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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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,, who says i shouldn't havmy doctor.very day? my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. trump presidency is underway... as the president-ele ks to fill sta y area now at noon, the transition to a donald trump presidency as the president-elect works to fill staff positions. bay area loaders are working to bring those divided together. good afternoon, it's monday november 14th. i'm kenny choi, michelle is on
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assignment. jackie ward is joining us live from san francisco to ex explain. >> reporter: today was about a more pieceful approach and spreading a message of unity. even in the middle of a bustling monday morning, people still found time to stop, reflect and write' message of hope. >> with the war and hatred and prejudices around the world, we do need to come down to earth a bit and stick together it comes down to treating each other with kindness and an abundance of love, no matter who the person is. >> this is one of three walls that are set up at major bart stations in san francisco. one of the artists wanted to offer a way for the public to
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grieve. >> people need to see in visible public spaces that they're not alone. >> we will always be san francisco. >> at city hall the mayor ed lee wanted to offer a message of resill re re resilient si. . >> we have been and always have been a city of refuge and sanctuary and love, that is what makes us strong. >> reporter: expect to see more interactive art installations like the wall of empathy. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix5. oakland high schools are planning to march any minute.
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also east los angeles students are skipping class to protests president-elect trump. this is a live crowd gathering there now. some are carrying u.s. and ex- can flags. students put up signs at the school to discourage the march today. the president-elect sat down for his first interview last tuesday. the wide ranging discussion covered a number of topics including his call to build a wall along the u.s. mexico border. that interview comes as mr. trump attempts to pick out his new staff. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump tells 60 minutes that his campaign pledges were starting points for negotiation including the wall along the u.s. mexico border. >> would you accept a fence? >> in certain areas i would. . >> reporter: but that doesn't mean he's going soft on immigration. >> to the people who have
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criminal records like gang members and drug dealers, a lot of these people -- probably 2 million, we are getting them out of our country or going to incarcerate them. >> somebody has broken a major felony, do you still want them in the country when they broke the law to come in the first place? ? >> reince priebus is selected to be the new chief of staff. he's considered the ultimate washington insider with close ties to paul ryan. mr. trump also tapped stephen bannon as his white house senior counselor. he was criticized for using the page for white nationalism. asker if nationwide protests against him, mr. trump says american shouldn't be afraid of
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his administration and that he plans to bring the country together. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. the president-elect campaign is figuring out how to transfer the real estate business to his children. trump has 59 properties at home and around the world bearing his name and while there are rules to prevent conflict of interest for government officials they do not apply to the president and vice president. now with his children involved in the transition, ethics watch group say it doesn't wall off the trump organization from the trump administration. >> it's turning business interest over to your family. a real blind trust would be one where he picks a third party, independent third party to manage his ib vestments. >> trump's relationship with deutsch bank, he owes the bank
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$300 million in mortgages. they are in negotiations with the government. . . presidential debates in 2004 and 2008. she stepped away from the newsdesk in may for treatment rticipate in last year she monitored the debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton last year. she stepped away in may and unable to participate in recent coverage. she was 61 years old. the san jose police officers association is announcing a 10 $10,000 reward for leading to information for a gunmen who opened fire at two sfpd officers. the confrontation happened at 7:30 last night. the officers approached a group of men who ran off.
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the investigators say that one of the men turned and fired several shots. the officers were not hit and they did not return fire. that came hours after a man shot and killed a county sheriff's deputy. he was arrested for trying to steal a woman's purse where deputy wallace was found dead. they believe he fled in a stolen van when he was shot execution style. deputy wallace was killed outside the car. we know for a fact that the gun used in this crime was in direct contact with his head when the trigger was pulled twice. this is an execution. >> a vi vigil was held last night for the deputy who was a 20-year veteran of the sheriff's office. new details in the crash in albany. the pedestrian was struck and killed around 4:30 this morning
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near the richmond san rafael bridge. the pedestrian was trying to cross the roadway and was hit by several cars. they were pronounced dead at the scene. an accountant from pacifica is accused of embezzling dollars. he was arrested thursday at his business in half moon bay. investigators say the alleged victim hired stern to provide accounting and payroll and tax services for three restaurants and then found discrepancies in bank accounts. there's traffic delays from construction lombard in north beach all the way to mission street in soma. we learn more about what drivers need to know to avoid being stuck in a back up. >> reporter: while the changes took effect on friday night on van ness most phone navigation systems haven't caught up.
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drivers using gps are being redirected time and time again trying to get across the road. both with apple navigation and google maps not quite understanding that most left turns off of van ness are no longer allowed. >> hopefully it will catch up. >> it's the beginning of a three year construction property and it will eventually look like this with a bus lane only in the middle of the roadway and new sland scaping and light. the only left turns will be at broadway and lombard. >> it's hard for a couple years but it will be worth it. >> you can expect plenty of traffic tie ups on side streets as vehicles try to avoid the mess and go around the block to make their turn. >> i can't stand it. i live a block from van ness. >> as for the gps issue, the
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issue lies with the provider. >> we did work with them over the last few weeks and it should have been changed. if not, we'll work and get it changed today. >> the next change is a big one. three lanes in each direction will be reduced to two tomorrow night. in san francisco, ann mackovec, kpix5. how will the controversial industry of recreational marijuana be controlled. whooel show you the damage left behind in new zealand from an earthquake over the weekend. we are seeing sunshine over the week. sunshine over the city and fog over the bay. some rain on the way, it's all coming up. ,,,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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the wake of a destructive 7- point-8 ma ke. right now parts of new zealand are getting pelted by powerful aftershocks in the wake of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. two people confirmed dead. most problems are on the nation's south island where there's damage to homes and railways. damage to one highway cut off the small rural town where a thousand tourists are stranded. navy ships were sent to to rescue them. >> there's rubble on the road, much damage to the railways. very, very heavy job for the agency. >> the quakes have caused land slides and leaving cows stranded on the small island
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after the ground collapsed around them. it's not clear yet who owns the cattle or what's being done to help them. firefighters battling an early morning brush fire, about 30 miles northeast of downtown los angeles. no structures are threatening damage or no injuries or evacuations have been reported. crews are using choppers to gain control of the fast moving flames. right now photos of the supermoon are dazzling people all over the world. the moon looking bigger and brighter than normal. this is special, it's the closest the moon has been to earth since 1948. this moon was full at 5:52 pacific time but it's staying big and bright for another day or so. that supermoon does more than just fill the night sky. it's shifting tide in florida. the tide was so high it filled some streets with six inches of
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water and they're expecting another six inches. >> that gravitation pull has called our high tides to be higher than they would have been without the supermoon. >> the sea level is expected to rise another six inches by 2030. the city is spending 400 million (40) 000-0000 trying to keep it higher and drier. let's get a check on the weather with julie. >> heading out the door this midday, really depends on where you are. some folks seeing plenty of sunshine here. sunshine over the city and fog over the bay. that's really impacting temperatures this midday. oakland at 59 degrees. san francisco at 64. sunshine in livermore, 66 in santa rosa. high pressure holding steady and that will mean hazy sunshine warming today. although we do have changes on the way. a weak disturbance moving through tomorrow.
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mostly sunny skies today but here we are with a chance of showers and light rain for the north bay on tuesday. advancing to wednesday, we will get clearing but also future cast saying the chance of stray showers around the bay area. anyone could see scattered showers on wednesday. not rain, certainly scattered showers possible. thursday and friday we're starting to dry out and warm up. plenty of sunshine and highs today in the meantime warming up into the low 50s along the coast and the warmest spots inland, 68 redwood city and fairfield today. here's a summary of what to expect. mild temperatures and chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. this weekend is looking wet but much better. it looks like it could be moving in this weekend. sunrise tomorrow morning, 6:51 and the extended forecast shows sunshine for most of today away from the coast and a chance of
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showers to the north bay tuesday. everyone could see a stray shower on wednesday afternoon into the evening and sunny and mild thursday, friday, and showers again on saturday. i think thursday morning will be very chilly. could see some frost out there. >> pack a jacket. >> exactly. more bay area headlines now, the oakland city council is considering marijuana regulations for businesses operating in the city. pot businesses pay a certain percentage of revenue to the city. some money would go towards job training programs. a lot of local governments are struggling to regulate the industry now that voters have approved prop 64 which lel lieses recreational marijuana. it's set to begin at 430 tim tim this afternoon -- -- legalizes.
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more trains adding this afternoon, it will allow them to carry 200 additional passengers. cal train says the average weekday count has groan to more grown to more than 60,000 passengers this year. >> passengers flying on any airline can enter the estate lounge with unlimited to food and drinks. a multi billion dollar samsung is helping will boost business challenges in the smartphone business. a bookstore ban, the one thing this small business isn't letting customers you. we want to invite you pet lovers to send us questions about their health and well- being. email the question to us and we will answer them every friday
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here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the auto sector. the south korean samsung is shelling out 8 $8 billion trying to gain an edge on other companies. harmon industries was bought.
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the move follows investments in the auto industry by tech giants from apple and google. also gives samsung new room to grow amid challenges in its smartphone business including the recent debacle involving the galaxy note seven. apple's new support app is available to download. but the website reports that so far the support app is only available on the neglect lands apple app store -- -- netherlands. the dow is up today 27 points. a bookstore owner fed up with people reading their phones instead of books. she banned electronics in her store. >> i want people to come in here and relax and enjoy a book. >> outside the wyoming bookstore she posted a sign that says "take a break, live like it's 1993.
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and stay healthy. a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, email our hotline, consumer watch at or call the hotline at 885 helps u. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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allowing fake news.. into people's feeds. donald trump has credited
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social media for h .. the now: where does fake news into people's food, donald trump has credited social media for his win. the question now is where does the networking site go from here? that story and much more later tonight at 5:00. a kwek check on the forecast before we go. >> i think we will see a mix of hazy sunshine and tomorrow chance of rab, tuesday and wednesday sun. better chance of rain on saturday and sunday. hope you enjoy your day. thanks for watching, everyone. ,, [music]
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