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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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when you add everything up over the past couple of days, san anselmo and calistoga more than 4" of rain. healdsburg and lagunitas more than 5" of rain. venado, 9 inches of rain! and futurecast says, the rain is not done even at 10 p.m. we'll have more coming up. the heavy rain started in the north bay this morning. kpix 5 reporter emily turner on roads that are now under water. emily. >> reporter: there are a lot of roads that are under water and one of them is this road behind me where it's a little dark but you might be able to see a poor sad lonely bmw stalled out because he tried to brave the waters and shouldn't have. to say it was a wet day in the north bay would be an understatement. >> it's coming down pretty good. >> reporter: king tides combined with heavy rain snarled traffic and flooded streets all day. san rafael public works were out filling up sandbags just in case. >> we carry them around just
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because we have watered diversion to go on at facilities and what not. >> reporter: water was more than a foot deeper in the manzanita "park & ride" and caltrans was rerouting drivers along the flooded roads and assisting drivers to chose to brave the water and regretted it. >> when it rains here it floods so you get a lot of cars going through mud like this and through water like this and if you are too low, you're not going to make it. >> reporter: up in sonoma county, more than a dozen roads were closed for flooding or trees down including this one in windsor. a flash flood warning in sonoma county was in effect until 5 p.m. urging thousands of people to stay off the roads. >> probably one of the creeks is backing up going into the russian river, the russian river being high right now. so when the river gets high, the creek backs up and floods the roads. >> reporter: i talked to officials here in sonoma county and they do not expect the russian river to get above flood levels. so that's good news for folks
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up here but it's still raining so they are expecting some water levels to continue to rise. so they are urging people to stay home. live in sonoma county, emily turner, kpix 5. highway 121 meets highway 12 in sonoma county, it's completely flooded. no estimated time that the routes would be reopened. same story here. a road that's now a river really. swift moving water rushed across green valley road near sebastopol this morning forcing most drivers toavoid that area. but a few people took a chance and the cars are really being brave. they drove their suvs and trucks through that area anyway. >> a mess farther north in sonoma county. large tree came crashing down over part of highway 116 near forestville. that hit some communication lines, knocked the power out. the road was closed for hours.
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and a soaker for downtown san anselmo. sheets of rain came down during the late morning hours. the town is prone to flooding in the san anselmo creek. the business owners there have been put on alert about rising floodwaters. a woman driving in san rafael filmed this flooded intersection while she was sitting at a red light. this is on san pedro road and you can see cars slowly trying to navigate through that water not a great idea. and we're watching all the rain draining into the bay area's creeks and rivers. >> christin ayers is monitoring the river levels. >> reporter: the biggest concern right now is the north bay. that much rain in just one day has rivers at or above flood stage. the biggest concern the san anselmo river. it's above flood stage. we have a crew going there but in the last few minutes we have reports flood sirens sounding in that area! in petaluma, the petaluma river at the d street bridge is just above flood stage of 8.4 feet. they are expecting only minor
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problems with the water at 8.75 feet. also expecting some flooding along the napa river at saint helena. flood stage there, 16 feet. we're looking for a crest of 17.7 feet by early this evening. and we are watching the russian river as well at guerneville, water levels expected to be near flood stage before falling off. highway 37 reports of lanes flooding near 121 and with the heavy rain moving south reports of flooded ramps along 580 and 880. we'll keep tracking all of this for you throughout the day, liz. >> thank you. around the bay area today, storm coincided with the king tides. water sloshed up agains the piers and seawall at san francisco's embarcadero. hi-def doppler now showing heavy rain in the east bay, as well. let's get to kpix 5's da lin, who is in berkeley tonight with an update. hi, da. >> reporter: yeah, ken. the rain has been coming down at a steady pace all pretty much day long. we're right above i-80 and slow going in both directions and right now, pretty much brake
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lights on all of the east bay highway. it started out slowly in the east bay. first the gusty winds up in the hills. >> windy. >> holding on to it. see what happens. >> reporter: then a drizzly morning and king tide at the oakland estuary. here's the time lapse video showing the water rising and submerging the bottom portion of the bench near jack london square in oakland. >> i couldn't believe that. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: how come? >> i never seen it like this, this high. i fish all year been out here all the time. >> reporter: by 12:30, the rain started coming down at a steady pace. on college avenue in berkeley, most people were ready sporting umbrellas and rain jackets. even the four-legged fella had a little cover. in neighboring oakland this guy had to be one of the loneliest street vendors. he says very little business. the slowest so far this winter. the few people are out and
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about say, hey, not a big problem. >> wet shoes but i don't care. i just love walking in the rain. >> reporter: by late afternoon a lot of street flooding. the wet roads contributed to a number of accidents on the freeways including this one on northbound 880 just past downtown oakland. the force of the impact spun the suv around. the chp had to briefly shut down all lanes. no one was seriously injured. and with the downpour and low visibility, you don't need to see a tree to remind to you slow down. the officers very busy going from one accident to the next. i noticed driving around today, quite a few drivers forgot to turn on the headlights. so please, remember to keep those on. live near berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. santa cruz mountains is bracing for as much as 6" of rain. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely is there live at the summit. devin. >> reporter: yeah. the rain began as a light
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drizzle throughout the mid- morning. but into the afternoon, it became a downpour. [ heavy rain ] >> reporter: the national weather service barreled through the santa cruz mountains this afternoon bringing drenching rain, gusty winds and downed trees like this one. >> honestly this is the first time we are experiencing this. we just moved to the area about three weeks ago. and this is the first heavy rain -- this is only a one-way in and out on our road so it's inconvenient when trees come down. >> reporter: people living in the santa cruz mountains like kyle miller are bracing for a storm that could dump several more inches of rain before it's through. kyle and his two kids are stranded temporarily while a pg&e crew work to remove a tree that fell across the phone and power lines. work crews were quickly able to re-open the road before mother nature's one-two punch of soaking rain and wind did any further damage. >> i just picked my daughter up from school down the road and
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yeah, it's inconvenient. but, um, you can see they are getting antsy in the back. >> reporter: it's been raining for hours here with no sign of it slowing down. the reports of downed trees are flooding in as this wet weather continues to push through this area. in the santa cruz mountains, devin fehely, kpix 5. well, time is up for another building at the top of an eroding cliff in pacifica. the city of pacifica says it has to move quickly to demolish the apartments at 310 esplanade avenue. it was evacuated back in january. the building's owner abandoned the property leaving the city to monitor the situation there. but now there's a new concern. before that building can be dismantled. >> there's asbestos in the building so that would end up on the beach and we would rather have that removed from the top as well as all the concrete and wood portions of the structure. >> our next steps is the
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removal of hazardous materials that's inside the building including asbestos and then scheduling a demolition contractor. >> well, city doesn't have a date set just yet for the demolition. this would be the third building torn down along this cliff. 320 and 330 esplanade were torn down this year. it's a wet windy drive in the sierra today. there was a peak gust around 76 miles per hour earlier in the donner pass area. and at "sierra at tahoe," fresh snow, snow levels are high but should drop significantly by tomorrow morning. chief meteorologist paul deanno is continuing to keep a close "eye on the storm." we'll have another update in a few minutes. new developments in the showdown between uber and the department of motor vehicles. while both parties draw battle lines, kpix 5 reporter susie steimle says some see the conflict as an opportunity. >> reporter: the battle between the dmv and uber wages on. 24 hours ago the state told uber it must inform the dmv
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that driverless cars are no longer operating in san francisco. uber has not complied with that request. while cars no longer appear to be on the streets of san francisco, the company remains radio silent. >> i didn't think they would come out so quickly and so harshly. >> reporter: she says uber has done this kind of thing before. >> it falls in line with uber's m.o. they -- this is what they have done with a lot of products they have launched including their initial launch in san francisco in 2010. they got letters from the state. >> reporter: but the dmv says this move by uber is unprecedented, especially considering how easy it is to get a permit. 20 other companies have already done it. dmv sources tell us it would take uber one to two days to obtain a permit and only cost $150. >> sacramento will become the test bed for innovation. >> reporter: just as san francisco kicks uber's self- driving vehicles off its
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streets, sacramento invites them in. >> we want sacramento to be the hotbed for companies seeking to develop driverless car technology. >> reporter: of course, uber will have to follow the rules to test drive autonomous cars in sacramento and enforcement of that should be even easier because -- >> we have the dmv headquarters right in our own backyard. >> reporter: the dmv says this don't ask permission ask forgiveness attitude does not fly. the longer the standoff continues, the more likely southbound to get hit with a lawsuit -- the more likely uber is to get hit with a lawsuit. susie steimle, kpix 5. we have a consumer warning this evening. coming up how yahoo's latest hack of over a billion accounts impacts everyone even if you have never used the website and what you need do right now to protect your personal information. >> what a messy drive right now! it's interstate 80, we're picking up some heavy rain.
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we're seeing heavy rain in orinda to napa which is listing 2" of rain in the past six hours. when does this all move out? the answer coming up. ,,,,
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rosa earlier today. there wo much water it looked more like a river. y can check out this flood in santa rosa earlier today. there was so much water coming down it looked like a river. the floodwaters nearly reached the top steps of the stair path there. >> everybody seems to be getting soaked right now. >> yes. a lot of rain. very busy day out there. we're looking at rainfall totals that are now coming up on half a foot in the north bay. we knew the front would work its way through. what happened differently than we first thought was the fact that the front hung out for an extra five or six hours in the
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north bay so widespread rainfall totals of an inch or two? yes. but more than that in the north because it hung out longer. highway 4, concord, clayton and walnut creek, steady soaking rainfall. a few cars drive through here every week between fremont and hayward, 880, 238, 680 is messy all the way north to the coliseum, through san leandro, all the way south to san jose. you can double that normal commute time. wide perspective now to show you all the rain that continues to fall. now we go to the north bay with a bit of good news because frankly we have gotten too much rainfall too quickly. this is the back edge of the precipitation. it's now moving through santa rosa. santa rosa your rain is almost finished. look at how much rain you have received. more than 3.5" of rainfall in the past two days. that's a lot. ukiah nearly 3 inches of rainfall. san bruno most of this falling in the past two hours at sfo
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airport more than an inch of rainfall. san francisco officially downtown more than one in: concord two-thirds of an inch. but look at san jose. that number is low. len ramirez is live to tell us that number is going up because now, you len are getting the steady rainfall. >> reporter: that's right. so far paul we have been on the fringe of battle when it comes to this storm but as you say, not for long. i late to imagine traffic being any worse in silicon valley than on a normal dry night. here at san jose international airport a couple of blocks away from our downtown location, they have actually had a couple of airlines come in that were destined for sfo but because of the weather delays at sfo, they were diverted to san jose and so those passengers got off and have been bused up to san francisco to continue their destinations. so so far things are working pretty well. traffic is moving here through downtown san jose. there is the normal traffic but
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location here on west santa clara street, you can see how low it is. it goes under the caltrain tracks. this is one of the first places to usually flood in downtown san jose. but as i say, we haven't gotten the heavy rain. if it does start flooding, this will be one of the first spots to hit. live in downtown san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. if you are watching us in san jose it's probably going ton 11 p.m. before the steady rain leaves. look at the wind gusts, mount diablo 59 miles per hour. los altos hills 47 miles per hour. the oakland hills earlier today at 35 miles per hour wind gusts. we didn't forget you up toward tahoe. snowfall totals above 8,000 feet in elevation, that's 36 inches of snow today and tonight. and the so if level will drop. it's currently 7,000 feet. by tomorrow morning, it will still be snowing and the snow level will be 4,000 feet. so lower elevations snow is coming tonight. speaking of tonight, when all this is finished, it's going to be cold in the north bay.
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santa rosa down to 39. fremont 47. san jose 48. so it's a mess. we have been watching this rain be hung up in far northern california for the past two days. now it's working its way through. this is the reason why. but the slow going to be sliding parter to our south so the rain exits by about midnight tonight. we'll roll through futurecast. don't marry yourself to the individual raindrops. watch the line heading south. there's the clearing line for the clouds right behind the clearing line for the rain. 11:00 the rain is done, boom, tomorrow morning sunshine and sunshine for the next several days and isolated shower in the santa cruz mountains is possible. but the urban areas will stay rain-free tomorrow. so when does it end? in the north bay this evening, the rain is done for you between 6 and 8 p.m. the central bay which is san francisco and oakland south to fremont, the rain will end for you between 8 and 10:00 tonight. and the south bay all should be clear by the time we give you the newscast the 11:00 tonight. we'll have the latest on the all the flood advisories. highs tomorrow, the next element, cold the next week.
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fremont 53. napa 53. san francisco 52. it will be windy and likely feel like it is in the upper 40s tomorrow. so hello to winter even though it doesn't begin until next wednesday. look at the highs not one day we hit 60. saturday night and sunday night we likely will see overnight lows in the inland communities in the upper 20s. >> oh, wow. >> so this has been a wonderful start to the rainy season which now just got a turbo boost today the problem being a little bit too much in the north bay. that front hung out couple hours longer than we predicted and those rainfall totals are near half foot. >> a lot of water up there. >> a lot in a short amount of time. thank you. we'll be right back. stay with us. storm watch continues. ,,
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flood stage. kpix 5 joe vazquez is there. and joins us on the phon back to the breaking situation now in the north bay. the san anselmo creek now above flood stage. kpix 5's joe vazquez is there right now for us and joins us on the phone with the very latest. joe, what's going on? >> reporter: hey, ken. right now it's raining.
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the rain is tapering off. that's a good sign. but there's still a flood warning in effect. a loud siren sounded here a short while ago. the san anselmo town manager tells me that they have just called for an evacuation of the downtown area. that's because nearby san anselmo creek is at 12 feet. flood stage is 13 feet. the town manager says this is a close call but we could dodge a bullet. but there's a lot of runoff and that runoff could go into the creek. back in 2005 they had 75 to 80 businesses and 300 homes flooded when the creek went over its banks. right now, in the tony little downtown, that you're familiar with a lot of little shops and homes by the creek, right now police are going around and asking people to leave the downtown area and if they don't need to be here get away from these shops. the shop managers and personnel are putting up floodgates and sandbags. they are bracing for what could happen. but again, it's a very close call as the rain is tapering
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off just as flood stage is approaching. >> all right, joe vazquez reporting live from san anselmo creek which has gone above flood stage. paul, we're talking about this a little while ago. even if it stops, there's runoff. >> the water running through san anselmo is coming from the hills and mount tam so it will be several hours before we see the peak of that creek's elevation. >> downtown is being evacuated right now. switching gears, if you think the yahoo hack doesn't affect you because you don't have a yahoo account, think again. >> our consumerwatch reporter julie watts is here with developments on the breach impacting a billion accounts. that's crazy. >> reporter: a billion accounts. you know, this broke the company's own record as the largest security breach ever and really this is evidence as to why everybody -- this should be a warning for everyone. we have now confirmed that even people with at&t accounts were impacted by the yahoo hack.
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the previous one and this one. in a statement, at&t tells us, yahoo powers many of our. mail domains which means some at&t customers who never had a yahoo email account could have been affected. now, at&t and sbc global accounts run on yahoo servers. it's unclear how many users were affected or how many of the billion affected accounts are inactive now but we do know this latest attack happened three years ago! that's giving the bad guys a lot of time to do a lot of damage. >> they got users' name, birth dates, encrypted passwords so they may not have been encrypted with secure technology and answers to security questions so if you had a yahoo account and you typed in the name your mother's maiden name and first pet that was all accessed by hackers. >> reporter: whether or not you were affected by this hack it's a good time to change passwords and security questions on all sensitive accounts. you want to remember use acronyms instead of passwords
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and unique ones for each account. consider make up new mother maiden names and fake answers to other security questions. also consider a credit freeze. well, the hacked information alone may not be enough -- isn't enough to steal your identity. it is more than enough to phish and trick you into handing over other sensitive information or get access to other accounts. a credit freeze is simple. i did it in 10 minutes on tv. it costs $10 per credit bureau. you must freeze your file with all three credit bureaus. and it does prevent anyone from running a credit check or opening a credit account in your name. now, you can easily thaw your credit if you want to open a new account once it's frozen. there's a little bit of misinformation about that. whether or not you were affected by this breach, credit freeze is good. >> change your passwords. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pelley is next. the flood horn has gone off in san anselmo. downtown has been evacuated. that part of the north bay really getting pounded with rain. >> all that water that falls in the hills in marin county has to funnel through all those rather small creeks and that's a tremendous amount of water that's fallen since 7 or 8 a.m. what's going on right now? three-hour time lapse of kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. yes, the back edge of the heavy rain rainfall is now moving through sonoma county but i'm watching a new batch of steady rain poised to move in around mill valley and san anselmo so they are not out of the woods yet. it's pouring everywhere. captions by: caption colorado
5:30 pm ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: murder driven by hate. the white gunman who killed nine african americans at a bible study is convicted of hate crimes. he could get the death penalty. also tonight, cbs news has learned alarming details of a lightning strike by russian hackers at the heart of the u.s. military. they're down to the homestretch. it's the crunch before christmas for package deliverers. >> we're really geared up here. >> pelley: and steve hartman lets us in on the secret-- >> this is crazy! >> pelley: --of secret santa. >> reporter: you've no doubt seen the happy endings, but almost no one knows the humble beginnings. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott ple


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