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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> it was basically a plan for all of our teachers at our school. >> reporter: the sikh lawyer who spoke at the republican convention gave the plan an f. >> it's boiling down the results of a national election where 60 million people voted for this gentleman to become the next president into two words racist and sexist and that's misleading. >> we should create spaces in our schools and in our communities where students can have their voices heard. >> if they are for trump they're welcome in my class to say why they're for trump. they will be given safe space and asked how he is not racist. >> reporter: the school district said, this is one of many optional lesson plans being circulated in the wake of the election. and not a part of the official sfusd curriculum. is this something that you hope other teachers pick up on n
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absolutely! absolutely! i want it to be a call to all teachers. >> reporter: this is not the first time that presidential issues have come under the microscope. they had best president obama's involvement in mideast wars and that was taught, as well. and it's also a place where the school board is talking about possibly changing the names of some high schools like george washington because they were once slaveholders. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. >> our new poll also found some hope for a divided electorate. 50% said that it was more important for people who oppose donald trump to find common ground with his supporters rather than disagree with them. there's more to our poll and we want to hear from you on this question. have the results of the election damaged relationships with your friends or family members? we have the survey results posted exclusively on facebook and we would like your
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comments. you can find us at a possible hate crime in the bay area. one woman says her car was broken into, the suspect left an angry note behind. nickie patchouli says she was out hiking mission peak in fremont this week. as part of a 65 day peace hike, she was on day 49 when she got back to her car and found this note. it called the woman out for wearing a hijab, or head scarf, and said, quote, this is our nation. she says whver did this is a victim, too. >> here, i believe that they are being controlled by fear. i believe that fear has consumed them. i feel i think that they are lacking self-love, self- compassion. >> turns out she is not muslim. nicki says she has lupus. she doesn't have hair. so that's why she was wearing a head scarf. developing now out of the east bay, police say two people
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have been shot at a berkeley park. this happened at strawberry creek park. that's on addison street a block off university avenue. according to a witness, 15 to 20 high school aged kids got into a fight shortly after 3:00. three shots were fired and everyone scattered. officers say one victim showed up at a local hospital and they found the other at the park. their injuries were not immediately known. we just got this picture into our newsroom. police are searching the area for possible suspects. also developing news tonight fbi agents descend on a quiet east bay community leaving the neighbors there feeling a bit unsettled. they raided a home on the 600 block of moraga way in orinda about a block away from miramonte high school. kpix 5 reporter jessica flores was on the scene as agents were confiscating items inside. jessica reporter: the search wrapped up here a few hours ago but many questions remain.
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the fbi will tell us that this search stems from a cyber fraud matter. at the orinda home, federal agents made no arrests but the fbi remains tight-lipped about their search and investigation. we saw several fbi agents walking in and out of the home on moraga way. the agents removed computers and other evidence. but the fbi isn't saying what they were looking for or what crime was potentially committed. they were say, however, that the investigation is related to a cyber fraud case outside the state. we tried contacting the homeowners here, knocking on the door and calling their listed numbers. no response from them. the fbi says their warrant was for a search, not an arrest. in orinda, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. within the past hour, a court appearance for the woman accused of killing three oakland family members. 61-year-old dana rivers did not enter a plea and is being
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assigned a public defender. she is facing three counts of murder, felony arson, and deadly weapons charges because police say she used brass knuckles and a knife. police say it was premeditated. it happened early friday morning. police found three people shot and stabbed to death at a house on dunbar drive. a teacher, her wife and their son. rivers was at the scene covered in blood carrying ammunition and knives in her pocket and ready to flee on a motorcycle. she also set the house on fire up, according to police. the 49ers are in a battle off the field against the city of santa clara all about the cost of running levi's stadium. the team has been accused of spending taxpayer money on maintaining and operating levi's. that would be a clear violation of voter-approved measure j. during a city council meeting last night, the mayor warned the team to hand over the financial documents or city leaders would be forced to take
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drastic steps. >> and we have yet to hear a response from the auditors to set up that meeting. >> what do you say to that? >> that's a very small part of it. we don't need to know how many bottles of water beyonce drinks. what we want to know is what are the expenses and revenues that should be flowing to the city of santa clara. so that's a diversionary tactic. it means nothing. >> the mayor says the public owns levi's stadium and nothing should be confidential. she is giving the 9ers one week to hand over those documents to auditors or she will move forward with taking away management control from the team. president elect donald trump is tweeting again. he is denying reports his transition effort is in turmoil. trump says, quote, it is going so smoothly. cbs reporter kenneth craig has more. >> we are very confididn't with how things are proceeding. >> reporter: they are offering a unified response to reports of turmoil within his transition team. that was after chris christie
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was demoted and all lobbyists were dismissed. >> there is a solid process in place. we feel very comfortable with the names that we're looking at and progress that we're making. >> false to say it's not going well. everything up there is very smooth. i know that president-elect himself i talk to him regularly he is very happy. >> reporter: the new head of the transition team, vice president-elect mike pence along with his wife had lunch with vice president joe biden and his wife jill in washington. tomorrow, he will meet with incoming senate democratic leader chuck schumer. inside trump tower the president-elect held a meeting about potential supreme court appointees. he also met with new york city mayor bill de blasio. outside trump's fifth avenue high-rise, security is tight. so much so, its neighbor the famous jeweler tiffany canceled his holiday display. the store is open surrounded by barricades. tourists don't seem to mind. >> i think they are going to find they are going to get
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online shoppers and everything will be well. people aren't shy to part with their money. >> reporter: across town, the company that owns several trump branded apartment buildings took down the gold letters after tenants petitioned for the removal. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> tomorrow trump is scheduled to meet with japanese prime minister abe in new york. it will be his first meeting with a world leader as president-elect. charges filed today against a minnesota police officer who fatally shot a man during a traffic stop. that man's mother spoke at a press conference this afternoon. philando castile was shot and killed back in july. today prosecutors charged the officer with manslaughter. they say he had no reason to use deadly force. the shooting's aftermath was streamed live on facebook. oklahoma city's airport is back open after a deadly shooting yesterday. police say lloyd buie a former southwest airlines employee opened fire. he shot and killed 52-year-old
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michael winchester, according to police, who also worked for southwest. investigators believe the suspect shot winchester in retaliation over circumstances that led to buie leaving his job. a plane taking off from san jose international airport had to turn around this morning after reports of a cracked windshield. the faa tells us a small jet was on its way to dallas when the windshield cracked. chopper 5 was over the scene. you can see what looks like some damage to the side front window. we are told the plane landed without incident. three people were on board, all are okay. it's unclear how that windshield cracked. pg&e is issuing a warning to its customers today. be on the lookout for con artists. coming up, reps with the utility tell us they have received more than 2,000 reports of scams this year. >> plus, it's not your average wildflower. what biologists in the bay area are doing to protect one of the rarest plants on the planet.
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>> would you eat a live octopus? koreans have been doing it for hundreds of years. and now there's a push to try to ban this delicacy. i'm kiet do, we have that story coming up. ,,,,,,
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live octopus... kpix 5 reporter kiet do.. tells us why restaurants are fig new at 5:00, peta is going after restaurants that serve a certain kind of delicacy. live octopus! kpix 5 reporter kiet do tells us why restaurants are fighting to keep it on the menu. >> reporter: they are looking at video shot by a member of peta inside a restaurant serving live octopus. the footage shows a chef cutting off half the tentacles and plating them to serve to diners. the octopus is kept alive until another order comes in. >> it's alive.
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>> reporter: the video produced as part of a campaign that launched this week trying to ban the consumption of live animals including lobster and shrimp which are served with their shells stripped off. peta says it will be pressuring lawmakers mostly in new york and california to pass laws that would ban the practice it calls barbaric. peta says there are about a dozen restaurants in california that serve the korean dish known as [ non-english language ] one of them is crab house in santa clara. there are numerous videos of the dish posted under yelp page, crab house says the octopus are farm raised and not endangered. everyone octopus shipment sells out and generates business by attracting customers. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: the owners of crab house didn't want to talk on camera but said they see this is as a cultural issue. koreans have been eating it for hundreds of years spanning generations. here in santa clara, they have been serving it for the past 13 years and as long as it's legal, they will continue to do so. state assemblyman agrees, the
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crab house in his district. he says he wouldn't personally eat live octopus, but he sees nothing wrong with it. >> it is their culture. if it's their tradition, they have been doing that for thousands of years, i just don't feel that it is for me to say that you should not continue with that culture. >> reporter: in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. >> there are few other dishes that are outright banned in california. one of them is shark fin soup. police need your help finding a guy who broke into at least one home in north san jose. surveillance video shows a man in a dark hoodie, jeans and a baseball hat walking up to a house on monday. a kpix 5 viewer cents us this video and says, her mom saw the man running out with stolen goods from their side door. there's a closer look at him. no was hurt. the man broke into a neighbor's
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home around the same time. a two-alarm fire destroyed a san jose duplex overnight. the flames broke out just before 1:00 a.m. on cypress avenue in the valley fair area. three people and one pet got out of the home safely. a paralyzed woman's car has been returned. the car was stolen in scotts valley over the weekend. it was specially designed to let the woman drive on her own. she used it to get to class at san jose state university. the car was found in santa cruz today and returned to its owner. good news for bookworms in san francisco. the board of supervisors just approved an amnesty period so people can return overdue books to the library between january 3 and february 14. they will not have to pay fines. the library says 155,000 people have overdue items. they owe a combined $4.5 million in fines. well, a warning today about
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an increasingly common type of scam. utilities across the country are now uniting to send a message to customers not to fall for it. consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains. >> reporter: he says it started with a phone call from someone claiming the pg&e bill for his doggie daycare was past due yield me that i have basically just minutes to pay my bill, otherwise the disconnect crew that had been dispatched was going to turn off my power. >> reporter: in a panic, he did what the caller demanded ran to a store, bought more than $750 in prepaid cards, then gave the caller the numbers printed on the back. >> don't do it! >> reporter: this person says reports of similar calls to pg&e customers are up 25% this year. >> this year at this point, we're at 2400 customers. >> reporter: and pg&e is not alone. utilities across the country are reporting a similar increase. so this week, they are uniting to warn customers about the so- called utility scam. >> filed a lawsuit against you. >> reporter: similar to the irs scam, the utility scam is
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intended to trick knew handing over money to con artists. the federal trade commission's david newman says the scammers are skilled at preying on your fear. >> once you get scared you stop thinking and you don't approach it critically. >> reporter: and the scams are getting more sophisticated. they disguise or spook their phone numbers to make it appear they are calling from the utility and often cite stolen personal information to make it appear they know things only the utility would know. bottom line, neither the irs nor utility would ask you for immediate payment. >> don't feel like you have to go and do it without checking with us. check with us. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. >> snapchat's parent company snap filed for its ipo. it could go public as early as next march. snap could be valued at more than $25 billion which would make it the biggest u.s. tech ipo since facebook. three year, the disappearing messages app turned down a $3
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billion takeover bid from facebook. it boast the more than 100 million active users. welcome news for target ahead of the holiday shopping season. the retailer's earnings for the last quarter easily beat expectations. target is trying to regain its cheap and chic status and will be offering special deals. target shares climbed nearly 5% today. the markets closed mixed today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. the dow snapped its seven-day win streak down about 55. in marin county there's a flower so rare it's on the verge of extinction. kpix 5's don ford shows it to us and tells us what biologists are doing to stay one step ahead. >> reporter: it's called the tiburon jewel flower one of the rarest plants on earth according to dr. sarah swop. >> it's only in two places in
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the whole planet. >> reporter: that special place is right here in the bay area on the rocky slopes of tiburon behind st. hilary's church. but there's something very weird about this little flower. >> as we go out at night with a uv light and the flowers themselves little white ribbony petals actually glow. >> they light up with black light. >> reporter: they received $40,000 from marin county to study the dna of the tiburon jewel flower. here they are trying to grow the flower for the lab. hundreds of carefully tended samples pampered and fertilized. so far, only mixed results. then there's this. it doesn't look good. >> not ready to say that yet. it does not do well with drought. >> reporter: we have a damp fall so the rare tiburon jewel flower may not be down for the count. certainly not if dr. swope can help it. >> i think the global survival of the species depends on that one population.
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>> reporter: in tiburon, don ford, kpix 5. flowers may be getting some good news. there is rain in the forecast find out which part of the weekend looks to be a washout and tonight, frosty! the first frost advisory of the season has been issued. find out who is going to drop to the mid-30s next. >> coming up at 6:00, drill, baby, drilling! how the incoming trump administration will dramatically change offshore drilling policies and the possible return of sarah palin to a cabinet position. ,,
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oh, it was a little chilly today especially after 3:00. >> yes. >> really kind of got crisp in the air. >> there was a bite to the air today. the breeze sets the stage for a chilly night tonight where you will have frost on your car if you parked outside some of you. already the mid-50s in livermore and san francisco. san jose 57. santa rosa down to 54.
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concord currently 57. this is you, napa county, sonoma counties, marin county, mainly away from the bay, our north bay valleys, overnight lows tonight may drop to the low to mid-30s away from the city. the pets bring them inside. protect the plants if you need tomorrow. yes, it is that time of year. frost advisory in effect and a freeze warning for inland mendocino county. ukiah may be below freezing tonight. so specifically what are we talking about? concord tonight 39. up and down the 680 corridor south to pleasanton and livermore, upper 30s for you. fairfield, vacaville, 38 degrees. napa 39. santa rosa 36 degrees. radar is clear. we had a few showers offshore. they are gone. but let's look up towards the sierra where we have had numerous snow showers and i have video to show you from the sierra because, yes, it is snowing. this is our "sierra at tahoe" camera. a couple of ski resorts are already open. boreal opens up friday. mount rose opens friday. snow guns have been work. fresh powder in the mix and the sierra is turning whiter and
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whiter. let's focus our attention now on a solid rainmaker moving in saturday and sunday now looking wet. this was the low pressure area that's giving the snow showers to the sierra. that's moving out. but this guy, it's a big one. it's going to be moving in both saturday and sunday giving us some widespread rainfall and the potential for one to three inches of rainfall by the time the weekend is finished. tomorrow, no. friday, no. even by 2:00 in the afternoon we're still sunny. rain hits the north bay a steady soaking rainfall by late friday night, it works its way south and we stop futurecast at 9:00 saturday morning just as your weekend is getting going it's going to be soggy so plan on rain likely both saturday and sunday. not a 48-hour washout. but more often than not it will be raining over the weekend. 62 that's it for a high tomorrow for fremont but it will feel warmer today because the wind won't be as strong. santa rosa 63. san jose 63. low to mid-60s everywhere in the bay area. so we are dry and milder. thursday and friday, dry and milder.
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saturday morning the rain begins. actually the heavier rainfall is sunday. done monday morning. big travel days tuesday and weathering before thanksgiving which is crazy how is that next week but it looks dry but we may see more rain toward the holiday. big travel days tuesday and wednesday. weekend washout a possibility. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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literature next month. the songwriter told the academy: singer bob dylan turns out will not be in sweden to accept that nobel prize for literature next month. the songwriter told the academy he wishes he could receive the
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prize in person but other commitments make it impossible. it's not clear what those commitments are since his website doesn't list any tour dates after this month. [chuckling] >> he will have to give a speech within six months after the ceremony. bay area-born actor tom hanks will soon be awarded the highest civilian honor in america. hanks who went to chabot college in hayward is among 21 people receiving the presidential medal of freedom this year! other recipients include nba hall of famers michael jordan and kareem abdul-jabbar as well as legendary dodgers announcer vince scully. president obama will present the awards at the white house next tuesday. >> awesome. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. the latest news and weather, always on allen and veronica will be here at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the word comes down from the tower. the president-elect tweets the transition is organized and smooth. even his opponents say so. >> i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands. >> pelley: jon stewart weighs in in his first interview since the election of donald trump. >> i don't believe we are a fundamentally different country today than we were two weeks ago. >> pelley: government safety experts give pilots a visual lesson in midair collisions. and the library of congress honors the motown sound of smokey robinson, calling his soulful melodies "works of art." ♪


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