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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at is starting the process of interviewing for the top-cop spot. good afternoon. it's monday, august 29th. i'm kenny choi. and i'm michelle griego. searching for a replacement. oakland starting the process of interviewing for the top cop
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spot. the city of oakland is looking to create stability at the police department as the revolving -- at the revolving door of chief. the community will have a chance to voice its concerns. >>reporter: the mayor want input from people from all over as the city launches a search for a new police chief. it has been a rough year after a series of scandals, the most wide-ranging, the case of 19- year-old celeste who had sex with 30 law enforcement officials mostly from the oakland police department and many wish he was underage. she received the money and often traded sex for tips on prostitution stings. when this story broke in june the department cycled through three chiefs in 10 days until the power was handed over to the city administrator. the search for stability is on.
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>> oakland is changing quickly and in the right direction so we need our police chief to be someone who will make a commitment and take our public safety to another level in the city of oakland. >>reporter: the city and the mayor have been criticized following the changing chief debacle. activists are calling for the city to divest in the department. the search for a new chief will go nationwide. at today's meeting the mayor will release a full schedule of meetings and launch a survey so everyone can chime in on what they want to see in a new police chief. today's meeting is at 2 pm at city hall, it is open to the public. the application deadline for the chief of police is in two days. the last chief was dismissed in may after the third deadly police shooting and six months.
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the traditionally they are led by someone in the force but there talking about going with an outsider. the acting chief tony chaplin is pushing to make it has permanent position. donald trott announced he would speak at an african- american church in detroit on saturday. trump has been reaching out to minority voters but those speeches have been in front of white audiences. the nominee wants to change that. >>reporter: trump continues to put this -- push his message that inner cities are dangerous. monday morning he tweeted, look how bad it is getting, how many shootings will it take for african-americans and latinos to vote trump? he talked about the murder of basketball star dwayne wade's cousin be murdered this weekend. sparking a backlash. he wrote that dwayne wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying, many african americans will
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vote for trump. many on twitter say it is disrespectful. trump treated his condolences to the family 4 hours after his original tweet. trying to stay on message the trump campaign released an ad focusing on the economy. they are spending $10 million to air it in nine battleground states. hillary clinton's campaign is pushing back against allegations she gave special access to donors while she was secretary of state. >> the republicans call it pay to play. why are they wrong? >> when republicans do it, they call it a meeting. >>reporter: the clinton campaign said they gave no special access to anyone. >> trumps campaign is on the air in north carolina, ohio, florida. a clinton aide and anthony
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weiner are separating as they are facing another sex sting scandal. anthony weiner has been 60 and other woman. the congressman resigned from office in 2011 after he admitted sending a lewd photograph of himself. collin kaepernick is causing controversy for sitting down during the national anthem. how this power play is influencing his fans. >>reporter: organizations are backing kaepernick for not standing. his actions are adding a much needed energy to the conversation. >> we want this to be talked about and matt had on but as many people as possible and that's what he did essentially. >>reporter: silicon valley is supporting kaepernick for what
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he did or did not do any preseason game on friday. >>reporter: the movement against police brutality needs everyone to get involved. >> what his actions show, the issue of police for talented is urgent and it affects all rooms of public life. >>reporter: by not standing during the national anthem they believe he is speaking for those who cannot.>> the timeline is urgent and we hope there is a day when police brutality does not exist. >> i will continue to sit and stand with the people who are being oppressed. >>reporter: he said it does not mean he does not support the military or he is un-american but he is exercising his right to not stand. >> the men and women who have fought for this country have
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given me this opportunity. i don't see it as going about it the wrong way. >>reporter: you can be sure that a lot of guys will be on kaepernick this thursday night against the chargers. you can catch that came here on cbs. >> teammates we spoke to yesterday say they support kaepernick and his actions. systemic investigators are looking into a fire that ripped through a vacant building this morning in san francisco before 5 am and eight 4 story brick building. the 92-year-old building was a home to the printing company at one point. nobody was injured. an evacuation warning in monterey county. california fire issued a warning for a small coastal area the fire has destroyed 57 homes and burned more than 92,000 acres it is 60% contained and
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the full containment is not expected until the end of september. some of the state park avenue some of the state park ave., museum home to priceless art is reopening to the public. for several days firefighters have been guarding first capital. at one point flames got within 2 miles of the landmark forcing it to suspend tours. the fire has burned more than 45,000 acres and a 61% contained. three people are behind bars after a gang-related shooting in santa rosa on mohawk street last night. a 22-year-old man is shot and expected to recover. police found a loaded gun and several shell casings. suspects are in sonoma county jail and the other was taken to the juvenile detention center. police believe this was a targeted shooting. pay 24th
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suspect has been arrested in the gang of thrones investigation a gambling extortion and drug trafficking ring run out of vietnamese cafis. police say the probe yielded loads of drugs, a baby alligator and the arrest of a nine year sj pd veteran. samet police searching for 2 men wanted in an armed robbery. these of the sketches of the suspects. it happened friday at a money transfer service. not clear how much money was taken but witnesses say they got away in a red sedan or a mid-2000 camry with tinted windows. if you have information you are asked to call police. flights delayed and a verdict. what caused chaos at lax this morning? mark zucker berg and the pope have, face-to- face, what they discussed and the gift the social media ceo brought with them. thunderstorms and dry lightning is a strong possibility.
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we will talk about where and when when the news continues right here on kpix5. ,,,,,,,,,,
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after false reports of a gun in a developing story out of los angeles flight delays at lax after false reports of a gunman opening fire. police say it was loud noises that prompted evacuation. a man dressed as zorro was detained at released. no evidence of gunfire was found but loud noises caused chaos. >> we saw people sprinting another way. they jumped in our car. we had no idea what was going on. they said there were reports of a shooter.
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280 flights were delayed and 27 were diverted to other airports. a dramatic rescue on the set of new jersey train tracks. this transit officer pulls a man off the tracks moments before the train wars past them. the man struggled against the transit officer's attempts to help them. it's not clear why he was on the tracks in the first place. in italy 2700 people are staying in tent camps and other shelters after last week's deadly earthquake. others are staying in their vehicles because they are concerned about looting. rescue workers continue to recover bodies. 290 people are confirmed dead. systemic people in north carolina are creating devastating floods. meteorologist are monitoring storm systems to see if it might come a tropical storm.
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it's expected to move to the east coast by midweek. coastal residents are asked to discuss emergency plans and updates applied kids. today marks 11 years since katrina barreled through new orleans pretty killed more than 1800 people. an official memorial service was held this morning to remember the victims. katrina nearly wiped out the city leaving 1 million people homeless. katrina was the single most catastrophic natural disaster in us history. the damage was estimated at $108 billion. it all has to do with the wind and we had a shift today. we have good air quality through the central bank into the santa clara valley. here is the satellite and radar
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and this gets interesting. we have grave matter along the coast but we have a change, you can see right here, i will zoom in on the satellite radar. this is a plume of moisture associated with tropical storm matta line and is going to nuke the northern portion of the bay area of dry lightning and very breezy conditions in the north bay. otherwise lots of sunshine and mild conditions. 80s and 90s statewide and monterey bay with some wins and we should be 83 in san jose today and temperatures and 70s along the north bay. rockaway beach with some sunshine officials --
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officially the sun goes down at 7:42 pm. identical to today on tuesday, subtle and stable air mass on tuesday then tonight. this is a look at your monday afternoon forecast. today we are getting a look at the light rail vehicles being built the trains are being built in sacramento sacramento mayor ed lee got a tour of the plant the vehicles will replace 151 trains and 64 will be added to the fleet. they are supposed to be reliable and require more maintenance -- less maintenance. a big money battle is underway over november ballot measures for soda taxes and oakland and san francisco. they would tax distributors to
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encourage people to buy healthier beverages but the cost could be passed on to consumers for other products as well. the beverage association opposes the taxes and has millions of dollars for ad time on television. raising the price of a life-saving drug, the new product that is being launched, next. the facebook ceo discussed a meeting this morning with the pope. what is cool about your school? email your nominations to cool schools at kpix5 . ,,,,,,,,,,
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symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. or are refusing to vaccinate them altogether. the american academy of more parents are asking to delay their children's vaccines are refusing to back them altogether. the number of doctors encountering parents to refuse vaccines jumped between 2006 and 2013. pediatricians report the parents consider vaccines unnecessary. fewer parents are expressing concern about a connection. children who specialize in a single sport at a young age may face a high risk for use of -- stress come injury and burnout.
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doctors recommend children play multiple sports waiting until their high school years to specialize. a drug company is on the version -- verge of introducing a generic epipen at half the cost. they are used to treat people a sudden allergic reactions but the price recently soared. a two pack of the generic version will be $300. they are expected to be available in several weeks. plus look at how stocks are doing on wall street with 40 minutes to go before the closing bell. the dow is up big. >> facebook is facing a trending feature. the giant is making it more automated and working to eliminate the potential for human bias after they came under scrutiny in may. facebook suppressed conservative news that demanded more transparency. facebook said an internal probe found no evidence of bias.
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mark zucker berg met someone better known than he is pay zucker berg and his wife met with pope francis of the vatican. according to a statement from the vatican zucker berg spoke with the pope about how communication technology can help fight poverty and zucker berg gave the pope a model of a solar powered aircraft that will expand internet access in developing countries. a big night for music superstars coming to an end. the vma awards, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mtv's video music awards showcase unforgettable performances from some of the biggest artists. >> a standout moment had little to do with music. >> who has the best video of the year? i can't tell you that. i can ever choose but i cannot tell you even if there was a gun to my head. >> he was in a olympic track suit and a wig, jimmy fallon made fun of ryan lochte and his tall tale about being robbed at gunpoint. no one enjoyed the spoof more than michael phelps.
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>> the biggest oppose, beyonce, broke the record for the most vma's. and there is no stopping rihanna. and brittney spears performed for the first time since 2007. coming up at 5 pm a warning about gift cards. they are popular but you want to read the five print -- fine print before purchasing gift cards for things such as massages. >> thanks for tuning in everyone. comfort food...
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