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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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imprisonment and making criminal threats. the public investigators say to call the police immediately if you see the suspects. >> some of their crimes and history, they are dangerous. so again, we're talking every precaution. that's why we want to say to the public that you know, these inmates are dangerous. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says it's not clear how many of these inmates were actually in on the planning of this escape and for how many of them it was simply a crime of opportunity once those bars were already busted out. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. developing tonight, a northern california mother who went missing nearly a month ago has been found safe and in stable condition. today we learned she says she was held captive. flyers popped up around redding the day 34-year-old sherri papini went missing. she failed to pick up the kids from daycare and the husband reported her missing. the sheriff's department says she was released by her captors
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on a country road, restrained and flagged down a driver who called for help. >> we are looking for a dark colored suv with two hispanic females. that's information that we got directly from miss papini. these hispanic females are armed, considered dangerous and they have a handgun at least a handgun with them. >> she was treated for minor injuries and is back with her family. a father and daughter are recovering after being swept out near general they are morning jenner this morning. they were rescued by lifeguards. they will be okay. but a beach hazard statement is in effect this evening. a warning from san jose state university to its undocumented students. do not leave the country. president-elect donald trump
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promised on the campaign trail to overturn the "dream act" which protects students born outside the u.s. the school is also urging undocumented students to come home before trump takes office. >> it may be tough for them to get back into the country after the new president is inaugurated. so we were just issuing some direction out of an abundance of caution. >> if mr. trump nullifies the "dream act" it, would also cancel the work permits of undocumented workers. well, holiday shoppers are alrey advantage of black friday deals even before the turkeys cooled off. shoppers lined up at stores all over the bay area waiting for doors to open to get at the shelves inside stacked with bargains. kpix 5's keit do is live at best buy in santana row to tell what people are getting for shopping early. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. you know, we love our gadgets here in the bay area. if you are going to do a black friday, black thursday story, whatever, in the south bay, you can't beat best buy here in
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santana row. this is how you do black friday in style. they are letting people in right at the top of the hour here at 5 p.m. they just started letting people in groups of 50 people at a time. as one employee just shouted to us, it's game time! >> lap happen! happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: at a popular black friday spot in the south bay it's come down to who has time for family and turkey when there are deals to be had? shouldn't you be home with your families? >> yeah. after we go to best buy. >> reporter: this group of friends camped out overnight. thanksgiving is a pizza, game of cards and 49" toshiba tv for $199. >> reporter: when do bargain hunters start arriving for the big day? it's 11:00 in the morning on thanksgiving here at best buy. 5 people in line. 12 p.m. 8 people. 1 p.m.
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31 people. 2 p.m., 43 people. 3 p.m., 85 people. and finally, 4 p.m., an hour before opening, 170 people in line. in all, nearly 200 people had spent all or part of their thanksgiving waiting to enter the best buy with the line wrapping around the store. black friday opening hours slowly started creeping into the actual thanksgiving holiday itself years ago. nowadays, most retailers seem to be holding the line and opening in the evening. do you think it will be 4 p.m. or 3 p.m. or maybe even noon couple years down the line? >> i don't have the crystal ball to tell you that. >> you're the 80th person in line. how do you like your chances? >> it's probably not that great. but i'm willing to try. >> reporter: ray gordon stood in line for two hours also to try to score a doorbuster deal on a tv. what do you say to people who think you be at home spending time with family? [ laughter ] >> you should ask my brother. [ laughter ] >> reporter: all righty. so pretty much every major retailer now has hours on thanksgiving. so just check your listings.
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best buy tells us that the big items are drones: kiet do, kpix 5. the premium outlets in livermore opened its doors about 2 hours ago. kpix 5's jessica flores is there with the holiday rush. >> reporter: let's call this what it is. it's a shopping marathon because these stores will stay open for the next 29 hours. let's look at two hours ago when the doors opened. >> 3, 2, 1, whoo! >> reporter: crowds filed in after waiting hours to get into the high-end stores like tory birch and coach. you will find up to 70% savings at the san francisco premium outlet. we talked to many people here visiting from other countries. they plan their trips to shop
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today and take advantage of the holiday deals. take a listen. >> so you're from taiwan. what brought you out here? >> we visit here. we come here to buy something. [ non-english language ] >> you think it's crazy? >> americans are lining up to shop on black friday. >> interesting. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and we are just seeing a lot more out here. they have wrapped up thanksgiving dinner. they are coming out here. the lines are around the buildings. if you are coming out, bring a scarf, maybe a big coat. it is really, really chilly out here. they close at 10 p.m. tomorrow. in livermore, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. and the line at bass pro shops in san jose was also out the door this morning. the store opened at 8:00.
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some shoppers tell us they got there at 4 a.m. the big draw for some people, deals on ammo. president-elect donald trump says he is busy on this thanksgiving holiday building his team. kenneth craig shows us there is tension about one key position reporter: president-elect donald trump took to twitter this thanksgiving to say he is working hard to keep manufacturing in america. mr. trump also released a pre- thanksgiving video asking americans to set aside their differences. >> we have just finished a long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw and tensions just don't heal overnight. >> reporter: mr. trump's adviser kelly an conway is also weighing in on 2012 gop nominee mitt romney who is on the short list to be secretary of state despite his fierce criticism of trump during the campaign. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: conway tweeted thursday the potential pick has led to a deluge of messages
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warning against romney. she then posted a checklist of attributes she believes makes a good secretary of state. being loyal as one of them. the president-elect is also expected to tap billionaire investor wilbur ross for commerce secretary who splits his time between here and new york and his home in florida just down the street from mr. trump. meantime, a lawyer for green party candidate dr. jill stein says she will formally request a statewide recount in wisconsin by friday's deadline after raising more than $3 million for the recount cost. stein is also looking into requesting recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. president obama is spending thanksgiving with family, friends and football. in his weekly address today, the president reflected on american values which he says we should never take for granted. >> in america we are bound not
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by one race or religion but adherence to a common belief that we are all created equal that me may think, love, worship, speak, love as we please that the gift of democracy is ours alone to nurture and to protect. never doubt, that is what makes us american. >> the president also spent part of the day calling nearly a dozen deployed troops. millions of people packed the streets of manhattan to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it's been atradition for 90 years. with hundreds of thousands of parents bringing their kids out to see a massive charlie brown, and a giant hello kitty, you can imagine the security precautions. officers used dogs and radiation detectors which apparently gave parade-goers peace of mind. >> it's always something in the back of the head being a parent but i'm not scared. >> it was a throwback to the
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first year. the final treat was felix in the cat not in the parade since the '30s and this time an exact replica of the balloon that debuted in 1927. police officers and firefighters spread out around san francisco and knocked on doors today not because anyone was in trouble. kpix 5's sharon chin shows us they were making special deliveries. >> reporter: normally officers vanessa johnson and jonathan sylvester are on patrol in chinatown but not today. >> this shows the other side of police work that people don't see every day. >> reporter: the pair joined hundreds of other police fire and sheriff's officers volunteering their time on their day off with self-help for the elderly. they helped pack and serve more than 2,000 thanksgiving meals at the senior centers and delivered hot turkey dinners to 900 homebound elderly throughout the city. officers johnson and sylvester say it's about the joy of giving back. most don't have anyone to talk to or family around. we have this lady waiting in
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the doorway for us. >> thank you very much! >> to see a smiling face and know that we care and we're checking in on them and it feels good. >> brought you some food. it's for you. >> thank you. >> reporter: annie chung of self-help for the elderly says law enforcement has given of their time the last 34 years. >> we have seniors that wrote letters to us and asked us to pass on their thank you to the police officers that brought their meals to them. they felt very special to be remembered there way. >> there you go, sir. >> thank you very much! thank you! >> so happy. yeah. very nice. >> reporter: this is the first year the two officers have volunteered to deliver meals on thanksgiving day. they say they are ready to sign up again for next year. in san francisco, sharon chin, kpix 5. still ahead it looked like a man was carrying fireworks in his pockets. >> an ecigarette explodes and the dramatic scene is caught on camera.
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>> wow. plus, a holiday meal favorite but find out why you may have to wait longer for california crab again this year. >> a different kind of thanksgiving tradition. thousands checking out the latest cool cars including one that even 007 would like. ,,
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china.. iron pipes, steel bars and wooden planks tumbled down t least 70 worke scaffolding collapsed today at a construction site in china. iron pipes steel bars and wooden planks fell on 70 workers pearling killing most of them. hundreds of rest -- apparently killing most of them. hundreds of rescuers are looking for survivors. heavy flames and smoke in israel's third largest city forcing thousands to evacuate. flames spread quickly and dry windy conditions several dozen people hospitalized.
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu called the fire a terrorist act. and about 90 miles off the coast of el salvador a 7.0 earthquake. there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries. after all it's a long way offshore. there was a tsunami alert with the possibility of 6-foot waves along the coast. dramatic new video shows an ecigarette exploding. this is incredible. it happened in new york city and has left one man with serious burns. surveillance video shows otis gooding talking to coworkers and suddenly sparks and fire erupt from his pants pocket. one worker thought he was carrying fireworks but actually it was his ecigarette. this photo shows what was left of the device after it went up in flames. >> feels terrible he can't spend thanksgiving with his family at home instead he is going to spend it in a hospital bed. >> since 2009 more than 2 dozen incidents of explosions and fires caused by ecigarettes have been reported. and many are linked to the vaporizers' lithium ion
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batteries. looks like crab won't be making it to our holiday dinner tables again this year thanks to the toxic algae bloom. commercial crabbing was set to start december 1 but state health officials are delaying crabbing from humboldt bay to point reyes indefinitely. half of the crabs sampled in that stretch of coastline had unsafe levels of domoic acid, a toxic. some people enjoyed a different holiday tradition today spending their thanksgiving at the san francisco auto show. kpix 5's don ford headed over to moscone center to see what's new on the market this year. >> reporter: the san francisco auto show is huge! thousands of cars from hundreds of dealers clubs and collectors here at the moscone center. >> if you are looking to buy a new car in the next six months, you can compare all the models in one place. >> reporter: that's exactly what steve and his family is doing. he needs a bigger car. so you're looking for something to move the kids around in? >> absolutely, yup.
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>> reporter: how's that going? >> it's going all right. found some neat stuff so far. >> reporter: there's a lot to see a lot to sit in. ford trucks, chevy's volt and, of course, toyota has a new hydrogen fuel cell car called the mira. toyota says the new hydrogen fueled tank has passed ballistic testing. >> a .50-caliber bullet does not puncture one of these tanks. so they are very strong. they have been tested very thoroughly. >> reporter: there are serious italian cars, distinguished german cars, and then there's this. >> we actually have the original james bond car. and then right next to it -- [ theme from james bond ] ♪[ music ] >> james bond, absolutely. bond, james bond. and that is gold finger, thunder ball and a host of other subsequent films. this is the 1964 aston martin db5, the most famous car in the world.
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>> reporter: you can test drive cars for real or experience high performance racing in this full motion simulator. >> the san francisco auto show runs through this weekend. >> reporter: in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> glide memorial was buzzing today as volunteers were around the bay area pitched in to help serve thousands of meals. but as kpix 5's anne makovec explains, today is especially busy, the church's mission is carried out year round. >> reporter: among the dozens of volunteers who come every thanksgiving is timothy, who comes every day. he first came to glide three years ago from south carolina looking for help. >> when i first get here, i had to place to eat and bedding so i had shelter. >> reporter: glide helps thousands of people with basic needs every day. >> love here. engages in unconditional love. [ inaudible ] >> when you got that going for
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you, you are doing something. >> reporter: on days like thanksgiving, there are special volunteers here like acting police chief toney chaplin and mayor ed lee. >> you really feel the love of the city. >> reporter: but for timothy, it's a way of life. >> i'm actually doing what main is supposed to do, not relying on somebody else. >> reporter: because while today timothy is a volunteer, he was just hired to be a paid maintenance worker on glide's staff. he starts on monday. >> made me happy. i can start getting my feet on the ground and start living my life over again. >> reporter: glide does need year round help. if you would like to volunteer or donate go to our website, click on "links and numbers." in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> san jose the homeless are getting an extra helping at the annual thanksgiving at st. james park. volunteers cooked turkey and all of the rest to be of service to the less fortunate.
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they are doing more than serving good food. >> it's great to see all these people here. we are giving them some c.a.r.e. packages for the wintertime that will come in handy, some beanies, socks, simple stuff. real good food, turkey for 'em, pasta, all kinds of good food here. lots of help that came out here. >> every year, volunteers feed about 200 people for this thanksgiving tradition. and they are planning on a christmas picnic next month. ♪[ music ] thanksgiving is many things. this year, one thing it wants was warm. highs barely made it across 60 degrees. it's only 55 in san francisco right now if you are heading into the city. grab your jacket. we'll talk about when we're going to have a washout because there's one day in the forecast that will be wet. that's coming up. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, inside the new northern california academy giving troubled teens a new purpose. how they are turning their lives around with some pushups and tough love. ♪
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northern california coast.. the potential for strong wi boaters beware. our friends at the national weather service warning of
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large swells along the northern california coast. there they are. the potential for strong winds along with it. boaters and beach-goers, beware. absolutely. and we lucked out today with a nice lovely day. >> so nice. >> but then a little change might be coming. >> things are changing toward the weekend. everybody wants to channel their inner clark w. griswald this weekend. [ laughter ] >> i got the boxes down from the rafters of the attic and the garage today. so you want to get outside you want to put up the lights. tomorrow? sunday? saturday? not so much. there's one day coming up over the weekend looking kind of soggy. today, we have sunshine. but it was not warm. and it's already in the low 50s in livermore. you will drop down to the low 40s upper 30s tonight. tonight concord 55. the warm spot is oakland at 58 degrees. it is gorgeous in san francisco right now a beautiful view from sutro tower but only 55 degrees. santa rosa currently 53. already the next weather system is way up in humboldt county where it's raining and will be raining tomorrow. we'll have to wait south of the
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golden gate bridge until after midnight tomorrow night into saturday before the rain returns. but boy, is it going to pour in far northern california! concord 40 tonight. fremont 41. san rafael 44. san francisco 50. and san jose 43. big football game for your first place oakland raiders coming up on sunday. watch that game right here on kpix 5. midafternoon on sunday, the rain will be finished. the mixture of sun and clouds breezy and cool, upper 50s. between now and then, though, we do have a storm heading in our direction. it's a strong system. big-time wind and rain and mountain snowfall for the pacific northwest. eventually this unstable air will work its way south into western oregon into northwestern california and eventually it makes it here but it's really in no rush. so tomorrow, it will be cloudy, look like it's going to rain throughout the day but it won't. aside from a few showers in lake and mendocino counties, we're cloudy, gray, but we're rain-free. the rain does not cross the golden gate and invade the majority of the bay area until while you're sleeping friday night into saturday. we'll have rain likely. scattered showers throughout the day on saturday.
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then another wave of heavier rainfall moving in late saturday night into the overnight hours on sunday morning. so we will have a few showers north tomorrow. but we're going to call it mainly dry but cloudy. steady rainfall for all of us on saturday morning. but that second round of rainfall moving in late in the day on saturday. so you have one day that you can circle as the wet day in the seven-day forecast. that certainly will be saturday. tomorrow, cloudy but dry. concord 60. fremont 62. mountain view 63. and san francisco 61. which feels chilly. it's exactly where we should be for this time of the year. saturday two waves and some steady rainfall, one saturday morning, one saturday night. and then we dry out sunday and next week, not much warmer. but it will be drier. and it will be sunny. that's your forecast. we are back with more news in two presence. -- we're back with more news in two minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some football. that's how american troops celebrated thanksgiving dayn iraq. they tossed the ball aroundt this airfield outside mosul. a feast and some football that's how american troops celebrated thanksgiving day in iraq. they toss the ball around at this airfield outside mosul and sat down for turkey day, potatoes and pumpkin pie. many say they miss their families at home but are happy to celebrate with fellow servicemen. an estimated 5,000 u.s. troops are currently serving in iraq. meanwhile, at the vatican, they are looking ahead to christmas. an 80-foot pine tree was put up in st. peter's square today. that will be officially unveiled on december 9. the tree will be decorated with 18,000 l.e.d. lights. and it will be up until january 8. >> wow. that would be a special place to be. >> yes. wouldn't than a sight?
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>> it would be. that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. "cbs evening news" is next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: police under fire. officers are ambushed during routine traffic stops in several states. >> this incident shows that that can happen right in our backyard. >> quijano: also tonight, the long shot of long shots-- who's leading the battle for a recount of the presidential election? help for the homeless. a simple program is making life on the streets more bearable. >> it kind of adds a little dignity back into the equation. >> quijano: and a family reunion-- the women and their guardian angel. >> reporter: do you have any daughters of your own? >> no. those are my kids. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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