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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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night is making for a messy morning commute... good morning. it's thursday, december 8th. i m michelle griego. steady rain throughout the night is making for a messy morning commute. good morning, it is thursday, december 8. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's go right to roberta gonzales tracking the storm on hi-def doppler radar. >> it started raining yesterday. it tend to rain overnight. and now our live hi-def doppler radar shows that it still is raining. it continued to rain overnight. good morning, everybody. rise and shine! before you step out grab the umbrella with scattered showers around the peninsula causing delays on some arriving flights at sfo. you can clearly see that the san mateo bridge definitely is under right now a cell that contains moderate to heavy downpours. the scenario today will be that all this will be scattered throughout the day. there will be pockets of heavy rain at times and yes, it's raining for the entire morning commute and it will be equally as wet for the evening commute. we know that because of this right here, it's our futurecast. you can still see lots of green
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on the screen all the way back into the santa cruz mountains by the evening commute encompassing the delta, as well. friday we're on the back side of the fronts with lingering scattered showers. this is tomorrow morning's commute. then scattered lingering showers throughout the day today a bit of a break for the evening commute and then a secondary system will impact your saturday morning saturday afternoon but it tapers on and digs to the south by saturday night leaving us with a mostly cloudy sky on sunday with a chance of showers. this is our live weather camera looking towards the golden gate bridge and through the lights here you can see that we are picking up some light rain showers making it very slippery on the approach towards the toll out of the north bay in towards the city of san francisco where currently, it's 45 degrees. oakland east of the bay bridge in the 40s. yes, when you look at these numbers, it's much more mild this morning than 24 hours ago due to the blanket of clouds that will remain over the area. temperatures in the 50s and 60s.
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gusty winds out of the south 10 to 20, some gusts up to 30 miles per hour. so hang on to that umbrella today. it's going to be one of those days when that umbrella blows inside out. we'll talk about when the third storm will roll into the bay area but first let's send it on over to roqui. 6:02. let's get a check of the morning commute and send it over to roqui. >> wake up, kenny. [ laughter ] >> okay. let's take a look at the roads. the rain is affecting the morning commute. but mass transit is all looking good throughout the area. bart, ace, muni and caltrain are on time. may i suggest you take mass transit this morning because problem san francisco northbound 280 before geneva avenue a three-car crash involving a rollover here and this was just reported as a traffic alert. so it's going to take 30 minutes or more to clear. i'm thinking two hours to clear it out here. we have traffic moving at just 2 miles per hour in the area so you want to give yourself a lot
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of extra time if this is part of your morning commute. moving over now to the nimitz freeway live, looking good in both directions if you can see it through the raindrops there. 238 in san leandro to the maze will take you 18 minutes. and then expect a 16 to 20- minute drive across the span of the san mateo bridge. we have traffic starting to slow up here because cars are driving slowly due to the wet road here. and moving over to the altamont pass, coming out of tracy on 205, 8 miles per hour into north flynn road where speeds pick up to 31 miles per hour. once you hit livermore that's usually supposed to free up but we do have some slow traffic because of the earlier big rig versus car crash. it's now cleared but expect delays along the way. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. any minute now oakland congresswoman barbara lee will speak with last friday's deadly warehouse fire on the floor of the house of representatives. the house will also hold a moment of silence to remember the 36 people who died. and here in oakland, city
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council members are expected to make the local state of emergency official bringing in extra funding and resources to help with the fire recovery. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in oakland with an update on the investigation. anne. >> reporter: yeah. you can see it is raining here in oakland. so a real mess at the site of the fire over on international and 31st. i'm here at the office of the emergency services of oakland and that is where they are now heading up the operation looking into the cause of the fire but a lot of questions this morning. in fact, the mayor and the fire department, several members of the city council, have been scrambling to find inspections records on that building, that warehouse known as the ghost ship, where 36 people died on friday night. despite a lot of reports of illegal interior construction and people living in the building that was only permitted as a warehouse, the planning and building department had not been inside
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that building to inspect it in 30 years. in fact, the building is not even on the fire department's database of properties. i spoke with one city council member yesterday who said he is sending a message to property owners that they are waging a war on code violations. >> they need to be aware that they are accountable for whatever happens, for whatever happens in their facility, they clearly know what the rules are here in oakland. but it's one of those, you know, catch me if you can on these streets. >> reporter: mayor schaaf says there needs to be better communication within city departments and they need more code enforcement staff right now. the building department of 11 people answers 4,000 calls a year. back to the investigation into the cause the atf has been working at the site of the fire and also all the debris from the area has been brought to an undisclosed location. they are continuing to sift through that for clues. it does appear to be an
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electrical fire but they are not making any for-sure pronunciation on that. they also say that they don't believe it's arson. but they have not completely ruled that out, either. live in oakland anne makevoc, kpix 5. authorities are releasing the names of more people killed in the fire. a 35-year-old was a sound artist from iowa. he received his master's degree from the san francisco art institute. several couples were also killed in the fire. hannah from finland came to oakland to reunite with her fiance alex. alex had been working as a documentary producer for kqed. his mother heartbroken. >> i lost my only child. nothing can replace that. my granddaughters don't have a father. my husband doesn't have a son. >> there is still one unidentified victim.
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today the woman charges in the brutal murder of an oakland family will enter a plea in court. 61-year-old dana rivers is accused of killing patricia wright and charlotte reed in their oakland home. they were shot and stabbed. their 19-year-old son had been shot in the street and the house was on fire. court documents say rivers planned to kill the family. if convicted she faces life in prison or possibly the death penalty. there's a push to get the contra costa county district attorney to resign. mark peterson is accused of spending more than $66,000 of his campaign money on himself. authorities say that he spent it on things like traveling, hotels, restaurants and movie tickets over a five-year period. peterson said he considered using the campaign money as a personal loan. state officials fined him $45,000 but some residents say that's not enough. >> i really think that is wrong. and i think at this point he
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just needs to step down. >> peterson could face more penalties. a meeting is scheduled next week. conjoined twins from california are now two separate toddlers after a miracle surgery and beating the odds. kpix 5's maria medina is live near lucille packard medical center with the details. children's hospital with the details. >> reporter: the hospital staff is expected to announce later today that the twins are doing well after their marathon surgery and we're talking 18 hours of surgery. their names? eva and erika. >> little ballerina socks, huh? >> reporter: all right. so they have separate hearts, lungs and stomachs but they only have three legs. and as you can imagine, it was a long journey for the twins. they have lived with skin expanders since this past summer to stretch their skin get them ready for surgery and on tuesday, they were separated successfully. they each have one leg and they are now recovering in the icu. a miracle because when they
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were born not only did doctors think the twins would die but they thought the mother would die, also. >> with every day, every week that passed, for me it was just like we have made it. we made it, you know? >> reporter: later today a team of doctors from lucille packard children's hospital are expected to announce just how well the twins are doing after the surgery. and when i talk about a team of doctors, i'm talking 50 doctors and nurses and staff who helped separate the twins. live in palo alto, maria medina, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] time now 6:09. donald trump goes head to head with a union leader over the carrier jobs deal while environmentalists raise concerns about the president- elect's latest nomination. >> and an invasion of arctic air is causing problems all over the u.s. >> speaking of arctic air, our cold weather is now pretty much history. okay, so it's a little raw
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outside but we're tracking not only the storm that's bringing us rain right now, but the one for the weekend. >> and we have wet roadways throughout the bay area. how it's affecting your morning commute? we'll tell you when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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president-elect donald trump's boost deportati new this morning a california bill that could protect immigrants from president-elect donald trump's plans to enforce deportation law. the leader of the california senate wants to prevent police from telling federal immigration officials about immigrants being released from jail. the bill would also prohibit immigration enforcement in public schools, hospitals and courthouses. it's one of a series of measures by california democrats aimed at protecting the state's more than 10 million illegal immigrants.
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president-elect donald trump travels to iowa today as part of his thank you tour continues. the event comes amid the president trump's escalating feud with the union leader who criticized his recent carrier jobs deal. >> reporter: the latest dustup came after indiana's united steelworkers union president chuck jones appeared on cnn blasting president-elect donald trump for allegedly overstating the number of jobs that would be saved as part of the carrier deal. >> we have a lot of our members when the word was coming out of 1100, they thought that they would have a job. >> reporter: moments later, mr. trump fired back on twitter writing in part, chuck jones has done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder companies flee the country. mr. trump made another nomination to his cabinet tapping oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt to head the environmental protection agency. pruitt has repeatedly sued the
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epa over fossil fuel regulations. mr. trump also picked former wrestling executive linda mcmahon to head the small business administration and retired marine corps general john kelly to run the department of homeland security. cbs news. >> if confirmed kelly would be the third former general to join the trump administration with another general and an admiral under consideration. some lawmakers and security experts are concerned that military commanders will have too much influence over the new administration's policies. intense blizzards are slamming the midwest right now and the worst is yet to come. the massive storm system will soon stretch more than 2,000 miles across the country. white-out conditions are making it almost impossible for drivers to see the roads. icy roads are a danger to drivers and first responders rushing to help them. >> hoses and truck freezing up. this is just not good
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firefighting weather. >> you want to get there as fast as possible but if you don't take the time you will get in an accident yourself, hurt somebody else, get stuck and the patient waits even longer. just have to be patient. >> parts of all 50 states are expected to see below freezing temperatures by saturday morning. an early winter surprise in the sierra. it's been snowing there since yesterday afternoon. and this is what it looks like. >> in blue canyon this morning. >> i'm sorry. you saw reaction by me? >> yeah. >> who said it was a surprise?! we were forecasting it yesterday. no. >> some people don't pay attention like the people who go up to the sierra in flip- flops and shorts. so to them, it's a surprise. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> that's really negligent of anybody heading to the high sierra this time of the year and you don't check your forecast because as roqui would mention, you need your chains! >> yup. >> and you're going to need them this weekend, as well. >> absolutely. >> surprise! >> surprise!
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[ laughter ] >> we also have a traffic alert. >> the roads are wetted, surprise!! the bay bridge toll plaza, if you are headed into downtown san francisco, the maze to downtown will take you 17 minutes. and, of course, we have the san francisco problem here that's now a remember it northbound 280 before geneva avenue. it's a three-car crash blocking the two right lanes and that backup is to john daly boulevard. look at that, in that area, traffic is moving at just three miles per hour. so he definitely want to give yourself a lot of extra time if this is a part of your morning commute. let's head now to danville here. southbound 680 after sycamore valley road a three-car crash is cleared off the roadway but a lot of residual backup in the area. traffic moving in the area at just 13 miles per hour. down to the altamont pass, traffic where you're coming out of tracy at just 18 miles per hour, and this slow traffic is due to an earlier crash in livermore that's since been cleared out the way but expect delays in the area. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass on 580 westbound
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will take you 40 minutes. that's your traffic. roberta, it's cold and rainy. it is cold. it is rainy. and it will continue to be equally as wet by the evening commute. good morning, everybody! this is our live hi-def doppler radar. we have a lot of green on the screen. it's scattered right there. we have some rain showers around the san rafael richmond bridge that will affect the morning commute. some scattered showers lifting out of the crockett area backing through hercules, as well. we have the rain showers just push out of the martinez area heading towards concord, clayton and walnut creek. and again, this is very scattered and, in fact, we have some wet conditions in the south bay at this hour. milpitas, alviso, alum rock, fremont, union city also wet. as soon as i queue this up and we have rain it, moves out. that's how quickly the individual cells are progressing. and this is live data from our hi-def doppler. so it looks like we are picking up a little bit of light rain showers near watch the street. the rest of the activity is out over the bay waters. it's wet across the golden gate
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bridge at this hour. temperatures not as cold this morning as 24 hours ago when we dipped into the 20s and 30s. that's because we have a blanket of clouds in the 40s now 53 degrees in san jose. but in san jose across the santa clara valley you have been picking up an east- southeast wind at 13. it's breezy this morning not so much around the lip of the bay but san francisco south winds at 12 will continue to blow up to 20 gusts up to 30 throughout the day. vallejo you know what i'm talking about, a breeze right now at 10ers in. 14 at the delta. here's what you need to know today. you need your umbrella for the morning commute. and you need that slicker for the evening commute. pockets of heavy rain at times lingering showers with the passage of this front for your friday. we know that because this core, this area of low pressure is drawing down some of the cooler air mass. it's also of kind of unorganized so the showers will continue to lift throughout the day today. here's your friday. we will have the scattered showers throughout the day. that's the second system. that's a whole different storm that will be bringing us rain
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showers for saturday through saturday afternoon then finally tapering off for football on sunday. all right. so we'll tally it up like this. by friday easily a half inch of rain throughout many neighborhoods. by saturday up to a full inch of rain away from the bay and even san francisco approaching .9" of rain. no surprise winter weather advisory in effect 10 inches of snow above 7,000 feet in the high sierra, about 6" at lake level. sunrise 7:13. by the time it sets it cools off rapidly, 50s, 60s today. rain in and out of it all the way through saturday, a chance on sunday through wednesday. that's a look at the very wet forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. good morning, everybody. hey, we got the nba up top. and the warriors last night, man! they went to the l.a. clippers and just pressed play on a five-game road trip. jay z and 9ers terrell owens, stars came out last night to watch the "dubs" rock and roll. steph curry inside for a 15- point lead. curry for the second time this season no three-pointers. clippers got some ridiculous shots off. jordan crawford, are you kidding me?! that's just to stay 13 behind. the "dubs" worked it around. set the table up for draymond green! he thundered through. warriors rolled 115-98. the 7th straight win over the clippers. they are in utah tonight. meantime, iconic raiders, warriors a's brocker bilking was voted to the baseball
6:25 am
-- warriors a's broadcaster bill king was voted to the baseball hall of fame. so many great calls. a fan favorite. how about the raiders and the holy roller? against the chargers in 1978. >> grabbing the ball, it is a fumble, recovered in the end zone, the oakland raiders are scored on the most zany unbelievable absolutely impossible dream of a play! madden is on the field! he wants to know if it's real! they said yes, get your big butt out of here! he does! >> eight great years behind the mic for the raiders. part of five bay area titles in his career. king passed away in 2005 and speaking of the raiders, three- point underdogs at the chief tonight. a critical game. this game could be the difference between first in the afc where the raiders currently are and fifth should they lose! they could be in the play-offs by the close of business at the end of the weekend. that is sports at this hour. everybody, have a great thursday. i'll see you around.
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a man leads police on a foot chase near the bay area ending up on the tarmac. >> oakland prepares to declare a state of emergency after the goafs fire killed 36 people. coming up the latest on the investigation coming up and questions over inspections. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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six months after a pregnant woman is shot and killed on a bay area freeway, finally a break in the case. >> reporter: conjoined twins beating the odds. what doctors had to do to
6:30 am
separate them. >> and from the kpix weather center, in san francisco, good morning, everybody. it's raining now. it's going to rain for the evening commute. more coming up. >> here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where track is backed up into the maze. we have an update on the traffic alert in san francisco so stay tuned. good morning, it is thursday, december 8. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we want to start with the latest on the warehouse fire in oakland. federal authorities know where the fire started but they are trying to figure out how. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in oakland with the latest. anne? >> reporter: yes. today the city council is set to declare a state of emergency in this city and that will help free upstate and federal funds to help with the recovery process. at the same time, the mayor and the fire department are scrambling to find inspection records on the warehouse called the ghost ship where 36 people
6:31 am
died friday night. despite reports of illegal interior construction and people living in a building that was only permitted as a warehouse, the planning and building department hadn't been inside the warehouse to inspect it in 30 years. in fact, the building isn't even in the fire department's database of properties. as michelle mentioned, the atf continues its investigation into the cause of this fire and has released new information on how the fire progressed. >> it is excruciating to walk through to possibly relive those last moments when persons knew there was a fire and there was no way out. >> reporter: that fire starting on the first floor and quickly trapping people on the second floor. they have been moving all the debris from this site to an undisclosed location so they can continue their investigation which is good, because as you can see, it is raining here in oakland.
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and that site on international and 3 is it likely a big mess. i'm here at the office of the operations of emergency services where we're hoping to find out new information on the investigation today. live in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. friends and family are remembering those fire victims with a memorial service last night for the couple who reportedly died in each other's arms. >> "hail mary" full of grace, the lord is with thee. >> hundreds of people came together in san bruno last night honoring 20-year-old michela gregory and 22-year-old alex vega. firefighters believe that they got trapped in the fire and died hugging each other. the families tell us they had been together for five years. >> they were perfect for each other. they always complemented each other. they were great together. like we thought they were going to be together forever. you know, she was a "vega." >> both of them grew up in san bruno and their families are working on funeral arrangements. it's raining in the bay area this morning. this is a live look outside at
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the embarcadero. you can barely see the bay bridge in the distance there. roberta says there are going to be delays at sfo because of the weather. and you can see the wet roads down there, as well. potential flooding from high tides has forced the closure of the manzanita "park & ride" lot in mill valley and all this rain could make things worse. it's shut down today through december 16. 6:33. let's check weather. >> pick me, pick me, pick me please! i have something to tell you! >> okay. >> all right. >> so, you know, huge raider nation fan. huge raiders fan. so they play tonight. >> yes. >> in kansas city, missouri. arrowhead stadium, right? checking in with my director, it's kansas city, missouri, right? not kansas city, kansas. kansas city, missouri. high temperature today, 28 degrees. game time temperature, 24 with the wind up to 9 so we are talking which wind chill in the teens. >> oh. yeah, that's hard. >> i would have them play here
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at home where it would be raining at that time tonight. we have rain out the door. good morning, it's going to rain on-again, off-again all day today, tomorrow and through your saturday. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. we're picking up some scattered showers right now around the san mateo bridge, redwood city, also just out of the san francisco area right there oakland, piedmont, emeryville, berkeley, hayward, you had a passing cell, fremont you're certainly wet around the 580 five corridor in livermore. it's been raining there just about all morning long. so watch out for some hydroplaning. orinda, moraga, you, too have some rain showers at this time. and all this is going to be scattered throughout the day today. this is our futurecast into the evening commute. the rain showers will continue. and at times, we will see some heavy downpours so please be very mindful of that. and then friday some lingering showers. this is on the back side of the passage of the front. and then look what's happened. you see a bit of a break
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tomorrow night. then saturday a secondary system will bring us more rainfall throughout the day, it finally sags to the south leaving us with some dry conditions during saturday night, mostly cloudy skies with a chance of rain for 49ers on sunday. certainly is a wet start to your day at the golden gate bridge but it's not as cold as 24 hours ago when we were in the 20s and 30s. it's now in the 40s and 50s due to the that blanket of clouds. so besides the rain and the clouds and the cool temperatures, 50s and 60s, we are going to have a south wind to 20, gusts to 30 miles per hour. we are going to pinpoint this whole forecast. we'll mail it down for you for the weekend. that's at 48 after the hour. roqui, how busy are you? >> thank you, roberta. pretty busy over here in the traffic center. it's 6:35 now. let's head to san francisco where we had a traffic alert. but chp just said that it has been canceled. and all lanes are now open in san francisco on northbound 280 before geneva avenue. this was a three-car crash involving a rollover. but as you can see, still delays remain in the area and cars are moving at 32 miles per
6:36 am
hour. so give yourself extra time here if you are traveling through that area. moving over now to a live look at the nimitz freeway, looking good in both directions. cars moving pretty slowly though because of those wet roads. 880 northbound between 238 and the maze 19 minutes out of san leandro and a look at the slow commute across the span of the san mateo bridge from hayward into foster city. that will take you 24 minutes. and keep in mind here, we have a cap corridor delay 15 minutes between martinez and richmond. otherwise bart, ace and caltrain are on time. a guy hopped a fence at sfo and refused to surrender caught on camera. the man ran around the tarmac, dodging police and cars. witnesses say that he was act erratically at the southwest terminal then took off running outside through traffic jumping from the upper level of the terminal down to the lower level.
6:37 am
right here. then after that, he went back on the tarmac. the man finally gave up and was arrested. he was high but they don't know how he got on the tarmac. san jose police are looking for the man who reportedly attacked a student on campus. it happened at san jose state yesterday in a stairwell at duncan hall. the woman was able to get away but the suspect ran off. right now there is no suspect description. a pair of california twins with a story of survival. they were born conjoined but after a marathon surgery they are now separated. kpix 5's maria medina is live near lucille packard children's hospital with how the twins are recovering. maria. >> reporter: yeah. here's a positive story for you guys this morning. hospital staff is expected to announce that the twins are doing well after their marathon surgery. we are talking 18 hours. now, they once shared much of their lower bodies but now they are two separate toddlers and
6:38 am
their names, eva and erika. >> we have seen one gall bladder. we haven't seen the other. now, they have separate hearts, lungs and stomachs with you they only have three legs. as yucatan imagine it was a long journey with the twins. they lived with skin expanders since the past summer to get them ready for surgery. tuesday they were separated with one leg each. when they were born not only do doctors think the twins wouldn't make it, they thought the mother would die too. >> it's challenging. they will show not only me but other people that disability is not something that's going to bring you down. you know? it's -- it's something that is going to make you stronger. >> reporter: so again later today a team of doctors is expected to announce just how the twins are doing after their marathon surgery 18 hours and when we're talking about a
6:39 am
team, we are talking 50 doctors, nurses and staff who helped separate the girls. live in palo alto, maria medina, kpix 5. >> wasn't there a pretty good chance this surgery wouldn't go well? >> reporter: yeah. you know what? doctors used 3d images to try to figure out exactly where to split the twins and they say they had a 30% chance of survival. [ pause ] >> we are glad they're doing well. maria, thank you. time now 6:39. ♪[ music ] bart has announced plans to cut back on service. why the agency says it has no choice. >> and a well-known actress is being sued by her own embryos. we'll explain how. ,,
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good morning. time check now 6:42. it's december the 8th and this is our live hi-def doppler radar. we have scattered showers around the bay area, delays on some arriving flights at sfo due to the rain and cloud cover. currently raining in redwood city, dumbarton and san mateo bridge. east bay 580/680 corridor you're a little clear right now but you have had scattered showers throughout the morning hours. watch for hydroplaning. now we have a cell over lafayette back through oakland. rain showers encompassing the 680 freeway as you head out of pleasanton, sunol, fremont and exit to milpitas on 237. >> reporter: time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michelle. we're in georgia with the manhunt under way after a police officer was killed and another wounded plus only on "cbs this morning," we sit down with paula broadwell. it's her first national television interview since her
6:44 am
affair with former cia david petraeus was made public. also how climate change is endangering coffee production and kennedy center honoree don henley his reflections on some of the eagles' biggest hits and memories of cofounder glen frye. all of that and more, the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. facebook is trying to crack down on fake news stories. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks has that and more in today's moneywatch. >> reporter: good morning, kenny and michelle. facebook may be relying on automated technology to get rid of those fake news stories an issue that's really exploded since the election. facebook has filed for a patent application with the u.s. patent and trademark office that would flag and identify and remove "inappropriate texts and images" from its network. the primary application is porn, hate speech and bullying but mark zuckerberg said better
6:45 am
systems will be needed to find objectionable content and remove it before it would be flagged by users. facebook isn't commenting on this particular censorship patent other than saying it applies for technology it never uses for patents. some good news for the u.s. job market, the labor department says initial jobless claims fell by 10, 258,000 this past week after big games the prior two weeks. we have the unemployment raid at 4.6% a nine-year low. some big gains for the stock market yesterday. the dow and s&p at record highs. stocks up again today. today it's the nasdaq's turn. it hit an all-time high in early trading. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far this morning. and positive numbers continue to come in! dow is up 26. nasdaq by 10. s&p is up by 2 points. back to you. >> thank you.
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bart is scaling back its hours of operation starting in 2018. trains will start running at 5 a.m. on weekdays. that's an hour later than right now. bart says it's necessary so construction can begin on the transbay tube retrofit. the project is set to last for 2 1/2 years. time now 6:46. it has been a wet morning commute for so many people out there. let's check the roads with roqui. >> thank you. speaking of bart, bart is on time and that's definitely something you should consider this morning as your wet roads will definitely slow you down this morning. let's take a look now at our golden gate bridge if you can see it past beautiful raindrops like roberta said earlier looks like christmas lights. 580 to the golden gate toll plaza will take you 14 minutes. and then a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the maze to downtown will take you 24. and then expect 27 to 30 minutes across the span of the san mateo bridge so that's definitely a slow commute between 880 and 101. now let's move over to the altamont pass. traffic is still trying to recover from an earlier crash in livermore as you can see
6:47 am
coming out of tracy, just eight miles an hour. then speeds pick up to 20 at north flynn road. north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass will take you 50 minutes. moving to san francisco, where this was an earlier traffic alert it was just canceled northbound 280 before geneva avenue, this three car crash is off the roads and traffic is recovering here. speeds are up to 43 miles per hour. that's your traffic. roberta, how is the weather? >> it's raining outside. and it's cold and it's breezy. good morning, everybody. your time check, 6:47. as you head out the door, you will experience what you will be experience later on for the evening commute. it's live, it's our hi-def doppler radar located atop mount vaca elevation about 2800 feet so we have a good view of what's going on out there right now as we zoom on in. we have scattered rain showers around greenbrae, also just now moving out of the san anselmo area, making tracks towards san
6:48 am
quentin. we have rain showers also into the larkspur area. east bay you have a pretty big cell in orinda and moraga. all this has been scattered all morning long and at times, pockets of heavy rain encompass 680 as you make tracks out of the sunol grade past fremont swinging around to 237 into the milpitas area. los altos, you, too have the rain. this is the view looking out towards the very wet golden gate bridge. it's not as cold as yesterday when we had air temperatures drop down to 29 degrees in santa rosa. it was freezing in livermore. now it's 43 degrees. but it has been on the breezy side. in fact, peggi rodgers in novato reports she is actually now in petaluma, she has a wind up to 10. an air temperature of 44. so the wind chill is 39 degrees and she picked up already .8" of rain since it started pouring yesterday. wind speeds now at 3 in oakland, not so windy there. but once you make tracks over the bay bridge west, jump off in san francisco, right around the mission district we are picking up winds at 12.
6:49 am
10 at sfo with airport delays up to 1 hour on some arriving flights. 13 in mineta international airport. 14 in fairfield and napa backing through sonoma. bottom line, it's going to be breezy today. south winds 10 to 20 gusts up to 30. pockets of heavy rain at times, scattered showers for the evening commute, as well. and lingering showers with the passage of this front on friday. now, we have the cold air, it is now moving out, east. wet weather pattern is here. futurecast illustrates in and out of the rain all afternoon. that's your evening commute. that's your thursday evening into friday at this time. more rain showers especially near the coastline in the north bay. then watch what happens. we see a little bit of a break in the activity. a little bit of a lull on friday evening. then that sets the stage for that! another system, a secondary one for your saturday. a wet saturday until all this lifts and digs -- i should say digs to the south and once it does so leaves us with mostly
6:50 am
cloudy skies saturday night. totals through the second system up to 1.5" in the wettest locations. so it's raining here. we have snow in the high sierra. up to 10" above 7,000 feet with a winter weather advisory in place, 5 to 6" at lake level. official sunrise at 7:13. temperatures today warmer than yesterday. 50s and 60s. in and out of the rain through saturday. for the 9ers game on sunday there is a slight chance of rain all the way through about wednesday. don't forget that umbrella. there's a bizarre twist in the battle over actress sophia vergara's frozen embryos. she is now getting sued by her own eggs. her ex-fiance filed a lawsuit on behalf of her fertilized eggs. while they were together, the couple signed a contract agreeing that neither party could use the embryos without the consent of the other but this new lawsuit argues that the contract did not say what should happen if the two split.
6:51 am
>> i think he is trying to take advantage of a potentially more pro-life state and in, um, a political environment where things may be in flux? >> the court documents named the two embryos isabela and emma. and in the state of louisiana, a fertilized egg is considered a person about rights. sophia vergara wants them frozen forever. a shocking scene unfolds at a high school in reno when a police officer opened fire on a student threatening the lives of his classmates. >> reporter: the city of oakland sets to declare a state of emergency after the ghost ship fire killed 36 people. coming up, the latest on the investigation and questions over inspections. ,, jury ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
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continues his 'thank-you tour in iowa today... amid his latest feud wit ive things to know at the :55. p president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour in iowa today amid the latest feud with a union leader over the carrier job deal. in an interview with cnn, chuck jones said trump inflated the number of jobs being saved by the deal. grief counselors are on hand at a nevada high school where a knife-wielding student was shot by a school police officer. officials say the 14-year-old student had just been involved in an altercation on campus and refused to drop the weapon. the student is in critical condition. an arctic blast will cause major travel delays in the pacific northwest today. the storm system will soon stretch more than 2,000 miles across the country. forecasters say that north dakota could see temperatures near 20 below zero on friday [chuckling], the great lakes could get a few feet of snow over the weekend. the san jose woman accused of murdering three people in
6:56 am
oakland is scheduled to enter a plea today. 61-year-old dana rivers is accused of killing patricia wright and charlotte reed at their home last month. a 19-year-old son was shot in the street outside the home. two men are in custody another two still on the run in connection with the shooting of a pregnant woman on highway 4. shanique marie was killed back in may. marcus gaines and kevin carter were arrested in antioch yesterday. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec live in oakland where the city council will declare a state of emergency today freeing up federal and state funding to help in the aftermath of the ghost ship fire. in the meantime, the mayor and the fire department are scrambling to find inspection records on the warehouse called the ghost ship where 36 people died in a fire friday night. despite reports of illegal interior construction and people living in the building, which is only permitted as a
6:57 am
warehouse, the planning and building department hadn't been inside the warehouse for inspection in 30 years. in fact, the building isn't even in the fire department's database of properties. >> but will it would be another tragedy if we did not learn lessons and take this opportunity to make decisive and immediate steps to improve our system. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf says there needs to be better communication within city departments and they need more code enforcement staff. right now the building department of 11 people answers 4,000 calls a year. in the meantime the investigation into the cause continues. the atf is hard at work combing through the remaining debris. it looks like it might be an electrical fire. but they are not ruling out anything at this point. live in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. thank you, anne. time now 6:57. let's check the wet morning commute through the bay area. starting here in berkeley.
6:58 am
westbound 80 before university avenue is a two-car crash blocking the carpool lane. so it is causing some slowdowns in that area. you're moving at just 17 miles per hour. now, as you head down into downtown san francisco, here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the maze to downtown will take you up to 30 minutes. so a slow commute right now and then if you are traveling across the span of the san mateo bridge, expect another 30- minute commute between 880 and 101. let's move over now to the altamont pass. traffic coming out of tracy you're moving at just 11 miles per hour. and this traffic is still recovering from an earlier crash in livermore which is now clear. expect a 46-minute drive between north tracy boulevard and the altamont pass on westbound 580. it is wet, it is so wet outside, and it will rain through saturday. that's the scene looking towards the peninsula where we have delays at sfo on some arriving flights. san mateo you are very wet right now with the pocket of
6:59 am
moderate to heavy rainfall. rain over 680, fairfield about ready to get smacked with some heavy rain. this is going to be the scenario throughout the day today. pockets of heavy rain through the evening commute. that lowering ceiling is limiting visibility for flights into sfo. 50sto 40s out the door not as cold as yesterday but later today temperatures 50s and 60s. rain tomorrow, rain saturday. thank you. ordinary items are being showcased in a new museum in los angeles. the common thread they all come from broken relationships. everything from street signs to lingerie and silicone breast implants. okay. half empty cologne bottles and melted cell phones are clued. even a bottle of line two people never shared because each never left their significant others. it's heartache in all forms. a strange item, belly button lint. >> ew. >> can't get over that.
7:00 am
>> okay. >> don't want to think about that. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west, it is thursday, december 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a december storm marches across the country. snow, and bitter cold sock the northwest and rockies. millions of americans are in its path. we're in georgia where a massive manhunt is under way for a gunman accused of killing one police officer and wounding another. >> plus, paula broadwell's first national tv interview since her affair with general david petraeus. why she says the army will not let her move on with her life and what she this about him possibly becoming secretary of state. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> the suspect is still at


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