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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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california... killing at lea now at 5:00 a tour bus plows through the back of a semitruck in southern california killing at least 13 people and injuring dozens more. good evening i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. that happened at 5:15 in the morning along interstate 10 100 miles east of los angeles and five miles north of downtown palm springs. let's get to chris martinez who is live with the latest details. chris? >> reporter: at this hour, the stretch of i-10 that is shut down is now all reopen to traffic again as you can see. investigators at this hour are still trying to get a handle on exactly what caused this deadly collision. a crane was needed to separate
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a tour bus and tractor trailer on interstate 10 in north palm springs, north carolina. the bus plowed into the back of the truck very early sunday morning. >> in almost 35 years i've never been to the crash where there has been 13 confirmed fatal accidents. so it's tough. >> reporter: a survivor told police most of the passengers were sleeping at the time of the crash. first responders used ladders to reach the victims because the door was inaccessible. >> the trailer itself entered about 15 feet. and so you can see that it was a substantial impact. the bus was traveling significantly faster than the tractor trailer. >> reporter: the bus driver was killed, the truck driver injured, but expected to be okay. the bus was heading west on i- 10 back to los angeles from a casino near palm springs. police say that the 1996 bus was inspected earlier this year. >> the bus had been inspected by highway patrol inspectors in 2014.
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in 2015, and as late as april 2016 and no mechanical deficiencies were noted. >> reporter: federal record shows the bus company involved owned one bus and they would have one driver. we can tell you that the surgeon who treated many of the injured passengers here told us that most of them have some sort of a facial trauma. several have spinal injuries of one sort or another. the ntsb are now investigating this crash. brian, back to you. >> chris, it is is 5:15 in the morning and the bus was going so much faster than the semi. they've got to be thinking that the sleep deprivation or something like that. i mean what other explanation is there? >> reporter: certainly that is one thing they'll be looking at first and foremost because of the early hour and because that bus appeared to be going faster than the semitruck. right now though they just don't know. because the driver was killed in this crash there is a
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possibility that they may never have an entirely full picture of how this happened. >> exactly. >> chris martinez reporting north of palm springs, thanks, chris. a shooting injured seven men in east oakland leaving one in critical condition. it happened just before midnight. police got a report of a gunfire. when officers arrived on the scene they heard more shots nearby. police found seven victims all of whom were taken to the hospital where ages are ranging from 27 to 45. investigators have detained one person for questioning, but so far there are no arrests. a man is dead after a shooting this morning. it happened at 5:30 a.m. at the hyatt regency. police say that the man who died was visiting someone at the hotel and that the victim of the shooter, they knew each other. they think that the gunfire occurred in an alley between the garage and hotel. officers found a wounded man and tried to help him, but he died. so far they are not disclosing his name. a shooting in san jose killed a woman and left a man
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injured. police found the two victims around 6:30 this morning. both were alive at the time, but the woman later died. the coroner is trying to confirm her identity. so far police are not sure what lead them to the shooting with no suspects. new at 5:00 now, they are forcing long-term residents out of their own city fighting back. kpix jessica flores explains that it started with a november ballot. >> reporter: at 33 station barbershop in oakland all the talk is the rising rental prices. >> i feel like i'm being pushed out. he can't find an affordable place to live in his home city. >> what do you do when i'm making $10 an hour and i can't provide for my family? >> they're not alone as rental prices are skyrocketing here. according to the website zillow, the average price for an available price in oakland is more than $3,000 a month. that is a 70% increase in 2013.
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>> i could barely afford my rent. i pay literally, i get two paychecks, my first paycheck is my rent. >> reporter: oakland voters are being asked to address the rising rent prices. the supporters of measure jj would keep their landlords from excessively increasing rent. another item measure kk would raise their property taxes to pay for more affordable housing. and still they wonder if it passes with all the demand, would it be enough? >> i was blessed to get into below market prices here. now with the lottery of 9,000 people and there are only 60 units where are these people suppose to go? >> reporter: the answer might be outside the bay area. >> but we have to move all the way out to go fire the chief. >> reporter: the rental prices are leaving the long-time residents facing a tough choice. starting all over somewhere else. in oakland jessica flores kpix 5. on the election now, a new abc news poll shows hillary clinton hitting a double-digit
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lead over donald trump. according to the national poll, 50% of likely voters would support clinton. 38% back trump. with just over two weeks until election day, it is crunch time for the candidates. the reporter shows us that amid claims of voter frame, some have made up their minds. >> the long lines of early voters formed in nevada this weekend with democrats far outnumbering republicans in the first day of early voting there at a rally in north carolina, clinton criticized her opponent for calling the election rigged. >> he refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. that is a threat to democracy. >> reporter: on face the nation, they defended trump. >> if you lose by 200 votes in florida are you going to con zeid on -- con seethe on -- conceive on election day? >> that's how i say it.
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the problem is the difference between what you say and he says. >> i know where he is is at on this. >> reporter: in a sunday rally in florida, trump didn't back down. >> it's rigged, it's broken and corrupt. they want to take me back. but let me tell you folks it's a rigged system. >> reporter: a new poll shows 72% of the florida republicans believe trump would win. if not for voter fraud, independent research from the center found evidence of it. >> that is election day that will approach, then voter fraud will be a hot topic. >> i don't believe the polls anymore. >> reporter: donald trumps claims of a rigged election and voter fraud are enough for some to be concerned. >> it's ridiculous. we don't take this lightly. >> reporter: even santa clara county leaders responded to trump's claims reassuring voters earlier this week they would be watching the polls closely. >> i'm not worried about voter
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fraud. >> reporter: voters believe that there is nothing to worry about. >> that is what holds up the democracy, the right to vote. there's a lot of people that work hard to make sure that's the case. >> the checks and balances that they have in the county and the state, i don't think that there will be much fraud at all. >> the question is are they right? >> voter fraud is is a very small problem in the united states. >> reporter: according to the law professor, they are right. she says when voter fraud does happen that it is usually not intentional. >> and often what happens is not that somebody was trying to cheat and vote using the name of the dead person, but just that there was some -- discrepancy. >> reporter: she adds there is is a high rate of detecting discrepancy. think again if anyone is trying to cheat the system. >> it seems more like intimidation. i hope people go out and vote
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and don't feel like they are going to be imposed upon and exercising their rights as citizens. >> reporter: there is also a concern that these claims of voter fraud will encourage voter intimidation at the polls. not only is it against the law, but the registrar voter says that extra staff will be looking out for that too. in the newsroom kpix 5. will is finally a new way for bicyclists to get to treasure island. coming up, the new bay bridge bike path. plus, the troubles that it has apparently caused already. plus, a dramatic boat rescue off the coast of florida. how the family was able to make it out alive. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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traffic is crawling right now after an accident on one of the new ramps to treasure island. the configuara this just in, traffic crawling right now after an accident on one of the new ramps to treasure island. the configuration of the on and off ramps will change this weekend to make way for the new bicycle and pedestrian path. we have more on that bike path now with kpix 5 john raymouth. >> reporter: today is a day bicyclists could reach treasure island. it seemed like a big day, but you wouldn't know it from the opening day festivities. there weren't any. the first bicycle reached the island without any of the usual
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caltrans fares. completing the path took 20 years of planning costing untold millions of dollars. it was suppose to open at noon, but caltrans said what the heck and unlocked the gates 30 minutes early. >> we figured when it is ready to open, open. don't make people wait. >> reporter: the cyclists that fought so hard to include the path didn't seem to mind the lack of ceremony. >> it was like christmas morning. you want to open the presents to see what's there and start playing with it, kind of that feeling. >> reporter: the four and a half mile path offers panoramic views of the bay and the port of oakland and allows those to reach treasure island where the owners eagerly wait more visitors in spandex. >> we're excited that we'll have more of a variety of food and that we'll be bigger. i'm looking forward to it. i think it'll be great. >> reporter: but customer bob welch isn't sure how those on foot are suppose to get here. the road where the path ends is one long blind curve without a shoulder to walk on.
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>> so you have to stay on the road and it is small and thin and i would think that it would be kind of dangerous to walk down here. >> reporter: the city is offering a shuttle bus from the path to treasure island. but even though it's a two- minute ride the bus only comes half hour. caltrans says there's a lot of work yet to be done before the roads could handle thousands of people riding or walking here. perhaps that's why today's opening was such a low-key affair. on the bay bridge john ramos kpix 5. >> caltrans says the next step is to figure out how to add a bike and walking path on the west side of the bridge completing the path into san francisco. the coast guard rescued four people including an 8-year- old girl from a capsized boat. the boaters were clinging to the hull as a helicopter arrived saturday morning. the chopper crew brought them back to land. nobody was hurt. still ahead an olympic swimmer is paying tribute to one fan. how he avoided a cancer scare
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all thanks to the fan's observation. we're going to be taking a closer look at big changes to bay area weather. there's rain on the way and the forecast as well. that's coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thanking one of his fans, for pointing out a suspicious looking mole. australi turns out not all life guards are by the pool. one is pointing out the suspicious mall. -- suspicious mole. shout out to the person who e- mailed the swim team doctor and told me to get my mole checked out. good call, very good call. apparently the fan spotted the irregular mole on tv and decided to say something. no word on whether or not that mole was malignant. >> all right, as you can see in the view you're about to see. high clouds are painting the shoreline at this hour. those high clouds overhead, an indicator to the fact that things will begin to change come monday. we've got a chance of rain
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coming into the north bay. but still it is a very nice day as we head towards the sunset on this sunday evening. right now everybody is in the 60s. not a bad decade to be in. low pressure is off the pacific northwest and the rain associated with that will slowly spread south. i mean slowly. tomorrow first in redding and then finally into the north baby the afternoon, mid afternoon much of the bay area won't see a thing on monday except for increasing clouds. but let's freeze the future cast at 4:00 in the afternoon. you can see the band of rain extending over into the north bay. sonoma and finally into brandt. but it will take a while. even when it does on 7:00 tuesday morning the front will begin to fall apart. so anything south of the golden gate bridge, anything south of the strait are not going to get much on monday or tuesday. then watch what will happen. it'll retreat back up into sonoma and completely evaporate the way it goes. wednesday looks like a mostly sunny day, but then clouds will increase on wednesday and
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advance with another more powerful system coming in on thursday. so monday and tuesday look wet, but it's mostly a north bay thing. winds will pick up with this. brighter colors are indicating gusts are beginning to approach 15 to 25 miles an hour. and certainly windier. that's just going along with a front coming through. so the north bay rain will develop later on monday. rain and gusty winds, they do spread south, but to a certain extend with the showers, lingering showers on tuesday. before you get a break on wednesday more rain on thursday. overnight tonight we'll be looking at readings in the mid- 50s with 57 degrees in san francisco. 60 degrees at fremont. livermore at 58 degrees. san jose 59. here is how it looks if you're heading out of california. 68 degrees in redding with mostly cloudy skies. rain for you tomorrow. then back in the bay area, 66 in the city. 70 at concord and 71 in san jose and 69 degrees in oakland. down in the south bay tomorrow we'll be looking for readings to be near 70 degrees and increasing high clouds.
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you know for the most part it will be dry for the next two days in the south bay. but it will be cloudy. over in the east bay impossible to say. we will get down to the certain extent that you won't get much. again by tuesday morning, tomorrow is just a cloudy day. north bay, now we have something to talk about. by mid-afternoon we will get some rain. and then for lake port and clearlake some pretty good rain. so it depends on where you are. the further north a bigger system will be coming in on thursday after a sunny day on wednesday. then maybe some more next sunday. so on again, off again, but especially on thursday that looks to get particularly wet. the opposite of all wet here he is. >> it is a gold rush for opposing football teams. the latest numbers from levi stadium. the raiders kick off in the sunshine state. can they remain undefeated on the road? kickoff is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tampa bay next week, jacksonville today... facing a raiders kicked off a ten- day vacation in florida minus the trip to disney land, of course. tampa bay next week, jacksonville today. tough two week assignments from vern glenn. a rough day for jake bartols.
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murray, welcome back. a short touchdown run. 9 out of 11 running plays on the drive and it was 13-3 oakland. the play before the half, carr steps up to hit michael crabtree in strive. a 56-yard gain. raiders in business inside the 5-yard line. eight tackles for 96 yards and some dance moves for crab. three plays later, carr to crabtree. raiders at this point running away with it, 26-9. khalil mack holds it under for their 300- yard passing. raiders punting. it's a bad snap and they decide to abort the punt and run for the first down. who knows what could have happened if the raiders ended up kicking. they win 33-16. they improve now to 5-2 on the season. >> the most complete defensive effort that you guys have had? >> so far. it can only get better and that's the process. we are getting better week by
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week. >> it felt good just to be back out there on the field again, competing with my boys. what's most important we got the win. we're going home happy or at least back to pensacola. >> colin cap per neck got his -- kaepernick got his second start for the 49ers, but with such a poor defense it might not matter who plays quarterback for san francisco. 49ers have given up a franchise record 562 yards rushing in the past two weeks. kaepernick firing up the troops for the first levi start in about a year and backed it up with action early. for the touchdown, 49ers are up 14-0 at this point. second quarter back come the bucs. winston to his favorite target mike evans. 49ers however still lead by a touchdown. kaepernick did not commit any turnovers last week in buffalo, but not the case today. this pass intended for
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mcdonald. leading to a field goal. winston to russell shepherd for the 19-yard score. the rookie robinson in coverage, tampa takes to the 17- 14 lead and they did not look back from there. third quarter, the play that everybody will remember. trying to make the fair catch on the punt to run into his teammate. and the ball will come out, recovered by the bucs. where are they when you need them? later in the third kaepernick absolutely crushed for the blind side sack plus the fumble. tampa takes over and they put it away. winston to mike evans with the second touchdown of the game for him. tampa will put up 513 total yards. 249 of them rushing, 34-17 the final. they drop to 1-6 headed into the bye week. are you mad yet chip kelly? >> nah. i think anger doesn't help you. what you've got to do is find a solution. if you continue to try to just
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get mad and angry and all the other things they won't help you. but what you need to do is find a solution to identify which specific things have gone wrong and how to fix it and that's what we're trying to do right now. nascar at talladega. how do you go from laughing stock to winning stock? logano goes up, one of the final eight drivers to race for the cup with four races to go now. nobody happier about that win than the retired jack operator. the earthquakes are wrapping up their regular season in kansas city sporting kc leading the 1-0 play in the 88th minute. graham scores to put the game away. sporting kansas city wins 2- nil. finishing with the second worse record in the western conference. so game day tonight breaking down the raiders victory and the 49ers loss. >> we will celebrate the victory right now.
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>> look on the bright side juliette. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: a horrific crash in the california desert. the death toll rises after a tour bus slams into a truck on a busy interstate. we're at the scene. also tonight new cbs battleground tracker polls with surprising results from florida and texas. flood victims in north carolina face major challenges as early voting begins. national guard troops who served in iraq and afghanistan reportedly ordered to repay their enlistment bonuses. and the the at&t time warner mega deal. >> is the deal good for consumers? or is it dangerous to let one company control both the wires of communication and what the wires


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