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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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manhunt with the help of people like emmy vaca. she was arrested two days ago. they say she drove rogelio chavez at least once around town in gilroy. >> when you aid and abet somebody who is particularly a felon, who broke out of the jail, that's a dangerous situation. and so to help that dangerous situation along and to present the arrest and the capture of a felon is a pretty big deal. >> reporter: rebecca henry has known vaca for years and said her friend never has done anything violent and she is going to send her money to help cover the $70,000 bail. >> she might see this message. what do you want to say? >> i love you, emma. >> reporter: last night police came to an apartment complex. marshals waited for hours until they finally spotted the other escaped inmate laron campbell. when they went in to get him he was hiding in the attic but what happened next was out of a hollywood movie. >> they determined that campbell was hiding in the attic. he then crashed through the
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ceiling on to the floor where he was taken into custody without further incident. >> reporter: they also arrested his sister, and charged her with harboring a fugitive. last week, the two inmates sawed through metal bars and using clothing knot the knotted together shimmied down the wall. >> if somebody is helping rogelio chavez, stop. >> reporter: and if convicted emily vaca faces five years in prison for giving that one single ride to laron campbell. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. developing right now, part of 580 in oakland is shut down after a shooting along a freeway off-ramp. police have blocked off all
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lanes of 580 near fruitvale avenue. traffic was backed up for miles. officers surrounded a white car below the off-ramp. police found the man and woman with gunshot wounds. they were both taken to the hospital and are listed in stable condition. here's a live look from chopper 5. we want to take from the shooting scene back through the traffic jam. you can see right there you can see where the cars are trying to funnel off the freeway and then back through. this is a painful mess right now. this is 580. it's unclear when the s will actually re-open. no arrests have been made. a de la salle high school football player is under arrest tonight after police say he sexually assaulted a teenaged girl. it happened after school football game on the de la salle campus in concord. we are learning the victim was a student from nearby carondelet high school. kpix 5's emily turner is in
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concord with some new details on the investigation. >> reporter: they are right across the street from each other. they are sister schools. they share a bell schedule. they share classes. but tonight, they are sharing the fallout of the sexual assault. >> reporter: one 15-year-old boy is not among his classmates today. he was arrested last night by concord police for sexual assault. >> at this time we are only going to say sexual assault. >> reporter: what was the relationship between the two people? >> they were dating. i don't have that information. >> reporter: the victim is a 15- year-old girl from carondelet the sister school. the suspect a player on the freshman football team at de la salle. police say it happened 2.5 weeks ago at a varsity football game on campus. the girl came forward the following monday on the 21st. >> a student, um, came to our
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principal to, um, report the alleged assault. we immediately, um, put her and her family in touch with our personal counselors to offer support. >> reporter: the school also contacted police. but it wasn't until today that they reached out to parents. why are you waiting until now to send out a statement when you were aware of the situation last week? >> we did not want to compromise the police department investigation. we are cooperating fully with the police department. >> reporter: de la salle declined to comment on camera but they say that the safety and security of their students is their primary concern. all other questions, though, they directed to the concord police department. live in concord, emily turner, kpix 5. meanwhile a group of high school football players in napa is suspected of beating their own teammates. the alleged assault happened earlier this month at napa high school. police say a group of players held down some of their teammates as they hit them repeatedly. it's unclear how many students were involved in the incident. the napa unified school
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district is also conducting its own investigation into the beatings. now to that bizarre abduction of a mother from redding. authorities are releasing new details about the investigation. sherri papini disappeared earlier this month while on a jog near her home. she was released by her captors nearly three weeks later along a rural road in yolo county. her husband says she was covered with bruises and burns. during a press conference today, the shasta county sheriff gave chilling details about her injuries. >> i will confirm that the suspect did brand her. i will not get into the details of where the brand is located on her body nor what was branded on her for again the integrity of the investigation. >> pa teeny described her captors as two hispanic women. they covered their faces and she was unable to give investigators a better description of them. >> interviews are very intense
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for both the investigators and for herri for her having to relive this traumatic event of the she was cooperative and courageous during the interviews. >> detectives are still trying to figure out if she was targeted or it was random. first court appearance today for the man accused of knocking a south san francisco police officer unconscious. surveillance video shows the suspect trying to get away on his skateboard and then allegedly hitting the officer with that skateboard. kpix 5's len ramirez was in court today with the demands from the suspect's attorney. >> reporter: while south san francisco officer robby chon is hospitalsized with a serious head injury the man accused of attacking him was in court in redwood city. the suspect luis alberto ramos did not enter a plea but his attorney ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. >> just from my conversations with the defendant, i believe
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that he needs some attention. he may not be getting it right now in custody. >> reporter: security cameras captured the scene on thanksgiving day. police say ramos took off on his skateboard when officer chon tried to arrest him after a disturbance. the video shows officers chasing ramos in cars with chon approaching on foot. ramos apparently turns and hits him with a skateboard in the head knocking him out cold. >> attack is not acceptable! the men and women of the south san francisco police department will remain vigilant to keep our officers and community safe. >> reporter: chon is married with two children. the suspect's psychological evaluation will take a week or more to complete. his high bail amount $2 million virtually assures that he will remain in custody until his next court appearance on december 14. in redwood city, len ramirez, kpix 5. police in san francisco are investigating the shooting death of a public works
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employee. it happened this morning about 8:00 near vermont and 25th street in potrero hill. the victim was on the job at the time painting over some graffiti when he was shot. he was taken to the hospital where he died. he was 27 years old and the father of two young children. so far no arrests have been made. house democrats held their leadership elections today and nancy pelosi faced one of the biggest challenges of her career. kpix 5's allen martin on how democrats are now refocusing after this year's devastating losses. >> reporter: liz and ken, this morning san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi did win enough votes to keep her position as the top ranking democrat in the house of representatives. >> so i have a special spring in my step today because this opportunity is a special one. >> reporter: democrats voted 134-63 to keep pelosi as minority leader. ohio congressman tim ryan a former pelosi protege says he may not have won, but he did
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advance his cause of trying to get democrats to focus on jobs and the economy. >> we come out of this leadership election knighted as democrats to take on the challenges that we need moving forward. so, you know, i'm disappointed because i like to win and, um, but i think it was a great discussion for us and i think honestly i think the party is better off. >> reporter: ryan's supporters say pelosi now understands she has to listen to them. >> she understands change has to come. >> reporter: pelosi's message was simple. the democrats will need to put on a united front to take on president-elect donald trump and republicans who control congress. >> we're at a time where it's well beyond politics. it's about the character of america. >> reporter: democrats say they are expecting a fight on many issues including obamacare which leader pelosi helped push through the house while she was speaker. democrats say despite the challenge to nancy pelosi, they left today's meeting energized
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and unified for the battles to come. >> thank you. president-elect donald trump is making more cabinet picks today and a major announcement about the future of his vast business empire. cbs news correspondent marlie hall is monitoring the developments from outside of trump tower in new york. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump is getting closer to filling out all of his cabinet positions. he named wilbur ross a 79-year- old billionaire to lead the commerce department. and steven mnuchin a former goldman sachs partner to be treasury secretary. mnuchin is expected to play a major role in crafting mr. trump's tax reform plan. >> i know what it takes to make sure we can make loans to small and midmarket companies. that's our focus. >> reporter: mr. trump tweeted he plans to step away from all of his businesses to focus on running the country. but the watchdog group crew released a statement critical of mr. trump's decision saying, what he does not seem to realize or does not want to
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admit is that the conflict arises from his ownership of the trump organization. mr. trump is also making good on a campaign promise. >> they think they are going to make air-conditioners in their beautiful new plant in mexico. and sell them across the border and make lots of money and we have all the unemployment. not going to happen! >> reporter: mr. trump will travel to indiana tomorrow to announce a deal with air- conditioning maker carrier that could keep 1,000 jobs from being shipped to mexico. later he kicks off his thank you tour in ohio. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. closed until further notice. >> coming up, what we have learned about the cirque du soleil employee killed right before showtime. >> plus, two more people sick. new details on that thanksgiving dinner that left three people dead. an easier way to get your entertainment. all you need is the internet. ,,,,
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the son of the circus troup's founder. olivier rochette a cirque du soleil worker killed in an accident before a show in san francisco was the son of the circus troop's founder. olivier rochette was killed last night when he was struck in the head by a telescopic lift. it happened during a rehearsal for a performance of "luzia" at at&t park. rochette a technician from quebec was the son of a cirque du soleil cofounder. the ceo said he was heartbroken by the accident. last night, and tonight's performances, are canceled. two more people have gotten sick after eating food from a thanksgiving dinner in antioch. that brings the total to 19 including three people who died. all three were residents at
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assisted living facilities. the coroner's office said they all had similar intestinal abnormalities following the thanksgiving dinner at the american legion hall. it was put on by golden hills community church. county health officials say a food-borne illness was the likely cause. the contractor that oversaw the construction of that berkeley balcony that collapsed last year could be facing some new penalties. the contractor's state license board is looking to revoke or suspend the license of segway construction. the agency filed an accusation claiming the contractor willfully disregarded plans and trade standards during the construction process. the balcony collapsed at the library gardens apartment complex last summer killing 6 students, five of the victims students here from ireland. new details and the tack on the ohio state university campus. the fbi believes the attacker may have been inspired by the
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"islamic state." the fbi is studying facebook posts from abdul razak ali artan. earlier this week, he was shot and killed by police after he slammed his car into a crowd of people on the ohio state university campus and slashed people with a butcher knife. authorities think it's too early to rule if it was an act of terrorism. investigators are interviewing artan's family members and coworkers. at least 7 people have died in hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed in a devastating wildfire in tennessee. cbs reporter demarco morgan shows us, many people can't even get to their homes to see temperature they're still standing. -- to see if they are still standing. >> reporter: parts of gatlinburg, tennessee look like a burned ghost town with homes burned to the ground. >> we are still having because of the wind trees that are falling, taking down power lines. that's limiting our access into
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some of these areas. >> reporter: many people were forced to evacuate seeking refuge in red cross shelters. greg lanham and his family spent the night after escaping the fire. >> looking out at every window you can, our watching for a glow in the distance. um, you know, smoke everywhere. >> reporter: these two moved to gatlinburg from mississippi about a month and a half ago. they only had time to grab their 14-month-old son william and his diaper bag. >> we don't know what to do or what we're gonna do. we don't have anywhere to go. [ sirens ] >> reporter: officials say more than4 more than 400 people are working to put it out. >> i have gotten calls from surrounding states saying how can we help. >> reporter: gatlinburg mayor is trying to aid his community while dealing with his own loss. >> i had an opportunity to drive through town and confirm the fact that my house is gone
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and my business of 31 years is gone. >> reporter: cbs news, pigeon forge, tennessee. gopro is going lean. the san mateo based camera company says today it's cutting 15% of its workforce in a restructuring effort. that's about 200 jobs. gopro will also shut down its entertainment division to put more focus on core products. gopro stock jumped about 3% following today's announcements. it was up about 1.5% when the markets closed. and as if there wasn't enough already to watch on your phone or tablet, there's more. starting today, it's easier than ever to watch tv wherever you are. kpix 5's sharon chin explains. >> reporter: it's tv anytime anywhere you want. at&t is now the latest and largest company to offer live tv streamed over the internet.
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at&t's version is called, directv now. >> directv now is tv revolutionized. >> reporter: today at san francisco's flagship at&t store, employees were showing it off. >> no satellite dish, no cable connection. it's 100% tv everywhere. >> everybody agrees that the future of video over the internet. >> reporter: cnet says as you might expect internet tv requires a good internet connection and uses a lot of data. >> when you're away from the home, it does consume a good amount of data. >> reporter: while at&t is offering a special deal to its customers to hold the line on data costs, other providers won't. for now, at&t is trying to entice customers to sign up by offering free trials. and a special introductory deal. movies and on demand shows and 100 channels for $35 per month. but not every channel. >> it does not have cbs. >> reporter: so could it help consumers cut the cord with their cable companies? he says probably not. staying connected will also
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cost you. >> you still need to pay for internet. if you call up your cable tv and internet provider and say, i want to quit my tv package and keep my internet, they are going to say, okay, that's 60 bucks a month. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> it doesn't allow you to pause, record live tv or skipping commercials. it's working on adding that. netflix is making hit shows and movies available for download even if you are offline. you can get the new feature now as an update with the netflix app. netflix made the change as it sees more international growth. its rival amazon prime video offered the option for about a year. live and completely free of charge. your forecast. rained a little bit outside today but coming up we're talking about which night will be below freezing and which day may not even hit 50 degrees. we'll talk about that one day next. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, it's an horrific
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scenario. a driver plows into a crowd. officers are unable to fire back. only on "5," a bay area police union's provocative new ad in the debate over the use of force. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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scattered showers throughout the bay area today. san francisco getting .10" of rainfall. if you thought it was chilly yesterday, temperatures are chillier. low 50s in livermore. oakland 57 degrees. just a few showers are out there. the last spot to see rainfall aside from morgan hill was the tri-valley pleasanton livermore dublin-san ramon saw showers about an hour ago a few drips north of 580 east of downtown livermore. and that is it. speaking of livermore, today the sixth consecutive day you didn't make it to of 0. this is the coolest week since the last day of january and the first five days of february. wintertime cold here in the bay area with highs mainly only in
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the 50s. lows in the 30s tonight. livermore for you 37. concord 38. napa 39. oakland you'll drop to 45. san jose 42. redwood city 40 degrees. not the strongest weather system. everything is wrapping over a big strong ridge of high pressure a lot of snow in the cascades and oregon and washington. some snow toward tahoe the snow level today only 5,000 feet. next week, with our next rainmaker the snow level could drop as low as 3,000 feet. next monday this weak front passing through skies will clear overnight tonight. the next weather event will be this ridge reestablishing getting stronger a north wind which will be a chilly to mild breeze but you will notice that breeze especially in the higher elevations wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. that's continues friday and saturday. breezy to windy conditions with temperatures making it to the mid-60s. tomorrow the sunshine comes back. not going to be that warm. mountain view 59 degrees. vallejo 60. napa 60. san francisco 60. mountain view 59. extended forecast, breezy but
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milder both friday and saturday. mid-60s inland. low 60s near the bay. we'll see an increase in clouds on sunday. so saturday is your milder sunnier choice over the weekend. now look at monday just a few scattered showers. but notice the highs on tuesday. some parts of the bay area will struggle to hit 50 degrees and tuesday night is the possibility of a widespread freeze event with temperatures 32 or colder away from the water here in the bay area so chilly this week colder next week. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,, c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! ,,,,
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reopened. we have an update on the traffic nightmare on 580 in oakland. just getting word, all lanes have reopened. this is chopper 5 video from earlier. police blocked off all eastbound lanes near fruitvale avenue. this after a man and woman in a car were shot on the off-ramp there. they were rushed to the hospital and are in stable condition. again, eastbound 580 re-opening right now in oakland. the damage is done. and that is now a nightmare commute. it's been nearly 50 years since the mcdonald's big mac was introduced. hard to believe it's been that long. the man who created it just died. michael jim delligatti died in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. he was a mcdonald's franchise owner who created the famous big mac in 1967. a year later made the chain's national menu. delligatti's son said he ate at least one 540-calorie big mac a week for decades. he lived to be 98 years old. captions by: caption colorado
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: deadly disasters in the deep south. >> we took off running. the wind picked us up and threw us. >> mason: tornadoes and wildfires destroy hundreds of buildings and force thousands to flee. also tonight, a charlotte police officer is cleared in the fatal shooting of a black man that led to days of unrest. >> officer vincent saw mr. scott holding up a semiautomatic handgun. >> mason: safari in southern california-- the hunt for a killer mountain lion. and, a wake-up call about the high cost of sleep deprivation for productivity and longevity. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> mason: good evening. scot


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