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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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children. it happe morning in petaluma. were now at noon a deadly accident in the north bay claims the lives of two children in petaluma. >> the car the children were riding in this morning ended up in the petaluma river. the california highway patrol says that the accident happened near petaluma boulevard and gositch avenue. the crews who pulled the girls out of the water were upset by the ordeal. it appears the car swerved as the driver overcorrected and went into the water over an embankment. there's no further information at this point about the girls
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or the driver, the mother. more people are weighing in about 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick and his sit-down protest during the national anthem. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco where kaepernick is getting support from a group named after a man who was shot during a confrontation with police. anne. >> reporter: the mario woods coalition is holding a demonstration right now. this is near the hall of justice and you can see them gathered there on the sidewalk behind me. today's demonstration is twofold, in support of colin kaepernick and against the san francisco police officers union. >> i didn't care for colin kaepernick that much, um, until now. >> reporter: about three dozen people came to support him outside of the headquarters of the san francisco police officers association. >> i'm very proud of him. and he needs to know that we here to stand with him and defend him. >> reporter: today's protest is
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prompted by this move from 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. he sat down for the national anthem at friday's 49er preseason game at levi's stadium and he plans to do it again protesting police brutality. in response the san francisco police union invited kaepernick to their training classes and demanded at nfl apologize to officers mr. kaepernick has disrespected so today's protest is focused on them. he. >> the poa cannot dictate the sweep of of anyone. >> reporter: the mario woods coalition was formed after woods was killed last year. he was wielding a knife in the bayview at the time. the police officers association condemns the making of his birthday a holiday. no word from the police officers association here in san francisco about this
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protest. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. new at noon, fremont police just released surveillance video in the hopes of catching a group of home invasion robbers. there were two incidents, one last sunday, the other on august 16 in mission hills. multiple men were wearing masks, gloves and carrying guns when they entered the homes between 9 and 10 p.m. each time they took off in a dark colored four-door sedan. police say that these suspects should be considered armed and dangerous. investigators are looking into what caused a tour bus to catch fire in north san jose. it happened just after 9:30 last night on interstate 880 near the gish road off-ramp. that stretch of the highway was shut down for a short time before lanes were opened. crews were able to put out the fire but the bus was destroyed. there are no reports of injuries. right now, president obama is on his way to nevada, where he is set to speak at the annual lake tahoe summit. he left the white house this morning for the trip that will
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later include visits to hawaii and the g20 summit in china. as for the tahoe summit, it will be held at harvey's outdoor arena in state line. among the topics, efforts to preserve the clarity of the lake's water and concerns about the health of trees in the sierra after an outbreak of bark beetle. a busy day on the campaign trail as donald trump meets with the president of mexico. it's a visit with the leader who has been openly critical of the republican nominee. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: donald trump is headed to mexico to meet with mexican president enrique me to eight tow. he extended an invitation to the republican nominee and said why, i believe in dialogue to promote mexico's interests and tro protect mexicans. many mexicans are not happy about trump's visit. former first lady zabala treated although they have invited you no you are not welcome.
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. pena compared him to hitler. he said mexico will not renegotiate nafta or pay to build the wall. trump is scheduled to clarify his stance on immigration. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail after spending most of last week off the trail fundraising. she is speaking to veterans at the american legion convention in cincinnati. the state department now says some of the emails the fbi recovered from her private email server contain approximately 30 documents that are related to the benghazi attack that killed four americans. the fbi is expected to publicly release notes from its investigation of hillary clinton's private email server. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. a new poll from the "washington post" and abc news finds hillary clinton has the highest unfavorability rating than at any time in her public life. 56% say they don't have a
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favorable impression of the democratic nominee. donald trump got a 63% unfavorable rating. richmond police are investigating a shooting that killed one person and wounded two others. just after midnight, police found the victims in a vehicle at marina way south and wright avenue. police say that the wounded victims are expected to recover. police in oakland are working on a double homicide case right now. two young men were shot and killed last night near 38th and foothill. police are not giving further details. today is the deadline to apply to become the next chief of police in san francisco. more than 25 candidates are in the running, including acting chief toney chaplin. most of the candidates are reportedly coming from outside the department. former chief greg suhr resigned earlier this year after the department was criticized for being racially biased. singer chris brown is out of jail after being charged
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with assault with a deadly weapon. he posted $250,000 bail last night. he was arrested at his home yesterday after a 14-hour standoff with police. a model told the "l.a. times" she was the one who called police after brown allegedly pointed a gun at her. right now, people are bracing for the worst boarding up buildings on hawaii's big island as a hurricane takes aim at the region with another one not far behind. roberta is tracking hurricane madeline. >> yes, i am. right on its heels, michelle, is hurricane lester which is a category 4. in fact, let me share with you right now our satellite imagery. here's lester and you can see it's well defined. let me circle that for you so you can see which one i'm talking about. here it is right there. hireshere's madeline losing strength. winds now 75 miles per hour moving west at 12.
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watch what happens about 2:00 local time. it's in about 3 hours behind us here. it's taking a turn way from the big island. it will not make a direct hit. it will still produce anywhere between 5 to 10 inches of flooding rains in some areas also some extremely gusty winds and some very high surf so we'll continue to monitor it but at least as of now, we have madeline not making a direct hit on the big island of hawaii. tropical storm warnings are also up for florida's gulf coast. what could soon be a hurricane is churn hundreds of miles offshore and heavy rain is already falling. omar villafranca on how people are getting ready for problems. >> reporter: from pounding rain and flooded streets in florida the dangerous surf in the carolinas, parts of the east coast are already feeling the impacts from two powerful tropical weather systems.
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and bracing for more as a troubling forecast looms. >> up to 15 inches of rain potentially. as you have seen with prior storms at times we'll get pay band, we'll see significant rains and that's why we have the risk of flooding. >> reporter: as one system brushes the north carolina coast, another is churning in the gulf. that system has the potential to dump 15 inches of rain in parts of florida before making its way across the peninsula and delivering a second round of severe weather to the carolinas this week. >> the storm is expected to make landfall tomorrow. they are expecting coastal flooding on florida's big bend before the storm moves through georgia and through the carolinas. omar villafranca, cbs news, clearwater, florida. >> a bay area lab says it has a way to test people for the zika virus but as kpix 5's maria medina reports from newark, that plan just hit a snag. >> reporter: if you have ever wanted to know if you carry the zika virus, theranos says it has a quick blood test to tell
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you if you have it. but they can't use them because the feds are stepping in to say not so fast. the fda says theranos didn't keep its patients safe enough during the testing process on those tests so theranos is withdrawing its application to get it approved. now, the zika virus is spreading across the country and as you may know, women don't know if they have the virus until they give birth to a baby with birth defects. now the cdc is saying it's running out of money to fight the virus and they are hoping that lawmakers when they return to congress next week approve more than $1 billion to fight the virus. >> that's why republicans in congress should treat zika like the threat that it is and make this their first order of business when they come back to washington after labor day. that means working in a bipartisan way to fully fund our zika response. a fraction of the funding won't get the job done. you can't solve a fraction of a disease. our experts know what they're doing. they just need the resources to do it.
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>> reporter: this is another setback for theranos. a few months ago the feds fined theranos and told the ceo she cannot own or operate a lab and they can't take medicare or medicaid payments. the ceo says they take full responsibility and they won't be taking any more patients at the newark lab and will rebuild it from the ground up. as for the zika tests, they say they are going to resubmit their application to the fda. meanwhile, the california department of public health says they will be testing for the zika virus and other laboratories across the country do it, as well. check with your doctor to find out about it. in newark, maria medina, kpix 5. still ahead, touching down in cuba. it's the first commercial flight from the u.s. in more than half a century. why it's even more special for one of the officers at the controls. >> plus a major milestone for one of tv's longest running shows. we hear from an actor who spend decades on the "the young & the restless." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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brazil is now out of a job. the country's senate just voted to oust president dilma rousseff new at noon, the president of brazil is out of a job. the senate just voted to ous her. she was accused of breaking fiscal laws in her management of the federal budget. her vice president will serve out the rest of her term through 2018. the long wait is over for americans who want to fly to cuba. the first commercial flight from the u.s. is more than half century touched down in cuba this morning. cbs reporter kris van cleave was on board. >> reporter: her first officer frank periera being at the controls of today's history making flight to santa clara, cuba, is to come full
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circumstance. his father, frank senior, was just a teenager when he fled cuba on one of the last commercial flights to the u.s. 55 years ago. >> i never thought this day would come in my lifetime. and it's an amazing time. >> reporter: jetblue is the first airline to resume regularly scheduled airline service under new rules allowing americans greater access to cuba. soon, as many as 110 daily flights from 10 airlines will depart the u.s. for the island nation. >> this is going to make travel not only easier but much more affordable and that's going to encourage even more people to travel. >> reporter: airlines were given 90 days to launch the new service. >> bottom line is, this is a rushed process. >> reporter: after years of tense relations, travel security is a concern for republican mike mccaul, the chair of the house homeland security committee. >> we don't know the vetting process for these employees. it just takes one person either
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corrupted or radicalized to put a bomb on an airplane. >> reporter: u.s. air marshals will be on zoom flights and the u.s. is confident of the security so far. tourism is prohibited but the new rules allowing americans to travel there have more leeway but things will be different for passengers. the check-in process is going to feel old school. you have to go to the kick the counter. no apps. expected to be at the airport 3 hours before a flight. kris van cleave, cbs news, fort lauderdale. soap opera fans are in for a treat. "the young & the restless" here on cbs is getting ready to celebrate its 11,000th episode. elizabeth cook sat down with one man who played a huge role in the show's success. eric braeden who plays the infamous victor newman. >> reporter: what does the
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future hold for victor? what is next for him? he has done all these evil things. what is next? >> to be very honest with you, sometimes i'm sick and tired of the conniving and evil things. i'm fed up with it. but, um, it pays the bills and, um, i'm thankful that we get to do this every day. more of the same, i'm sure. now. won't turn into a saint, i assure you. >> you have been doing this since 1980 which is remarkable and marvelous and does it get easier? has it gotten easier over the years? has victor become part of you? >> no, no, no. not at all! once i finished, i'm out. don't even think about it for one more second. i think about totally different things. yeah. >> reporter: you're able to really distinguish between work and real life. >> yes. then afterwards, it's comedy relief by listening to the campaign. that's comedy relief.
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>> that's a lot of material for you. >> listening to trump, what did he say just now? [ laughter ] >> are you serious? you know? love it. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you elizabeth. and to all the people in san francisco, great basketball team, great football team, and your baseball team is great, as well. so be happy. all right. be cool. see you soon. >> hey. we're always cool. you can watch the 11,000th episode of "the young & the restless" tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. right here on kpix 5. i didn't know he actually talked like that in real life. [ laughter ] >> that voice. >> yeah. >> i'm surprised he didn't mention the san jose earthquakes because he is a huge soccer fan. >> oh. >> yeah. right. and he was talking about baseball. which team did he think was great? >> i know. [ laughter ] let's take a bird's eye view to the golden gate bridge on this fine afternoon the last day of august. the sky is clear.
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the flag is on the fly. we'll talk about the winds momentarily. right now 61 degrees in san francisco up to 76 apiece in redwood city and in santa rosa. livermore in the mid-70s. our weather watcher this afternoon dana in novato says it was quite windy at 5:00 this morning which is really unusual and so far the peak winds have been 13 miles per hour. you're spot on dana because windy start to the day with the marine layer returning onshore up to 15 to 20 westerlies. now west-northwest wind in san francisco at 20. it 2 sfo. 14 san ramon. 22 sfo. gusts up to 30 at the seashore. there you have the blanket of low clouds and fog at the coast. clearing around the sunset district but it pushes onshore overnight and marches inland up to 50 miles. so we have some sunshine right now albeit short lived. not as sunny and bright as yesterday but nonetheless, we have a little bit of a break in
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the activity there. sunny mild and breezy bayside. unseasonably mild inland. this is our satellite-radar and we are tracking this upper level trough that's enhancing our marine layer. but out over the ocean waters hurricane madeline barreling towards the big island should not make a direct hit will veer out away but still the winds extend out a good 100 miles so it will be blustery with high surf and the potential of 10 inches of rain. 89 sacramento today. locally 60s beaches, up to the mid-80s away from the bay. 90 the outside number. sundown at 7:39. boy, if you have been sneezing, your eyes are itchy, it's because the grasses, elm and chenopods. extended forecast into the holiday, it's mild. >> i thought were you going to do the weather forecast in the victor newman voice. >> 89 -- >> there you go. [ imitation ] [ laughter ] >> still ahead, careful what you say to your dogs and how to
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say it. the new research that shows they understand more than you may think. >> and don't forget the 49ers take on the san diego chargers in preseason action tomorrow night. you can see it on kpix 5 at 7:00. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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understand most of what you're saying. researchers studied 13 dogs mostly border colllies and golden retrievers. with headphones they listened to trainers' combined phrase was different intonations. brain scans show they use different sides of the brains and dogs recognize phrases if the words and the tone were positive. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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labeled as ads. how they want the feds to crack down.. celebrities are paid to push products online but one group says their social media posts should be labeled as ads. how they want the feds to crack down coming up today at 5:00. >> thank you for watching. captions by: caption colorado
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announcer: todd's a great guy. i mean, look at him. what. a. sweetheart. attaboy. wait, todd, what are you doing? how totally selfish and un-toddlike of you. come on, todd, come on, man.
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♪ >> eric: look, you're angry with quinn, and you have reason to be. i-i understand that. i'm not discounting your feelings. >> steffy: i think you are. >> eric: no. i'm wondering if there's more to it. >> steffy: i warned quinn. i told her what would happen if she didn't leave you alone. >> eric: i don't think you left your husband to get back at his mother. >> steffy: i left because i couldn't take it anymore. quinn won't stop, so i can't have any connection to her. >> eric: steffy, quinn lives with me. she works at forrester. now, living apart from wyatt is not gonna get her out of your life. so, i have to ask again.


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