while so the city council member says until then, why not get help from other agencies? >> let's augment on a temporary basis by contracting, for example, the highway patrol to give out tickets within the city and then when the police force rises in its number then you no longer have to do that. >> and as far as paying for it well, the city council member says the money to pay would come from the nearly 200 openings that sjpd already has until those officers are ready to get on the streets. so later today the chief is expected to list his reasons why this is not a good idea to the city council member during the regular meetings at 1:30.
6:37 am
maria medina, kpix 5. in emeryville this morning police are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a car in broad daylight. this is a freeze frame taken from home surveillance video near scene at 45th and adeline. you can see someone hanging out of the passenger side with a gun aimed at the car ahead of him. police found bullets littered along adeline for two blocks. officers are trying to identify the license plates from the cars and the suspects inside. new this morning the chp stepped up to save a boater who was in a real bind near the port of oakland. his vessel was moving closer and closer toward rocks yesterday. he the chp's marine patrol arrived just in time to prevent the trouble. the crew offered the stranded man a tow line and pulled his boat back to safety. there's a lot of support for a bill aimed at making balconies safer. the measure would increase building and inspection
6:38 am
standards for high-rise balconies to try to prevent them from collapsing. the petition started online and has more than 67,000 signatures. that petition is headed to governor brown's office and members of the state legislature. >> the bay area has more jobs than at the height of the dot- com years. big names have been on such a hiring binge that the bay area now has overhundreds of thousands of jobs. the stat trumps the dot-com era by 21,000 posts. about one in fire bay area jobs are now linked back to tech. critics of the trend note that those roles have ushered in rising rents and heavy traffic. >> 6:38. just before they head back to school these kids are learning a new trade in cooking in this
6:39 am
week's "cool camp." >> the new crackdown on ticket bot. ,,
6:40 am
california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them.
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send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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charlie rose joins us now from k-c-b-s radio financial reporter jason brooks joins us now... with the announcement's effect on wall stre cisco system has made it official. mass layoffs are in the works. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks is going to join us in just a bit. we're going to talk more about that. but first, let's go to -- we are going to -- our next story -- about robots. more and more robots are robbing people the chance to see their favorite broadway shows but an unlikely duo is ready to fight them off. >> trying to get a seat for a show like hamilton is hard enough when you're competing with people. but many scalpers are using online bots to order on the web. people caught using bot
6:43 am
software for large buys could be fined up to $16,000 a bill supporters say is only right. >> broadway show tickets are not within reach. they can get there but not not with the bots. >> we need to level the playing field. >> don't get excited about the government fending off bots because charles schumer's bill is still awaiting congressional approval. hopefully they can do something about that. >> it is a good idea. >> yeah. i have been a victim of the ticket bots. >> we don't want -- >> unable to get tickets. >> -- increase fees. now we'll go to kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. wall street reacting to cisco's big news cutting 5500 jobs. layoffs are fairly common at the network gear maker out of san jose. they made big annual cuts from 2011 to 2014. the company continuing to transition towards software from hardware as the cloud
6:44 am
becomes a bigger part of its business. shares in cisco are moving lower on the news. uber announcing that it will start using self-driving taxis in pittsburgh pennsylvania. the ford fusions will have backup human drivers behind the wheels. also some economic news this morning. unemployment claims falling for the second straight week down by 4,000 to 262,000 continuing in a very good range for the job market. overall the stock market off to a flat start this morning. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing. the dow is lower by 11 points. nasdaq down by 6. s&p is falling by 1 points. frank and michelle, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. time now 6:44. let's check the roads with roqui. how's it looking? >> hey, michelle. it's not looking too good in pittsburg. that highway 4 traffic is getting worse and worse as the morning continues. westbound 4 at railroad avenue, there's a two-car crash there still blocking lanes and then
6:45 am
right behind it westbound 4 at loveridge road, two cars in the center divide. this is backing up traffic up to "a" street and cars are driving about 8 miles per hour. so very bad there. and then here's a look at the altamont pass normal commute out of tracy cars driving 11 miles per hour taking about 30 minutes out of the 205 and then on to the dublin interchange. and then let's take a look here at northbound 101. there's slow traffic all over the san jose area to santa clara. we have 15 miles per hour, 16 miles per hour out of the guadalupe parkway. here's a look at your travel times for the south bay. san mateo bridge bridge cars stacking up 880 westbound 20 minutes slow into the peninsula. it's looking -- it's not too bad out there. it's a little hazy. >> it's gorgeous in some locations especially when you go inland, roqui. in fact, roqui, michelle and kenny, take a look at this!
6:46 am
one of our weather spotters, this is bob the pirate carey sent us this in from discovery bay. nice, right? we love the pirate. keep those pictures coming to #kpixtv and we love to share them with our viewers at home like this picture. john miller is our weather spotter in santa rosa. john knows how to have a good time. he says, hey, weather's hot, it's summertime got my lascivious libation at my weather station. this is the scene toward the golden gate bridge. when you cannot see the top of the tower, about 747 feet from the bay waters, well, it gives you a good impression there that we have the ceiling lowering to let's say about 400 feet there because the span is at 220. so because of that layer of low clouds and fog, delays at sfo on some arriving flights up to 49 minutes. it was 96 degrees on wednesday in livermore. it's very slow to cool. 59 degrees at this very early hour. san francisco is in the mid-
6:47 am
50s. 54 in santa rosa. it is 60 in oakland. low 60s in redwood city. winds have been fluctuating under 10 miles per hour west onshore, san francisco at 7. calm san jose. 7 san ramon out of the west- southwest. westerlies at 6 in antioch. and 7 napa. 12 in the fairfield area out of the southwest. winds will be rotating later this afternoon out of the west and southwest increasing 10 to 20 miles per hour. the marine layer will hang out all day long at the immediate seashore keeping our temperatures cool. sunny and seasonal bayside. warm and hazy, hot sunshine away from the bay, satellite and radar suggests that we are socked in with the low clouds and fog along the coast into the bay marching inland 50 miles. we'll see sunshine earlier today. lower lake fire forecast temperature of 94 down from 98 yesterday. winds at 20. humidity at 22% for the firefighters. low pressure right here. it's tapping into the monsoonal moisture from the arizona area
6:48 am
and that is of concern. it could potentially cause some thunderstorms in the high sierra back in through yosemite later today. so we'll keep a watchful eye for the potential of fire danger due to lightning strikes. mid-90s at the state capital. 103 fresno. sun-up at 6:28. by the time it sets tonight, two minutes three seconds shaved off your daylight hours. it is a "spare the air" day with a bit of a tinge in the sunlight due to the fire to the north and to the south. 60s, 70s, 80s 90s today michelle sneezing and wheezing is all because of the grass count. here's your extended forecast. cooler friday and over the weekend due to a deepening marine layer. the giants are slumping but we're bringing in bumgarner for the good guide again. jason hubba hubba degrom! 61 degrees. dress in layers and have a good time at the game. have a great thursday. >> i think roberta is a fan. what do you think? >> jacob degrom, yup. i'm a fan of this. there could be an easier way to
6:49 am
getting a personal chef. in this week's "cool camp" many kids in the bay area are learning to cook and clean maybe one day for their parents reporter: lucy loves to cook. she is learning to make some new dishes in addition to the one she already knows how to make at home. >> i can already make quesadillas by myself. i just, like, sprinkle cheese on a tortilla and put it in the microwave. >> reporter: while she may be on the way to becoming a top chef one day, her sous-chefs are also learning the finer points of cooking at cucina bam -- bambini. >> you might need a little more liquid if you want to add more milk . by the end of the camp they're measuring, leveling with the knife like pros. really exact measurements. >> reporter: the school has 10 weeks of summer camp each with a different theme but it also offers cooking classes year round for children. >> grab your spoon and we're all good to go. >> reporter: the world of cooking is cutthroat.
6:50 am
these kids are eager to get to the front of the line. >> we made the dough into -- then the lasagna noodle that we wrap it in the lasagna roll. >> reporter: dish after dish. >> the kids just made these china danishes. -- cheese danishes. it's sugar, cream cheese and, um, dough. >> reporter: everyone has a reason why they love their time in the cucina. >> i like it because you get to eat the stuff after you make it. >> in the future i will maybe be cooking for my mom and my dad. >> reporter: what did you cook today? >> bread. >> bread? how did it taste? >> um, -- again -- we want to know -- what's cool a you can e- >> love that reaction. school is starting back up again so what's cool about your school? email your nomination to, and we may come and feature your school on the show. next how community members are coming together to help
6:51 am
each other following the deadly flooding in louisiana. >> reporter: the san jose police department could get extra manpower from nearby agencies. why the chief is turning them away. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
the survivors are left with at least 13 people have died in louisiana's historic flooding. the survivors are left with massive devastation though with 40,000 homes damaged. but the state's people are joining forces to help the most severely impacted. >> literally grab the tools out of my hand and started working and tell me to take a break. at one point i had 7 guys in my house and i didn't even know what their name was. >> tens of thousands of people remain displaced as floodwaters continue to rise in some parts
6:55 am
of the state. a massive wildfire has burned countless homes as it burned 40 square miles of mountains and desert east of los angeles. the "bluecut fire" is just 4% contained this morning. meanwhile, the clayton fire just to our north is now 50% contain. donald trump is back on the campaign trail with new leadership in charge. yesterday, he named steve bannon ceo of his campaign and kellyanne conway as campaign manager. despite the changes, rival hillary clinton says trump is still the same man who insults people. do you know what it takes to be police chief in san francisco? well, today the police commission will meet to talk about the qualities that they are looking for in their next chief. the meeting starts at 6:00 tonight at mission high school. today two u.s. olympic swimmers are expected to give statements to police in brazil about an armed robbery. jack coming-goer and gunnar bentz were taken off a plane in rio yesterday so they could be
6:56 am
questioned about the incident involving ryan lochte, jack conger. the circus comes to town today without one familiar attraction. elephants. barnum & bailey's out of this world circus begins a two-week bay area run today at the oakland arena. the circus quit using elephants in the show after claims of abuse. i'm maria medina live in san jose where a city council member is proposing to use cops in the santa clara sheriff's department and the chp to help sjpd patrol problem areas and hand out traffic tickets but the chief is simply saying no and the chief has several reasons why including labor contract issues. he also says that it would lower department morale and scare off new recruits. they have gone from 1400 officers nearly a decade ago down to 900. it is in the process of hiring 200 more officers but that could take a while. so the city council member says until then why not get help
6:57 am
from other agencies? >> we have 2300 miles of streets in san jose and there's virtually no traffic enforcement. so it's unsafe speeding near the hundreds of schools and churches, et cetera. >> reporter: the city council member says the money to pay for it would come from the nearly 200 openings at sjpd they already have. until those recruits are ready to hit the streets. later today the chief is expected to tell the city council member exactly why he believes this is a bad idea at the city council's regular meeting at 1:30 p.m. live at sjpd, maria medina, kpix 5. let's check the traffic updates here. westbound 4 at railroad avenue this is highway 4 in pittsburg. that accident has been cleared. also at loveridge road right behind it that two-car crash right there that's up all the way to "a" street that accident is being cleared as well still causing delays, speeds at 14 miles per hour. toll plaza traffic backed up to the maze. maze to downtown westbound 15
6:58 am
to 20 minutes and then it is baseball day today, new york mets versus our giants first pitch at 7:15. "ro," i think degrom just showed up on our maps. look at that. [ laughter ] >> that's a very good-looking degrom, as well. hopefully madison bumgarner will take him down. this is our live weathercam from from the cliff house. obviously we are at low tide. you can see by the traces of the sand there. official low tide was at 6 a.m. by the time the high tide comes back in it will be 12:55, over 5 feet. the coast is not clear. in fact, everybody is saturated in clouds and fog. we have pockets of drizzle lining the seashore and bay. 60s to the 70s, 80s and 90s. slightly cooler today than yesterday. pretty much a repeat performance on friday. additional cooldown this weekend. some good news for harry potter fans this morning. j.k. rowling just revealed on her website a trio of ebooks exploring the wizarding world will be released september 6
6:59 am
their titles are hogwarts an incomplete an unreliable guide. and two others. short stories of hogwarts, heroism, hardship and dangerous hobbies. my kids will be so excited. if you live in alameda, you may notice something strange in the sky. loud big and it looks kind of like a kite. take a look. but this is no ordinary flying machine. it's called a flying wind turbine. it makes electricity. it lifts off on its on on strong winds and -- on its own in strong winds and makes its own power. >> sometimes they are practicing docking maneuvers which i think is probably the trickiest part. >> they are pretty secretive on what they're doing out here. but yeah, they're here. they're paying rent. >> the research project sponsored by google. the goal is to power 300 homes
7:00 am
with a single kite. >> yeah. pretty amazing. >> looks like a giant drone. >> it does. >> doesn't it? >> have a great day. good morning to our are in . a raging wildfire, never seen flames like this. 80 feet. homes at risk. >> mr. donald trump's new campaign manager be able to build a ground game. kellyanne conway is in studio 57. ryan lochte reportedly changes key details about his accounts of an armed robbery. his teammates are removed from their flight home from brazilian authorities. we begin with today's eye-opener


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