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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 30, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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one of t in the past hour the sheriff's department has confirmed one of the inmates who got out of a bay area jail is back in custody. >> reporter: two inmates had been on the run for nearly a week and tonight one of them is on his way back to the santa clara county jail. sheriff's officials confirmed that they captured a man. we don't know the details of how his arrest went down but we know that it was a tireless
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search and one that is going on at this hour for the other man. they escaped last week along with two other inmates by cutting through the bars on a second-floor window. they used bedsheets that they tied together to make their way to the ground. two inmates were immediately caught. today authorities surrounded an rv and east san jose parked on the street and eight rated a home. the sheriff's office said this raid was directed at high target associates. take another good look at this photo. he has a prominent tattoo above and below his eye. tonight sheriff's deputies have confirmed that they have captured one of the inmates and he is on his way back at this hour to the jail. tomorrow authorities will hold a press
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conference and they will share details of his arrest. we have breaking news out of san francisco. we are outside of cirque du soleil where a worker was killed. >> reporter: we are in a back parking lot behind at&t park. this is where cirque du soleil has been performing. what they say is one of the workers was doing a preset for the show. and was hit by a left. we believe a lift is one of the largest industrial elevators. the worker was severely injured . he was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and he died late this evening. this happened around 6:45 this evening. the crowd was not inside yet. as customers arrived they were informed the would be no-show. >> we showed up early an hour before the performance. we were
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waiting in line and we got the notice that the show was canceled. >> reporter: what goes through your mind that a guy was hurt? >> it is shocking. >> reporter: customers were handed written notices that the show was called off and they could get full refunds. we heard from cirque du soleil just a few minutes before the newscast. here is part of the statement. it is with immense sadness we report a fatal accident that occurred on november 29 during the present of the show one of our employees a technician on the show was by a lift and passed away from his injuries. cirque du soleil goes on to say that they had not yet been able to contact family members so they are not releasing the name of the man who died. a scare in a movie theater in san francisco. it was evacuated after reports that someone possibly armed with a handgun walked into the theater.
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officers ordered everyone out to be safe. one person was detained and a gun was recovered . the number of people who had fallen ill from a thanksgiving dinner in antioch is climbing. three people have already died on the holiday meal. we have new details on the investigation. >> reporter: it was the second press conference and as many days. officials try to figure out what second over a dozen people. we are no closer to those answers tonight but we are learning more about where some of these victims lived. the number of people sickened by a thanksgiving dinner inside the american legion hall in antioch is 17. we know tonight the golden hills community church which has run this dinner for over 30 years did not have a permit for the event that fed over 800. >> it is something that we will be talking with them about being permitted next year. >> reporter: golden hills
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released this statement on their website. our dinner in antioch is one of a number of possibilities that county health is investigating. we are fully cooperating with health officials and praying for the families who lost loved ones and others who are sick. food for the dinner came from a hodgepodge of sources with side dishes cooked at the american legion. store-bought ties and turkeys cams and sweet potatoes cooked at volunteers homes. the number of possibilities is making it difficult for contra costa county health officials to determine a single cause of for the annoyance. -- illness. >> we find a particular bacteria or virus that causes illness. >> reporter: three residents died from their symptoms after being rushed to the hospital on friday. one patient was hospitalized and two staff members were second at in other care
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facility. most people who were second after the dinner got ill within 24 hours. >> at this point it is getting to be a number of days after the event. i would not expect people to become ill and was they have leftovers. donald trump is on a hiring spree to president-elect tapped this man tom price to lead the department of health and human her services. he is a vocal critic of obama care. >> his plans and his ideas for changing obama care he said we will repeal the whole thing and we will rely on things like tax credits and health savings accounts to encourage individuals to buy healthcare insurance. >> trump named wilbur ross to head the commerce department. elaine chao is the president-
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elect picked to be transportation secretary. it is his choice for treasury secretary that is tearing concerns in the bay area tonight. >> i am really focused on the policies right now. >> reporter: he is the man trump is tapping for treasury secretary. and tonight billionaire hedge fund manager and former goldman sachs partner steve mnuchin is facing claims of racial discrimination. >> we are alleging violations of the fair housing act. >> reporter: he is with the reinvestment coalition and nonprofit the filed this complaint with the department of housing and urban development. claiming that the bank that he chaired engaged in housing discrimination. >> the main way in which the bank interacted with working- class families in california was through foreclosure. >> reporter: he said with him at the helm they foreclose on 36,000 homes statewide but that is not all in this complaint the nonprofits a legend that he
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left foreclose properties in a state of disrepair in predominantly african american asian american and latino communities while keeping foreclosures in white neighborhoods in better condition. this abandoned east oakland home is one example. he said their research shows one west also engaged in a practice known as redlining. >> on the lens it made it made very few to people of color in proportions that were below that to the industry >> reporter: nancy pelosi lashed out at trumps pick calling him a wall street banker who profited from the financial crisis. president- elect trump is handing over the keys to the same players who drove our economy into a ditch. >> we don't believe that somebody like that should be in any regulatory position. donald trump appears to be delivering on at least one campaign promise. he said he has reached a deal to keep 1000 jobs in the united states. he
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tweeted i will be going to indiana on thursday to make a major announcement concerning carrier ace standing and indianapolis. great deal for workers. he pledged during his campaign to keep american jobs from moving overseas. details of the agreement are unclear your house democrats are not voting until tomorrow but nancy pelosi is already declaring victory. she said she has the support she needs to remain a minority leader. the san francisco congresswoman is being challenged by a man she wants mentored. fungus and tim ryan he said he is within striking distance. he represents a blue-collar district in ohio. according to the washington post he never intended to challenge policy but then donald trump one is sometime. big win for the warriors. an appeals court has paved the way for the team to move to san francisco. the warriors had been facing
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opposition against plans to build an 18,000 the seat arena in mission bay. what does this mean? >> reporter: in a unanimous decision the state court of appeals has upheld the warriors claim that they do have the right and the right environmental work to proceed with building their arena at mission bay. the mission bay alliance which is made up of deep pocketed donors to the nearby hospital and school had objected to the arena saying that the noise traffic and pollution was just too much for the neighborhood. they wanted a biotech center. the court of appeals has started with the warriors and paved the way for possible groundbreaking within the next two months. here is what were your spokesperson said. >> the warriors have been the bay area team for the future. this helps them do that and they can control their own destiny. the beautiful venue and one of the true begins in the bay area.
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>> the statement from the mission bay alliance the opposition -- the mission bay alliance jennifer wade and are deeply disappointed with the court ruling. our legal team is reviewing the ruling and considering options. is california woman said she was kidnapped and held captive for weeks her husband describes the horrors she suffered. this racist note just one of the recent hate crimes in the bay area. tonight fremont mayor took an unusual step to calm fears. you will have to pay more for this holiday staple. what is behind the shortage of christmas tr,, (coughs) that cough doesn't sound so good. well i think you sound great. move over. easy booger man. take mucinex dm.
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is breaking his silence. kpix 5's joe vazquez has some of the chilling new details of her disappearance. the husband of a mother who was abducted near redding is breaking his silence. we have some chilling new details of her disappearance. >> reporter: the new details are very disturbing. her husband now says his wife was beaten so badly her face was disfigured. he said she was seared with a branding iron. her husband said deputies braced him before the horrifying moment he would see his wife again. in a statement he writes my first site was my wife in a hospital bed. her face covered in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of repeated beatings. the bridge of her nose was broken. on november 2 she was on her way to pick up her young children. then she disappeared. her cell
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phone and headphones were found about a mile from her home. after a massive surge lasting three weeks she was recovered thanks giving day. >> she is heavily battered. >> reporter: deputies report she was chained to something. dropped off on the side of the road about 100 miles away from redding any -- sherry had been badly beaten and was bound with chains and lost a lot of weight from starvation. a brand had been burned into her skin. her now emaciated body of 87 pounds was covered in multicolored bruises severe burns red rashes and chain markings. her signature long blonde hair had been chopped off. the shasta county sheriff said he was surprised and blindsided by the statement. because he was not ready to reveal some of the details. he said he is no reason not to believe that the story is as she says it is.
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tonight some napa high school football players are being accused of assaulting their own teammates. they are accused of holding them down and hitting and grabbing them 10 days ago. the school will not say how many students were involved. investigators are trying to figure out if hazing is to blame. the police department and the school district are investigating. since the election more hate crimes are being reported in the bay area your the mayor of fremont is taking an unusual step to try and calm everyone's fears. >> reporter: in a city that prides itself as being one of the most diverse in the country this person became a victim of a had crime. she found this note on her dashboard. referring to her headscarf. it reads. she is not muslim. she is lupus and was a scarf because she lost all of her hair. that attack and several other
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disturbing exchanges prompted the mayor to write this open letter. he said fremont is a place where hate will not be tolerated. since trumps victory muslims in particular across the country have said that they have felt skilled and have been targeted. what have you been hearing? >> we have heard a lot from our community. all the communities. there is a lot of fear and uncertainty. we hear that. >> reporter: the city is encouraging victims to report crimes to authorities and the new hate crime tip line sound up by the das office. >> fight -- the best way to fight it is to take at face on your >> reporter: community members have been putting post-it notes on this unity sculpture in central park. one reads love. another stand up for each other your --. president-elect donald
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trump is known for his twitter tirade. tonight twitter says watch out. twitter says no one not even the president is exempt from its community rules when it comes to hateful conduct. they spoke says it will adjust its community rules for the president. with twitter really ban or suspend the president? a spokesman said the rules apply to all accounts including verified accounts. in tennessee heavy rain could help firefighters overnight as they battle the state's worst wildfire in a century the fire is tearing through the great smoky mountains killing at least three people. authorities call this a fire for the history books. >> reporter: this wildfire has destroyed more than 100 homes and businesses and forced more than 40,000 people to evacuate. this cell phone video was taken
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by two brothers as they escaped from a vacation resort area in the mountains of gatlinburg. they said they had no warning as the wall of flames surrounded them last night. there only choice was to ride through it or die. by early evening wind speed suddenly doubled. turning into hurricane force winds that top 87 miles per hour your buyers quickly spread in his drought stricken area your --. this community is at the edge of the great smoky mountains national park the most visited national park in the country. flames came up to the vista hilton hotel. at this red cross shelter more than 1000 evacuees showed up. >> as long as i have my family that is all that matters. >> reporter: right now no one is allowed into gatlinburg as the tennessee emergency management agency enforces a level iii state of emergency.
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if you are going to buy a christmas tree this year get ready. it may cost you a lot more work --. what is behind the tree shortage? >> this one is tall and it has a lot of leaves. >> reporter: is eight-year-old was ready to pick the christmas tree. >> this one is big and a little bit tall. >> reporter: she likes the top seller. and there is a shortage this year. >> i am looking at trees in february work this is unheard of. people say we don't have trees. >> reporter: this man owns olympic truce christmas trees. he explains in the past there was an oversupply forcing some growers twofold. causing a tree shortage. have prices changed with the shortage? >> they have. i would say that the prices are up from last year a good 10%. >> reporter: trees like this are usually the first to go to the longer you wait the shorter your christmas tree could be.
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she is taking home a tall noble for during a shortage. >> we have never seen a shortage. nothing like this. it has been dry in the pacific northwest. it is not been dry around here. more rain is coming to the bay area tomorrow. i will show you the rain and the leading edge of showers that will be in the bay area tomorrow. heading in our direction some light rain showers. cool night with clear skies. it is 39 in livermore. sent -- san francisco dropping 247 overnight. oakland 44. low 40s for mountain view.
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talking about the rain chance that we were not talking about yesterday because the original high pressure has retrieved to the west allowing the low to work its way up the ridge and slide down from western oregon and it will clip our area giving us very light rain showers. future cast said cloud cover moves into the north bay and the city of san francisco as soon as sunrise tomorrow. at 7:00 you are sunny and san jose. clouds for the bay area at lunchtime which may be the wettest part of the day. what means a couple of isolated showers. rain is gone by 5:00. tomorrow night will be cool. we are mainly clear. just a few showers tomorrow. dry weather and the cool weather returns rather quickly. highs tomorrow not hitting 60. cloudy afternoon even if you don't get the showers. mountain view 58. santa rosa 58. thursday sunshine. it will be warmer friday and saturday. mid-60s inland and low 60s to
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the bay. next week the big story will be the potential for a freeze. colder air moves in mid-50s for highs. and was perhaps down to the upper 20s away from the water.,,
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check 'em out. these jelly-like blobs... are actually *not jelly fish at thousands of unusual creatures washed up on a southern california beach. >> the jellylike blobs are not jellyfish. they are actually a type of the cucumber. marine experts say they are being brought to shore by high water temperatures and heavy winds. >> can you make pickles? tiger woods gets set to tee it up. and crank up the rumor machine. a colleg,,,,,,,,
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is he leaving? "i you lose 10 straight games and people will talk. is chip kelly staying or going? >> i was the media has an opportunity for me somewhere i will explore those opportunities. i am not going anywhere. >> the job his name has been
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linked to has been opened your oregon fired their coach to replace kelly in eugene. is this kelly's exit strategy? reports suggest kelly who coached at oregon from 2009 until 2012 will not be a candidate for the job. we go to overtime. san jose on the power play. 19 seconds into overtime and that is what you pay him the big money. the last time tiger woods played in a golf tournament the warriors were two months removed from a title and donald trump was one of 17 republican candidates running for president. would will play this week in the bahamas after being out the last 15 months because of back surgery.
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he enters the a team player tournament ranked 898 in the world. he did not have to worry about qualifying. >> this is my event. i know you have to be in the top 50 in order to get into this event. the committee allowed one person who is outside to get into the event. i am in the committee. >> he has not played in 15 months. we were debating what is a good score. i say 74 is a good score your --. >> he is below par. 70. >>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. late show ,,,,,,,,,,
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