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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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cocked it put it to my forehead and said get down and i put my hands up i was like whatever. >> reporter: lochte has already left brazil but conger, bentz and feigen are still in rio. the judge kept conger and bentz from leaving the country. one olympic official is depending the swimmers. >> they had fun. they made a mistake. it's part of life. >> reporter: police are still investigating and say it's too early to decide whether any of the at least will be charged. jamie yuccas, cbs news, rio. >> sunday morning lochte told his mother he was robbed. she then told reporters and the story went viral. here's a look at tomorrow's "new york post." lochte is on the cover with the headline, the ugly american. it also has a caption, "liar liar" speedo on fire. we are following some
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breaking news here in the bay area. a school bus carrying special needs children crashes in petaluma near washington and maria drive near the petaluma valley hospital. chopper 5 was overhead showing what appeared to be a pickup truck that was involved in that accident. at least one student was injured. police advise drivers to avoid the area. a woman died in a car crash her baby fighting for his life. kpix 5's cate caugiran is at valley medical center for us and cate, how is that baby doing? >> reporter: well, veronica, we know the baby is a boy and valley medical representatives told me just a little while ago that that baby boy is still in critical condition. the woman was 18, two months away from giving birth. she worked at this taco bell in
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morgan hill. her supervisor told us her brother was driving her home after her late night shift and then this. their honda civic hit a bmw that was parked on the shoulder of highway 101. >> this is, you know, a tragic incident. we have a family now that's dealing with putting the pieces back together and, you know, a family member a loved family member that's gone. >> reporter: the driver of the civic her brother 20-year-old carlos hernandez swerved while exiting on tully road and hit the bmw. investigators say they aren't surehy the bmw was there. >> the information we are looking at now is the possibility that the bmw was parked on the shoulder of 101 prior to this collision may have been involved in a previous collision. >> reporter: the chp identified the bmw driver as 22-year-old hung tran. he was later arrested on suspicion of dui. both tran and carlos survived.
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dulce died at the hospital. the doctors delivered her baby. >> being born certainly not something that anybody -- being born early is not something that anybody would choose to do but often times there are no alternatives. >> reporter: dr. david lee is a neo-natologist at california pacific medical center and says babies born at 7 months will spend several months in the hospital to monitor their lung and brain development. >> now, because of advances in our ability to take care of these babies, being born early in and of itself doesn't mean that the baby will not do well or that the baby will die. >> reporter: the chp says they are still talking to witnesses to figure out why her brother swerved but we do know that investigators don't believe at this point in time that he was impaired by drugs or alcohol. back to you. >> it's tragic. cate, what can you tell us about this woman's family. are they there with the baby? >> reporter: well, what we do
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know, veronica, according to her facebook page, she did have a boyfriend. they were both very excited for this baby boy. her family has set up a "go fund me" page to help take care of the newborn. and according to the family, the man and woman were planning to name their son christopher. >> thank you. a pair of bay area thieves caught on camera. and they are smooth. you have to look closely to see them stealing wallets from women's purses. jessica flores is live in walnut creek with the tricks that these two women are using and how to block them. jessica. >> reporter: ken, police have released this flyer and businesses here in the downtown area, they are on high alert. police say this pair right here probably lives in the bay area and they are asking anyone who may recognize them to call them
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right away. in the surveillance video, you can see the suspected theaves' m.o. the two women sit next to unsuspecting patrons, dig into their purse and from the looks of it, take their wallets. >> then leave the restaurant immediately go to a business and use the stolen credit cards before the victims even know their wallets have been stolen and they have done that in three different restaurants. >> reporter: now walnut creek police are releasing these pictures as they search for the pair. >> i think it's scary. and they definitely -- something that i don't think about because i feel like i'm in a safe community. >> reporter: the crime trend hitting downtown walnut creek has women asking a practical question. >> zip it up and put it -- hang it on your chair. >> reporter: police have some advice. >> don't hang the purse on the chair. have it on your knee or in front of you with your foot on the strap.
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>> i won't hang it on the sydneymore. >> if i was alone, i would put it on the chair so i could see it. >> reporter: as customers figure out how to keep purses safe police hope someone can recognize these thieves. again, the pictures are pretty clear. you can see it in this flyer here and police say the businesses here they are releasing these pictures because they want to find out who these women are. if you have any information you're urged to call walnut creek police right away. jessica flores, kpix 5. from olympic glory to hometown heartbreak, we learned late today that a member of the u.s. olympic team lost his home in lake county to the clayton fire. matthew porter seen here in the middle is the equipment manager for the fencing squad. he and his wife just bought the house and moved to lower lake days before he went to rio. in the meantime pour progress
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being made on the clayton fire. firefighters are shoring up containment lines. it is now 55% surrounded. just over 3900 acres have burned. damage is still being assessed but right now cal fire says 268 buildings have been destroyed, including 175 single-family homes. those numbers could go up. evacuation orders are still in effect for more than 300 homes. and in southern california, some evacuation records being lifted in san bernardino county. firefighters are making progress on the "bluecut fire." interstate 15 in cajon pass the main route between los angeles and las vegas has been reopened. air tankers are hitting hilltops with fire retardant to stop the spread. it's 4% contained. 49 square miles have been burned which is the size of san francisco. cbs reporter chris martinez on the ground for us near the fire lines. he has the latest. chris. >> reporter: firefighters have made some good progress today.
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they have been able to stop the forward progress of the fire in some spots. we are flare-ups like this. we have been watching this for an hour or so. it came right down the mountainside very quickly. firefighters are doing everything they can to stop this and contain the rest of this monster blaze. the massive "bluecut fire" creeps ever closer to wrightwood a community east of los angeles. the wildfire has forced the evacuation of thousands since it flared up tuesday morning. but some like josh owens and reagan irwin have for now stayed behind. >> we're packed up and ready to go. >> our whole life is here. like everything that we own is in this place. >> reporter: fire crews are attack the fire from the ground and heavily from the air. but they have struggled to keep it from growing. on tuesday, flames ripped through neighborhoods in the town of phelan destroying homes. strong winds spread the flames making it tough for fire crews to keep up.
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>> this fire ran the opposite direction up canyon established itself in all these canyons which carried this fire into different directions. >> reporter: more than 1500 firefighters are battling this fire that's burning in an area larger than the city of san francisco. >> i don't want to have to start over again with nothing. >> reporter: the "bluecut fire" is one of nine major fires burning in california. the governor has declared a state of emergency. those evacuations that have been lifted that area is a big part of the evacuations but there are many, many more, many thousands of people who are still out of their homes tonight. and they don't know when they are going to be able to get back in. they have not been able to, authorities to get into some of these areas to see how many homes or structures have been lost. they haven't done a count of that just yet. and, of course, a lot of people very anxious to find out if they in fact have a home to go back to. veronica, back to you. >> thank you.
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flames and smoke choking part of san luis obispo county. the chimney fire is at 8300 acres, 30% contained. more than 30 homes have been destroyed. mandatory evacuations remain in place for several areas. >> now to campaign 2016. hillary clinton, donald trump, both trying to position themselves as the law and order candidates. this is a live look from charlotte, north carolina, where donald trump is holding a rally right now. kpix 5's allen martin has the latest from the campaign trail. allen. >> reporter: ken, hillary clinton held a roundtable discussion with law enforcement leaders from across the country to address the business cord between police and the communities they serve. >> i believe supporting our police officers and improving policing go hand in hand. everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone is respected by the law. >> reporter: donald trump also met with officers today when he visited a fraternal order of police lodge in north carolina.
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>> we just went down to the range and we had a little shooting practice. >> reporter: tuesday trump advocated a tougher approach to take on people who protest against police by rioting. >> there's no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct for anyone. >> reporter: today, new trump campaign manager kellyanne conway told "cbs this morning" she is there to steer trump away from attacks and on to the issues. >> we have to get away from this content-free campaign and on to substance and talk to people who are struggling and even those feeling well. >> reporter: trump will go on air with his first ads of the general election in four battleground states tomorrow. >> he pays very low taxes indeed and possibly pretty much nothing. >> reporter: clinton has a new ad out focused on trump's refusal to release his tax returns. trump's ads are going to begin airing in florida, ohio, north carolina and pennsylvania tomorrow. we are getting some new
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numbers today according to the california secretary of state. 18million californians are now registered to vote in november's election. and that is the second highest statewide registration total ever. if you still haven't registered, the deadline is october 24. on the streets of san francisco, donald trump like you have never seen before. completely naked. yup. the statue of the nominee debuted this morning in the castro on market and 17th. it is one of several trump statues that went up around the country today. needless to say it has been turning heads all day long. >> i thought it was hysterical. it's hysterical. donald trump is always, um, telling america about how big his hand size is. >> i had a friend in the hospital that once told me, um, that if people are really getting on your nerves just imagine them naked. so this kind of brings it to life. [ laughter ] >> an artist who goes by the
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name of ginger posted this youtube video showing how he made these statues. so far the trump campaign has no comment. northern california mayor accused of playing strip poker with minors is facing a judge. >> coming up, why the mayor says the timing of these charges is very suspicious. >> frisbee golf could be an olympic sport one day so why is there discourse on this particular course in moraga? i'll have the story coming up. >> all right, jules. and imagine getting into an uber with no one behind the wheel. the san francisco company says that future pipe dream is now becoming reality. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪ accusations he secretly recorded minors playing strip poker.
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mayor anthony silva appeared in court for th mayor of stockton pleaded not guilty this afternoon to accusations he secretly recorded minors playing strip poker. mayor silva appeared in court. he was arrested two weeks ago. prosecutors say he gave camp counselors alcohol and recorded himself playing a strip poker game with them. it allegedly happened at a youth camp that he organizes every summer in amador county. he is facing four charges including a felony but his attorneys say he is innocent and that the whole case against him is politically motivated. twitter now targeting the terrorists. they have deleted hundreds of thousands of accounts for prompting violent extremism. the company didn't name the account holders. they have taken down 235,000 accounts this year and that makes 360,000 closed since mid 2015. twitter's daily suspension rate is up 80% since then and it seems to be working. the obama administration says
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isis twitter traffic has dropped significantly. the feds are cutting ties with private prisons all around the country. the justice department says it is phasing out relationships with those prisons after an audit showed that they had more safety and security problems than those run by the federal government. as of december 2015, private facilities housed about 12% of all federal inmates. the government started relying on private prisons in the late 1990s due to overcrowding. mcdonald's now says it is dumping the activity trackers it was giving out in kids happy meals. we first told you yesterday about the trackers called step it. they blink at different speeds based on physical activity. parents complained the bands were irritating their children's skin. an arkansas mother says it may have burned her 4-year-old son's arm and her facebook post went viral shared more than 129,000 times. mcdonald's says it is investigating. if you call an uber in a
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few weeks in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, it may be self- driving. they are raising the stakes for self-driving technology. so far there are 6 of these self-driving cars actually being tested in pittsburgh. once the program is up and running, the volvos will be put into circulation. they plan to have 100 on the road by the end of this year. >> wow. uber and volvo teamed up as par of a $300 million deal to create the vehicles. according to the boston consulting group, 48% of americans are willing to try out self-driving cars. new at 5:00 they take their sport seriously and now some frisbee golfers are squaring off against the city of moraga. >> they are upset over plans to clear out sections of a popular golf course there. the course in moraga's commons park is one of the oldest in the bay area. as kpix 5's juliette goodrich
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reports, disc golf enthusiasts are taking their fight to city hall. >> reporter: there's some discourse on the disk course. or rather, frisbee golf course in moraga commons park. just ask cory kohler. he got an email stating the parks and recreation department want to make some changes to the course. >> rather than a couple of hours of labor to trim some bushes, we are going to spend hundreds of dollars and probably couple of hundred man hours moving key pads and baskets. it really makes little sense to me. >> reporter: you know, frisbee golf could become an olympic sport one day and you want to keep it challenging. and that's why so many people in moraga love this course because it is so challenging. so what i'm hearing is these trees and on the calls are a good thing. >> yes. that's part of the sport. basically, the strategy to be able to get your disto be go around trees and get to the basket. >> reporter: now parks and rec want to make some changes to the baskets and tee pads
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changes that go against the true art of frisbee golf. >> they want to redesign and move them to the open. us at disk golf we don't want anything in the open. like, having a basketball court installed without any hoops. who is going to show up and throw? nobody. >> reporter: a frisbee group of about 20 showed up to the city council meeting last night to let them know they want to be part of any changes made to the course, a course that's been in moraga for 35 years. so you want things just to state same. >> absolutely! absolutely. this is a beautiful course. it was designed by the person originally the person who invented the frisbee hedrick and we would like to keep his legacy alive. >> reporter: so this group of golfers says they will be back at the september city council meeting to discuss any redesigns. after all, like golf, while you hate to get stuck in a sand trap, course challenges and traps keep you coming back for
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more. in moraga, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. the kpix 5 mobile weather lab today live in walnut creek not 55, like yesterday in daly city, we are 88 degrees but the big story in the east bay is not the temperature, it is the air quality. today's a "spare the air" day and it is hazy and smoky in walnut creek and the tri- valley. we'll talk about how long that and the heat stick around coming up. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, it is getting a lot harder to afford a used car. what's behind the price surge and where shoppers can get the best value. alabama ,,
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i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
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good evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno live today in walnut creek where it is seasonably warm. current temperatures are in the upper 80s but it's the haze, man is it hazy and smoke out the door there. here's why. it's still the soberanes fire which is burning to our south and the upper-level winds are carrying that smoke from monterey county into the south bay and then the east bay. there it is.
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the winds going south to north. there's the fire in monterey county and that's the reason why it looks very hazy with a very obscured view of mount diablo because that smoke burning and coming from monterey county and working its way north. it will continue into tomorrow. hazy skies again for the east bay. another "spare the air" day is coming up tomorrow. here's the view from dublin looking to mount diablo. you can see that haze. not as warm inland but still above average. it is 88 in livermore. it is 89 in concord. 65 in oakland. mid-60s also for san francisco and santa rosa checking in at 78 degrees. overnight tonight we are looking at lows in the 50s as per normal for this time of year. vallejo 56 for you. san jose 59. redwood city 58. livermore the exception to the rule in the tri-valley you will only drop to 60 degrees overnight tonight. as i mentioned, we are looking at a forecast now for air quality. we knew it was going to be a "spare the air" day today. now we are moving forward to friday and the east bay again the upper-level winds carrying the smoke from the soberanes fire into the east bay our 18th "spare the air" day of the
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summer will be tomorrow. there is a weak area of low pressure that was to our east yesterday. it's now to the south. what that will do it's going to keep the changes only minor ones. we'll keep a little bit of cooling toward the weekend as a light to moderate onshore flow continues. showers and thunderstorms over the sierra. they are working their way back towards chico and redding northern california far northern california may have a few thunderstorms this evening. fog returns tonight drizzle returns tonight low cloud cover returns tonight. hazy sunshine friday away from the coast. and temperatures will be very seasonable this weekend warm inland and seasonably chilly near the water. how about your friday? we are wrapping up the week for some of you the lack wes before kids go back to school next week. san jose 82. livermore 90. it's not as warm but we are still near average. san francisco cooler 65. vallejo 78. and santa rosa tomorrow 79 degrees. your seven-day forecast, calling for highs in the 80s to low 90s inland through the weekend. the coolest weather will be sunday and monday. and near the bay, highs around 70 and near the coast, highs in
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the upper 50s to low 60s. we are back out here live. there is that forecast staying close to normal very comfortable weather for this weekend and beyond over the next seven days. we'll be right back. california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids.
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and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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cracking your knuckles h your bad habit might not be that bad after all. according to a new study, cracking your knuckles has its benefits. >> oh, don't say that! >> they say those who crack their knuckles had increased flexibility after doing it. see, mom, i told ya. >
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i hate the way that sounds. >> i told you it was okay. [ cracks knuckles ] >> stop it! the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. see you at 6:00. >> pelley: meddling with the truth. ryan lochte and three other u.s. ouympic swimmers are accused of making up the story about being robbed in rio. police say this video proves it. also tonight, the spread of ,ika. sorida reports two more cases, apparently spread by local mosquitoes. the chicago police cersrintendent wants seven officers fired, accusing them of a cover-up in the fatal shooting of a black teenager. and, maybe this child can get the world's attention. he's the new face of syria's civil war. captioning sponsored by cbs thisth


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