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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: at 12:35 this morning the chp received a call from san francisco police saying they were chasing an armed robbery suspect on 101 south near sfo. the chp got involved in the pursuit at 101 ralston. they chased him to 87 south to fremont in sunnyvale. then where fremont and el camino intersect, the suspect lost control of the car and hit five parked cars in the parking lot. the passenger was ejected from the car and pronounced dead at the scene. the driver was arrested and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> they they were traveling at a high rate of speed on the 101. it happened approximately 12:59 this morning. they covered a long distance this about 15 minutes. >> reporter: the chp says the suspect was driving over 100 miles per hour on the freeway. he drove from belmont to sunnyvale in just 15 minutes.
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we are told the driver is 19 years old and the passenger was 18. el camino rial is closed at wolf this morning and the chp believes it will be closed for at least a few more hours. lisa chan, kpix 5 news. let's take a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. the lights are twinkling this morning at 5:01. hey, guys. how are you doing this morning? >> can't complain. >> i am tired. i watched the raiders game last night. a good one, oakland looking really good in the afc. i guess no one else watched football except for me. >> you know i love football but the tv wasn't on last night. >> really? >> i was busy. >> there you go. >> this is not reader black. i am actually wearing navy but i do support the raiders. i did not watch but it is okay. i am there in spirit! [ laughing ]
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let's go outside. let's show you the bridge. it is pretty nice outside but it is pretty chilly, as well. you will need a jacket. it is colder today than yesterday. in santa rosa it is about 37 degrees. in the north bay it is chillier. the valleys get pretty cold. 43 in livermore. visibility is actually okay if you are maybe heading to the airport. i know it is a busy travel week for a lot of people. everything looks good by sfo. the north bay valleys are seeing patchy valley fog. fairfield, santa rosa, visibility about a half mile there. here are the weather headlines. a cool start with the patchy valley fog, once again. more clouds roll in later today and rain chances increase by tonight, starting in the north bay and moving south. the temperatures pretty much in the low 60s across the board. we will time out the rain for you once again coming up. but first, how many more work days do we have? one, two, right? >> i can't keep track. i am waiting for my mac-n-
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cheese and yams! [ laughing ] let's talk about sunnyvale right now. lisa is live telling us about the fatal crash that happened overnight. as the investigation continue, our alternate routes while these roads are shut down, eastbound el camino rial is shut down. the westbound side is open. the sunnyvale police say if you travel there in the morning they suggest you take reid avenue or holmstead road instead. here is the altamonte pass traffic out of tracy at 55 miles per hour. speeds go down to 31 miles per hour if you head north at north flynn road. north tracy boulevard to the altamonte pass will take you up to 30 minutes. and the san mateyo bridge, the peninsula commute will take you 13 minutes between 880 and 101. back to you. the state department had a warning for americans traveling abroad this holiday season. officials say there could be a higher risk for terror attacks in europe.
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the department says that it has credible information at this pot that indicates members of isis and al-qaida are still planning attacks. officials are urging americans to be cautious at holiday festivals, markets and big tourist sites. police in pittsburgh are investigating the death of a transient man at a homicide. last week police discovered 41- year-old anthony loera dead on a bench. based on the results of the autopsy there may have been foul play. if you have information about the case, investigators want to hear from you. police say a 4-year-old girl that drowned inside a baptismal pool at a catholic church may have died at the hands of her father. police arrested orr on suspicious of -- orr ore on -- orr on suspicion --
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gerardo mendoza ordaz on suspicious of murder sheriff. >> we determined it was not accidental and we placed him under arrest. >> he is being held without bail at a snope county jail. no word on a -- sonoma county jail. no word on a possible motive. explain the dispute. there's a lot at stake, the city of santa clara has threatened to take over levi's stadium. well, this story is no joke. it is con sensuous in the south bay. a -- con sensuous in the south bay. the team accused of spending tax payer money on maintaining an operating of levi's stadium, a clear violation of voter approved measure j which says no public money from the general fund should go toward the stadium. we d o know how blan last week the mayor warned the 49ers to hand over all their financial document so is auditors can finish their jobs. they invited auditors to get the documents they needed
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almost a month ago -- documents... they don't want made public, because they could hurt event negotiations.. and the *profit the city makes from them. the mayor says -- the public owns levi's stadium -- and nothing should be confidential. after donald trump's win... many are wondering - what does he plan to get done in office? now, we're starting to get a clear answer -- after trump released a video detailing the agenda for his first 100 days in office. for more insights, we turn to our washington insider, marc sandalow. 1. what does trump identify as his priorities? 2. there were some disturbing reports about white supremacis victory by quoti well, what does trump say about priorities. >> he talked about government regulation, easing regulations on energy and he would immediately withdraw from the
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tpp, transpacific partnership, which is probably not great for the bay area trade business, but mostly it is what he didn't say. he didn't say anything act getting rid of obama-care in the first 100 days or pushing legislation to get rid of it. he didn't say anything about building the wall or throwing undocumented immigrants outs. this is what is interesting about the way he is doing it. he is doing it on youtube, no press conference. while there is something 21st century and kind of cool about doing that because it isn't a so-called press conference, it doesn't allow anyone to ask any questions. there are still a lot of people scratching their heads in washington trying to figure out is this all 100 day priorities. does that mean the wall is not a top priority. there are undocumented immigrants quite anxious to find out what their status will be. >> and there are disturbing reports about white sue preemies cheering on trump's victory. as he said anything about the
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nazi type group? >> reporter: this is disturbing stuff. the national policy institute is identified with the alt- right. they had a conference in washington. in the course of the new york times most of the day were pretty inclusive when theres were there -- reporters were there. but after they left people were quoting antipress slogans in german and read from nazi propaganda groups and the leaders were talking about how the time has come for white people to rise again and people were doing the big hand signal my picking what germans -- my picking what germans did. this is not donald trump but it is only two degrees of separation.
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top democrat. what's the story? people are call and on trump to say this really doesn't represent me. >> pill police pill is manhattan d -- nancy pelosi is maintaining a trump backing in 2016. >> she has been challenged. although she pretty much got the democratic leadership role locked up, she sent out a dear colleague member to other house members yesterday saying when she wins re-election for this she wants to institute policies so younger members get more of a say. her trump card, pardon the pun, i almost hate saying that, but the trump card is the fact that she insists trump will overplay his hand. the same way she took over in
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2006 in the middle of bush's presidency when he overplayed his hand, democrats can do that again. under her leadership they can become the majority. she is very good at raising money and very good at organizing. it is not polite to say, michelle, but if the democrats were to win, if she were to become speaker again, she would be 78 years old. >> the ebbs and flows on capitol hill. mark, thank you this morning for the insight. the time now is 5:10. a school bus driver is charged with vehicular homicide for a crash that left several elementary school students dead. the latest on the investigation. >> plus, santa's reindeer will be the in town today. where you can spot them, next. >> and it should be a pretty nice day around the prayer. we have rain chances picking up later tonight. plus, the thanksgiving day forecast. we will have it all after the break. we have roadwork in the area causing slowdowns, as well. we will tell you exactly where
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when we come back. (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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school girls.. and one boy died.. when their school bus crashed in chattanooga. school officials say six other students are in the i-c-u. investigators say the bus was going too fast.. when it flipped on
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its side and crashed into a tree yesterday. authorities charged the bus driver.. 24-year-old johnthony walker.. with reckless driving. one of the boys who was on the bus.. talked to reporters about the driver. new details on the deadly bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. five people died in the crash, four were children. now johnthony walker has been arrested, the driver of the bus. here is more from a child that talked to reporters about the driver. [ inaudible/not understandable ] >> officials say the 35 students on the bus yesterday and more than 20 of them were rushed to the hospital. the san francisco police department is on high alert after a nationwide string of attacks targeting police officers. now officers are not allowed to ride alone in patrol cars. regarding the shooting accident in san antonio, suspect accused of shooting an officer there now faces a capital murder charming. otis mccain said the officer quote didn't deserve it.
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and the st. louis police sergeant shot in the face is expected to survive. this is the seen sunday night. the sergeant was sitting in traffic when a gunman opened fire on the driver's side window. the gunman was later killed in a shootout. other officers were shot and wounded during traffic stops in florida and missouri. and today santa and his reindeer will make a pit stop on the roof of the san francisco academy of science, meeting as part of the academy's 'tis the season for science exhibit. they will arrive around 8:00 this morning. exciting stuff. >> the holiday season is here. >> yes! time now is 5:15. let's see how the roads are looking. good morning, roqui. >> good morning, everyone. it is 5:15. in oakland there is road work slowing you down on westbound 580 between park boulevard and lakeshore avenue. it should be reopening around 5:30 this morning. as you can see people driving in the area at 59 miles per hour.
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let's move over to the altamonte pass. traffic coming off of 2035 and tracy at 17 miles per hour. you are moving pretty slowly into northland road where the speeds pick up to 33 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to 580bound to the altamonte pass will take you up to 30 minutes. and the peninsula commute the span of the san mateyo bridge will take you a quick 13 minutes between 880 and 101. and how is the bay bridge toll plaza looking? pretty good. a few pass lane back ups but that is all you have to worry about there. the metering lights will be turning on on the carquinez maze bridge. and the golden gate bridge, if you are heading into sprain from morin county, that will take you 14 minutes between 580 and the golden gate toll plaza. back to you for the weather. >> maybe it will be lighter this week on the roads with the holiday. that would be nice. well, out the door the temperatures are on the cooler side. grab the jacket if you have an
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early start. that is all you will need. no umbrellas, or anything like that, at least until later this evening when the rain chances pick up. temperatures are 37 in santa rosa, san francisco is 50. 44 in concord. dry but not for long. this is a brief dry break we have. later on this evening we are watching this low. it is riding over the bay area. and it will bring likely everyone a chance, a good chance of rain. we will time it out with futurecast. you can see for much of the day today, the morning should be really nice. relatively clear and cool. then the clouds roll in by later on this afternoon. early evening right around sunset actually, around 5:00, is when the rain starts in the north bay in santa rosa. then it will slowly move south, likely after the commute, that is what it is timing out like now. hopefully not a bunch of people will have to drive in the rain heading home. it is set for around 7:00 right now for the bulk of the prayer and tapering off -- of the bay area and then tapering off overnight.
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we are not seeing huge rain totals but it is something. it is mainly a north bay event but it will be all over the bay area. mostly clear to start. valley fog, increasing clouds later today and cool. the rain arrives later, once again. one of several rain chances we have this week, in fact. the temperatures today similar to yesterday, a lot of low 60s. 63 in oakland, 61 in concord, a and 62 in fairfield and livermore. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. we have rain in the forecast for tuesday but the bulk of the day will remain dry. not until much later this evening will we see rain chances pick up. wednesday is a big travel day before the holiday. that looks dry. it should clear out by wednesday morning. thursday, thanksgiving, turkey day, that looks okay. if you have friends or family coming over to eat a good meal, everything looks good as far as the roads go.
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the weather should hold up and friday, black friday, rain chances once again increase around the bay area. we will dry out for saturday. then more rain chances on sunday, drying out as people head back to work. at least all of us will likely get wet at some point before monday. >> i know, but on the big shopping day, what is going on with that? >> i know. you will have to hit the indoor malls. >> we, not the factory outlets where you walk from place to place. >> i know. walnut creek is all outdoors, too. girl loses something she >> a little rain, you will be fine. >> maybe? >> she is thinking if it went up a degree, warm up. >> it will. it will. eventually. >> it starts off cold but -- >> yes. maybe not long enough. >> thank you, elizabeth. >> sure. in santa clara county a little girl loses something she really cares about after her family's apartment catches on fire. >> but the firefighters that saved her home were determined
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to help her just one more time. piece by piece they built the minnie mouse desk she lost in the flames. the girl had used it everyday if are homework. the crew could not let her down. they recorded every step of the project and then surprised her family with the final product. >> the little girl was overcome with joy. she was very happy. home was somewhat shocked and surprised. we didn't say we were going to do it. i don't think she expected us to be back. the whole family was really happy. it was great to see. >> the video of their handy work has racked up dozens of "likes" on twitter. school? you can e- coming up, the radars had a chance to -- raiders had a chance to take full possession of first place in the afc west in new mexico but they had to come from behind to do it. kick-off coming up. >> and what is cool about your school? you can email your nomination to us at we may come feature your school
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on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. it is 5:23.
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let's take look at traffic of the north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamonte pass will take you 33 minutes. if you are headed to the peninsula right now, hayward, 880 to 101 will take you a quick 13 minutes. i will send it to sports. good morning, everybody. mexico hosted its first game in 11 years. after a severe case of jet lag, the raiders woke up just in time. over 75,000 on hand. many of the fans were raider fans. check it out! while you look at their faces it is a 4th quarter raiders down 7. wide open. the san francisco native cuts back and goes 75-yards for the touchdown. 295-yards. they needed it because the raiders only ran for 30 as a team. houston marchs into the red zone on the next possession. 4th down. first down here, right? no. they mark the ball short. texans challenged it. one of two questionable calls
5:25 am
that went the raider's way and it ends like this! that is amar'e cooper. the raiders come from behind once again to win in the 4th quarter, 27-20. they take sole possession of first place in the a if, c west at 8-2. >> what did you think of playing here? >> i loved it. it was great to play in and historic place. and the fans loved it because they were pretty much all raiders fans. >> we were feeling comfortable here. my wife is already talking about how we have to come back. >> not only are the raiders in first place in the afc west, they are the number one seed in the entire afc. i have more good news. the warriors are winners and the sharks are winners. we complete the trifecta. of santa clara... to determine
5:26 am
armed robbery suspect led police on a high speed chase from san francisco to sunnyvale where it ended in a fatal crash. coming up, we will show you what happened. >> plus, time is up for the 49ers to hand over papers to the city of santa clara to determine whether or not the team broke the law. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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francisco overnight... after robbery suspects lead officers on a chase. and a shooting involving officers is caught on body cam footage. was it justified? a fatal pursuit through san francisco overnight after robbers lead them on a chase. >> and a shooting by officers caught on body cam footage. was it justified? >> and we have a brief, dry break. but don't worry, the rain won't hold off for long. when you will need an umbrella coming up. >> and the metering lights are
5:30 am
turning on at the toll plaza. a mass transit update coming up. good morning, it is tuesday, november 22nd. i am michelle griego. >> and i am kenny choi. new this morning a police pursuit in san francisco ends in sunnyvale as a fatal car crash. kpix 5 news' lisa chan is live on the scene. >> reporter: this is where the high speed chase ended, kenny. the suspect lost control of the car he was driving in this parking lot, hit the light pole, then crashed into five parked cars and rolled over. the chp got a call at 12:45 this morning from san francisco police saying they were chasing an armed robbery suspect on 101 near sfo. the chp got involved on 101 at ralston and continued to chase the suspect from 85 south to 237 to fremont here in sunnyvale. a chp officer explained to me why they made the decision to continue the high speed chase. >> during the time there were not that many vehicles on the freeway.
5:31 am
we had to stop the vehicle before they could commit other crimes. the fact they were driving at a reckless speed, we wanted to make sure to get them off the road before they hurt somebody else. >> reporter: the passenger of the the car was eject from the interest vehicle and pronounce -- ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. the chp says they were driving over 100 miles per hour on the freeway and 70 on the side streets. the driver was 19 years old and the passenger was only 18. live in sunnyvale, lisa chan, kpix 5 news. deputies in santa cruz say they had no choice but to shoot a teenager high on lsd. the 15-year-old reportedly went on a rampage and stabbed his father and uncle several times. the sheriff's department released body cam video from the scene on saturday morning. authorities believe the victim took a bad batch of the drug. >> we want to try to get you some help. we know you are under the influence, okay?
5:32 am
lsd is a tough thing. it is hard to differentiate between reality and what is not, right? >> officials say one of the deputies shot luke smith when he would not put down the knife. four people reportedly sold him the drug were arrested. a time check, 5:32 this morning. liz is here in for roberta. we will expect cool temperature this is week? >> yes. a live look over san francisco. notice the barking hound village foundation lights on the -- embarcadero lights on the building are off. what is going on? they were at the embarcadero lighting on friday. the lights are off. maybe they thought we would not notice this early in the morning. but you can see the bridge lights. it is pretty clear over the bay. some areas of patchy north bay valley fog. visibility is actually pretty bad up there in parts. we will show you that in minutes. first the temperatures cool. santa rosa still 37 degrees. 50 right now in san francisco. if you are waking up in concord
5:33 am
or oakland, 44 and 49 degrees respectively. so, here is a look at that disability -- visibility. just areas of patchy fog, mainly in the north bay. if you are waking up in the east bay, or south bay, visibility is pretty good. i know it is a busy travel week. sfo, visibility is great there. no travel delays. it is a different story, though, the fog and low clouds are rolling into fairfield. difficult if your commute takes you through that area. visibility about half a mile or less in santa rosa. here is a look at the weather headlines. cool to start and patchy fog. more clouds roll in later today. the bulk of the day should be price nice. we should see plenty of sunshine. once the clouds roll in, after that comes rain. we pick up rain chances later on this evening. more about that coming up. first let's get you to work on time. here is roqui. it is 5:33. you saw lisa out there live at the fatal crash that happened overnight. we have tips on the morning commute if this is your area here.
5:34 am
el camino rial remains closed due to the fatal overnight crash. the best alternate for that is reid avenue or holmstead road. if that is part of your commute, avoid the area. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have turned on and traffic is backing up here. the maze to downtown westbound will take you 10 minutes or so if you are headed out the door. still a pretty quick commute. mass transit, the sfa ferry, the 8:00 a.m. departure from vallejo to san francisco and the 5:30 p.m. departures will be serviced by buses today. bart, and muni, however, are all on time. back to you at the desk. >> roqui, thank you. a traffic stop in richmond is going viral after a pastor confronts cops to help a woman he never met. >> you have demonstrated yourself tonight to not be a caring human being. >> the community activist was upset that the woman's car was
5:35 am
getting impounded over expired tags. richmond pd told us the officers didn't engage in order to deescalate the encounter. they say the man had ever right to speak his mind but lessening sense is the top priority. >> there is the climate right now of a breakdown in the relationship with the police and community. >> richmond police offered the woman a ride home plus advice to get her car back. we reached out to the activist but didn't get a response. in a video yesterday, the president-elect donald trump outlined his plan for the first 100 days in office. among the top priorities, withdrawing from the transpacific trip, a key part of what president obama hoped would be his trade legacy. trump also addressed immigration, a topic he campaigned on aggressively. >> i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> trump has not held official news conferences since his
5:36 am
election two weeks ago. this is the first time the public heard from the president- elect donald trump directly. well, lute governor gavin newsom is responding to trump's threats that would end sanctuary cities. he says deporting felons is one thing but splitting up families is another. >> what kind of world are we living in? this is not -- you can't just sit bag and take it from -- back and take it from these guys, the month sole judge any, all this to run free and run over the state of california and our people. we have to step up, step in and push back. general, senator jeff sessions. newsom wants him to leave sanctuary cities alone.. and to go around "scaring" young people. a high school in oakland is catching some heat.. for one of its meetings tonight. a faculty member at "oakland tech high" reportedly sent out a letter.. inviting teachers to a post-election meeting.. quote "particularly for white staff members." it goes on to say.. it's a space where they can process.. what
5:37 am
people of color have been processing fetimes. a spokesman well, in a letter that went out for white staff members so they with space where people of color have been processing their entire lifetimes. a spokeman with the school district said it was well intended but poorly written. the oakland school district is heading to washington, d.c. late last night the district sent out an email thanking antoine wilson for his service. the washington post reporting he will be nominated as the d.c. school chancellor later today. levi's stadium will be at the center of a big discussion? santa clara today. the city mayor wants the 49ers to turn over its financial report. >> yes. kpix 5 news' anne makovec has more on the big offfield bat. >> it is getting contentious. the city's relationship with the 49ers grew sour and has now been threatening to take over levi's stadium. the team stonewalled auditor, failing to turn over the
5:38 am
financial records needed to determine if the 49ers are properly paying for city services like police and firefighters at stadium events. she says city auditors determined that santa clara had been spending general fund money on the stadium in the form of public safety and that would be a violation of measure j. >> this is a business relationship. and if they are not pulling up their part of the business relationship, then we are going to have to change things. >> it is truly unfortunate that our relationship has come to this. what i would say is for the citizens of santa clara, what is being said out there is misleading. >> the 49ers spokesperson says they invited auditors to get the documents they needed almost a month ago, documents the 49ers don't want made public because it could hurt negotiations and the profit the city makes from them. the meeting is at 7:00 tonight. >> why would the mayor think the 49ers are keeping financial documents from the
5:39 am
city. >> according to the mayor she says the reason could be the team has asked to lower their rent at the stadium by $5 million for four decades and maybe doesn't want to show the city how much money they are actually making. >> interesting. all right, anne makovec, thank you. with the clock ticking before the holiday shopping season getting under way, we are all wondering how to score some of the best deals. here is more with jill schlesinger this morning with the answers. is it really worth shopping on thanksgiving or black friday? >> reporter: i guess the answer to that depends on how much you like your family. because your chances of snatching a great deal for a quality item, they are pretty slim. that is largely because black friday weekend is really designed for retailers to clear out unwanted goods. you know that best selling products rarely drop much in price. okay, but if you are having a tough time with a family or you like a sport event, start right now. make a list of the products you want the buy, track the prices
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on google or price grabber. before you hit a brick and mortar store, download an app like shop savvy or red laser. these allow you to scan bar codes and compare items at other big retailers nearby. finally, don't be loyal. evidently 25% of customers end up paying higher prices simply because they stick to those retailers they know or have frequented in the past. >> all right, jill. we will see the mad rush on friday no matter what you say. what are the hottest gifts this season? >> reporter: well, i want you to know, i will send you a separate list for me, but everyone else, they want vr devices. those are biggies. also google home, amazon echo, perennial favorites, pokimon, barbie, lego, hot wheels and yes, frozen toys. if you are ready to take the holiday plunge, check out the cnet black friday guide that
5:41 am
highlights the best deals at many of the nation's top retailers and the consumer's tips for bagging a bargain. and here is the sober reminder. you know it, the best deals come after the holidays. you can go to i have a list of which stores are opened and closed thanksgiving day. stay home with your family. the food is better. that is my advice. >> that is good advice. i will take your list and make sure my list i send back to you is longer. >> reporter: excellent! [ laughing ] >> jill from new york city. thank you. it is a scary time of the year to be a turkey, but this guy has found a home in stockton and stolen the heart of everyone around him. we will tell you why, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:43 am
we now know.. a massive 6-point-9 magnitude earthquake in japan.. is actually an after shock.
5:44 am
good morning. here is a live look over the city of san francisco. we are seeing a chilly day ahead and rain coming in this evening. more on the details coming up. well, the earthquake in japan is actually an after shock from a quake back in 2011. the epicenter of yesterday's earthquake was near the same area that was hit about five years ago north of tokyo. surveillance video shows the moment it hit at a nearby harbor. authorities say there were waves up to four feet high at one point and the quake was felt further south in tokyo, as well. this video shows the lights and books swaying from the ceiling inside this store. back in 2011 a magnitude 9.0 earthquake triggered this costume, killing 18,000 people and destroying a nuclear power
5:45 am
plant, as well. well, after a week of bizarre behavior, kanye west's latest tour stop is in the hospital. according to a source close to the family west is being treated at ucla's medical center in los angeles. it comes during the anniversary of his mother's death and month after wife kim kardashian was robbed at gunpointment he canceled the remainder of the -- gunpoint. west canceled the remainder of the saint pablo tour. well, we learned a family dispute left rose pact's remains in limbo. after the long-time activist died in september her body was supposed to be cremated and interred but past's remains changed course at the request of her sister, joanna who apparently ordered an autopsy against the family's wishes and moved the body to green street mortuary in north beach. today's hearing may sort out the family disagreement. in richmond, a stable accused of violating city laws has one month to move more than
5:46 am
100 horses. city leaders did not know that 120 horses were living here on glory road physical they got tipped off about illegal dumping. now they maintain waste from the stables is running into a creek and violating laws but making repairs require moving every single horse and there isn't enough space in the county to house them all. the mayor is sympathetic but keeping the animals isn't simple. >> we are not how to punish anybody or put somebody out of business. the first thing we want to do is work with the people to get it resolved. >> we have seen it ruin most of our lives. we live for the horses. >> the ranch owners plan to meet with city council members later this week. happening later today san francisco plans on breathing new life into the old mint in a few hours the city will announce a grant aimed at turning the granite lady into a culture landmark and building center. it opened in 1874 and is one of the last remainer survivors of
5:47 am
a 1906 earthquake. with thanksgiving approaching, one california turkey decided he was not going to end up on somebody's dinner table. >> leon changed face by living life as a dog, yes, a dog. after escaping from a farm or backyard he was spotted on the streets of ventura county. he was rescued by an animal sanctuary in this stockton. the staff noticed leon likes to be carried around, petted and kissed like dogs do. in fact, he even likes getting his belly rubbed. the owner is shocked he is so good with people. >> we are submitten with the fact he likes to be pet and be this close to human beings after being through so much unknowns as a stray. >> leon is quite emotionally mature and with she can really see him becoming a therapy turkey. >> we have seen wild turkeys out there that are kind of
5:48 am
crazy. this one is nice and calm, right? >> typically they are a little mean and they don't like people, but, you know, for good reason. people eat them! [ laughing ] >> it is good. >> but i guess this one is nice. >> a therapy turkey, bring him on a plane. >> that would be a sight. >> i am still getting used to her holding the turkey while she is sitting on the couch. >> during the interview. very well behaved! how is traffic looking. >> let's take a look at the altamonte pass on the eastbound side at northland road. the off ramp is closed due to two big rigs involved in a crash. we will let you know when this opened up. the counter commute side has no delays. 205 to 580 westbound you are moving slowly at 15 miles per hour. and northland road the speeds pick up to 30 miles per hour. slow conditions at north tracy boulevard to the atmont pass. that will take you up to 36 -- altamonte pass. that will take you up to 36
5:49 am
minutes. the san mateyo bridge from 880 to 101 will be a quick 14 minute drive. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the meterrerring lights are on -- metering lights are on and the traffic is backing up to the maze. that commute will take you up to 15 minutes. temperatures are cool. santa rosa 37 degrees. concord, oakland 44 and 49 degrees. yesterday around this time concord and oakland came in around 50. again, we are seeing several degrees of difference between the last 24 hours. so, the next low arrives tonight. the dry break is brief. it won't last long. it looks like much of the rain comes after the evening commute into the overnight hours and some folks may sleep through a lot of it. here is a look at the future-
5:50 am
castment it should be a nice morning with sunshine. the clouds roll in later on this afternoon. the rain hits starting in the north bay, the far north bay of santa rosa around sunset, around 5:00. then it slowly moves south around the bay area. hopefully not a ton of people will be driving in the rain. it is throughout the later evening hours and into wednesday. later today cool and rain arriving by evening. there is a little synopsis. the sunrise today is happening at 6:58 this morning. the sun sets at 4:54. here is a look at high temperatures today pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. feeling very much the same. low 60s. 58 is the high in pacifica. 63 is the high in oakland. 62 in fairfield and 601 the high in santa rosa and san rafael.
5:51 am
here is a look at the forecast over the next several days. once again, rain in the forecast for today. even though much of the day, the management of the day, the far majority -- the majority of the day, the far majoritiers will be dry. with -- far majority, will be dry. we are not expecting rain until this evening. wednesday could see a few rain showers. rain chances pick up friday after a dry day on thursday. dry saturday and more rain forecasted for sunday. dry for monday. that is the latest kpix weather. we will have more news, weather and traffic all after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the department of agriculture says.. turkey prices are down. researchers say.. frozen birds between eight and 16 poundsâ are averaging about one-dollar and 15-cents per pound. good news for your thanksgiving feast. frozen birds between 8 and 15- pounds are averaging about $1.15 per pound, about $0.14 cheaper than last year. experts say americans will serve about 46 million turkeys on thursday. a lot of people may be staying home this friday. a new report says more americans plan to shop online instead of in stores for black friday. researchers say only 23% of the people who were surveyed plan to brave the crowds. last year 28% said they would hit the stores. the younger millennials are the most excited for savings whether it is online or in person. i need to get shopping! [ laughing ] >> me, too. this holiday season, though, it can be hard-1 /2
5:56 am
baiting the toy aisle with -- hard navigating the toy aisle with plenty of new toys on the market. >> yes. but there are plenty of new toys. a drone millennium falcon, life-sized action figures and light saver, all star wars stuff is that is catching on. many popular play things from star wars on kids' wish lists. toy makers have something to celebrate. the industry is expected to have its best year in more than a decade. high speed chase started in san francisco. and it ended in a fatal crash here in sunnyvale. we will tell you what happened, coming up. >> and the deadline was sed today if in a dispute between the city of santa clara and the 49ers, fighting over operating costs at levi's stadium. coming up, the consequences if there is a fumble.
5:57 am
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and i'm kenny choi. new this morning, a police pursuit in san francisco ends in the peninsula - as a deadly car crash. kpix five's lisa chan is live in sunnyvale - with the latest on the investigation. "so they were traveling at a high rate of speed on 101.. crash happened covered pretty l good morning, everybody and welcome back. it is tuesday, november 22nd. i am michelle griego. >> and i am kenny choi. we are here to begin with lisa chan after a please chase ended in two dead. >> reporter: yes. the chp got involved in robbery suspects from 101 to 85 south to 287 to grant road to fremont in sunnyvale. then where fremont and el camino intersect the suspect lost control and hit five parked cars from the parking lot. the passenger was ejected from the car and pronounced dead at the scene and the passenger was taken to the hospital and arrested with injuries. >> the


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