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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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[ chanting in unison ] >> reporter: it's a call to action hundreds of people gathered in the square today to challenge the new trump administration. specifically, the president- elect's position on climate change. >> politics may be a game but protecting the earth is not a game. >> reporter: more than 20,000 researchers descend on the bay area every year at this time for the american geophysical union fall meeting. this year they felt compelled to step out of the lab and into the streets to raise awareness about climate change. >> it's not enough to do science. we have explain to people why this science matters to them, to their lives to their jobs, [ screaming ] >> to their health and well- being. >> a lot of scientists are afraid to speak out so this is about showing that the public has their back. >> reporter: brett helped organize the event. he wants people to encourage lawmakers to directly block
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donald trump's appointment of scott pruitt of oklahoma to lead the epa. pruitt has said the debate on climate change is not settled. >> the more we can get out and be visible be vocal the better in terms of making sure that the trump administration isn't going to roll back all of our protections on climate and the environment and our communities. >> reporter: the group sees these appointments as a signal that the president-elect does not intend to make limiting carbon emissions a priority during his administrations. if rex tillerson the ceo of exxonmobil is confirmed as secretary of state, donald trump will now have a close adviser who has been directly involved in the fossil fuel industry. veronica? >> thank you. governor brown will address the same scientists tomorrow. today he was attempting a preemptive strike against president-elect trump. he asked him to permanently ban any new oil drilling in the waters off california. the current ban expires in 2022. the governor said any new drilling would be inconsistent
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with the goal of combating climate change. a homicide investigation in castro valley where there was a fire off foothill boulevard at 3 a.m. chopper 5 was over the garage where the body of a 59-year-old woman was found. but investigators say she was dead before the fire started and it was set to cover up a crime. right now investigators do not have any suspects but they are checking the neighborhood for surveillance cameras and are interviewing the neighbors. >> it appears that the suspect broke into the home, murdered our victim and then started a fire. we believe the fire was started to cover up evidence such as dna and fingerprints. >> one firefighter was injured, treated and released from the hospital. one vote down and one to go on the new raider stadium. alameda county supervisors gave the thumbs up and right now the
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oakland city council is reviewing the plan. this is a live look at the meeting that's just starting. kpix 5's melissa caen monitoring the vote. she joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: raiders fans may be in for a long night. the oakland city council is considering a number of issues tonight. of course, one of them the proposal by former 49er ronnie lott for a new stadium for the raiders team to hopefully keep them right near oakland. >> it wasn't c-section baby at the stadium in row 3. but ha ha. i was literally raised at the coliseum. >> reporter: oakland fans are dedicated and so far having a good day. former raider mark s. allen is part of a group of investors who was to fund a new stadium for the team. >> we talk about money, finances, about public money and private money but we talk about people. we talk about people that believe in something. >> reporter: earlier today the
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alameda county board of supervisors voted yes on an outline of a stadium deal for the raiders and now it's up to the oakland city council to do the same. one councilman spoke at the earlier meeting and is optimistic. >> i think we'll have unanimous support at the city council to support this proposal. >> reporter: assuming the oakland city council says yes tonight what's next? these ronnie lott who put together the proposal. >> we sought to convince the mark and mark davis. we have a long way to go. but today is a great day and great moment for raider nation. >> reporter: so the oakland city council meeting is still going on. already lots of very interesting public comments. we'll check back with you later in the newscast with an update. live in oakland, melissa caen, kpix 5. now, if all this seems a little urgent, it certainly is. nfl owners meet tomorrow in dallas to discuss among other
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things the raiders relocating to las vegas. just minutes ago san jose city council voted to give high- rise developers a tax break. kpix 5's len ramirez explains why it could help boost construction downtown. >> reporter: san jose with its history of urban sprawl is now trying to build up its downtown core. >> you know, for restaurants and clubs and stuff, it's nice. >> reporter: the city wants more people like david to move into downtown high-rise buildings. >> i wish there was a little more shopping downtown. >> reporter: the problem is, there is no new investment. >> we have not seen a high-rise tower break grounds in downtown since february of 2015. that was the second month i took office. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo wants to renew a package of tax waivers and fee breaks for developers, money that would normally go towards parks and other services. although several high-rise buildings have strung up in san jose construction practically stopped with height restrictions due to airplanes landing at mineta international airport are some of the things
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that make building in downtown difficult. this project near san pedro square is the last to have cranes in the air. sam liccardo says the incentives may be the nudge developers need. >> we want to be able to cut the fees to get moving forward. >> reporter: the plans are opposed by construction unions who say the developers getting breaks are the same ones who hire nonunion labor from outside california they protested developer hiring practices. >> in exchange for the fee breaks they should figure out how to put local people to work to incentivize the developer and employ the construction workers who live here and pay taxes here that send their kids to school here. >> reporter: sam liccardo says high-rises benefit the city, but how much will they benefit the city workers? len ramirez, kpix 5. caltrans could face a fine for messy roads in san jose. the city council now considering an idea that would
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fine the agency for not cleaning up trash and graffiti. a council members says the entrances are filled with debris litter hazardous material and caltrans has failed to clean it. the search of a milpitas home will stretch into the evening. teams are trying to deal with several containers of chemicals liquids. hazmat and the bomb squad are at the home on "view drive" near cardoza park. jessica flores on when neighbors grew suspicious. >> reporter: the quiet street in milpitas closed off for hours and police asked residents to shelter in place as hazmat and bomb squad examine gallons of chemicals found at the home. >> people at the bomb squad determine the chemicals at the scene could be used potentially to make explosive devices. >> reporter: milpitas police obtained a warrant to search the home on view drive in temple after a neighbor complained of a strange odor. police questioned the homeowners through the afternoon, trying to determine
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why he had shelves full of chemical liquid. right now investigators say they don't know what chemicals the man has and haven't said if the substances are illegal. detectives say it doesn't appear the man has any ties to terrorism. >> he does have a criminal history. however, none of it relates to terrorism or extremism as far as we know at this point. >> reporter: police also served warrants at other properties located in fremont, connected to the milpitas homeowner. investigators say at this point there is no threat to any neighborhood. but police are still asking why so many chemicals. >> if he has made bombs, where are they? if he planned on making bombs, why? or was he just interested in chemistry? >> reporter: in milpitas, jessica flores, kpix 5. we are learning today what possibly caused a sinkhole to open up near a path through a public beach in pacifica. you can see video of the gaping hole yesterday on the left and
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what it looks like today on the right. according to trinity property consultants, the company that owns properties the sinkhole is the result of a broken pipe and eroded after recent rain. the path is expected to re-open in a couple of weeks. in the meantime el nino is being blamed for the worst winter beach erosion in california in 20 years. according to today's american geophysical union meeting in san francisco, there has been significant erosion. they attribute it to some of the biggest waves we have seen in a long time. a live look at the golden gate bridge right now. we have seen raindrops there accumulating on our cameras, traffic moves through. chief meteorologist paul deanno has more on our incoming storms. >> be patient for that storm to arrive. it's still more than 24 hours away. ahead of it we have some unstable air and a few scattered showers impacting the drive home from work. couple showers on both680 and 880, showers san jose north to
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fremont and back toward the tri- valley. just some light showers but there are some out there. there have been scattered showers throughout the day. notice up to the north what's going on. rain is building, rain and mountain snowfall persistent all day long in far northern california. that's the leading edge of the storm that will hit the bay area not tomorrow but thursday. we'll have wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. we'll have urban and small stream flooding and the commute both the morning and evening commute is likely to be very slow because of the storm. we'll talk about the timing and how much rain we can expect and the big change that happens after the storm moves through. that's coming up. see you then, paul. as the bay area does brace for the next round of rain, the king tides are expected to be an issue for the next couple of days. today's tides in fact about 7 feet the highest of the year and more than a foot higher than usual but it may be the new norm so the city of san francisco set aside $9 million for planning upgrades to the
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seawall from mission creek to fisherman's wharf. >> we are going to have to get very imaginative about the measure that is we implement so that we can live with these rising tides, adapt with them over time and not disconnect ourselves from the bayfront. >> at this point the project is still in the planning phase but the city will continue to collect bat on the tides and the weaknesses -- collect data on the tides and the weaknesses along the seawall. it's a turning point in the electric car market. >> chevy delivers its first chevy volt in the bay area. i'm kiet do in fremont and we have a test drive. >> uber caught up in a new spying scandal. new claims employees use insider access to stalk their exes and fiances. >> a better look inside the wreckage of the burned-out ghost ship warehouse. why the fire department says it had no reason to inspect the building. ,,
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newsroom... a commuter alert for you. bart reporting major delays... because of a train with brake problems inside the transbay tube. they are trying to get a commuter alert for you. bart is reporting major delays because of a train with brake problems inside the transbay tube. they are trying to get that train back to the west oakland station to try to reset the brakes. in the meantime at least 10- minute delays right now but that could grow. we'll keep you updated. as of today there's a new electric car in the bay area. now tesla has a new cheaper challenger to contend with. kpix 5's keit do takes the
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chevy volt on a test drive. >> congratulations. >> reporter: to deliver the world's very first chevy volt, the company picks of all places fremont! they did it literally in tesla's backyard. >> there's our competitive over there. [ laughter ] >> the fact of launching a vehicle here was, you know, obviously the bay area very important to electric vehicle space. and then fremont is the number one volt dealer in the country, fremont chevrolet. >> reporter: the chevy volt is the first long range all- electric car to hit the streets. beating the tesla model 3 coming out next march. at $30,000, the volt has the affordable long-range eb market to itself for now. >> 60 in 6.5 plus seconds. 0 to 60 in 6.5 plus seconds. >> i concur! [ laughter ] >> reporter: chevy says they took all the customer feedback from the second generation volt and put those changes into the
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volt. the listed range of 238 miles. quick dc charging, you can get 90 miles of range in 30 minutes. the trunk is deeper but more narrow. however, the seats do fold down. because the gearbox is wirelessly controlled, that opens up more leg room. >> how tall are you? >> 5'11". >> can you cross your legs? >> reporter: then there's one pedal driving. i'm going 20 miles an hour now. let the gas go and it's -- almost like pressing on the brake very firmly. >> it is. >> reporter: customer steve henry is one of the first in the country to get a bolt and said it was time to get rid of the prius. >> the range, the configuration, great price. >> did you want to wait three years for a tesla? >> no. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> google's plan for a self- driving car has grown into a spinoff company called way mow. they hit a key mile stole with
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the project. one of the cars took on a legally blind passenger without any issues. google started working on self driving cars in 2009 in a secret lab. so far the cars have covered 2.3 million miles and have got taken into 35 traffic accidents. but google says only one of those was the fault of the self- driving car. some uber drivers are accused of using customer information to stalk ex- boyfriends or girlfriends. politicians and celebrities like beyonce. earlier this year uber struck a settlement with the new york attorney general promising to keep user information private but reveal news is reporting a former uber employee is suing the company claiming the rules are not being enforced. uber says drivers are not given across the board access to customer data. we now know firefighters never step foot inside the oakland warehouse being used as an artist colony. 36 people died in the fire 11 days ago. kpix 5's juliette goodrich in
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oakland with new images from inside what they call the ghost ship. >> reporter: today we are getting a closer look at ground level to give you a sense how cluttered it was, you can see all the debris and wreckage and how impossible it was to get out. today a closer look inside as investigators use a drone to create a 3d image of what is left. from ground level you can see the narrow stairway made of wood pillars leading to the second level of the ghost ship. there was no direct route from the stairs to the exit. the outcome, devastating. and now more than a week later the atf holds a news conference to release what might have caused the deadly warehouse fire. >> the electrical system is part of the analysis atf experts and the oakland fire department regulators are looking at to determine the cause of the fire. >> reporter: but the cause hasn't been determined and it could take weeks. officials say there are no records of the fire department
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ever inspecting the warehouse. records dating back to 2004. >> we don't have any records stating that our firefighters had made entry or were aware of what was going on. >> reporter: by law, the department wasn't required to inspect the property. they say they would have conducted an inspection if they knew there was an operational business inside or people were living there. which as it turns out there were. >> we have no records of complaints being referred to the fire department. >> reporter: as for the criminal investigation, district attorney nancy o'malley says her office is conducting interviews and reviewing all of the evidence gathered. >> we are working closely with now the oakland fire department to make sure that we are thorough, that we are methodical, and that we are calculated in how we are able to analyze every piece of information as well as surrounding circumstances. >> reporter: so you have the criminal investigation that
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continues and the fire investigation that continues. preliminary reports show that as far as the cause of the fire, it was electrical. it was somewhere towards the back. exact cause probably will be announced in the next couple of weeks by the oakland fire department. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. all right. get ready. are you ready? >> what, for more rain? >> it's coming. >> more rain. we need the rain. we want more! we want more! >> it's december. this is appropriate. . >> we'll show you the numbers in a second. numbers for your high temperatures today more rain is on the way later on in the week. campbell warm down by the "pruneyard" 62 degrees. olema valley 58. san pablo 58. crissy field 55.
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this is not the storm coming just some showers ahead of the storm mainly in sonoma and marin county. water year looking good. livermore 37% above average. 159% of normal santa rosa. here comes another round of rainfall. not the biggest storm you have ever seen but it will be wet and windy. soon on thursday. this ridge is second the rain to the north. the low will pull the front down through the bay area on thursday. tonight scattered showers. tomorrow scattered showers. steady rainfall moves in wednesday night and by thursday morning it's pouring in marin county, napa counties and solano county. stop the clock right here. just after lunchtime on thursday, it is pouring just
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about everywhere in the bay area. and within about a four to six- hour window we will receive an inch or more of rainfall. that's a short amount of time to get an inch of rain here in the bay area. they do it in florida. rare for us. moderate to heavy rainfall thursday. not much tomorrow just scattered showers. 50s and 60s. it will pour toward lake and mendocino county but we'll have to wait for the heavy rain until thursday. look what happens on friday through the weekend and next week. 60 degrees? no! not for five straight days. highs in the 50s, lows in the 30s but dry. enjoy the rain thursday because it might be weeks before we see more rain. >> beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> and feel it. >> yeah. >> thanks, paul. a century old bay area mystery. a home en vegasthe casket a
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young girl and more bodies may be buried in a neighborhood. >> a report exposed potentially harmful chemicals in child carseats. now new test results are inform the changes made since our investigation. ,,,, did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps.
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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that's when we first told you about the casket containing a two- year-old we have an update on a mystery we have been following since may when we first told you about the casket containing a 2-year-old girl found under a home in san francisco's lone mountain neighborhood. as kpix 5's walks walks shows us, we may soon figure out exactly who she was. >> historical research is pulling a lot of different things together and hopefully, answering that one question you're working on. >> reporter: in this case the researcher is trying to answer a question that came up in may when' san francisco home renovation unersed the casket of a young girl.
6:26 pm
>> buried sometime in the 1870s, 1880s, 1890s. >> reporter: she was given the name miranda e and reburied in colma but since then a research team is closing in on her real identity by piecing together a map of the oddfellow cemetery which was emptied and build over in the 1930s. >> then it was just a matter of combing through burial records and undertaker records. >> reporter: and sure enough, they may have found a family connection in one of those burial plots. >> we have identified a strong candidate. we are waiting on dna records. >> reporter: cemetery records don't show a girl like her were buried there. >> records weren't great. >> reporter: and that raises a pretty interesting question. if we know the burial records were poor, and the people moving the bodies missed at least one casket, just how many more people are still resting under this san francisco neighborhood? >> i think a lot of people are left behind. and i think as time goes on,
6:27 pm
more and more bodies will probably turn up. >> reporter: that remains to be seen but as for uncovering the real identity of this long forgotten 2-year-old, that answer may come within days. >> we have a strong candidate and i suspect that we will know fairly soon whether or not the individual we have identified is in fact miranda e. >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. ♪[ music ]♪ coming up in the next half- hour president-elect donald trump makes his pick for the next secretary of state. >> and kanye west explains the purpose of his meeting with president-elect donald trump. >> and raiders fans holding on to hope but the plan to keep the team in oakland is far from a done deal. an update on the second key vote happening at city hall. ,,,,,,
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, ,,,,,, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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you two cr today on a plan to build a new stadium at the coliseum site. earlier, county supervisors gave our top story, d-day for the raiders! two critical votes today on a plan to build a new stadium at the coliseum site. earlier, county supervisors gave the thumbs up and right now the oakland city council is meeting to make its decision. kpix 5's melissa caen at city hall is watching events. what's the latest?
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>> reporter: well, allen, you know, every city council meeting here in oakland begins with public comment. and with the proposal for a new raiders stadium on the agenda, some public comment was directed at that issue. one gentleman got up and said, now what, in light of the recent fire, it's clear the city should not be spending its resources on football. >> it's time to step up. you need to come up with some policy to save people's lives not bread and circuses, not football. we need to -- >> thank you very much. >> -- and secondly not victimize the people who are living in these live-work spaces. >> thank you. >> reporter: and yet another member of the public said, it's exactly that because oakland has experienced such a tragedy that the city council should approve the raiders stadium because folks here need some good news. >> you know, they are winning. they are doing well. they are our team. we want to keep them. we hope that you will vote to approve that. i think that it would be a great opportunity for us to end
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this year on something positive and significant. >> you know, there's so many things on the agenda tonight for the city council meeting. we are not expecting a vote until much later but we'll stay here and keep following the story. live in oakland, melissa caen, kpix 5. tonight, donald trump is holding a rally in a state that was crucial to his victory, wisconsin. ken bastida has the details. >> about an hour ago president- elect donald trump took the stage before a large crowd in west allis, wisconsin. he was joined by vice president- elect mike pence. the event part of the thank you tour going across country. this comes just a day after donald trump won the presidential recount effort in wisconsin. >> all that money, all that time, all that effort, we added, we got 131 votes more! [ applause and cheers ] >> than we had before. >> green party presidential candidate jill stein had raised more than $7 million for the
6:33 pm
recount effort. before tonight's rally, donald trump had a busy day meeting with an eclectic mix of politicians and power players and after weeks of speculation he also announced his pick for secretary of state. >> president-elect trump announced his nominee for secretary of state in a tweet calling rex tillerson one of the world's great business leaders. >> we just couldn't be more grateful that someone of rex tillerson's proven leadership and accomplishments is willing to step forward to serve our nation. >> reporter: the 64-year-old runs exxonmobil and has negotiated deals with governments around the world including russia. vladimir putin awarded him a russian order of friendship medal in 2013. the president-elect's pick has the support of condoleezza rice and james baker, two former republican secretaries of state as well as former secretary of defense robert gates. but republican senators john
6:34 pm
mccain and marco rubio have both expressed concern over his close ties to russia setting up a possible confirmation fight. donald trump has also settled on rick perry for energy second. the two time presidential candidate once proposed eliminating the energy department, although it famously slipped his mind at a 2011 debate. >> the third agency of government i would -- i would do away with education, um, the, um, -- [ laughter ] >> commerce. >> commerce. and let's see. >> oh, my. >> i can't -- i can't, sorry. [ laughter ] >> whoops. >> reporter: and kanye west met with donald trump this morning. after their chat they appeared in the lobby of trump tower. >> he is a good man. >> reporter: west was discharged from the hospital last month after exhaustion. 'd a concert in san jose where west said he would have voted for trump he had voted in the
6:35 pm
2016 election. kanye west sent a final tweet with a hashtag, 2024, which suggests that he would postpone his promised presidential run until after two donald trump terms. veronica, back to you. >> thank you. [ no microphone ] ... the war on christmas part 2. president-elect donald trump wants everyone to say merry christmas over anything else so tonight we're asking you what do you say? which is more appropriate? is it merry christmas, happy holidays, send me a tweet. we'll have poll results and tweets. oin us for bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. coming up, a kpix 5 investigation exposes potentially toxic chemicals in child car seats. what new test reveal about safety improvements. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bart reporting major delays system wide. this is fallout from a train with brake problems inside the transbay tube. ying to get bart reporting a major delay systemwide. it's fallout from a train that has brake problems inside the transbay tube. now at last report they were trying to get that train back to the west oakland station to try to reset the brakes. we'll keep you updated. so a car seat is critical to keeping kids safe in cars and it is the only product that's required by law in all 50 states. but as we have been reporting, studies show some chemicals used in car seats are harmful to children. julie watts on new evidence of changes in the industry. julie. >> reporter: yeah, you know, last december right around this time we began a year wrong investigation into chemicals in car seats often in models specifically advertised know to the have them. now a new study by the group that tipped us off to the issue indicates that tipping point within the industry. it was a high-end car seat popular with celebrities advertised to be free of, quote, dangerous chemical flame
6:39 pm
retardants. but that's exactly what the ecology center found last year in an orbit baby car seat. they found concerning chemicals in 75% of the car seats tested. their 2015 study prompted us to start asking questions and commissioning lab tests of our own and we repeatedly found one of the most concerning flame retardants known to cause cancer even inside car seats advertised to be free of t orbit denied it was used in its products but later stopped manufacturing car seats. another issued a voluntary recall as soon as we notified the company of the findings. both were among the 15 tested again this this year's ecology center study. the findings indicate significant change. >> this year, none of the seats we tested it cppc in it. this was a long time coming. >> reporter: for the first time in 10 years none of the seats contained any chlorinated retardants and for the first time no lead or hazardous
6:40 pm
metals. >> 13 out of the 15 still contained brominated flame retardants. >> reporter: which can be toxic and accumulate in the body, which they found in warning labors, velcro and fabrics. many fabrics are naturally flame resistant. flame retardants migrate into dust and kids ingest. high levels were found inside my child the same flame retardant found in her car seat. gear heart says all 15 of the car seats tested this year contained phosphorus based retard dance believed to be safer but they say health related data is lacking. >> we want to start that cycle of using our children as an experiment on hazards of chemicals and waiting until the we have the health impacts on your kids. >> reporter: federal law doesn't require health safety testing before a retardant is used in a carseat but a 40-year- old regulation requires a small flame test for every car seat
6:41 pm
component which manufacturers say it too expensive to pass without using flame retardant and is irrelevant to safety in a real world car fire. >> the safety standard needs to be fixed. >> reporter: the study quoted our investigation which found regulators had never even evaluated a standard's effectiveness in children's carseats and were unaware of any evidence that the standards or flame retardants added to meet it provide a benefit to the seat. our test showed a car seat sample that did not meet the standard formed as well as or better than the one that d while not officially part of the study the report applauded the 2017 [ indiscernible ] car seat believed to be the first without any flame retardants at all. instead, the company says it will use naturally flame resistant fabrics and engineering for fire safety an impressive expensive seat that will apply to only one model one fabric and run $350.
6:42 pm
gearheart says regulatory changes are needed for affordable car seats. >> the fundamental issue of justice to working and poor families. >> reporter: the ecology center supports legislation recently introduced that would modernize the 1970s flammability standard so they wouldn't be necessary to make an affordable children's car seat. the industry says the presence of a chemical in a product doesn't mean it's harmful or not in compliance with laws. for more information go, to rainfall totals for the month are already from two to five inches especially in the north bay. some of you may double that by thursday night. which hour looks like it will be the wettest? how cold we're going to get after that rainfall. it's all next. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, what is the only thing missing on jack del rio's resume'? >> i played a long time, didn't have one in my career. >> meanwhile, another former raiders coach lays it on thick. >> i was the most excited that
6:43 pm
i have been of any job. >> talk about excited? remember this? >> if you are ever in san jose, want to go on a double date? >> she said yes. that story coming up.
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he was 69 years old. reports say he die some breaking news. we have learned that actor alan thicke has died. he was 69. reports say he died of a heart attack. he was best known as the dad in growing pains in the '80s sitcom. the canadian star composed music, was a producer before making a name for himself as a talk show host in canada. most recently, he was on the new netflix series, polar house. ♪[ music ] >> remember those shows fondly. oakland 55 degrees. you're cloudy with scattered showers. livermore 51. san jose 51. it's not the temperature that will be the big story. it will be the rainfall that begins to move in tomorrow night and will arrive for all of us on thursday. where is that rain right now? seeing some showers in north sonoma county get a little bit more dense on the radar and
6:47 pm
they are coming down to the better clip. that's between cue yia yia south of cloverdale and healdsburg and a few showers north of yountville south of calistoga. the rain will work to the south and it will be until thursday morning before the heavy rainfall makes its to the greater san francisco area. flood watch in effect right now for lake county, mendocino county and humboldt county. you can get a half foot of rainfall between now and thursday adding a flash flood watch for the soberanes burn area. when you get a burn scar area from a big fire that can lead to flash flooding the next winter because we have no vegetation there. and that could happen over the next tum days and we are talking about snow in the sierra. there's lots going on. a winter storm watch is issued for the western slopes of the sierra, snow level 4,000 feet. that's great. above 7,000 feet two or more feet of new snow over just 24 hours. so we are talking about heavy rain for us and heavy snow correspondingly for the sierra.
6:48 pm
tonight scattered showers, cloudy, mild, 52 mountain view. vallejo 50. concord 47 degrees. two things i want to point out. the active storm track missing up to the north even though this ridge of high pressure is west of cabo it's exercising an influence on our weather keeping the heavy rain away from us which may be good because we don't want too much all at once and we may see that in far northern california. once the low arrives it will drag moisture into the bay area. that's when we get the chance of rainfall. that will primarily be thursday. so tomorrow, cloudy, yes, scattered showers yes. widespread rainfall, no. it will be in the far north bay through tomorrow night. it's thursday morning when that big rainfall begins to move n watch at 1:00 in the afternoon. i haven't seen futurecast since january. we are talking steady soaking rain. it may not look like this on thursday but you get the point we are seeing heavy rain moving through on thursday clearing out by thursday night. you get the sunshine back by friday. but it's going to be chilly behind that front. rainfall totals, watch the numbers really add up wednesday
6:49 pm
in the north bay. then when that rain slices through, inch and a quarter for san jose. more than an inch for napa. more than 4 inches of rain in mendocino county. this is going to be a good soaker and it comes here on thursday. so we are getting breezy tomorrow but rain-free. we'll be wet and windy on thursday with that heavy rain working its way from north to south. so tomorrow the day before the heavy rain moves in, fremont 63. napa 59. san francisco, san rafael 60. thursday we are soggy. it's going to be a rough day on the roads. leave early if you have to get to work on time or maybe work from home. friday the sunshine is back but it's going to be chilly. 50s for highs and 30s and 40s for lows into next week. that's your forecast. dennis with sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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a playoff spot with a win sunday in san diego...kick- off is 1:25, right here on the big five. but don't expect jack del rio to b the raiders can clinch a play-off spot with a win sunday in san diego. kickoff 1:25 right here on the big 5 but don't expect jack del rio to pop any champagne after the game. >> we're not going to bathe in the adulation of a win, you know, look how good this is. >> mark get king has no problem celebrating but the raiders punter has been penalized two weeks in a row for
6:53 pm
unsportsmanlike conduct. del rio wages king to tone it down, keep it cool, you know, like the coaching staff. >> i played a long time and didn't have one in my career that i can remember and i started to go around the staff today and i -- i'm not going to tell you which coaches but i didn't get very far and gave up on it. you never had one, right? well, yeah. i had one. [ laughter ] >> i said you didn't have one, right? well, i had a couple, too. so -- >> coach, it happens. daniel kilgore out for the season. he is the 12th 49er placed on injured reserve this season. he has a knee injury. that's the fourth highest total in the nfl. >> we have one of the best teams in the nfl hands down. >> 49ers blowing that 14--- >> in october. after sunday's overtime loss to the jets the 49ers'12th straight loss, lynch felt the scoreboard didn't quite reflect what actually happened on the
6:54 pm
field. >> we all went out there and kicked the [ censored ] a long period of time. you don't have an undefeated season every year. you don't have a winning season every year. [ laughter ] >> i don't think it's getting us down but i think it's making us want to push harder, want to get that win, want to show everybody how good we really are. >> played him for one quarter. what's in it. tom brady jacked out of his mind last night. he threw for over 400 yards and three touchdowns as the patriots beat the ravens who nearly erased a 20-point deficit. it left baltimore's steve smith with a sour taste in his mouth. >> it was, you know, like fish sticks. it was terrible dinner. garbage. >> how many sandwiches do you want? >> about getting a terrible sandwich. bite into it still terrible but you give the person who made the sandwich kudos.
6:55 pm
good attempt, terrible sandwich. [ laughter ] >> terrible. this just in. breaking news. san francisco state's men's basketball team is ranked 16th in the latest division 2 poll. it's the highest ranking in school history way to go charles guthrie the athletic director there. gators are 10-0 this season. >> beware of unnamed sources. they speak with forked tongue. >> jim harbaugh told his players that reports of him being rams jobs were lies made up by michigan enemies and said you're stuck with me. florida introduced lane kiffin as its new head football coach today. kiffin will remain alabama's offensive coordinator through the play-offs but is excited to be a head coach again and doesn't see fau as a step down from his previous stops. >> i was most excited that i had been of any job and i know how can you believe that, usc,
6:56 pm
tennessee, oakland raiders? >> just a flat-outlier. >> it's going to feel different because we're taking? >> here to a place they haven't been. the raiders released tight end colton underwood at the end of training camp. you might remember he was the guy who asked out the olympic gymnast aly raisman back in august. >> if you are ever in san jose, and want to go on a double date with me and andrew and sean, let me know. >> he is very cute. >> yes. >> yes. >> yeah, i would go on a date with him. >> we had a happy ending. how about it? underwood was at an event for sports illustrated and they have been dating for three months in fact she has met his family. >> wow! >> she will meet them again over the holidays. >> no way. >> and when you meet the family -- >> match maker. >> that's like the final road! just saying. >> good night. ,, ,,,,,, ♪
6:57 pm
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