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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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people. >> reporter: this neighbor says the women had three children, two boys and a girl. police haven't released the names or the relationship of the dead but they have brought in the fbi. >> investigative tools that we just don't have and pretty good for us in the investigation. >> reporter: including sources say a backhoe. why that would be necessary is not known. but they were on the scene well past the lunch hour collecting evidence and processing the crime scene. a woman from san jose is in custody for questioning. police say the neighborhood shouldn't worry, a suggestion falling on deaf ears. >> i'm concerned because there's three bureaus involved, fire, police and the fbi make me concerned what's going on right here in my neighborhood that seemed so peaceful and quiet. >> reporter: how long investigators will be out here, we don't know. it looks like for quite some time. emily turner, kpix 5, oakland. new video of an suv that
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hit a building in san jose killing one person and injuring another. it happened at around noon on curtner avenue near little orchard street. police say the black dodge hit a prius before it hit the alliance credit union. you can see glass near the entrance. the building was being remodeled and two workers were on ladders when they were struck. one died at the scene. the other was rushed to the hospital. >> both vehicles stayed at the scene. both drivers are cooperating. the investigation will pretty much determine who was at fault but that hasn't been determined yet. >> police have not yet released the identities of the victims. just days after the election, a major shake-up inside the trump transition team. weijia jang reports the president-elect's second in command is now in the top spot. >> reporter: liz and ken this big staffing announcement means that president-elect trump's right-hand man mike pence will oversee the final vetting and
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make recommendations to fill trump's administration. as for all the other big names that made the team, consider them top contenders for the top posts. vice president-elect mike pence is adding a new title to his growing list of duties. chairman of the presidential transition team. president-elect trump announced pence will lead the effort to pick who will join his new administration. new jersey governor chris christie had been leading the team and will remain as a vice chair along with dr. ben carson, newt gingrich, senator jeff sessionsand rudy giuliani. >> i can see already how he is going to be a great president. and i'm glad i could play a small role. >> reporter: campaign ceo steve bannon arrived at trump tower friday morning. he is the former head of the website breitbart news, now in the running to become trump's chief of staff. as for his agenda, trump tells the wall street journal he wants to move quickly to repeal obamacare but now he is signaling he is willing to
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compromise. trump says he is willing to work to keep people from being denied insurance for pre- existing conditions and he likes the provision that allows parents to keep their kids on their insurance longer. on friday, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said repealing obamacare is a top legislative priority in congress. >> the american people expect us to pursue the agenda that we talked about and i'm confident that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: trump will take the oath of office in ten weeks. but until inauguration, it looks like president-elect trump will be spending most of his time in new york city at trump tower which now is more like a fortress surrounded by barricades and law enforcement officials on a very busy stretch of fifth avenue. reporting at the white house, weijia jang, kpix 5. >> the billionaire venture capitalist who largely stood alone supporting trump in silicon valley is also joining the transition team. peter thiel went on national television last month to explain why he donated more than a million dollars to
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trump's campaign. >> peter thiel: it's not a lack of judgment that leads americans to vote for trump. we're voting for trump because we judge the leadership of our country to have failed. this judgment has been hard to accept for some of the country's most for the national socially prominent people. it's certainly been hard to accept for silicon valley. >> it's unclear what thiel's role will be in the new administration. the stanford graduate co- founded paypal and a software firm. he also sits on the board at facebook. over the summer he took the stage to endorse trump at the republican national convention, become the event's first homosexual speaker in 16 years. we asked cbs news political director john dickerson for his take on trump's transition,
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specifically the new role for mike pence. >> he moved mike pence into the head of the transition process which hartens a lot of republicans in washington who were looking for someone in the trump camp they could talk to who knew their language who was used to washington who kind of knew the -- the kind of start the conversation a little bit further down the road where donald trump really doesn't know the way washington works. that's the benefit for trump. but it makes it hard to get business done. so how people will deal with mike pence in this transition period may tell us something about how the trump administration will work. >> we'll have more on the election from john dickerson on "face the nation" sunday morning at 8:30 right after kpix 5 news. students are defending a bay area principal who directed a profanity at donald trump. his comments came yesterday as he spoke to hundreds of kids who had walked out of class at milpitas high school. >> [ censored ] donald trump!
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[ screaming ] >> the district quickly put phil morales on administrative leave. now students are circulating a petition on the students say there is no law against employees using expletives at school. the petition points out the diversity of the student body and says, quote, we saw our pain, fear and vulnerability reflected in morales' words. for his part, morales tells the "mercury news" he doesn't regret saying what he did. but he acknowledges it was unprofessional. oakland business owners are hoping for calm tonight after days of trump protests left buildings with shattered windows and graffiti. last night's protest started peacefully until they started causing trouble. demonstrators filled the streets in downtown oakland before climbing on an interstate 580 area near auto row. they blocked traffic until police officers ordered them to leave. it's unclear if more protests are planned tonight in the
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city. and we'll hear from the president-elect himself this sunday on "60 minutes." donald trump sat down with leslie stahl today for his first extensive post-election interview. stahl also spoke with first lady elect melania trump and trump's four adult children. you can catch a preview on tonight's "cbs evening news with scott pelley" right after this newscast. you can see the entire interview on "60 minutes" this sunday at 7:00 here on kpix 5. president obama marked his final veterans day as president at arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. this veterans day comes just days after the bitter presidential election. the outgoing commander-in-chief said america's vets can be a unifying force. >> when the election is over, as we search for ways to come together, to reconnect with one another, some of our best examples are the men and women
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we salute on veterans day. >> the election was on the minds of many at the veterans day parade in san jose. >> kpix 5's len ramirez on words of healing and coming together. ♪[ music ] reporter: in a week when our political differences have torn at the fabric of the red, white and blue, veterans are still the glue that holds the country together. >> yeah. i'm kind of puzzled. but i do believe trump has a chance. and i will back him. >> reporter: they may not all agree like america vets come in all colors, faiths and backgrounds but they once put their differences aside when they put on the uniform and swore to protect freedom and democracy. >> because we follow orders. >> reporter: not just discipline. alberto carrillo said he learned a lot about dedication while serving america. >> we do have a very diverse military and we know how to work together. >> reporter: the country's differences were noted on an otherwise apolitical day. >> you know, it's been quite a week. and in a bitterly divided nation here in san jose, we're
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showing the rest of the country how we pull together and honor what we value collectively. >> reporter: but it's not a bloody revolution, rather a peaceful transition of power and one air force veteran turned city council member said one of the lessons of the week is that it's up to all of to us make our voices heard. >> we need to make sure we're all participating in government that we are standing up for civil rights that when our elected leaders or any leaders we go out and vote because this democracy can't stand without participation. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a chemical leak put two people in the hospital in san francisco today. first and hazmat crude evacuated recology at pier 96. more than a dozen people complained of symptoms and two were hospitalized. the owner says there was a small chemical release that was
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confined to the inside of the building. a traffic alert for you about to get a lot harder to drive through one of san francisco's busiest roadways. major work begins tonight on van ness between lombard and mission. the changes are meant to improve safety, including fewer lanes for regular traffic and the addition of bus-only lanes. construction is expected to last through 2019. more hurtful words in the wake of this week's election. >> for somebody to treat me differently, it hurts. [ crying ] >> the letter that was handed out that left some high school students in tears. >> and meet the other outsider who won big in the election this week. the issue this new mayor knows all too well. >> we're live under the "friday night lights" for a play-off showdown that has people talking on the field, a secret weapon, the most sought-after college recruit in the country. ,,,,
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berkeley voters elected a man who will be the youngest mayor ever. as kpix five's da lin tells ne of his some history made this week in the east bay. berkeley voters elected a man who will be their youngest mayor ever. as kpix 5's da lin tells us, he is living one of his city's biggest issues. >> yeah. >> reporter: at 32, jesse becomes the youngest and the first latino mayor in berkeley. >> i am a progressive. >> reporter: he is a cal graduate and spent the last eight years on the city council. >> one of my top priorities is addressing our housing crisis. >> reporter: berkeley just passed a landlord tax and alameda county also passed bond measure a1. the mayor-elect plans to use money from both measures to build affordable housing. >> i'm a renter like other
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people in berkeley trapped in a housing crisis. >> reporter: political analysts say his victory is a referendum on current mayor tom bates and his approach to growth. there are major high-rise developments in downtown and people complained that is too much and too fast. >> it will be a little bit slower because i -- unlike the current administration, i don't think we should just rubber stamp everything that comes forward. >> reporter: his other provide or the is in front of city hall. >> we need to expand shelters and warming centers. >> reporter: he wants navigation centers for the homeless and get them into permanent housing. jesse says another priority is keeping alta bates open. berkeley's only emergency room wants to shut down by 2030 to avoid state mandated earthquake safety upgrades. >> berkeley would be willing to provide bond financing to help alta bates and the hospital. >> reporter: jesse worries donald trump will cut federal funding to berkeley since it's a sanctuary city. they will lose millions.
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in berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. a northern california mother is speaking out after she says her daughter was handed fake deportation letters at school. the girl says a classmate at shasta high school passed out deportation notices to students of different ethnicities. he recorded it on snapchat. the superintendent of the school district says the student told him it was all a joke. but some families say they don't find anything funny about that incident. >> it's not a joke. it's not funny. you're making fun of my family. you're making fun of my friends. and it hurts. >> reporter: the high school unified school district superintendent says the school will not tolerate this behavior. but it's unclear if any action will be taken to discipline the student. wealthy renters now outnumber homeowners in the
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city. according to an analysis by rent, renters earning $150,000 increased by 35% between 2014 to 2015. last year more than 56,000 units were occupied by renters in that income bracket. only about 54,000 units were owned by people with the same annual income. house sale of note in san francisco a victorian in pacific heights featured in one of the late robin williams movies, "mrs. doubtfire." 1993. remember? williams starred as a man who pretends to be a woman so he can fool his wife and works as a nanny for his kids. the house just sold for more than $4 million. if you logged on to facebook today, only to find out that you died, don't worry. turns out those reports were greatly exaggerated. you're still here. a glitch on the social media site led millions of users to
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be prematurely memorialized including the pounder mark zuckerberg himself. facebook apologized saying a message for existing memorialized pages was accidentally somehow displayed on some active profiles, as well. the error is fixed. the newest professional team in the bay area held open tryouts today. the san francisco delta is the men's soccer team, inviting players 18 and up to the field today to put a championship team together fueled by local players. the deltas are expected to start play next year in the north american soccer league. it's friday night. time for high school football. one bay area athlete is considered to be the number one college football recruit in the country. >> yeah. the star running back is verbally committed to alabama. kpix 5's jackie ward is live under the lights at antioch
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high school. jackie. >> reporter: najgy harris is just as great off the field as well as on. he is amazing. he is model and humble a hard working running back who wants to play football. >> he jumps one defendser. >> reporter: with moves like this, it's no wonder harris has been offered more than 30 scholarships from some of the top college football programs in the country. >> man, he is electrifying. very talented. very excited play. he has nfl potential. >> reporter: two years ago as a sophomore he ran for more than 2200 yards and scored 23 touchdowns. that's when the offers started rolling in. in the end, he verbally committed to the university of alabama. >> he is a hometown hero for this community. he has a great heart, a great football player and great student at antioch high school and we ought to be proud
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records now at 6'3" and 226 pounds, he still isn't 100% sure where he will go next year. but if jim harbaugh gets his way, he will move to michigan. harbaugh has visited the bay area three times recently. he is expected to graduate ahead of his class this winter which means he could be with the new team in spring. until then, he will try to build off his average of 202.7 rushing yards per game and maybe get his 30th touchdown of the season. so tonight the antioch panthers host the san ramon valley wolves kickoff at 7:00. in antioch, jackie ward, kpix 5. the mobile weather lab is in antioch tonight where the temperatures are:0s. we are cloudy and rain is not far behind. i'll have the weekend forecast and updated seven-day coming up. >> coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, political turbulence on a flight taking off from the
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bay area. how a pilot took control of a fight between two passengers over the results of the presidential election. >> but first, the markets closed up again today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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paul deanno is standing by. it should be a good one tonight. antioch going up against san ramon and, um, maybe a little weather before the end of the evening. paul? >> reporter: yes. talking to some of the antioch coaches, apparently san ramon valley has won the last two play-off meetings between these two teams. they are hoping for a little revenge, a little bit of payback. it's a beautiful november night for football. currently 68 degrees from the kpix 5 mobile weather lab. the rain should hold off until after the game until tomorrow morning. we already have the cloud cover moving in and the moon is being bashful. there's a "supermoon." the biggest the moon will appear between now and the year 2034. but the moon is hiding behind a
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good deck of clouds on the increase. and we'll see showers on the increase especially in the north bay. already beginning. here's a look at kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. you notice a lot of activity offshore but it's not moving from west to east. it's moving from southwest to northeast. that's critical for at least the next six hours that will keep the rainfall in the north bay. that said, lake county, mendocino county, north sonoma county and very soon north napa county you're already seeing light rain showers and that may impact your friday evening plans there. but south of the golden gate the rain should hold off until after midnight and it will be light rain at that. temperatures outside on a friday evening, yes, you made it to the weekend. san jose 68 degrees. livermore 68. concord 68. oakland 68. san francisco 62. santa rosa 63. so compared to this time yesterday temperatures are running about 5 to 9 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. overnight tonight with the cloud cover, we stay in the 50s. mountain view in pacifica 56. san francisco 58. livermore low 53. 55 in fremont and san rafael.
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there's a weak cold front on the way. a lot of activity off to our northwest but when this front finally arrives here, it comes without support from the jet stream. so this is just going to fizzle out right over the bay area. futurecast plays that out. lots of clouds. clouds will not be a problem. but the actual front itself will only make it to the i-80 corridor. i'm not expecting any measurable rainfall south of san francisco or oakland or vallejo or fairfield. the rain will mainly stay in the north bay, light rain at that, some showers tonight and early tomorrow morning. so it's a cloudy night with those showers mainly in the north bay. it will be a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. more sunshine by the afternoon. kind of the opposite of today. we started off sunny, finished cloudy. we'll flip that to. a lot of sunshine with warm -- we'll flip that tomorrow. a lot of sunshine with warm weather, a beautiful weekend day to get outside. temperatures tomorrow:
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by wednesday, widespread rain showers with highs only in the 60s. we are 90 minutes away from kickoff. there are a number of play-off football games, guys, all around the bay area tonight. and the weather should cooperate with the north bay being the exception. there are a few showers there. we'll be right back. ,,,, c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! ,,,, i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been
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80. this one at american canyon road. breaking news in the east
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bay. another shooting along i-80. this one at american canyon road. eastbound lanes of 80 are closed. a man driving a white mercedes was shot. he lost control, causing an accident. we are told his injuries are not life-threatening. but now the chp has closed the freeway to collect evidence. a major backup on 80 east towards american canyon right now. president-elect donald trump hasn't even take the oath of office yet. but already, it looks like he may face competition from fellow celebrities in four years. comedian chris rock and pro wrestler turned actor dwayne the rock johnson announced their plans to run for president in 2020. ron perelman and kanye west are also considering running. we'll see if they actually do it. >> plenty of time to wait. [ laughter ] that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> allen and veronica will be back here at 6:00. remember, the latest news and weather, always on
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have a great night. don't talk about politics. enjoy your family. captioni ed by cbs >> pelley: trump backtracks on obamacare. >> reporter: are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. >> pelley: a first look at an exclusive "60 minutes" interview. also tonight, christie's out, pence is in, as the transition team is shaken up. an anti-trump march turns into a riot. >> we are here for love. we are not here to spread hate. >> pelley: there's a jump in accidents, with more elderly truck drivers at the wheel. >> reporter: do you think his age played into that at all? >> i do, i do. >> pelley: and why would a couple wait nine years to open a wedding gift? >> you kind of wonder, you know, is it time to turn to the box? should we open the box?


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