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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 9, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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all love it there. >> have a great one. captions by: caption colorado ♪ ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, december 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.." twin storms blast much of the country with snow and cold. millions of americans face dangerous driving conditions. president-elect trump says his wealthy cabinet picks will help make america rich again. former trump campaign chairman with an inside look at the 57 transition. plus how to deal with an emergency on your airplane. we will go inside a simulator where crews are trained to get everyone out in less than 90 seconds. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds.
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we've got ourselves a classic winter setup across the u.s. >> wind chills in the teens all the way down into texas. >> winter weather blankets the u.s. >> snow continues to crank, a couple more feet are possible. >> heavy snow and freezing temperatures stretch from the sierras to the great lakes to the northeast. >> we can't do nothing about it so you might as well deal with it, i guess. the president elect made another stop on his victory tour this time in iowa. >> no task is too great. no dream too large. no goal beyond our reach. meanwhile, hillary clinton making an appearance in d.c. >> after a few weeks of taking selfies in the woods i thought it would be a good idea to come out. do you think you could have done a better job? >> they would have probably eaten me alive. >> who is the best pilot you ever knew? >> me. >> john glenn space pioneer, patriots and politician has passed away. >> he was the first american to orbit the earth. >> oh, that view is tremendous.
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>> with a huge majority south korea's parliament voted to i impeach park geun-hye. all that -- >> hill is off to the races and he is going to go all the way. >> that was monster win. >> starbucks is introducing a pokemon go frappuccino. >> it has the taste of something you lost interest in around september. and all that matters. >> donald trump this weekend will give his first sunday morning news interview since the election. and it's a big sacrifice for him because sunday morning is usually when he tweets about "saturday night live." >> on "cbs this morning." >> mr. trump picking former world's wrestling entertainment ceo linda mcmahon to lead the small business administration. >> which is why our economy's new catch phrase is going to be let's get ready to crumble. >> this morning's eye opener is
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presented by toyota. let's go places. ♪ ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." as you wake up in the west back to back storms are slamming much of the country with heavy snow, wind and freezing rain. parts of the pacific northwest are under winter weather warnings. snow and ice hit portland and seattle last night. >> the first big snow event of the season will bring heavy snowfall to the mountains through tomorrow. david beg that you had is outside portland on the snowy slopes of mt. hood. good morning. >> good morning. i hope you're enjoying that studio warmth. we are on mt. hood, it's 25 degrees and the snow is going sideways this morning. but, man, it's pretty including these frozen over trees. so at the lower elevations after you get down from the cascades going toward the portland area flights have been canceled in and out of the portland airport, schools closed early, so did
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county government offices letting people get home. the roads have been treacherous, driving is dangerous, one person has already been killed in a crash that happened over the last 24 hours. in the seattle area the national weather service tweeted a photo of what was snow on their roof. seattle hadn't had measurable snow in the last two years, the last time was february of 2014 and it was only about three inches. again, this is the first big event of the winter service here in the pacific northwest and, charlie, i tell you what, where it's dangerous it's also beautiful and inconvenient. guss what happened when we went to our crew car this morning, the back door was frozen. i have tips for you. if you use a key to get in your door lock and it's frozen dip the key in vaseline or alcohol, both are known to work well. >> all right. thank you. vaseline and alcohol together. >> good advice. >> that's a tip we haven't heard before. >> that's true. >> you're welcome from "cbs this morning." lake-effect snow in the east triggered serious accidents including this massive chain reaction crash near erie,
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pennsylvania. at least 15 people were taken to hospitals. interstate 90 was shut down for hours. ali ingersoll of wivb is outside of buffalo, new york. ali, good morning. >> good morning. it's been snowing all throughout the night into the morning here. this lake effect has dropped about a foot of snow, you can see it on the sidewalk and the shrubs here, it's causing issues for roads all over from here to the middle of the country. dangerous and deadly storms blasted the east coast and midwest thursday. crews fought against fast falling snow but icy roadways led to dangerous conditions. >> vehicle accident i 90 westbound 10 to 15 vehicles involved. >> in erie, pennsylvania, part of interstate 90 looked more like an abandoned junkyard. >> one vehicle through the median head on into a semi. >> heavy snowfall triggered a crash involving at least 13 vehicles, 15 people were reportedly hurt. further down i 90 near the pennsylvania border a 75-car
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pile up shut down the interstate. it remained closed for hours in both directions. >> the tires have fallen off of the trailer. >> this man was stranded for nearly an hour. >> pretty aggravated about it, you know, i'm trying to get home, it's cold in this weather. >> in michigan a semi-tractor jackknifed across i 96 shutting down most of the highway, a massive 40 car pile up killed three people and injured 11 more. >> as the ground is getting to that temperature it's starting to ice over, compounded with the quick snow squall or whiteout and i think were all contributing factors. >> the problem now is for roads like this one next to he into, they're starting to ice over causing cars to skid. while this storm is supposed to end soon, people are bracing for another one early next week. >> ali, thanks. chief weather castor lonnie quinn of wcbs is tracking the storm. good morning. >> these are big players out there.
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we're going to talk about the snow and cold air. i want to start off with the snow. look, there's going to be big totals around the great lakes with the lake-effect snow but the real big totals will be in the pacific northwest. what's going on? you have not this low pressure system sitting offshore and it is spinning and spinning and spinning and what it's doing, it's dragging in moisture. that moisture tail depose all the way out to hawaii. so there will be huge totals in the mountains. take a look at what we're talking about. wasatch you may see that 1 to 3 foot range but the cascades 2, 4 feet of snow, possibly 5 feet of snow and it looks like it wants to stick around as well because it's all about the temperatures. look at this, i know we've been talking a lot about bismarck, north dakota, again, you are the icebox in the country, 13 below at 2:00 in the afternoon it what it feels like when you factor in the winds could feel as cold as 25 below zero at that hour. over the next 8 to 14 days you are looking at the temperature staying below average in the northern plains extending all
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the way to new england and for places like bismarck, you know, today on the thermometer it gets up to maybe 2 below zero, tomorrow i think they will hit 1. 1 degree for all my friends there in bismarck. over to you, norah. president-elect trump goes back to campaigning today in louisiana. where our runoff election for an open senate seat is tomorrow. he will also go to michigan after stopping in columbus, ohio and des moines eye yesterday. his approval rating road rose to 41% during the transition, that's 10 points below george w. bush in 2001 and more than 30 points less than president obama in 2008. major garrett is covering the trump transition. good morning. >> good morning. the president elect traveled to iowa last night that's a battle ground state he won handily. while there vowed to stop extremism, thanked women for his vote and praised himself for cabinet choices he said will make the country rich again. >> yet one more tragic reminder that immigration security is now
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national security. no more games, folks. no more games. >> at his third thank you rally in iowa president-elect donald trump said the ohio state knife attack by a somali born reffy is another example of america's broken immigration system and he has a plan to fix it. >> they're going to come in through a process, come in legally and we're going to see that these people have true capability to love us. to love us not to hate us. >> making a point to praise female voters to played a substantial role in his victory mr. trump offered more than just gratitude. >> i'm asking congress to pass legislation to make safe and affordable child care accessible to all while fighting to get higher pay for women, women in the workforce. that's what has to happen. >> the president elect has drawn criticism for stocking his administration with millionaires and billionaires, seven so far and counting. he called it part of the plan. >> because i want people to make
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a fortune because now they're negotiating with you. >> fast food restaurant ceo andrew puzder as labor secretary. puzder is ceo of cke restaurants the parent company of carl's jr. and hardee's. puzder opposes raises the minimum wage, arguing it cuts jobs by unnecessarily increasing labor costs. he wrote a book entitled "job creation: how it really works and why government doesn't understand it" ". >> people who would rely on big government instead of free markets simply do not understand how jobs and kraers are -- careers are created. >> the president elect will carry another title into the oval office, executive producer of the show he once hosted, the celeb brit apprentice. the executive producer credit does not mean america's chief executive to be will have an active role in the reality tv show. it does mean mr. trump will receive royalties for an idea he helped conceive and a show he
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holds a stake in. this is perfectly normal in show base and presidents have made outside income before, usually from book royalties, president obama reported $5.1 million in book sales his first year in office. charlie, that amount fell to $56,000 last year. >> thanks, major. cbs news political director and face the nation moderator john dickerson is with us. >> good morning, charlie. >> let's talk about tweeting. >> let's talk about tweeting. >> a method of criticizing the wealth of his cabinet and how trump responds. >> well, i think he -- i mean, donald trump's argument is these people have been successful in private enterprise and they will be really successful in government. the request he is a couple things. one, what does success mean to donald trump, if your job is to bring in and dismantle a department that's a different level of success than we would have seen in the past. the second thing is do they have a public service instinct. that's different than in private enterprise. you care about the public good you're not just caring about the bottom line. the other thing is what truman
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said about eisenhower which is when you come in and you are a general and you are used to issuing orders sometimes the bureaucracy says -- just doesn't listen. so if you're used to being in private enterprise where people do exactly what you say what's it going to be like when you come into government. >> president obama and his administration and his labor secretary put in a lot of what they call worker protections. if you install someone like who he's nominating for the labor secretary what kinds of things on a practical effect might a worker experience? >> well, mr. puzder -- there are two things, one that work -- enforcement of worker protections, enforcement of all the existing regulations that are there, then there would be removing what they would see as burdensome on business. so everything from paperwork to -- i mean, a lot of it is osha, a lot is workplace safety stuff. the other thing is being on the lookout for new things. i'm arguing now from sort of the obama case. as a labor secretary would be on the lookout for new and possible
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abuses of two,ers that if the interests are not aligned the way they would be in the obama administration you wouldn't have that kind of always searching the landscape for ways to protect workers. now what they would say on the trump side is this he would be on the lookout for ways to make it easier for businesses to work in an unfettered way which creates greater profits that then go back to the workers. >> he's scheduled to have his first news conference next week where he's going to play out his plans, what he's going to do with his company. what's at stake for him at this event next week. >> i guess -- >> is there anything at stake for him next week? >> we're kind of learning still what it means for things to be at stake for donald trump. in other words, in the old days we would have said, well, he wants to show that he's presidential, he wants to show that he can get through a press conference, but donald trump is redesigning this job and so he will do you could imagine what he has tried to do all throughout the campaign which was take an old form, a press conference and use it in his own way. remember when he told his press kmpss essentially into pr events for his hotel. you can imagine he will try to
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capture this -- >> do we expect to see the president of the united states -- my original question -- simply to be tweeting throughout his presidency and making comments about everything that comes to under the sun. >> no follow-up to a tweet. >> there are people advising donald trump and newt gingrich has said it out loud stop doing this. the presidential voice is one that you can squander. it is not -- it is not a good that just is constantly renewing and you need to do this judiciously. we saw during the campaign there were times that he stopped this tweeting, but he is a -- he has successfully learned how to create chaos and operate within it. one of the ways i creates chaos is through his tweets. it's a very useful way for him to get his message out but also change the landscape. >> thanks, john. >> thank you. >> on sunday on face the nation john interviews the president elect's senior advisor kellyanne conway plus senators john mccain and bernie sanders. that's sunday here on cbs. >> another good show for john
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dickerson. that's what he does. >> a south carolina courtroom will see dylann roof's videotaped confession to the charleston court shootings. shootings. yesterday's testimony included crime scene photos and a timeline of this attack. three cameras mounted a above the doorway show parishioners arriving. dylann roof arrives 8:17 after about an hour inside the video shows him leaving with a gun in his right hand. roof told investigators he was surprised that police were not there waiting for him. more video evidence shows that roof's capture the next morning in north carolina. roof's attorney does expect a guilty verdict but he says he should not get the death penalty. >> a second police officer was died after a shooting in georgia. jodi smith was shot wednesday while responded to a domestic disturbance call. nick lar smarr was also shot he died at the scene. the two were lifelong friends who attended the police academy
7:16 am
together. they were both planning weddings for next year. the fbi joined more than 20 law enforcement agencies in the manhunt for miguel lembrick. he was found dead yesterday in a home where he was hiding. police salem brick shot himself as a s.w.a.t. team prepared to move in. the head of nasa says john glenn led a life of greatness, the first american to orbit the earth died yesterday. glenn fought in two wars and served four terms in the united states senate. president obama said in tribute, john always had the right stuff. inspiring generations of scientists, engineers and astronauts. president-elect trump called glenn a great american hero and fellow astronaut buzz aldrin said he was saddened that we lost another space pioneer and world icon. >> godspeed, john glen. >> during his 95 years on earth john glenn blazed many trials.
7:17 am
he was not the first man to reach space, but glenn's three orbits in 1962 excited americans like none before. i spoke to glenn about that pioneering flight last year. >> you're going almost 18,000 miles an hour, that's about almost 5 miles a second, it's hard to believe that we go that fast. >> glenn's space shift nearly burned up during re-entry. when he returned safely a ticker tape parade was thrown in his honor in new york's canyon of heroes. later president john f. kennedy secretly ordered glenn grounded, deeming his life too important to risk. >> it had a lot of attention, would this be a bad symbol for the country or would it be whatever. i never did know, but i knew that i didn't want to just hang around forever waiting. >> lift off of discovery with a crew of six astronaut heroes and one american legend. >> glenn eventually returned to
7:18 am
orbit in 1998. this time as the oldest man in space. at age 77. >> for a man in his 70s to be able to stand the g forces on launch, it's impressive. >> it was while trainin do greao serve his country. i think i will use him as career. >> president obama awarded him the presidential medical of freedom in 2012. a decorated marine corps pilot, glenn flew 149 combat missions during world war ii and the korean war where his wing man was hall of fame baseball player ted williams. glenn's distinguished senate career spanned 24 years, but his biggest regret he said was an unsuccessful bid for president
7:19 am
in 1984. >> you think that your ideas and all these different things on the economy and the military and our leadership in world affairs and all that your ideas in your own head are the things that should direct the future of this country. that's pretty heady stuff. >> glenn is survived by his wife of 73 years annie, their two children and two grandchildren. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. >> we send our best to annie, she was his lifetime partner and they were such a great couple. >> what a love story. what a legacy he left for us all. >> man of great integrity. >> american hero, american legend, american icon. to evacuate a plane in less than 90 seconds, but who is training the passengers? ahead peter,,
7:20 am
did a school police officer
7:21 am
do the right thick when he shot a student waving a knife? >> ahead there are growing questions over the >> this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by american made weather tech car mats and floor liners. shop today.
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crews in san francisco are working to repair a broken water main - in one of the city's busiest intersections this is at howard and fourth. no good morning. i'm kenny choi. crews in san francisco are working to repair a broken water main in one of the city's busiest intersections at howard and fourth. no word on when the area will be reopened. new details in the deadly oakland fire. state law mandates yearly fire inspections of commercial spaces but the city can't find any evidence that fire inspectors ever set foot inside that building. and in the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," the knife-wielding teenager shot by campus police at a high school in nevada remains in critical condition while the school police officer is facing questions about what happened that day. raffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
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7:28 am
time in now 7:27. starting with the richmond/san rafael bridge, we do have a -- there it is. a look at the toll plaza. that you see backup there. it is all the way beyond harbor boulevard because of the earlier crash on the bridge on the west end. now let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. if you are heading from richmond/san rafael bridge -- excuse me from san rafael in marin county in san francisco that will take you about 15 minutes and expect delays on southbound 101 coming on the bridge because of an earlier crash. we continue to monitor rain showers across the bay area. i'm firing up our live hi-def doppler radar. we have numerous scattered showers around the for the bay for the most part all this activity moving out of napa into fairfield. but look at the fog that has developed. we have areas of dense fog in throughout the tri-valley back through the delta. also petaluma with reduced visibilities. temperatures in the 50s. later today 59 to 63, cloudy
7:29 am
skies, random showers, saturday rain all day. mostly cloudy sunday. ,,,,,,,,
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so i literally -- i was trying to walk it but i couldn't, i was falling through so i started using the knees and it's more effective. >> is this a good spot? >> david, it's a good spot. here is intrepid cbs correspondent david begnaud. the snow is so deep that he had to crawl through it so he's getting in position before he came to us. what he does and his story in general is so genius. he is so good at what he does. >> so good. you don't realize how hard it is sometimes when you are on a remote. >> what do you think, charlie? >> intrepid and creative. >> that's the word, creative. he takes normal stuff and makes it really interesting. go david. welcome back to "cbs this
7:31 am
morning." coming up in this half hour what airline passengers need to know before an emergency evacuation. some of them do the wrong things putting lives at risk including their own. why experts say pre flight safety warnings need to change. plus the debate after a school police officer shot a knife wielding teen. some students and parents say the officer's decision increased the danger, ahead administrators respond to our questions about rules on use of force. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the independent reports south korean lawmakers voted overwhelmingly this morning to impeach the country's first female leader president park geun-hye is temporarily stripped of power, she's accused of sharing confidential documents with a friend and helping her extort millions of dollars from companies. park apologized to the public for what she called my negligence and lack of virtue. courts will decide if park should permanently be removed from office. >> that's quite an apology, my lack of virtue.
7:32 am
the "washington post" says that heroin took more lives in america last year than gun homicides. that is a first. the government reports nearly 13,000 heroin debts in 2015 that's an increase of more than 2,000 from the year before. opioid deaths topped 30,000 for the first time in recent history. cbs news reports the high number of isis fighters killed by the u.s. led coalition in the battle against the extremist group. a senior military official said 50,000 isis militants were killed in the past two years, they were killed in iraq and syria. isis was able to replace fighters rapidly particularly early on. the los angeles times says national guard troops are getting help repaying bonuses. we first reported this earlier in the year, the senate approved a $619 billion defense authorization bill yesterday, it includes an agreement to help an estimated 9700 troops who have been ordered to pay back
7:33 am
thousands in enlistment bonuses they should not have received. a pentagon official affects 90% of the debts will be forgiven. the "wall street journal" says regulators might allow phone calls on airline flights. oh, no. they suggest letting the airlines decide but the government says that flyers must be warned they could hear fellow passengers talking, often very loudly, a final ruling ask likely to be years away. there's nothing worse than a one-sided conversation. >> that's true. >> a school police officer in nevada faces new questions about shooting a knife wielding student. cellphone video captured the moment at hug high school in reno. police say the teen ignored orders to drop a pair of knives and threatened other students. carter he had mondays is outside the school with the debate over use of force. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on facebook a man identifying himself as the teen's father is defending his son's actions saying that he was bullied here
7:34 am
at this school and he was really just protecting himself. now he says after the shooting his son has lost part of a lung, but he is expected to survive. a day after school police shot a knife wielding 14-year-old washoe county school superintendent tracy davis praised responding officers. >> had it not been for their quick actions and professionalism i truly believe that the outcome could have been much worse. >> reporter: cellphone video captured the teenager waving knives surrounded by students apparently after a fight. his attorney spoke to "cbs this morning" by phone. >> it was clear the child was not being aggressive but rather was trying to keep people away from him. he was not attempt to go hurt people. >> reporter: for some students and parents the police response is causing as much concern as the boy's actions. >> it's pretty traumatizing i have never seen anything like that before, pulling out knives and then a cop shooting a child. >> there are alternatives.
7:35 am
mace for one. pepper spray. >> this man who says his son was friends with the teen was also worried about the dozens of other kids standing nearby. >> they should be writing formal apologies to every single student's parents there for putting all their children in danger. >> but the superintendent says both the safety and medical response went according to protocol. >> both of those plans worked flawlessly. >> the boy's attorney disagrees. >> the superintendent cannot possibly have a detailed investigation sufficient to make the pronouncement that the activities or actions of those people was, quote, flawless. >> at a news conference we tried to find out more about the district's rules on use of force. >> can you tell us the policy things about less lethal force and what your policy is. >> but school officials and school police refused to answer any questions. >> reporter: we contacted the reno police, we contacted the school police and we contacted
7:36 am
the school district again regarding their use of force policy and none of them responded. now, the boy's lawyer told me his family has been barred from visiting him in the hospital as they're preparing the boy for a psychiatric evaluation. >> some important questions being asked. carter, thank you for that story. investigators from the world anti-doping agency are laying out massive evidence of russian doping efforts. there's a new report released this morning that implicates more than 1,000 russian athletes in 30 sports. jonathan is in london with the report accusing russia's government of a massive conspiracy. >> reporter: to put the shear scale of this report into perspective it's 151 pages long, broken down into seven chapters, covering the london 2012 summer olympics and the sochi winter games in 2014. the world anti-doping agency or wada saying to date more than 1,000 at least in 30 olympic and paralympic sports benefited from
7:37 am
the cover up involving urine swapping. the findings confirmed and expanded on much of the evidence released in an initial report in july which had dramatic repercussions for russia at the rio olympics. the professor who led the report said that the russian team corrupted the london games on what he called an unprecedented scale. >> the cover up that evolved over the years from uncontrolled chaos to an institutionalized disciplined and medal winning strategy and conspiracy. >> reporter: he also said that conspiracy dates back to at least 2011 and through the russian winter olympics. the 1,000 athletes include four gold medalist its, gayle, the names were not given. >> what a story. >> that is a story. thank you very much, jonathan. flying may be considered the safest way to travel but n emergencies can still happen.
7:38 am
peter greenberg says let's all be prepared. >> in motion simulators they are trained to evacuate a plane in 90 seconds. but who is training the passengers? that story coming up. we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. why you ask? because you will get the news of the day, extended interviews and our podcast originals. find them all on itunes and apple's podcast app. we will be right back. apple's podcast app. we will be right back. from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. warfarin interferes with vitamin k and at least six blood clotting factors. xarelto® is selective targeting one critical factor of your body's natural clotting function. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin,
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♪ ♪ an airline trade group predicts more than 42.5 million people will fly during the holidays, that's up 3.5% from last year. flying is considered the safest way to travel, but it still has problems. two southwest jets made emergency landings this week in the united airline plane skidded to a stop in san antonio when its landing fear collapsed. in october at least two dozen people suffered minor injuries when american airlines plane burst into flames at o'hare airport. now, some of these passengers filed a lawsuit claiming that
7:43 am
american airlines was negligent in supervising and directing the evacuation. cbs news travel editor peter green berg is here to show us what passengers need to do in an manual. peter, good morning. >> good morning, gail. for decades airlines have tried to capture the public attention about what to do in an emergency safety videos, on board demonstrations, even cute animated cartoons. if there's one message the flight attendants want the public to know in an emergency, leave everything including your cabin bag damage behind. seconds before takeoff flight 383 came to an abrupt stop. it's right engine engulfed in flames. >> every one on the right side of the plane jumped up and jumped on to us because as soon as the explosion happened there was fire. >> business traveler sara ferna was inside the smoke filled plane as panic set in. >> you can't see anything and there's absolute chaos in the
7:44 am
cabin. so at that point there's a stampede and everyone is jumping on each other. >> she is one of 18 passengers involved in a lawsuit against american airlines and the plane's manufacturers. boeing and general electric. among the allegations is that american airlines failed to instruct passengers on proper and safe evacuation procedures. but on this cellphone video the plane's overhead bins are seen in the open position, and indication some passengers took their carry i don't know bags with them when they left the plane. >> i saw two flight attendants at the front of the plane and they yelled at me and said leave your bag. i was the last one off and i ignored them and i jumped down the slide. >> the incident is the latest on what's becoming an alarming trend during aircraft emergencies. in august passengers were seen heading for the door with their bags as smoke filled annum ritz air boeing 777 in dubai. photos posted to social media showed the same rule being broken aboard a british airways jet in las vegas last year. after the 2013 crash landing of
7:45 am
a plane in san francisco. >> for any aircraft to be certified as air worthy flight crews have to demonstrate they can evacuate a fully loaded plane with half the exits blocked in less than 90 seconds. can evacuate a fully loaded plane in less than 90 seconds but the question remains who is training the passengers. in this cabin simulator flight attendants are trained how to leave a fully loaded plane. everyone here knows what to do in an manual, but in reality the situation is far less predictable. >> medical emergencies, decompression security, you name it. >> pauline harrison is a safety instructor with delta airlines. >> our biggest challenge is people do want to take their plug damage off the aircraft. why would you stop and take a selfie or take a bag. >> everybody wants to stake that selfie. >> that person that does that is going to keep you from getting out of the aircraft. >> flight attendants say the problem lies with the safety video as detailed and
7:46 am
entertaining as it might be they say passengers either don't listen or worse yet they ignore the video all together. >> before the flight only 12 of our passengers had read the safety briefing card and only 24 had paid attention to the safety demonstration. >> sullenberger was aboard the flight now known as the miracle on the hudson. he said it may not be until people die during an evacuation that the traveling public pay attention. >> let's hope it doesn't take a high body count and a horrific accident where people cannot escape to remind people they must leave their belongings behind. >> american airlines responded to the lawsuit with a statement issued to "cbs this morning" saying, we're proud of our pilots, our flight attendants and other team members who responded quickly to take care of our customers under very challenging circumstances. a final piece of yierny, captain sullenberger told us in his incident the passengers who took
7:47 am
the bags on the plane ended up in the bottom of the hudson, the people who left their bags behind they got returned. >> leave that behind. >> every time. >> you think i need my purse. >> maybe your p urs. >> no. no. no. that is i wish thinking. thank you very much, peter. good advice. a diep be owe sour researcher makes an amazing buy at a street market giving scientists their best look yet at their first feathered creature,, .
7:48 am
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7:52 am
size of a sparrow. the tail was preserved in amber, a chinese scientist to under it at a street market in myanmar, it dates back to the cretaceous period. scientists say this discovery is the first of its kind. >> that's awesome. many people who live in venice say booming tourism is sinking the city. seth doane goes there to find out how its environment and population are under threat. you're watching "cbs this morning." lunch is ready! campbell's spider-man soups. made for real, real life. thanks mom and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. c'mohappy birthday! i survived a heart attack.
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a san jose teacher .. arrested.. for allegedly having sex with a student. "trudy hill" is accused of using her position of authority to draw good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. a san jose teacher arrested for allegedly having sex with a student. trudy hill is accused of using her position of authority to draw a 17-year-old boy into sex. hill is a teacher at santa teresa high school. now to the oakland warehouse fire investigation. today the atf will return to the scene where 36 people were killed a week ago. investigators will be documenting and mapping out the inside of the ghost ship warehouse. n the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," paul manafort is in studio 57 with the latest on the trump transition into the white house and life after being fired as
7:57 am
campaign chairman. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:58 am
no audio. at the richmond/san rafael bridge, we have a lot of backup at the toll plaza due to this earlier crash at the west end of the bridge you're at24 miles an hour so give yourself extra time. mass transit ace train problem is recovered. all mast on time. >> good morning. just before 8:00 we have leftover rain showers from yesterday's area of low pressure that "pushhhhed" through the bay area. we have rain showers offshore and now we are picking up haze and some fog looking out towards mount diablo. temperatures are in the 50s. rain through saturday. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, december 9th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including donald trump's former campaign chairman right here in studio 57, paul manafort gives us an inside look at the transition. here is today's eye opener at 8:00. it has been snowing all throughout the night. it is causing issues for roads all over, from here to the middle of the country. >> 25 degrees and the snow is going sideways this morning. but, man, it is pretty including these frozen over trees. >> really going to be the cascades where you'll be seeing, you know, two, four feet of snow, possibly five feet of snow. >> president-elect travelled to iowa last night. he vowed to stop extremism,
8:01 am
thanked women for their vote and praised himself. >> all over the world they're talking about our country. we haven't even started yet. >> do we expect to see the president of the united states to be tweeting throughout his presidency? >> he has successfully learned how to create chaos and operate within it. one way to create chaos is through his tweets. >> the large of the original mercury astronauts died. >> what a legacy he left. >> man of great integrity. >> american hero, american legend, american icon. >> president-elect trump pictured an executive from the fast food restaurant carl's jr. and hardee's. >> i'm not sure if this the best guy for the job. maybe he's not that bad. this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is sponsored by -- >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. back-to-back winter storms are
8:02 am
battering much of the country, dangerous and deadly storms yesterday blasted part of the east and midwest. heavy snowfall in northwestern pennsylvania is blamed for a massive pileup on interstate 90. >> police in michigan say at least 40 cars were involved in a cash on i-96. the storm to the northern half of the country is moving east and south. >> we're following an unfolding situation in syria where russian and syrian warplanes resumed bombing. there was a humanitarian pause and deborah potter was there as russian families tried to escape the war zone. >> they came in their thousands and just kept on coming. >> well over eight hours. >> they don't really care where they're going as long as it is far away from the bombing. >> the bombing let up in the early hours of this morning,
8:03 am
following an announcement by the russians that the syrian military would halt operations in eastern aleppo. that's when thousands of civilians trapped inside the rebe held east seized the opportunity to make a run for it. with "cbs this morning," deborah potter, aleppo. >> images are tough to watch. president-elect donald trump promises to fight to get higher pay for women. he made the comment while thanking female voters at his victory rally in iowa last night. he did not give specifics yet. earlier in the day mr. trump said he will nominate fast foot restaurant group ceo andrew puzder as secretary of labor. >> paul manafort is with us, he replaced corey lewandowski and guided the campaign through the political convention. he resigned after taking over.
8:04 am
welcome. >> thank you. >> what role are you playing in this transition? >> i'm not active in the transition but i'm watching. >> are you talking to the president-elect is the question? >> i'm watching the transition, not active in it, i don't want to talk about who i'm speaking to, but i'm aware of what's going on. >> can you tell us with respect to secretary of state major garrett is hearing that ray tiller son is getting a very serious look. >> mr. trump will speak to that i'm not going to talk about the type of people he's talking to. he's talking to a broad range of people. the important thing, you look at the transition is that mr. trump is taking a very active role in the transition process, he's not just interviewing the final candidates of some president-elects have done, and he's looking at people as their qualifications for government, not just for one position or another. and i think that over the course of the transition, not just the cabinet members, but the sub
8:05 am
cabinet members and agency heads as well are people he'll speak to because he thinks the president-elect should be actively involved in the government. and he said he would be an active president, he'll bring change and what you're seeing in the transition process is the kind of leadership he'll bring to the presidency and said he would bring. >> can we go back to mitt romney, there are reports that the trump team is divided about mitt romney. some say that, you know, they don't think it is a good choice, others say, yes, where do you fall on that? what advice have you given him? conversations, what are you saying? >> i basically the point i think that romney consideration is that donald trump is looking at putting together the strongest team for the country. and the strongest team that will be part of this administration. people who are republicans, people who are democrats, people who are supported him, people who haven't supported him. >> how do you feel about mitt romney being secretary of state? you have donald trump's ear. you still speak on a regular basis. >> i'll support whatever the president decides he's going to
8:06 am
do. is romney qualified to be secretary of state? yes, he's qualified to be secretary of state. the key is whether he and president trump can see eye to eye on the agenda that secretary of state will have to lead over the course of the next four years. >> if he's qualified, is it a question of loyalty? >> no, it is a question of who donald trump wants in that position. the fact that they have engaged in -- starting to build a relationship back to what was a good relationship in the past is a positive thing and whether mr. romney is a part of the government or not i think they'll have a relationship going forward. >> there is a report this morning in new york magazine by reporter gabe sherman that describes the scene inside trump towers like game of thrones-esque. >> i heard house of cards-esque, there is concern about betrayal among the troops. >> who is in charge, steve bannon or reince priebus. >> donald trump. no question donald trump is in charge. each of the people have their respective roles.
8:07 am
transitions are by definition a work in progress. by the time it gets figured out, the inauguration happens. this is actually been of all of the transitions i've witnessed over the last four years this is actually a very aggressive, positive event. there is always people jockeying for position in a system. it is a campaign, transition or an administration, but what is happening here is you're seeing a process, executing. the biggest difference, i think, from this transition is that the emphasis is on bringing change to the government. >> okay, but let's talk about that, who it was that elected donald trump. a lot of people feeling economic pain. and some are raising the question, can all those billionaires have a true understanding of those people who supported and the things that they care about? >> first of all, donald trump has an understanding of it. he clearly two years ago had understood the american people, he was very consistent throughout his whole campaign, and to the surprise of many, but not to donald trump, the
8:08 am
american people responded to the message. his presidency, what you see in the transition process, is focusing on that exact thing, bringing change. the people who said he's going to nominate are all consistent with the philosophy that he talked about in the campaign. president obama said in 2009, yes, election has consequences and i, obama won, well, yes, electionses have consequences. >> two questions. what happened to you? you were part of the campaign, the cv guy. and then you were gone. >> well, i became a block to his ability to communicate his message. i didn't think it was fair. the allegations were not true. but the reality is i became a block and my goal was to get donald trump elected president of the united states. >> what does that mean, you became a block in. >> the media was covering charges which after the election were proven to be false. >> you're not currently under investigation? >> i'm not. and the government of ukraine
8:09 am
said the ledger was a false fif document and the bureau said they never investigated me, never will, they said. but at the time of the election, in -- >> will you lobby for foreign clients during the -- >> no. >> you won't lobby for any foreign clients? >> i have no intention of going back to that. >> what are your plans january 20th? >> to be standing in the cold watching the next president get nominated -- sworn in. >> sworn in. all right. >> we'll keep you posted. >> good to see you. >> diehard gilmore girls fans are thrilled to have the show back. >> i've never seen a second of the gilmore girls. >> go. >> get the shotgun. >> get rid of this guy, man.
8:10 am
>> why are you here? why are you here? >> give me charlie rose. >> that's right. ahead, how these marines bonded over the gilmore girls in iraq. ,, this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is sponsored by hepc hope. this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is sponsored by hepc hope.
8:11 am
some people say tourism is booming a little too much. >> there is no doubt venice is a dream destination, drawing around 20 million tourists a year. but does this city's popularity today threaten its future? i'm seth doane in venice. we'll have that story coming up. we will have that story coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:12 am
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,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪ venice, italy, could be reaching a breaking point from an influx of tourists. the city's population has plummeted in recent years to fewer than 55,000 people. daily visitors often outnumber the locals. seth doane went to venice and learned why some see economic opportunity and others see a city losing its soul. he joins us from rome. good morning. good morning. at one point it got so bad that
8:16 am
problem got so bad that the u.n.'s world cultural body threatened to put venice on a list of world heritage sites in danger if it did not deal with some issues including giant cruise ships. venice still struggling with the issue. venice, there's nothing quite like it. >> i've never been here before and i think it's wonderful. >> we're going to get on a gondola. >> nice. >> its narrow canals and quaint alleys draw more than 20 million tourists a year and therein lies the problem. >> it's too small, it's too fragile. >> as an ecologist jane worries about venice's vulnerable lagoon, as a resident she's concerned her city has become a mere backdrop for selfies. >> venice has changed in that the population has gone down and down and down, and the visitors'
8:17 am
numbers have just grown drastically. >> in 1951 there were nearly 175,000 residents. today there are fewer than 55,000. a digital screen at a local pharmacy marks the loss. it also marked the starting point for a protest. residents carried luggage as a symbol they were on the way out. matteo was one of the organizers. >> we have to find a way to protect the venetian live in venice because without citizens it is a city without soul. >> but this activist also works in a local hotel which caters to visitors. >> isn't the greatest resource of venice the city itself? that it is such a tourist hub? >> the mass tourism is a double cut weapon.
8:18 am
because at the beginning you earn a lot of money and everybody are happy, but in the long distance it's a big trouble. >> reporter: one of the most visible signs of tourists outside impact comes at peak times almost daily in the form of cruise ships which dwarf this city. >> i am maintaining the soul of venice. >> reporter: paolo the president of the port authority says the ships are a scapegoat. >> everybody thinks there is a big ship coming in from nowhere, the flood of tourists, the tourists come down and are flooding the city. this is not true. >> reporter: cruises account for fewer than 8% of tourists and costa defended the port as vital for the local economy. paula has a stunning view from her office but as deputy mayor for tourism sees a real mess to clean up. >> how hasn't something been done before this?
8:19 am
>> translator: it's a question i ask myself daily. >> she admitted. frankly we are talking about 25 years of mismanagement but tourism must not become the devil, it's the city's most important resource. they are currently evaluating 17 proposals, including increasing taxes on tourists or dating off and selling tickets to busy areas. paula told us the biggest problem is day trippers who use city resources but don't give back. >> how many days will you wind up being here in venice? >> we leave tomorrow. we're only here for a day. 24 hours. >> quick in and out. >> never been here before. >> will you stay for more than a day? >> no, we're heading out in a couple hours. >> day trippers make up three-quarters of tourists. >> so they don't stay, they don't sleep in your hotel, they don't go to restaurants and very rarely they go shopping. >> francesca is the owner of hotel bauer. she says as more people travel more cities will see the same
8:20 am
problems. >> today its venice, rome is even larger but it's worse in my opinion. >> because of its size and geography this is an issue venice is feeling first but one including many cities including in rome will have to find innovative ways to tackle. >> tough assignment that seth has. >> venice is such a beautiful city. to hear the locals say a city without citizens is a city without soul, that's hard. >> yeah. all right. photographers are showing off their natural talent after considering photos from around the world that national geographic chose its nature photographer of the year. we will show you the best shot here. that's ahead only on "cbs this morning." . that's ahead only on "cbs this morning." pains with advil pm with aches and than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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8:24 am
♪ ♪ only on "cbs this morning" we reveal the winner of national gree graphic's 2016 nature photographer of the year contest. the grand prize winner's photo is called sardine run, it shows migrating fish along the coast of south africa. photographer greg liquor of france said it took him two weeks to capture this moment. >> greg liqueur. beautiful shot. an office party may not be the place to party as the kids of today say, ahead how to enjoy
8:25 am
the holiday gathering and advance your career in the process. crews in san francisco are working to repair a broken water main - in one of the city's busiest intersections this is at howard and fourth. so far, crews do not beli good morning. it's 8:25. crews in san francisco are working to repair a broken water main in one of the city's busiest intersections at 4th and howard. not construction related. after the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland building inspectors in san francisco are now investigating 11 warehouses that may be makeshift homes. one bayview site hasn't been inspected since 1986. n the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," jennifer wallace from glamour magazine is in studio 57 with the dos and don'ts for your holiday office party. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. happy friday. it's:27. let's take a look at the richmond/san rafael bridge where we have been dealing with slowdowns for quite some time now. westbound 580 before the west end, we had a multi-vehicle crash. it's now been cleared. but a lot of residual backup across the span of the bridge. traffic is moving at just 37 miles per hour. now, moving over to the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 before the high-rise, it's a two-car crash blocking the middle lane. and traffic is moving along the bridge at 34 miles per hour and here's a live look at that traffic between 880 and 101,
8:28 am
that will take thank you 2 minutes. roberta? >> still wet out there. good morning, everybody. our live hi-def doppler radar is picking up a random scattered shower primarily around the north bay also around the central bay. there you have the scattered precipitation around napa and yountville. sonoma, you know what i'm talking about. you have raindrops on rooftops petaluma the same. that batch of energy is working its way into the port of oakland as well as in berkeley. the estuary, as well. richmond has a few raindrops. wow! fog has settled into our dublin area where we do have limited visibility around the tri- valley at this hour. notice the temperatures. we have been holding steady all morning under 60. quite mild into the mid-50s. now the fog is developed all due to the warmer air mass that's taken over the cold temperatures we experienced earlier this week. and we are going to hold steady with these numbers, 50s and low 60s. 63 around alameda, berkeley, richmond, also back through el cerrito. there's your extended forecast. we have rain showers through saturday. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, four marines who relieved the stress of war by watching gilmore girls in iraq. i'm distracted by this song. i like this song. their bond is so strong, especially with the series revival on netflix, how they found comfort in a fictional town. think of the ways that a company party can ruin your reputation. glamour magazine writer jennifer wallace is in our toyota green room with her office holiday party survival guide. we had our office party last night. i thought -- >> one of them. >> i think we all behaved well. >> i thought you behave well. >> we still have jobs this
8:31 am
morning. that's a good sign. >> that is a good sign. >> we're still together. that's a good sign. >> right now some of this morning's headlines. the washington post reports what can happen when donald trump attacks a private citizen on twitter. in october of last year, an 18-year-old college student told the president-elect she doubted he was a friend to women. in a tweet, the next day, mr. trump called her an arrogant young woman. she says she has -- excuse me, been threatened and sexually harassed ever since by phone and e-mail and in social media. the president-elect has more than 17 million twitter followers. he says he writes and sends many tweets himself. >> wall street journal says the american dream may be fading. barely half of 30-year-olds earn more than their parents did at the same age. researchers found in 2014 only 51% outearned their parents. 92% did back in 1970. the income decline is generally
8:32 am
blamed on the economic slowdown and the widening gap between the rich and everybody else. >> and the new york times says congress is moving to stop digital scalpers. they use computer programs to buy up to 60% of the most desirable tickets. they're resold at sky high prices. congress passed a bill this week to outlaw the bots. for seven seasons gilmore girls was must watch tv for millions of fans. the show about a small town in the relationships there was just revived by netflix for a much anticipated limited run. then tracy met four unique and very unlikely fans of the show. >> oh! that's what i'm talking about. >> you may think these guys are watching a football game. >> finally. >> until you look and listen a little closer. >> oh, god, please get emily drunk. i love emily drunk.
8:33 am
>> they are binge watching the revival of gilmore girls. >> what can i get you? >> coffee please. >> i have a list. >> this is like gilmore girls perfection. i should acknowledge i've never seen a second of the gilmore girls. >> go. get the shotgun, donnie. we got to take care of this guy, man. >> why are you here? why are you here? >> give me charlie rose. >> the only thing more surprising than their utter devotion to the show and its main characters rory and lorelei -- >> you have no idea where your underwear is? you've been without your underwear since you moved. >> don't judge. >> is how they got hooked on it in the first place. >> i found season two, it was unopened, in, like, some library in the middle of a base in iraq. >> jesse, luke, erik and john met as marines. they were members of a sniper platoon deployed to ramadi, iraq, in 2005.
8:34 am
during missions they dodged explosive devices, back on base, they watched gilmore girls. >> at least for me, stars hollow was the america we all thought we all wished we were fighting for. >> stars hollow is the fictional and idyllic town of the center of the show. it came to mean so much to them -- >> i have to tell you, my guys and i love your show. >> luke wrote a letter to the show's creators, amy sherman paladino and her husband daniel. >> part of the attraction is the simple case of contrast, i live in a strict macho sometimes violent world. very often does not make sense. stars hollow, the small town where gilmore girls takes place, is pretty, warm, friendly and there is the simple human stories, relationships between parents and children, brothers and sisters, loves lost and found, and friends who are always there.
8:35 am
in the end, much of the entertainment is escapism and for me and a few friends over here in iraq, there is no place we would rather escape to. it reminds us of all the best parts of home. >> there is something about that line in the context of this letter that just rings incredibly true. >> amy has kept luke's letter for more than a decade. >> i have actually kept the letter in my various desks over the years always. so it's been very close to me. >> we always mention these guys, we never have forgotten these guys. >> the guys never forgot that the paladinos tracked down their sniper unit and sent a care package to iraq. >> and we opened these boxes up and they were all full of these jackets. >> she did assure us there were other men wearing the jackets. >> masculine piece of clothing. >> everything we have been working towards all these years, fellows, right here. >> this past week they flew from
8:36 am
all over the country to watch the gilmore revival together. the jackets also made a comeback. >> somebody wants to talk to you. >> we figured it was the right time for another reunion, with the paladinos on the other end of the screen. >> i see men. >> we know who you are. >> we did not expect this at all. this was the furthest thing from my mind. >> pretty awesome. >> very cool. >> thank you. >> you still have the jackets? >> right here. >> they're wearing them. are you okay with the shows? if you're unhappy, i'll redo them. >> no, we love them. but if you wanted to redo them, we would watch them. >> and that's because this isn't really about watching a tv show. it is about spending time. >> while we are going to watch the gilmore girls and that's a huge part of it and we're very excited for this revival, the reality was we just need to get
8:37 am
together. we need excuses to get together, we need excuses to remember. >> to remember where they have been and the bond they'll always share. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, washington. >> whoo! >> greatest story. >> i love it. >> that may be my favorite story we have done on the show. >> i at the. >> >> diversity bonding. >> and i love the tough guys cry. i also love that -- i just assumed they had -- they found the show because of their wives and their girlfriends. i love the way they even found the story. >> yeah. >> we should thank our producer whose cousin is actually luke who was in the piece. >> i was wondering where we got it. >> found this great story. >> we get stories from all over. >> we do. >> i like it. >> thank you, sarah. >> beautifully done. >> beautifully done. >> thank you, sarah, is right. >> coming up, office holiday
8:38 am
parties, open bars can leave you open to trouble. >> if i can't throw a good party for my employees, then i'm a terrible boss. who wants to drink? >> me. >> here we go. >> glamour magazine's jennifer wallace is in our toyota green room a list of party pitfalls to avoid.
8:39 am
8:40 am
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8:42 am
he just happens to be my just happens to be my boss. and for reasons i suspect he does not sympathize about me. ♪ >> 'tis the season for celebrations at work like that disastrous one from "bridget jones diary." 77% of companies are planning a holiday party. jennifer wallace, her new article out today called your office holiday party survival guide. it says the fastest way to derail your career and ruin your reputation is to treat the event like a frat party. jennifer wallace, good morning. >> good morning. >> so do people dread going to their holiday parties? >> i think there is one survey that said 50% of us dread it. i think there are two reasons. one is that, you know, we don't
8:43 am
like to blur the lines between social and work. we understand the boundaries when we're at the office, we understand the boundaries at a party. this is an awkward way of bringing the two together. i also think that some of us dread mingling with strangers because it is a little pit risk taking. you can be shunned you can be snubbed. and -- >> you say mingling is important. why? >> it is important. it shows you're part of the team, that you really support the company culture, that you're a team player, but it is also another recent survey showed up to 85% of jobs are found through networking. so networking at an office party is pretty easy in that you all have something in common, you all work at the same place, you have something to start a conversation. >> i have a friend who says about christmas parties, i know my boss likes me, i don't want to risk ruining that. >> yes, it is very hard to earn points at a christmas party and it is really easy to lose them. >> you say it is important to engage with the boss. you said start with a complement. we're looking at les moonves or ryan saying i love your shoes, i
8:44 am
love your tie, that doesn't sound like brown nosing? >> i think you have to be sincere and find something you want to compliment them on if they're wearing a necklace, you're wearing -- >> you're wearing that in the spirit of the thing. >> it is a good conversation starter. it is a great way to start a conversation with people, people come up to you. it is an easy way to start. >> she says conversations should last five to ten minutes. >> yeah. >> just enough to get to know somebody. you have to read the social queues. >> how do you get out of -- >> how do you say i got to go? >> i think it is nice to ease your way out. you can say, one more thing before i let you go, or -- >> before i let you go. >> right. >> or where's the bar? >> where's the bar? to you know where the ladies' room is and then actually go there. >> i said last night, i need to go see les moonves and say hello. that was my out.
8:45 am
>> you say it is so funny, there is a line in your article when you said that many people try to avoid their colleagues that they hide out in bathroom stalls. >> yes. >> have you done that, charlie? >> i can't imagine anybody really doing that, hiding out in the bathroom stall. >> or faking a phone call. at a holiday party, you can't hide. you're there for everyone to see. you need to learn how to make that small talk and have those light conversations. >> and it is also important to go to the holiday party, isn't it? do you think it is noticed if you show up -- >> 100% noticed. and i would say show up early. if you want to network, want to make an impact, show up early. >> what about -- >> you make an important piece of advice there, eat before the party. >> yes, oh, my gosh, all roads -- >> what about the idea that people couple it at holiday parties and go away together in. >> there is a statistic, one survey showed 75% of people
8:46 am
hooked up as a result of a holiday party. and the fastest with aay to der career. one survey. >> why? everyone is in the season of giving. why not? >> got a lot to give. coming up, we'll look at all that matters this week. you're watching "cbs this morning." morning." ,,,,,,,,,, - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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tomorrow on "cbs this morning," saturday, a sleuth with a nose for fakes, you will meet a detective dedicated to tracking down and sniffing out counterfeit wine. >> that does it for us as we leave you let's take a look back at all that mattered this week and as we do so we hope you will have a great weekend. >> we do. take it easy. as the oakland fire department these guys responded within three minutes. >> my brother is in there i want to find him. >> in the time it took me to get
8:50 am
on my coat and shoes the entire wall was on fire. >> some of the victims were able to send out text messages to family and friends. >> they are all but positive the death count will rise. >> charges could be murder all the way to involuntary manslaughter. >> it's 25 degrees and the snow is going sideways this morning. >> see that minus 13 that's the windchill. >> blizzard like conditions have made the road to and from the protest camps nearly impassable. >> the government has followed a so-called one china poll. >> i this is a two minute congratulatory call. >> this is a stunning loss format joe renzi. >> it's become a vote about you, this was my mistake. >> the fight to take back aleppo is intensifying. >> the head of nasa says john glenn lived a life of greatness. >> godspeed, john glenn. >> the baby was born during a
8:51 am
flight. ♪ music makes the people come together ♪ >> i can understand why he detrusts the media, it looks like they snuck up on him to take that photo. "time" magazine don't think i didn't notice that you put those devil horns right on his head. ♪ >> this is a trendsetter. >> charlie rose. >> look at the man. >> and look at his flexibility. >> essentially climbing a huge wall and if i grip and then -- wow. >> you don't want her to fall off and die. >> i wrote the letter to death. >> nice to meet you. >> hello, death. >> yes, hello. >> when i met him i asked for forgiveness, i imagine you didn't. >> forgive me. >> it was seeing someone and someone from the press found out which i don't think is very newsworthy. i just thought, wow, i never realized that that could be a repercussion of going out with me. charlie would understand.
8:52 am
>> life in the fast lane surely makes you lose your mind. >> you guys have a song life in the fast lane. you really were sex, drugs and rock and roll. >> everybody was doing it. ♪ on a dark desert highway >> hotel california is just a classic, i have no clue what it means but i like it. >> i always say it's a journey from innocence to experience. ♪ welcome to the hotel california ♪ >> i often did wonder if they'd ever tap me for it. >> you were like, hello, james taylor here. >> i thought suddenly -- >> i see fire and rain. >> remember me, you've got a friend. >> all that. >> the last eight years the white house has begin us a leader whose passionate, intelligent and dignified. >> and all that matters. >> sir, i don't know why you stood up, i was talking about michelle. >> on "cbs this morning." >> one take. >> i'm a one-take girl. >> one-take wonder. ,,,,,,
8:53 am
♪ ♪
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main - in one of the city's busiest intersections this is at howard and fourth. so t believe this good morning. it's 8:55. san francisco crews are fixing a broken water main in a busy intersection at howard and fourth. so far crews do not believe this was construction related. at 10:00 p.m. the devil's slide tunnel will be closed in san mateo county as part of caltrans's emergency response drill. it will re-open tomorrow at 4 a.m. a tragedy in the south bay, a teenager skateboarding to school hopped into a friend's car to stay dry and he died when the car crashed this campbell. the chp says the 18-year-old driver lost control and plowed into a guardrail on san tomas expressway yesterday morning. here's roberta with the forecast. >> good morning, everybody. out the door we have fog and
8:56 am
scattered light rain. and this is the scene looking out towards the bay bridge from san francisco where we are sock in. hi-def doppler picking up light precipitation there in the north bay from rohnert park through sonoma into napa and fairfield. also just entering berkeley making tracks towards richmond. rain heading towards the port of oakland. temperatures today pretty much where they should be for this time of the year. in the 50s and low 60s from the coast to the santa clara valley. 57 degrees in antioch. 60 in concord. north bay numbers into the mid- to high 50s with a scattered light rain shower. and a spotty shower around cloverdale in the 50s. the extended forecast, more rain late tonight through saturday. dry sunday, monday. more rain tuesday through thursday. roqui with a wet road up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
' lot of traffic in the bay area, that's friday so it makes it worth it. there are track problems with the pittsburg bay point bart. all other mass transit on time. slow on the richmond/san rafaelry . give yourself extra time give. also extra time on the nimitz freeway.
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