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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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breaking news at noon: you're hired... the mayor revealing his live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. san francisco's left chief -- next chief of the police department, william scott.>> breaking news. the mayor revealing his outside
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pick for the new chief of the san francisco police department. good afternoon everyone. it is tuesday, december 20. i am michelle griego. let's get right to kpix 5's anne makovec where mayor ed lee just announced the new police chief.>> reporter: a real show of solidarity here at city hall. all city officials were there in support of the mayor's pick for police chief, william scott. he says he has always dreamed of working in san francisco.>> i am looking forward to the job. i have always been the type of person to do what you can do. put yourself in a position when the opportunity comes. this is how this played out.>> reporter: that is veteran los angeles police chief william scott. he is 52 years old. he has been with the lapd for more than 25 years and most recently head of the department's south bureau. he has worked in patrol,
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internal affairs and a gang suppression unit. he has also been part of implementing reform from the federal justice department. that is something he will be a big part of an san francisco. the sfpd implementing broad changes when it comes to the departments use of force policy in the wake of a string of deadly officer involved shootings over the past couple of years. perhaps the most high profile, mario woods, who was shot more than 20 times officers in the baby one year ago. tomorrow night, the police commission will take up a new set of use of force policies including prohibiting officers from shooting a moving vehicles and banning a form of neck hold on suspects. these are policies the police union has opposed but scott says he will respect the views of all parties involved.>> what you will find in me i hope is the same person that i have been all of my life. a person that will listen to you, will hear you, will take action is appropriate, a person who will be fair and consistent.>> reporter: scott's
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appointment did come as a surprise to a lot of city leaders expect did tony chaplin to get the job. he has been at the head of the department since former chief stepped down seven months ago. the officers union was really urging the mayor to give chaplin the job. they sent out a statement this morning saying they anticipate the new chief will tap into the tremendous talents of the men and women of the sf 80 and that the police officers hope to work closely with scott to help him move the department forward in san francisco. scott will start his new job sometime in january and will make a salary of $300,000. live in san francisco, anne makovec , kpix 5. >> how will scott integrate himself into the department? >> reporter: that is a good question. he spent most of his career in los angeles. we all know that is a different ballgame. he is planning on listening to all of the different parties that have a stake in the police department which is basically
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everyone in the community. he intends to give his officers what they need to do their job. the fact that he did come from the outside was perhaps part of the motivation of the mayor to appoint him police chief. there has been so much criticism of the department over the past couple of years. this is certainly a fresh set of eyes. back to you.>> that might be a good thing. thank you. flags are flying at half staff across germany after the death of 12 people at a christmas market in berlin. we are just learning the islamic state disclaiming responsibility for targeting citizens. riley carlson has the latest developments including the release of one suspect that had been in custody. drove german chancellor visited the site where a truck plowed into a busy -- busy christmas market in berlin killing and injuring shoppers. she said it is likely a terrorist act but the people should not be paralyzed i fear.
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tuesday, investigators released a refugee from pakistan who was arrested after monday's attack saying they had insufficient evidence. police are looking for a suspect who may be armed. here in london, police are reviewing all security measures in light of the attack in berlin including a popular christmas market like this one.>> reporter: this amateur video from germany shows the chaotic aftermath as bystanders rushed to tend to victims.>> the world is not safe anymore. wherever it is that you go, it is not safe. >> reporter: police are looking into whether the truck was hijacked from a polish construction site. officials say the suspect shot and killed the truck driver who was found dead inside the truck. riley carlson, cbs news, london. >> monday's incident follows a similar attack in france in july. 86 people were killed when a truck mowed down a crowd of people celebrating bastille day. isis claimed responsibility for
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that attack.>> monday's truck attack has caused a visible increase insecurity in major cities in the united states. holiday shoppers in cities such as chicago, philadelphia and new york are seeing and added police presence at their christmas villages in markets. the extra officers have allowed some to feel safer while it has caused others to feel less at ease.>> we can't be naove and act like it did not happen. we don't want to create panic though.>> the massive terror shooting in june at the pulse nightclub in orlando shows how unpredictable these attacks can be. the nypd stresses there is no specific credible threat right now. wisconsin's governor is asking donald trump for more power when it comes to determining how many refugees can come from countries with ties to terrorism. scott walker sent trump a letter today making the request. it is not clear how quickly trump could move to address walkers concern because it would require law changes.
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that comes as trump is striking back at bill clinton. this, after clinton told a newspaper in new york state this month that trump does not know much. the ex-president also claimed that the president-elect called him after his election victory over hillary clinton. trump took to twitter saying i called bill clinton after the election. wrong. he called me with a very nice graduations. he doesn't know much. western investigators arrived in turkey this morning after a gunman assassinated moscow's ambassador. holly williams has the latest on the incident caught on camera and we want to warn you, the video is disturbing.>> reporter: the russian ambassador was giving a speech at an art gallery watched by the man who would kill him minutes later. remember of aleppo. remember syria the assassin
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shouted. the gunman was a 22-year-old turkish police officer whose attack left others in the museum cowering. he was later killed in a shootout with security forces according to local media. russia and turkey are in opposite sides in the syrian civil war but recently, relations have improved the two countries negotiated a cease- fire last week to help evacuate syrian civilians. this comes just days after thousands in turkey protested against russian airstrikes in syria like many in the middle east. they are furious at russia for the support for the syrian regime. shots were also fired outside the us embassy in turkey last night. a gunman produced a shotgun and fired several shots into the air. there were no casualties. he was later detained and today, the embassies closed. holly williams, cbs news, near the turkey/syria border. the
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man who trashed a their area high school in the -- trashed a very -- a bay area high school. the allegations being made about apples air pod headphones. it is another cold day around the bay area. we are starting to see a lot of sunshine. we have some rain in our 7-day forecast. i will let you know which day after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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body... with her i- phone. she used the find-my-phone app to locate jayesh patel is car under an a pacific a woman finds her husband's body with her iphone. she used the find my phone up to locate the man still in his car under an elevated ramp at
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highway 92. police say he died when his mercedes hit a concrete barrier and flipped off the interchange. it is not clear what caused them to crash. a man is behind bars this afternoon. andrew faulkner is accused of trashing cardinal newman high school. take a look at some of the damage. several front glass doors were shattered and plants, trees and a clock were all smashed to the ground. is happened last night at 7 pm. and alarm triggered the fire department to respond. when they got there, deputies caught faulkner in the act and called for backup. detectives estimate the damage at over $100,000. we know what caused three people to die and dozens to be sickened at a thanksgiving gathering at a veterans hall in antioch. the centers for disease control says it found a specific foodborne bacteria in the stool of the victims. investigators say they were unable to identify the exact food that was tainted but all the people sickened eight the
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turkey and mashed potatoes at about the same time. the family of an east bay teenager is filing a wrongful death suit against the city of oakland. kpix 5's jackie ward is at the scene where the boy died. >> reporter: his family held a press conference here because it was right over by those trees. just a year ago when jack lewis died. his parents said that their exuberant, adventurous son was killed from a diseased tree limb that fell on his head. he was here for a friends birthday party. some of his friends were sitting on the branch of a tree near the fairyland billboard. jack started climbing to join them when the branch that was 20 feet long and 12 inches in diameter snapped off of the tree and landed on his head. his family claims the city of oakland knew about the trees condition because it had been inspected and marked for removal.>> we think about him
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every day. we hope that his last thoughts and dreams were as wonderful as his life. >> reporter: prior to jack's death, his parents say a part of the top of the tree had already died. that would suggest the rest of the tree was dangerous and per the city of oakland's policy should have been removed within 24 hours. expert arborists sent for urban foresters, it is difficult to manage please because there are so many to maintain and there is an inadequate budget for it. i spoke with the city attorney's office and they said they can't comment on pending litigation. melissa caen, kpix 5 today is another day of crystal cold air outside. winter spare the air alerts have been issued for today and tomorrow. this is a live look outside. of the alert means a 48 hour ban on burning wood. it is illegal for bay area residents and businesses to use fireplaces during this time.
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elizabeth wenger is in the weather center. >> this is our second spare the air alert this season. the first was yesterday. they have extended it now through tomorrow. the air quality is not great. you can see how easy it is as we look over the bay. as michelle mentioned, no wood- burning. you are encouraged to use mass transit over the next couple of days. it is a cold one. it was chilly this morning. we saw temperatures below freezing at some points. temperatures right now on the rebound. we are seeing mainly 50s out the door. 53 in san francisco. before livermore. 56 right now in the concorde area. taking a look at the satellite and radar, we do have a ridge of high pressure in place. it is keeping us high and on the dry side for the next 48 hours. we do have a chance of rain by the end of the week. you may still see a few high clouds from time to time.
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here is your weather headlines. afternoon sun and clouds. we will see a mix of seasonal temperatures. if we see anything slightly below average, it will be a degree or two. partly cloudy tonight. not quite as cold. we do have changes by the end of the week. we have rain chances and some gusty winds. sunset tonight at 4:54 pm. here is a look at high temperatures for today. pretty close to normal this time of year. we are even going to see a few 60 degree readings. we could see 62 in campbell. 59 in fremont. a little older in the east bay. d6 in walnut creek. -- 56 in walnut creek. 59 in santa rosa. we even see a few 60 degree readings in windsor in cloverdale. overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. it will not be quite as cold. we will not get below freezing. here is a quick look at your 7- day forecast. a warming trend wednesday and thursday with a chance of rain friday. dry saturday and another chance of rain late on christmas day.
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>> thank you. now to our food for bay area's check presentation. joining us now is larry sligh of the food bank of contra costa and from sutter delta center -- medical center, dori stevens. we also have james reidy over here and julie peterson. thank you so much for joining me today. you have a big check in your hand. tell me what this is all about.>> i am very honored to be able to present to the food bank of contra costa county a check for $25,000 on behalf of sutter delta medical center and sutter health. it is our leisure to be able to do this on behalf of our physicians and staff and our employees. we are very happy to be able to
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do this. >> it is much appreciated. $25,000 is a lot of money. we did not even have the drum roll for that but it deserves one. there it is. $25,000. tell me how much that helps. >> it will make a big difference for us. we have lots of access to fresh fruits and vegetables on this will allow us to acquire millions of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables.>> give us an idea of what kind of neither is in the community.>> it is amazing. we have so many people coming to us of a working individual in the family but they are making $15 an hour and a cannot live on $30,000 a year.>> this will make a big difference. thank you so much for coming here in presenting this check. you can help. donations are accepted at whole foods markets and on our website, we will be right back. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day? my doctor.
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my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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environment. least when it comes to recycling them. apple's latest 4-gram wireless headphones apple's new airport headphones might be bad news for the environment. apple's latest wireless headphones have glued in tiny lithium batteries that are pretty tough to separate from the rest of the device.
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that is according to the chief executive of the company ifixit. the air pods have markings that specify they should not be thrown out in the trash. apple says they can be returned to the company for recycling. twitter made a change to its timeline but you may have not even noticed. the social media giant announced today the platform is now showing search results by relevance instead of reverse chronological order. a spokesperson for twitter says the change actually happened in september. here is a look at the big board. the dow jones is doing pretty good. up about 67 points. today, we find something perfect to add to your gift basket. >> it is a cinnamon persimmon variety. the chia persimmon which kind of looks like it but a little bit flatter. these persimmons will not make your mouth feel like you are running out of moisture.
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it has a nice mild flavor. they hold up well in many different recipes when it comes to cooking with persimmons. storage of cinnamon persimmons are very important. they have a little bit of a cinnamon aftertaste. it is great. you want to make sure it is a nice orange color all the way around free from shriveling with a slight gift to a touch. hea has to be very soft. stir them in your -- store them in your refrigerator right away. cinnamon persimmons are loaded with vitamin a. they are great for us. enjoy them. the cinnamon persimmon, many varieties of the persimmon. still to come, catering to last-minute shoppers. the three stores looking to help you get your gifts under the tree on time. coming up, mail thieves target dozens of
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bay area homes in the same neighborhood within hours. how to protect your mail and the search for the crook. that story more at 5. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gifts, you're in luck. kohl's is planning to stay open for 170 straight hours. i if you have been waiting until the last minute to get your christmas gifts, you're in luck. coles is planning to stay open for 170 straight hours. it open this morning at 7 am and will not close its doors
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until 6 pm saturday. toys "r" us stores will be open for 39 straight hours starting at 6 am on friday ending at 9 pm on christmas eve. thank you, stores. apple is also trying to help the last minute shoppers. they are activating their free next day delivery service. it will offer the service for in stock items ordered through its online store this friday. are you done with all of your shopping?>> yes. i have three gifts to buy. have a great day everyone. ,,
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>> rick: you know, i have to admit, i'm still having trouble with this. >> steffy: i didn't lobby to be c.e.o., rick. it was granddad's decision. >> ridge: well, you know that quinn put that idea into granddad's head. please don't misunderstand. we all think you're incredibly talented, and no one knows this company better than you do. but you just don't have the experience that i have or that rick has. i mean, if it weren't for quinn, we -- >> steffy: look, i don't like it, either, but there are benefits to me being in charge. by pooling my shares with granddad, we could have a lock on the company, and we can keep quinn in check. she's president, steffy.


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