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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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and that's the organizers. they are basically getting all the people to follow them that big truck, but you have thousands of people out here. these streets just basically closed down with protesters. we're talking about 1500 people according to oakland police, but i can tell you just from looking at this it looks like it's grown to even more in the last couple of minutes. we have a lot of people with angry signs a lot of people heartbroken. there's a lot of cursing frankly out here. ray: apologize ahead of time if you are hearing any of that. but a lot of people are just very enraged with the election results. we asked several people out here could they accept donald trump as their president. take a look what one woman told us. >> make it an uphill battle so that whatever he tries to implement we can fight against. >>reporter: things have remained rather peaceful out
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here as far as i can tell no sense of violence or anything but i can tell you the crowd is very, very energized. there's a lot of anger here and you can see just the people spilling on to the streets here we'll be monitoring this situation. it's supposed to go until 8:00 p.m. the mayor is asking for peace she says in a statement oakland chooses community not chaos in where we go from here. jessica flores kpix5. >> thank you. bay area students many of whom are not even old enough to vote staging their own protest today. chopper 5 overhead at a walk out at bishop o'dowd high school in oakland. about a thousand students at berkeley high school skipped out of class. some joined protesters at uc berkeley an dozens gathered outside lincoln high school in san jose. a new trump administration could mean big changes in california. >> kpix5 melissa cane with how
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his presidency could impact the new policies such as legal recreation at marijuana. >>reporter: trump could really crackdown on california. now for the last 78 years the obama administration hasn't been too strict about enforcing certain federal laws. but donald trump could take a very different approach. >> proposition 64 has passed in california. we it's done right. >>reporter: right? well, maybe not. marijuana is still illegal under federal law. professor roy little is a former federal prosecutor he says a trump administration could start enforcing that federal law. >> you could bet rudy giuliani is going to come into office if he's attorney general and this will be first on his plate. there's how many states that let me eyes marijuana. this is a big issue. >>reporter: the question is would he? well trump hasn't said exactly what he would do about recreational marijuana. he's made it clear he's not a fan of colorado's recreational
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pot law. >> colorado marijuana good or bad experiment. >> i say it's bad medical marijuana is another thing but i think it's bad. and i feel strongly about that. >>reporter: >> you can bet that the private industry that is very geared up to make money on marijuana in california is going to hesitate and try to get from the government insurancees as to whether they can do business. >>reporter: it's not just marijuana trump could go after. there are other things like sanctuary cities where president obama didn't really intervene but donald trump says he will be different n. trump's ten point immigration plan this is number 4. >> block funding for sanctuary cities. we block the funding, no more funding. >> sanctuary policy i think he can change the enforcement of that pretty much overnight. can he withhold the funds immediately? i'm not quite sure. i think there's a little more complexity to that but he doesn't have to have congressional voting. >>reporter: if that happens.
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>> i have no trepidation about that. we're going to push back hard and explain what these policies are. >>reporter: newsom also says california is a lot like the rest of the u.s. but also different. >> we're a nation state in so many ways we are america. but we're just ahead of the curve. >> indeed. but with republican majority in the house and senate if donald trump wants to take a more hands on approach to california there doesn't seem to be a whole lot stopping him. melissa cane kpix5. >> the steaks of this election were particularly high for latinos. until the bay area are worrying about their families being torn apart. >> s or fears donald trump will keep campaign promises to deport undocumented immigrants. >>reporter: only 29% voted for
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donald trump. none more so than in the undocumented community they were not allowed to vote but they had great steaks in this election now great disappointment and fear. for sisters flora and sick for ya martinez last night's election of donald trump brought down their hopes and dreams for life in america. >> this morning reality hit and said wow i wish i could have done something. >>reporter: they are not allowed to vote because they are not u.s. citizens. their parents brought them illegally into the u.s. when they were 1 and 3. now they are protected under president obama deferred action for childhood a rivals flown as dark away allows them to stay, work go to school and have a driver's license. but that could end since trump promised to begin deporting people like them on his first day in office. >> unlike this administration no one will be immune or exempt from enforcement and ice and border patrol officers will be allowed to do their jobs the
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way their jobs are supposed to be done. >>reporter: the sisters wore about their two younger brothers u.s. citizens by birth how their family could be broken apart to give the boys the american dream. >> if we have to go back we wouldn't want them to go back with us because they made it here. they are the ones that made it. they are the ones that are able to stay. and we wouldn't want to take that from them. even if they tried to insist to go back. i think that hit me now because i wouldn't let them leave with us. >>reporter: jesus ruiz a community organizer says that fear is running rampant in the undocumented community tonight. >> we're hearing a lot of people pack my stuff and go. i don't want to get picked up at my house. i don't want to leave on their terms i just go home and pack my bags and just get out of
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here. that's scary. >>reporter: about 11% of the total electorate was latino in this latest election. it was about the same as it was in 2012 so no big latino surge as we had been hearing about according to exit polls the number one issue for latinos was not immigration it was the economy by almost a 2201 margin. reporting live in san jose len ramierz. a man in san tran is being criticized for flying a nazi flag over his home of it was in response to donald trump. his flag was flying over his home in dolores heights this afternoon. located on the corner of sanchez and 21st streets. the homeowner said he was trying to make a statement about the election. didn't realize people would take it seriously. angry neighbor confronted the homeowner this afternoon. >> it was a comment on our new president-elect. >> that's okay, but i do think that that actually -- i can see where you're coming from that but that actually is the wrong impression impression
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because it makes it seem like you're supportive of nazis. as your neighbor i don't think it's funny. it's not a cool thing to do i don't get it. >> okay. i'll take it down. >> thank you vessel. i really appreciate it. >> after the confrontation he did take it down replaced it with his california rainbow flag e. says he is not a nazi supporter. a range of emotions today from people in the bay area who are coming to terms with donald trump as our president-elect. emily turner found heartbreak tears and some people willing to give trump a chance right emily? >> that's right veronica we are in a very blue spot in an already blue state. so when a republican was elected to be the next president many people here couldn't believe it. >> i mean obviously it's a shock. >> upset, very somber. >>reporter: the bay area voted overwhelmingly in favor of hillary clinton. so for many this morning a trump presidency was a wake up
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call they didn't expect. >> i'm just shocked, but maybe i'm still in shock. >> i think it sends a strong message to girls across america i might cry now, but it was really -- i mean it was heartbreaking. >> i think it's just disheart earning to see what people are willing to look past to vote for donald trump. >>reporter: for some that disappointment runs deeper as a fear for the future and the issues they hold deer. >> personally from environmental effort perspective i work in energy in sustainability that's a little bit scary about what's going to happen with the policy around there. >> i'm concerned about the kind of appointments he's going to be making i'm concerned about the status of the healthcare system about what's going to happen with obamacare. >> it's scary. i'm a little -- i'm really concerned about where we're going. >>reporter: which is a question no one can answer. for the sake of moving forward many though by no means all say they are willing to take
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clinton's concession speech to heart and at the very least give trump a chance. >> i think that there's nothing we can do but move forward. >> i say give him a hundred days to see what he can do and go from there. >> i think the country is obviously going to get through it and this is just another time where we shifted policy and shifted our ideas and there will be another shift in the next 2 to 4 years. >>reporter: so i think one resounding emotion i heard out of everyone i spoke today is that regardless of what side of the aisle you're on everyone is at least hopeful for the future. emily turner kpix5. >> another live look from chopper 5 over oakland. protesters are are now leaving franco georgia way plaza spilling on to the streets so far pieces full but they are marching through the city streets rallying against president-elect donald trump. not everyone in the bay area agreed with the results at the top of the ticket. last night did bring good news for commuters. >> coming up how opinions will be spent to extend bart and
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spruce up cal trans. >> ,,,,
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winners this election. voters approving big money for tr cluding bart. . >> bay area commuters might be the big winners of this election. >> voters approve big money for transit projects including bart condition i don't think so 5 phil matier with improvements coming. >>reporter: all eyes were on washington here on the the streets of the bay area. voters turned out in record numbers to approve transportation measures. the question is how is washington going to respond or help out. here's the story. from the sidewalks to roadways to bart. one big winner in tuesday's election were bay area commuters. >> $14 billion worth of measures were approved. >>reporter: a $3.5 billion overhaul of the aging bart system. new buses for ac transit. sidewalk repairs road repairs in albany and mill valley. but wait, there's more. >> express lanes are going to
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get built in santa clara county. >>reporter: in san jose. >> getting bart extended all the way through downtown to santa clara. >> trying to get around what am i going to see as a result of this. >> you're going to have a smoother drive. >>reporter: he even president- elect donald trump appears to be onboard as he said last night in his acceptance speech. >> rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, we're going to rebuild our infrastructure. >>reporter: but what about money for mass transit projects like buses and bart? >> it's not like likely to be the priority in a republican congress. >>reporter: what about california's push for more hybrids and electric cars. >> we're going to have a different four years no doubt about that. >>reporter: it's interesting to note suburban contra costa county which is some of the bay area's longest communities fell short of the two-thirds votes needed to pass its own transportation bonds. >> additional taxes are a challenge for people. >> so people out in contra costa county all those suburbs
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going to be stuck in traffic and crumbling roads. >> pretty much. >>reporter: and it's interesting because out here in contra costa county getting around is becoming increasingly tough, but the rest of the bay area said yes they are reaching into their wallets and we all might benefit from what's down the line. in lafayette phil matier kpix5. >> second time is a charm for democrat row can a. what he plans to do in washington with the new president-elect. >>reporter: l if there is anything that could temper row can a's election it is looming prospect of a trump presidency coupled with a republican controlled congress. >> i never thought he would win candidly. so i don't think anyone in the country knows what it will look like. >>reporter: but he says he's prepared for the inhe i believe clash with the newly elected president whose policies he has
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often felt were unamerican and perhaps even unconstitutional. >> we're not going to see eye- to-eye i'm never going to support building a wall. i'm always going to stand up for lgbtq rights i'm standing up for a woman's right to choose. >>reporter: he heads to washington at a time when our politics are polarized and deeply divisive when compromised is viewed as synonymous not with problem solve but surrender. he says there's room to work with republicans on issues like economic policy or education. remitting silicon valley will give him the leverage to actually get things done. >> we have the future apple google intel, facebook we have the instruct responsible for the economic growth in innovation of this country and world. and anyone looking at that will say we want to make sure that valley is stronger. >>reporter: with the optimism inherent in those new to office he says his time in washington
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will likely be a mix of opposition and opportunity. >> i will compromise but i will never compromise my values. >>reporter: in san jose devin feeley kpix5. >> donald trump is getting read to take over the oval office and today he met with his team to go over potential cabinet members. cbs reporter weijia jiang shows us what's next for the future president. >> this is painful, and it will be for a long time. >>reporter: hillary clinton delivered her concession speech before supporters and campaign workers. while the former secretary of state appears to have won more votes she lost in the electoral college to donald trump. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >>reporter: trump thanked supporters early this morning and called for cooperation. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation i say it is time for us to comb together as
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one united people. >>reporter: president obama will host trump at the white house tomorrow to discuss the peaceful transfer of power. >> it is no secret that the president-elect and i have some pretty significant differences. we are now all root for his success in uniting and leading the country. >>reporter: house speaker paul ryan said with his party in control political log jams are a thing of the past. >> think about the laid off workers who see relief coming. think of the farmers in wisconsin being harassed by the epa. >>reporter: he will take the oath of office some weeks from friday. we can make pretty good educated guesses who will be part of the trump administration. these are republicans who stood firmly by him even when it was wildly controversial to do so with new jersey governor chris christie and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani.
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we're live in new york city tonight. weijia jiang kpix5. >> hillary clinton and millions of supporters it's a traumatic end to a dream. her message to young women who believed in her historic candidacy. >> big question of the evening we want to get your take what do you think of the election results we're inviting you to sound off on what you think happened. send me a tweet veronica de la cruz. join us for bay area night beat at 10:00 on our sister station kc b w. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. very warm day today. close to 80 degrees in some spots including those in san jose man etta airport 9 degrees. oakland 78 officially downtown concord buchanan field 77 san rafael. weather headlines it is park partly cloudy out right now partly cloudy throughout the night and into the day tomorrow. watch out for some valley fog. we've had it the past couple of mornings some spilled into the
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bay we'll see that overnight tonight. mild temperatures in the 50s. free month 5. concord 52. san jose 54. san francisco 58 degrees it's going to be warm again tomorrow. as a matter of fact some of you will hit the 80-degree mark for the first time this week which is 15 degrees warmer than average. we'll see 82 in napa. we'll likely see 82 in dublin pleasanton and livermore. orange color on your television. san jose and points south. morgan gilroy 80s. san francisco 75. changes on friday. not as warm not as sunny and we have a front moving in that may give us a few forth bay rain showers. future cast this is not thursday we're talking friday some sunshine to start we go cloudy to finish by friday evening we are cloudy by try night we'll see some light rain showers spilling over into saturday morning sonoma county marin county solano county and napa county. that's our own channels of rain between now and next tuesday. weekend should be dry couple of spring also saturday morning then we're done. sunday u sunday the milder sunnier choice both will be
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good to get outside. rain showers do return in a more widespread fashion by next tuesday. that is your quick forecast. we'll be back with more news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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women across the bay area. but on this, "day after"... our john ramos says... many women were left was the candidate hillary clinton's campaign rest nateed with thousands of women across the bay area.
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>> on this day after our john ramos says many women were left wondering whether it was the candidates or her message that missed the mark. >>reporter: all look political analysts said hillary clinton's core supporters would be young educated women. and the reaction from them at east bay colleges today showed that was true. >> it was just kinds of like you're grieving or something. >> very disappointed in our country very upset, very (bleep) off. >> to all the women and especially the young women, in her speech to the nation clinton told her youngsters however painful it may be for them they must not lose hope. >> nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. >>reporter: it turns out she may not have been the champion she wanted to be. a campaign that centered on fear of a trump presidency left little room for hope. >> it is more that i am very, very scared of what donald trump could do. >> did you vote for hillary
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clinton or against donald trump? >> i feel like it was more against donald trump than it was for hillary clinton. >> how did she even make it this far how did he make it this far i'm shock at both of them even being the candidates we have to choose from. >>reporter: every single woman i spoke with voted for clinton and everyone wishes they had had another option. that's the problem when politics on both sides turns to hate. when it's all over a message of hope. >> our best days are still ahead of us. >>reporter: tends to ring a bit hollow. >> i can't imagine what my life is going to be like. >>reporter: in the east bay john ramos kpix5. >> that's it for kpix5 news at 6:30. join me for night beat at 9:00. >> we're going to leave with you a live look at the white house. the latest news and weather always cbs ,,,,,,,,
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