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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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standoff. kpix 5's maria medina reports. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people commented that they didn't think that one of the inmates would get very far because he had a distinct tattoo right over his eye. he was on the run for a week in the south bay. rogelio chavez was arrested after a seven you're standoff in san jose last night. investigator say he was hiding in the attic of a friend's home, was high and had drugs on him. his capture comes nearly 24 hours after the arrest of laron campbell who was hiding out in his sister's apartment in antioch. investigators say he crashed through the zeal over there as u.s. marshals served a search warrant. >> the investigation is ongoing and there may be additional arrests in the future of people who harbored chavez during the time he had escaped. fugitive chavez was in possession of narcotics and we believe he is under the influence, and he has been transported to a local
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hospital. >> reporter: now, in all, deputies have arrested three women who allegedly helped these men while they were on the run for a week right before they escaped -- right before thanksgiving, including a woman who helped chavez to a gilroy motel and laron campbell's sister. both men escaped right behind me by the sawing through the window bars of their second story cell and then rapelling using bedsheets. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. school officials say they have tracked down the student responsible for racist and homophobic graffiti found on a bus serving monte vista high school in danville. it happened just days after this racist graffiti popped up in a boy's bathroom at monte vista but it's sit unclear if the same student is behind -- still unclear if the same student is behind both. since october there have been 6 incidents of racist graffiti of schools in the direct. today president-elect donald trump will be in indianapolis to announce a deal aimed at keeping about 1,000 jobs at carrier air-
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conditioning plant. trump will meet with company employees today regarding an agreement to prevent their jobs from moving to another country. in a statement, carrier credits an improved more competitive u.s. business climate it expects under the new administration as well as incentives offered by the state. details have not been released. >> joy, excited, and looking to the future. >> also today, the president- elect will be in ohio to start a thank you tour holding rallies in states that helped elect him. now it's time to check in for a look at the bent metal update. here's roqui. >> that's the second really great intro today to traffic! roadwork on southbound 101 that connector to southbound 280 is closed and now reopened as caltrans clears the roadwork out there. it's been closed since about an hour ago. and traffic in the area is
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moving at just 13 miles per hour. it's backed up past cesar chavez. give yourself extra time to get to where you're going in this area. live at the nimitz freeway looking good in both directions. 238 in san leandro to the maze will take you 16 minutes. 15 minutes between hayward to foster city. moving over to the south bay, how's it looking? we have one slowdown here on northbound 101 that's between 280/680 split to highway 237. that will be a 14-minute drive. then expect 280 northbound and northbound 87 to be smooth sailing. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. good morning, everybody. rise and shine! it's the first day of december. it feels very december-like. very chilly temperatures. stuck in several weather patterns for days. outdoors now taking a clear view of the transamerica pyramid in the estuary of oakland so it's clear there but we are having visibilities issues in throughout the tri- valley due to pockets of dense fog limiting that visibility down to a quarter mile.
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now look at the numbers. 37 degrees in livermore. it is 34 degrees in santa rosa. 43 in san jose mid-50s around the rim of the bay. later today temperatures to 60 degrees, maybe 61 in the warmest locations in the santa rosa area. so 50s with bright sunshine replacing the drippy day we experienced yesterday with the clouds and the heavy drizzle. temperatures also into the 50s across the peninsula today from los altos to east palo alto into la honda, atherton, woodside. upper 50s cupertino, campbell, morgan hill back through gilroy. meanwhile, temperatures into the 50s and 60s east of the bay. winds picking up to 15 late day becoming variable. 58 in brentwood, tracy, oakley, byron and discovery bay. antioch, yeah, 58 degrees. 57 degrees in the danville area. so pretty much in the 50s in fact, livermore you have not realized 60 degrees in six full days! 50s, 60s from the seashore stinson beach all the way to
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novato. sonoma at low 60s. napa and glen ellen all as 60 degrees. upstream we go lakeport at 57 degrees. we are talking frosty nights ahead. that forecast is coming up at 18 after the hour. thanks, roberta. starting today, several santa clara county law enforcement agencies will grant arrest warrants amnesty. only applies to nonviolent misdemeanor criminals and traffic warrants. instead of being booked into county jail offenders who turn themselves in will get a citation and new court date. a high school football player is facing charges for allegedly sexual assaulting another student. only on "5," andria borba sits down with the victim whose identity we are shielding. >> reporter: i spoke exclusively to the girl. she has a message for her alleged attacker. >> the boy need to know that no means no. period point-blank. >> reporter: it was the night of november 18th when this 15- year-old carondelet high school student says she was sexually
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assaulted on the campus of de la salle high school during a varsity football game. after the attack, allegedly at the hands of a 15-year-old freshman football player at de la salle, this teen girl didn't say anything for three days until friends pushed her to report the incident to school administrators. >> it was very hard. it was really, really hard. but i thank god that i have friends who actually care about me and wanted to make sure i was okay. so they like -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she still hadn't told her parents. >> it was hard. it was hard. it was hard [ indiscernible ] but we got through it. still getting through it. >> reporter: she says concord detectives also collected surveillance video from the de la salle campus that showed parts of the alleged attack. the teenage boy accused of attacking her was arrested. she refuses to let this one incident stop her from living her life. >> to be completely honest, my
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school counselors have helped me a lot and my friends and just knowing, like, that in the long run, i'll be okay. i can't just let this stop me just because it's happened, i need to show him no, i'm not going to stop. >> reporter: there's only a crosswalk that separates the de la salle campus from the carondelet campus. and she says the gossip has been persistent between the two tight-knit schools. >> i was there and i know what happened. so i don't let it get to me. >> reporter: she has a message about sexual assault. >> it's not okay for to happen to anyone. and it's not okay for, like, people around, like, society to make the person that's been hurt feel like they done something wrong or feel ashamed about the situation. >> reporter: the case will be handed from the police department to the contra costa county district attorney's office. they will make the final determination on any charges. in the newsroom, andria borba, kpix 5. the pilot of the plane that
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crashed in colombia reportedly told air traffic controllers the plane ran out of fuel. he also asked permission to land because of a, quote, total electric failure on board just before the radio went silent. 71 people died in the crash. a huge crowd gathered in brazil last night to pay tribute to the soccer players who died when the plane went down. more than 22,000 fans gathered at the team's home stadium for a catholic mass in honor of the victims. in cuba, fidel castro's ashes arrived in the city of santa clara last night. huge crowds gathered chanting, i am fidel! the former leader's remains are making a 500-mile trek from havana to santiago. he will be interred there on sunday ending a nine-day country-wide mourning period. time now is 6:08. what should do you if a wild coyote approaches your car? for some bay area residents, the answer is apparently to give it a snack. >> with the wild wet long clean- up begins in the southeast
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after a series of devastating tornadoes. >> and what about wooly coats? bundle up, we are in the 30s inland. we'll talk about the weekend forecast. coming up. >> and we have minutes adding on to your commute from the maze to downtown san francisco. how is the rest of the commute? more coming up. >> closed capti oning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces furniture" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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across the south, people are waking up to significant damage - after deadly storms tore good morning. welcome to your first day of december 2016. good morning, rise and shine! take a beautiful look at the city of san francisco. looking due east towards the estuary of oakland. we have clear skies now. we have some very frigid temperatures. we are going to talk about frost and when you can expect
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it. it's traffic and weather together. significant damage in multiple southern states. five people were killed after the powerful system struck alabama georgia and tennessee yesterday. several counties are working to clean up downed trees and fallen power lines. no one was hurt when a tornado hit the atlanta area but two women who saw it saw the winds were a real shock. >> it was so much wind. ving was just flying everywhere. -- everything was just flying everywhere. it was bad. right there in front of us. the wind, it was like -- everything was just flying. >> and the whole door just shook. >> two people were killed by a tornado in tennessee where 14,000 people evacuated due to wildfires. bart is being investigated by state officials over a video featuring warriors star draymond green. >> warriors [ indiscernible ] across the bridge for 44 years. >> green also says bart needs to stay safe and reliable. that's the same words used in the successful yes on measure
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rr campaign ads. now the fair political practices commission is investigating whether public money was used illegally to promote the measure. if it finds that bart broke the law, the transit agency could face a $5,000 fine. at the same time a bay area teacher is using his knowledge of chess to inspire students to make better choices in and out of the classroom. kenny choi went to john o'connell high school in san francisco to get a firsthand look and it's this week's "cool school." >> heartbreak. >> reporter: under the watchful eye, these students are learning short-term decisions have big consequences on the board and down the road. >> chess. >> oh!! >> check! >> you have to plan out your movements right now for the future and you can't let what you just did in the past affect that. >> i created a curriculum to help them understand long and short-term goal planning. i create a curriculum to help them get emotional mastery, right, so they are not, you
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know, flipping out when things don't go their way. >> positive action better than one negative thought. um, you know, in chess, you know, it's three actions you move better than thinking you're going to lose a piece. >> reporter: in 2006 he created hip-hop chess federation. >> so many rappers talk about chess, right? i realized that i can use that as a lure to bring them into the game. >> reporter: he used his connections and got a hip-hop artist to help and decided to give up his job in silicon valley. >> because the kids matter more. because american education needs a booster shot. >> reporter: to boost student interest, he this year convinced his bosses to allow 18 students to take the two- hour class each week. >> you can concentrate better. when you're playing the game, you just concentrating on one thing. >> sometimes students are not necessarily interested in school at all and would rather be doing other things but yet they are engaged in school through chess. >> part of my goal is to help
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make it so that when the kids come out, that they can be at the big technology companies of today that they can be at the best schools of today. >> reporter: kenny choi, kpix 5. >> he hopes to expand the program to more o'connell high school students. he hopes that hhcs community education center and other cities where violence and high school dropout rates are the highest will follow. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. coyote, ps making apperarances in san francisco. well, animal advocates are urging people not to feed a coyote that keeps making appearances in san francisco. the coyote has been living on bernal hill for months. experts say human food can cause health problems for wild animals. some people have been seen feeding the coyotes from their
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cars. >> no, no! >> no, no, no! you never want to do that. >> right in. >> yeah. >> doesn't even sound appealing or -- i don't know. >> it's not good because then they get used to that and then they want more and more. >> next thing now they are in the living room. >> get your fingers bitten off while you're at it. let's check the roads. >> let's do. it let's start with the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a 26-minute drive between the maze and downtown san francisco and this is due to some earlier debris that was left on the road so as that is cleared out the way we do have some backup here through the toll plaza. let's check the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. that will take you about 19 minutes between 880 and 101. and then the altamont pass very slow-moving traffic at 21 miles per hour through north flynn road where speeds pick up to 29 miles per hour so not much better but you free up through livermore. take a look here. that's not the dublin interchange. okay? our camera is out because of the fog. altamont pass to 680 will take
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18 minutes. let's move over now to the bay area mass transit. bart all trains on time. ace train 1 and 3 on time. muni and caltrain on time, as well. that is your traffic. roberta, i'll send it to you. >> okay. roqui, the line of the day i just received it from matt in our control room. never turn your back on an angry coyote. [ laughter ] >> right? >> don't your hand near their mouths! >> there you go. >> everybody, good morning, live weather camera looking out at the transamerica pyramid towards the bright lights of the port of oakland and the estuary and we can see it visibility is good there. in fact, it's excellent. i'll show you where it's not so much coming up but right now, clear skies over oakland back through berkeley. temperature at 43 degrees. obviously you need to bundle up the kids out the door. it's 38 degrees in livermore. santa rosa you're at 34. 40s in san jose and around the peninsula into redwood city. sfo no reports of airport delays. patchy fog in the san jose area
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under 10-mile visibility. that's where it's a problem. 2.5-mile visibility in livermore at this time but even worsening conditions in napa but we have clear skies in santa rosa and petaluma. so areas fog this morning. otherwise, it's going to be a sunny dry day on the heels of yesterday's drippy wednesday when we saw up to about a tenth inch of rain in some neighborhoods, but boy was it a cloudy cool day? tomorrow sunny skies and cool conditions continue. and then kick-starting with tonight, we are anticipating some frost in throughout our interior valleys. otherwise, we'll get down to about 34 degrees into santa rosa and in livermore area. so the coast has been clearing out. that's the stratus associated with that weak disturbance that moved through the area yesterday producing that rain shower or two. los angeles now cloudy skies with some rain offshore. satellite-radar, i like to use this and explain to you our wind flow because we have this area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area. this is my wind particle map and see these lines here? that's an indication that the winds are coming down from the north and they kick inward to
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the west so northwest wind to 20 miles per hour later today that keeps that cool air mass in place. just how cool is it? livermore hasn't hit 60 degrees in the past 6 days. last time we had that kind of temperature span for that many days, well, it's january 31 through the fifth day of february so if it feels cool outside, you're right. 50s central valley. oh, it's 16 degrees on the south shore near tahoe keys going up to 34. talk about the beaches. 57 degrees bright sunshine. big sur all the way into monterey bay and carmel. official sun-up at 7:07. you're going to see a good- looking day although a little brisk. san jose mineta international airport is the official reporting station. going with a high temperature today 57 degrees. but near the rose garden district, back through willow glen, a beautiful naked, 60. 59 degrees san rafael. 50s in the bay area. breezy in the afternoon. benign weather pattern each day, cold front brings down the
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temperatures sunday through monday. daytime highs monday through wednesday only in the 50s. dennis with sports. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, can the sharks stay hot on the ice? a bay area showdown of sorts last night. can stanford deal saint mary's its first loss of the season? tip-off straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. stanford hosted the number 12 team in the country last night. but it wasn't a college basketball blue blood visiting maples it was the st. mary's gaels. they are number 12. the highest in school history. saint mary's trailed by 4 at the half but started the second half on a 12-0 run. score down low, they led by 8. under 5 minutes left in the game, calvin herman
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son buries one of his seven three-pointers giving saint mary's a double- digit lead. hermanson finished with a career-high 25 points. gaels pull away to win 66-51. they are 6-0. cal's preseason all american ivan rabb scored a career-high 25 points last night against louisiana tech. bears got pushed to the limit in overtime. mullin's three gave the bears the lead. they win 68-59. that's their 24th straight home victory. the sharks in l.a. to take on the kings. final seconds of the first period san jose already leading 2-0. ryan carpenter, that, folks, is his first-ever nhl goal! sharks win 4-1. they have won 5 of 6. you know what today is? tiger woods is returning to the links for the first time after a long, long layoff. highlights of tiger's round tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everybody.
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it is december 1st! world aids day now. at 25 minutes after 6:00, we'll tell you about some commemorations in the bay area. >> reporter: it had the beginning and the ending of a hollywood movie. how two jail escapees were finally captured. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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make this a better place to live. weather ad libs flags are at half-staff in san francisco in honor of the city worker gunned down. >> from the kpix weather center we have areas of fog shrouding
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neighborhoods. and frosty temperatures. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, good luck, we have a 30-minute commute across the span. we'll tell you how the rest of your bay area is looking coming up. good morning. it's thursday, december 1. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. kenny choi is off today. the time is 6:30. they ran from authorities for an entire week. but now two jail escapees are back behind bars in santa clara county. kpix 5's maria medina is live outside the jail in san jose with more on the dramatic captures and what sheriff laurie smith is promising. >> michelle, they definitely could run. they are on the run for a week. but they could not hide for long. rogelio chavez was arrested last night in san jose after a seven-hour stanoff. investigators say he was hiding out in a friend's attic, was high and had drugs on him. his capture comes comes 24 hours of the arrest of laron campbell arrested in his sister's apartment in antioch. investigators say he crashed
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through the ceiling of the attic as u.s. marshals were serving a search warrant. >> when you aid and abet somebody who is particularly a felon who actually broke out of the jail, that's a dangerous situation. >> reporter: and investigators have arrested three women for helping the men while they were on the run for a week including a woman who helped chavez as he was getting to gilroy motel and laron campbell's sister, as well. the sheriff promises that more charges could be on the way for anyone who helped these men. now, as you might remember, it was right before thanksgiving that the men escaped right behind me by sawing through the window bars of their second story cell and using bedsheets to rappel. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. any plans to tighten jail security following this escape? >> reporter: yesterday while the under sheriff announced campbell's arrest he said that, you know, the jail is old and
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it's really loud and that's why they probably couldn't hear the inmates sawing through the bars but they will install cameras soon. we have hit december and fog. >> this morning i was describing to you mr. brian hackney about how when i walked outside my door in pleasanton i could barely see across the street and you looked at me with scrutiny. i know that look. >> i always look at you can scrutiny. >> well, because i have known you for a million years. that's why. now i beg to prove it. >> go ahead. >> our live weather camera from dublin inspiration drive looking out towards the valley. looking towards pleasanton, what do you see? >> fog. >> i always believe. >> you thank you. [ laughter ] >> i got my sister's back, as well. there you have it. a patch of fog there. visibility down it a quarter mile in some neighborhoods back through livermore where currently it is 37 degrees. so bundle up as you head out.
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47 degrees in san francisco. 30s in santa rosa. when you have 34 degrees in santa rosa you know some of those interior valleys like olema is seeing frost this morning. the coast is clear, bay is clear. inland areas, we are stratus- free. area of low pressure has moved out. ample sunshine today. a bit of a breeze northwest 10 to 20 during the afternoon hours. temperatures if it feels cool, you're right, into the 50s at the coast, rockaway beach at 57 degrees. 50s common anywhere from foster city all the way to atherton, woodside, palo alto, sunnyvale you jump up to 60 at best. cupertino same upper 50s to 60 around the willow glen area, alviso, alum rock and campbell. east bay temperatures only in the 50s. 60 pleasanton. but livermore, you have not experienced 60 degrees for 6 straight days. high 50s from antioch through
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brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay, as well. byron. 60 benicia into vallejo. american canyon. 56 degrees stinson beach around the seashore today a bit of a breeze. high 50s in petaluma. 62 degrees. 63 in guerneville and occidental, as well. 67 degrees in lakeport. the full forecast featuring some subtle changes for the weekend. that's coming up at 48 after the hour. roqui, just looking at you makes me cold. >> well, . >> you're hot but i'm cold. >> oh. okay. >> sleeveless! >> you're hot, too, roberta, thank you. [ laughter ] let's take a look at our traffic now throughout the bay area. starting here with a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge from marin into san francisco. that will take you 14 minutes between 580 and the golden gate toll plaza. and moving over now to the bay bridge toll plaza, the maze to downtown will take you a long 26 to 30 minutes right now due to earlier debris left in the roadway. that debris is now cleared but that residual backup remains. it frees up at the skyway into
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san francisco. let move over to the peninsula commute from hayward to foster city that will take you 23 minutes between 880 and 101. and then a look at the altamont pass, traffic moving at 25 miles per hour off 205 and speeds don't pick up much at north flynn road. you free up through livermore and to the dublin interchange. let's take a look at mass transit now throughout the area. you have bart on time, ace train 3 and 5 on time. muni and caltrain nothing to worry about there, as well. and then in the east bay, we have houston rockets versus the golden state warriors tonight game time 7:30 p.m. so expect delays on the nimitz freeway. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. police are looking into a deadly san francisco shooting. the victim a public works employee who was painting over graffiti. investigators say jermaine jackson, jr. and two other workers were painting over a mailbox at 25th and vermont streets when someone drove by and opened fire. jackson the 22-year-old father
6:36 am
of two was killed. street paints replaced the graffiti. >> i been crying all day, joe. this is my nephew i watch him grow from a baby. >> mayor lee has ordered all flags in san francisco to be flown at half-staff. the son of a cirque du soleil cofounder is identified as the worker killed in a san francisco accident. investigators say olivier rochette was setting up for the "luzia" show tuesday evening when he was struck by an aerial lift. because of that, the show was canceled tuesday and wednesday. the status of the shows for tonight and upcoming nights is unclear. "luzia" is scheduled to be in san francisco through january. and then in san jose for a few weeks starting in february. police are still looking for the gunman involved in a shooting that shut down 580 in oakland. a man and woman were shot near the fruitvale off-ramp during the evening commute yesterday. officers searched a car at the bottom of the off-ramp for evidence. check out the traffic backup. the highway was shut down for nearly two hours until police gave the "all clear."
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the shooting victims are expected to survive. time now 6:36. an aggressive mountain lion sparked a passionate debate in one california neighborhood. ♪[ music ] >> it has indeed. there's the mountain lion. and in other stories, we'll hear from one of the newest members of the california hall of fame. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board. you can see the dow is up about 38 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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who st have a soda every day? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. wetter bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. good morning. time check 6:40. look at the numbers. it's going to be a seasonal december day. we're talking about temperatures into the 50s with bright sunshine in half moon bay through moss an montara
6:41 am
beaches. high 50s in palo alto today through belmont. we are talking 50s around the santa clara valley including milpitas and union city. east bay good morning to you in danville at 57 degrees. concord clayton walnut creek all approaching 60. a bit of a northwest breeze to 20 in stinson beach in the mid- 50s. 60 novato. and in the far reaches of the north bay, you, too will join us in sunshine. low 60s in windsor. well, it is shaping up as an unpleasant say for some major retailers. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> reporter: good morning. several big retail chains are off to a rough start on wall street. companies like dollar general, express, and also guess reported disappointing sales results for the 3rd quarter. and their forecast for the holiday season is not great either. that's key. most retailers do most of their sales during the holiday season. shares are taking a big dive in all three and especially guess
6:42 am
and express. each are down by double digits. that's weighing on the stock market a little bit in the early going. job market also in focus today. the labor department tomorrow will deliver its november jobs report. that's very critical as the fed meets this month to decide whether or not to raise interest rates. if it's another strong report the fed likely will go ahead and lift rates for the first time in a year. today we got word that initial jobless claims continue to head higher for the second straight week. up to 268,000 that's the highest level in four months. but still in a range that would suggest overall job growth by the economy. stock market off to a mixed start today. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far this morning. dow up higher by over 30 points. the nasdaq down by 12 points. another weak day for tech stocks and the s&p has just turned down by a fraction. brian and michelle, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us from new
6:43 am
york. good morning. >> reporter: hey, michelle. hey, brian. we are in indianapolis today where president-elect donald trump will announce a deal with carrier to keep manufacturing jobs in the united states. plus, we continue our coverage from guantanomo bay. we'll look at some of the detainees at the prison who have never been charged and been there quite a while. dr. david agus has groundbreaking research on aspirin and how it could save close to a million more lives. that's a lot of people. and instagram gives us a look back at the biggest moments of 2016. there you see the pope. now it's cool if the pope's on it. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. >> have a good day, michelle. >> you have a good day, two, gayle. see you at 7:00. december 1 marks world aids day. several events happening around the bay area will honor the occasion. at 9 a.m. in the yard of san francisco's harvey milk civil rights academy, a community event will
6:44 am
honor people who lived in the castro and died from aids. merchants and homeowners in the area will share their stories. participants in the event will inscribe names in chalk on nearby castro street. golden gate park people can stop by the national aids memorial grove at bowling green and nancy pelosi drive. the grove's mission to give people a place to remember loved ones who have been affected. >> hearts have a function to inspire and to connect and i don't know that there is a more inspirational spot in this park or anywhere. >> this program starts at noon. it's free. and it's open to the public. normally the lights, camera action is reserved for southern california but last night the stars came together in sacramento to honor the latest inductees to the hall of fame,
6:45 am
including harrison ford, george takei, marie shriver and isabel allende a political refugee who fled chile in the 1970s. >> [ indiscernible >> i can give back all what i have received. >> last night's honor came on the heels of her winning the presidential medal of freedom. now 15 minutes before 7:00. it's time to get a check on the road ahead. here's roqui. >> thank you, guys. let's take a look in the south bay. how are those roads looking that way? pretty good moderate speeds throughout the area. northbound 101 between 280/680 split to highway 237 will take you about 18 minutes and then expect a 17-minute drive between 101, 680 split to highway 85 across 280 northbound. let's move over now to the east bay the peninsula commute from hayward to san mateo 880 to 101 will take about 25 minutes. and then expect an easy commute on the nimitz freeway 238 in san leandro to the maze will take 18 minutes, as well.
6:46 am
and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the maze to downtown right now will take you 21 minutes. we did have an earlier issue with some debris in the road but that's been cleared out. still causing traffic to back up into the maze already. let's move over now to the golden gate bridge on the other side of the bay. here's a look from -- i cannot get my cities right today. here's a look from marin county into san francisco. that's 580 to the golden gate toll plaza will take 14 minutes. okay. roberta? >> roqui, it's a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge this morning. wow, lots of clear skies there. but from the coast to our inland areas, we are traveling a good 40 miles due east towards the city of dublin. inspiration drive, that's the location of valley christian elementary school and we have our camera perched there looking out towards the valley. and in the direction of mount diablo. you can't see it due to that right there. do you see that poool of fog that rolled into the valley. it's cold outside. it's 37 degrees in livermore. 34 degrees in santa rosa. when you have that kind of a
6:47 am
temperature in santa rosa you know near occidental, healdsburg, guerneville, you also know that that temperature is probably near the freezing point. thus, frost has developed. san francisco at 47 degrees. it's in the 40s along the peninsula and into the san jose area. okay, visibility a little bit of a problem in san jose due to a pocket of fog there, as well. check out that visibility in throughout the tri-valley. meanwhile, napa you are socked in this morning. clear skies in petaluma. wow! today sun will shine. dry conditions in comparison to yesterday when it was pretty drippy and cloudy all day long. friday sunny skies will continue. and we do have the cold and frosty night ahead for several days. plan accordingly. here's your satellite and radar. that weak disturbance has now pushed well into southern california leaving us with a clear sky from the coast into the interior valleys. meanwhile, as we take another view of this area of low pressure well to the north of us, i love this map.
6:48 am
it explains it perfectly. you see these lines here? this is my wind particle map. winds come out of the north and eject inland from the coast in a west direction. northwest winds today 10 to 20 miles per hour. keeping that cool air mass in place. in fact, livermore you have not seen 60 degrees in the past 6 days. today will be no different. the last time we had that kind of a span was back on the last day of january into the first week of february. so if it feels cold for you outside, certainly is. 40s in fresno up to 58 degrees. it's 16 degrees on the south shore going up to 34. and if you are heading to monterey today, carmel or penal beach, lucky you! big sur as well into the mid- 50s. 707 is our sunrise. temperatures in the santa clara valley today into the 50s. going up to about 60 degrees in the rose garden district but for the most part the official reporting station is mineta international airport. 57 degrees. here we go, from the coast,
6:49 am
rockaway beach 57 degrees, low 60s around emeryville into oakland, alameda, piedmont, backing all the way into richmond. 60 vallejo, benicia, martinez and american canyon. and then we swing around to american canyon high 50s. forecast same friday maybe a degree or two warmer saturday if you want to call it that. then increasing cloud cover due to a cold front on sunday. it's precipitation-free but it's going to pull done cooler air mass monday through wednesday only in the 50s. michelle? all right, roberta. something not cold is the debate going on in southern california right now over the fate of a mountain lion. the predator known as p45 lives in the santa monica mountains near malibu. the mountain lion recently killed five alpacas at a ranch and struck next door killing 10 alpacas, a goat and sheep. so the state has issued permits to ranchers in the area allowing them to shoot the big
6:50 am
cats. that decision drew a heated response at a public meeting last night. >> they bring alpacas from south america to the middle of mountain lion country and a mountain lion country goes for the alpacas and now they want to kill the mountain lion! >> this is only going to end one way. p45 is not going to quit cooling and sooner or later he is going to come on a ranch and get shot. >> the national park says the animal in question is one of only three adults male mountain lions in the santa monica range. scientists suspect it's at least 5 years old and weigh about 150 pounds. roughly 6,000 mountain lions live in california. let's continue this theme of the wild kingdom. a herd of runaway cows make a break for it in sacramento. they went straight toward a group of reporters. watch. >> oh, my god! we need to get out of here! >> fast, fast, fast! >> stay down, stay down!
6:51 am
[ cows run ] >> keeping moving, moving, moving ♪ though they're disapproving ♪ >> 11 cows escaped from oregon to lagrange california. the chp says somebody unlatched the trailer while the drive took a nap. the bovine bandits got stuck between two homes [ laughter ] and they had to be wrangled by animal control! [ laughter ] >> it was a good location to get 'em caught. they could have got hit on the road and so -- you know, it's turned out good. >> all 11 escapees were safely captured. they are now on the way to wherever they were going before with a secure trailer lock. and the time now 9 minutes before 7:00. people all over the south are assessing the damage after multiple tornadoes touched down across several states. >> reporter: they were on the run for a week before their luck ran out. the dramatic capture of two jailed escapees. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
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6:55 am
today. before that -- the president- el ive things to know at the :55. president-elect donald trump kicks off his victory tour in cincinnati, ohio today's. before that the president-elect will make a stop in indiana. he is promoting a deal he helped arrange to keep nearly 1,000 carrier air-conditioning factory jobs from moving to mexico. parts of the southeast are assessing the damage left behind by devastating storms. more than a dozen tornadoes touched down in alabama, louisiana, mississippi and tennessee from tuesday into wednesday. at least five people were killed. >> the man believed to have killed a police officer in tacoma, washington is now dead. authorities say the officer was shot while responding to a domestic violence call last night. after a lengthy standoff, police shot and killed the 38- year-old suspect earlier this morning. animal advocates are saying don't feed the coyote that keeps appearing in san
6:56 am
francisco. it's been living on bernal hill for months. still no arrests in the shooting that shut down 580 in oakland for hours. a man and woman were shot near the fruitvale off-ramp during yesterday evening's commute. they are expected to survive. >> reporter: i'm maria medina live outside the santa clara county jail where the manhunt for two jail escapees has finally come to an end. rogelio chavez was arrested last night in san jose after a seven-hour raid. investigators say he was hiding out in his friend's attic, that he was high and had drugs with him. his capture comes nearly 24 hours after the arrest of laron campbell in his sister's apartment in antioch. now, investigators say he crashed through the receiving of the attic as u.s. marshals were serving a search warrant. >> the investigations are ongoing and there may be additional arrests in the future of people who harbored
6:57 am
chavez during the time that he was -- had escaped. fugitive chavez was in possession of narcotics and we believe he is under the influence, and he has been transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: so far, investigators have arrested three women who they believe helped the men while they were on the run for about a week including a woman who helped chavez get to gilroy motel and laron campbell's sister. now, as you might remember, it was a week ago right before thanksgiving that the two men escaped the jail behind me by sawing through the window bars of their second story cell. then using bedsheets to arappel down. live in san jose, kpix 5, maria medina. it is now 6:57. we have a big rig versus a car crash on the dumbarton bridge westbound 84 at midspan of the dumbarton. and it's blocking the right lane. chp and crews are out there trying to clear it but it is involving a big rig so it could take a while. 15-mile-per-hour in the area from fremont into the
6:58 am
peninsula. let's move over to hillcrest avenue. 242, highway 4, that will take you 30 from antioch to pittsburg. you're driving at just 13 miles per hour. and then down to the altamont pass, traffic is moving at 25 miles per hour. i'll send it to you, roberta. what a beautiful view this morning from dublin looking towards mount diablo standing 3800 feet tall. and then you can see the pooool of fog that's just saturating the valley this morning. visibility is limited due to the fog. temperatures 36 in livermore. something in the north bay like perhaps holds -- somebody in the north bay like perhaps healdsburg is at 32 degrees. 40s across the santa clara valley. highs at 61 degrees at best. temperatures the same through saturday. cooler next week. oh, you're done. if you are on the hunt for
6:59 am
every gift from the 12 days of christmas song, your mission will not come cheap. no. some of the americans would have to pay a year of salary to buy all of those presents. three french hens will cost you $182. and then there are the turtle doves, two means $375 up from 2 $0 last year. the price tag for all the friends more than $34,000. this list comes out every year. 3. 2. 1! go! >> the rockefeller christmas tree is shining brightly. the mayor of new york city flipped the lights last night. the tree is 94 feet tall. it has 50,000 lights. and they are all powered by solar panels. >> beautiful. >> my friend was there yesterday snapchating from. i was like oh, i wish i was
7:00 am
there. >> how fun. >> yeah. >> that's for the bucket list and the macy's thanksgiving day parade. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, december 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." powerful storms have killed five people in the south, caused new damage in the carolinas. and thousands of people who fled deadly wildfires could find out today when they can check on their homes. president-elect trump goes to indianapolis to praise a deal saving more than 1,000 manufacturing jobs. this morning, new details are emerging about the agreement to keep those jobs from moving to mexico. plus dr. david agus has groundbreaking new research on aspirin. how the drug could extend the lives of hundreds of thousands more americans. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds.


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