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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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it's cold. >> it is. >> it is just about 4:30 and we have elizabeth wing art in the weather department today. >> you'll notice what we're talking about. we have a freeze warning for the third straight day. it's definitely jacket weather. extra layer weather. it's below freezing. in concord, livermore, and santa rosa. the inland valleys have the most cold. and frost advisories around the coast and bay. we have to talk traffic. we have a traffic alert already and it's just 4:30. this was issued an hour ago. 680, an overturned big rig is blocking the two right lanes. they are trying to get it flipped over to turn on its
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right side. but it will take a while because it's a chp traffic alert meaning it will take 30 minutes or more and it's been an hour. a solo car crash is blocking the two left lanes for an hour. two people were shot to death in the mission district and now they are looking for suspects. it happened around 9:00 at a homeless encampment near 16th street and van ness avenue. officers arrived and found a woman's body on the sidewalk and a man had been shot. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. there's no information on what led up to the shooting or any suspect ises. investigators are looking into the death of a person hit by a southbound cal train. the victim was struck while trespassing on the tracks. the collision caused delays on cal train the rest of the night. some people in oakland are
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setting aside their differences and coming together. how they honored victims of the oakland warehouse fire. >> reporter: love and peace. the proprietors have joined forces with their neighbors at an event to honor victims of the warehouse fire. >> all life in the city needs to come together. >> y'all are on the witch hunt. >> owners held a press conference to press the city for safer art spaces. they pointed out the building next door called the salt lick which often hosts music events without permits. the news conference was interrupted. >> they are calling you snitches and saying this is a witch hunt. >> both sides have decided to come together and show unity to
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focus together on positive solutions. >> the most positive thing going is the newfound relationship with the neighbors. the block is standing together. >> they were mourning and they didn't know who i was and i didn't know who they were. and it was a bunch of kids and hundreds of people lined up and going one way in and one way out. and i knew that was a disaster waiting to happen. >> everett and jones held a fund raising concert and has pledged to hold one once a month. the money will go to improving conditions. some local artists and producers have teamed up to create a safety video. >> a few basic steps to make your party safer. >> reporter: it provides a list of things to look for.
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each room should have two exits and anyone who sees smoke should leave the area. the advice is not just for underground parties but other big events. >> lots of venues are not purpose built for large events and gatherings. the most important thing is not waiting to evacuate. >> reporter: the group hopes the video will help keep artists from getting kicked out of their working spaces. warming up by the fireplace is off limits. it's the first spare the air alert. any wood burning is banned. >> we need to keep warm with flannel blankets. >> this means my heating bill is going to go up. it's definitely cold. we have another freeze warning in effect. we're seeing the inland locations. the air is just so stagnant out
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there. the frost advisories around the coast and bay with temperatures in the upper 20s and 30s so protect the pets and plants. temperatures out the door right now. a number of places are below freezing. santa rosa, fairfield is 28 degrees. you're waking up to 29 degrees in livermore. 31 in concord. a little warmer in san francisco. 39 in oakland. and 38 in pacifica. by this afternoon we'll rebound and see a lot of sunshine around the bay. and the temperatures will be below normal. about 5 degrees on average for this time of year. mainly 50s. low to mid-s. >> what is the christmas forecast? we'll have that in a moment. we already have two traffic alerts and one major crash. first, let's start with the newest. northbound 101 at holly street
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in san carlos, a two vehicle crash involving a large truck is blocking three left lanes. traffic in the area is moving at 20 miles per hour. and because it's a chp traffic alert it will take 30 minutes or more to clear. moving to our other alert, southbound 680 before diablo road in danville, it's an overturned big rig. the driving speed is 27 miles per hour. northbound 101 before central san rafael is a solo crash. it's not causing delays. and you're looking good headed to downtown san francisco. donald trump is expected to officially be elected the next president of the united states
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today. members of the electoral college will cast their votes. even some republicans admit that in the election season nothing is certain. protests were going on across the country yesterday. demonstrators want the electors to vote for candidates other than trump. >> for the electoral college to break away from what we normally do has only happened a handful of times. >> a bipartisan group of electors is demanding that president obama have the cia brief them on russian hacking before they vote. the oakland raiders beat the chargers yesterday. the team's uncertain future in oakland is still on a lot of fans' minds. [ cheering ]
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>> thank god. the strategic is over. >> reporter: raider nation celebrates the victory fans have been waiting for for 14 years. >> this is the best christmas present and we're here, baby. >> reporter: with two minutes and 40 seconds left, a successful field goal clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 2002. >> in my opinion, they might be the team to beat. >> reporter: he was a former raider wide receiver. >> reporter: what are the emotions that go through your mind? >> i was a raider fan back when i was growing up in the midwest. and all i heard about was how you could not beat oakland in oakland. >> if you can't beat them in san diego either. but the win is bittersweet. the owner plans to move the
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team to las vegas, a plan that county leaders hope to beat. >> i'm not letting that man's name come out of my mouth right now. recently, the alameda county board of supervisors voted yes on a new stadium deal. they let the nfl know it's raiders' move. >> they're not going anywhere. this is home. this is our house! this is raider nation! the raiders are hosting the indianapolis colts next saturday. watch the game right here on kpix 5. if you're traveling for the holidays, it could be cold. coming up. the latest on the wild winter weather across the nation.
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of the combat zone. here's a live look in aleppo.. wh is thousands of people in syria are trying to get out of the combat zone. a live look at aleppo where a fragile cease fire is back on. buses have been evacuating people since early this morning. at the u.n. the security council is expected to vote on a resolution to deploy monitors. that move could prevent what france is calling mass atrocities by syrian forces. much of the country is waking up to brutally cold weather. record lows were set over the weekend from wyoming to texas, wreaking havoc on the roads and airports. >> reporter: three dozen new record lows set across the midwest and plains this weekend. >> it feels like i'm in the
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arctic. >> reporter: a blast of cold air and heavy snow grounded flights, caused hundreds of pileups, and widespread discomfort. >> i grew up playing hockey outside so this is nothing new but it's cold for sure. >> reporter: vulnerable families were in shelters. a moment outside were plenty. >> i went out there and it was blasting snow everywhere. >> reporter: one of the few reasons to go outside sunday -- football. >> i think it's the wind. the wind is making it colder. >> reporter: games across the nfl were played in freezing conditions, and tailgaters had to get creative even as far south as houston. >> i ain't gonna tell you how many pairs of sock, the amount of socks i could fit into my shoes. >> possible new lows in chicago and detroit. temperatures are expected to get closer to normal by the middle of the week.
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>> new video shows just how cold it is in michigan. this is drone video from saint joseph along lake michigan. that lighthouse -- completely frozen over. a lot of people are calling it a frozen castle. wind chills have made it feel several degrees below zero. >> and when i see stuff like that it makes me think it's a little silly for us to say it's cold here. >> i'm cold in the studio. >> when the air kicks on, me too. but it's freezing. but the forecasters tell us we have a freeze warning in effect in the inland valleys, and a frost advisory. you may wake up with frost on your car on the coast and bay. temperatures from the 20s and 30s and a few low 40s. san francisco is 43 degrees. look at santa rosa, 30 degrees
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there. and 29 in livermore. and 28 in fairfield. and 31 in concord. so it is another chilly morning. it's the third straight one where we do have a freeze warning in effect. we have high pressure in place. we're not looking at wet weather for the immediate future. the main story for weather is a lot of sunshine rather and just chilly temperatures for the next couple of days. plenty of sun today even though you'll need the jackets. and the week looking mainly dry and we'll get milder as the week progresses. the air is stagnant and we're not seeing a lot of wind. we have the first day with no wood burning. 53 in vallejo. and 53 in concord. and a high of 55 in oakland. and 53 in san francisco.
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and 52 in pacifica. 5degrees cooler than average for this time of year. and we slowly warm up tuesday and wednesday. once again, just a lot of sunshine. and a few more clouds roll in by friday. if you have plans for the holiday. christmas eve, christmas day, lots of sunshine and dry weather if you're traveling. that's the latest kpix weather. there maybe a little bit of ice on the roads if you're traveling on roads and bridges. >> we had two traffic alerts and a major accident before 5:00. let's start with the traffic alert in san carlos. northbound 101 at holly street, a two vehicle crash blocking three left lanes. 34miles per hour so as they are trying to clear it out it's involving a car and a large truck. it will take a while. wheal keep an eye on it. danville, southbound 680 before
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diablo road. an overturned big rig is causing traffic to move at 16 miles per hour. and this is a traffic alert. and we'll have live pictures of the big rig. and we hope they'll get it cleared soon. to the bay bridge toll plaza. about 19 minutes. and no delays through the toll plaza. and across the span of the san mateo bridge, 13 minutes between 880 and 101. i hear it's a spare the air day. spare the air via the roads as well. take mass transit if you can. they are all on time. if you hear the roads flu shot and think i'll pass, think again. >> the cdc is breaking down all of the common myths. reporter brook silva-braga -- >> reporter: for years he didn't bother getting a flu shot. he figured he wouldn't get sick
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or the flu wouldn't be that bad. >> five days bedridden, missing finals, it was tough. >> reporter: only two of five people in the u.s. have gotten the flu shot. health officials are urging everyone six months and older to get vaccinated. >> can i get the flu from the vaccine? >> no, and i'll say that again. >> reporter: the possible side effects, soreness in the arm, aches and fever, not nearly as bad as the disease itself. >> the shot changes to match the flu strains. newyork's mount sinai hospital says the more people who get the shot, the less chance the flu has to spread. >> you're not only being good to yourself but your neighbor and loved ones. >> it takes getting the flu to get you in here. >> reporter: the shot is not
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100% effective but if you get the vaccine you may not get as sick if you end up with the flu. brook silva-braga for cbs news, new york. >> the vaccine is safe for pregnant women and can protect the baby after birth. a hungarian actress was never afraid to speak her mind. zsa zsa cuba bore passed way. she spent 72 hours in jail for slapping a police officer. and many remember her as a colorful person who often weighed in on men and marriage. >> what is wrong with -- other women find love and happiness. and i find -- >> you find it so often. >> conrad hilton was one of her
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nine husbands. after every divorce she kept the house and joked she was a good housekeeper. city leaders are trying to get shoppers out and about all year-round. and what's cool about your school. e-mail your nomination to us and we may feature your school on the show. ,,
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it's clear and cool with a freeze warning. it's going to be on the cooler
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side of afternoon. low 50s in -- 54 in clear lake. and 56 in cloverdale. when will things warm up? we'll tell you coming up. in the traffic center, we have two traffic alerts in the bay area. northbound 101 at holly street. now it's reported adds a big rig and a car. cars in the area are driving at 11 miles per hour. and the second alert is danville, southbound 680 before diablo road. an overturned delivery truck. christmas in the park is one of the most spectacular holiday traditions. boosters face a challenge to keep downtown bustling after
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the festivities end. >> reporter: it's a beloved christmas tradition, bringing a half million people to downtown san jose each year. >> we come out and look at the lighted trees. >> convincing the same people to visit has been a tough sell the rest of the year. >> it's not just buildings and companies. it's about people and the vibrancy that they bring. >> reporter: they helped organize the reindeer run, a fundraiser for christmas in the park. and a chance to showcase what downtown has to offer. >> we've seen a very impressive revitalization of downtown. and we're not going to see a lot of retail until we have more people living in downtown. >> reporter: the blueprint for the building a better, more vibrant downtown begins with housing. some of the construction is
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underway. but whether it lays the foundation for retail remains to be seen. >> i'm not going to shop retail, but i am going to explore an event like this. >> reporter: about five years ago. christmas in the park was in jeopardy after the state did away with redevelopment agencies and the source of funding went away. the city has managed to find money in the budget and generous donations from the business community. in our health watch, you now have a little more time to sign up for health insurance. the deadline has been extended until midnight. president-elect donald trump's vow to overturn obama care has not kept people from signing up.
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new this morning, ireland is officially challenging the european union's landmark decision to collect taxes from apple. the appeal filed today. and ireland contends that they overstepped their authority. the standard rate of corporate tax is 12.5% in ireland. today is set to be the busiest mailing day of the entire year. the u.s. postal service has made the prediction, expecting letters, cards, and gift boxes to flow in big numbers. they expect to handle 750 million packages this holiday season, up from 12% last year. and it believes today will be the busiest online day. >> i'm still not finished. >> you're not? i'm not either. we'll get through it.
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the new star wars movie is setting records at the box office. it's sold out records at the box office. >> the star wars prequel scored the second largest december opening in history. and opening to a massive $155 million in north america. moana dropped to second. and office christmas party came in third. collateral beauty in 4th. and fantastic beasts in 5th. >> four movies on that list. a live look outside. another chilly morning. >> we have the full forecast coming up after the break. and the victims of the ghost ship fire are continuing to be honored. we'll give you the latest vigil
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and tell you about other events happening in their memory. ,,
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it's monday, december 19th. i m michelle griego. and i'm anne makovec-- in for kenny choi. good morning everyone. it is monday, december 19th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec. it's feeling like winter and people are bundled up. you'll want to put on the layers today. a frost advisory is in effect. and iz


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