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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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this morning spotty rain showers continue throughout the bay area. windshield wipers have been being put to work during the daily commute and as usual, with the bay area, rain brings sierra nevada snow, a welcome snite -- sight, not snite! [ laughter ] >> a new word here today. >> -- is officially under way. >> we look at the bay bridge. definitely foggy and a rainy start this morning. >> roberta always says it looks like gotham city on mornings like today. >> it does. we have a lot of fog developing. monday through wednesday was a chilly note temperatures dropping overnight into the 20s and 30s. and then yesterday, the warm front passed through the bay area. and with the warmer conditions we have the development of the fog. right now live hi-def doppler radar it's not picking up all that low-level moisture out there but when you begin your morning commute you still need to use your windshield wipers in areas due to the heavy drizzle. sfo with the deck of cloudiness
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we anticipate delays on some arriving flights due to the lowering ceiling. otherwise we are in the 50s right now. these were not even high temperatures on wednesday. nonetheless we are 59 in san jose and we'll have a random scattered shower today. temperatures 50s and 60s. we are on storm watch due to the fact we have yet another storm heading this way. let's take a look in sausalito where we have this traffic alert issued by chp in effect. southbound 101 before center avenue is a rollover crash involving an overturned pickup truck that's blocking the two right lanes. now, crews are out there trying to clear the crash but as you can see, not causing many delays in the area. we'll see what time they pick it up. it will take up to 30 minutes so it will take a little while. let's take southbound 101 to the golden gate bridge, a live look at that commute. pretty east advice now but the roads are wet so you want to drive safely and slowly through -- across the span of all your bridges and a look at the bay
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bridge toll plaza on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze, that will take you 19 minutes and we have some roadwork out there that's supposed to be picked up around now so make sure you watch out for the cones. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. right now in san francisco, crews are working to repair a broken water main in one of the city's busiest downtown corridors. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with the latest on repairs and disruptions in the area. anne? >> reporter: yes, 4th and howard is right by the metreon. this is a busy intersection in san francisco. you can see some of the water still bubbling up from where that underground water main broke at about 3 a.m. it sent water gushing through the intersection. take a look at this video we shot just before 4 this morning. a lot of this water headed straight for this underground that unconnects the metreon with the, um, the -- some of the businesses around here
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including the target so they have been pumping water out of the basement of the metreon for the last hour or so. apparently their pumps are able to keep up with the water but there could be some damage there. in the meantime, they are trying to figure out exactly what caused this 12" water main to break. as we have been talking about for years here, there is certainly an issue with aging infrastructure in san francisco so it could just be simply that the pipe is old. but there is also is underground work being done in this area because of the central subway so they are going to have to figure out why this water main broke and then they are going to have to fix it. so this intersection could be closed down for a couple of hours. most of the water is cleaned up at this point but no eta on when the roads will be reopened. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. this morning a san jose state student is behind bars after a string of sexual batteries on campus. after releasing these
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surveillance photos, police got a tip. they believe that this person is behind a groping incident in the student union on monday afternoon. wednesday another woman also said that she was groped in a stairwell at duncan hall. in all, there have been 6 cases of sexual battery since mid- october and police say it's not yet clear if the same suspect is responsible for all those attacks. a san jose teacher is behind bars right now accused of having sex with a student. police believe trudy hill used her position of authority to draw a 17-year-old boy into a sexual relationship. hill is a teacher at santa teresa high school. it happened from august to november. right now officers don't believe there are other victims. hill surrendered to detectives yesterday and later posted bail. this morning, oakland city leaders are facing more questions after a stunning revelation about the ghost ship warehouse where 36 people died in a catastrophic fire. the city still cannot find any
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evidence that fire inspectors ever set foot inside the building. state law mandates yearly fire inspections of commercial buildings. but so far, the city cannot find any record of any fire inspection ever. kpix 5 insider phil matier found out oakland's fire prevention bureau is woefully understaffs. >> we found nine fire inspectors in oakland. you have to consider there are is it 12,000 commercial buildings that need to be inspected every year under the state mandate. so that's quite a load. >> a 2014 alameda county grand jury report found that 4,000 commercial occupancies go uninspected due to competing oakland fire department priorities. the atf has also confirmed that there were no sprinklers or fire alarm systems in the building. as we learn more about the investigation, it's been an emotional week for the victims and, uhm, families and friends. five of the victims had ties to uc-berkeley where many gathered
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to mourn and reflect last night. people wrote messages on posters with their pictures. vanessa plotkin and jenny morris were juniors. griffin madden and david klein were alums. chelsea dolan hosted a show on the university's radio station. one by one, family members shared memories and stories. >> she told me that she loved this campus. she loved the berkeley community. and i felt her presence as soon as i walked the campus once again and i felt her joy and spirit here. >> it still doesn't really seem real to me. um, just saw her last week for thanksgiving. >> we were so blessed to have jenny for 21 years. >> for ways to help, led to we'll have continuing coverage of the warehouse fire on air and online as the investigation
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continues. a north bay woman is under arrest accused of kid nipping a child at a grocery store. police say a homeless woman walked into a trader joe's in santa rosa yesterday grabbed the 4-year-old girl and fled. the child's mother ran after the suspect and screamed at her to put the girl down. the suspect did and officers took her into custody. they say she is a 41-year-old transient originally from lake county. now to the trump transition. the president-elect is in grand rapids, michigan, today. it's the fourth stop on his thank you tour. in iowa, he touted his selection of governor branstad as ambassador of china. he hinted at more cabinet pits. >> i think you'll be liking some of the things we'll be putting forward in the not too distant future. you know what i mean. >> earlier in the day, his team announced fast food ceo andrew puzder as head of the labor
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department a move that raised some eyebrows because he opposes the $15 minimum wage and president obama's plan to make millions more workers eligible for overtime pay. another move making headlines, mgm's confirmation that the president-elect will keep his executive producer credit on the celebrity apprentice show. mr. trump will reportedly get paid royalties from mgm, not nbc, the network that airs the reality show. trump's team said in a statement that mr. trump has a big stake in the show and conceived of it with mark burnett. trump's former rival returned to capitol hill for the first time since the election. hillary clinton was there for the unveiling of senator harry reid's portrait. she took the opportunity to raise a red flag about all the fake news circulating on the internet. >> it's now clear that so- called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politics or
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partisanship. lives are at risk, about ordinary people going about their days, do their jobs, contribute to their communities. it's a danger that must be stopped quickly! >> facebook executive sheryl sandberg insists fake news on facebook is not to blame for the outcome of the election. she says facebook takes the concern seriously. time now, 5:09. heavy snow and freezing temperatures will stretch from coast to coast this weekend. more on the blinding snowstorms and the deadly pileups that they have already left behind. next. >> and a family who lost their 6-year-old daughter to cancer takes the first step in creating a nonprofit in her name. their debut of the desi doll next. >> that's cool. from the kpix weather center, we are on storm watch because we are watching and monitoring yet another storm that will impact your weekend. >> and we're still watching and monitoring that traffic alert in sausalito but we'll have the rest of your bay area morning
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commute when we come back. don't go anywhere. happy friday!
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as we see rain in the bay area, right now wintry weather is hitting the nation's northern tire with heavy snow,
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whiteout conditions and subzero temperatures. blinding snowstorms caused major pileups in several states yesterday. and it's not over yet. as hena daniels reports, parts of the deep south could see single-digit temperatures this weekend. >> reporter: as snowplows got to work in upstate new york, crews in ohio worked into the in a major pile-up on interstate 90. >> aggravated, trying to get home. >> reporter: a chain reaction dozen people was one of many triggered thursday by a lake- effect snow storm that brought white-out conditions to the midwest. in michigan, cars and semis were seen smashed together in a deadly pile-up along i-96 involving 40 vehicles. >> there are three confirmed fatalities with this accident. we have not yet identified those victims. 11 other victims were transported from the scene. >> reporter: the moving storm system dumped more than a foot
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of snow an hour north of syracuse, new york, yesterday and caused more crashes. >> we want you to get to school. we want to you get to your jobs safely. so please, take your time in the snowy conditions. >> reporter: another system out west coated mountains in california with snow and oregon with ice. at least one motorist was killed in benton county in a head-on collision. >> there's a lot of people planning on shopping or going to stuff for the christmas season but right now it's not worth it. >> reporter: forecasters say not even the deep south is out of the woods. >> by saturday morning, we'll see some 20s across north florida. also 20s across north georgia, much of mississippi, alabama and south carolina. >> reporter: winter doesn't officially begin for another 12 days! hena daniels, cbs news. >> the winter weather conditions have also led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights in portland and seattle. back in the bay area, new explanation for the smelly bad tasting water that has been flowing out of many taps for days. new tests from the san
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francisco public utilities commission reveal a by-product of the algae at the sunol valley treatment plant. officials say it came from the san antonio reservoir. they have not yet found any blooms. the results come after several complaints via social media from people in san francisco and parts of the peninsula. as for those reporting health issues? >> there is no clinical evidence that the algae causes any health effects. >> the puc has stopped taking water from the san antonio reservoir and is ramping down the affected treatment plant. all right. in southern california, 6-year- old girl loses a very hard fight against cancer. >> but her family decides desi can live on and inspire kids just like her in doll form. >> of course she is bald because she is going through chemotherapy. >> this desi doll debuted the same day that the desi strong foundation opened its doors. after desi died in march, her family was determined to start an organization that would
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provide financial support for the families of young cancer patients. >> when desi had cancer, she would role play with her dolls and she would, um, be the doctor and they were the patient and she would check their vitals and put iv ports in the dolls and so just watching her do this, we saw that it was very therapeutic for her. >> desi's sister says the doll is a perfect resemblance and one of a kind. nice. all right. 5:16 right now. let's check in with roqui. >> that was so cute. her shirt said fearless. i love it. let's take a look now. we have a traffic alert in sausalito. southbound 101 before center avenue a rollover crash involving an overturned pickup truck and it's still blocking the two right lanes out there. crews are out there trying to clear it out of the way but as you can see not causing many delays in the area. hopefully they will get this out soon before it starts causing delays because it is a traffic alert meaning it will take about an hour or more to
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get it out of the way. let's move now taking southbound 101 down to the golden gate bridge a live look here from marin county into san francisco. that will be a 14-minute drive but drive slowly because those roadways are wet and the same story here with the bay bridge toll plaza on westbound 80 between carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze that's a 19-minute commute and then expect no delay through the toll plaza. those metering lights should turn on pretty soon, around 5:30 this morning. and that's when traffic will start to slow upful a live look at the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city that's a 14-minute drive between 880 and 101. and a look at the traffic on the altamont pass coming off 205 and tracy moving at 58 miles per hour so not so bad on your friday morning but as you head to north flynn road, you're down to 36 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you 20 minutes along 580 westbound. and keep in mind you guys, if you take the devil's slide tunnel tonight, it is chosed between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. due to an emergency response drill. we suggest you take highway 92
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to 280 as an alternate. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. good morning, everybody. time check is just about 5:18. now. let's go ahead and call on our live hi-def doppler. we do see that we have a little bit of light precipitation but we're not seeing here is a lot of the low-level moisture, oh, zeroing in. see? as soon as i do that, it's just about gone. outsunol light rain cell. towards the golden gate bridge, we have some low-level moisture. the radar is overshooting it so you really can't see it but nonetheless it's there and you will need your windshield wipers as you're making track towards work or getting your kids off to school today. all right. temperatures are very mild into the 40s. how about that? in comparison to 48 hours ago we were in the 20s and 30s. the winds have been under 10 miles per hour. because of the lack of a good wind and the warmer air mass that's overriding the cooler air, we do have visibility issues with the development of fog. oncord, clayton and walnut
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creek all about 2.5-mile visibility. five-mile visibility along the shore. petaluma your visibility now restricted to less than 2 miles. and the situation is deteriorating as far as the visibility is concerned just about a half-hour ago, we were at two-mile visibility in santa rosa and now at a mile and a half. so here's the deal. we have a very active weather pattern. the pacific northwest is getting hammered with rain and snow from this very latest area of low pressure that fell out of the gulf of alaska. we are seeing subtropical influence and that's why our temperatures have been into the 50s. so here's hoe to plan your day a random scattered light shower for the most part cloudy and mild. then here we go. see to the north of us? this is the next area of low pressure that will affect us in the overnight hours. and then you will start to hear the raindrops on the rooftops as you wake up on saturday morning. all this lingers during the day saturday. it traverses to the south with the heaviest precipitation at the santa cruz mountains by the afternoon hours. and then it's out of here by saturday evening, setting the
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stage for a mostly cloudy and dry day on sunday. we'll get easily an inch of rain in the eastern portion of our bay area in pleasanton. over an inch and a quarter in san jose. today's weather around the state, 47 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. getaway weekend weather does call for rain at the lower elevations. our temperatures 50s and 60s today. we do have a break in the activity on sunday, monday. and then more rain on tuesday through thursday. that is your friday forecast. all right, roberta. thank you. local fishermen were in the right place at the right time yesterday and pulled off an incredible rescue. check this out. this whale got tangled up in crab pots and was struggling to stay alive. the fishermen jumped into action trying to free the whale by cutting the rope. at first it resisted but then something incredible happened. >> it would come and it would roll over and be like almost showing us where the lines were on its fins. >> once we started getting stuff cut off it was like he knew we were trying to help
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him. >> once the whale was free it swam circles around the boat according to the fishermen blowing out water as if to say, thank you. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, so much on the line last night for the raiders in kansas city. they dug themselves a huge hole. could they climb out of it once again? kickoff coming up.
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good morning, everybody. the afc lead was at stake last night in freezing kansas city. oakland had already lost to the chiefs at home. could not afford to do so at aero head. carr and the raiders trying to stay warm with the temperatures in the low 20s. chill factor minus 12. mid 2nd quarter already up 14- 3, tyree stands 5'8" but plays much bigger. 78-yard touchdown. kansas city led 21-3. all points coming in the 2nd quarter. early 3rd quarter, now 21-13. khalil mack trips alex smith. oakland recovers. chief chiefs turned it over on their first two possessions of the second half but the raiders were held out of the end zone. field goal back snap. huge opportunity missed by the raiders. two minutes left same score oakland still has a chance to tie this game up. got to the 20-yard line but
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carr's pass to seth roberts on fourth and 6 is broken up and that would do it. carr threw for a season low 117 yards. kansas city wins 21-13. both teams are 10-3 but the chiefs won both games against oakland. >> we didn't throw it and catch it the way we typically do. and, um, we'll have better days for sure. >> i feel sick to my stomach when we put something like that out there on film. and, you know, it hurts. i can promise you that. i'm not worried one bit. it just sucks. you know, we have to take it, you know, you have to take the punch, you know, but i'm not worried. i think we're going to bounce back just fine. >> warriors won at utah last night and number 12 saint mary's stunned by texas arlington in moraga. don't forget, the 49ers and the jets this sunday, the chance to win a football game for san francisco, on kpix 5. have a great weekend. time now 5:25. remembering an american hero.
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reaction coming in and from around the world after john glenn died. >> reporter: and a major intersection of san francisco closed this morning because of a big water main break. we'll show you some of the video and the estimated time of re-opening.
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a water main break causing trouble for commuters in san francisco. >> plus, why a san jose city councilman is calling out caltrans when it comes to trash along the highways. >> one storm is exiting another one is gearing up taking aim on the bay area. we'll track it together. >> here's a live look at the meet turning on along the bay bridge toll plaza.
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we have the rest of your bay area commute and traffic alert still in effect. good morning. it's friday, december 9. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. right now crews are in san francisco working to fix a broken water main on one of the city's busiest downtown blocks. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the scene with the latest on the repairs and possible disruptions in that area. anne? >> reporter: just a little while ago water was gushing through this intersection. we have some video to show you of that. but i want to bring in charles sheehan with the public utilities commission because this intersection is going to be shut down for some time. tell me about the work you have to do right now to fix this underground water main that broke. >> so we're here at 4th and howard a 12" water main break. crews are beginning to mobilize. once we mark the lines in the street we'll open up and begin making repairs on the water main break and we anticipate repairs will last into the afternoon for this particular incident.
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>> reporter: right. water again gushing all around this intersection even some of it getting underground, the metreon, i know they were pumping it out. what kind of damage has been done to the infrastructure under us? >> >> we won't know until we open up the street but when you have a 12" water main break you can have a lot of erosion and it can displace a lot of soil and sometimes even other facilities under the street. we'll get a better sense of it when we open up the road. >> reporter: any idea what caused this water main break? we talk a lot about our aging infrastructure in san francisco. >> so it is an older main here on howard street and for those older mains, age is usually the likely factor when we break. so we are look at an age related main break. the city is investing in infrastructure because we have a lot of older mains so we have increased our pipeline replacement program on the water side from 3 to 4 miles a year to 15 miles a year so we're agreesively going after
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these older mains and replacing them. >> reporter: in the meantime they are still underground. thank you, charles sheehan with the public utilities commission. we are also talking about the central subway here because they are constructing it right in this area underground. that does not appear to be a factor in this water main break. we'll keep you posted throughout the day but, yeah, do be aware could have some traffic issues here later on in the morning at 4th and howard. anne makovec, kpix 5. after oakland's deadly ghost ship fire, investigators in san francisco are now trying to make sure warehouses in the city aren't serving as makeshift homes. building inspectors are now checking on 11 warehouses. this winning on jerrold avenue in the bayview is the permanent address for one punk rock band. the space hasn't been inspected since 1986. neighbors say they are sure it's being used as housing. some say the clutter inside could prove very dangerous. >> i don't know how many are in there. you see them every now and then and they are respectful and
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nice. >> a lot of clutter. we talk about, um, have a lot of clutter, like, what happened in oakland. >> investigators say they sympathize with people who have nowhere to go, but they can't risk a repeat of the ghost ship fire. time now 5:33. all right, roberta, for six months we didn't have a drop of rain. you were getting bored. now it's raining every other day. >> six months? >> it felt like that. >> right. we are seeing these beneficial rains. we'll continue to do so. this is our second storm that we're tracking at this particular time. it's making a direct aim on the bay area. but right now, we're just in the backwash of yesterday's storm that dumped about an inch of rain in san francisco easily over 2 inches of rain in throughout the santa cruz mountains. a little hit-and-miss scattered showers this morning. low-level moisture associated with deepening fog. visibility five miles at the
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seashore to the sunset district. visibility issues in petaluma and santa rosa under 2 miles. 2.5 in concord. wow, what happened to this? our live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid. we are looking due east out towards the bay bridge. you can see the tip-top of the towers which stand 525 feet above the bay waters. you can see that one just being engulfed by fog. there's the bright lights of the estuary and the port of oakland. temperatures are very mild out the door into the 50s. the winds are relatively under 7 miles per hour. now, today's temperatures very mild and pretty seasonal with mostly cloudy skies. some heavy drizzle at times or maybe even a passing shower. 50s common around the beaches today, 50s 60s around the peninsula from san mateo into belmont into foster city. east palo alto, los altos. 62 in santa clara and rose garden district. east bay numbers you, too in the 50s and 60s. and for the north bay from 54 in stinson beach to 59 in san rafael, okay, we'll give you the timing of the second system, the second storm and that's coming up still at, oh,
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48 after the hour. roqui? >> thank you, roberta. it's 5:34. we have a traffic alert in sausalito in effect. let's take a look at how it's affecting your traffic right now. southbound 101 before spencer avenue, it's a rollover crash involving an overturned pickup truck blocking two right lanes but there aren't many delays in the area because there aren't many cars out there this morning. so hopefully they will get this cleared up before there are some morning commuters heading to work. now taking a look at southbound 101 down to the golden gate bridge a live look at the bridge, 580 to golden gate toll plaza will take you 14 minutes. 20-minute drive along westbound 80 between the carquinez bridge and the maze. and then take a look here, we have the bay bridge toll lights on and backing up traffic towards the maze already. now, a live look at the nimitz freeway looking good in both directions. 238 in san leandro to the maze 16 minutes and then expect 57 and 35 miles per hour along the altamont pass. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. happening today, a closure impacting anyone who takes
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highway 1 in san jose county. the devil's slide tunnel will be closed starting at 10 p.m. it's part of caltrans's mandatory emergencies response drill. you won't be able to go through the tunnel again until 4 a.m. tomorrow. new this morning, south korea's president is out. lawmakers just impeached him. it was a swift fall for the country's first female leader who got entangled in a national corruption scandal. lawmakers just impeached her. millions took to the streets to celebrate. defense secretary ash carter made a surprise visit to afghanistan. carter seen here at techcrunch back in september is scheduled to meet with afghan president later today. this is carter's last trip before leaving washington. he also plans to give troops a so-called preholiday pep talk. back in san francisco, a bill that would have capped short term airbnb rentals at just 60 days was just vetoed. in a letter mayor lee said
5:37 am
limiting the number of rental days would just lead to owners skirting the law in various ways. but he still thinks that airbnb needs to be regulated. he plans to work with city supervisors to come up with an alternative plan. san jose city leaders are getting fed up with all the garbage scattered along the highway. highway 87 is just one of several roadways requiring a major clean-up. now some council members say caltrans should pay up since it owns the property. the agency says it tries to clean up the debris but the problem just returns. still one councilman has made clear he wants caltrans to pay. >> i propose we declare the properties as nuisance and fine them. if they can't clean them, they should pay a fine. why should san jose residents suffer? >> oliverio's proposal would go before the city council this week. a key point of discussion, whether san jose can actually fine a state agency. after seeing a rise in
5:38 am
mushroom poisonings health officials in monterey county are warning don't pick mushrooms in the wild. some of types of poisonous mushrooms look a lot like the edible ones and only people with years of training and experience should gather them. they say that anyone who eats a wild mushroom and gets abdominal pain should rush to the hospital. it could kill you. this morning, the tributes continue to pour from across the world following the death of john glenn. don champion has the story. >> godspeed, john glenn. >> reporter: john glenn was a hero to so many, even the president of the united states. the white house released a statement from president obama thursday that called glenn an icon and a friend and a man who always had the right stuff. president-elect donald trump also shared his thoughts while visiting columbus in glenn's home state of ohio. >> he was a -- a great american hero, truly great american hero. i met him on two separate
5:39 am
occasions. >> reporter: nasa created a tribute page dedicated to glenn's life and tweeted, we are saddened by the loss of senator john glenn, the first american to orbit earth, a true american hero. the smithsonian national air and space museum in washington also sent out a tweet that reads, his legacy of friendship and discovery will live in our halls forever. but nowhere is the impact of glenn's death more powerful than in ohio, where glenn served as a senator for 4 terms. ohio governor john kasich tweeted, john glenn is and always will be ohio's ultimate hometown hero, and his passing today is an occasion for all of us to grieve. don champion, cbs news. reclining seats already caused plenty of scuffles on airlines but soon phone calls could be the new source of drama. ill wagner of reports. >> reporter: do we need any
5:40 am
more airplane drama? can investors make it three days in a row for record highs on wall street? on thursday the dow rose 65 points to a new record high. the nasdaq was up 23. at&t is paying out about $80 million in refunds in a bogus charge scheme called cramming. they were padding customer bills with unwanted services like ring tones and special text messages. it settled in 2014 with the fcc. about 2 million customers will be credited $31 on average. the consumer product safety commission is recalling a playground slide because of potential finger injuries. play world systems says the sides could separate and fingers can get caught in the gaps. there were two reports of amputations. and get ready for more chatter on the airplane. the government is proposing airlines let passengers make phone calls during flights using wi-fi. even though flight attendants and others say the calls will be disruptive, airlines would have to warn travelers that they do allow calls before they
5:41 am
buy their tickets. kenny? >> yeah. that's going to be a fun red eye from new york city to san francisco and the bay area. [ laughter ] >> no, thanks. >> no, thank you. all right. we hear that apple wants to show movies on itunes sooner than they do now, jill. >> yeah. how about while they are still in the theater? bloomberg reports apple is in talks with universal pictures, warner brother and 21st century fox to make movies available on itunes just two weeks after they are released from theaters. normal there's about 90 days. >> at least the water and all the candy and the popcorn will be cheaper at home. >> exactly. that's one benefit. and you don't have to worry about sitting next to someone who is chatting and whispering during the movie, either. >> exactly. or texting. all right, jill wagner of, thank you. ♪[ music ] it is 5:41. alerting parents next a shocking warning about two toys that may have you rethinking your kids' christmas presents this year.
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good morning. welcome to your friday. time check, 5:44. oh, my! what's that that we hear? maybe one more time? [ foghorn ] >> as we take a look out from our kpix 5 studios looking past the embarcadero towards the bay bridge, cannot see the tip-top of it, which leads mebling to the ceiling has lowered down to roughly about 600 feet. that will definitely affect air travel today. we'll talk about how it will affect your friday weather forecast. rain is coming. we have details in less than 4 minutes. today the great smoky mountains national park is back open after a wildfire ravaged the area. the fire near gatlinburg, tennessee, last month killed 14
5:45 am
people and destroyed thousands of buildings. the great smoky mountain national park, the most visited in the country, was forced to close over safety concerns. two teens were arrested on suspicion of starting the fire. with just over two weeks until christmas the town of salem, new hampshire, hopes a thief will have a change of heart, this after the baby jesus statue was stolen from it's been missing since monday night. the saddam hussein baby jesus was stolen last year as well and was later found on the side of the road miles away. this time around they hope the baby jesus will be returned safely to his manger. in recent years it's been disturbed. there's some talk late show host stephen colbert may be on the way out. rumors are swirling that james corden will take over "the late show" while colbert moves to the "late late show" slot. corden's carpool karaoke helped
5:46 am
land him the grammy hosting job. network chief les moonves says both hosts are doing well. now to a consumer alert for parents. this christmas you might want to rethink gifting two particular toys. that's because they might be listening in on your family conversation. genesis toys my friend kayla doll and the iq intelligent robot. they allegedly send recordings to software company nuance communications. according to a new complaint, filed with the ftc, the company has had contracts with military and law enforcement [chuckling] agencies. >> okay! think again before you buy those. >> what?! >> you know, what happened to barbies and stuffed animals? >> g.i. joe. tickle me elmo. >> i used to play with g.i. joe because my mom and dad were in the military. so yeah, i never had barbies. i just had g.i. joes. >> all i had was a michael jackson and barbie. >> question for any of you. do you ever -- be honest -- oh-
5:47 am
oh. >> oh-oh. >> do you regift? >> no. >> no. >> i haven't done that in a while. >> i have never done that. have you? >> i guess you have. [ laughter ] >> no! [ laughter ] >> roberta has. >> you said be honest. mm-hm. [ laughter ] [ pause ] let's start with mass transit. we have ace train one delay of 15 minutes due to a problem on train 1. 3 is on time, though. bart, muni and caltrain are all on time. now, let's head to the chp- issued traffic alert in sausalito. it's still in effect. southbound 101 before spencer avenue. it's a rollover crash involving an overturned pickup truck and the two right lanes are blocked but no delays in the area. let's move over now to the golden gate bridge. if you are taking southbound 101 to the bridge that's 14 minutes between 580 and the golden gate toll plaza. and then a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where those metering lights are on and starting to back traffic up
5:48 am
towards the maze already. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take you 21 minutes. then expect a 15-minute drive or so through the toll plaza into downtown san francisco. now let's move over to slow traffic on the altamont pass. but actually you know what? this is a gift this morning. 62 miles per hour across the altamont pass coming off 205. then you reach33 miles per hour at north flynn road. and to the dublin interchange. 238 in san leandro maze will take you 16 minutes. i'll send it to you in that pretty red dress, roberta. >> thank you, roqui. you will need an umbrella out the door even though there's no precipitation on the hi-def doppler radar at this time. these beams are overshooting it. dense fog. we had some precipitation and as soon as i zoom in, bam, it's gone. this is live data. it's precipitation as it's actually happening. so it moves out very quickly, as well. this is our live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid. we are looking due east towards
5:49 am
the bay bridge to the beautiful bright lights of the port of oakland and the estuary. but you can also see the haze and the fog that continues to sweep in due to the fact that we have mild temperatures. so we have warmer air mass with a passage of yesterday's warm front. that warm air swooping over the colder air mass from our temperatures which were in the 20s and 30s just about, what, 48 hours ago. so therefore, the development of fog. if we get a good wind, it ushers out the fog but right now the winds are under 10 miles per hour at all of our reporting stations. napa east at 7 miles per hour. visibility under five miles at the coast. 2.5 in concord so improving there. 2-mile visibility in petaluma and less than two in santa rosa. we have a very active weather pattern out over the pacific ocean. this is banging up against pacific northwest bringing snow to the cascades and siskiyous.
5:50 am
we're long the active track of the jet stream. we'll continue to see rain move in and out. today just a spotty scattered shower or heavy drizzle. then that right there. that's a secondary system that's going to roll in overnight waking up to raindrops on your rooftops early saturday morning. it lingers throughout the day earlier in the day. santa cruz hammered early afternoon. your saturday night for all those holiday party plans mostly cloudy skies. we yank the rain out of the picture. sunday will be mostly cloudy with a few sunny breaks. same monday, more rain by tuesday. nearly an inch of rain is expected throughout much of the bay area with this next approaching system. so you have to ask, what does that mean for the high sierra? well, it's going to be pretty much a warm front so we're talking about rain today, tomorrow, and mostly cloudy for sunday. official sun-up is at 7:14. when it sets tonight, boy, it cools off rapidly. but today's high temperatures 50s and 60s. and this is pretty much where we should be which is 12 days away from winter arriving. here's your extended forecast. we do have rain heavy at times
5:51 am
on saturday. a break sunday, monday. more rain tuesday through thursday. hey! we do have kenny's favorite football team on sunday. >> no! >> the jets. >> no! >> you thought i was going to say the 9ers, right? his favorite team is the jets. mostly cloudy skies and 55 degrees. [ laughter ] >> no, roberta. you have to get this straight. >> i said don't lie. >> no. >> you know -- >> this morning, roberta is spreading falsehoods. the jets are not my favorite team. definitely not. >> she drives big buses. i'm just saying. [ laughter ] >> she runs you over! >> i'm just saying for the record. in the city of portland, a winter storm brews up plenty of snow at the local zoo. >> yeah. instead of getting scared, though the river otters and the polar bears it's play time. take a look. you can see them squirreling around the tree trunk and one went sliding down the hill. looks like fun. meanwhile, norah the polar bear wasn't afraid of the conditions. she is a polar bear. she ate snow and then snacked
5:52 am
on nearby branches. very cute. >> some good video there. time now 5:51. keeping your family safe. next, how you can prevent your christmas tree from going up in flames.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
uber just released a list of no, nos that will cancel your account. no damaging property of driver or passenger. common sense. no making physical contact with the driver or fellow passengers even after the trip ends. no inappropriate language or gestures. and no breaking the law inside the vehicle. tracking feature is making riders a little uneasy. here's how it works. >> uber like many other companies takes steps to ensure that user information is secure. but, of course, that information could be subject to government subpoenas or warrants. >> there is a way to opt out of the feature under the settings in the app. [ pause ] all right. the holiday season is here and as you pick out the perfect christmas tree, there's a lot to consider but fire safety should be at the top of your list. experts say the first thing to
5:56 am
do is keep your tree properly hydrated. tests have shown that well watered treats don't burn as quickly as dry ones and you can also buy flame retardants online to prevent fires from starting. another important factor of safety is location. >> the most aesthetically pleasing place for a tree might not be the best. we want to try too keep teresa way from stairwells and definitely keep them out of the exit path. >> these are all important steps to keeping your family safe through christmas. but even with the best watered flame retardant-coated perfectly located tree, have a fire extinguisher nearby. time now 5:56. the investigation into the deadly warehouse fire in oakland uncovers another troubling mistake by the city. >> a big water main break in san francisco. roads closed down until looks like this afternoon.
5:57 am
we'll give you all the details next. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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and i'm kenny choi. right now in s good morning. it is friday, december 9. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> right now, in san francisco crews are working to repair a broken water main causing big problems in one of the city's busiest downtown corridors. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live with the latest on repairs and disruptions expected in the area. anne? >> reporter: the good news is that the water is back on here on. i'm at 4th and howard in san francisco. you can see the beginning of what is going to be an operation that's going to last several hours here. we're right by the metreon and moscone center. so this is busy area in downtown san francisco. this is what it looks like right after the water main broke at about 3:15 a.m. it was a 12


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