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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪[ music ] live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:00, anti-trump protestors across the country gather for a fourth day of demonstrations. the protests happening here in the bay area. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. they hit downtown san francisco today on market street. the protests were peaceful and stayed along the sidewalk. in southern california, demonstrators pounded the pavement today in los angeles. president-elect donald trump says it's time for the country to come together. but as we report, words are doing little to calm protests. [ screaming ] >> reporter: from los angeles to new york city thousands of
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protestors pounded the pavement for a fourth day in big cities express their outrage with the election of donald trump. >> it's time to get rid of the electoral college. it failed us again. >> reporter: the protestors who ended up here outside trump tower where the president-elect has been planning his transition to office. >> i can't have a president who supports race i, misogyny. >> reporter: a demonstrator was shot in a leg in confrontation with a driver last night. the "new york times" reports that hillary clinton held a conference call with top donors saturday and said that fbi director james comey's second letter to congress just before the election helped rally trump voters. in his first post-election interview with "60 minutes," trump recalled the phone call he received from clinton. >> she couldn't have been nicer. she just said, congratulations, donald. well done. and i said, i want to thank you very much. you were a great competitor. she is very strong.
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>> reporter: trump has no public events on saturday. but he did tweet once saying, this will prove to be a great time in the lives of all americans. we will unite and we will win. cbs news, new york. a south bay high school teacher is on paid leave tonight. he has been getting threats after comparing president-elect donald trump to adolph hitler. kpix 5's maria medina sat down with the teacher. >> hopefully, we'll all learn from this. >> reporter: frank navarro doesn't know when he will be in front of the classroom again after one of his history lessons. why did you feel it was appropriate to compare donald trump to hitler? >> because i think that historically it's factual. >> reporter: he is accused of calling trump adolph hitler and racist but says that doesn't happen. he said he talked to his ninth grade class about both presidential candidates and he draw parallels to the president and hitler.
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>> hitler said he would make germany great again. donald trump said he would make america great again. hitler focused on the jews and the poles as foreigners and they should be removed from germany. donald trump is focused on muslims. >> reporter: navarro isn't the only bay area teacher in the hot seat after trump's win. a milpitas principal also on leave for using the "f" word about trump but navarro says he never talked about his own opinions only historical "facts." would you do it again? >> absolutely. >> reporter: navarro is getting online threats but he is also getting some support. a petition on calls for the reversal of his leave, has thousands of signatures. >> i'm overwhelmed and amazed. >> reporter: the teacher says he can see why someone would be offended but he says he was simply doing his job and he hopes he returns to it soon. >> i think it's a heated time. i think we are polarized.
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and that we have forgotten what it means to exchange ideas. >> reporter: in the east bay, maria medina, kpix 5. >> navarro is expected to meet with school leaders on monday. the superintendent says their decision to put him on paid leave wasn't punishment but gives the school time to investigate the facts. turkey just issued a travel warning for its citizens if they are coming to the u.s. the foreign ministry's website cited violent protests in the u.s. following the presidential election. it also noted many demonstrators have been detained. the race for mayor of fremont is up in the air. the incumbent is trailing his challenger by a slim margin. but lots of ballots still must be counted. kpix 5's da lin talked with both candidates today. >> reporter: four days after election night, people in fremont don't know who the next mayor is, too, close to call. >> cautiously optimistic. >> i knew it was going to be close but i would rather it be close the other way. >> reporter: the incumbent
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mayor bill harrison is down by about 12,000 votes to challenger vice mayor lily may. may has 51.15% of the vote while harrison has 48.51%. but the race is far from over. there may be as many as 20,000 ballots left to count. >> four hours that you're waiting for the results to come that night is probably the longest four hours. this is going to be a long couple of weeks i think. >> reporter: the key issue in the race has been over the pace of the developments. harrison is pro development while mei pledges to slow it down. >> we are not against growth but we look for responsible growth. >> we are the fourth largest city in the bay area. it's time we act like it. we need to provide jobs and housing and commercial activities. >> reporter: if mei maintains the lead and the becomes the next mayor, she would be the first asian-american female mayor in fremont. >> it's privilege to be the first in any role and any category and from that perspective, breaking that ceiling is exciting. >> reporter: it could be a
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while before we get the outcome. the registrar's office has until december 8 to certify the final election results. in fremont, i'm da lin, kpix 5. not the only place. in antioch the mayor's race also still too close to call. sean wright leads the incumbent wade harper by less than 200 votes. and contra costa county still needs to count about 120,000 votes in all by mail. some of them are from antioch. a county election spokesman -- >> a county election spokesman says it will probably take until the end of the month to know for certain who won. at least 70 smartphones have been stolen in the east bay. a group of thieves hit the berkeley apple store on tuesday. then again on thursday. you can see the suspects. they took the display phones off the counter. berkeley police say they are looking for at least 8 men in their late teens or early 20s. they are checking with other local law enforcement agencies in the bay area to find out if
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the thefts are part of a pattern. three more robberies in berkeley to pedestrians. people are asking everyone to be careful. a young woman is dead after being thrown from her pickup truck in a crash in the east bay. it happened about 9:30 p.m. last night on lone tree way in antioch. police say the 23-year-old driver ran a red light and hit two cars. the pickup truck rolled over several times. the driver who was not wearing a seatbelt was thrown on the street and killed. investigators do think alcohol may have been a factor. the 2 other drivers were hurt but will survive. police in oakland are investigating five separate shootings that happened within hours of one another. the first shooting happened just after 7:00 last night along macarthur boulevard. two people were injured but are now in stable condition. the second shooting happened along international boulevard just after midnight injuring one person. about an hour later, a woman was shot along pleasant valley road and at 3 a.m. a man was shot along east 14th
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street. soon after, two more people were shot along webster street. no one was killed in the shootings and police have made an arrest in connection with one of the cases. they are still searching for more suspects. concord police need help fighting a package thief. you can see him on surveillance video stealing a box right off somebody's porch in broad daylight. anybody who recognizes him is asked to call police. well, coming up an historic church in berkeley nearly burned to the ground is finally getting some much-needed help. how community members are coming together to restore the building. >> plus, a famous san francisco home off the market. how much did the "mrs. doubtfire" house sell for? we'll find out. ,,,,
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of berkeley is far from being rebuilt after a 3-alarm fire ripped through the building in september.. it did about 2- million dollar the first congregational church of berkeley far from being rebuilt after a three- alarm fire in september.
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$2million in damage. restoring the building has been an uphill battle. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in berkeley to tell us what the people are doing to help rebuild. >> reporter: brian, as you can see behind me, the scaffolding is still up and you can still see the damage that the flames caused back in september. it's far from being fully repaired. but the people of the congregation are doing everything they can to help it rebuild. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: for six long weeks, something in leslie ferguson's life has been missing. >> every tuesday morning, i'm bereft. >> reporter: so today was a reunion of sorts for leslie and the other volunteers of the first congregational thrift store. >> we all sit around our big table and these ladies are in their 70s, 80s and 90s. i was a kid. >> reporter: the store was run out of the church's basement. it's uninhabitable and will be for quite some time. >> the fire was devastating but, you know, good things are going to come out of it. >> reporter: those had
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frequented the store are happy to see it return if only for the day. >> sad. but, um, the community is still here and it sounds like everybody is still kicking. >> i got a wallet and a jacket and a sweater. >> reporter: molly says services will be held about a mile away at another building and the turnout is great. >> people are coming and there's been a lot of joy and laughter on sundays. >> reporter: it will be another two to three months before services will will be held in their own building again and maybe as many as two to three years before their administrative building is back up and running it's a lot of work to rebuild. but everyone has a job now. we have our marching orders just like we're moving things forward at an appropriate pace. >> reporter: if you missed the recovery sale today there are still plenty of fundraisers happening to help them rebuild including one that's a week from today at the first congregational church in san francisco at 6:00. in berkeley, jackie ward, kpix 5. the "mrs. doubtfire" house
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is off the market. it sold for $4.15 million. the pacifica heights house was the setting for of robin williams' most popular movies. the four-bedroom victorian stands at 2640 steiner street. it was listed in september for $300,000 less than what it sold for. san francisco was where williams' comedy career took off. after his death, the house was a temporary shrine to him. a suicide bomber killed four americans early today at an air force base in afghanistan. the pentagon says the blast around dawn killed two u.s. servicemen and two contractors at bagram airfield. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. officials say the suicide bomber may have posed as a worker and lined up with other people who typically wait to get into the base early in the morning. heavy security marked the re-opening of the concert hall in paris a year after a deadly terrorist attack there. ticketholders encountered lots
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of police barricades and body searches. the singer sting opened his show at the bataclan by asking everyone to observe a minute of silence. 130 people were killed by terrorists. still ahead how smartphones are taking a toll on our health. >> the weather, department, sun is good for the soul and probably our health as well if you don't stay out in it too long. you will have the opportunity to do that tomorrow. the forecast is coming up after a break. ,,
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say it could be impacting your smartphones play a major role in our everyday lives. but researchers now say it could be impacting your health. a new study suggests the amount of time you spend on your phone could affect the quality of your sleep. chris martinez reports. >> reporter: jena checks her apps at least once every couple
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of minutes. >> i think if i were to, like, take an intentional cell phone fast, i don't think it would last very long because it's a habit. >> reporter: a new study suggests that habit could affect your quality of sleep. researchers study more than 650 adults tracking how much time they spent on their smartphones and their sleeping habits over a month. they found extended screen time was linked with poor sleep quality and less sleep especially for those who used smartphones right before going to bed. that may be for a few reasons. >> maybe if you don't sleep well, you look at your phone more often. but also looking at your phone exposes you to blue light. blue light is alerting and can inhibited your sleep and fragment your sleep throughout the rest of the night. >> reporter: doctors say getting enough quality sleep is critical for your physical and mental health. poor sleep is linked to an increased risk of obesity,
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diabetes and depression. jenna says her smartphone habits have certainly thrown often her regular bedtime. >> i go to bed later because i'm doing stuff on my phone. >> reporter: read a book to unwind before bed to ensure a better night's rest. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. workers are building christmas in the park an annual attraction in downtown san jose. they are in the process of transforming plaza de cesar chavez into a winter wonderland with dozens of exhibits, glittering lights and a towering community giving tree. christmas in the park opens on november 25th and admission is free. >> i have sobering news for you. >> what is it? >> it's the first time we have mentioned the holiday season. >> i tell my kids after thanksgiving is when you start talking about it. >> here it comes. it's clear out there. the numbers are mostly in the mid-60s. 62 in san francisco. 66 for san jose.
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and in santa rosa right now 65 degrees. well, a weak little cold front brushed the northern part of the state and didn't do much. high pressure builds in and a warming trend is on the way for sunday through tuesday. then a little wrinkle in the atmosphere passes through. vern might get a little bit of rain up there in marin. futurecast shows that we have in the meantime sunny skies and a few little puffs of fog and low clouds offshore. tomorrow is going to be beautiful. we have plenty of sunshine. numbers are going to warm up a little bit and we're going to invite you to go ice skate in that weather in a moment. plenty of sunday sun for us. midweek rain chance in the north bay. who wrote this? i did. otherwise sunny and warm in the coming couple of days. walnut creek on ice! this weekend, a little mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures 71 degrees. marin will also be on ice this weekend in san rafael, nice and mild and a temperature of about 70 degrees. sunday streets block party at
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the embarcadero with mostly sunny skies and 67 degrees. and how about the veterans day parade? couple of days after veterans day, but nevertheless, everybody couldn't make it on friday. so how about sunday? fisherman's wharf, plenty of sunshine and 67 degrees. heading out of the bay area, some clouds around. but not a big deal. 72 at redding. eureka we have found 59 degrees! 61 for mendocino. yosemite 56 and partly cloudy skies. mostly clear skies in the bay area tonight with sun-up at 13 minutes before 7:00 on sunday morning. numbers will bottom out upper 40s low 50s for the most part in the bay area. and then forecast highs for tomorrow, you know, let's look at this map for a moment. high temperature forecast, we're calling for sunshine. why is the rain falling in the distance up there? i will tell you why. because this is an accurate computer generated image and it's showing rain that's hundreds and hundreds of miles away. hm? still it will be sunny here so
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if you are confused join the crowd. 68 in san francisco. 71 mountain view. in the extended forecast we are looking for sunny skies for tomorrow in the bay area and for monday. tuesday will cloud up a bit. there's just a little chance of a few showers coming in on wednesday in the north bay. we'll get other direction. thursday, friday and saturday we'll have increasing sunshine and temperatures in fact 60s. it will be in the mid-70s the next couple of days in the warmest spots sound goods. now, if you are on the subject of looking good -- >> i like that setup! hey, straight ahead, a stunner at the top of college football. and it affect the balance of power there. at least for now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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big deal... ....stanford- oregon today in eugene. senior day for the ducks in college football up top this used to be a big deal. stanford, oregon, today in eugene. senior day for the ducks. but no answers for christian mccaffrey. the cardinal running back ran over, around and through. six minutes into the game, a little seam and he gone! 61 yards to the house. first of a monster day for him. later in the first, keller chris, jjarsego way side his fifth touchdown. three touchdowns for chris for
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the afternoon. 2nd quarter, here's the tip drill. the defensive back, watch and learn. alpierie, came down with it in the end zone. you have to stick with t three takeaways by stanford today. the oregon defense, boy, oh, how the mighty have fallen. mccaffrey's third touchdown of the half! 250-plus all purpose yards. stanford blew out oregon, 52-27 to improve to 7-3. the cal bears under the lights at washington state. 18-point underdogs. hey, the opposing head coaches go way back. sonny dykes once upon a time was mike leach's offensive coordinator in texas tech. now for the washington state players, well ... cougars marx is underwhelmed. >> it's always fun to be able to play those guys but it's not like a -- we -- we mark cal on our schedule like, oh, wow,
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can't wait to play cal. that's the one. >> whoa! [ laughter ] >> the bears beat the cougs in a shootout 60-59. that was in 20 14. that's the last time the bears were in pullman but the times have changed. washington state, they are unbeaten in pac-12 play. the cougss are ranked 23rd in multiple bowls and here's the gruff lovable mike leach on the topic. >> i don't care. if it's not that one then it's somebody else's, you know, it's everything from something this media journalist guy or some guy in a garage with a computer that he plays on a lot, you know, i mean it's going to be out there one way or the other. upset alert! you bet. sweeney is upset. his bcs number 2 tigers in disstress to pitt. watson threw for 600 yards. tigers by 80. one minute left tigers up 2. panthers stop the drive, stop
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wayne on fourth and one so pitt got the ball back with 58 seconds. panthers in the field goal range. chris blue wit didn't blow it! 48 yards, he is the hero. pitt pulls off the upset 43-42, ending the number 2 clemson's undefeated season. high school ball for ya. bishop o'dowd in the play-offs today opener against terra linda. joey deluca to quinn brennan, 42-7 at the half. dragons the number two seeds spank terra linda 56-14. they are 10-1. they have encinal next. remember this? j.t. snow scooping up little darren baker in the 0-1 world series? dusty's son was 3 at the time. guess what, he is all grown up
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now and yesterday, baker signed a letter of intent to play baseball at cal next year. he will graduate from jesuit high school in sacramento this spring. baseball, the a's made the first move of the off-season trading danny valencia to the a.l. west rival seattle for a minor league pitcher paul blackburn. valencia hit .237. 51 rbi last season. 49er business, i have yet to find a fan willing to give trent baalke a vote of confidence. he would have had a hard time with the popular vote but chip kelly came to his defense when asked if baalke was spending too much away from the team to scout college talent. >> he is only a phone call away so if something were to happen, right, we could have a conversation. >> of course i like to speak to you. >> but on a day-to-day basis, there's not really -- you know, unless there was a explosion in the kitchen or something. >> i'm just calling up to tell
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you something terrible has happened. >> brian, as for you -- -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> love it. see you at 6:00. >> ninan: four americans killed in afghanistan. two u.s. service members and two contractors are among the latest casualties in america's longest war. also tonight, election aftermath-- who's up for a job in the trump administration? >> someone got shot! >> ninan: shot fired at an anti-trump protest. >> let's keep our feelings to ourselves. >> ninan: a pilot warns passengers after an election-related scuffle. mistrial in the case of a white ohio officer who killed an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. wildfires scorch the appalachian mountains. a wanna-be weatherman is among the arson suspects. >> i will keep you updated right here on wer


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