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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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[ laughter ] >> it is rhianna. can you sing that song? >> hey, work, -- >> shine brightly like a diamond ♪ >> that would be the correct way. [ laughter ] >> am i awake?! [ laughter ] >> i was actually listening to rhianna on the way here. >> that will wake you up. >> i'm just going to go with it right now! [ laughter ] this is our live weather camera looking out towards sfo. you're scaring me! temperatures in the 50s and 60s. and then later talking 60s through the 80s with the first day of september tomorrow. with it, we do have changes you need to know about. we'll talk about it. good morning, "rhianna! [ laughter ] >> 880 in both directions here in the hayward/fremont area between mission boulevard and whipple we have some road closures. those two lanes are closed until 5 a.m. this morning. and then of course here's a look at your altamont pass.
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cars coming out of tracy up to 60 miles per hour so not bad yet. westbound 205 to altamont pass will take you about 10 minutes. >> thank you. all lanes are open this morning after a tour bus crashes on 880 around 10 p.m. last night near dish road in san jose. the bus caught fire and as you can see from the pictures, flames were shooting several feet into the air. all of the northbound lanes on the interstate were closed while crews worked to put the fire out. this is what is left of the bus. we are told that ambulances were on the scene but no word if anyone was hurt. city leaders in san jose are taking drastic measures to deal with the police department's staffing shortage. city council members declared a state of emergency last night. kpix 5's mark sayre reports on what's being done to get more officers on the streets. >> reporter: san jose police staffing is down to 813 officers. at least 300 short of what's
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needed. next month, 348 shifts are unfilled. the emergency declaration would allow the chief to bypass union rules dictating how he can reassign officers. >> this staffing crisis isn't new. however, it's gotten to the point where we need to do something to keep our officers and our community safe immediately. >> reporter: one resident told the council about his recent experience. >> called pd five times. i got relatives on this force. they wanted to come. they couldn't get there. it is an emergency. [ crying ] >> reporter: the council approved the emergency declaration by a vote of 10-1 with some council members wanting to look at longer term solutions such as signing bonuses for officers. >> my whole goal here, i want to be clear, is to restore our police force. >> reporter: but mayor sam liccardo downplayed the use of the term emergency. >> there's no declaration of emergency similar to what you might see after a hurricane or
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a terrorist attack. we are simply invoking the emergency clause of a state law that would otherwise prohibit the chief from doing exactly what he needs to do. >> reporter: i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> the chief says assigning mandatory overtime is no longer working. the declaration would allow him to fill patrol positions and try to ease issues with officer fatigue. the clock is ticking at the san francisco police department to apply for the next chief of police job. the deadline is today. more than 25 candidates are applying including the acting chief toney chaplin. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that most of them are coming from outside the department. former chief greg suhr resigned earlier this year and the department is looking to restructure after it was criticized for being racially biased in shootings. two major hurricanes are churning towards hawaii. these are satellite pictures from nasa. you can see them slowly making mayor way towards the islands. we'll have much more on
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preparations under way later in the show. time check 4:33. roberta, hawaii has had a lot of close calls over the last couple of years with those hurricanes. >> they have. this one is going to be close. it will be grazed by hurricane madeline and lester taking a veer more out towards the open waters but let's go ahead and track them. a lot of people making labor day plans heading for the hawaiian islands. the first one on approach is madeline. right now wind gusts up to 115 miles per hour its movements to the west at 12 miles per hour grazing the big island near hilo and we will have it downsized to a cat-1 by then which is good news. we are anticipating 5 to 10" on the big island in the highest elevations. looking at sfo we have mostly cloudy skies there. a layer of low clouds and fog that will break up today.
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very mild in oakland. if you enjoyed tuesday, you'll enjoy wednesday because temperatures are close to where we were 24 hours ago. 70 in pacifica to 89 degrees in concord. low 80s in san jose when the average high is 83 degrees. and 84 in santa rosa. we have the full holiday forecast coming up but right now let's send it over to roqui. not too much going on, on the roads but we have roadwork and a crash to update you on here in the fremont area southbound 680 at washington boulevard. a two-car crash there on the shoulder not causing any delays there yet. and then we have a look in fremont hayward 880 in both directions for roadwork between mission and whipple. those two lanes are closed but will open around 5 a.m. here's the altamont pass, cars coming out of tracy at up to 60 miles per hour so not too bad this morning. 205 to altamont pass will take about 10 minutes on to the dublin interchange and here's a look at your bay bridge for your early-morning commute. carquinez bridge to the maze
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westbound will take you about to minutes. palo alto has seen significant growth in jobs from the tech boom but only on "5" the city's mayor tells us it's all become an embarrassment of riches. mayor burt says the region is growing at a rate that's unstainable. he said feverish growth may undermine the economy in the long run and said large companies like amazon are buying downtown office space transforming a startup culture into a corporate one. most of all he says that it's time other cities reaped the benefit of tech. >> we have almost zero unemployment and the real truth is, we need as a country to look at how all areas start benefiting from the new innovation economy. why should we hold on to every job and every dollar that can be squeezed out of the tech economy? it's not healthy for us and and it deprives other regions from the opportunity. >> burt says the city should build houses not offices to be sustainable.
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donald trump travels to mexico today to meet privately with the country's president ahead of delivering a major speech on immigration in arizona. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. [ applause and cheers ] >> that speech comes amid speculation that the republican nominee is softening his stance on deporting millions of illegal immigrants. kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen weighed in on what we might see at the event. >> reporter: if the crowd is responding in a particular way to a particular line of -- of what he is saying, then we have seen him in the past sort of take that and run with it and run totally off the teleprompter in an effort to work up the crowd. >> meantime, today's a big day for hillary clinton, as well. the fbi may release documents including interview notes today related to its probe into her email scandal. the clinton campaign says they
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welcome it in the name of transparency. >> this is something that we wanted to have happen and we're really glad it's going to. >> adding to issues for the clinton campaign, the state department also revealed it has about 30 unseen emails recovered from clinton's server. those emails related to the 2012 benghazi attacks could be released next month. a former nba all star is standing behind 49ers colin kaepernick. kareem abdul-jabbar says his protest is highly patriotic. he sat down with betty yu for a story you'll see only on "5". reporter: you've called colin kaepernick anthem protest highly patriotic. why is that? >> if you look at -- look back at what thomas jefferson said, he said we have to protect people's speech who say things that we don't approve of. so that was more important than protecting a speech of people who we approve of. >> reporter: could he have done it in a better way in your mind? >> i'm sure that that is the criticism that most people will say, you know, that he should
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have picked a better time and a better place to do it. but, you know, it was up to him and, um, he did have, um, an opportunity and he -- he took it so, you know, i'm -- i'm not going to judge him on that. >> reporter: kareem abdul- jabbar is going to vote for hillary clinton. how does donald trump appeal to you? >> discrimination is not going to make us safer. and it's not going to make america great. we're great because we understand that people should be judged by the content of their character. >> reporter: his new book is called writings on the wall search for a new equality beyond black and white. this isn't the first time abdul- jabbar has supported another athlete. he stood behind muhammad ali's decision to refuse induction into the military during the
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vietnam war. >> some of the issues, just a little bit of time and, um, we're moving faster and we have social media but we have the same issues. >> reporter: he said that instead of slamming kaepernick, we should be more horrified that 50 years later we're still talking about racial inequality. >> we're still talking about it and still trying to fix it. >> he says that he hopes that the quarterback follows up with some actions with something concrete. he wants to see him give real meaning to his protest. if you want to see the entire interview with kareem abdul- jabbar, head to our website, don't forget you can watch the 49ers right here on kpix 5 taking on the chargers in san diego tomorrow night for their final preseason game. kickoff is at 7 p.m. time no 4:40. singer chris brown out of jail
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charges of assault. those charges come after a surreal daylong standoff with police outside his home in l-a. hena dani this morning singer chris brown is out of jail after charges of assault after a day long standoff with police outside his home in l.a. hena daniels has the story. >> reporter: singer chris brown is out of jail on $250,000 bail. overnight, his attorney mark geragos tweeted, chris is out and well. the allegations against him are false. the saga started in the early- morning hours tuesday after beauty pageant contestant baylee says she was threatened. >> he pulled out a gun and said get the "f" out of here. >> reporter: they were partying when at 3 a.m. she was admiring a diamond necklace. and brown allegedly put a gun to her face. curran says she was asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement as she left but she refused. >> i said i'm not signing
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anything and i took my phone from him and made a run for it. >> reporter: she called police, who swarmed brown's home. brown then took to social media. >> have you seen my house? i'm going to barricade myself in a palace. i'm not coming out for what? when you get the warrant, whatever you need, dude, you' gonna walk right up here and you gonna see nothing, you idiot. >> reporter: police did get that warrant and investigators spent hours searching the house some wearing surgical masks. they are not saying what they found inside. hena daniels, cbs news. >> the multi-platinum artist has had numerous run-ins with the law. he spent six years on probation after pleading guilty to beating his then girlfriend singer rhianna in 2009. and in june, he was accused of assaulting his manager. at a home in the oakland hills, robbers attacked two older men and one says the story is all too familiar. the robbery happened on sequoia yesterday morning. police say that the suspects hurt two seniors they found
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inside. one of the victims says the last time his home was broken into, he lost a lot of precious jewelry. >> this time they came, you know, they -- they -- they got my rings, my watch, and then they get a piece of old chinese jade and then they left. >> the victims are recovering well from their injuries. police have made two arrests in the case. just a couple of hours from now, the first direct commercial flight between the u.s. and cuba in more than half a century is scheduled to depart. jetblue flight 387 is scheduled to leave fort lauderdale, florida for a 7 two-minute journey to santa clara, cuba. more than 400 flights a week are planned. >> the hotels are full. the infrastructure wasn't ready for the avalanche of interest, whether it's american
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travelers, chinese travelers, canadian travelers. cuba is building their infrastructure up. they have plans over the next 4 or 5 years to add many additional hotels. so we just advise people to plan ahead. >> the thaw in u.s.-cuban relations and loosening of restrictions on travel to the country has led to a surge in u.s. visitors. victims of a massive earthquake in italy are getting a lot of support from the bay area. they are getting thousands of dollars after a benefit in north beach last night. the san francisco italian athletic club organized this big italian dinner. it cost $50 per person and all of the proceeds will go towards the italian red cross. >> we're the oldest italian organization. we have been here 99 years. and we feel it's our responsibility to try to help out in some small way. >> nearly 300 people died in the earthquake and thousands of homes have been destroyed. if you weren't able to make it to the dinner last night, organizers say you can still make a donation. the bay area has the most
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giving people. they always step up to help out others. all right. >> yes, they do. >> roberta, how are you doing? >> good morning. i have been busy. we have a disturbance on the east coast causing rainfall in the cape hatteras area and carolinas and louisiana again. lillian hitchcock coit tower. beautiful view. gusty winds naval gating this out of the west at 11 in san francisco. that's more of an onshore push off the ocean which is
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encouraging our marine layer past the bay. we have clear skies in concord and breezy with the south wind at 14 miles per hour. southwest 15 in the napa areas. we have the return of the stratus and the marine layer deepening on the approach, you can see it right there lined up around ocean beach the richmond district, as well. back towards pacifica. these clouds will increase as the morning progresses then clearing before they pour onshore overnight through your thursday morning. the month of august, the beaches clearing out. mild inland. here's the satellite and radar. we are under the influence of high pressure although we have this upper level low that's enhancing our marine layer. we haven't been 70 once this
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month in san francisco. many people planning to head to the islands for the long weekend, we have madeline downsized to a cat-1 skirting past hilo producing rain up to 10." 89 in sacramento. from the coast to the mountains 78 in the high sierra. bringing down livermore by 2 degrees to 84. a lovely day inland yesterday, it was pristine conditions, great air quality. here's your extended forecast. as we slide into the holiday weekend, wow, look at sunday! 80 degrees at best inland. a little warmer by the holiday. that's a look at your wednesday
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forecast. here's rocky. we start with the bay bridge toll plaza carquinez bridge looks good. metering lights come on around 5:30. peninsula to hayward looks good across the span of the san mateo bridge. 880 to 101, westbound, will take you 13 minutes. and, of course, your golden gate bridge looking good if you are coming out of san rafael or marin. 580 to golden gate toll plaza takes 15. and also here's a look at the crash this morning. southbound 680 at washington boulevard. 237 east and west the connector ramp to the 880 are closed right now. 880 in both directions between mission and whipple two lanes closed until 5 a.m. a game today at 12:45 p.m. so heavy afternoon traffic. in the mid weather, a woman named betty loves nothing more than putting on her apron, taking out her pencil and waiting on tables.
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>> that's right. >> while her walk is brisk, betty does stand out from other waitresses because she is 91 years old. >> just standing here poor thing i really call her a lot of names. >> betty says she is not keen on technology but otherwise she has the job down pat. since 1975 she has been taking breakfast orders, laughing with customers and cutting lemon slices for diet cokes. she remembers her first day at the saratoga. >> one day, abey called me and said, come on, we just want you to try. if you like it, stay. he give me a table of 10. i waited on them. he said, now you want to work? and i said, i guess so. >> and she is still working. betty does strike a healthy work-play balance. these days she only waits
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tables on thursday afternoons. >> all right. 4:51. a transgender man is denied a hysterectomy surgery at a northern california hospital. why the hospital has now changed its mind. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he bought a controlling stake in a drug company last fall. sold all his re martin shkreli just scored a huge payday. he bought a controlling steak in a drug company last fall. earlier this week, shkreli sold all his remaining shares and made a profit of $2.7 million. he became a household name after buying the rights to a drug used by aids patients and hiking its price by 5,000%. he was arrested for allegedly
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running a ponzi scheme. google is expanding a ridesharing service to compete with uber. they began a pilot program back in may involving the waze. this fall it plans on opening the rideshare service to people who already use that app. waze connects riders with drivers heading in the same direction. the current pilot program charges riders at most 54 cents a mile. waze also limits trips to a rider's work or home with a maximum of two trips a day. you can earn extra cash on bart. the company just started offering passengers money to hop on board but there is a catch. you can't catch bart during the peak morning rush hour commute from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. you can earn points for every mile you travel by train. you can get bonus points if you ride between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. or 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. and then you trade those points for cash. the goal of the program is to ease congestion on bart.
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you can sign up on bart's website. a california hospital is under fire this morning for turning away a transgender person. he was supposed to get a hysterectomy on monday at mercy san juan hospital in carmichael. the hospital canceled on religious grounds. the hospital is part of the dignity health chain which used to be affiliated with the catholic church. the facility says the procedure goes against its anti- sterilization policies. >> if i don't get this hysterectomy immediately, my life is on hold. and while my life is on hold, these intense feelings will only heighten and heighten. >> evan minton only has one procedure after it to complete the full transition from being a woman to a man. his doctor was able to set up an emergency appointment at methodist hospital in sacramento. that's scheduled for friday. in a emergency mountain
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town kids battling cancer are feeling empowered and it's all thanks to horse therapy. 8-year-old kya is one of 20 patients who gets to ride a horse at power pony therapies. the four-day program gives children with serious illnesses the chance to ride and care for horses. doctors say it helps with their coordination and muscle strength. the staff and families point to benefits that can't be tallied on pen and paper. >> lots of joy on the farm, there's some exercise. we are getting dirty so there's endless opportunities for thinks physical, emotional, recreational, social. >> this has brought so much happiness to her. she looked forward to this for so long. it's nice to know the opportunities are there for them to make them feel special. >> kya is also happy to be back in school after a year-long absence while she had treatment for cancer. it is 4:57. evacuations under way for
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another wildfire burning in california. what we know about the bogart fire in riverside county. >> reporter: a blood test that can tell you if you're carrying the zika virus. so why are the feds saying you can't use them? ,, ♪ sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. only at a sleep number store.
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t's get a look a good morning. it's wednesday, august 31. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's head outside for a scenic shot of the city by the bay. >> wow. >> what a shot! >> lovely. >> that is taken from treasure island. we love that view. beautiful. >> never get tired of it. >> never, ever. >> best place on earth. [ laughter ] >> heard it right here. >> let's start with the altamont pass. that's usually our -- >> you know what? why don't we start with


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