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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 4, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning to our viewers in the west, it is friday, november 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." four days to go. hillary clinton makes a big city push for votes while donald trump rallies small town supporters. we'll show you each candidate's path to victory. sources tell cbs news police in three states are being warned about a potential terror threat. they're concerned about attacks before election day. >> only on "cbs this morning," the former wife of subway pitchman jared foghle tells us why she's suing the sandwich chain. she claims subway knew about potential problems with her husband, years before she did. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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>> see, what i have a winning temperame temperament. i have a winning temperament. hillary is an unstable person. >> clinton and trump make a final push. >> donald said out loud to himself, stay on point, donald. stay on point. his campaign probably put that in the teleprompter. >> our culture has gotten too mean. we have to find a better way to talk to each other. >> in south carolina a woman ha had been missing for months found alive chained up like a dog. >> this person told us that there might be four people on this piece of property deceased. >> a south carolina police officer accused of shooting an unarmed black man is now on trial. >> you are going to find out what michael slager did was wrong. >> one of the biggest hotels on the las vegas strip shut off a major power outage. thousands of people have been forced out. >> the most bizarre things i've ever seen in my life. >> harvard canceled its men's
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soccer season after discovering players made sexual scouting reports about the women's team. >> they're in the air for the pilot of a small plane in florida. >> clear the building, clear the building. >> all that. >> jones, and good luck trying to stop that. >> the atlanta falcons are on a roll. >> and all that matters. >> the cubs victory in game seven hillary clinton tweeted a message of support saying quote, way to make history cubs. while donald trump tweeted polls show i won world series. crooked cubs belong in jail. >> on "cbs this morning." >> we're going to be nice and cool. nice and cool. >> clearly he was imitating his adviser telling him to be cool. you know. actually we have some footage of the advisers in the strategy session. ♪ >> easy, donald. easy, boys. boys, boys. crazy boys. yes!
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>> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off so anthony mason is with us on this friday. >> good morning. >> good to have you here. the election is now four days away. many americans in the latest cbs news/"new york times" poll say the country cannot be unified. >> both candidates are targeting battle ground states today. we'll look at their potential paths to victory with john dickerson and anthony salvanto in just a sick but nonesy cordes is tracking the clinton campaign heading to the midwest, and first major garrett is here in studio 57 with how the trump campaign hopes to avoid any unexpected detours. major, good morning. >> good morning. donald trump believes he can win this election, increasingly, and for the first time, so do other republicans. the biggest variable, of course, trump himself. so he is working hard to stay on message, also holding large rallies in rural areas to drive
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up the conservative vote and energize voters by reminding them about scandals he said would inevitably follow hillary clinton into the white house. >> oh, there's so much more brave than me. i wouldn't have done what they did. i'm brave in other ways. i'm brave, i'm financially brave. big deal. >> in north carolina donald trump appeared alongside top military supporters, including seven medal of honor recipients. he scoffed at the idea of hillary clinton as commander in chief. >> to think of her being their boss? i don't think so. >> reporter: trump drew more than 10,000, part of his push to drive up the rural gop vote in battle ground states, to counteract urban and suburban democratic strongholds. >> can we trust her with our security? trump promised to rebuild the military, but use it sparingly. >> to only engage the use of military force when it's vital
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for national security of the united states. >> reporter: trump also trafficked in unconfirmed speculation about fbi inquiries into potential wrongdoing at the clinton foundation. >> it's likely to yield a very, very serious charge or an indictment. i'm just saying, it's what the newspapers are saying. that's what the reports are. >> decades of lies. >> reporter: and this new tv spot sought to exploit clinton's ties to the sex happy estranged husband of political confidant huma abedin. campaigning for her husband for the first time since the plagiarism gaffe at the gop convention -- >> he certainly knows how to take things up, doesn't he? >> reporter: melania trump tried to woo suburban women near philadelphia by curiously highlighting an issue familiar to her husband. >> our culture has gotten too mean, and to rough. especially to children and teenagers.
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>> reporter: seized on the comprehensive list compiled by "the new york times" showing hundreds of people donald trump has insulted online just since launching his presidential campaign last june. anthony? >> major, thanks. hillary clinton plans a whirlwind tour of the midwest today. a source tells cbs news beyonce and jay-z will be with clinton in cleveland for tonight's get out the vote concert. nancy cordes is in white plains, new york, traveling with the clinton campaign. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. the clinton campaign insists the path to victory hasn't changed. it hasn't narrowed and that clinton will project confidence on that stage tonight. at this point it's more about boosting turnout among the faithful than it is about changing minds. as the campaign is looking for the most attention grabbing ways possible to remind supporters to vote. >> i'm not here to defend hillary. she's a big girl. she can do that all by herself. >> reporter: clinton called on superstar pharrell and senator
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bernie sanders to help drum up support in raleigh, north carolina. >> this campaign is not a personality contest. we're not voting for high school president. >> reporter: clinton argued she's got one presidential trait that is often underrated. >> listening, to hear your stories, what you're worried about. and then working to bring people together. >> reporter: as she spoke to a longtime aide huma abedin hit a fund-raiser in washington on her behalf. abedin has not traveled with clinton since last friday when the fbi director announced that agents would examine e-mails of hers found on her estranged husband anthony weiner's laptop. cbs news has learned those e-mails are not duplicates of e-mails found on clinton's server from her time as secretary of state. clinton makes a rare stop at a democratic leaning state today, michigan, a sign the campaign is really superstitious after her loss to sanders there in the primary.
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trump has made a last-minute play for michigan's white working class voters, visiting the state and sending his running mate and two family members there this week. >> no republican has won since like reagan. >> reporter: with four days to go the latest cbs news/"new york times" poll finds eight in ten voters are over it. and say the race has left them disgusted. >> i've had people say that they can't sleep. that their stomachs are bothering them. >> reporter: in miami, president obama argued trump is to blame for the country's collective nausea. >> you have a chance to reject divisive policy, the mean-spirited policy. >> reporter: and yet clinton is dealing with her own stumping achurning set of distractions in the closing days of this race, the state department releasing more of her e-mails. the fbi expressing renewed interest in case, and republicans promising to investigate all of this for years if she wins. >> thank you so much. cbs news political director and
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dickerson is with us along with cbs news election director anthony salvanto. good morning to both of you. anthony, let's go straight to the map. a lot of new polls out. tell us how narrow or how wide is trump's path to victory? >> well, norah, some of the states are getting tighter, too. states he has to win like florida, if he gets that you look at the map and say he gets a little closer to 270 but not close enough if he gets ohio he gets closer, if he were to get north carolina he gets closer still. but it's still not putting him over that 270 that he needs. so he still needs to add another state or two to this column. he could go try to get let's say nevada and something else, maybe even colorado. or try to flip a blue state like a wisconsin. it's only then that he goes over 270 and that just kind of emphasizes the tough road, though doable, that he's got in the next few days. >> and hillary clinton is in pennsylvania today. what does the path look like for her there? >> well she's up in pennsylvania and as long as she holds it her
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path gets easier because if you were to take her numbers, from where they start, and then if she adds let's say a north carolina, she will have totals including pennsylvania, she goes over the top with 270. so that makes her road a little bit easier. >> anthony the race is tight in ohio, and north carolina, two battle ground states. how critical is turnout in places like that? >> extremely, anthony. let me show you for example ohio. when you look at a map of that state, you go up towards cleveland, this is where democrats really have to run up the score. they have to get big turnout from their base, from african-american voters. these blue areas represent parts around cleveland democrats usually win. it's not just winning, it's winning by how much and that makes turnout critical to hillary clinton's fortunes in ohio because donald trump will likely win all these other counties in rural areas. >> john, let's talk about north carolina but other states that
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anthony just mentioned, too. if she can win north carolina and pennsylvania that puts her over the top. what's the struggle, though, in north carolina? black voters, right? >> right. well, african-american voters, and the college educated voters in the middle of the state. so to anthony's point she needs to jack up turnout with african-americans and depress turnout for donald trump or win herself among those white college educated voters that have been part of the republican coalition but that donald trump has been having trouble with. so she wants to run up her vote and suppress his vote. >> her final picture has been very anti-trump, very negative, despite the fact as we saw in a number -- there's great disaffection with this campaign. is that a wise strategy? >> disaffection with the campaign, disaffection with both candidates. she needs to remind those voters of all the bad things about donald trump. and what they've seen in the polls and we've seen consistently is when donald trump is using the teleprompter and is not getting involved in a fight with a gold star family or former miss universe that republicans start to come home. they start to come back into his
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column. so what the clinton team is trying to do is keep the most risky image of donald trump in front of voters as long as they possibly can to keep those republicans feeling nervous about him. >> what about hillary clinton's push for younger voters? jay-z is campaigning for her tonight with a concert in ohio. bringing out mrs. carter also known as beyonce. do you think that strategy is effective? >> they've got to try everything. the clinton path, the different paths she has, requires her to turn african-americans out, turn younger voters out, go with those white college educated women. they're trying on all fronts. and so they need every little bit they can get because donald trump has the more roaring enthusiasm. >> when you talk about enthusiasm, the word enthusiasm, i don't think anything could be -- make people more excited or enthusiastic than seeing beyonce on stage with her husband. >> sure. well they may get enthusiastic about seeing the two of them. but does it translate into a
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vote? >> they've got to be showing up for more than the concert. >> there's no way they can actually bring one of those early voting booths to the concert. >> exactly. it's very hard to put a concert in a voting booth. >> but if they could, they would do it. >> if they could. >> anthony salvanto, great to have you. on sunday john will interview reince priebus. and cbs news election night coverage begins tuesday at 4:00 p.m. pacific time. you can also watch all day on our streaming network, cbsn. cbs news has learned about a potential terror threat ahead of the election. sources say that u.s. intelligence has alerted joint terrorism task forces that al qaeda could be planning attacks in three states for monday. that as you know is the day before the election. it's believed that new york, texas, and virginia are all possible targets. the credibility of the intelligence has not been confirmed. jeff pegues is in washington with new details. jeff, it's very disconcerting to
7:14 am
hear this on this friday. good morning to you. >> good morning. u.s. authorities are taking this threat seriously while still assessing the credibility of the intelligence, but counterterrorism officials across the country have been alerted out of an abundance of caution. law enforcement sources tell cbs news the threat comes from al qaeda, and intelligence points to attacks taking place in new york, texas, and virginia. but the threat information provided no specific targets for possible attacks in those states. as election day approaches, federal law enforcement has planned for several worst case scenarios. earlier this week an alert to local police warned of polling places seen as attractive targets for lone wolf type attacks. by individuals motivated by violent extremists, or sovereign citizen activity. a senior fbi official says the bureau is working closely with the department of homeland security, and other federal, state and local agencies to disrupt and identify potential threats.
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it is not unusual for there to be an increase in the volume of threats leading up to significant events like holidays or even an election. and official says it is important to investigate those threats thoroughly. an thanny? >> jeff, thanks. we have breaking news from jordan where two u.s. military members were killed this morning. there are few details but officials say they died in an exchange of gunfire outside an air base in southern jordan. a sheriff in south carolina is trying to determine if a missing woman found alive could be linked to other disappearances. suspect todd kohlhepp was taken into custody yesterday. a raid on his property led to the woman who vanished in august. she was found chained inside a metal storage container on the rural parcel. erroll barnett is at the scene in woodruff, south carolina. erroll, good morning. >> good morning. two years ago todd kohlhepp had purchased approximately 100 acres of land, cleared the brush and put up that chain link fence
7:16 am
you see behind me. on thursday investigators acting on a tip came here and heard banging coming from inside a storage container a few hundred yards from where i'm standing. inside they found a woman chained to an animal cage. the victim, who we will not identify, was found thursday morning. caged in a wooded area in rural south carolina. the sex crime investigator got a tip to investigate the property, and heard the woman's pleas for help. spartanburg county sheriff chuck wright believes the victim spent months inside a metal container. >> it was pretty emotional, to say the least, when she was found. especially when she was chained like a dog. she had a chain around her neck. you know, i'm telling you it's all by god's grace we found the little girl alive now. >> reporter: police arrested the property owner, 45-year-old todd kohlhepp. the victim told investigators her captor may have had a hand in other missing persons cases. >> this person told us that there might even be four people
7:17 am
on this piece of property deceased. >> reporter: the woman, who cleaned houses for kohlhepp, was last seen in august. her boyfriend, 32-year-old charles carver, is also missing and police say they found his vehicle thursday within the nearly 100 acre plot. kohlhepp is an ex-con who is a registered sex offender in arizona. in 1987 he was convicted of a kidnapping of a teen. he later moved to south carolina. where he worked as a real estate agent and even got his pilot's license. lind say mason said she met her friend's alleged kidnapper. >> she said he was a great guy. and i never got an impression from him that he was -- could do anything like that. >> reporter: now kohlhepp has been charged with one count of kidnapping. but there could be additional charges. an excavator arrived this morning. investigators are combing the property looking for more clues. the victim's boyfriend, and
7:18 am
potentially more victims. >> really disturbing story. erroll, thank you for being there. a south carolina jury may look today at cell phone video of a deadly shooting at a traffic stop. the video shows walter scott being shot by michael slager, a north charleston police officer. he is standing trial for murder. scott's mother said she was on her phone with her son during the encounter and she took the stand yesterday. >> he said they're tasting me. and i heard him rolling -- >> slager is being tried by a 11 white joors and one black juror. walter scott's family's attorney said he is not worried at all about the jury makeup. an iowa man accused of shooting two des moines area police officers now faces charges of first agree murder. investigators say that evidence linked scott michael greene to the wednesday morning ambushes of sergeant anthony beminio and officer justin martin. martin's parents shared their grief.
7:19 am
>> it's my son. i could be angry, angry, but it's not going -- i want my son back. [ indiscernible ] >> heartbreaking. officer martin's funeral will be held on tuesday morning. the services have not yet been announced for sergeant beminio. did subway ignore warnings about pitchman jared foghle's sexual interest in children? his former wife wants to know. >> i feel like for all of these kids, that subway owes them some answers about what they knew, when they knew it. was there ever an investigation done? it's time for them to answer some questions about this. >> ahead, only on "cbs this morning," she opens up about her allegations against subway. and the dramatic moment she
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good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. today a news conference will offer new developments on a police sex scandal that's affecting multiple bay area counties. the victim, jasmine abuslin, was once a teen prostitute who went by celeste guap. she is now suing the oakland police department for $66 million. and a well-known bay area chef is facing dui and drug possession charges. the chp says michael chiarello was arrested early wednesday morning on silverado trail in napa county not far from his restaurant in yountville. he is featured on the food network show easy entertaining. the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," what law enforcement
7:27 am
sources are saying about the terror threat made about three states before election day. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,, the mae gave her top executive managed aa huge pay raiseet, and a lavish car allowance, run up a deficit, then cut jos for local teenagers, and cut after-school program. no wonder tchronicle called mae torlakson "flat-out unprepared" for the assembly. they endorse tim grayson. as mayor of concord, grayson balanced the budget every yer while doing more for kids.
7:28 am
tim grayson for assembly. good morning. happy friday. let's check the bay area roads starting with highway 4 heading out into the antioch/pittsburg area. you're moving at just 13 miles per hour through pittsburg. hillcrest avenue to 242 will take you a long 30 minutes right now and over to a new crash here in concord, southbound 680 before highway 242 is a solo car crash. blocking the left lane. crews are out there trying to clear it out for you. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. oh, my goodness take a look at this. this is our live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid. we're looking due east. wow, what a sunrise! we have a few high, thin cirrus clouds and that's making a reflection off the sun rays. temperatures 40s and 50s. you do need a light jacket heading out. later today plan on the warmest day of the workweek into the 70s at the beaches to our inland areas. increasing clouds late tomorrow sprinkles overnight to sunday morning, dry weather pattern
7:29 am
through thursday. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ a a massive wall of dust descended on the phoenix area besides the blinding dust storm known as a haboob yesterday, there were wind gusts exceeding 35 miles an hour. the dust reduced visibility and slowed the traffic but there was no damage or injuries reported. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, stunning allegations against subway's jared fogle. his former wife says that the sandwich chain failed to alert authorities about its famous spokesman and his sexual interest in children. she speaks out in an interview that you'll see only on "cbs this morning." >> "60 minutes" goes inside a delivery room on the front line of the zika fight in puerto
7:31 am
rico. ahead dr. jon lapook shows us the conditions women face there in a preview of sundae's broadcast. >> time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the washington post" reports u.s. officials say russia's attempts to meddle with u.s. voting are unlikely to stop after election day. intelligence agents say they have detected russian hackers apparently scanning computer voting systems, and state-run databases. officials expect cyber attacks aimed to raise doubt about tuesday's outcome. "the wall street journal" says the new monthly jobs report is about what analysts expected. the labor department says the economy added 161,000 jobs in october. the unemployment rate fell 0.1% to 4.9%. this is the last jobs report before the election. the economic recovery is still the slowest since world war ii. and the san francisco chronicle reports on a new lawsuit against a developer of a downtown luxury condo that's tilting and sinking. the city attorney says the
7:32 am
builder knew the millennium tower had problems more than a year before condos were sold. the tower tilts two inches and has sunk at least 16 inches. >> that's a lot. >> the builder blames an adjacent construction project. >> end up with a basement department and you didn't even know it. the ex-wife of disgraced former subway spokesman jared fogle is opening up about explosive allegations against the company. in an interview you'll see only on "cbs this morning," katie mclaughlin said she didn't know her husband of six years was a pedophile. >> she recently filed a civil suit against subway. it accuses the sandwich chain of negligence. she alleges subway was notified about fogle's sexual interest in children at least three times during his stint as company spokesman. and it failed to tell police. fogle is serving a more than 15-year prison sentence for charges related to child pornography, and sex with minors. anna werner is in zionsville, indiana, where they lived.
7:33 am
anna, good morning. >> good morning. zionsville is the kind of place where people come to raise their families. the community just outside of indianapolis for many is a place where life is calm and peaceful. but for over a year now, for katie mcloughlin for her life is anything but. >> you could look up every word in the dictionary, and the stories were horrible. and none of them describe what this year's been like. >> reporter: that year for kately mcloughlin, formerly katie fogle, married to subway spokesman jared fogle, began july 7th, 2015, when the fbi showed up at the door of their indiana home with a search warrant. looking for evidence her husband was a pedophile. that's how you found out about this? >> that's how i found out. >> reporter: was the fbi knocking on your door. >> yes. >> reporter: so before that you knew nothing? >> no. i knew nothing about his
7:34 am
involvement in anything. they walked in, and you're just in shock. >> reporter: did you even understand what was happening? >> no. no. i didn't understand it, to be honest. you just -- you float out of yourself. because the fbi showed me -- >> reporter: it was a swift fall for her husband, who until that point was a brand celebrity. the man who lost more than 200 pounds by eating subway sandwiches. >> hi, i'm jared the subway guy. >> reporter: now, he's a criminal who's pled guilty to having sex with minors, and distributing child pornography. he's serving some 15 years in prison. and mcloughlin's life changed, too. six weeks after the fbi's visit she filed for divorce then later for sole custody of their two children, now age 3 and 5. do you know when the last time you talked to him was? all of it something she could never have imagined when she fell in love with fogle. do you love him now? >> in my opinion, he took himself out of our lives, and
7:35 am
i -- i can't even think about him at this point in my life. >> reporter: there's anger there. >> of course there's anger. i mean, anyone would have anger for a person who was supposed to do nothing but protect his children. >> reporter: her anger is not limited to her ex-husband. she's now suing subway for negligence, saying in her filed complaint that the company was alerted to potential problems with fogle on three occasions. in 2004, 2008, and 2011. the last, where a florida journalist made a complaint through subway's website and later recorded conversations with fogle, played on the dr. phil show after his arrest. >> we start just sharing stories, and then you know, you get a little closer. >> reporter: yut mcloughlin said she herself knew nothing. >> he had two lives going on. you know. he was home with the kids and i in one life. and he was out on the road, in a different life. and he was able to keep those
7:36 am
two very separate. in a way that i couldn't even fathom. >> you know there are people out there who will hear you, and will say, how could she not know? >> there are going to be people out there who believe what they want to believe about me. i mean, how could anyone think that i would stay married to a man and have children with a man who was doing this? of course i wouldn't do that. >> is it possible that he could have been just as good at lying to them? >> no one ever brought me complaints. we know that there was at least one complaint brought to them. >> subway told us it had no comment on the lawsuit. but in a statement to media outlets last year the company said an internal investigation found the 2011 complaint to its website was serious.
7:37 am
but there was nothing that implied anything about sexual behavior, or criminal activity involving fogle. the company said at the time, we regret that this comment was not properly escalated or acted upon. more recently, the company told radar online that their investigation showed no evidence of any prior knowledge of issues regarding fogle. what did he take from you? >> i mean, my ability to trust. i mean, my ability to think that things will be okay. you know, i think he was always a pretty, you know, happy person, who, you know, thought if everyone puts in their hard work, you know, things will end up okay. and now i'm not so sure about that. >> one thing mcloughlin is sure about, nothing happened with her own two children. now she's also suing subway over using her and her children's likenesses in a 2015 ad. she says it was done without her
7:38 am
consent. we've also reached out to jared fogle to ask for an interview through his attorneys but they declined. >> all right, anna, thank you. cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman joins us at the table to discuss. and boy, the hair and makeup room was on fire this morning. >> they were. >> yes, we were all talking about this. thinking she seems to be blaming subway in this particular case. does she have a case? >> well, she doesn't have a case for what she'd like to have a case for. just because there is a wrong does not mean there is a remedy. >> did they have a duty to tell her anything? >> no. in fact, if subway did learn anything, and remember these are her allegations, subway says it knew nothing. >> right. >> so, under her allegations, let's assume she could prove them all. that they knew 2004, 2008, 2011, they don't owe her a duty to report to her. she's saying they owed a duty to people, like children, to report to the police. the problem is, subway's going to deny.
7:39 am
subway's going to say they knew nothing. and ultimately, if there is a correct plaintiff here it's one of the victims. >> rikki, what about subway's use of her likeness in the commercial? does that give her any -- >> yes, i think that that's a viable claim if, in fact, they did not have her consent. by the way, indiana has the strongest law on this particular tort, this particular wrong, so she's in good shape there. but the ultimate question may be what is subway going to do. >> right. because they're saying it didn't happen, what she's claiming. >> does subway deny, deny, denay? go forward in that way or say wait a minute we've had bad publicity maybe we ought to give her a little money? >> rikki klieman, thanks. "60 minutes" goes inside the fight against the zika verse in one of the most hard-hit places. ahead dr. jon lapook shows us the signs doctors and nurses are looking for moments after an at-risk baby is important. ahead a preview of his report. and we invite you to
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7:44 am
genetically modified mosquitoes could help fight the zika virus in florida. miami-dade county officials are reportedly considering releasing thousands of the bugs in affected areas to stop the spread of the virus. for "60 minutes" on sunday dr. jon lapook explored the fight against zika. he travel to puerto rico, a territory hit hard by the disease. >> reporter: in september we were at the university hospital in san juan when this woman went into labor. that's the heart. zika infection during any trimester can cause birth defects. but research suggests early infections, in the first three months, poses the greatest risk to the fetus. she was diagnosed late in her pregnancy.
7:45 am
after 21 hours of labor, an emergency c-section. the nurses are meticulous. looking for any sign the zika virus has infiltrated the newborn's body. they take the usual height and weight. and collect samples of urine and blood for testing. head circumference is crucial. any deviation from the norm could indicate the virus has attacked the baby's brain. the baby boy's head size looks good. but obstetrician de la vega is alarmed by what he's been seeing in other pregnancies. he's done prenatal sonograms on over 450 zika-positive pregnant women in the last nine months. >> you see this line over here? this is the skull. it looks like it's collapsing, and it's not growing adequately. you see. >> reporter: and they're going inward because -- >> the brain is not only not
7:46 am
growing, but it's dying. >> and you can see dr. jon lapook's full report sunday on "60 minutes." the national institutes of health takes us behind the scenes of the zika vaccine trials sunday, after football here on cbs. >> the more we know about zika the better we all are. thank you jon lapook. ahead the scandal cutting the season short for harvard's first place men's soccer team. but world series mvp ben zobrist is also a hero on his block. this guy did a meet and greet at his house. >> oh, my gosh! >> we love him already!,,
7:47 am
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7:51 am
cubs world series his whole life. >> i can't believe it! i can't believe it! >> here is how stressful it is to be a cubs fan. that guy is 41 years old! >> oh, okay. >> he has got jokes. >> he really does. nicely done. i'm who is that guy? chicago is gearing up today to throw a massive parade line today's route from wrigley field
7:52 am
for grant park. >> the lies of that line outside of his house! >> that is so nice! >> a great thing. after awhile, you're like, okay. it's time to go, now! >> celebrating it as long as i could. doesn't happen that often. >> that's right. on election night, stephen colbert will have an uncensor onned view of the campaign. he is here to talk the biggest surprise of the presidential race. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ glory days
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suspect. officers say someone shot two men last night near "bambi lane" and "peter pan avenue." good morning. i'm kenny choi. san jose police are searching for a shooting suspect. officers say that someone shot two men last night near bambi lane and peter pan avenue. one man died, the other is recovering in the hospital. the national weather service has issued a high surf advisory from point reyes to big sur. coast guard crews are warning people to stay away from jetties and rocky areas. and in the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," hillary clinton and donald trump are hitting key battleground states for last-minute support. we have have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,
7:57 am
a new crash in concord. out the door, keep in mind, southbound southbound 680 before gregory lane, this two- car crash is not in roads
7:58 am
though and causing cars to drive at about 50 miles an hour. so slight delays. but we'll keep you posted as to when it's cleared. now moving over to san mateo bridge here from hayward to the peninsula, 25 minutes between 880 and 101. the south bay you have red conditions on 101 northbound and 280 northbound as well in downtown san jose. that means things are moving slowly. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. good morning, sunrise is spectacular. we have a few high, thin clouds filtering the sun to make for remarkable colors. this is the video from mount vaca. wow! currently temperatures away from the bay into our inland areas in the 40s, otherwise san jose at 53. it's 56 in oakland. later today from the coast through the bay into the peninsula, and well inland, everyone in the 70s. with the sunshine and a few high, thin cirrus clouds, winds will be slight out of the northwest at 5. clouds saturday, overnight rain through sunday morning. portan the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes -
7:59 am
it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop ripping off the people of this country. the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much.
8:00 am
♪ and good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, november 4th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including harvard's benching its winning men's soccer team, how sexually explicit scouting reports on female players caused an ivy league uproar. first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> donald trump believes he can win this election and for first time so do other republicans. the biggest variable, of course, trump himself. >> clinton campaign insists at this point it is more about boosting turnout among the faithful than changing minds. >> you talk about enthusiasm, i don't think anything could make people more excited or enthusiastic than seeing beyonce on stage with her husband. >> will they make it
8:01 am
enthusiastic about seeing the two of them, but not -- >> cbs news learned about a potential terror threat ahead of the election. >> they have been alerted out of an abundance of caution. >> investigators acting on a tip heard banging coming from inside the storage container a few hundred yards from where i'm standing. inside they found a woman chained to an animal cage. >> president obama told supporters that if they went to the polls to vote early, they could also go to taco bell and get a free taco thank to a world series promotion. >> this guy was so fired up about the free taco, look at him. >> although it could be fair, they shouldn't -- they shouldn't make joe biden stand in the crowd like that. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell, charlie is off, but good news, anthony mason is
8:02 am
here. with four days left until the election, donald trump and hillary clinton are both headed to the battleground states of ohio and pennsylvania. the latest cbs news new york times poll shows that hillary clinton is leading donald trump 45 to 42% in a four-way matchup. >> that same poll, 82% of registered voters say they feel disgusted about the 2016 election. cbs news contributor bob schieffer is in washington. bob, good morning. you heard that number, the number of people that are disgusted. i'm wondering who's not disgusted. >> well, exactly. and why shouldn't they be. here we have, you know, a dangerous times, the threat of terrorism, the government in total gridlock. it took eight months to even approve funds for finding a zika vaccine and yet we have a campaign that has all about sex tapes and things that normally aren't even discussed in mixed
8:03 am
company. i'm disgusted too. >> yeah. everybody you meet on the street is saying how much longer, how much longer? it is four days. what is a long-term impact of disgust? that's such a strong word. >> you know, i think one of the main things that whoever wins this election is going to have to do is to begin to try to repair the damage that has been done to the system by this campaign itself. i mean, this thing has not helped anybody. and it made the country more divided than ever, it has made the split between whites and nonwhites wider than ever. this is something that has brought out the dark side of america. and we have got to find a way to get back on track here. and, number one, get the government running again. we have all these charges, people saying i'm going to do this, i'm going to do that. first thing we got to do is figure out some way after this election to get the two sides
8:04 am
working together again. never in the history of this country has one party or one person been able to get everything done and do it by themselves. you always have to have the help of the other side. look at lyndon johnson, and the civil rights act. he had to find ways to work with the other party. so far, this election has -- advanced nothing along that line and no hint as to how they're going to work together. >> with all that has happened in the last week, where do you see the momentum four days out now. >> well, if you asked me who is going to win this election, ten days ago it was beginning -- at least i was beginning to come to the belief that hillary clinton was going to win. her path seemed much wider than donald trump. but since the latest e-mail drop, we have seen this thing begin to close. at this point, i have no idea who is going to win it. it is going to come down to a couple of key states, probably
8:05 am
north carolina would be one of the most important right now. but i don't think you can call a winner right now. >> what about the early vote, bob, this is something historically that has changed. you have more and more people voting early that tends to favor organization, right? >> yes, it does. and i think that is one of the things that if hillary clinton wins this election, i think we'll look back and say, it was because she did have this good organization, she has much more organization than donald trump has had at all and it has brought out a big early vote. generally speaking, an early vote would favor the democrats, because there are more democrats than republicans. but, again, we can't make any predictions about this thing. the one thing we know about this year, norah, is that predictions have never been very good. so it is going to be one of those -- we always say, gosh, why do we have to have all these
8:06 am
polls and things? why can't we leave it to the voters? let's have an exciting election night. believe me, we're about to have one. >> yeah, all right. >> four days and counting, thank you very much, bob schieffer, always good to see you. >> thank you. cbs news will bring you results on election night as they come in. our coverage begins tuesday at 4:00 p.m. pacific time. you can also watch all day on our streaming network, cbsn, all right here in studio 57 together. >> yes, we will. >> to cover the results. >> looking forward to it. >> all the exit polls, right? >> exit polls, yes. a scandal over a lewd document ended the season for one of harvard's biggest sports programs. the university abruptly canceled all of its men's soccer games yesterday. the team's in first place in the ivy league, a student run newspaper uncovered a sexually explicit scouting report in which players rated at appearance of women athletes. >> the document in question
8:07 am
dates back to 2012, but school officials say the so-called scouting reports by male players continued into this year. while the men's soccer team may have its season over, the impact from the controversy will be felt across campus. on the campus of harvard university, the reaction was swift. the nine page document from 2012 was first uncovered last month by the student run newspaper, the harvard crimson, which detailed a sexually explicit evaluation of incoming female freshmen soccer players by a member of the men's team. that list was then e-mailed to teammates, with some responding. called the scouting reports, the list cataloged the women based on physical appearance, their sexual appeal, numerical scores and in some cases described in detail a sexual position assigned to each woman. >> the crimson became aware of the documents a couple of weeks ago. >> reporter: mariel kline is the president of the harvard crimson and senior at university.
8:08 am
>> it was a publicly available document on the internet, it was actually taken down after we contacted the members of the 2012 men's soccer team for comment. >> reporter: after the article was published late last month, school administrators opened an investigation, which concluded the lewd scouting reports were more widespread across the team than previously thought, and the practice had continued into this year. the remainder of the men's season was then canceled. >> severe measures had to be taken. it might have been a little excessive to completely call off the team. >> guys cross the line a lot. that's one of these instances. >> reporter: last week, six members of the 2012 women's soccer team who were ranked in that sexually explicit scouting report penned a collective op-ed in the crimson in response to the document. saying in part, the sad reality is that we have come to expect this kind of behavior from so many men, we are frustrated that this is a reality. >> they wanted to show that they were resilient, and they wanted to call women to come together
8:09 am
to be able to hopefully stop this type of behavior in the future. >> in a statement, harvard university president drew foufrt says the team's behavior and the failure to be forth coming have no place at harvard and run counter to the mutual respect that is a core value of our community. >> i love that these women are speaking up and they're raising the phrase locker room conversation. >> the op-ed is wonderful, saying it is in the okay to say this is locker room talk and so appalled that these women who are strong women and athletes are being reduced to physical objects, they encouraged all women to sort of ban together and asked the men's soccer team to do something positive going forward, and to ban with them as they try to make something good come out of it and get the conversation going. >> would be great if men would speak out too saying this is not okay. >> and they did point out also this is not all men, not condemn all men for this. >> thank you very much. instagram is tapping into an online impulse purchases, just in time for the holidays.
8:10 am
co-founder mike krieger is in the toyota green room. hello, mike, to explain how his social network wants to make it easier to shop online and you can weigh in on
8:11 am
stephen colbert has big plans for election night ahead. the late show host returns to studio 57 to tell us about his live special. we'll find out why he'll be able to say things he usually can't. >> uh-oh. >> what does that mean? >> yeah. >> okay. >> i thought he laid it all out on the table. you're watching "cbs this morning." ou k >> you know who is from illinois, and the big cubs fan is hillary clinton. she's probably happy about this right now. probably a nice moment. could be a nice moment. could be a nice moment for her. and she could really use any good news since the fbi announced they may have discovered more of her e-mails.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
♪ online shopping is a nearly 100 billion dollar industry in the u.s. and it accounts for about 8% of all sales. starting next week, social media giant instagram will join the action and allow users to buy products they see on the platform with a few taps of a button. retailers tag the products in their post. when you see an ad, you can tap for product information. that directs you to a details page with a shop now button and leads to the company's website. mike krieger is cofounder of instagram. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> did this come out of request from users or from advertisers? >> a little bit of both. when we saw what people were already doing on instagram and the comments they would write, often, hey, i like that sweater, where can i buy it or the retailer would say go to our website, search for this. it's reall cumbersome. it came out so we are excite to take something people trying to
8:17 am
do but having a hard time doing make it easy and seamless end-to-end. >> does instagram get a cut in that? >> right now it's connecting people to the product and how they can shop on the retailers' site. >> i think we are heading in a different direction, are we, mike? >> let me take 5% of that, take a little off the top. >> it's about getting that connection. we have seen businesses with instagram from the very beginning. which is fun. hopefully, it's a place to connect with your friends but a place to find out what you're excited about. >> did you know that buzzfeed called gayle king the queen of instagram? >> at the table, we are big instagram users and i love anthony's intro to you that said social media giant. >> we just turned 6. my cofounder kevin and i founded this six years ago. >> do you still get along? >> we do.
8:18 am
it's great to have somebody you can work with six years and still be excited to work with. >> i remember when i was out at instagram, a lot of cool kids in the room. now it's interesting your take on politics. you have a new campaign that just started called "where i stand." you said millennials are complaining, hey, our voices are not heard. >> there is a sense of hey this is a loud -- >> disgusted was the word. >> noisy. so one thing we wanted to do is kind of get back to the issues. we commissioned a couple of artists and they painted this beautiful mural outside of the flat iron building and lots of people have come by already. basically, they can go through it and you see it up there. you can literally stand -- #from where i stand 2016 and post a little bit on your instagram story maybe a couple of the stories you're interested in. the one that has gotten the most interesting photos is an area that says "first time voter." we are hearing a lot of people
8:19 am
who are voting for the first time and saying let's get back to the issues. lots to talk about here beyond the bombast of the campaign. >> we feel like the issues have maybe fallen by the wayside. >> if you go back to 2008 as you point out, instagram didn't exist and barack obama's victory tweet in 2008 was retweeted 157 times! i mean, where do you see instagram's role in this election? >> in 2012 we were just getting started. baby company, right? we didn't have video yet. can you imagine instagram without video? we didn't have instagram stories yet. this campaign we are seeing people engage in what they care backstage path to the campaigns and i think is the humanizing part you see not here is here a big campaign stage but you're also seeing here is me with my family at the end of the day. >> the candidates use it a lot, don't they? >> each have 2.8 million people following them and most of those are 18 to 35 and young many first-time voters there too. >> how does instagram deal with
8:20 am
cyberbullying? >> this is what kevin, my cofounder, we care about. we spent time in the early days deleting bullying and negative comments and wasn't the best of time when we were a tiny company but we cared really early and no jerks policy on instagram. >> how difficult is it to weed it out? >> it gets much harder. we are trying to give people the tools to help control and police that themselves so we launched something, if there are words people are saying on your own comments, we think of your comment as your space. you should be able to control that so this is billable to everybody now. we have been rolling it out the last couple of months you is say, hey, if you use this certain set of key words is gets invisibly blocked on your page and starts to reduce some of that noise. >> kind of hard to have nasty language when you just want to buy a sweater so shopping is a good thing. i think that is a nice feature. thank you. >> good to have you here for the first time. >> thank you for having me.
8:21 am
>> jon bon jovi is rocking it out for three decades and feels his newest band is reborn. he talks with charlie about his new album and his drive to be an nfl owner! ahead on "cbs this morning." and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer. tresemmé botanique a blend of coconut milk and aloe vera in a professional-quality formula, inspired by nature. blended by professionals to replenish for stunning healthy-looking hair. tresemmé botanique professional. at your fingertips.
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8:24 am
♪ there is so much fun in the green room. stephen colbert is here.
8:25 am
come back in, michael krieger. this is a good instagram photo. when we human remains, found in a shallow grave on the outskirts good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. sonoma county sheriff's investigators have identified the human remains found in a shallow grave on the outskirts of sonoma state university. investigators confirm through fingerprints that the remains are those of 18-year-old kirk kimberly a cotati resident who had been missing. this is now a homicide investigation. the dungeness crab season is set to open locally tomorrow for recreational fishermen. there was a long delay last year because of a presence of toxic domoic acid. the crabmeat is currently safe to eat. but people are warned not to eat the guts of any crab caught north of point reyes. in the next half-hour of
8:26 am
"cbs this morning," late show host stephen colbert. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
it's friday! it is 8:27. let's take a look at the bay area roads. starting with a new crashometer dumbarton bridge here. excuse me, right before the dumbarton bridge as you head to the toll plaza. westbound 84 before thornton avenue, it's a three-car crash off to the shoulder. but there's also a solo car crash in the same area causing those cars to drive at just 24 miles per hour. now moving over to the san
8:28 am
mateo bridge, also leading into the peninsula from hayward 880 to 101 will take you 24 minutes. >> and the bay bridge toll plaza the maze to downtown a good 20 minutes. roberta. >> good morning, everybody. we are taking a beautiful view of the coast this morning where it is clear. we have a few high, thin cirrus clouds. take a close look at some of the waves as they lap onshore. it's going to go for a walk. please be very mindful we have a high surf advisory in place. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s right now. with that high surf advisory, we do anticipate sneaker waves and also some very dangerous rip currents. some of the swells have been building 15 to 20 feet and occasionally 25 feet over mavericks. temperatures onshore today into the 70s from rockaway beach ocean beach, moss and montara beaches through the bay into our inland areas. northwest breeze to 5. we do have increasing cloud late tomorrow. a few raindrops expected overnight through sunday morning and then a decent day sunday. dry through thursday. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪,,,,,,, what really pushed the cubbies over the top this year? well, it might have been their lucky stephen colbert, because the cubs were kind enough to come here on my show and invite my friend donnie franks to go to wrigley field for the day. i'm just saying, to hang out with me, they win the world series. math. plus, fun fact, fun fact about meeting the cubs in person, i'm even smaller and weaker. >> nicely done, stephen colbert. coming up in this half hour, stephen colbert will tell us about his live show on election night. look who's here, hanging out by our decision desk. what do you see, mr. colbert? >> nothing, i have my glasses
8:31 am
off. >> he'll do things he has not been able to do on cbs. >> plus, charlie's candid conversation with rock legend jon bon jovi. ahead, why the rocker says his band will not get into the rock & roll hall of fame, at least for now. >> right now, time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. variety reports on a chinese company buying the entertainment company dick clark productions. dalian wanda group will pay $1 billion. it already owns amc theaters. dick clark productions is best known for producing the american music awards, the golden globes and dick clark's new year's rocking eve. usa today says infamous cubs fan steve bartman won't crash the cubs victory parade today. some fans still think chicago lost the 2003 game because he touched the ball. he has not given an interview
8:32 am
since the notorious incident. i think they should leave him alo alone. >> you're the one who keeps -- >> no, no, i would really like to do an interview with him to see, but i mean people penalizing him. i would love for him to come and talk to us. i think all is forgiven. it is time to let it go. that was so long ago. i feel for him. >> it is a safe space. >> it is a safe space. he would feel a lot of love at this table, wouldn't he? >> yes. >> with stephen colbert. >> he sure would. i went to wrigley field in the run-up to the world series, and one of the ushers is walking me on the warning track there and as we go by where bartman is sitting, he goes, right there, first thing he says about wrigley field, points to the seat and goes right there. seat 113. >> yes, see, let it go. >> lucky 113. >> i would love to meet him. but stephen colbert is here at the table, always love meeting him, putting his signature satirical spin on this presidential election. the late show is broadcast live numerous times during the campaign, starting with the
8:33 am
republican and the democratic national conventions. more than three months ago, we saw you there. and again after the presidential debates. >> there was even a time when he didn't get an emmy for his tv program three years in a row and he started tweeting that the emmys were rigged again. >> should have gotten it. >> yeah. he may have a point there. he may have a point there. with the emmys. i'm beginning to suspect the television awards may be controlled by members of the media. and, donald, you really should get one. they're fantastic. >> uh-oh. it is going down. colbert will host a live election night tuesday called in part, this is the in part part, democracy series finale. the other part is called -- >> don't say it. >> who is going to clean up this poopy doo. welcome back stephen colbert to the table. i can't wait. i love when you go live.
8:34 am
>> so do i. so do i, yeah. you should try it sometime. it is really exciting. people don't know we recorded this 3:00 yesterday and this all just rolled in. >> we have very reliable sources, who shall remain pnameless, that there will be full frontal nudity on tuesday possibly. >> i'm going to do krunccrunche between now and tuesday about if i feel good about myself -- we may have naked men on set. it is showtime, you can have full frontal nudity as long as the men don't look happy about it. this is the first political campaign that i ever made jokes about where you can't actually quote one of the candidates unless you're on paid cable. >> small child said to me, recently, i know the p word and the b word because of donald trump. >> so he's educating people. lovely. that's what you hope. >> you're going to go live on
8:35 am
monday night and wednesday night on cbs. >> yes, cbs sandwiched with showtime meat in the middle. >> other than the bad words and nudity, what can you do on showtime that you can't do on cbs. >> talk continually for an hour without any commercial breaks. we have commercials that we have made for this campaign, with special surprise guests being the spokesman for the commercials. >> you were somewhat reluctant to do politics outside of your old character. but you kind of made peace with that it seems. >> i wasn't reluctant, my instinct to do it, but in sort of leaving the old character behind, i felt like, wow, if i talk about that all the time, isn't that going to be like the old character? but it took me a while to realize, no, no, no, because, a, you should go with what you're interested in and i consume this stuff all the time. i have to thank donald trump because he became an unescapable black hole of both politics and entertainment at the same time. and he led me back into the fold.
8:36 am
>> we have a poll on this morning that says more than 80% of the voters are disgusted with this campaign. >> that's a little low. >> that's what i said. who is the percentage that is not? >> who is excited? >> who is not disgusted? >> pyromaniacs, people who want to see the whole thing burn down. >> does it make your job easier or harder to know people had it up to here and i can't wait for all this stuff to be over? >> i think it makes it -- i think it makes it easier. serve waiting for the boil to be lanced. >> yeah, yeah. >> but at the same time, everybody loves talking about this election and every little detail. they claim how disgusted they are and can't wait for it to be over. >> people are yelling about this election. people like sharing the -- people -- we want to be able to share our emotions with each other and i never have seen a more emotional election in a negative sense. the obama -- my seat just went down. my seat -- what just happened? i have gained some weight evidently. hello, good-bye.
8:37 am
fantastic. the obama election was emotional, but that was fairly positive. >> this election is where people are voting against something rather than for something. you look at this great country of ours, you think that's not how an election should be. >> i guess not. however it is is what democracy is right now. >> your promo for the special, you're in a bunker. >> yes. that's my post election -- that's my post election apocalyptic -- >> how long do you stay? >> it depends who wins. i know you people have to be absolutely impartial, right? and i completely admire your ability to say the words donald trump with a straight face and god bless you, do you put a sharp stone in your shoe before you walk on here and report everything? >> let's do a lightning round with you, because you're so quick. what we want you to do, say the first thought that pops into your head when you hear -- take a sip of water, ready? trump becomes president. >> sell your stocks.
8:38 am
>> clinton becomes president. >> get out your jokes from the '90s. >> fbi director james comey. >> don't tell him any secrets. >> and the election is over. >> i'll be in bed. >> i know. four more days and counting. four more days. really looking forward to your special. >> me too. >> i really am. i love when you go live. >> you bumped me. you big footed me. >> from stephen colbert. you can watch stephen's live election night special tuesday on showtime and catch him on the late show week nights right here on -- where, steven? >> cbs. >> jon bon jovi has been making music professionally for more than 30 years. he tel
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56. ♪ ♪ livin p ♪ ♪ living on a prayer take my hand we'll make it, i swear ♪ >> that, of course, is bon jovi's iconic song "living on a prayer." he called the latest album a rebirth. this house is not for sale is
8:43 am
the 14th studio record. it features several changes for the 33-year-old legendary rock group including a new lead guitarist. charlie spoke with jon bon jovi this week. >> is there a -- >> integrity and rebirth. >> rebirth? >> yes, most definitely. ♪ >> there was a couple of things that happened to me in the last four years since the release of the last record, there is a member change in the band, richey sambora left the band in the 20 shows into the last tour. i had a temporary falling out with my label after having been tenured and biggest selling album artist on the label, but we came to terms and figured out a future. i was distraught over that. >> with the label. >> with my label, the place i called home for all these years.
8:44 am
and so once again, you know, i was at a crossroads and the answer was in the pen, you know. after three years i had something to say. >> is this different because richey is not part of this? >> well, it is different because the personality is different. ♪ halfway there oh, living on a prayer ♪ >> why isn't your band in the rock & roll hall of fame? >> the truth is we have met all the prerequisites and if you really want to be brutally honest, some of us have friends in the business and some of us have friends that are not such good friends and then you have other people that are envious and jealous and i've had a couple of falling outs with some of those people, and they're going to hold it over my head. look, statistics speak alone, music has spoken to generations, but, you know, i won't get in while these guys are, you know -- ♪ it's my life
8:45 am
it's now or never ♪ ♪ i ain't going to live forever ♪ ♪ i just want to live >> you want to buy an nfl team. >> yeah. >> you've been in pursuit of buying an nfl team. >> yeah. >> is it going to happen? how close has it come? >> we're on the doorstep. we had the wherewithal to do it. it wasn't the issue. it was -- >> with your own funds -- >> i had two partners. we really did want very, very, very badly to buy the buffalo bills. didn't work out for me. >> will it work out? do you see another opportunity? >> there is always going to be an opportunity. >> once you get on the nfl's list, i assume you stay on the list. >> i don't know. we'll find out. >> you can see charlie's full conversation with jon bon jovi tonight on his program. >> looking forward to that. next, we'll look at all that mattered this week. you're watching "cbs this morning." look at all that
8:46 am
mattered this week.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
and that is the way it is, monday, september the 2nd, 1963. this is walter cronkite. good night. >> walter cronkite had many memorable moments here on cbs. we are celebrate today what would have been his 100th birthday. >> happy birthday, walter. >> anthony will be back tomorrow morning. you have a special edition of "the dish"? >> we will be talking to anthony bourdain. >> we take a look back at all that mattered this week. have a great weekend. >> this is a tough play.
8:50 am
bryant. the cubs win the world series! and the cubs have finally won it all! >> the city of chicago deserves it with these guys. >> game seven, extra innings, rain delay, clutch home run. >> the longest drought of american sports ask over! >> the curse is dead! >> i want all of the girls to know you are valuable! don't let this bully tell you otherwise! >> the trump campaign is nothing, if not confident. >> they did a poll of your area and i tell you, we are through the roof. >> the fbi is trying to sort through these new e-mails. >> i think that is called the mother lode. i think they found them all. >> two police officers were found shot in their car, they were ambushed. >> he killed two members of his own family. >> michael vance was our worst
8:51 am
case scenario. >> joe biden slipped on his aviators on the trail yesterday. >> maybe when i need a job, rayban will have me a sponsor. >> what did you think of that dress she had on, charlie? >> i loved it! oh! >> she doesn't make any fashion mistakes, beyonce. >> paul ryan told reporters he voted for donald trump and i think we actually have a clip of paul ryan heading to the polls. ♪ >> the news is back in the morning and we will see you. i assume she is behind me? >> hello, charlie! this is me spinning in the chair. why? because the cubs won last night! >> is there anyone you want to say hello to you haven't talked about lately? >> yeah, you! >> we have waited to slong fso
8:52 am
this. >> 7:19, time to check your local weather. >> i have to say it, i think gayle's hair looks great. little a little pearl here, the morning sun. >> what are you hoping to accomplish? >> my hope we get 10,000 more eyes in the water and looking at parts of the world that no one has seen before. >> getting access to such a location is a miracle. >> this particular shrine is considered the burial place of jesus. >> howard has it! howard! >> the world has decided self-confidence and self-believe is one and the same and i'm here to tell you, unequivocally, they are not. >> what is wrong with this seat?
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
officers say someone shot two men last night near "bambi lane" an e city's east good morning, it's 88:55. san jose police are searching for a shooting suspect. someone shot two men last night near bandy lane and peter pan avenue on the east side. one of the men died, the other hospitalized. investigators are looking into the cause of a fire at a home in vallejo. it began about 11 p.m. on penny lane. no word of injuries. happening today in oakland a showdown over illegal dumping. the city is holding a town hall meeting on the issue later today. it will be held at 5:30 at st. louis bertrand church. here's roberta with the forecast. good morning, everybody. the skies blue, we have a few high, thin clouds. as you get ready to step out and kick-start your friday, we currently have temperatures pretty much in the 40s and 50s.
8:56 am
but we do have a high surf advisory in place all the way through about 3 p.m. this afternoon. now, right now it's 50 in san rafael, 48 in livermore, 51 in mountain view. today we are talking about 70s at the beaches, 70s bayside, 70s peninsula, and all the way up to 78 degrees in gilroy. 78 will also be common in brentwood. winds flat northwest at 5 miles per hour. we'll see increasing clouds late on saturday. that will lead to the potential of a light shower far reaches of the north bay overnight through your sunday. then a decent day on sunday for raider football and 49ers, as well. daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. on sunday. roqui with traffic next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. it's 9 a.m. how are the roads in the bay area? let's take a look now. westbound 84 this is the dumbarton bridge right before you get on the bridge before thornton avenue a three-car crash now off to the shoulder. it's just cleared about 2 minutes ago as we were getting ready to report this crash. however, there are some backups here all the way to newark boulevard to the dumbarton bridge. peninsula commute from hayward to foster city, across the span of the san mateo bridge 880 to 101 will take 17 minutes. and the bay bridge toll plaza lightening up for our friday morning. the maze to downtown will just take you a quick 16 minutes. ,,,
8:59 am
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