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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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temperatures around the bay area. when will it finally warm up?
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. we begin with breaking news, a deadly shooting in the mission district. two people were killed. >>joe vazquez is live at the same . >> reporter: you see the medical examiner and a row of tents. that is where the two people were shot dead this evening. the call came in at 8:45 pm. officers came here and saw a man and woman laying on the sidewalk with gunshot wounds. the woman is still lying dead in the street. the medical examiners are still
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examining and the man was rushed to the hospital pronounced dead. there was an hour-long manhunt for the suspect. they have yellow tape several blocks around the area. the suspect got away. the trying to figure out what happened and who the gunman is. the other big story, the bay area is hitting the chill. here is a live look oversan francisco, heading and then it is colder. people in alameda are bundled up, jackets, scarves, gloves. this is the third night in the row. temperatures will be in the 20s. overnight lows tonight will be down to 25 degrees, santa rosa, 26 in concord and fear looking
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for a warming trend there is one on the way. it will be the coldest night in the bay area. if you are thinking about using a fireplace to warm up, there is no would berning allowed tomorrow. -- there is no wood-burning tomorrow. this pickup truck flipped over and the motorcycle flipped. there were slick roads. and then on highway 37 another crash. new at 11 pm, a deadly train accident, officials say that someone was crossing the track when they were struck. it happened at 9 pm. they are running a single track through that area. after a tense confrontation, a group of people in oakland are setting aside their differences and coming together.
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how they are honoring the warehouse victim -- victims from the fire here is joe vazquez. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil and the name of love. they are honoring victims of the warehouse fire. >> our life in the city has to come together. we feel like an event like tonight will set an example. >> reporter: tonight's event, it follows a confrontational moment. >> earlier this month, the owner held a press conference just after the fire to press the city for art spaces. they cleaned out the building next are called the salt lick and it would host music events without permits. >> i could tell you whatever i want. >> reporter: the news conference was interrupted by friends of some of the fire victims. >> is wrong in their calling you snitches.
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>> reporter: both sides, have decided to come together and show unity, and focusing together on positive solutions. >> we have found a relationship with the neighbors put -- neighbors. they are pretty much sitting together. >> they were morning and they didn't know who i was and i didn't know who they were. hundreds of people lined up one way in and one way out. it was a disaster waiting to happen. >> reporter: there was a fundraising concert last night and they are pledging to host once the one once a month. they want to bring the buildings up to code to make their -- make sure they are safe and stop from victims getting evicted. >> a group of local artists are creating a fire safety video. >> this is intended to provide
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a few simple steps.>> the four miniclip provides -- the four minute clip provides several pointers. the advice is not just for underground parties but other events as well. >> a lot of venues are not built for large event gatherings. the most important thing is not waiting to evacuate. >> the group hopes that it will stop other artists from getting kicked out of their workspaces. they are celebrating, more than a decade after beating the san diego chargers. showing us what bay area fans are celebrating. the teams future home is still up in the air. >> the streak is over. >> reporter: they are celebrating victory that fans have been waiting for for seniors -- for 14 years.
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>> this is the best christmas present. >> reporter: with two minutes left in the fourth quarter, a playoff spot since 2002. >> what we have learned, as soon as you get to the playoffs anything could happen. >> not that he is biased, he was a former raider wide receiver. >> what are the emotions that go through your mind? >> you know, i was a raider fan back when i was growing up in the midwest. all i heard about was, how you could not beat oakland in oakland. >> reporter: you cannot beat them in san diego either. but today's when is bitter sweet. the owner plans to move the team to las vegas. it's a plan that county leaders hope to be >> i don't think were going anywhere. >> stay in oakland signs all over. recently, the board of
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supervisors voted yes for a new stadium deal. they were letting the nfl know that if the raiders move so does financial support. >> this is home, this is our house. this is raider nation. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> we will have analysis of today's game coming up. an unusual rescue. ashore man got trapped. because of the narrow space, firefighters used a crane to get the injured worker off the bow. he was suffered with the leg injury and taken to the hospital. a woman was killed in a fire. it happened in a townhouse north of 580. she's showing us that it broke
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out just 100 feet from a fire station. >> when we opened up the door we could smell the smoke. >> reporter: within minutes, the firefighters were battling the flames. they were working to get the woman inside. >> we found a victim on the second floor, with -- we try to revive the victim but we were unsuccessful. >> reporter: this comes after another fire less than a week ago. last week, fire was being investigated as arson. the cause of today's fire is unknown. >> this is really hard on the firefighters. our job is to protect the citizens. when we go in and try to rescue someone and we are not successful, you know, it is
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tough. >> reporter: the property owner stop by but did not want to be interviewed for this report. they are asking the public to do what they can to prevent fires this holiday season. >> please check your smoke detectors, do not leave candles unattended in a room. do not leave food cooking on the stove then leave. we have had array of fires in the bay area. we went to make sure that our community is safe. with protest the cost this and across the country with the electoral vote -- there are protest across the country regarding the electoral vote. there trying to get them to not cast a vote for donald trump. some pointed out that hillary clinton won the popular vote. >> i know what the
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constitution says, we will follow that. >> he offered to pay for fines incurred they are asking to delay the vote altogether. >> reporter: -- >> they are asking for a delay with the vote altogether. >> what i want, is the information to be out there so that the american public know who have been involved and make sure we put -- protect the integrity. >> reporter: they have requested an intelligence meeting before monday before they are formally going to elect donald trump as president. he says he will not vote for the president-elect even though his victory in texas awarded
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him 38 electoral votes. >> this is the first time and america's history that we asked someone that is unfit for also -- office. >> reporter: the allegations have been inconclusive. >> democrats cannot accept the outcome of the election. >> reporter: a bipartisan group of senators is calling for a new select committee to investigate the cyber attacks in general. >> a select committee that's focus is to get to the bottom of this. that is what is called for. >> reporter: the president-elect laid low. he was at his home in florida. still ahead, a wild police chase then crush. and then the unusual standoff. known for her glamorous style, fans are looking back at
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after leading police on a wild car chase across los angeles county. officers started chasing him through glendale this afternoon. tonight, a stabbing suspect is in custody after leading police on a wild car chase through los angeles county. they went through glendale then this car flipped over, it did not and there but the suspect got out of the car and started running. he was in a home under
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construction a few blocks away. it took a few hours before the man's is rendered -- surrendered. he stabbed three men and one is in critical condition. we learned about the tree collapse that killed one person. it fell onto a wedding party taking pictures. cell phone caught the aftermath. an older woman was killed family and friends say that she was a mother -- a friend of the mother of the bride. five other people were injured, four-year-old girl who is in critical condition. >> i didn't know what to do. i just started crying. >> the park is closed in the city is calling in someone to find out what caused the three -- the tree to fall. actress, zsa zsa gabor,
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has died. >> what is wrong with reality? >> reporter: she knew exactly what she wanted. she was born and you to press. she -- she was born in budapest. from gilligan's island to the fresh prince of bel air she was an actress. >> are you a blonde under 25 years old? >> reporter: she seemed most comfortable playing herself. >> he made me so mad i wanted to slap him. >> reporter: she was sentenced to 72 hours behind bars for slapping a police officer during a routine traffic stop. she wrote this script on simply
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being famous. she was once married to hiltons grandfather. he was one of her nine husbands. she said she was a good housekeeper, because after every divorce she kept the house. the last few years were difficult. a car accident in 2002 and a hip replacement at 93 years old left are in frail health. even though she's gone she will not be forgotten. she was always larger than life. ben tracy, cbs news los angeles. >> she was 99 years old. her sister also actresses died in the 90s. and arctic air mass is bringing snow and a cold air mass to large parts of the country tonight. >> reporter: this united airlines plane slid off early
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sunday at chicago's airport. some had to sleep at the airport. he was trying to get to las vegas. >> our trip got pat -- our trip got pushed back two hours and four hours and now it's canceled. >> reporter: two people were killed. in baltimore authorities are trying to clean up after one of the worst accidents in the city's history. >> the driver did not know what was going on. >> reporter: he recorded the cell phone video on interstate 95. >> when it hit the guardrail it caught on fire. >> reporter: it was one of the coldest home games, a wind chill with three below zero. in kansas city, they had a windchill of negative 5 degrees. cold weather did not stop the tailgaters.
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>> are you guys staying warm? >> not real -- not really. >> reporter: it got so cold that this ice-skating rink was forced to coal -- close. 30 degrees below zero is the air temperature. around here, freezing temperatures could been a factor to a pair of water main breaks. a 12 inch pipe broke near south seventh street. two businesses, they were closed and they ended up doing the repair work. they ended up planning to get done at 9 am. there was a sinkhole. they had to shut off water for 16 customers. >> we will revisit the top topic tonight. freezing frost advisories around the bay area.
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the low will not be as low it was lusting. santa rosa 28, san francisco 21. livermore will be down to 28 degrees tonight. as we look from the top of the pacific, here's what's happening across your area. on top of that high, you see some of those high clouds starting to spill into the state. we have a few high clouds by since it tomorrow. that will serve to keep us a little bit warmer tomorrow night. 36 concord, 32, freezing and livermore. san francisco 45 and san jose. the air quality, is a fair air day. there is no wood-burning tomorrow throughout the bay area. we do not have such a good air quality. future cast at the top of the screen, you see those high clouds, it could be a nice sunset tomorrow night. a hint of rain comes in thursday to the northbay. tomorrow we will be warmer than
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tonight plenteous on through wednesday been a slight shower chance coming in thursday. nothing that we had last tuesday. the forecast highs looking at numbers for everybody in the 50s. 54 pacifico. morgan hill 57, san jose 52. temperatures 1252 and walden creek, brentwood 52. temperatures in the low 50s, still in the low 50s to midshipman 50s . the extended forecast, we will be looking for temperatures to be in the 50s through wednesday until way warm up and that we will have a high of 60 degrees wednesday. we could have a touch of rain thursday and the northbay, christmas look like there's a weather system -- it looks like a weather system is coming in. stay tuned, brian hackney will
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have the latest this week. coming up next on game day , the raiders playoff is finally over. we will take you inside the victorious locker room. the 49ers hitting rock bottom. can san francisco, can they remain undefeated? game day, gator style coming up. past -- gator style. kpix 5 . o. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing,
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slammed so hard that a decal was knocked off his helmet... literally. it happened during talk about taking a big hit, a decal was knocked off his helmet because he was hit so hard. it happened at a bears and packers game in wisconsin. we slowed down the video. look at that. you can see the decal flying off of his helmet and fortunately, neither player was injured. going to basketball. he showed off his holiday spirit. power forward, boys and girls came from several bay area youth organizations. it was an event for free haircuts. he will never forget what this type of gathering meant to him.
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>> being in the position, where i can give back to someone else. you are always thankful. someone inviting you to something like this, it will brighten your day. >> on top of meeting one of the best players in the nba, each kid got two new pairs of tennis shoes. >> nice. they thought they were competing for brand-new bike, boy were they up for a surprise. ,,,,,,
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ikes... it was it was so delightful for these kids, christmas came early, hundreds of san francisco kids, they got brand- new bikes. it was part of an essay contest with a twist. >> the kids did not know that every kid that entered it would win a bike.>> happiness to go all around. >> they gave out more than 400 bicycles. they were able to pick out other toys as well. >> all winners. good for them. we will be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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