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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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we all know we live in a society where these kinds of tragedies happen someplace that seems far too frequent. >> now at noon a stabbing attack at the ohio state university campus comes to a
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deadly end. good afternoon, it's monday november 28th i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we're learning nine people were injured when that attacker drove over a curb and into pedestrian. that suspect then got out of the vehicle and began stabbing people with a butcher knife. >> it's still a very active situation. >> reporter: police combed the ohio state university at in columbus as word got out of a attack which houses the department of science and engineering a more complex picture of the attack has emerged. >> a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb on west 19th west of college avenue, struck pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. our officers were on scene in less than a minute and ended the situation in less than a minute. >> reporter: authorities say ten people were quickly transported to hospitals.
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>> there were multiple injuries related to lacerations or cuts, most likely from the stab wounds from the butcher knife. then a number of people had orthopedic and other soft tissue injuries related to being hit by the car. >> reporter: the suspect was shot dead by police checking out reports of a gas leak at the incident. a witness took this graphic photo of the suspect with state police standing nearby. they are learning more about the suspect and a motive. terrorism has not been ruled out. >> we'll continue to work with students and staff. >> reporter: school and law enforcement officials agreed the quick action of first responders may have saved many lives. s have been cancel school officials are urging students to let loved ones know they are safe. classes have been cancelled the rest of the day. turning to politics now, president-elect donald trump is back in trump tower where he is meeting today and tomorrow with ponl candidates for secretary
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of state. this comes as he's making allegations of volter fraud in several states including california -- -- voter. a local group is responding to his claims. first we start with kenneth craig live outside trump tower in new york city. >> it appears as though the president-elect hasn't made any firm decisions when it comes to the secretary of state post and tomorrow we found out he's meeting with once again one of his most controversial contenders. vice president elect mike pence arrived at trump towers where donald trump is holding more meetings. among his visitors former cia director david petreas being considered for secretary of state. he resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair with his biographer and mishandling classified information. mitt romney has sparked an
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outcry among trump loyalists. >> we don't know if he even voted for donald trump. he and his consultants were nothing but awful to him for a year. >> the president-elect is meeting with mitt romney and senator bob corker of tennessee at trump tower tomorrow. he's considered a long shot to become the nation's top diplomat. the president-elect is also slamming hillary clinton's campaign for getting involved in jill stein's recount effort in michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. he tweeted sunday, "i won the popular vote and if you deduct the millions of people that voted ill leely." that claim is false. -- -- illegally. hillary clinton's team has no evidence of voter fraud but since the recount is happening, they want to with represented. as we mentioned a group
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wants state officials to look into possible voting tampering here in california and . officials presented a letter to the registrar of voters here in san francisco saying they want a recount here in california and in five other states in regards to the presidential election. that letter read in part the results tinders by the proprietary system in jurisdictions should be questioned and the foundation lacks the necessary security to defend against manipulation of the outcome, ie hacks. they poent to several possible points of attack including software hacking and wirelessly monitoring the database. >> there are reports coming out every day there are anomalies within the statistics.
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the polls are apparently skewed and considering the vulnerability of the system and intensity of the proceeding, it's our opinion that we should move forward with investigations. >> so what is the national association of voting officials? it's a california nonprofit to design new voting systems utilized free open source software and inexpensive commodity components. the elections office here in san francisco hasn't finished their original count of the election from november 8th. they're going to have new results posted on that this afternoon and today they are starting the 1% hands count from each precinct. live in san francisco, ann mkovec -- -- makovec. officers were at the corner of value vista and diksen.
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a suspect was just led away in handcuffs. >> reporter: it started in oakland before 11:00 last night and ended here in hayward at the apartment building behind me two ours ago. the suspect - was the hayward swat team's priority. .........trying to get him to d police says -- -- hours. . >> reporter: around 10:00 this morning a meal suspect exited with his hands up and no gun fire was exchanged. seven people inside left around 4:00 a.m. without a problem but one elderly man had no choice but to remaybe inside. his safety was the hayward's swat team priority. -- -- remain. 0. >> reporter: oakland police say they're familiar with the suspect because he's part of two shooting they're investigating -- one that happened last night and the
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other a few weeks ago. one person was injured in one of the shootings and it remains unclear and they're cooperating with police. jackie ward, hayward, kpix5. thank you, jackie. 0. >> reporter: we appear to be having technical difficulties now. we're trying to fix them as soon as we can. kenny choi, back to you. deputies set up a surveillance camera where an escaped inmate was spotted. the two inmates escaped from the santa clara county jail wednesday night by repelling down a busted jail window. they saw cha vez at the days inn on murray avenue last night. authorities searched the area but couldn't track him down.
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investigators believe the two inmates may have parted ways the. sheriff's office is offering a 20 $20,000 award for their arrests. following a developing story now out of oakland. there's still a heavy police presence near 39th street after a shooting around 10:00 this morning commute. one victim was pronounced dead at the scene and the other rushed to the hospital where he later died. people in pacifica woke up with a shake today according to the u.s. gs, the magnitude 2.8 quake struck near park road around 7:30 this morning. no damage has been reported. let's go outside now to where the skies are much clearer than they were earlier this morning. it's a sharp contrast from the weekend. bay area saw rain on and off. we have a look at the rainfall totals. >> we were socked in with areas of low clouds and mid and low level high clouds with a weak
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disturbance rolling through the bay area. we noticed that the flag is on the fly. another birds eye view, partly cloudy conditions and up to two tenths of an inch of rain and mountains of santa cruz. san francisco cornering in on a tenth of an inch of rain and barely a few rain drops in san jose. we were wet this morning. our radar indicates we're drying out with a passage of the system. clear and cold conditions tonight and more rain moving in for our midweek forecast. we're tracking that system and will tell you how much rain to expect. that's coming up later in the newscast. still to come, honoring fidel castro, how many across the world are reflecting on the life of the former leader. this as president-elect donald trump makes controversial remarks. missing in the sierra, progress being made in the search underway for a lost couple. millions are shopping online today for cyber monday but as you go to check out, you could be at risk.
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what to watch for to prevent fraud, after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for final farewells to fidel castro, who died on friday. the former president ruled the country for nearly half a ntury through years of thousands gathered in havana to say farewell to fidel castro who ruled the country of cuba through iron fisted leadership. the laidest from miami where cuban exilings are watching the ceremony from afar. >> reporter: a 21 gun absolute echoes over havana where thousands of cubans lined up to mourn the former president. many shed tears as they passed the monument for fidel castro who died at the age of 90.
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>> he called fidel castro an immortal man and friend and teacher for the world. both young and oltd are paying their respects though not everyone remembers his days as dictator before he handed control to his younger brother to his younger brother, raul castro in 2006. the new president has been ne yoesh negotiating. donald trump announced he will terminate the agreement as cuba is unwilling to make a better deal. >> the community has cheered the passing of fidel castro, a group of cuban exiles are planning a massive rally later in the week pledging to fight for freedom for all cubans. >> this cuban community lives and renews today. it's commitment in solidarity of the cuban people inside the
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island. >> reporter: a two day ceremony at revolution plaza, foreign leaders are invited to pay their respects and then fidel castro ashes will begin a three day precession across the island arrived on sunday in santiago, the birth place of the revolution. don champion, cbs miami. a couple became stranded in the snow. >> it's been two days since they were last seen. >> search crews are fighting an uphill battle. >> today's weather is the real story and in fact, it's actually slowing down their search because of the snow and the rain and the fog and the slick roads. rory and susan were last seen in the went worth springs area. they got lost after a four wheeler get away. rory made calls sunday morning to 911 but it got disconnected. he texted his family then lost
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cell service. the family says they have enough food for a few days but they're worried about the winter weather. the sheriff's department says this is no doubt hampering their search the clouds are right down on the tree line preventing helicopters from flying. it's probably going to prevent us from using any drone technology we might have. but with this weather it's going to be a ground search and a ground search only until the clouds breath. -- break. >> a lot of city folk come up here and don't realize this is what they get. >> they are trying to track the location from where the text messages were sent. back over to you. a live look now at the sierra mountains. rescue crews are dealing with chilly temperatures and of course lots of snow. that area saw more snowfall this weekend while the bay area
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saw rain. let's get a check on the forecast. 14 inches of snow in some locations around the greater tahoe lake area. we do have a couple resorts open for skiing and boarding with limited lifts but nonetheless, we're seeing winter in the air. here locally our hi-def radar not picking up precipitation. lingering clouds associated with the weak disturbance that rolled through the bay area this morning producing up to two tenths of an inch of rain. temperatures settling into the 40s. the passage of this disturbance, the winds on the increase adding a chill to the air. sfo winds up to 20. back on track after delays this morning. no longer delays on the arriving flights. 13 minutes or actually 13 miles per hour winds. here's the deal, the disturbance is out of here
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sliding out of california from the north to the south. behind it a weak area of high pressure building in for tuesday with ample sunshine until another disturbance begins to take aim on the bay area. that is in the forecast for -- watch your clock here -- increasing clouds on wednesday leading to the potential of light wind showers for the wednesday morning commute. meanwhile, 33 in the high sierra with snow flurries and 56 and foggy in sacramento. temperatures pretty much in the 40s and low 60s, close to 60 degrees everywhere. sun goes down and the winds increase. another shot of rain showers on wednesday. enjoy your afternoon, it's brisk. shopping online for cyber mo thanks so much. millions are shopping online for cyber monday and online sales are expected to hit $3.3 billion this year.
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that's nearly a 27% jump from 2014 when sales were at $2.6 billion. smartphone shoppers could be at risk because of dangerous and sometimes counterfeit apps. a company that creates apps from major retailers found shopping names for retailers like dill dillards and d ior that weren't real. >> if you take them down and get rid of the provider they will show up in a different form in a new name. >> the company adds that its all about criminal getting hold of your private information. many can gain access to your contacts, text messages and possibly pass words. don't install one that's free. pick one you pay for from a developer based here in the united states. still ahead, rolling out an update when elon musk says tesla owners can expect an
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enhanced auto pilot system feature. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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owners minds. people -- like edward sanchez -- elon musk is finally answering the question that is on many tesla owners' minds. they wonder when the new auto
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pilot software would be released. the soft wear will be released in six weeks according to elon musk -- software. the update allows for automatic lane changing, matching speed and traffic conditions and self- parking. facebook is about to have a lot more friends in india. they just rolled express wifi providing internet access to regions that have never been online. the company explained they're working with carriers and internet service providers to help expand the connective to underserved locations around the world. the big board right now, you can see the dow is down about 37 points.
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control -- is literally go new at noon, a partnership between virgin ask the san francisco animal care and control is going above and beyond to find chihuahuas their forever homes. >> they are on board a special flight to the big apple. animal care and control says there's an overpopulation in san francisco shelters but the broed is actually in high demand at shelters in new york city so right now 22 chihuahuas are on a flight with a few
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human volunteers to cater to their needs. >> it's worth the trip. these guys will find their homes and it will make them happy and somebody on the other side really happy. cyber monday is today and 10% of bookings will be donated to the sheltering partners. >> you need a new dog. >> i need a dog. >> jump on that flight. >> you need an old dog. >> don't talk to my kids. bye.
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