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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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the new wildfire threatening dozens of homes.
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evacuated. now at 11:00, flames racing uphill sides. thick smoke filling the air and homes evacuated. firefighters battling a fast moving wildfire now in sonoma county. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. flames have ripped through nearly 1500 acres since this morning. cal fire says the fire is 10% contained. about 20 to 30 homes have been evacuated in the geysers area. and an evacuation center has been set up at the good shepard lutheran church in hillsburg. this is being called the sawmill fire. it broke out near geysers road and geysers resort road. that's about 10 miles east of cloverdale. as kpix 5 joe vazquez shows us, firefighters appear to be making some progress tonight. >> reporter: whipping winds and temperatures in the high 90s packed a one-two punch just east
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of cloverdale today. the flames started charging through the countryside around 11:00 this morning heading toward a rural area spotted with houses. firefighters evacuated about 30 homes. they battled the sawmill fire on the ground and in the air. cal fire provided a substantial amount of air support strategically dropping retardant on rugged mountainous terrain. eve wasn't close enough to be evacuated but she says there have been enough fires around here to know you have to move quickly when wildfires approach. >> it's creepy. when you see smoke or you smell it, you start packing up the photographs, the important papers. >> just in case. >> the dogs. oh, yeah. >> reporter: the sawmill fire is in sonoma county but just on the other side of the mountain from the valley fire. that's the one that destroyed many homes and buildings in middletown in lake county last year. by this evening the winds have died down, temperature cooled off, giving a distinct advantage
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to firefighters. they set some backfires to keep the flames from spreading. firefighters continue to battle away at the sawmill fire, hoping they can get it completely under control before the heat and wind return tomorrow. in cloverdale, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the heat will be back in a matter of hours. we hit records today across parts of the bay area. san jose hit 97. oakland at 94. sfo, 94. they were all records. and why? strong ridge of high pressure is parked right over us. not only does it mean inland highs near 100, it also means lousy air quality for the second day in a row. spare the air day is declared. heat advisories will be posted for tomorrow because temperatures will approach and exceed 100 degrees inland. there is relief in sight if you've got good vision because we'll have to wait till wednesday for it. details in the forecast in just a few minutes. new at 11:00, police are trying to find the person who shot two others tonight in berkeley. it happened just before 8:30 at
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king street and alcatraz avenue. a man and woman were injured. both are expected to survive. in san francisco police are investigating a pepper spray attack that they believe was a hate crime. it happened around 7:30 last night outside a restaurant at golden gate avenue and fillmore street. police say several suspects went up to a man and used homophobic slurs. when his friend came outside a suspect assaulted them both with pepper spray. five men sped away in a minivan. police at uc berkeley are investigating two separate reports of sexual battery. witnesses told police they saw a man in a wheelchair inappropriately touching female victims on friday evening. happened in various parts of campus including the student union. so far no victims have come forward. today marked four months since a 15-year-old girl pearl pinson was kidnapped in vallejo. has kpix 5's cate cauguiran shows us, friends and family are not giving up hope of finding her. >> she's out there somewhere. i still feel her in my heart.
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so she's still out there. i keep thinking it's a nightmare. i just want my sister home. >> reporter: another month goes by and still no sign of 15-year-old pearl pinson. >> i don't sleep at night anymore. because when i do i see her face. i hear her call me. >> reporter: today pearl's family and friends marched past the spot where she was last seen alive. this pedestrian overpass over 780 where witnesses saw pearl dragged away bleeding. in may solano county sheriff's deputies say pearl was kidnapped by fernando castro. castro, likely the last person to see pearl alive, led law enforcement on a chase through santa barbara county before he was killed in a shoot-out. but pearl's family is not giving up hope marching through the streets of vallejo shouting loud enough, hoping someone who may know where she is is listening.
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>> bring pearl home. >> no matter what it takes, don't give up the fight. you're a fighter. we'll find you. >> if you see her, please bring her home. call us. call anyone. just make sure she comes home. >> reporter: in vallejo, i'm cate cauguiran. >> poor thing. first responders in san bernardino are out of luck tonight. governor jerry brown has vetoed a bill that would have reimbursed them for the cost of responding to the deadly san bernardino terror attack. the bill would have required the state to reimburse $1.5 million in expenses to responding agencies down there but the governor says he doesn't want to set the precedent that california will cover costs for all future emergencies. 14 people were killed in that attack last december. tonight the mayor of charlotte, north carolina is lifting a curfew after nearly a week of protests. they were sparked by the fatal shooting of a black man by police. don champion reports from
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charlotte. >> reporter: protesters used sunday's carolina panthers nfl game as a backdrop. dozens angered by the police killing of keith lamont scott marched outside bank of america stadium and kneeled during the national anthem. inside in an apparent show of solidarity, panthers quarterback cam newton wore a shirt with a martin luther king, jr. quote about injustice. >> here to protect us and sometimes it doesn't happen that way. at some point we have to hold people accountable. >> reporter: the protests came a day after charlotte police released video of scott's shooting death. police maintain he would not drop a gun before he was shot. >> at every encounter, people can make a decision, right? to follow lawful loud verbal commands. >> reporter: city leaders still on edge over nightly protests again used extra officers and national guardsmen to keep orders sunday. monday companies in charlotte's uptown area will try to get back to business. some closed last week after
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protests turned violent. >> i hope america wakes up. >> reporter: romain, a local public defender, has been hailed a peacemaker during tension filled protests here. he fears after the case drops from the headlines, calls for policing reforms will be drowned out. >> it's going to take the people to stand up and say enough is enough. not just the people out here but everyone to stand up and say we're in this together. >> reporter: state investigators are still looking in to scott's death. don champion, cbs news, charlotte. a new poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump in nearly a dead heat heading in to tomorrow night's first debate. clinton is leading by two percentage points in the latest washington post abc news poll. the two candidates spent their sunday preparing for the match-up. craig boswell reports from new york where the stage is being set. >> reporter: donald trump met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in trump tower. trump said in addition to mutual
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global concerns the pair also discussed israel's border security fence. hillary clinton had her own sit-down with the prime minister later sunday. a senior campaign aide said clinton emphasized strengthening the u.s. defense and intelligence relationship with israel. clinton and trump are pushing each other's buttons on the eve of their debate. clinton is putting billionaire trump critic in the front row and trump threatened to bring jennifer flowers who said she had an affair with bill clinton. >> we have not invited her formally. we're going to talk about the issues that face america. >> we just want hillary to have an opportunity to explain her plan. >> reporter: trump and clinton will be in close proximity to each other on the stage. experts say it's important each candidate stays in their own space and commands attention. >> i coached students in competitive speech and debate. >> reporter: she says two qualities will identify the winner. >> a, they're able to be very clear about their policy. b, that they're likable and approachable to the audience. >> reporter: robinson says the
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loser will be the one who loses their cool first. craig boswell, cbs news, hofstra university. >> so watch the debate live right here on channel 5. our coverage starts at 6:00 tomorrow night. it was a tough day for the world of sports. two big names have died. one, a rising star in baseball. and the other, a legend in golf. cbs reporter henna daniels looks back at the life and legacy of arnold palmer. >> a heartfelt thank you to our four-time masters champion, mr. arnold palmer. >> golfing trailblazer arnold palmer was known simply as the king. he learned the game from his father who was a greens keeper at a golf course in pennsylvania. after serving in the coast guard, palmer returned to the game he loved. his first tour win was the canadian open in 1955. palmer is credited with making the game popular in the 60s and built a fan base known as arny's
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army. >> i'd like to thank and truly believe that golf and golfers develop some sort of human values that symbolize so many americans. >> reporter: over the course of his distinguished career, palmer would go on to win 62 pga titles and seven major championships, including four masters. he was the first man to reach a million dollars in earnings in the pga tour. palmer was also a savvy businessman. he even has a drink named after him. he was also the recipient of the presidential medal of freedom and congressional gold medal. following the news of his death, golfer jack nicklaus said in a statement, arnold transcended the game of golf. he was more than a golfer or even great golfer. he was an icon. tiger woods said palmer's philanthropy and humility are part of his legend. arnold palmer was 87. also tonight, many are mourning the loss of miami
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marlins pitcher jose fernandez. the 24-year-old was killed in a boating accident last night. fernandez was remembered across the baseball world today. he and two friends died after their boat crashed in to a miami jetty. investigators say speed was likely a factor. fernandez was named rookie of the year in 2013, five years after defecting from cuba. he became a u.s. citizen last year. >> all of south florida, all of cuban americans, his story is representative of a story of hope and of love and of faith and no one will ever let that story die. >> moment of silence was held before each major league baseball game today except in miami where the marlins game was canceled outright. fans did leave tributes to fernandez. still ahead, a tour bus crashes near yosemite. it was carrying students from overseas. >> what's causing that skyscraper to sink? the work is about to begin to find some answers and who will
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be on the hook to pay for the problems. >> it's not san francisco or silicon valley. the unexpected bay area city where homes are selling like crazy.
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small islands off the coast of japan. a magnitude 5- point-7 breaking news right now. two strong earthquakes have rattled several small islands off the coast of japan. the magnitude 5.7 shook okinawa. then a magnitude 5.5 striking a few minutes later. but there are no reports of
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major damage or injuries and at magnitudes like that there's no sign of a tsunami. one person was killed, nearly a dozen others hurt when a tour bus crashed near yosemite. it happened yesterday evening. the chp says the bus rolled over after hitting a tree. students and chaperons on the bus were from china. the bus was traveling along highway 41 north of oakhurst. the group was heading to a hotel in fresno after visiting the park. the passenger who died was wearing a seatbelt. sfo today a truck carrying jet fuel caught fire. the engine apparently burst in to flames on a service road at the west end of the airport. happened around 12:30 this afternoon. the driver was able to get out safely. workers in palo alto could get a boost to their paychecks. the city council votes tomorrow on whether to put the $15 minimum wage on the fast track. right now the city's base rate is $11 an hour. it's scheduled to go up to $15 gradually over the next three
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years. but tomorrow's vote could get it done sooner by 2018. tomorrow engineers will begin a project that could reveal what's going on underneath a sinking skyscraper in san francisco. devices underground will collect data to try to figure out what exactly is happening to the soil there. evidence shows inspectors knew the high rise which is built on landfill was sinking back in 2009. that's before anybody moved in. the supervisor is concerned about whether there could be a similar problem with other buildings and he spoke this morning on kpix 5. >> our building department has been really quite embarrassing. it really is amazing. they're running around. they don't know what's going on. they don't know what happened when it happened. they've lost documents. >> the tower isn't just sinking, it's also leaning a bit. he says the potential financial liability for all of the problems would be squairl on the developers and not on the city or county. one of the bay area's most
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highly in demand housing markets is now nowhere near san francisco or silicon valley. jackie ward shows us the unexpected city where homes are selling like hotcakes. >> reporter: an enticing swimming pool in your own backyard on a hot september day. what could be more pleasant? it's what millennials can only dream of buying in san francisco. but that's reality in pleasant hill. >> so we're getting a lot of people coming from the peninsula and san francisco. they're priced out or they just kind of want to move here and start a family. >> reporter: laura says her hometown has something for everyone. >> $350, $450, $2 million, 1 million 50. >> reporter: this bay area town is getting a lot of attention lately. >> it's been really good for sellers and also for buyers. it's not as competitive as other markets like in oakland and the city so they can come here and not have to remove all contingencies to get in to a house. >> reporter: the current median
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home sale price in pleasant hill is $650,000. it's half a million less than the median home sale price in san francisco right now, plus it's got great views of mount diablo. >> take this house for example, selling at $915, an average income of $132,000, no other debt considered, you could afford this payment. in the san francisco market, you're not affording much of a shack. >> andrea coulter says if it you're toying with the idea of buying a home -- >> get educated and start as early as you have that desire. don't put it off. don't think once i fix this or that then i'll speak to someone. get connected with a professional. get the roadmap and get started. >> in pleasant hill, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> according to homes in pleasant hill are moving off the market in 19 days on average. that's 30% quicker than last year. as you know if you were around the bay area today,
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temperatures really climbed and in some cases to record levels right now it's setled down a little bit. but 19 minutes after 11:00, still in the low 70s in san francisco. that is weird. but it's unusual weather, september, october, things warm up in the bay area and boy, did it, as we've already seen tonight. a record high at sfo. santa rosa got up to 97. the pressure on will be near 100 degrees inland. heat advisories are up on sunday and monday. and so be sure to stay hydrated and we have an idea as to how you can do that with kids taking advantage of the fountains at ceasar chavez in san jose. that's one way to cool off. another way is to wait till wednesday. heat advisories are in effect through monday but there will be a significant drop in
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temperatures on wednesday. midweek. so if you like warm weather, enjoy the next couple of days. overnight lows tonight will be in the low 50s to low 60s. sun up tomorrow morning at 7:01 a.m. travel weather heading out of the bay area, it's warm in the central valley but no warmer than it is in the east bay for tomorrow with numbers near 100 degrees, in concord, san jose will top out at 94. might cool a notch or two. if you're close to the bay shoreline, but inland it will probably warm a little bit as the offshore flow eases off a little bit. plenty warm down in the south bay. around morgan hill, 101. san jose at 94. 96 at santa cruz. 96 for antioch. 100 at brentwood. 100 in fairfield. concord, san ramon, dublin, pleasanton, livermore all at 100 degrees tomorrow. north bay, mid 90s will do it for the most part. for ukiah and lakeport and clear lake, numbers in the mid 90s as well. not going to help out the
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firefighters too much at cloverdale. the extended forecast does show relief but not soon enough. monday and tuesday still plenty warm. wednesday the numbers drop. in fact by next weekend we'll be back in to the upper 70s inland. so relief is on the way but not tomorrow. still ahead, a little girl's act of kindness making waves around the world. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, we're breaking down the nfl week 3 with jeremy newbury. a few days ago we put up a poll, should colin kaepernick be the starting quarterback? 59% said yes. do you think those numbers will change after today? >> they might jump up a little bit after today. i'd say 80%. >> much better news for the raiders and vern glenn is with the silver and black in nashville, tennessee. game day coming up.
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all of this with the global warming and the - a lot of it's a hoax. it's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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"dad can i just give're amazing." it's a heartwarming video of a bay area girl giving away her food to a homeless man and it's gone viral. >> that's my girl. ella, you're amazing. >> cell phone video shows a dad letting his daughter give her untouched dinner to this man. the clip has racked up more than 100 million views and is making
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headlines around the world. ella and her father spoke with our julie watts on kpix 5 sunday morning news. >> you see how it's affected everyone else. how has it affected you guys? has it changed your life at all? >> ella is a very humble, confident little girl. this won't change ella or me. we're going to keep doing what we do but it's been very inspiring. >> ela's dad said the homeless man's sister recognized him in the video and is desperate to reunite with him. his name is david last seen in the monterey area. they hope to fly the man back to see his sister in philadelphia. you could call it a drone invasion. actor and former kpix employee mike roe was sleeping in his san francisco home when a buzzing sound woke him up. it was a drone filming him naked. roe says he grabbed his shotgun and was about to take aim at the drone but he took a breath and
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grabbed his phone instead and snapped this picture. i'm not sure what i see in that picture. you might know mike rowe as the series of dirty jobs or when he hosted evening magazine. he said he posted about the drone invasion on facebook and gave his side of the story just in case the footage ever surfaces. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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using 60,000 points
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from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at his backyard... he built it with his own two hands. a minnesota man has a piece of san francisco in his
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backyard. >> he built it with his own two hands. check out 78-year-old arny's replica of the golden gate bridge. it stretches the length of a football field and it's not his first big creation. arny's projects are truly a labor of love. especially made for his late wife janice. they were married for 57 years. >> she battled cancer for two years and finally didn't make it, but i built the eiffel tower for her and then i told her i was going to build the golden gate bridge. >> it took arny three months to finish this project. he says he plans to take a break before deciding if he'll build anything else. hear him choked up in his voice. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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