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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> reporter: but it was lott's own integrity that got it done. the alameda county board of supervisors president. >> in this game, you have to be able to trust your partner. and i trust ronnie lott. >> reporter: lott knows this game is far from over but he is de to win. >> oakland is raiders and raiders is oakland. and when you think about green bay, you think about dallas this is the only place that oakland should be. >> reporter: now, one of the members of the board of supervisors said, you know, this is early on in the game. but we're at the 25-yard line and we got 75 yards to go. at which point the board president said thank goodness we are talking about the raiders and not the 9ers. so lots of sports talk today. [ laughter ] >> in alameda. >> thank you. so if oakland and alameda county give the okay, it's really up to the nfl, right? >> reporter: ultimately yes.
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they need to vote to give permission for the raiders to relocate. so ideally the backers of this plan want to take the endorsement of alameda and oakland to the nfl and say we have a plan. please don't vote to allow this team to leave. melissa caen, kpix 5. thank you. we are getting a better look at what's left of the ghost ship warehouse in oakland and the fire department there is saying they had no reason to ever inspect the building. kpix 5's juliette goodrich explains why. juliette. >> reporter: the reason why they had no reason to go inside is because it wasn't list the as an active business. it had been, they would have gone in with the an inspection and see if it was up to code. today fire officials announced they had gone back into their records dating more than a decade ago. today a closer look inside as investigators use a drone to create a 3d image of what's
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left. you can see narrow stairway leading to the second level of the warehouse. there was no direct route from the stairs to the exit. the outcome devastating. and now, more than a week later, the atf holds a news conference to release what might have caused the deadly warehouse fire. the electrical system is part of the analysis investigators are looking at in determining the cause of the fire. >> reporter: but the exact cause has not been determined and it could take weeks. there are no records of the fire department ever inspecting the warehouse, records dating back to 2004. >> we don't have any records stating that our firefighters went in or knew what was going on. >> reporter: they weren't required by law to inspect it. they say they would have conducted an inspection if they knew there was an operational
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business inside or people living there, which as it turns out there were. >> we have no records of complaints being referred to the fire department. >> reporter: as for the criminal investigation, the district attorney, nancy o'malley, says her office is conducting interviews and reviewing all the evidence gathered. >> we are working with the oakland fire department to be thorough, methodical and calculating how we can analyze every piece of information as well as surrounding circumstances. >> reporter: investigators are inside the warehouse right now conducting their reports, looking into things. they will be there for weeks to come. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. the king tides are impacting the northern california coastline crashing onshore at ocean beach there. kpix 5's emily turner on san francisco's multi-million dollar plan to keep the tides at bay. >> reporter: that's right. it's all about keeping the bay
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in the bay and not in san francisco as sometimes happens on days where we have king tides. so on these king tides days it's an example of exactly what these folks are working to prevent. >> reporter: to the team working to rebuild san francisco's seawall, the king tides are more of a window to the future. >> gave us an opportunity to actually safely see along the waterfront where our current flood vulnerabilities are. >> reporter: today's tides were 7.1 feet, the highest of the year. a foot higher than normal, a level which will be the new normal. >> we're not prepared. >> reporter: the city set aside nine million dollars for planning the seawall upgrade from mission creek to fisherman's wharf, changes they say will need to be made. >> we are protected and we are okay for the time being.
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in the future we'll have a problem and issue. >> reporter: days like today allow him to test waters through their jobs come sea level rise in the future. >> higher water and big currents in the king tides flowing this is really hard to control it. >> reporter: rough weather making it doubly dangerous. lucky for those on the water today though it's calm but a storm both literal and figurative is headed our way reel says and is working hard to make sure the city can withstand it. >> we'll have to get imaginative about the measures we implement so we can live with these rising tides, adapt with them over time and not disconnect ourselves from the bay front. >> reporter: and at this point, that project is still in the planning stages. so everything stays collective with these king tides and data and the weaknesses they found along the seawall so far is going into that planning process. reporting live, emily turner, kpix 5. more rain coming our way. let's check in with chief
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meteorologist paul deanno. >> scattered showers today the appetizer of the main event later this week. scattered showers continue on kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. marin county is the hot spot right now some light showers on highway 101, novato, south to corte madera, san rafael, mill valley east across the bridge to richmond and el cerrito. petaluma a few showers for you, as well. the steady rainfall, the heavy rain that we are expecting later this week, is currently in far northern california where it has been pouring all day long in crescent city and eureka, yes, it is a long way away and will take time before it gets here. already, in far northern california, a flood watch is in effect including lake county, mendocino county and humboldt county. this could get a half foot of rain by thursday afternoon. a flash flood watch is issued this week for the soberanes burn area. i want to show you this impact graphic. this is thursday, folks, when everybody gets the rainfall. wind will be an issue. urban flooding within an issue. and the commutes are just going to be sloppy. we'll time it out hour by hour for you coming up in a few minutes. thank you. the bomb squad still working in
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a quiet milpitas neighborhood and a homeowner is being questioned about some chemicals that could be used to make explosives. chopper 5 over the scene earlier, a shelter in place was ordered for about 15 homes on view drive and you can see there police roped off the street on both ends of the block. police were alerted to the home by neighbors, who noticed the strong chemical odor coming from the man's home. inside the house, investigators found gallons of chemicals and now, they are doing a careful search of that residence. >> we're able to obtain a search warrant for the property based on their information. that search warrant was served by 9 a.m. > police are investigating several properties in fremont that the man has had connections to. the street in milpitas could be blocked off until tomorrow morning. other bay area headlines, a battery charger is being blamed for sparking this house fire in union city. chopper 5 above as flames were shooting through the roof.
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it happened just after 7:00 this morning on appian way. a family escaped unharmed. but their pets were killed in the fire. an early-morning fire in castro valley is now a homicide and arson case. a woman was found dead in the garage of a home on grove way. we have a crew talking to investigators right now. they now say it was not an accident. one firefighter was hurt but is expected to be okay. san jose man is behind bars following a six-hour standoff. chopper 5 above the home on arthur avenue at about 1:45 a.m. family members said the 43-year- old was armed and threatening to hurt himself. shortly after, several neighboring homes had to be evacuated. later at 7:30 a.m. he surrendered. happening right now, president-elect donald trump's thank you rally in wisconsin. taking a live look right now. he is expected to take the stage at any moment.
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donald trump today announced exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson as his nominee for secretary of state. as kenneth craig reports, the businessman's ties to russia could lead to a confirmation fight. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump announced his nominee for secretary of state in a tweet calling rex tillerson one of the world's great business leaders. >> we just couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership and accomplishments is willing to step forward to serve our nation. >> reporter: the 64-year-old runs exxonmobil and has negotiated deals with governments around the world including russia. vladimir putin awarded him a russian order of friendship in 2013. the president-elect's pick has the support of condoleezza rice and james baker two form republican secretaries of state as well as former secretary of defense robert gates. but republican senators john
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mccain and marco rubio have expressed about his ties to russia setting a confirmation fight. >> reporter: rick perry is nominated for secretary of energy even though he once vowed to eliminate the agency. microsoft founder bill gates stopped by trump tower. >> we had a good conversation about innovation, how it can help in health, education. >> reporter: and football hall of famer jim brown and former about the ravens linebacker ray lewis took part in a meeting about job creation in urban communities. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. and today unlikely meeting today with the president-elect, rapper kanye west stopped by trump tower this morning. >> he is a good man. he is doing well. we have been friends for a long time. >> as you heard there the president elected said they are long-time friends. he said they discussed life this morning. west added, he just wanted to
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get his picture taken with trump. later, he tweeted, quote, i wanted to meet with trump today to discuss multicultural issues. he also tweeted, i feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future president if we truly want change. [ inaudible ] wanted to vote for trump... but . >> you might remember kanye west told a san jose concert crowd last month he wanted to vote for trump but he didn't vote. new at 5:00, two stops forward, one stop back for california's beleaguered high- speed rail project. the board overseeing its construction today approved $3.2 billion in funding. part of that money would pay for electrifying the caltrain tracks on the peninsula. that prompted an immediate lawsuit. attorneys say using rail bonds for electrification violates the 2008 vote approving the project. ♪[ music ] a family spends a freezing
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night in a car on their way to california. >> coming up, how their gps and a snowstorm left them stranded in the middle of nowhere. >> plus, parents are having a hard time finding this year's hot holiday toy. we asked an expert why it is flying off store shelves. an oregon family with >> and if only this little birth could talk. the case of the lost parrot. ,, ,,
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recent road trip. they got caught up in a snow storm. an oregon family with a survivor story to tell. after trusting their gps on a recent road trip, they got caught up in a snowstorm and were trapped in their car. they were going to a town near eureka, california. when they got to the california
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border after checking the weather and road conditions, they hit a snowstorm and the route was impassable. with no cell phone service, the dad walked five miles to get help but even leading rescuers back to his family was tough. >> all my tracks were gone. the jeep tracks were done. in two hours the wind had blown everything off the treats and on to the road and covered all the tracks. >> he was eventually able to lead the rescuers back to the car. it is a trip they will never forget. a couple more days left to sign up for health insurance under "covered california." those who wish to have coverage starting january 1 must enroll by thursday. so far more than 139,000 new consumers have picked a plan during the open enrollment period. that number as president-elect trump promised to reveal obamacare. and at least 1.2 million people have renewed their plans. on the healthwatch, teens who smoke are more likely to drink and do drugs.
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that's according to a new study from the national cancer institute. it found 96% of teen smokers in san francisco have used at least two or more other drugs. results also reveal that 16% of those polled had taken hard drugs like cocaine, mushrooms or ecstasy. a consumerwatch alert this afternoon. there is a new recall of 8 million cuisinart food processors. here's what the product looks like. the recall comes after reports of people finding broken blades in their food. the consumer product safety commission says 30 people have cut their mouths or broken teeth on the blades. you can tell if you have a recalled model by looking at the blade which has four rivets as you see right there. every few years a hot holiday toy comes along and there year it's a baby bird. but as kpix 5's sharon chin tells us, they are getting hard
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to find. >> i can hear a horsie!! >> reporter: it's an egg. >> i wonder what's inside. >> reporter: parents are scrambling to buy. they are the breakout toys this holiday season. >> it was impossible to find them. >> once they arrive at the stores they fly off the sheriff's. >> reporter: the baby birds retail for about $60 but are going for about twice that on ebay. >> it's got that technological component that makes it really engaging. it also requires that the user interact it with in order for it to come to life. >> reporter: and consumer psychologist kit yarrow says it's a rare bird. there many been a hot holiday toys since the zuzu pet 7 years ago. >> reporter: the spin master company says it's increasing production and is reportedly flying the birds from its chinese fact tris rather than shipping them by sea to meet demand. parents are contacting people
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in other countries and driving across the border to spin master headquarters trying to catch the elusive bird before someone else does. >> when something sells out, everybody wants it. >> reporter: sharon chin, kpix 5. >> amazing how that works. stores tell us they are continuing to get shipments but when they do, they usually sell out quickly. shoppers strolling through san jose's christmas in the park are stopping to take note of one tree in particular this year. some even calling it controversial. the barbie themed tree shows three different scenes in one, the doll cooking in the kitchen, in another she appears to be cleaning the bathroom, while the third shows barbie waiting for laundry to finish. meantime, ken can be seen hanging christmas lights on the tree. people stopping by say they feel it's sexist. >> we can do more than cook and
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iron. i put up my own christmas lights. i get on the ladder. i can put up my lights. we can do it all. >> i wouldn't want my daughter to aspire to be that barbie doll. >> it causes conversation i guess is what it comes down to. >> well, the company behind the tree, h2h design plus build is also getting lots of feedback about the tree on its facebook page. to one critic the company replied, quote, we apologize if you are offended as it was not our intention. >> thursday will be soggy. we'll talk about how much rain from top to bottom and which hour on thursday is going to be the wettest. sloppy later this week. your forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new at five: ot found in liverm scattered showers continue throughout the bay area. current temperatures in the low to mid-50s. livermore, good evening to you, it's 53 degrees there. 57 in oakland. san francisco 54. san jose 56.
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those microclimates we get all summer long, they don't play into our forecast that much this time of year. we have some scattered showers which will continue. we have a batch heading toward oakland and alameda and union city and san leandro. some showers in sonoma county south of santa rosa. they will continue. we'll see a lot of snow later this week. a winter storm watch is in effect for thursday and friday. snow level is 4,000 feet but the highest totals will be above 7,000 feet. some of the ski resorts will get 2 feet or more of new snow falling just on thursday. tonight cloudy skies mild 51 for oakland 50 vallejo. napa 47. san francisco 52 degrees. you see way off to the north that's pouring rainfall. flood watch continues for lake county, humboldt county and mendocino county. currently the jet stream is being shoved just far enough to the for the of the bay area only getting a few scattered showers. we're missing the heavy rainfall but once this low pressure area hits the coast that will drag down the cold front. that's why thursday not
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tomorrow is going to be the very wet day in the bay area. so we watch most of the rainfall tomorrow morning staying north of the golden gate. you see the heavy rainfall beginning to consolidate over northlake county, mendocino county tomorrow night. thursday morning begins to move south. begins to move south more. one to 2:00 on thursday, look at that radar. this is just a prediction. it may not turn out contactually like this but you see heavy rain from napa to concord to hayward to san jose to gilroy all the way back to the coastline all the way back up to the sonoma coastline. it is going to be pouring late thursday morning and early thursday afternoon. oh, yeah. and the wind is going to be gusting to 30 to 40 miles per hour, as well. showers are done by 11:00 at night thursday and by friday, we're chilly. but we'll be rain-free and also cloud-free. how much rainfall? we mentioned that one inch of rain per week is the average for this time of the year. we'll get nearly double or triple that in ukiah by thursday morning, then the front sweeps through and by
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midnight thursday night into friday more than an inch of rainfall for san jose, more than an inch of rainfall for pleasanton. more than an inch of rainfall for san francisco. and more than 4 inches of rain in ukiah. most of it thursday. we get breezy tomorrow and rain- free. wet, windy on thursday with that heavy rain working its way from north to south. tomorrow just scattered showers. low to mid-60s. oakland 64, san jose 64. thursday wet and windy. behind it, rain is done for a while at least five to seven days but highs will only be in the low to mid-50s and overnight lows will be in the 30s. we are getting dry for the weekend but very wet more much- needed rainfall moving in thursday with wind. we'll be right back. ,,,, ♪
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now she's trying to get it to talk... so she can track down the owners. sounds like a joke. a woman found a parrot in livermore. now she is trying to get to talk. [ laughter ] [ indiscernible ] john ramos has the story. >> reporter: helena turner is a student and often meets a friend at a coffee shop in downtown livermore. but about two weeks ago, she saw something sleeping in the parking lot. >> i was there's a bird on the ground. she looked at it. and we're, like, that's not a wild bird. ha. >> reporter: they scooped up the tiny parrot and helena took it home. she has owned birds before and had a cage just perfect for it. but she also has a soft spot for animals. >> so i really wanted to return
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it to its rightful home. >> reporter: so don't adjust your television because we have agreed not to show the bird in color because, well, how else is the owner supposed to identify it? helena was hoping the bird would talk, but so far [ tweet, tweet ] >> reporter: that's all she can get out of it. helena has posted notices on flyers and social media and while we were there show got a text from someone who asked if the bird would respond to the name, jasper. >> jasper! [ laughter ] >> reporter: but that didn't work either. helena likes the little fellow and wouldn't mind keeping him but she knows how she would feel if she lost a pet so she is doing the right thing. so if you have lost a feathered friend in the livermore area lightly and have a picture of it or can describe its color, you may be in luck. but you might also want to hurry because -- >> when i brought the bird home, my cat was very interested. [ laughter ] >> and so i try to keep them separated. [ laughter ] >> reporter: sounds like you better find the owner pretty quick?
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>> yeah. [ laughter ] >> hopeful. >> reporter: in livermore, john ramos, kpix 5. >> never more happy to be in jail that little birth ride there. captions by: caption colorado y: a an tops the tr exxon-mobil's c.e.o. with strong ties to russia is the choice for secretary of state. and rick perry could head a department he'd just as soon forget. >> i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> pelley: also tonight, the final words from a doomed freighter, and angry words from a widow. >> i would have thrown the captain overboard and tried the save myself and the ship. >> pelley: a former pro football player faces criminal charges in an alleged health insurance fraud exposed by cbs news. >> how much are they making? >> oh, billions. >> pelley: and a woman who couldn't get a job is now rolling in dough.


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