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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's roberta gonzales . good morning everyone. it is monday. >> i'm in for kenny. let's take a live lookout side. it's a gorgeous morning. if you're just joining us, this is a live look to the bay bridge. >> yes. very nice. >> we were talking about doing our christmas tree. this beautiful tree. >> real or fake? >> real. >> everything about me is real. it's cold out there.
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>> all right. good morning everybody. it looks like we have precipitation. this is burned out. it evaporates before we hit the ground. we have rain showers moving in. san francisco and san jose, take a look at the satellite radar. it's interesting again. it looks like a shield of rain over the bay area. it wants to rain but the air mass is so dry a lot of that is evaporating. mid-50s to high 50s around the
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peninsula. east bay numbers stacking up in the mid-50s a bit of a breeze in simpson beach. upper north bay tracks the rain together at 18 after the hour. here's rocky. >> starting here in richmond on westbound 80. a car fire on the shoulders not causing many delays. definitely vigil distractions. we're hearing reports of actual flames coming from the cars now. we have back ups and otherwise you're good heading towards the toll plaza. those lights should turn on in about 30 minutes or so. along the east shore freeways will take you 18 minutes. looking at the bridge live from hayward in the foster city between 880 and 101, that's a quick 12-minute commute. and a live look at the traffic
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along the elkmont pass. moving at 13 miles an hour and not doing much better at the 39 miles per hour. >> all right rocky, thank you. as pacifica gets tumbled by heavy rains a stretch of the coastline the continuing to crumble. >> a big sink hole opened up at 10:45 yesterday morning. this has been a problem area for a long time. this area has grown to erosion and hit hard with heavy rains during el nino. because of the damage and concerns apartments were
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getting chipped away. people who live here have way more damage after five years. those apartments were ordered to be demolished. the timing of this has been coincided with the we haves. there's no time as to when all this will be cleaned up. >> roadway in san francisco known for its shut downs is open again after weekend flooding.
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a reminder to drivers be aware of conditions and try the avoid driving through flooded streets. caltran plans to keep the lower half of mill valley closed through friday. >> now to the deadly warehouse fire. officials say the atf has completed its mapping of the go shift warehouse. they looking at other electrical items. tomorrow we're expecting a full report on their findings. >> the honor the young people who lost their lives, church bells throughout san francisco yesterday. >> the bells rang 36 times one for each victims who died in the fire. many of the people who attend
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services are artist themselves. >> it happened about 5:30 yesterday afternoon at old redwood highway and windsor. investigators say a suspect was shot after leading officers on a vehicle chase? it began when someone reported getting ran over by a vehicle. so far, investigators are not saying what the suspect did to open fire. they have been the largest in the nation. they begin today for the customers on the east side other areas will eventually get
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it as they retreat the plant. the bay bridge now open called spanning the bay celebrating the open bay bridge and it's operated by the california state archives. the bridge was constructed back in the 1930s and considered one of the nation's largest and most ambitious public works projects. >> fairfield police say a man with four warrants out for his arrest is finally behind bars. they spotted the 30-year-old between morgan and adams street. when he caught size of the cause he took off running police say they snatched the property and ran away.
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>> in new york, caught on camera, they say he'll leave it to them. if you know who this guy is, police want to talk to you. >> president trump closer to nominating exxon ceo as secretary of state. he's known for his close connection to russian president putin. >> there's a whole lot of issues that require investigating.
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>> hamilton in the bay area. >> tickets for this match go on sale today. people have been lining up since yesterday. here's the scene outside the theater in san francisco. die hard fans actually paying people to stand in line for them outside of the theater. hamilton opens in march. >> time now 5:09. there's a problem and leaked according to pita. their issue with lulu the pig next. >> and a blast of winter weather left the north east bracing for the next stop. >> good morning everybody. we're talking not one but two storms taking aim on the bay
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area. . >> and we're keeping an eye on the problem on westbound 80. we have the rest of your bay area morning commute on this monday morning. we'll see you soon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forecast in just a few minutes.
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winter has not yet arrived. but try telling that to folks around . time now 5:12. we're getting in an easterly direction this morning. looking out towards the bay bridge where we have clear skies. pockets of fog and tracking a storm together. >> technically, winter has not arrived yesterday. talking about the folks around the great lakes. hannah daniels reports a lot of americans are bracing for an arctic blast later this week. >> the winter weather is now making its way across the great lakes and north east. millions are left digging out many having a hard time keeping up. >> i had it going about a month
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ago and don't know if it got flooded or what but it didn't go. more than 1200 flights canceled at o' hare saturday. in detroit this one skidded off the runway. 70 passengers on board, no one was hurt. the roads aren't much better. lake effect snow has been relentless since thursday dropping 30 inches of snow in western new york. they've caused hundreds of accidents including this one. it sent a milwaukee county sheriff's deputy to the hospital. the deputy is expected to be fined. many are bracing for a messy monday morning commute after snow was expected to move into up state new york and parts of
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new england. >> a therapy pig is now at the center of a beast between pita and the san francisco international airport. pita says it's wrong that the farm animal is helping travelers relax. now pita wants them to offer cruelty free vegan meat instead of pork. >> let's check on traffic now with rocky. >> thank you. from richmond no oakland, we have reports that just came in of a crash right before the
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toll plaza. expect no delays. let's head over to the freeway live looking good in both directions on 880 north bound that will take you 16 minutes. different story here, cars moving out 9 miles per hour along the pass 580 westbound. taking you up 50 minutes right now heading out the door. the pass 680 takes you 15 minutes. let's move over to mass trance it. >> you're having a good day
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over there. according to doppler radar, the green you see. it's pretty stiff. we're picking up a bit of a breeze this morning. some of our weather watchers shining early this morning. temperatures overcast and into the 40s. today this is what you can anticipate. tomorrow a few showers and primarily in the northern portion of our bay area and rain and winds on thursday. it's going to be pretty heavy rain as well. visibility not an issue around the rim of the bay this morning. santa rosa, your visibility down to 1 mile in some
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neighborhoods now improving at 10. we'll have pockets of heavy rain thursday. this is your satellite and radar. north of the bay area, the sail end going to swipe the bay area. we'll start to see the rain enter the picture in the north bay tomorrow during the afternoon hours. for the most part, this will be the north bay until we see this area of low pressure. we'll see this during your thursday. until then over the next 24 hours barely a tenth in san francisco. lesser amounts in the south. by thursday's system up to 4- inch of rain. 50s across the board.
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60 degrees in san jose. campbell rain in the north bay tomorrow and we see the heavy rain begin wednesday night to thursday turning to showers on friday and the weekend will be dry and a little bit on the crisp side. after we get past this weekend you're dry through christmas. a live look out there. >> a little early to be too specific on that. >> cool. >> a u.c. burkely student. >> as a result of a car accident he's been training for more than a year to become the first in a wheelchair to
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conquer mountains and glaciers. >> $8,000 raised for that special trekking wheelchair. >> most of the time it's parents who take to social media to show off about a loved one. a teen has turned the tables and the instagram shot he posted has gone viral. >> he writes my parents wednesday back to college together and graduated today together. strangers flock to the postwith kind words saying it's never too late to get a degree.
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>> lala won best picture and it's expected to take in a number of nods today as the golden globes are set to be announced any day now. moonlight and fences, the golden globes take place january 8th.
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. scoring a lay up on the other end golden state comes back to win 116-108. warriors still have not lost
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back to back games since april 2015. could be an interesting week at 49er headquarterrers. we'll have the latest tonight at 6:00. hope you had a great weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and new erosion along the coastline in pacifica. the area that's now closed off to those living nearby. we . musicians raising funds for those who died in a warehouse fire. >> erosion in a coastline pacifica. up to a foot of rain is heading towards the west coast. i'll tell you when to expect it. >> it's been a quiet morning so far, howl will that last? your bay area morning commute
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coming up. >> it's monday, december 12th. >> pacifica gets hit by powerful waves an strong rains, a section of the coastline continues to crumble this morning. an area already seen significant damage. jackie. >> and we know that rain and big waves is not a good combination for the coastline of pacifica. let's tell you what happened since yesterday morning. a giant sink hole opened up. ed you can see the area is broke off and it is high tide right now. the peak of high tide is expected to come tomorrow and
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wednesday. >> if you know there's nothing there to keep it from crumbling, it's what you get. >> inevitable. they blocked the way on beach boulevard. it's likely that the massive waves have contributed to the sink hole. >> thanks. it looks like we have a lot more rain on the way which will effect things there. >> overnight wednesday and all day thursday. we haven't scene any beach hazards put in place. this is going to be a powerful
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storm rolling in the bay area. we're going to keep a watchful eye on the coast areas this week. today we're talking about rain that leaves the clouds. >> temperatures in the 40s and 50s. satellite and radar has a whole shield sweeping in over the bay area. it's rain showers that will move into the bay area pretty
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much tomorrow and be a north bay event. today mostly cloudy skies and a few showers tuesday now, on thursday, we'll have rain and wind. that's a possibility of 4-6 inches of rain along the coastal mountain range. 50s to 60 degrees moving in.
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>> 50s in the far regions of the north bay where you'll see the rain showers. coming up, right now sending it over. it's 5:34. let's look at the golden gate bridge. looking good from 580 to the golden gate plaza. that takes a quick 14 minutes. those roadways are dry. you should be moving nicely around the area. along the eastern freeway takes 20 minutes and those lights are not on just yet. 534. letting you know when they're slowing you down. moving on from the bridge to hayward. that will take you a quick 13
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minutes. how's traffic doing? still bad coming off 205. sweeps only pick up 30 miles per hour. along 580 westbound along the boulevard that will take you 38 minutes. looking good from 238 to the maize takes 16 minutes. >> thank you. alcohol, tobacco and firearms are finished with the investigation it's why they're checking out other electrical systems. >> stepping up and trying to
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help families. san francisco's night club saw long lines and a crowd this weekend. oakland fire fund set up by the gray area foundation from the art. money from a raffle and auction will help boost the current total. >> police are hoping someone can identify a man who was discovered unconscious and rushed to a hospital. police just released this picture of him. they say someone found the man in a public area saturday. for now, officers haven't said where. he is described as a 5' 8 asian man probably 40-60 years old.
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>> members of a church pay tribute. heavily damaged a chapel in cairo. next two egypts main cathedral, at least 25 people were killed in that blast. >> they come from many countries where they're a persecuted minority. >> today marks six months since the massacre at pulse night club. large crowd gathered for a moment of silence at 2:02 a.m.
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outside the club. >> former pro football star will smith. last night, jury in louisiana convicted him. >> republican party in illinois says the fbi told the state party months before the presidential election that the e-mail accounts may be hacked. they told them party officials later found the females on the web site reportedly tied to russia's military intelligence agency. meanwhile, they said they have serious concern about president elect donald trump's latest
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comment. he's reconsidering america's relationship with taiwan. a spokesman says trump's comments raised the possibility that u.s. china relations would be badly effected. later this week, trump meeting with silicon valley tech leaders and san francisco based systems and they both say the ceo's will meet with mr. trump for a round table discussion in new york on wednesday. there's no details on exactly what they'll talk about. sources say executives from apple will also be there. >> sam sung is taking steps to make sure their galaxy 7 devices on the market are not at risk of catching fire. joe has that story and more. good morning. >> good morning and the trump rally is still going strong. markets open at all time highs this morning.
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>> all right. next week, samsung releases an update for the galaxy note seven phones. this pretty much makes the phones unusable. they recalled the phones after the motor vehicle caught fire. 93 percent of all phones had been returned. >> a company in michigan can now start testing self-driving cars on public roads without drivers operating them. the self-driving tractor trailers. coca-cola has a new stretch unvailing. what can you tell us about that? >> coca-cola wants to reveal customers and my lineals that coke goes well with cc and other foods.
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one add says quote it's an amateur move. there's more on sugar than we have heard. i think coke has a bit of a bad wrap but you know. >> with sushi, whatever. >> still having technical problems too. we're going to let you go. jill wagnor, thank you. it is 5:41. an avalanche takes the life of a skier. what caused it just ahead. and taking a live lookout side, 80s in oakland. moving along slowly but surely. updates on your traffic report next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the weekend storm dumped more snow on the sierra... good news . looking at san francisco. we have clouds and those clouds will produce rain. other storms are to come. that's another four minutes. looking at the area, right now, no chain restrictions on i-80 or u.s.50. that could change. sadly, no roll in the death of a deer. he was reported missing on
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saturday. yesterday crews found the body in 8-10 feet of snow. the 64-year-old man was last seen on jacks slope. >> obviously, it did not work out. >> they may have triggered the avalanche themselves. the actress who played the youngest of the brady bunch sisters has been fired as a radio host for allegedly making anti gay remarks. he was recently featured on the
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radio show. after an on air argument they later wrote he had been spreading hate speech. >> one manhattan man can't baring hearing this all day. >> the lawyer says the music they moved to play hundreds a times a day and become a nuisance. still, others feel jingle bells is good come christmas time. >> blasting throughout the neighborhood 800 times in a row is what any person is going to
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find out. >> it's beautiful. it's christmas. that's what we hear. jingle bells. >> too early to know if the judge will take on the case. peace and quiet well before the holidays hit. >> what do you think? yea or nay? >> i think people are so quick to call him a scrooge but he has to listen to it all day every day. >> oakland yesterday, they had all 13, rudolph the red nosed reindeer. >> does that mean you're for it or against it? >> i think it's the holiday season and go with it. if they have enough money to
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play another song. >> this is a nice time as you drive your morning commute. let's start with the toll plaza. the lights are on trying to slow you down to san francisco. downtown takes you 13 minutes. >> let's head to the bridge from hayward to foster city. between 880 and 101. a quick commute to the peninsula. 242 on westbound 4 will take you 24 minutes to the pass. traffic hasn't recovered yet. you're still driving 24 miles an hour through the pass where it frees up a bit. here's a live look at that traffic from the pass to 680. that takes you 15 minutes. now moving over, on time one
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and three running on time. >> they wanted to share a happy moment. >> that's okay. isn't that the stories you dig up every morning. >> on the tv no need for the umbrella. stepping on out temperatures cool. most of the precipitation to
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the north of the bay area in the form of some rain and heavy snow throughout the cascades and mountain range. >> this is the future cast. here you go tomorrow morning at this time. we will see rain developing. right now, commuter models suggest everything is to the north of the bridge.
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nonetheless, thursday. strong possibilities of statement issues. we could see from this system on thursday, 4-6 inches of rain . >> going to be interesting to see those tallies by the end of the week. 50s across the board. light rain tuesday and heavy rain thursday. showers friday and dry weather over the weekend. that's your weather forecast. we'll be right back. don't go away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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estate market is over-the-top - even for gingerbread houses. check out the gingerbread creation at the waterbar restaurant on the embarcadero. it's a replica of the ferry building...complete with the outdoor market and santa arriving on the roof. 1:04:09 "...i believer it tood ten pounds of candy took 61 cups of sugar ...mass amounts
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of product went into it;s too bad no one's gonna get to eat it when it's all said and done" after checking out the gingerbread ferry building... . i believe it's something like 10 pounds of candy and 61 cups of sugar. too bad. >> after checking out the gingerbread building, you can head next door to take selfies with the gingerbread pups. >> it seems more americans are brushing off real trees in favor of the traditional variety. only 19% opt for a real tree this year while 81% prefer a foe fir. what sells people on artificial trees? they're reused. 85% of house holds reuse it and on average that tree is used year after year for at least 11 years. a military family wasn't going to let a deployment in iraq
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keep them apart this christmas. >> they got creative and managed to get together for holiday cards. >> we found that yes, other kids have their daddy home right now but their daddy is out being a super hero. >> very cute. coming up in the next half hour, tickets don't go on sell for another four hours. some are already lined up. what you need to know if you're trying to get your hands on some
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tickets. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. live from the cbs bay area studio, this is kpix5 news. >> a stretch of the city's coastline continues to crumble. >> ktix5 is live on the new concerns in an area that's already faced major damage. >> ladies, it's quiet a site. to be honest, to the people that live here, it's not all that surprising. let's take a look at the latest sink hole that opened up at 10:45 yesterday


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