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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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the bay area under a freeze warning. how cold and for how long? next.
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and people turning t as the chi a freeze warning around the bay area. temperatures coming down. the chill is on. >> a live look over san francisco. there is a bit of a bite in the air. looking toward the bay bridge, it's clear, cold and temperatures are falling. frost and freeze warning still in effect for the 2nd night in a row. temperatures expected to plummet to the 20s. overnight lows will be down to 25 in santa rosa. 27 in livermore. san francisco looks warm at 39. warming trend is on the way but that is after the coldest night yet.
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which is the night. the inland valley is especially chilly. now how people are managing in walnut creek. >> reporter: when we 1st got here the temperature was 43 degrees. since then the temperature has dropped nearly 10 degrees in just a matter of a few hours. >> it's really cold. that's why have on might jacket mittens. >> winter where is in season as freezing temperatures hit the bay area. >> i am really cold. i keep forgetting we are blessed to live here in california where this is nothing to out east. >> reporter: livermore's heating and air services said they got double the calls. people have cranked up the heat nonstop. >> here at walnut creek on ice the cold weather did not keep people away. there are hundreds here bundled up hitting the ice. >> the weather i don't think
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affected anyone. it gets hot while you are skating. you get a workout. and have fun. >> reporter: to cold? >> it's so cold. even skating, it's hard to keep warm. >> reporter: here several churches in county organizations have opened up cold weather shelters for the homeless to have a place to warm up. planes ripped through a south services go home -- flames ripped through a home. a couple of rare items were destroyed. >> reporter: the fire started so quickly and moved so fast, both the homeowner and his son has singed hair. from the heat and flames. the fire began around 4:30 am. by the time firefighters, who were only a block away, got to the home, the flames were raging. south city firefighters say it raced from the garage to the homes attic.
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the situation became dangerous. crews had to move out of the home. >> started seeing signs of ceiling compromise. at that point we decided to make the call to pull out. >> is daylight broke the remains came into clear focus. the shells of 2 classic cars worth $180,000 could be seen. this afternoon the garage was boarded off with a sign that said do not enter. dangerous structure. the flames took nearly one hour for firefighters to extinguish. thanks in part to the topography of the neighborhood. >> this is a unique circumstance. a downslope house. there is a heavy fire load inside. >> police are investigating the city's 1st homicide in 2 years. at home on fairview avenue about a domestic disturbance just after midnight. they found a 23-year-old. she was suffering from what
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police believe were blunt force injuries. ariana hatami was taken to the hospital. under arrest is her boyfriend 23-year-old fredrick tran. >> it's devastating. were here 2 weeks before christmas, are victim was 23 years old. starting her life. it is devastating for the family and community. >> police don't know what led up to the violence. fredrick tran was booked on suspicion of murder. no go for a film show tonight. the group didn't have the proper permit. it's one of many events under scrutiny after the deadly oakland warehouse fire. backyard films sf was planning an event. the group says it is devastated by the oakland ghost ship fire but rates we need the bay area to offer ways artists, organizations and events like ours can function without serpentine permitting
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processes. they are asking artists to sign online petitions. cracking down on converted warehouses. 1 artistic community may be forced to move out. >> reporter: the punk rock music. the dancing and the counterculture. it has been an underground theme at this unassuming building at the triangle for almost 20 years. but following the ghost ship tragedy, someone tipped off richmond mayor who alerted the fire inspectors. but then shut it down. >> they characterize it as being richmond's ghost ship. >> reporter: pg&e at the power and it was stopped. >> a declaration of war against us. >> reporter: this position lives here with 5 other musicians. he owns the building which was a former distribution warehouse. and named the place burned
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woman. he admits they host live concerts. they recently added exit signs, fire extend wishers and alarms. >> were pretty much nothing like a ghost ship. we care about people's safety. >> reporter: the mayor says quite the opposite. inspectors found a number of safety violations. on top of that it doesn't have a business license and is not permitted to host concerts. >> it bothers me for someone to say, artists a different. these are the rest of the world and they have to comply with laws that artists don't. because they are special. i don't buy that. >> the mayor has created a few more homeless people. i am living in my van. >> reporter: inspectors say they will release a list of violations. he says if they are easy to correct he will bring the place up to code. if they are costly, he will abandon the building.
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a group of oakland artists trying to prevent a tragedy say they handed out free fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. organizers offered fire safety demonstrations. the group, donated for the event. the dispute over in a statement remains of a political activist has been solved. the surviving sisters have agreed to a -- appoint fremont bank to handle pats estate. the pair has decided to cremate her remains. the feud started in october after pat died. since then her body has been kept at the greenstreet mortuary. the san jose police department is on the lookout for new officers at the malls. police recruiters set up at oakridge mall. trying to build up the force because of a staffing crisis. some believe it was caused by a
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2012 measure the limited benefits and pensions for city workers. in november voters reversed the measure and the department hopes to bring in people who knows san jose well. >> they grew up here and they know the city. what better people to deal -- be police in our community. >> the department has recruitment information on its website and on facebook. a severe winter storm is to blame for over 2000 flight cancellations across the country. flight says the cold snap is causing thousands of delays. the snow is snarling travel on the roads. 2 people were killed after a tanker truck skidded off a highway in baltimore. the accident caused a pileup involving 50 cars. 15 others were hurt. it's slow going for drivers in denver. the snow buildup is causing spin outs, a stretch of a major under state is shutdown you to
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the conditions. hundreds of people gathered to remember an icon of space exploration and a former senator. john glenn. the marine honor guard marched ahead of the her's. -- hers len died earlier this month at the age of 95. today vice president joe biden spoke about his longtime senate colleague. >> the best description of john glenn i have ever heard, and i've known them for 40 years, he said, john, he came out of the heart of the country and he stole america's heart. came out of the heart of the country and he stole america's heart. >> he did that in 1962 aboard friendship 7. he was the 1st american to orbit the earth and more than 3 decades later he orbited the planet 134 times on
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the space shuttle. still ahead, tragedy and an outdoor wedding. >> a tree came crashing down onto the wedding party. in person was killed. coming up the work to free others who were trapped. bay area neighbors on alert for what looks like a regular mail truck. the person inside is stealing. strange creatures washing up in california shores. leaving even scientists scratching their heads. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a large eucalpytus tree bron half... and fell onto the wedding party as they were taking pictures. one person was killed. it happened at a park in the town of whittier... a few m southeast of downtown los angeles. a wedding took a tragic turn in southern california. a large eucalyptus tree broke in half and fell on the wedding party as they were taking pictures. in person was killed. it happened southeast of downtown los angeles. dozens of firefighters rushed to try to free the people trapped. >> reporter: social media video shows panic and heroism. bystanders rushed to pull a wedding party out from a giant eucalyptus tree. >> it sounded like a firecracker. a big tree came down on a family wedding. neck -- >> reporter: witnesses were scarred. he says they were part of the festival and the nearby park. they saw the wedding party
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posing for pictures 1 minute and screaming the next. firefighters have no idea how many people were pulled to safety before they got there. but 6 were pinned by the trees. crews used chainsaws to cut through the trunk. 4 people had minor injuries. a woman died at the scene. and a 4-year-old is in critical condition. >> these people screaming, i go running, i went to see and it was a lady with the baby. i didn't know what to do. she was screaming so i held the baby. he had some very big bumps on his head. they were both bleeding. blood all over. >> reporter: witnesses say they are haunted by the scene. what so clearly started as a day of celebration ended in english. what was once a beautiful spot to take photos is now a place of morning. experts are going to try to
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determine what caused the tree to come down. these are looking for extra opportunities this time of year to swipe packages. they are getting especially creative. >> reporter: -- >> it seems like it happens more. >> reporter: with more people getting holiday shopping done online, that means more packages are being delivered to doorsteps. creating more opportunities for thieves. >> i have had a few packages stolen here but when i hear the mail guy i show up and retrieve it as fast as i can get it. they lose, i win. simple as that. >> and concerned and we have had numbers -- neighbors who have locked mailboxes. >> reporter: she is live tier for 10 years and says a lot of her neighbors has had mail stolen. >> for some reason this neighborhood is very vulnerable. i don't understand why.
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a lot of people here are home during the day. it seems to happen even with people being at home. so people are clever and they are quiet. i'm not sure how they're doing it. >> reporter: this is the neighborhood where the white truck was spotted the other day. now neighbors are on alert and looking out for one another. it doesn't stop there. >> people are following ups trucks. once they deliver, then they wait for the truck to leave and they steal the packages. >> reporter: he works for ups and says if you want a safe delivery guaranteed it's best to pay the extra for $5 that would require a signature. the people we spoke to said they did notify the police. they even have a picture of this woman driving around in the usps truck. we asked pleasant hill to comment and they declined. going up to christmas every day has to be known for something. today is super saturday.
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one of the busiest shopping days of the year. the national feet -- retail federation say two thirds of americans were thinking about shopping. one example, oakland trawl -- oakridge mall. with 8 days until christmas everyone was looking for the perfect gift. some people we talked to said there was good deals on close. but if you're planning to brave the mall, get ready for company. >> 50 percent off. parking is atrocious. you are out there like a shark waiting for parking. >> the national retail federation says 90 percent of americans have some shopping to do. more than half of those surveyed say they plan to snatch up last-minute guests online. new at 11, one of the biggest bands in the bay area is back. metallica took the stage in oakland.
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they performed before a sold- out crowd at the fox theater. fans lined up around the block. tonight's show was a benefit for the alameda county food bank. people dropped off food banks -- food in the way into the theater. >> if i can put a smile on someone's face and we can do it with our music, and help them put food on the play, and in their bellies by playing rock 'n roll and having a party around that energy, even better. >> even better is right. the band's latest album hardwired to self-destruct has hit the top of the chart. you can watch the grammys on february 12 right here. we have some new video of some strange creatures. these have been showing up on beaches in orange county. scientists are trying to figure out exactly what these jelly organisms are.
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they are a couple of inches long. they move slowly and borough in the sand. a uc irvine professor believes they are sea cucumbers. they normally live in east the sand but can get pushed up on their strong surf, wind and rain fall. >> a little white wine sauce. >> stop. we have cold weather for the bay area. frigid air on the way and numbers tumbling to freezing already. freeze advisories posted for parts of the bay area. close to the water it won't be quite as cool. be aware of the fact plants and pets have to be protected. overnight lows will get down to 25 in santa rosa. 39 san francisco. 27 in livermore. high pressure is still in firm command of the east pacific. most moisture being directed to the pacific northwest. the low you see spinning, that is what gave us all the rain.
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look at all the colorful lights in the city of san francisco. there is city hall, the dome with the red stripes. concord 34. livermore 33. san jose 37. it's freezing in santa rosa. future cast for tomorrow shows nothing but blue. clear skies and stunning visibility. here is what we are expecting tonight, cold with lows in the 20s. warmer day tomorrow. warming trend, however slight for wednesday. sunshine from the north to the great valley. in the 30s in the mountains. tomorrow we manage the low 50s in the warmest spot but warming up each day until by wednesday we hit 60 inland. by thursday we get a chance of a few light showers. favoring the north bay. for friday and saturday partly cloudy skies and temperatures dip. but the headline for the next
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couple of days, sunshine and cold. warm yourself up, i know this is good news for you but my -- >> coming up in sports the bears try to set the record in men's basketball. ,,,,
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scoring affair against the warriors tonight. at least the dubs back court didn't disappoint as they pd apart the worst defensive tm in the league. draymond green m portland trail blazer returned home with what was expected to be a high-scoring affair against the warriors. they picked apart the worst defensive team in the league. draymond green making sure everyone was ready. kevin durant going down the lane. drives in to make it 8 to make it 820-12 lead. finished with 34 on 11 of 13 shooting. 3rd quarter he throws a úklay thompson to make it a 30 point game. then in the final seconds of the quarter, kevin durant passes it off to stephen curry. incomes ian clark. he had a career night. hits the jumper in the final minute.
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23 points, 18 in the 4th. kevin durant goes down and the warriors, 135-90 is the final. they are 24 and 4 on the season. versus cal poly. the bears trailing by one. throws when up for the dunk to give cal the lead. now a 14 point bear lead. bird finished with a career- high 25 points and cal wins 81- 55. a school record with their 27th straight home win. and in santa clara, visiting washington state. the broncos led by 11 with under 7 minutes to go. with 90 seconds to left -- left, washington state finishes the game on a 14-to run and with 69- 68. still to come, another national championship.
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the 2nd in a week. and in unfamiliar territory. underdog trying to pull off the upset. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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game. but the spartans have been labeled as having a down year and a heavy underdog trying to get some revenge for the 2013 loss for the state title game. the spartans have been labeled as having a down here and are heavy underdogs. they appear in the state championship the 11th straight year, final minute of the 1st
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half. saint johns for the 16 yard touchdown. 35-17 lead. they would win 56-33 preventing them from winning the 3rd straight title. san mateo taking on southern carrot -- southern california in the division ii a state championship. the trail blazers td run makes it a 2 scorpion. sierra canyon hangs on 42-42 win the 2nd straight state title. another state temperature game, cruising past bakersfield christian, 31-7. bishop wins over valley view. clemens beats goliad county. saturday night football matt
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moore for the dolphins against the jets. 2nd quarter, more goes up top and this is a 52 yard touchdown pass giving miami a 13-7 lead. more in his 7 best 1st start throws 4 touchdowns. miami wins 34-13 to take a half game lead over denver for the final afc wild-card spot. stanford women's volleyball facing texas in the national championships. 4th set, taking home the 7th title in program history. and 1st since 2004. congratulations. will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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,,,, weather updates are always cbs-sf-dot-com. goodnight. super saturday. thanks for watching.
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