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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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able to see the top of the pyramid? it's been a while because of all the fog. good morning, roqui and roberta, how are you? >> fine. >> great. >> kenny has this personal relationship with our landmarks here in the bay area. >> i just appreciate each one. >> each one of them is "her." >> golden gate bridge -- >> that was the first time i could see the top of the pyramid since i have been here. >> 853 feet tall. we can see the tip-top of it which indicates the ceiling is higher this morning not as low. not seeing any reports as of yet of any kind of drizzle being reported and associated with that marine layer. we are in the 50s and 60s. very mild out the door. later today, temperatures a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. we'll be talking 60s, 70s and 80s still shy of 90. yes. but it will get warmer and we'll have details coming up. good morning. a couple of road closures. northbound 101 between dunne avenue and blossom hill road
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this is morgan hill to the san jose area commute, cars are driving about 53 miles per hour. then also 880 in both directions between whipple and mission boulevard the hayward- fremont area. here's the morning bridge, carquinez bridge to the maze westbound will take about 20 minutes and, of course, your toll plaza looking good at 4:31. back to you. >> thank you. developing now at the santa clara county jail, a former corrections deputy is facing charges for reportedly beating an inmate. he is accused of assault with a deadly weapon. the sheriff's department says former deputy timmy try kicked a male inmate in the head and face several times. officials say the attack happened in the main jail back in october 2013. tri was put on administrative leave but the district owners did not pursue charges at the time. recently prosecutors took up the case again and that led to the arrest warrant. the sheriff's department isn't saying what new information it received or if any other
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corrections officers are involved. in san jose city leaders are trying to figure out how to keep people safe despite a hole in the police department. kpix 5's betty yu on a drastic plan to make due with less. >> reporter: san jose has a serious police problem. it can't put enough officers out on the street. >> we're talking about over 340 ten hour shifts that need to be filled every, single week in patrol. 340 ten hour shifts. there's absolutely no way that we can do that and move forward. >> reporter: that's why the city manager, police chief and the police union met at city hall to consider these options. pulling detectives out of the investigations bureau and putting them in patrol cars and moving other officers from specialized units like the gang unit. >> we are going to feel the effects internally. it will be widespread. it's going to have a ripple effect. there's no doubt about it. but bottom line is number one,
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get to the calls for service. >> long term we need more officers. there are budgeted positions. we have vacancies we want to fill. short term the police chief garcia is looking for ways to make some reassignments within the police department. >> reporter: short term would be moving 47 officers detailed in this letter from the city to the union last week. there are only 413 patrol officers short of the 500 minimum. the gap was backfilled with overtime previously but the department can't afford that option anymore. betty yu, kpix 5. a santa clara judge criticized for his handling of a stanford sexual assault trial has recused himself from another sex crime case. superior court judge persky was decide there week whether to reduce a conviction for possession of child porn from a felony to misdemeanor. he filed a statement with the court saying that he and his
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family were exposed to publicity surrounding the current case. the statement says the publicity resulted in, quote, a personal family situation. persky ended up in the national spotlight in june after he sentenced brock turner to six months in county jail for sexual assaulting an intoxicated woman. persky cited turner's youth and lack of a criminal record as reasons for the minimum sentence. critics thought it was too lenient and some have organized a recall campaign against him. the chimney fire in san luis obispo county has scorched more than 33,000 acres and now a castle is in its path. devin fehely on crews' novel strategy to save the landmark. >> reporter: the plan to protect hearst castle is to fight fire with fire. >> they put fire on the ground against the containment line like that dozer line in front of main body of fire.
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>> reporter: several helicopters have dropped fire retardant on the ridge and when weather conditions are right they plan to set a blaze to snuff out the advancing fire. >> what we're doing is burning off and removing that vegetation to a safe location so that if the fire advances in this direction it runs into that area where fuel or vegetation has already been removed. >> reporter: for nearly a week the so-called chimney fire was marching west to the coast right towards hearst cast. the sprawling palatial former home of william randolph hearst. the wind shifted and the fire with it giving cal fire time to regroup but until it's out and the threat gone, the beloved landmark remains closed to the public. >> it's scary. yeah. devastation. we are not going to be able to see, you know, what we came here for and still beautiful country. >> reporter: it's not clear when the weather will be right to allow cal fire to set that backfire. but they say they have to be exceedingly cautious because if they were to set the fire and the wind were to shift it could
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do a lot more harm than good bringing that fire and flames closer rather than farther away from the castle. at hearst castle, devin fehely, kpix 5. in san bernardino, firefighters almost have the bluecut blaze fully contained. as of last night it was 96% contained. fire has burned more than 37,000 acres since it started nearly a week ago. investigators are still looking into the cause. all right. i was sleeping last night i heard sounds. >> southwesterlies 10 to 20 gusts up to 25, 30 miles per hour. did you have your umbrellas fully erected in your backyard? >> of course. it's always do as i say not as i do. >> same kind of thing i tell everybody. >> leave my lawn furniture out.
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>> good morning. rise an shine. mostly cloudy skies at sfo today. the breeze is under 10 miles per hour but will increase later today. numbers stacking up from 55 in santa rosa. it is now 58 apiece in livermore and in san francisco. 84 degrees in concord today. 61 oakland a refreshing day. no clearing at the beaches. 70s sunshine at the peninsula. 80 to 85 degrees across the santa clara valley. 85 will be experienced in gilroy to the south. 70s the closer you get to the bay. fremont, union city, and in newark. otherwise 80s common in the east bay. north bay numbers stacking up through the 50s. you want cingular's head to mill valley. 70s head to san rafael. 80 in sonoma, glen ellen and
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upstream we go to the 90s. full forecast coming up. it's never too early to start talking about the weekend so i'll have that forecast, as well. 35 miles per hour out of tracy. that will take about 15 minutes on to the dublin interchange. and then, 57 miles per hour for your road construction in the south bay if you are heading from morgan hill to san jose. northbound 101 between dunne avenue and blossom hill road. and here's a look at the nimitz freeway. looking good in both directions 238 to 80 northbound will take you about 16 minutes and your bay bridge toll plaza a little backed up in the cash lane there but carquinez bridge westbound will take you 18 minutes. michelle. out city of newark faces a wrongful death lawsuit over police officers shooting of a robbery suspect. as kpix 5's christin ayers reports, police and the suspects' family have different perspectives about what happened. >> reporter: it started with a
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robbery last march. a masked man entering a union city kfc. >> someone's robbing they have a gun. >> reporter: a newark police officer shot 23-year-old te'o valencia the alleged robber in the back. it was caught on surveillance video. police say te'o pointed out a fake gun at the officers. but te'o's family says the video shows that never happened. >> the officer steps from his hiding place without calling on te'o valencia to stop to surrender or anything else. lifts up his ar15 rifle and shoots him in the back. >> reporter: dan siegel the valencia family attorney filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family alleging the officer conrad rogers violated te'o's civil rights causing a wrongful death. but rogers is back on the job at the newark police department. in a statement, police insisted the officer gave a verbal command to valencia in response
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to the armed robber pointing a handgun at the officer. the officer fired one round. they also sent kpix 5 this picture of the toy gun te'o had. it's the one below the ruler and is look indistinguishable from the real sig sauer below the ruler. newark police say they have identified te'o as a suspect in at least seven other robberies and burglary and sent us these surveillance photos. but the valencia family lawyer says the officer who shot te'o should have arrested him, not taken the law into his own hands. >> he made no effort at all to arrest young te'o valencia. the officer acted as judge, jury and executioner. >> reporter: in newark, christin ayers, kpix 5. police are looking for the man who bit off a bartender's finger in july outside a karaoke bar in russian hill but police are just releasing this surveillance video. officers say that the shirtless man was drunk and tried to force his way back into the bar
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after it closed. when the bartender tried to eject him he punched the bartender in the face several times according to authorities. at one point the bartender was able to hold the man down but police say his hand got too close to the man's face. >> the suspect then took it upon himself to bite off the ring finger of the bartender and what i mean bite off, completely sever it off as in amputated. >> another part of the video shows the suspect eating a slice of pizza. police are now looking for him. family members are getting ready to say good-bye to a well- known journalist. sources tell pixar ren hinkle is in hospice care and the decision has been made to take him off life support. hinkle wrote for the "san francisco chronicle" and examiner and also wrote several books. time now 4:41. still ahead, armed teachers. there's mixed reaction to some california teachers returning to school this year with concealed firearms. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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currently...three school districts in the state allow as the new school year begins, guns on campus are a big issue in some parts of california. currently, three school districts in the state allow staff members to carry a gun. one of them is in the fresno county town of kingsburg where the policy is brand-new. on the district's many campus, kingsburg high only 5 staff members are allowed to carry a concealed weapon. those staff members had to undergo training and evaluation and get permits from the sheriff's department. it's to allow staffers to take action before police arrive in the event of danger. >> all we're trying do is provide an opportunity to limit or eliminate potential casualties. >> the identities of the armed staff members are not disclosed. president obama is heading to louisiana today to look at the damage left behind by devastating floods. some republicans have
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criticized him for not cutting his vacation short to tour the state. the white house says his response to the tragedy has been far more effective than the immediate response to hurricane katrina. the floods damaged more than 60,000 homes. if you are afraid of heights, you might want to look away at this point. >> that's right. >> a new bridge is opening in china with a glass bottom. it's supposed to look like a glass butterfly from the sky. it's the longest highest glass bottom bridge in the world. look at that. 99 separate panes that are tripled layered. only a few thousand are allowed to walk on it a day for safety reasons. >> okay. would you do it? >> yeah. if they make sure there's only a few hundred on it. have to be sure there are not allowing more than 1,000 a day. >> then there are concerns. >> i heard they took a sledgehammer and big four by
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four truck out there and it cracked. it didn't collapse just cracked. no. no. >> all right. good morning, you know, i would try the one over the grand canyon for sure the one we saw in los angeles. good morning. rise and shine! as you get ready to slide out of bed to begin your tuesday here's what to expect. we have gray skies over the transamerica pyramid. we can see the top of it. the ceiling is at least 1,000 feet in elevation this morning. we'll check in with sfo to see if there are any airport delays. temperature right now in the 50s and the 60s. it's currently 62 degrees in san jose. wind speeds right now after a very windy evening temperatures in the 50s, 60s and combine the wind west-southwest at 6 in san francisco. it's cooler than what it is. under 10 in san ramon. 12 in fairfield. these winds will be variable
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later today west-southwest and increasing 10 to 20 miles per hour. monsoonal moisture over nevada lifting towards the high sierra. dying down this morning. a few sierra thunderstorms still in the forecast for this tuesday. this is the cutoff area of low pressure that's been enhancing all the subtropical moisture to lift through the central valley and that's how we got nicked on sunday night. cumulus clouds in the area as a result yesterday but overall high pressure is the key component. if you look at our wind particle map, more of a westerly flow on the beaches today but more of a southwest flow inland. but it will turn breezy. today your travel weather for this tuesday still the thunderstorms in the forecast in the high sierra back in through yosemite. we'll see a little bit of good air quality today along the coast and into the bay due to the west wind. our sun-up today 6:32. by the time it sets at 7:52,
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we'll have seen temperatures climb a couple of degrees in comparison to yesterday from the 60s at the beaches to the 60s around the lip of the bay then the 70s around the peninsula, 80s around the santa clara valley. 70s to 80s to the north of the golden gate bridge. and from the 70s in fremont, into the mid- and high 80s away from the bay. now, we have our extended forecast that looks pretty mild after we peak tomorrow in the low 90s which is seasonal. we have an upper-level trough that will enhance our marine layer. that's an outside number so many inland locations will still be in the 70s o ah! the a's let one get away last night lost it in the 8th, 1-0. clouds increase at 62 degrees. rocky? >> thank you. let's look right now time 4:48. our usual trouble area but it's looking okay right now. we'll see out of tracy cars at
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45 miles per hour. 205 to the altamont pass about 10 minutes on the dublin interchange. live look at that right now. here you go. there's some traffic slow- moving in the commuter direction. road closures this morning. northbound 101 from morgan hill to san jose between dunne avenue and blossom hill road cars at 19 miles per hour. so very slow from morgan hill to san jose commute. and here's your san mateo bridge from hayward to the peninsula 880 to 101 westbound about 15 minutes. let's move on to your golden gate bridge. looking good. san rafael commuters into san francisco, looking good to about 14, 15 minutes. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. backup in the cash lanes. carquinez bridge westbound will take but 20 minutes. investigation under way after a dramatic crash in the north bay. crews had to rescue the driver after his dump truck crashed nearly 200 feet off an
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embankment. kpix 5's andria borba reports. reporter: the crash happened on this stretch of highway 1 in marin county. the truck went off the asphalt and straight down into a terrifying ravine. >> it's about 250 feet down. >> reporter: this orange spray- paint marking the date is the only sign anything happened here just south of stinson beach. until you look at the busted railing and broken brush, giving way only to a canope of trees. >> down at the bottom. >> reporter: the 2016 ford van crashed around 3:45. and no one was aware until marin county fire crews on the highway saw something. >> flagged down by one of the vehicle occupants. >> reporter: two of three men in the van got out. a third man the driver was trapped. the chp used a helicopter and basket to get him out. >> amazingly, there's minor injuries for all the occupants. >> reporter: recovering the van will be a project for another day. >> due this location and how dark it is out here at night
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and the amount of time this is going to take we are going to wait until tomorrow before we recover it. >> reporter: in marin county, andria borba, kpix 5. >> the chp says that the main reason that those men survived is because of the airbags inside the truck. a preliminary investigation says that speed is likely a factor in the crash. time now 4:51. the man who helped create metallica is trying to make a deal in marin county. what he wants to do with the open space after the break.
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the land is in san rafael... just south of lucas valley road. kpix five's john ramos has details on what could turn out to be a workable a new proposal for development and open space preservation. the land is in san rafael south of lucas valley road. kpix 5's john ramos has details on what could turn out to be a
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workable compromise. >> reporter: the people who live along lucas valley road in marin county are protective of the open spaces that surround them. so a few years ago they geared up for battle when the county got a request to build about 34 homes across the street from the neighborhood. >> a lot more construction and homes and for over a great area and that wasn't very well received initially. >> reporter: the landowner who proposed it was metallica front man james hetfield who owns a large piece of land next to his rocking h ranch here. he further angered locals when he built a fence blocking public access to the open space. but now, the county has received a new proposal from hetfield. >> to develop approximately a 40-acre portion of the remaining unprotected 280 acres. >> reporter: on this smaller parcel, hetfield proposes to build four houses, big ones up to 8,000 square feet, and the rest of the land around it 240
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acres would stay private but would be designated as a conservation easement protected from further development. >> by definition, conservation eastments are perpetual so the protection would be permanent. >> reporter: none. details are worked out but -- none of the details are worked out but it could be that the public wouldn't be allowed on the land but no more homes could be built here. ever. the most remarkable thing about this story is that this is marin county a place where everybody argues everything about everything especially development but nobody is against this. >> we are very happy and maybe it is a victory. there are a lot of owners and developers who don't pay attention to what the local community wants. >> reporter: in marin county, john ramos, kpix 5. you can now drive a tesla without making a long-term commitment. the company is offering two- year leases of the model s. they start at $593 a month with
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a down payment of over $7,000. a new report from the aaa auto group shows a record number of drivers in need of roadside help. aaa says it rescued a record 32 million drivers last year mainly with battery or tire issues. a lot of the problems involved newer cars. about 40% of them don't come with a spare tire. in addition, newer technologies in cars that's contributing to breakdowns, keyless ignition systems in some vehicles could strain batteries. >> that, with all the additional electronic devices available today, would drain the battery more quickly. the life expectancy of a battery is three years and you're living on borrowed time over that. >> aaa recommends drivers do regular checks on tire pressure and batteries. for weeks people all over the bay area have been hunting pikachu but a new study shows that many of them have grown
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bored with "pokemon go." the numbers come from a variety of app trackers and these stats are sobering somewhat. they suggest that active users downloads and time spent on the "pokemon go" app are far lower than peak levels. "pokemon go" launched in july and hit the top of app lists. >> we're tired of the stories, too, right? [ laughter ] 4:57. the real olympics just ended and we are already talking about the future games. what one mayor is doing to try to bring the games to california. >> reporter: stanford university cracking down on raucous parties. we'll tell you about the new ban on hard alcohol and how some think it might work. ,, get funky with your chicken.
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on average, one in 6 americans will get a foodborne illness this year. so, learn the right temperature to cook each type of meat. keep your family safe at i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's roberta gonzales good morning. it's tuesday, august 23.
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i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check the conditions. the bay bridge, a nice shot this morning, a clear view of one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. >> ooooo! [ laughter ] >> i know. it is. it's beautiful, right? >> it's an adult version of disneyland without the eticket. >> it's cool for everyone to goes over it. >> my daughter loves the bay bridge! >> really at 3 years old? >> she knows it. >> gosh, she is so smart. [ laughter ] >> brilliant. >> that's what i think. >> hi, everybody. good morning. we can see the top of the bay bridge this morning. we can see the tower at sfo. so we'll keep you posted of the possibility of any kind of airport delays. we do have a gray slate out there right now temperature- wise anywhere from 55 in santa rosa to 61 degrees in oakland. winds have been under 10 but will be picking up to 20 later da


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