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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 2, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> i realized men and women of the military sacrifice their lives and put their selveselves in harm's way for my freedoms. >> colin kaepernick defended his decision to kneel for the national anthem tonight and this time he was not alone. kpix 5's len ramirez at qualcomm stadium in san diego tonight. >> reporter: eric read joined colin kaepernick with a knee. a knee. and a lot of people cheered for
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colin kaepernick. a lot of 49ers fans here and boos from the charger fans as well. >> reporter: when the san diego charger community cheered for the military there were booze and colin kaepernick and the 49ers took the field. instead of sitting out the national anthem to protest police brutality colin kaepernick took a knee. eric read also took a knee. then that see music played an unusual mixture of respect for the national anthem and cat calls for cap. >> stand up for your country. >> the boos didn't stop there. >> crowd reaction was negative. booed him every play. he has right to do what he wants to. i don't think it is right. especially in the game tonight when they honored the military.
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makes you think how great america is. >> reporter: there was a large contingent of 49ers fans, many supported colin kaepernick. >> he is being free and the brave. it is his right to not stand up. he is making a stance for something he believes in. >> reporter: colin kaepernick said he understood the criticism but held firm in his beliefs. >> we have a lot of issues we need deal with. we have a lot of people oppressed. we have a lot of people that aren't treated equally. police brutality is a huge thing that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: colin kaepernick said the decision for him to take a knee instead of sitting down was done at the suggestion of eric read. it might be more respectful if he does that so they did
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together. there was still boos and cheers for colin kaepernick as well. he said he plans to have more of a dialogue with the san francisco police department which has been critical of him including being open to watching how they train. >> how much of a distraction really was this controversy for the team tonight? >> reporter: i think it was pretty big of a distraction, all through the week and leading up to the game. once they got into the game, football took over and after the first couple series as you can see colin kaepernick on the sidelines smiling and talking with his teammates. i think it died down as the night went on. it has been a very big distraction leading into the game for the 49ers. >> all right. len ramirez, san diego tonight for us. thank you. lots of people are also talking about colin kaepernick's socks.
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during training he wore these. look closely at the socks. those are pigs dressed as police officers. he tweeted they represent rogue officers who make it dangerous for people and other officers who have good intentions saying i have two uncles and friends that are police officers that work to protect and serve all people. before the socks are used to distract from the real issues wanted to address this immediately. dennis o'donnell also in san diego for us tonight with what the coach had to say about his future with the team. dennis? >> reporter: yeah. i think that is the question because colin kaepernick did play well tonight but so did christian ponder and ponder comes without the distraction. colin kaepernick got the start in the final pre-season game.
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led the 49ers to a touchdown on the opening drive. finished 11-18. 103 yards. and ran for 38. but chip kelly would not give any hints on whether his performance means he will even make the roster. >> i have nobody -- there is no discussions right now. you won't get me on the spot. we have a well thought out process and we will make all the decisions when we get the film for everybody on the team. and then we will sit down and see where they are and we will make an announcement on saturday. >> reporter: he played well tonight but christian pounder out played him this season. colin kaepernick said he will
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donate $1 million to the charities that support his cause. in san diego, dennis o'donnell, back to you. >> thank you very much. grab your phones. should the 49ers keep colin kaepernick or cut him? go to now to weigh in. live results coming up throughout the newscast. the national anthem protest is spreading. a seahawks mayor sat with him tonight. jeremy lane stayed on the bench for the national anthem. and veterans are showing their support for colin kaepernick on social media tonight. this war vet said easy to smile, wave flag, look the other way, harder to stand up for justice. one from a former army ranger. before the game a kpix 5 poll asked 500 people in the
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bay area do you respect or not respect colin colin colin kaepernick's action action. 55% do not respect them and 41% do. do you consider him unamerican. 62% said no. a third said yes. also in the news, a boat was taking on water and 15 people and a dog were on board. tonight andria borba shows us the rescue near the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: looking for fish and ended bobbing at the golden gate bridge. 4:30 p.m. a distress call reached the coast guard. the boat was taking in water. she was on the beach as the boat ran aground. >> looked like it was stranded and started coming into the shore and got beached.
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>> slowly came over. >> reporter: the 15 people were loaded into life raffs and with an assist were taken to the foot of the headlands. >> the front was sinking. [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: there was also a dog on board who wantered around the grounds -- wandered around the ground while the humans were interviewed by investigators. there was no fuel spill associated with the incident. the investigation is in the preliminary stages and it will be some time before there is a cause of the boat running aground. andria borba, kpix 5. the teenager at the center of a bay area police sex scandal is in jail in florida. celeste guap is accused of attacking security guards at a rehab center. she was only there a few days.
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she faces felony aggravated battery. held on $300,000 bail. she said she had sexual relations with 30 officers. most were from the oakland police department. in less than an hour former stanford university student brock turner will be eligible for early release after serving just three months behind bars. kpix 5's betty yu is in san jose tonight. betty? >> reporter: there is several media out lets staking out their spots for the early morning release and we can expect more along with protesters. brock turner is expected to walk out of those doors between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. >> reporter: tonight deputies brought out barricades to clear a bath for former stanford university student brock turner. the 21-year-old will walk out of the front doors of the jail,
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flanked by protesters and media. >> it will be tomorrow morning that he is released. [ indiscernible ] >> we want to make sure the public is safe. if there is any violence we have deputies here. >> the case has drawn international attention and outrage over a lenient sentence from the judge. he based his decision on his lack of criminal history and alcohol impaired his judgment. they support the campaign to recall the judge and plans to protest. >> the judge only gave three months to brock turner. he rejected the california penal code. gave six months and brock turner only served three months. slap on the wrist. >> reporter: he is expected to
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return to his family's home in ohio. he will have 5 days to meet with his probation officer. random drug tests, counseling and registering as a sex offender. >> while he got a light jail sentence i think it is light, he still has other things and one is registering as a sex offender. he is only in this 20s. he is a marked man. a marked man wherever he goes. >> reporter: lawmakers passed a bill that was written by the district attorney's office that calls for mandatory prison time for those convicted of sexual assault on an unconscious victim. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. sheriffs say an inmate
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threatened law enforcement and then got released by a bay area jail by mistake. how could that happen? tonight we ask for an explanation. >> a mystery surrounding san francisco's acting police chief, the question, does he have something to hide? >> the space x rocket turned into a fire ball but elon musk says it wasn't an explosion. >> and we are asking if the 49ers should keep colin kaepernick on the team or cut him. vote now on now. we will have live results right now at
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tonight: he is considered dangerous.. and he may be armed. joe - ho this hap san francisco deputies released an inmate by mistake. tonight he is considered armed and dangerous. how could something like this happen? >> the sheriff's department is trying to get to the bottom of it. what they are saying is it was a clerical error on the part of
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the court system that allowed this man who threatened law enforcement to get released from the jail. >> reporter: victor rodriguez was arrested last november for robbery, battery and resisting arrest. he was searching when the sheriff's department -- serving when the sheriff's department said he was making criminal threats to deputies behind bars. >> unfortunately when the judge sentenced him to what would have amounted to three months more in custody a mistake was made by the clutter who enter -- clerk who entered that information. the information we received all charges were disomiesed and we released him -- dismissed and we released him. >> reporter: it was discovered around 8:00 a.m. this morning and the department spent the day looking for him. they are worried he might follow through on a violent threat with an assault rifle.
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>> he made several threats towards bay area law enforcement. he has an aq47 and will put it in his car in case he is pulled over. >> reporter: serious threat. and the severe thunderstorm says they are taking it seriously. so they are going to meet with the court system -- sheriff's department says they are taking it seriously so they are going to meet with the court system. joe vazquez, kpix 5. san francisco's acting police chief tonight, where he went to college. the issue came up when he refused to answer a question about his college degree. he told them he graduated from colorado state university. but the paper checked and none of the three could find record that he attended. he is one of 60 people who applied to be the city's
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permanent chief. a new survey reports that when it comes to buying a home san francisco and berkeley are among the least affordable cities. glendale, santa monica and santa barbara also made the list. 100 renters in richman are fighting for their homes. the landlord is evicting them. they told christian a the timing is -- chrisian a -- christian the timing is suspicious. >> i have no place to go right now and it is just really bad for everybody here. you know? everybody. >> reporter: she is not alone. the management sent out its last batch of eviction notices. they want everyone gone by
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october 15 that tenants say is suspicious. >> trying to get it done before the ballot. before november. >> reporter: they vote in november, it would allow residents to return after repairs and prevent massive rent increases. >> rent control law has nothing to do with what we are trying to do here. >> reporter: that is what he told us last week and again tonight. he says it is the only solution to a mold problem in the complex that could take years to eradicate. >> we want to make sure we do it the right way. >> reporter: tenants believe they will be courting high end tech workers. a charge they called malicious propaganda. she is prepared to fight displacement in the community. >> it should be a place that
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should be protected. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the renter pays $1,400 a month for a two bedroom apartment. the average rent for two bedroom apartment is just $2,200 a month. tonight a lot of people in wallinant creek were wondering what was that, an explosion, a gun battle, we have the answer. fireworks. police got so many calls from people who were freaked out they put out a release telling everyone the fireworks were to celebrate the grand opening of a remodel. one guy heard two minutes of gunfire. another guy tweeted was not expecting fireworks tonight. sounded like a gun battle. there is a huge set back tonight for the private space
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industry. a space x rocket explosion happened in florida today. veronica de la cruz tells us more. >> reporter: it burst into a fire ball in cape canaveral. it was felt miles away. smoke poored into the sky. the rocket contained a communication satellite. facebook planned to use it to expand internet access into africa. from mark zuckerberg we are disappointed by the loss but we are committed to our commission. tonight elon musk says it was just a fast fire. space x is blaming it on an anomaly on the launchpad. back to you. weather now. a hurricane for the first time since november 2005, a land falling hurricane hit florida. that is hurricane hermine. making land fall one hour ago.
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radar, which is clear tonight. fog rolls in over night tonight. right now the radar showing clear skies. the forecast for tomorrow, 78 degrees. comfortable. morning clouds. afternoon sunshine. 75 on saturday with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. temperatures below normal. thanks to that onshore flow. been with us since july. san francisco 57. gorgeous sunset. san jose 61. oakland 65 degrees. lows tonight 50. oakland 56. san rafael 55. redwood city 56 degrees. san jose future cast tomorrow, morning cloud cover. warmer tomorrow. low 80s in the valley. and skies very pleasant conditions in the south bay. we are not going to get warm or hot. not a bad thing.
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the low-pressure system to the north keeps the onshore flow going. saturday, sunday and labor day, sunshine in the afternoon, temperatures still running below average. fremont 75 tomorrow. cooler than average. san jose 81. napa 82. 67 san francisco. morning fog. afternoon sunshine. concord, livermore mid-80s. cooler towards the weekend. upper 70s, low 80s inland. low 70s near the bay. and warmer weather next week. the big september warm up happens every september. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] there was football played in san diego -- >> yeah. number 7. command of the offense. >> yeah. >> i have on field stuff with colin kaepernick straight ahead. more number 7. what was on his mind and how he felt about his play in a sea of armed service men and women and chargers in
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...49ers at chargers... usually mean nfl up top. the most anticipated pre-season finale. 49ers at chargers. usually meaningless, not today. opening drive. 9ers first score. 6-0. end of the first half. the old colin kaepernick taking chances. nearly picked off. this did set up a field goal and a 9-7 halftime lead. christian ponder would lead the 49ers at quarterback to 22
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second half points. scored twice. 49ers won the game and finished 2-2. as for cap, he will take more action with his wallet. >> i am planning to take it a step further. i am currently working with organizations to be involved. and making sure that i am actively in the communities as well as donating the first million dollars i make this year to different organizations to help these communities and help these people. >> million dollars? let's come back with the bay area's other nfl team the raiders. and the giants at the cubs. on the north side of chicago. ,,
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carr sitting out back with the raiders. not the game for first stringers. to the coliseum. derek carr sat this one out. they entertained the seattle seahawks. this was up to back up quarterback, 15-30. 145 yards. picked off. takes it back to the house. 42 yards. seattle led 9-8. later on in the game. final minute. take you out on a high note. running down the near side. 81-yard kick return.
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seattle won the game 23-20. out to wrigley field. giants in town. giants struck with hunter pence. back away and gone. put the giants on the board. 2-0 lead. cubs, they didn't go 22-6 for nothing. bringing home two runs. cubs rally to win 5-4. the giants are two games now behind the dodgers in the national west and september continues to unfold. [ talking at the same time ]
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. berkeley: of late show with stephen colbert is next. next newscast starts tomorrow at 4:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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